Tying Down Royalty 002: Rhineland Park

[Deitrick has the car and a basket waiting. No ancohol though, he doesn’t brink outside of fundraisers and even then only a little.] -09:18 Oct 23
[Lilei is being sneaky. She has snuck out of her suite like a professional spy with the help of her assistant, and not a single guard knows! And especially not her parents!] -09:19 Oct 23
Lilei: Thus, Lilei was a little breathless when she was skipping out of the hotel lobby and hopping down the steps in a small rush. The quicker she snuck away, the less likely she was going to get caught! Once she stopped on the sidewalk she paused to fix her shoes and smooth out the skirt of her sundress. She was still wearing a tiara too, something small and simple but still a little strange. As she simply didn’t realize it -was- strange. -09:22 Oct 23
Deitrick: He baved at her from the front eat of the convertable and gestured for her to hurry. He could guess she wasn’t allowed out and he didn’t want her getting caught. He was dressed in jeans and a long slieved shirt and wondered why she chose the outfit she had, still there was no going back to change now. -09:26 Oct 23
Lilei: Lilei was giggling when she slipped in to the car and pulled on her seatbelt. Leaning to check out the window and see if anyone was going to give chase or not. Then she was looking at him with surprise and interest. "No driver? You can drive yourself, then!" -09:27 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Yes…" he said as if there was no reason why hea couldn’t, there was however a pistol strapped yo his hip as he put the car in gear and pulled away before anyone saw them. "Why the tiara?" there were a few things questionable about her outfit but that was the most glaring. "You look all too much liek a runaway beauty queen." -09:30 Oct 23
Lilei: Her hand rose up to her head in question. She made sure to pick the most casual one for a simple day at the park. "Because I am a Princess. Is it strange to wear one…?" Lilei looked down at her dress too, smoothing out the fabric over her knees. The dress didn’t seem so unsual either, she thought it looked very cute. -09:34 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Yes it is actually." he said with a slight laught. "These days when princes and princesses go out they tend to try and dress like everyone else." he was grinning though and glancing at her. "You light want to put that in the basket, or preople may try and steal it." Everyhting else is fine though, so long as you can walk in thos shoes on soft ground. And if you can’t I’ll carry you." -09:38 Oct 23
Lilei: "Oh… Well that seems silly, why would anyone want to steal a tiara?" Lilei pulled it off, running her fingers through her dark hair to fix it back in place. She admired the shininess of it for a moment before she was turning to tuck the tiara in the basket. …taking the opportunity to snoop through it while she did. "The heels are very short, so I’ll be fine. I never could walk in the tall ones, I’m not sure how my mother accompishes it." -09:47 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Because it’s worth money, and not everyone has a not of it, which is why I do what I do." he stole another glance at her and snook his head slightly. "Don’t start eating yet, we’re not even at the park. I wonder if you’ll see al the changes that have happened." They were getting closer, all of the old royal grounds were in the same part of the city, which made getting detween them much easier. -09:50 Oct 23
Lilei: Lilei pouted a bit but left the basket alone. Then it was back to leaning and looking out the window, that excited look across her face. "It’s been such a long time since I’ve been in Rhineland! I haven’t seen the park since we were small. Are there really a lot of changes? I don’t know why anything would be changed, though, it was beautiful as it was!" -09:54 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Becausr there are a lot more visitors there now, more than the odd royal family outing. It’s become a symol for our country and… theres a hot dog standd. I’ll buy you one." -09:57 Oct 23
Lilei: She grinned at him, now taking interest in his driving itself. Her parents loved cars and driving but she never quite got that fascination with cars. Watching him control the wheel, though was interesting. "Are we going to talk politics today, Deitrick? When we last talked of politics we were arguing about castle space and stolen pillows…" -10:01 Oct 23
Deitrick: "I don’t do politics." he said. "I’m not allowed byt the new constitution." he glandes at her. "But I have a planket and cussions for both of us so you don’t need to worry about that. Oh do you remember General Croaker?" Croaker had been a frog he had terrorised her with after frndin in the pond on the park, be had made it an official general of the Rhineland military, or so he had claimed. -10:04 Oct 23
