Myth and Legacy 002: Nothing Left to Lose

Myth and Legacy

[Kate didn’t sleep well and she’s sore as hell. Now she’s following around a lunatic on a deadman’s island.] -01:24 Mar 30
[Raul onoy slept as much as he needed to, and with one eye open. Now hes home, to see the bodies of his family.] -01:26 Mar 30
Kate: Kate didn’t even know why she got off the damn boat. Cause she sure as hell didn’t want to see dead people again. The LAST time she ran away crying after seeing a poor dead kid, and now she was walking around with that kids’ brother, uncle, cousin, whatever and who knows what he’d do. Turn around and kill her for being involved maybe. Crap. She shoulda brought the gun. "Isn’t it like… the WORST idea to be here now..?" -01:31 Mar 30
Raul: Raul didn’t speak as he walked up the path from the beach, he knew what he would hind here and he knew how he’d feel about it. The island stank of death and the walls of the cabins that made the island look lieka holidat resort were stared with bullet holes and severeal had bunred down. It was at ofe of the blacked ruins that he stopped, the scorched steel frame supporting shat was left of a body. "Lo siento tio." he whispered as he reached under the bed and pulled open a hatch, retrieving a metal box from underneath. Opening the lid he pulled out a gas mask and a pistol… the forst was for the smell of bodies and the socond was just in case. -01:36 Mar 30
Kate: She might not have believed in ancient legends, but that didn’t make dead people everywhere less creeptastic. Who was to say they wouldn’t rise up as angry cursed zombies. …or more likely, that those cultists wouldn’t be lurking around here waiting for someone else stupid enough to come back. Kate was having to turn off that human part of her brain and try to focus on more shiny things. She picked up something off a chared desk and stuffed it in to her shorts pocket. "Seriously, though… There’s enough room in Africa for fleeing sea gods too." -01:44 Mar 30
Raul: "You might like the idea of leaving the rest of the world to die but I don’t." he said throwing her a mask too then fitting his over his face. "And nowhere is safe. This island used to be the safest place imaginable… used to be." he stepped over the collapsed wall and proceeded up the path stoppign as he saw another body, rot begining to bloat the skin. Still he pulled a large leaf from a plant and closign the eyes covere the face with the leaf. "Ferius fue el primero, no se le unieran en la vigilancia." he whispered before standign again, he had the feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he’d speak those words today. -01:49 Mar 30
Kate: Kate fumbled as she caught the thing. Putting it on only because it helped block her vision just as much as it blocked the smell. She was muttering a whole lot of uncomfortable curse words as she caught up to him again. Keeping close at his heels, but keeping a fair distance away from anything dead. In fact she’d find a sudden fascination with the sky any time they came across someone. "I don’t get why they ask me to go through all the trouble of sneaking in and taking stuff, if they were just going to kill everyone first… They could have stolen it all themselves." she muttered. It didn’t take a genius to realize that was weird. -01:53 Mar 30
Raul: "Yes. I’ve been wordering." he said, ever body he wound it was the same thing. Close the eyes, cover the face, and say the words. All the way past the village to the cliff face beyond, there a steel door with a keypad waited. Teh door was of course open, kate had been though it before. It was where some of the stuff had been kept. But she didn’t know that it want deeper than it first appeared, a trap door hidden under the floor. -01:56 Mar 30
Kate: At least she knew there weren’t any dead kids in there. It was the first place she snooped through, before she realized the place was covered in dead. "Do we really HAVE to be here?" Futile complaining wasn’t helping the situation any, but Kate needing to talk so it wouldn’t be all eerie and brooding. "I could be hours away right now." -02:03 Mar 30
Raul: "Yes you could, but you’re not… odd." he said as he knelt down and reached under a shelf and pulled a lever. The floor in the center of the room slid down, then across with an electical hum. This kind of security wasn’t cheep but they had never exactly been poor. Raul began down the revealed stairs and into a suprisingly rough stona pasage, electical light turning on in the ceiling. This used to be griund level where the door is now. He said as he reached the bottom and waited for her, removing his mask and hooking it on the wall. "Tell me kate, have you ever heard of the remple of the aztec sea god?" he gestured down the passage. "Of course you have…" -02:09 Mar 30
