My Demon Roommate 002: Interview Gone Awry

[Jayden is going with her roomie to his job interview test thingy as moral support and out of curiosity. Hopefully he’ll start paying rent soon!] -04:32 Aug 01
[Cupio has his tryout today in a bar near the mottorsport circuit known as ‘Pole Position.’ its not weel known among the more upstanding members of the city’s population.] -04:34 Aug 01
Jayden: Jayden was not to familiar with this side of town. Her ‘partying’ was always centered on being invited to friends places to get wasted in the saftey of somebody’s house. Tonight she was dressed in jeans and a simple top, still basking that post-sex amusement with life in general. Amazing what sex can do for your outlook on life! “So what kind of bar is it? A night club?” -04:44 Aug 01
Cupio: He shrugged exiting the train car and clanking his way down the metal stairs. He was dressed in a simple white colloared short-sleeved shirt buttoned up and sucked into his black jeans. “Its a bar, bist of them are prettumuch the same where I’m from… this one seems conservative compared to them so it might be your kind of place. He rounded the corner and offered his hand to her to cross the street. “I’m pretty excited to have a job actually. They explained to me all the rules about customer handling and what I shouldn’t do to.. or with them.” -04:49 Aug 01
Jayden: It was just a reflex to take his hand, and afterwards she was casting an amused grinned. “MY kind of place? I don’t know if I like being called conservative. I thought I was more… normal.” Though Jayden supposed she was conservative compared to a crazyass demon. She raised an eyebrow when they drew near to the place. Pole Position? What kind of stupid hipster name is that? -04:54 Aug 01
Cupio: He looked at it, on the outside with it’s crumbling pink paint and neon sigh it didn’t look like much. “Well we’ll see if you like it, I’d be more than happy to serve you anytine you feel like a drink.” he grinned. “I have to enter through the back and get my uniform on, tell the bouncer you’re with me and take a seat and I’ll see you inside?” -04:57 Aug 01
Jayden: “A bouncer even? So fancy!” she nodded at the instructions, giving a dubious second look at the sign. When she approached the bouncer, he seemed to think she was there for an audition and told her to come back in the morning for an interview. Another raise of her eyebrow. Jayden muttered Cupio’s name and that she was there with him and the bouncer let her inside. …and Jayden immediately realized why the bar title really WAS clever. She slapped a hand over her face. That idiot! -05:00 Aug 01
Cupio: Entering in the back and being greeted by the manager he was takign to a changing room. [color=yellow]”Alright Cups, I gave you a job because of what you showed me yesterday, heres your unifor and for god’s sake grow a pair before you head out there, I don’t serve queers here.” He Cipio looked the the mirror and.. changed… no longer was he looking at a masculine figure of muscle but a small feminine form. Cupio tilted his head and looked as the manager left chaking his head [color=yellow]’You’re on the floor tonight, we’ll get you a dance noon enough though son’t worry.” he changed into his “uniform” and looked at himself tiltin his head.. it was missing something.. tiny useless wings.. a long, thin black tail and stubby little horns.. perfect! Time to get a tray and find Jay! -05:07 Aug 01
Jayden: She supposed he could be a bouncer himself being a demon and all. Jayden was having a hard time imagining Cupio looking intimidating at the front door. Jayden found herself a seat… and for the first time in a really long while -she- was feeling a little unclean. She really hoped people washed down the tables and chairs real good. Jayden could only imagine the…. fluids that got loose. She grimaced! -05:11 Aug 01
Cupio: Dodging though the crown with grace he sighted her and sliding between two table, half0turnign and winking at a guy who pulled an ass-grab he slid into Jayden’s lap and sat sideways on it his hair not an almost luminous red as he slid the tray onto the table and put his arm arounf her shoulders in one easy manouver. “Hey peaches.” even his voice was different as he leaned in close to her letting their chests touch. “Good to see you made it, now, what can I do for you, get you anything?” -05:19 Aug 01
Jayden: Jayden had a lady in her lap! So stunned by this, she skipped the first reaction of shoving her to the floor and just sort of stared. “Um…!” Jayden pulled her hands up… she knew the rules about not touching ladies in these clubs. She had a friend that did stripping to get through college. “I could use a beer? And… someone that doesn’t have boobs in my lap.” she muttered, still a little bewildered. -05:27 Aug 01
Cupio: “One beer coming right up.” he hopped off her lap and with the same grace that lew humans could match moved through the tables ever now and then winking at someone or dodging a hand trying to pull him into a lap. At the bar he got a beer and a napkin and was dancing through the crowd again placign the beer in her hand and starling her legs to sit down.. then half stand and reach over her to move the treay a little to the left his chest right in her face then sitting down again. “I don’t think theres anyone ‘without boobs’ waiting tonight. If you want someone specific I could probably get them here for you” head tilted to the side he ran a claw down the side of her neck and pouted slightly. -05:34 Aug 01