Lilei: "Ugh…!" Lilei groaned. Of course she did! He chased her around so much with it, she had started crying! "I was so afraid of frogs for the longest time! I didn’t get over it until someone told me the Princess and Frog story, then I kind of liked them…" -10:08 Oct 23
[Deitrick ] -10:09 Oct 23
Deitrick: "You’d never heard that story?" he asked. "Maybe if he meet him again you should give him a kiss." he chuckled and pulled into the street with the park enterence and slowed the car. "After all you still han’t found your prince charming." -10:11 Oct 23
Lilei: "I am not going to kiss a frog, I don’t care how much you dare me to!" She leaned to look out the window again. Oooh… a lot of the trees were bigger and there were new gardens added too. She was clapping softly. "I’ve been so busy in private school, I haven’t met many princes. Did you know that they don’t have any royal family in Russia any more?" -10:15 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Yes I did." he said pulling intot he parking lot and flipping the switch that made the roof fold closed and he opened his door pulling the basket from the back seat and steppingh out. Hardly anyone was here this early and patrols were already out. It was as alone as they were going to get here without him closing the park to visitors. -10:19 Oct 23
Lilei: Lilei was out of the car and skipped in the grass a bit. Taking a deep breath, she gave a happy sigh. She could smell the Rhine nearby and the breeze was cool with a hint of rain. Lilei loved that smell! She paused for a moment, eyeing him curiously again. "Are you carrying a gun, Deitrick?" -10:23 Oct 23
[(Timeout) Deitrick has timed out.] -10:42 Oct 23
Deitrick: "Yes." he said. "I always do unless I’m at a function." he looked at her wondering is that upset her. "Don’t worry I have training, the same training my dad got." he walked into the path and started heading towards the stand where the hot dogs were being warmed up. "Come on, choose your toppings." -10:46 Oct 23
Lilei: "Can I see it?" Beckett never let her touch his guns, and she was pretty sure Beckett had a dozen of them hidden in his suit. Lilei grinned wide at the vendor, only asking for the ground mustard and the kraut. -10:51 Oct 23
Deitrick: "No.. I can’t let anyone without proper training take it. They’re dangerous. I’ll let you look once we’re sitting and I’ve unloaded it properly. Hows that?" he puts wanted mustard on his, it was better witout anything fancy. -11:03 Oct 23
Lilei: "That’s not really saying No, then, is it." Lilei looked a little smug, rocking on her heels with her hands clasped behind her back, up until she was giving food. Then all of her focus was on taking a bite and giving another happy sigh. It must have been a long time since she had a hot dog too! "Come on, I’ll pick the perfect place!" -11:05 Oct 23
Deitrick: "It’s a compromise." he said following after her. He has ahd a spot picked out but if she wanted to find one in her day of freedom he wasn’t going to stop her. Moving to keep up we was glad he was wearing comfortable shoesm and that there was an umbrella sticking out of the basket. -11:11 Oct 23
Lilei: Things [i]had[/i -11:12 Oct 23
Lilei: Things had changed a lot. New flowers and new trails. Lilei got a little turned around at some point, but she loved walking through the park so much that she really didn’t mind. Ever so often she would stop to admire some of the gardens or laugh and point out some squirells running in trees. She was hunting for that perfect place, though… and when she found it she was running for it. "Heeeere we go! I remember this spot! We climb up this tree and I got stuck up there and Daddy had to climb up and get me down… And YOU spent the whole time laughing and saying the birds were going to carry me off!" -11:15 Oct 23
Deitrick: "They wouldn’t stop tweetign at you." he said catching up. "I think you were close to their nest." he looked at the spot next to the tree pulled the blanket out of the basket to spread it over the ground to place the basket in the center. "I still think this spot has the best view of the pond." -11:20 Oct 23
Lilei: "I might try climbing it again, I’m a little taller now." Lilei kicked off her shoes before she stepped on to the blanket and sat down. A very smooth, ladylike motion for someone that was chewing on a hot dog. "I do like this spot, it was one of my favorites. We could tell exactly where all of the ducks were…" -11:25 Oct 23
Deitrick: "They are not here this time of year." he said almost sadly looking out over the pond. "But I did bring you you favorite juice." he opened the basket and pushed it towards her to let her have her way with it as he started on his hot dog. "Just remember though, you’re in a dress and if you have an accident things might become visible." -11:29 Oct 23
