Princess 101 002: Royal Manners

[Autumn has to schedule a tutoring appointment with a mobster prince. This time she is much more prepared!] -09:47 Sep 25
[Adrian is conducting bussines, no ban on phones is going to stop him having one, especially one with settelite internet.] -09:54 Sep 25
Autumn: Autumn was so prepared, she might have accidentally have built a fort of books in the grand, overly elaborate library. After all, she had to read them herself first before she could draw up plans on the dry erase board. Now she needed to get over this weird dumb-girl feeling of calling up her student. Autumn scrolled through her contacts and dialed up his number. "Adrian Rubrum… your time has come!" -09:58 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "There was no answer to her words, just the signal going dead and the movement of a chair from the other side of a shelf before Adrian rounded the edge of it to claim the chair oposite her. "It has, has it?" he asked meshing his fingers and resting his chin on them with his elbows on the table. "Time for what?" -10:04 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: The sound she made could have been compared to a mouse shrieking. It wasn’t loud, but it was definitely high pitched enough to draw a stare or two, which forced her to plop herself in to a chair, conveniantly hidden behind her stack of books. "What are you doing lurking around the library like some sort of…lurker!" Of course, after she said it, it occured to her that he could also be studying or reading. Autumn quickly fixed her expression. Something hoity toity and in command! "Another tutoring sessions, obviously? I even made a lesson plan." -10:08 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "Students are allowed to use the library for thier own puposes so long as they do it quietly, and it isn’t against the rules of the institution." he said, as usual not giving anything away. "Lesson plan? That’s mildly impressive, I’ll decide how impressive when I find out what’s on it." -10:12 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn stared at him. For someone who wasn’t born a prince, he sure knew how to talk like one. She scoffed under her breath, looking away finally to pull over a notebook and a very handy little laser light. With a click she was pointing at the dry erase board she had all set up with scribbles about basic meet and greet manners for the top families in Europe. At least when she had time to prepare she knew what she was doing. "That. Maybe you should write it down, or practice." …now that she thought about it, collecting all the information was a piece of cake. She had absolutely NO idea how to TEACH IT. -10:16 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "Hmm… " he looked at the board, and then at her. "Coppied right out of Bolduge’s book, not a bad book if you’re looking for a non-nuanced guide. But you know what would be better? You have had this training and practical demonstrations… why don’t you show me how to greet the royalty of Europe?" a thin smile spread slowly across his lips. "It would be more fun and more informative." -10:29 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: "Show you…?" Hrrm. The laser light clicked off and she tapped it on the table. How was she supposed to translate all those instructions in to… actual motions! Everything was hand kissing and curtsies, right? "I… think it would be much more useful for you to do the showing, after all, it’s you who needs all of the practice. I’ll even stand." She was already slipping out of her seat and smoothing her hands over Ysabelle’s skirt. -10:33 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "Without a masterful demonstration to mimic? You really have that much confidence in me?" he asked moving from his chair and walking aorund to her. "France." he bowed with a florish of hands. "Germany, your homeland included." he bowed again, more stiffly… "England." a simple elegant bow with fluid movements… "Shall I continueto russia or do you have critique?" -11:02 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: So tall. Sooooo tall. How had she forgotten? And why did it distract her so much? It’s not like he was the tallest person she had ever met. Oh wait, critique? "Um… Well. I suppose that is all well and good for a newbie. Nothing a little practice couldn’t fix. You know I’m not sure why Miss Summers even thought it necessary for you to have all this tutoring." She did reach out to straighten and smooth out his jacket though. That was a dumb impulse that had her immediately turning to the books on the table. "Um…! Maybe verbal greetings now!" -11:07 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: He reached past her and picked up the relevant book, then holding it in his hands watched her. "I suppose you want me do demonstrate first?" he asked. "Princess Ysabelle, I don’t think you know any of this, your famous perchant for running away from classes catching up to you?" he asked flipping open the book and looking at ehr over it. "Maybe THAT’S why Miss Summers thought we should talk abou this." -11:14 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: She almost lost it. Autumn had to pause, take a deep breath and swallow. "Y-you got me…! That’s me, Ysabelle. All of that class skipping and trouble." Wait, hadn’t Ysabelle said she was great with her classes? Dangit, Autumn had been so busy cramming ettiquette rules, she was forgetting all the things Ysabelle told her to remember! "Don’t be ridiculous, I’m just testing you. Give me a German greeting!" -11:19 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "Ich werde mich nicht um sie zu begrüßen." he said and then smiled sweetly, too sweetly, like a predator putting his prey at ease right before striking. "How many points do I get for that one?" -11:23 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn thought she had that one down. At least, she had remembered a few basic german words at Ysabelle’s instruction. …she didn’t recognize any of those. "T-that’s fine. Your pronounciation is a little weird, but you know… you are American, so you can’t help it!" This was his fault. He was ridiculously tall and when he