Jayden: Cool, she can breathe again. Jeeze, it’s not that having a woman in her lap bothered her. Jayden just… was a lot less comfortable about strangers being in her space than she appeared. It required at least a few beers first. ….then before she knew it, the waitress was back in her lap again! Boobs in her face and toooouching. Jayden was gripping the sides of her seat and trying to lean back as far as she could. “Lady, I’m not looking for a lap dance…!” she muttered in a slightly higher tone. Wait a minute… Jayden squinted her eyes at her. “…Coop?” -05:40 Aug 01
Cupio: The grin was there, and so was the tail wrapping around her leg and definitely not a fake. “Jaaaay?” He poked her shoulder with his claw and then leaned back. “What do you think of the uniform?” -05:44 Aug 01
Jayden: “I… i think your boobs are bigger than mine.” What the fuck was she supposed to think about it? He could shapeshift in to a pretty hot looking bimbo! And he was feeling up her leg with his tail. She was scowling and shifting uncomfortably with this lady-demon in her lap. “You have a really weird definition of ‘clean’ and ‘conservative’!” Jayden decided the only reason she was annoyed was because he was prettier than her. Which was a pretty stupid reason. …but legit enough with him pawing at her like that! -05:48 Aug 01
Cupio: “Are they?” he looked down and shumshed thier chests together to make an accurate compatison. “I have to make them fit the uniform they gave me. I could make them clammer if you want…” he stood and stepeeped back from her putting his arms up and turning around to let ehr see the hack with his hands on his hips and looking back at her. “I don’t see anyone touthing anyone else, thats against the rules here, it is concervative.” Turned back to face her he pulled a chair over and say backwards on it resting his arms on the back. “You don’t like it do you?” -05:54 Aug 01
Jayden: It was a relief to have him out of her lap. Apparently she had been holding her breath. Jayden still looked a little cross though, as she reached out to snatch up the beer and take a drink. “If you are asking if I like woman, no I don’t. They don’t do it for me and they are compeition. ….and you’re prettier than me.” Now Jayden was just plain sulking. He was a man and he was prettier. That so was not fair. “Don’t change your uniform on my account, a job is a job.” she finally grumbled. -06:02 Aug 01
[Cupio enters.] -06:20 Aug 01
[(Timeout) Cupio has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:27 Aug 01
Cupio: He moved his chair next to hers and sat facing her. She was upset for some reason and he didn’t want her to be upset on his first day of work. The pattern on her fact was making a new color and he touched her cheek gently. “I meant the bar, the job, I’m doing this to pay rent and.” he saw something past her and frowned, someone had fallen out of thier seat and it had fallen over, in fact now that he wasn’t so focused on her the entire place was in disarray, but he wanted to be focused on her. “What I understand of humand they can’t change, so comparing me to you is like comparing a spectacular natural rock formation, unique and unspoiler to a clay sculpture that can look like it wants to whenever its remolded. I still think your natural form is prettier than mine.” -06:27 Aug 01
Jayden: Wow. Stuff like that never came out of a guy’s mouth, let alone would be expected out of a demon. Jayden wiped that look off her face, even if it was a little begrudgingly. She sighed! “The job is okay. I wouldn’t wanna work here myself, but if you like it, I don’t have any problem with it.” an honest answer. Jeeze, it’s not like he needed her approval for these things, she didn’t care where he worked… -06:34 Aug 01
Cupio: There was a crash as a glass was dropped and he looked the girl kneeling down to pich it up cutting herself and Cupio slid off the chair to move her out of the way and quicjly picj up the glass , the cuts on his ahdn quickly closing and bringing them over to the table to dump them onto the tray and then pick that up. “Can I get you anything else while I’m up?” he askes “My treat.” he smiled and almost seemed to be dancing in place… almost the movements just too suble to make out clearly. “I am meant to be workign after all and this is not my first time doing so in a bar.” -06:41 Aug 01
Jayden: This was just so weird. Watching him bounce around like a girl, when he had been all over her apartment being all feral and man-like. And he was good at it, which… really sort nagged at her ego a bit, even if he did give her a very sweet, almost heart thumping compliment. Jayden was never going to understand demons. She just made herself comfortable in her seat and drank her beer. She said she’d come and lend support, she might as well… kinda try and enjoy the show? At least she was picking up some good stripping tips! -06:50 Aug 01