Lilei: "Deitrick!" Oooh, she swatted at him with one hand. Even if he did bring her favorite juice. …he was apparently just as wicked as ever! She pulled out the juice and gave him a prim sort of look before sticking her tongue out at him. "I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of panties anyway. You shouldn’t be thinking about mine!" -11:32 Oct 23
Deitrick: "No, I haven’t." he said pulling out two plastic glasses adn setting them out before looking out over the pond again. "I think I told you this last night, I don’t date." -11:34 Oct 23
Lilei: "You did… but I still find it a little unbelievable, I suppose." Lilei popped that last bite in her mouth so now she had both hands for pouring juice. No spilling. And she made sure to finish chewing before talking again. "Though I understand being too busy with other things. It seems strange, is all, you seemed to like being around people a lot." -11:39 Oct 23
Deitrick: "I do, but that doesn’t mean I want to date any of them." he said. "No one has ever seemed like the right person." he shrugged. "Not like it matters, I can be happy without anyone." -11:43 Oct 23
Lilei: Lilei stared him down for a moment. Then offered him one of the cups. "That’s ridiculous. And pessimistic! Now that my schooling is over and I get to travel and meet people, I want to have a romance. I’ll meet them and it will be one of those stand-still love at first sight moments!" -11:47 Oct 23
Deitrick: "I don’t believe in those." he said. "I’ve looked in the faces of hundreds of people, some of them were interested in me but I’ve never felt anything. Maybe I’m just always the best man and never the groom." he took a gulp from his cup and then sighed. "If you fond someone though, I’m sure you’d be very happy. Even if your father would kill them." -11:54 Oct 23
Lilei: "That just means I have to meet someone my father won’t kill. Maybe someone with a bigger army than his…" Lilei gave that some thought. "…or a secret agent. And why are you so fussy about love at first sight? You mother told me an adorable story about her and your father! I always thought it was really sweet." She sipped from her cup before it was abandoned and she was getting up to cross the grass and wade in to the pond water. It was cold, but nice! -11:58 Oct 23
Deitrick: What was she…? "Lilie, you can’t…" he rushed to the edge and looked at her. "You’re going to slip you know that. It won’t be the first time." he has glad toake any opotunity to change the subject… "If I come in after you I’ll get my pants and gun wet too." t -12:04 Oct 24
Lilei: "I am a grown woman, I can wade in a pond without accidents!" Lilei stuck her tongue out at him, and out of spite kicked a bit of water in his direction, She missed, but it served it’s purpose! "Besides, I can swim better now. …Oh right, I wanted you to show me your gun!" Hmm, after she was done showing him she wasn’t going to slip. Lilei deliberately waded around a bit more at least far enough so she could grab some of the floating flowers! -12:09 Oct 24
Deitrick: He sat on the grass on the bank and watched. "Grown women don’t generally wade in ponds and wear tiaras." he retorted. "You havn’t really changed a bit, have you?" -12:16 Oct 24
Lilei: "I don’t think getting older means you have to stop enjoying playing… And Princesses wear tiaras! That isn’t so strange! Eee..~!" She nearly slipped that time, but regained her balance. There was that prim look again as she smoothed out her dress and went back to trying to collect flowers without wading too far. "You have though." she paused to think it over. "I think it’s your voice…" -12:20 Oct 24
Deitrick: "Boy’s voice change when they get older. It’s part of puberty." he called. "Come back out Lilie, you haven’t even seen what I brought to eat." he was shaking his head, standing, and rolling up his pants legs. "Fine I’m coming in to get you." -12:23 Oct 24
Lilei: "You’ll get your pants wet, Deitrick…!" she chimed with a sing-song, melody. Lilei called his bluff, though. Resting her hands on her hips and backing a few more paces deeper in to the water. "I bet you’ll slip." -12:26 Oct 24
Deitrick: He had his jeans rolled up to above his kneesand was wading out doublechecking his footing with every step and watching the rpogress of the water up his legs. "I’m not going to slip, but you’re staying out there just to tease me and i’ll carry you back to shore if I have to." -12:32 Oct 24
Lilei: "You thought I was going to fall in, who is right now, Prince Deitrick!" Lilei laughed and once he was stepping in to the pond, she was kicking water at him again. She nearly slipped again, but she was definitely more balanced these days! -12:36 Oct 24