smiled, it was like looking at a trap! Autumn turned away to snatch up a book. -11:28 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "Is it?" he said in a faux thoughtful voice and then placed the book of greetings back down. She didn’t know that what he had said was that we wasn’t going to greet you. "How many languages do you speak?" -11:33 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: She knew the answer to this! Autumn tapped the pages of the book with a finger as she counted them off in her head and tried to remember the -exact- ones. "German, because I am from Rhineland. English… French. Italian.. um.. Russian… A few others." Yep, forgot what they were already. Why didn’t she think to bring her notes with her? At least she made sure not to look at him. As long as he didn’t look at her, she could pull off the story. -11:40 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "I’m so sorry for this but I’m just an uncultured American with too much money and ambition and not enough pacience and intelect." He reached out and took hold of her and then pulled her away from the table. "But you can give me a reading list later if you want me to learn from books, for now we’re going to get something to eat." -11:43 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: "I-! I didn’t say you were uncultered and not smart..!" Oh no, did she hurt his feelings again? Autumn didn’t realize she was being led away, she was too busy trying to fix her screw up. "I really, really don’t mean to be insulting at all. You’re very smart, and I know you are, and I am just the worst person to be tutoring anybody. And if you want to- I… what? Get something to eat?" Now that the statement registered she was casting him a bewildered stare. "… haven’t exactly prepared any lessons about meals…" -11:47 Sep 25 Autumn
Adrian: "No, no letting, just food and conversation." he said, also there’s thing we have in america called sarcasm, read up on it." he lead her right out of the library and down the main staircase. "Instead of lessons today Ysabelle, I’m going to get to know you." -11:57 Sep 25 Adrian
Autumn: The comment about sarcasm earned a huffy glare from her, but the thought of spending TIME with him in a setting that wasn’t her floundering around was just…. It was both a relief and now a whole new kind of terror! "I’m not sure if that is such a good idea. I mean… I’m not exactly interesting conversation." -12:02 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "you must have a million exploits you can retell, a hundred stories about russia, france, the mediteranean sea, the black sea… far east? What about your brother?" he walked into the dining hall and sat down on one of the seats. "You can’t have nothing to talk about." -12:46 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: "I don’t have a-" she cut off quick, slipping in to a seat before her knees gave out. Did Ysabelle really travel to all those places? Autumn didn’t even know the brother’s name. She fidgeted with her hands. "It’s the same old boring things I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. ….. You should tell me about you!" Like, if he really is a mobster. Or why he was so tall and why his suit always looked so perfect. -12:50 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow. "You assume I’ve heard about you and yet I would assume the same about you hearing about me if you clearly hadn’t." he placed his hands on the table and smiled. "Adrian Rubrum, Son of Damion and Leslie Rubrum, the riches couple in America, my dad dropped out of bussines school to start his own business and was a millionare six months after that… Sure you’ve never heard of them, how about RRGC? The company… ever heard of that?" -12:57 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: A millionaire after six months? That definitely sounded like mobsters. No one was ever that lucky. Autumn looked a little bit dubious. "I admit maybe I don’t know everything there is to know about everyone all over the world. There’s a lot of names and stuff to remember. Why are you even at a finishing school like this?" -01:02 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: He put his hands together and meshed his fingers. "My father has North and South America, China, Russia, South Asia, Africa, The Middle East all under his financial empire but so far inroads into europe have been difficult." he said. "I want that to change, and just like it’s been for centuries if you want into europe you need to know how to rub shoulders with royalty. Donating to your parents’ charities only get so far, I need to know how to meet and greet and more importantly how you think. The hearts of the people of Europe will be a simpler matter." -01:07 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn caught herself staring again. It was just, every word he said, he pretty much confirmed the whole mobster theory. They were trying to take over the entire world! "And you’re going to… financially take over the world?" The thought vocalized before she could stop herself. "Does it really make a difference if you get friendly with royalty?" -01:14 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: He raised an eyebrow and then ran a hand theough his hair. "Not the world, I’ve never wanted control of anything, just the global trade markets. We will never create a true monopoly, but compitition is good for the consumer. If we get friendly with the royals, those with political sway anyway we can make things easier for ourselves. Ysabelle… You don’t like big bussines, do you? It’s all over your face." -01:17 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: He messed his hair all up. She liked it better like that. The mention of business, though, had her flushing red and wondering if he could read minds too and not just her face. "Business isn’t something I’m… all that good at I guess. Princesses are all about the ponies and the dresses?" -01:24 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "Are they?" he asked. "I thought they were about political menueverings, saving face and being the fugureheads of thier respective countries." he eyed her carfully. "Do you want a pony?" -01:28 