A guy at the table being server reached out to grab on to that sexy little demon tail and give it gentle tug. When he spoke he wasn’t even looking at the face, his eyes were focused on the breasts. “Heeeey chicka, how old’re you, huuuh? Your daddy made you right, didn’t he.. how ’bout you have a seat in big papa’s lap?” There were plenty worse and more sleezy looking people in the bar than him, but this one didn’t seem to care about ‘house rules’ at all and was sticking a hand between her legs to pull her closer by a grip on the inner thigh. -Jayden

Cupio: Okay.. that was a surprise, focusing on Jayden and not watching out for grabbers. And now he was snagged. Still had to be polite and friendly right?” “I don’t think you’d beleve me if I did tell you my age.” he said not missing a beat with the smile and and turning to face the customer, not that he was interested in faces. “I’m sorry though I’m in the middle of cleaning up… I’ll be by in a bit though and see if you need anything.” the talk swished lazily from side to side like it had a mind of it’s own as he smiled at the man ready to dance away from him and get back to getting rid of the glass. -06:56 Aug 01

“Pfff, forget that shit. Big papa needs something right now, little chicka.” He was smiling too, appreciative of how the little lady moved and swayed. In fact, his hands were now grabbing for the hips to jerk her closer, not shy at all about copping a good feel in the process. “You a real demon, chicka? I got one in my pants right now wantin’ to meetcha. Could show that perky little ass of yours what a real red devil is like.” He smirked at his own joke. -Jayden

Jayden: Jayden was too far away to hear what was going on, in fact she had only just glanced around to see where Cupio was off to when she narrowed her eyes and rest an elbow on her table as she scowled. Here was a prime exmaple of why she wouldn’t work in a place like this. That demon could take care of himself surely, but the exchange across the room really made her want to get up and slam a pitcher over that guy’s head. -07:06 Aug 01
Cupio: He was being indirect, if he wasnted sex he could just say so, humans it seemed liked to try and be clever. “You don’t beleive I’m a real demon?” there was another pout, this one entirely faced though as the tail moved to guard where he had been told never to allow customers to touch. “Tell you what, let me drink you something to drink then spend some time with you and I’ll see if you can seel whats real about me.” Push the sales and keep them spending, once he had a drink in his hand Cupio would gladly sit in his lap, once he had the drin in his hand the the glass was gone and… he leaned over the guy’s tale to straiten empty the ashtray into ont the the glass peices putting the trap on the table to do so, this entire bar was starting to scream unclean. -07:14 Aug 01

“Chicka lemme put my dick in your mouth, I’ll give YOU something to drink.” He and several of his companions laughed uproariously. And when she bent over the table he was tugging the ashtray out of reach to make her bend further. As soon as she was bent far enough, he gave her a good hard slap to the ass and was pulling his new favorite demon waitress on to his lap. He wasn’t kidding about what was in his pants. -Jayden