Deitrick: He groaned. "No Lilie I didn’t mean you would I just wanted you to be careful. Fine.. You have fun I’ll go eat. You really havn’t changed one bit." He turned and waved his arms to balance before he started heading back towards shore, there would be fish nibbling at their feet too. Why did she even come out here?" -12:41 Oct 24
Lilei: Lilei laughed again in triumph! A battle won. Not that it was a battle… he never did handle teasing well. He could hassle her till dawn, but he made such a fuss when she gave him a hard time. "All right, I was just pl-eep…!" Lilei was following him out, at least until she nearly tripped forward. It was a clumsy display of staying on her feet and hopping in place until she got her balance again. "I am stuck…! " She had vague memories of him scaring her with stories of Rhine creatures… but that would be silly! -12:46 Oct 24
Deitrick: "No you’re not." he said without looking. "I’m not coming back out there." he stopped and turned on the spot then sighed wading back out and holding out both arms for ehr to take hold of. "I must be the biggest sucker there is, come on we should set you out of here before the fish start nibbling again." -12:49 Oct 24
Lilei: "I am not trying to trick you! ….this time!" she huffed. Lilei took his hands, then it was another awkward, clumbsy attempt at balancing and pulling her foot away from whatever it was tangled in. Once it finally snapped loose, she was stumbling forward and colliding with him in a squeal! -12:52 Oct 24
Deitrick: He caght her and stmbled but kept his footing and then righted her. "There, you’re fine, now are we going to have something to eat?" he voice was soft and caring, a tone he very rarely used. -01:03 Oct 24
Lilei: Lilei nodded. That was a fun display of ridiculousness. And that soft tone was new, not something she had heard from him before and now for some reason she was flushing. She quickly broke away to scurry back to the grass. "What did you bring, besides my favorite juice..!" -01:07 Oct 24
Deitrick: "Those chocolate covered nuts you always used to buy at every opotunity. Bread, cheese, ham, tomato, onion, gherkins, olives, crackes, creme cheese… picknic things." -01:10 Oct 24
Lilei: Lilei surpressed that yelp of joy, knowing her favorite nuts were in there. There was a special kind she only ever found in Rhineland, and that really was a treat! She dropped on to her knees on the blanket, digging in to the basket to find them. A few were popped in to her mouth and she paused when it felt like something was dripping on her. She was going to fuss at him for splashing her when she realized it was coming from the sky. "Rain…!" she was laughing again! -01:20 Oct 24
Deitrick: He deftly reached down to pluck the umbrella from the basket and open it to hold it above both of them and looke around picking up the basket. "Grab the blanket, we’ll head for the Gazebo. It will be just like that time we snuck out together to try and sleep out there." he picked up his shoes with his other hand and waited for her. How could she have changed so little? -01:26 Oct 24
Lilei: She snatched up the blanket, and their cups… and nearly forgot her own shoes before having to dash back to grab those too. "I think all we packed was a pillow and a bag of marshmallows. We really didn’t give that one too much thought!" Lilei had no problem skipping through the rain, spending most of of the time grinning and giggling about it. They must have reached the gazebo with perfect timing, though as a crack of lighting was followed by the sound of thunder. Her giggling insantly ceased! -01:31 Oct 24
Deitrick: He placed the basket and his shoes down and folded the umbrella up and placed it down. "You are the happiest person I have ever seen." he said. "Wearing a tiara all the time suits you. You’re like some sort of farie skipping everywhere." he didn’t mind the lightning, what he did mind was her sudden change od expression, so he grabbed the blabket from herm stood next to her and pulld the blanket around both of them befrore pulling her down to sit. "Se what do you want to eat?" -01:35 Oct 24
Lilei: "I am.." it’s like it completely unsettled her for a moment. But after a second she was grinning at him again. "Cheese and crackers would be good… with olives!" When she spotted another flash of lightning, this time she was ready for it! Lilei only held her breath and flinched, then it was right back to pulling the blanket tighter around her and reaching for the basket. "I have a very nice life and I appreciate it. I like to be happy and not take it for granted." -01:41 Oct 24