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: "I was…. using your American sarcasm!" She knew this was a bad idea. He was too smart, and she was the worst liar in the history of liars. "No, I don’t want a pony. I probably have more ponies than I can count." Ysabelle was sure to anyway, what princess didn’t have a bunch of horses? Autumn snatched up a straw to fiddle with. He needed to be distracted! "Um… tell me about the kind of business you want to start in Europe?" -01:32 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "it would be quicker to list the ones I don’t." he said. "But what business get’s started isn’t the main concern, it’s that it is started. I cant say too much anyway, corporate secrets." he flashed her a grin. "You can’t stealth interview me. My aunt Jade was an investigative reporter." -01:39 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: "I thought we were supposed to be getting to know each other." She was a little bit annoyed, but he grinned and all her thoughts melted to a puddle of goo. Dammit. Out of all of the princes and handsome men she had met at this institute, she had to go and get all weird about the one she had to spend too much time with! "Then I’ll guess. You are… going to market fancy phones to rich people who have too much money and not enough fancy gadgets?" -01:45 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "I’d take insult to that if it wasn’t probably true, Among the other things that might be happening. " he gave her a look. "And you want to get to know me, not my work, so, there." he winked. "So what do you want to know about ME? Adrian." -01:50 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: Double dammit. That was the technicality wasn’t it. But what did she know about Ysabelle to even share? Asking him about himself was… a terrible temptation. Autumn leaned forward on her elbows, giving him what she figured was the best interviewer style frown. "Okay. Adrian. What do you do when you aren’t working, or doing research on royals that somehow relates to work? Do you like animals?" -01:58 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: He looked at her. "Yes." it was a simple answer, but what kind of question was that. "You assume because I’m at the top of the corporate ladder that I’m an animal dispizing captain planet villian whi has a fur wallet sees people as just assets?" he face her an innocent smile. "I like animals, I don’t have any pets but I like them." -02:02 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: That wasn’t what she was imagining, but she was now. "Can I see your wallet?" She wasn’t exactly serious, but why not a look? For curiosity’s sake. "It was just a random question, anyway! Maybe I’m not great at casual conversation and that’s why I get in to tons of trouble?" -02:09 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "I don’t have it on me." he said, truthfully. "No need up here since everything is built into tuition." he meshed his fingers again and put them in his lap. "And with your parents you hsould be good with small talk, I think you’re just intimidated by me." -02:14 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: "Intimidated! I am not!" ….okay maybe she was! But only when he was standing. Then she was blinded by his tallness and couldn’t think straight. Sitting was perfectly fine, and now she felt the need to prove that she could have a simple conversation. "I can prove it. Ask me anything you want to." -02:18 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "Who are you, really?" he asked, just to see the look on her face, then he drummed his fingers on the table to watch the chaos unfold. "Who is Ysabelle? WHo are you when you’re not here? WHo don’t you sing?" -02:20 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn nearly choked! Thank goodness that was swallowed quickly. See, see he didn’t know, she was just being paranoid. "When I’m not here, I’m traveling and having crazy adventures. And I do sing, I just don’t sing where anyone can hear or see me. I can’t." -02:22 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "You can, you just choose not to." he gave her a thin smile. "You could get up and stand on the table and sing right now if you had the inclination. There is nothign physically stopping you and no threat of retaliation… What is stopping you?" he shook his head slowly. "Aren’s princesses meant to sing?" -02:31 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: She rolled her eyes. Somehow she knew that would be what he’d say. People always said stuff like that. "No, I can’t. I mean, I could try to, but it never works… I freeze and I choke and I totally blank out. I just sort of stand there like an idiot while everyone stares at me. It’s awful." -02:35 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "then you just need the right audience." he said grinning again. "Someone you feel at ease with, or just do it on your own, it doesnt matter passtimes are meant to be fun after all." he shrugged. "Not everyone can handle the eyes of the world on them." -02:47 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: Looking a bit dubious, she rest her chin in her hands. Under the table, she was clicking her heels together. "You’d think so, that it is all just the crowds, right? But I was in band, and have been in concerts. I can play piano or guitar. I even got to have a violin solo! But I dunno, I just can’t sing. I’ve had to give my songs to other people and-" She was forgetting where she was again. "Well. You’re right anyway, not everyone is cut out for stuff." -02:53 Sep 26 Autumn
Adrian: "You have a passion for it." he obsurved. "We’ll see what we can do…" He lifted his arm and looked at his watch. "How much time do we have left?" he placed his hand back into his lap and looked at her. "You still have a lesson to finish?" -03:04 Sep 26 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn shook her head, a little perplexed by what he meant on ‘we’ll see what we can do’. She also wasn’t going to ask. "No more lessons, I need to make a better plan. I can call you for the next time." -03:08 Sep 26 Autumn

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