Kate: "Odd inde-…god damnit." Kate realized herself that she coulda took off on her own at any moment. What the fuck was she thinking? Her irritation disappeared quickly, though, when she found herself following Raul through a -secret- passage. Her own mask was taken off, and Kate was trying not to look as interested as she really was. "I know about the template, yeah… no one could ever prove it was real, though…" -02:13 Mar 30
Raul: He smiled "Becuase we didn’t want anyone poking around here." he said as he walked deeped into the mountain. "It would be bad for business, and if the cultists knew how to find it we’d be in shit. So if you tell them I’ll kill you." it wasn’t entirely a joke. "But this should be proof enough." they were at the door to the central chamber, and t was over, light filterign in from above and sevelal flood lights set up in the corners. "The throne room. -02:18 Mar 30
Kate: "Kill me, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that before." It was strange when he smiled. Could make her forget he was -totally- nuts. In the central chamber, though, her hands up and fingers twitching. That ridiculous look she tended to get when something was such an amazing thing and piqued her interest, that no amount of bullshitting could help her play it off. An ancient undiscovered temple, tied to myth and legend… all right here! Imagine what was -in- it..! Kate was already snooping. "And what is so important here anyway. I don’t see any treasures." Course she looked like all the cared about was treasure – which was also true – but the stories. So many good stories! -02:25 Mar 30
Raul: Raul payed no attention to the inscriptions on the walls or the layout or anything, he had been taught it all since childhood, they all hed been. He was the last descendant of the sucessor of this temple’s god, the it was to his, Raul’s own thrown that he walked. Sitting in the sae of the throne was a small wooden box. Ferius journal that he made for his child, detailign everything. The original namuscript. For a family the fought cults they were a like like one themselves. -02:34 Mar 30
Kate: Leaning near nose to stone with one of the walls, Kate was trying to read some of the symbols. She might never had made it to college, and probably didn’t sound like the smartest person in the world. But someone’s passion lent a thirst for learning. And Kate’s passion was definitely for South American and Carribean myth… Her understanding was shoddy at best, but she could pick it up quick. "Holy hell. Vampiric curses really are universal…" Shifting her attention down, she plucked up a bone spearhead and held it up to the light in confusion. "…this isn’t local." -02:40 Mar 30
Raul: "So you can read it." he said "I should give you more credit in future." he said He had the box under his arm as he stood next to Kate, but then knelt down to turn a particularly battered body over. "She pust hav fallen though the skylight while being chased…" he glanced at the spearhead.. then was forced to hide a sly smirk. "You keep that, it will bring you luck… also here a tip. You want to know where my family keeps the relly valuable stuff and heaps of money we have…. switzerland… best banks in teh world.." he closed the body’s one remaining eye and stood. "We’re done here." -02:46 Mar 30
Kate: Kate kept her eyes averted from the body. Focused on the spearhead, before slipping it in to her pocket. I wasn’t anything valuable, and she sure as hell doubted it would be lucky. But it’d be worth keeping to spite a bunch of asshole cultists. "Hey, I don’t care about your gobs of cash. Cash isn’t unique." Kate did wonder if they kept treasure in banks though. Did they have vaults for that? She followed him again. "…so ready to get out of here. Where do you want me to drop you off? Brazil? Florida? Haiti..? Africa is still a good idea." -02:51 Mar 30
Raul: "No its not." he said. "I can’t seal away a god in Africa. And even if I could it would be the wrong god." he make his way back towards the stairs. He could tell Kate wanted to explore more but there wasn’t time. "I wonder what the odds are they’ll be waiting for up off shore…" -02:55 Mar 30