Deitrick: He shook his head. Somewhere in life it eemed people started worrying and stopped living. Not her though. He lifted the packet of nuts out of the basket and put it in her hand while he got out a board and crackers, butter, cheese, and olives, then thought for a second and got out capers and cream cheese for himself then he got out a knife and got to work. "I always thought you would be married and have a child. You seemed like you could take care of one very well." he pushed a few cracked towards her on the board. "But then we wouldn’t eb here." -01:48 Oct 24
Lilei: She laughed, picking up one of the crackers to nibble on. "I will be one day! I guess I am a little late compared to most people. But my father seems to think all men in the world are evil. Moma says it’s because he was as a young man." Another crack of lightning and she was scooting closer to him, turning her head to rest her forehead against his arm. This was crazy, she’d end up hiding under the blanket at this rate and then he was -really- going to think she never grew up. -01:54 Oct 24
Deitrick: He kept mankign more, moxign the ingedients until most of the board was full of crackers, then he stopped and sat up looking at her. "Still don’t like thunder?" he asked. He was remonded of the time he had woken up to her trying to sneak under his blanket in the palace during a bad storm when her parents were out on a yatch cruise and she was in Rhineland. "You don’t habe to worry, everything around here is perfectly grounded. -02:03 Oct 24
[Lilei is out without permission and keepers! ] -02:05 Jul 17
[Deitrick is eneabling escaping princesses.] -02:05 Jul 17
Lilei: "I grew out of it, I swear I did. All little girls are afraid of thunder." Lilei stole a bit of the crackers and cheese, nibbling on that as she gave a haughty, completely not scared expression. Of course that was gone in a second when there was another boom and she cringed. At least this time she laughed, hiding her face against his arm. "…and maybe still a little bit nervous! It’s the noise, really. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of that day someone tried to shoot my father at his speech. I guess it’s a bit stupid." -02:11 Jul 17
Deitrick: He looked down. "I don’t think it is." he said turning his head to look at her. The he was picking up a cracker with cheese and a scrap of pickled onion on it and putting the entire thing into his mouth. "But thunder isn’t anything to be scared of… butif you really need my arm then I guess we have enough crackers to last us for a bit." he gave her what he hoped was a comforting smile before speaking again. "So long as you’re enjoying yourself in spite of it… what does it matter?" -02:20 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei watched him for a moment, her mouth turning to a slow grin. "Why, Deitrick, you don’t sound at all like a wicked boy any more. You are almost sweet even. Makes me wonder if you are even the real Deitrick or if you were kidnapped by rebels and had something implanted in your brains." And as if she might really believe it, she was reaching up a hand to brush at his hair and see if there were surgery stitches somewhere at the base of his skull. -02:26 Jul 17
Deitrick: "No, nothing like that, I just grew up." he said. "I own a razor and everything. Want to see my drivers licence?" he smiled and shook his head. Maybe his concieled carry permit would be more impressive but Lilei hadn’t seemed to have grown up at all and was afraid of thunder and probably guns too… "To you can pick through my hair like a chimp all you want but all you’ll find is a scar from when I was in guard training." -02:31 Jul 17
Lilei: "Yes! Show me your driver’s lisence!" Lilei was still impressed he could drive himself. She certainly couldn’t. A car and driver was always provided, which Lilei had always thought was a little silly seeing as both her parents very much enjoyed driving their shiny cars. For the moment, though, she was sifting through his hair looking for that scar out of spite. "Why did you have the guard training? Did you not trust them to take care of you? Were you spying?" -02:37 Jul 17
Deitrick: He pulled his walled out of his pocled, flipped it open and produced the licence. "No, I just… wanted to be able to take care of myself if anything happened, like my dad did." he said. "Above the right ear… looks like a crecent moon since it was hit with a rifle butt." at this rate he was going to end up with his head in her lap! -02:41 Jul 17
Lilei: "Your parents are very romantic. I always love when Her Majesty Yvaine tells me about their story. Oh Deitrick, this picture looks awful… you look so grumpy." So many things went on a lisence. Her curiosity on that front was sated, and too was her interest in his scar. Once she had a good look, Lilei smoothed his hair back in to place. "I went to a finishing school in Russia and it was very interesting! Mind you, it was mostly manners and politics and laws and customs. Do you think your father would let me sneak in to his guard too?" -02:48 Jul 17