Jayden: …that sonofa. It didn’t matter that Jayden knew Cupio was a guy and could handle his own business. It was the principal of the thing! Somewhere her sense of mindless heroism was kicking in and screaming at her like an over protective boyfriend. Jayden scooted to the edge of her seat and prepared to pounce. She was so gonna white-knight that douchebag in a minute. -07:23 Aug 01
Cupio: So with a stinging ass he was now in a guy’s lap but at least the ash was in the glass. Turnng in his lap he was trying his best to tune out the rest of the room ahd he put an on on a huy’s shoulder and leaned againsr him, there wasn’t much choice with the table digging into his side. He grinned at the man and showed hangs that were not three times bigger than normal, not someing he was going conciously. “And you’d to that in the middle of the foor with everyone watching? Like a real demon would?” he looked into his eyes innocently. “Unafraid of what you might loose?” getting nagry at him was bad but at least he kept it out of his voice and it distracted… there was a thud not far off that sounded like a table tipping. The entire room was radiating discord… he needed to get out. “Or because you caught me, I’m real.” -07:32 Aug 01

He clearly thought her reaction amusing. Or sexy. Probably both. Running between her legs to give a rather bold squeeze, right there in the middle of the joint. The bouncers were busy dealing with some rowdy drunk causing a scene across the room, and the girl liked it, so it’s not like he had to be concerned! He leaned to whisper in her ear, that strong bitter scent of beer hanging heavy with his breath. “Get on your knees under this table and maybe I’ll give you a real nice tip, chicka.” Unceremoniously he was shoving her off his lap and on to the floor. The guy wasn’t kidding about the request! -Jayden

Cupio: She slid off of his lap alright but onto her feet and with less grace than before but still clinging to self control he stood what would be just out of his reach and picking up the stray. “I have another table waiting for thier drinks but after that I’ll be right here to take your order.” tail back out behind him he was ready to slip away and not come back, just to whisper a word into the bouncer’s ear about this guy. The boss had haid no guys touching and no touching guy or girls! -07:51 Aug 01

There he was laughing. “C’mon you little slut. Gonna cocktease me with that sweet ass and this-” he grabbed at the tail again and gave a sharp tug. “sexy getup, then turn around runnin’ scared when you gotta see a real dick?” Another chortle. -Jayden

Jayden: Oh fuck no. Jayden was out of her seat, stalking around tables and people like a predator on the hunt. By the time she reached the table she was seething so badly, she couldn’t put any words together. She pointed sharply at the man and snarled. “No. Bad.-08:01 Aug 01
Cupio: Being grabbed wasn’t cool and before he knew it ther tain had slashed it’s barb against his arm. “Thast no costume.” he warned before stepping up nect to Jayden. “Jay… what are you.. nevermind.” Jayden was here and so long as she was she could be useful. “Sorry, you seem to have angered my girlfriend jst give me a moment to settle her down, now darling what did I tell you about me working here and jealousy?” he grabbed Jayden and made to pull her away while balancing the tray on his other hand. “Thanks.” he whispered.” -08:07 Aug 01

The guy wasn’t looking so humorous anymore. A much darker expression as he stood up from out of his chair. He was pretty damned tall, and had no problem at all standing over two women and being intimidating. “Girlfriend, eh, slut? I got no problem taking you both out to the car and having a real good fuck… But.” With a very deliberate slap of his hand her popped that tray out of her hand. It was Jayden’s shirt he grabbed to tug and shove aside out of the way, while he grabbed the waitress’ arm to shake her. “If you fucking cut me again I’mma chop that tail right off. -Jayden

Cupio: Being shaken wasn’t going to unsettle a demon, but the tray knocked to the floor the glass and ashes strappering in disarray, then the crushing chaos of the rest of room broke thought he already strained mental barriers in place and he turned his head slowly to the man. “You didn’t just…” he grabbed the man’s arm and twistted then forced him to his knees and just about pushed his face into the broken glass and his tail whipped around the sharp point pressing into the seat of the man’s pants. “Clean that up.. and you.” he kicked the man away from him and in a single step grabbed his friend by the hair and pulled him off his seat onto the floor horns and wong growing larger in response tot he change in his mood. Tak you gum out from under the table, and all the other gum too or your puttiful life will be worth nothing to me.” he straitened the chair and then with black and purple flame dancing over the surface of his hand turned to the rest of the table. “All of you help him.” -08:27 Aug 01
Jayden: Yep, it was absolutely stupid of her to think she needed to come over there and rescue him from getting manhandled. Jayden was just about to kick that jerk in the balls though when Cupio apparently went in to demon meltdown mode. Jayden was frozen in place for a second, before reality hit and she had to quickly think of damage control! “Whoa, whoa.. okay…! Uh baby, you don’t need to go all ballistic on them.” She moved behind him to mutter in his ear. Christ, it was weird that he was shorter than her too like this! “You’re gonna get the cops called on us, and they aren’t nice when they gotta show up dealing with demons.” she hissed. -08:36 Aug 01
Cupio: “This room…” the table was just the begining he was stromign off to where the table was turned over wings folding out and fire on both hands. The body remained unchanged though. “That glass…” a pointed finger and it vanished in a puff of dark smoke. He stopped in front of a bouncer… “Your place it at the door…” -08:44 Aug 01