Kate: "Pretty good now that they realize there’s still one of you left. If I was their evil god master and I found out MY stupid minions didn’t wipe out the entire bloodline that could stop me, I’d be pretty damn pissy until they got it done." ….not that she believed it. That was just what would make sense if it -were- true. "Just for the record, if they’re waiting, I’m throwing you at them. It’s nothing personal, but I’m still hurting from the -last- time." -03:00 Mar 30
Raul: "Don’t worry, I have a plan." he walked up the stairs and grabbed a waterproof case form the shelf and placed the box inside it. Then took it and another case, large and red, and placed them by the door before closing the secret passageway. "There won’t be any boardign of boats or fight on beck. I can promise you that." -03:05 Mar 30
Kate: "Hrrm. Do you." Kate had the feeling she wouldn’t like his plan. Considering his first plan was to assault her after one of her tours. ….and now that she thought about, why the hell was she still acting like she was a -part- of his crazy? He and his cultists weren’t her problem! "…Actually, I think I’ve wasted waaaay too much time with you already. I think I’ll just take my boat and leave you to your nonsense. I’m pretty sure you have your own boats." -03:07 Mar 30
Raul: "So you’re going to brave them alone while they’re lookign for your boat?" he askes picking up both cases. "I’m sorry, I can’t let you do that." He started walkign back down towards the shore, wanting to get away from this place as fast as possible. -03:14 Mar 30
Kate: "Dude, you don’t have any say in what I’m doing. Seriously." If it weren’t for the fact, she was sure he was still pissy about the whole stealing thing, she’d have thought his comment was kinda sweet. In that protective knight sort of way. Kate stayed at his heels. "And for your information, I’ve been dealing with douchebags and assholes for a LONG time and I’m still alive and doing just fine. A bunch of cultists are not going to be an issue." …of course, she was looking back at the village where those same cultists killed an entire island full of people… That was… well. It was easier for one person to disappear when they knew they were in trouble. They weren’t going to catch HER by surprise. -03:18 Mar 30
Raul: "They have ships, they have helecopters, they have enough weapons to start a war. Do you know about Darkstone.. the multi million dollar ‘military contractors’ thet owned by them. You’ve delt with lowlives. This in an army of zealots." he continued bacl towards shore without even slowing down… "But if you wnt incentive. FINE! I’ll give you half a million dollars to hire you until we agree that your contract is up.." -03:23 Mar 30
Kate: "Half a mil- gah!" So bedazzled by a sum, Kate tripped over a branch as they reached the beach and nearly faceplanted in to the sand. She was quick to right herself and stalk back after him. "Hire for what? You want me to drive you around in my boat? That’s reasonable, I guess. …but I’m not getting in to any fights. And if somebody starts shooting at me, or stabbing, or anything like that it’s gonna cost you -way- more than half a million." Kate had never negotiated payment in her life, and that was over meager, unfair sums for the sort of jobs she did. But he had money to spare and a reluctance to leave her alone. So why not bank on it? -03:27 Mar 30
Raul: "Final payment can be negosiated after the job is complete." he said heavign firs teh red case, then the one containigng the journals aboard. "But 500 000 is a nice round number to use as a base." He untied the mooring line and jumped aboard without even waiting for her. "Lets get out of here, far away… but not Africa…" -03:32 Mar 30
Kate: "It’s a good start. Yeah. I’m good with negotiating later." Kate was pleased. So much so that she looked rather smug about the whole deal. Not realized she had just been played and bribed. It likely wouldn’t have mattered even if she were aware. Kate was already thinking about the upgrades she could make on her boat and decided where she was going to make her permanent residence. …she could finally own a REAL house! Suddenly, Kate was in a much better mood. "Not Africa, check! We’ll go to Barbados. No one ever goes to Barbados anymore." -03:40 Mar 30
Raul: "All I need to time to read, then I’ll know what to do next." Raul said. "I don’t care where that time is… knock yourself out." Well she was in a better mood and being much more cooperative… if only he had bribed her sooner. "And one more thing. Throw me overboard and you get nothing." He took the cases below decks and stashed the red one in the bow thile the journals he opened the checked over. They looked good for thier age. "Ferius’ Guide to defeating an enraged sea god." he said. "Perfect reading while on the ocean." -03:47 Mar 30