Deitrick: "I had a neutral expresion, that is the law." he said snatching it back. "And no, all people in the guard are screened, so it would be impossible just to show up and expect no one to notice, and you’re a woman, and foriegn royalty in military trainign here is not a good idea. You also need special forces training before you can even start… and you probably wouldn’t enjoy it. Lots of mud and gunshots." -02:56 Jul 17
Lilei: "What is wrong with being a woman? There are lots of women in military training!" The rest, at least, Lilei completely understood. There were rules and education for these sorts of things, of course it would be silly for her to just show up. "And I am not afraid of mud! Entirely thanks to you even. You would always shove me in puddles and get it all in my hair. Did you know that people actually pay for mud baths? They could roll around out in the rain for free, it’s so silly." Speaking of rain, there didn’t seem to be any more thunder, if her lack of cringing was to mean anything. Lilei snatched up a cracker to stuff in her mouth, then was on her feet to stand on the edge of the gazeebo and peer out at the rain. "Does it really get so violent in the guard training?" -03:04 Jul 17
Deitrick: "Tradition." he said simply. "It’s tradition that women cannot enter the royal guard." He sighed and she held up his hand to show her a white hand along the bottom of it, the part of the hadn that would strike in the steriotypical karate chop. "That was from a knife during close quarters combat training, I had five stitches but I still managed to win. It went all the way to the bone. Yes it does get violent." he let out a long sigh and then picked up a crcker for himself. "Sorry… I just don’t get a lot of opotunities to show off my scars." -03:14 Jul 17
Lilei: "Maybe you are right and it is not for me. There would be too many knives and guns and blood, and I would cry if I hurt someone by accident." Lilei held on to one of the columns, leeeeaning out of the gazeebo to take a look at the sky. Lots of dark clouds and rain, but no signs of lightning. With the coast clear, she hopped down the steps to play in the rain. She neeeeveeer got to do this anymore! "Just like a boy, though, trying to impress me with all your war wounds! Come and show me some of your training, since I cannot join for myself! Is it like boxing or ninjitsu or sword fighting?" -03:25 Jul 17
Deitrick: "None he said watching her from the edge of the gazedo and shaking his head. "I don’t know if I can show it to you properly without… It’s a very aggressive fighting style. He pulled off his jacket and stepping out into the rain too. "You never change, do you." -03:31 Jul 17
Lilei: "You have said that… hmm…" she counted on her fingers, one, two… "Three times, I think? You’ve changed though. The Deitrick Iiii remember, wasn’t so serious about everything." That was probably the way of things. Growing older and growing up. But here was a perfect opportunity to forget the present and have a little fun. Lilei skipped forward to take his hands and pull him around in a half spin, half dance. "Do you remember when all we ever had to worry about was getting home by sunset before anyone realized we snuck away? I miss that!" -03:40 Jul 17
Deitrick: He sighed. "So do I but like isn’t like that anymore." he said taking hold of her hands and playing along with the dance. "I’m a prince and I have taken over my mother’s charity events… I have responsabilities and obligations and you… you just have to be abck before sunset before people notice you’ve snuck away." he shook his head and looked into her eyes, trying to remember what that felt like… and found he couldn’t. Too much had happened since then. Deitrick had grown up. -03:44 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei laughed, swatting at him before stepping close enough to tug his arm around her waist and arrange their hands for a dance. He was too tall… she tried standing on her toes. "Do you think I have no responsibilities of my own? I do not spend my days playing with toys and drawing pictures. I run events, I manage a charity, I founded a philanthropy group. There are countries and peoples to be concerned about. …but what good is any of it if we can’t enjoy our life too, Deitrick? Like a nice day in the park and dancing in the rain. Sooo…" She urged him with a tug of her hands. -03:51 Jul 17
Deitrick: He surrenedered and let her lead. "Right, of course. You get to not change while I have to be the man everyone expects me to be." he said looking at her with slight grin. "I have grown up things I do for fun anyway. Taking princeses to partks is only somethign I do when you’re in town.. and not running away from me because I might have done a few things a lifetime ago." -03:57 Jul 17