The Bouncer looked a little surprised, but no half dressed bimbo was bossing HIm around. He told her to get back to work and stop pissing him off. He was already making a quick signal to the manager. Meanwhile those jerkbags that had gave her a hard time was now focusing that on Jayden, now that his little demon waitress wasn’t. He snatched her by the shirt again. “Why don’t control your slut, you little bitch!” -Jayden

Jayden: Oh ho ho. Jayden got to kick the asshole in the balls after all. One swift, satisfying knee to the groin. The punch to his jaw was an after though, and a huge regret, though. She retrieved her hand back with a surprised yelp and a suspition that she might’ve cracked her knuckles. Then Jayden was chasing after her ‘girlfriend’. “Coop, damnit!” -08:55 Aug 01
Cupio: He turned, he saw Jayden running towards her but she also saw that man in pain instead of following orders, with a skip he was in the air above the startled partons and a wave of dark fire was tumbling through the air towards him. “I gave you an order, serve or be extinquished.” there wasn’r buch headroom inside and it wouldn’t be dificult to get a hold if him from the ground. -09:00 Aug 01
Jayden: “Coop, for the love of fuck!” People were now fleeing the bar, the manager was shouting over the phone to the police, and Cupio was a psychotic break away from ripping the place apart. Jayden jumped off the floor to grab his legs and try to pull him down to the ground. “Cut that shit out and lets go! I do NOT wanna get arrested trying to save your ass!” -09:05 Aug 01
Cupio: He dscended and his feet touched the floor. “The room.” he insisted. “Everything is a mess…” he started stratening her hair with quick steady strokes then looked into her eyes. “It must me cleaned. It…” he looked around and let out a breath, the the wing and horns returned to thier former size and he took her arm to head towards teh exit. He had really wanted this job to pay for the rent….” -09:09 Aug 01
Jayden: “There are a lot better places to work. Don’t worry about it.” He still looked like a girl, which still had her white-knight senses kicked in to over drive. Jayden ushered him out of the building quick before anyone got some bright ideas to get grabby. Then it was a matter of heading on down the street. …The minute she realized he was still practically naked and now out in public, Jayden dragged him around a corner in to an alley. Both her palms were pressed against her forehead as she took a deep breath. “Change back, or at least your clothes before we go catch the train. And are you okay?” Her hands were down again and she eyed him carefully. Jayden wasn’t sure what about that whole scene made him crack, but he was definitely not okay. -09:17 Aug 01
Cupio: “Do you think its safe to go back into the back?” he asked looking at her, then back at the club. “I thought I could belong there.. I should have known better… I… I’ll be right back.” he headed deepen into the alley and then turned to head towards the beack enterence. He was going for his clothes and if anyone tried to stop him.. well he didn’t have the job anymore anyway. -09:23 Aug 01
Jayden: “I don’t think th-” He was going anyway. Jayden stood there scowling, with her hands on her hips. Girl Cupio looked all damsely and fragile. …which was really contradictory considering he totally just wrecked the shit out of that joint. Jayden waited, listening intently and being pretty wary about watching the street incase the cops were gonna go searching for them. Bar brawls happened a lot, and it’s not like problems with demons was a rare thing. …Bah. Why was she even worried about this?! -09:27 Aug 01
Cupio: He pushed into the back and was met with the manager but before he could even open his mouth he had his uniform thrown at him and now completely naked and changing back he pulled on his pants and shift leaving it unbuttoned and carried hsi shoes and socks out of there to meet up with her again. He left silly, adn defeated and still charged with pent up energy. “Alright Jay, lets go home.” -09:30 Aug 01

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