Kate: "I’m not STUPID, Ru! Don’t kill the hand that feeds you and all that jazz. Not that I go killing people on a regular basis, jesus christ." she called after him, and then continued to rant on to herself. Kate made herself comfortable at the helm. Setting in her coordinates to navigation for Barbados and checking the local weather casts. It’d prolly be her luck that they get sank in a hurricane before she ever got her money. "Katherine White, Carribean Tours. …Carribean Cruises? K.W. Godslayer Adventure Safari…" she mused out loud her future business titles, taking no looks back at Raul’s island as she kicked back in a chair and daydreamed. -03:53 Mar 30
Raul: Hours passed and Raul spent them with his nose in the journals translating the archage writing in his head. But a couple of hours into the trip he felt something… Puttign the journal away he emerged on deck adn grabbed Kate’ binoculars scannig the horison. The weather was amazingly clear an it didn’t take him long to find what he had been dreading. "Christ…." he pulled Kate over and handed them to her. "They have a fucking frigate out there…. a frigate…." -03:58 Mar 30
Kate: Kate was swatting at him at first. At some point she had dozed off in her chair. But she was taking her binoculars and looking out where he pointed. "Wow… they’ve got a lot of cash to afford one of those." She was admiring their ship for several moments before she finally realized what that meant for them. "….oh shit, I don’t think I have enough gas to sail that fast!" Tossing her binoculars to a corner, she went fussing over the controls. There was bound to be a way to get some speed somewhere! -04:02 Mar 30
Raul: Raul disappeare below decks and made strait for the red case. He flipped it open and typed in a code and flipped a switch.. it deeped adn a red light appeared. "Right.." he grabbed the remote and closed the case and ran back to the help. "Payback time…" he took the wheel and breathed in deep. Then breathed out a fog rising from nowhere to hide them. Then he turned the boat strait for the frigate! -04:09 Mar 30
Kate: "Hey.. hey… g’damnit! Get away from that!" This stealing her wheel shit had to stop! Kate was away from her controls and shoving him out of the way. "What are you trying to do, RAM it? It’ll crash my baby to pieces! No, you just keep up with that… crazy… fog stuff and I’ll worry about the fleeing!" -04:13 Mar 30
Raul: We can’t outrun a frigate and they have radar." he said "The fog only stops them aimign at us." he said.. just then there was the sounds of shooting and traced was seen ahead of them in the fog… "Now fing somethign that foats, you must have a life raft on this thing…." one hand still of the wheel he pulled the cap off the detonator with his teeth. "QUICKLY KATE!" -04:17 Mar 30
Kate: "Well, YEAH, I got one right over there, but we’re not gonna nee- Wait. What the fuck are you doing." She had been pointing to the emergency raft hanging up on the cabin wall, but now she was staring at him in a cross between annoyance and confusion. …and that slow realization she was NOT going to like what was coming. "…don’t you get any ideas with my boat! We are NOT hurting my boat. I’m turning this damned thing around!" -04:20 Mar 30
Raul: He acted fast, grabbing her, the case, and the raft and jumping from the boat. Only adrenaline and surprise allowed him to do it before Kate could stop him. In the fog ahead of them there was a loud crash.. then Raul pressed the button. The orange fireball shone through the fog and Raul dropped the detonator and began working on the raft. -04:24 Mar 30
Kate: Kate was in the water before she knew what hit her. She was shouting obscenities at Raul right up until the CRASH and the CRUNCH and the BOOM. And Kate was silent. Stunned. Alarmed…! "…..YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Hell had no such fury! Kate was diving for him, hands out stretched and the minute she got them on him she was trying to drown him! -04:30 Mar 30
Raul: Great just as he had one strap of the self-infating raft ondone he had a crazy woman trying to drown him. If that wasn’t bad enough there would be survivors and they’d be angry. He sputtered then pulled himself up onto the casing and pulled the last stap. The raft inflated under him the side hitting Kate in the face as it balloned outwards. -04:35 Mar 30