Lilei: "Just a few things? I should make you apologize for every single thing you’ve done to me, but I might as well start counting stars! It would take just as long!" Lilei led the dancing, pausing only momentarily when she would spin under his arm or take a second to jump in a puddle. Then just when she had completely ceased to be wary of potential thunder, there went another loud crack, and Lilei was squeaking loud enough for it to be considered a shriek and throwing her arms around his waist in a hugging cling. Once she looked up, she was looking very sheepish. "…though maybe I could use some growing up too." -04:06 Jul 17
Deitrick: He looked down at her, how could he remain irritated at that face and he hugged her back. "We should get somewhere safe and get dry." he said smiling at her. "The palace… or a hotel." -04:38 Jul 17
Lilei: "No palace and no hotel and no walls!" After a weary look at the sky, she grabbed his hands and pulled him back up the steps in to the gazeebo. "I want to stay out and free for just a little while longer? Unless you are exasperated with me already or have pressing engagements, in which case you can leave me here and I will take a taxi back. I know how to fetch a taxi." -04:43 Jul 17
Deitrick: He sighed. "I meant getting another hotel room, but if you want to stay here then okay." he said putting an arm around her and pulling her down to sit before handing her a cracker. "You havn’t given me a reason to want to go back yet." the cracker was followed up with his jacket draped around her shoulders. -04:49 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei hadn’t realized just how chilly it was until they were sitting still and his jacket was wrapped around her shoulders to block the wind. She scooted closer to him, popping the cracker in her mouth so she could reach up and turn the corners up on his to a smile. "You should relax and enjoy a free day, Deitrick. It sounds like you really need it. Do you do nothing but work and worry these days? Maybe you need a girlfriend!" -04:55 Jul 17
Deitrick: He laughed, she had to say the G word. "No, no I really don’t." he said shaking his head slowly. "I’ve got enough things to do to try and pile a relationsip on top of that." thinking about getting involved always made him think back to the stories his parents said… he did not want to go though that, or put someone else though that. -05:13 Jul 17
Lilei: "Still scared of girls, I see." she giggled, scooting close enough to rest her head against his shoulder. He was pretty wet, but at least he was warm! "I’m ready to meet people and maybe date. My father completely disagrees, but well, Papa seems to think every man on the planet is secretly evil. But I would definitely like to fall in love and have a romance. Something sweet and amazing to look forward to while working. Don’t you want that?" -05:17 Jul 17
Deitrick: "I believe whirlwind romances are dangerous and put a lot of pressure on a relationship." he said without looking at her. "And no I’m not scared I just have too much to do right now. Maybe in a few years when mu life is in the right stage for it to happen." -05:21 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei sat up straight and stared at him. Wide-eyed, completely horrified staring. "You can’t be serious? What is a relationship even supposed to be without the romance? Are you going to plan the entire thing out, like a betrothal? Schedule time for hand holding and kissing? That sounds so boring…" -05:25 Jul 17
Deitrick: He shook is head. "No, you just don’t put too many expectations or pretture on the relationship too early so that if things don’t work out no one gets hurt." he offered her a lobsided smile. "Who wants to put people they care about in danger of being hurt?" he knew she never expected to hear this from nayone, let anone him, but he had done a lot of thinking. "I wouldn’t." -05:30 Jul 17
Lilei: "That is the risk, though isn’t it? The possibility that the relationship may not be the one? You can’t hide from them just because it may not work out…" How cute! He really was scared of girls! Just of hurting them and being hurt by them! Lilei was grinning again. "You really do worry too much, Deitrick. Take a risk or something!" -05:38 Jul 17
Deitrick: "I’m not hiding, I have a full life and… fine, laugh at me. You always used to enjoy it." He sighed and looked out across the sodden park. "I took a risk meeting with you didn’t I? You’re not meant to be out and about." -05:47 Jul 17