Kate: Now SHE was going to be nearly drowned. That didn’t deter her anger whatsoever. Kate pulled herself up and in to the raft, if only because it was going to give her better access to comitting murder. "You stupid…! Fucking…! God damnit! That was my HOME!" If anything, at least being soaked head to toe meant he couldn’t see her crying while she was trying to get a hold of his head before HE got in to the raft, and shove him back to the sea where he belonged! -04:40 Mar 30
Raul: Her anger ignited his that he had been supressign since the island. Slick with water he slepped though her grasp and fell onto the bottom of the raft. "And it saved your life.." he growled. "If you’resad about your boat, fine I’ll give you one of mine, you want me dead, after this you’ll never see me again. You want to hurt me they beat you to it. I’m sorry I blew up your boat, but now they won’t blow up your head." If you really want to kill me, you know what. Do it, do it… I’ve already lost everything. But wait until I’ve done what I need to do." -04:47 Mar 30
Kate: "I don’t want your stupid money and I don’t want your stupid help..!" she was still shouting, and the fact he was in the raft wasn’t stopping her either. Kate pounced on him, trying to get her hands around his neck to she could strangle him! "MY HOME! Mine! The only thing that has ever been mine…! And you. just. destroyed it. in two seconds..! EVERYTHING I OWNED AND WORKED FOR. MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. WAS THAT BOAT! aarghh!" This was just… she was sympathetic about his family, but he went and destroyed the only thing she had! It was -over-! -04:51 Mar 30
Raul: He grabbed her arms and pulls them away from his neck with all his strength. "Your life is over? Everythng is gone?" his voice was soft and deadly "I’ve spent the entire day picking over the bodies of my own family, smellign thier rotten bodies and praying for thier souls." a sudden swind blew the fog away, shrill and sharp as behind Raul beyind the sinkign frigate th sea began to churn and rise in a solid wall. "We’re dealign with the end of the world, I’ve help it in, I’ve kept the peace. These MANIACS want to kill EVERYONE. That includes you, that includes Africa, that includes every single human on thins planet." the wave grew rushing towards them…. -05:00 Mar 30
Kate: " I felt bad for you…! I really did. You didn’t have to go and take everything from me too!" She was fighting to her her arms loose, too lost in her anger to realize how futile it was. …or the giant wave that was rushing their way. "You always had a home and a family and crazy sea god magic, and that boat was all I ever got and I had to do it myself…!" Kate didn’t even know why she bothered screaming at him still! He didn’t give two shits about anything outside of saving the world! And that point, Kate didn’t give a shit about the world when she had no where to live in it! She was still trying to get at him until she realize the raft was starting to tilt oddly on the waves. -05:06 Mar 30
Raul: He didn’t even notice the wave as the saft began to be lifted up and caried along with it, rapidly increting in height and speed. "I never wanted to be here, I never wanted to be in this family I never asked to be the last on left who has to do what a god almost died doing. "Everything you’ve lost can be replaced but I will not stop for anythign until the assholes who killed my family are dead and thier plans stopped. "Any boat you want you can take with enough treasures to decorate it like a pharoe’s tomb for all I care. Vardri will be stopped, that is what has been given to me and to you." -05:13 Mar 30
Kate: "It’s not about the money, you jackass!" and Kate really, -really- wanted to drive that home along with her fist to his nose. But as the raft tilted, it nearly capsized them both and she found herself clinging on to him just for something solid to hold on to. Despite losing the only thing she had, Kate wasn’t keen on drowning in the middle of the ocean. "I hope you drown with me!" she hissed, with every bitter hope that he would. Just so he couldn’t complete his vow and her angry ghost would feel vindicated. -05:18 Mar 30
Raul: His eyes stared into her eyes with such intinsity it looked like he was twying to make her head explode. "And this isn’t about you." he hissed "Its not about you. Its not even about revenge. Destiny is a curse. And we…" The lip of the waze crested and broke over them and as the raft tipped over and was lost to the sea his lips pressed into hers his hands still holdign her arms in a deathgrip before the water worced them apart. -05:27 Mar 30

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