Lilei: "Oh, don’t pout…! I am not trying to make fun of you. I actually think it’s very sweet." Lilei tilted closer and planted a soft kiss to his cheek. "One day you’ll meet someone so amazing that every and any risk will be worth it just to spend time with them. And they’ll love you because you care and worry so much, and they’ll take care of you so you don’t have to worry. …Then I will laugh at you and say I told you so!" -05:57 Jul 17
Deitrick: He rolled his eyes. "It’s sweet that you believe in fairytales." he said. "But -06:28 Jul 17
Deitrick: He rolled his eyes. "It’s sweet that you believe in fairytales." he said. "But I’ve grown out of them." putting an arm around her he sighed. :Don’t ever grow up Lilei. It’s not nearly as fun as they make it sound." He would add that blessed was the idiot but she wasn’t an idiot, she was just different and made him wonder when he had changed to much. -06:32 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him, keeping her chin resting on his shoulder. "You make it sound like you’re a thousand years old and nothing is good in the world anymore. Are things really so stressful for you…? I could help. I’ve plenty of experience with the charity work, I could take over some things for you and you could have more time." -06:36 Jul 17
Deitrick: "Your parents would never let you." he said matter of factly. "And neither would I, you make me feel like I’m a thousand years old and that you’re five." he squeezed her side to let her know he was okay. "You don’t need to fx anything or try to help me in any way, if you’ve listened to anything I have to say then you’d knwo I ave a plan. Desides arn’t soulmates meant to find you if you’re looking or not?" and now he was just teasing her. -06:43 Jul 17
Lilei: "I do not behave like I’m five!" she was a bit offended! …maybe she did wade around in the river and dance about in the rain, but… who wouldn’t want to do that? Now she was pouting, complete with the sulky look she hadn’t realize she was giving. "I am an adult and perfectly capable of acting like one. My parents don’t control ever thing I do, and… well.. yes you find your soulmate when you find them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little proactive about it?" -06:50 Jul 17
Deitrick: "I just meant that you have so much life and… I’ll just keep quiet before I and up getting slapped." he leached down to stack several crackers on to of eachother then all of them adn their toppings went into his mouth. "We have to eat these, come on. Can’t waste all my hard work laying them out." -06:53 Jul 17
Lilei: "So much life..?" Well that took the wind out of her hissy fit rather quickly. Lilei couldn’t think of a moment anyone had said something so… sweet! And now he was stuffing things in his mouth to save face. It was just like her Deitrick to say something kind and then pretend like he hadn’t. Lilei grinned softly, shifting to make herself a little cracker sandwhich. "Thank you for all of this. I know I am silly, but I don’t get to do things like this anymore. It’s fun and I very much enjoy it." -07:02 Jul 17
Deitrick: "Good." he said repeating the process with the crackers and then chewing and leaving the last few for her. "I miss having time to just not think about anything. Remember all the things I told yo I was going to do with my life? I think I’ve done about three." -07:07 Jul 17
Lilei: "It isn’t as if you are too old to do them now, there is lots of time!" She nibbled, thoughtfully chewing until there wasn’t a snack left beyond a few olives that were also finding their way in to her mouth. "Have you climbed mountains yet? Jumped out of a plane? Those are some of the easy ones… Oh! Punch a supervillain?" Lilei was giggling again, reaching for the blanket to pull up over them both, and scooting very nearly in to his lap when she hugged him again. "You know what I would like to do? Take an ocean trip like my parents did." -07:14 Jul 17
Deitrick: "I don’t rememebr them describing that as very fun." he said looking at her. "And yes, I parachuted, with an assault rifle stragged to my front with about 20 other guys tons of times. You forget I passed all the training meeded to be in the most elite team outsie of the Swiss Guard." he sighed and stopped talking for a moment to just lean against her. "Do you still believe in magic?" -07:20 Jul 17
Lilei: Lilei grinned up up at him. "Yes. Maybe not in faeries and unicorns and things like that… but other kinds of magic." She yawned, resting her head against him and closing her eyes for a bit. "Science can’t explain everything, after all. There’s a million mysteries and magic moments." -07:27 Jul 17
Deitrick: "he squeezed her agains and didn’t answer. What could he answer. He didn’t believe in magic anymore and hadn’t for a long time. "Call be tomorow if you’re serious about a position as my assistant, I’ll see what I can arange." -07:35 Jul 17

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