Soul Signature 002: Serving for a Signature

Fawn: Apparently no one actually expected her to show up for a second day. Of course, none of them knew she was a high class demon. ….okay, she was a runt of a demon. But she was still a DEMON and no asshole mortal human was going to beat her. Sure, her first day hadn’t gone as planned… but today, she wasn’t putting up with any crap! She was sitting at her desk and just got the new contract all fixed up. Now it looked like a legitimate letterhead from a known company. He’d sign it today and she’d be famous! -07:46 Sep 04
Mark: He was staring at his watch again with his feet on the desk and a gun next to his designer shoes. Once again she waited before coming into his office, she returned, but without learning her lesson. Today she would. The though of what he had planned for her made him smile. It would be so reat if she stayed. Be had had fun with her yesterday. -07:50 Sep 04
Fawn: Fawn stapled the paperwork and tucked it neatly in to a folder along with the other things he needed to sign today. Her smile was quite smug. Even when other employees were casting worried glances her way. Ha! Silly mortals. Out of her chair she went, and without knocking she entered his office. Fawn was wearing a red suit today, a few shades darker than her hair, and some black heels. Red was a power color, and she was the one with all the powers! "Good morning, Boss. I have the first stack of paperwork for you." she tossed it on his desk, resting her hands on her hips expectantly. -07:53 Sep 04
Mark: He picked up the folder and opened it glanced over them. "Take off your jacket." he said without looking at her as he picjed up a pen and sperated the papers in order of importance. "Do you like working here Fawn?" he asked signing the accounting and the list of people to fire, then looking at an odd contract from a mining firm… before scribling to call them and ask what it was about later on it and placing it side. -07:58 Sep 04
Fawn: Fawn did not take off her jacket. She remained standing there and… frowned ever so slightly when he passed up her contract again. "As a matter of fact, I find this job challenging, to say the least…" she muttered with perfect honesty. She finally lift a hand to gesture at the contract he set aside, and moved it -back- in front of his face. "This needs to be signed today also. I’ve already confirmed everything in this folder." -08:01 Sep 04
Mark: He looked up at her. "This is gibberish. the same gibberish you gave me yesterday. I want legal to look at it." he pushed it back aside. "Do you want to keep working here?" he was leaning back and eying her. "Most don’t come back after thier first day." -08:04 Sep 04
Fawn: Fawn slammed her hand down on the contract and pushed it back in front of his face. She wasn’t taking no for an answer today! "Legal DID look at it and it’s fine." she was growling. Fawn toned it back a bit. "I have a lot more amibition than most, sir. So can you finish signing so I can get back to work?" -08:06 Sep 04
Mark: "I do not like that tone." he said. "And I do not like that you’re backtalking." he leaned forwards and picked up the gun sliding out the cartridge and checking the load. "And I do not like that you’re still wearing your jacket when I told you to take it off. I will call them myself and get them to clarify, maybe get a revised version faxd over but until then your work is what I say it is now take off your jacket." -08:09 Sep 04
Fawn: A gun. She really should have noticed that on the desk. Fawn narrowed her eyes, though. And absolutely did not take off her jacket. Giving in to his intimidation thing was what got her in trouble yesterday! He wouldn’t shoot her. ……right? "I am your secretary and it’s my job to check and double check any paperwork brought in here for you to sign, so you don’t have to." -08:13 Sep 04
Mark: "And I don’t sign anything I don’t agree with." he said moking his chair back from the desk. "Come over here." he said. "I have a job for you." he looked at her and fligged the safety off. "And one more word about that contract and you’re fired." -08:15 Sep 04
Fawn: Gods be damned. If she was fired she couldn’t get him to sign the stupid thing. Without hiding her iritation, she moved around the desk to stop next to him. Her hands resting on her hips again and tapping impatiently. "Fine. What do you need me to do today?" -08:17 Sep 04
Mark: "Firstly to take off you jacket." she was being stubborn. "I have no use for a secretary who will not follow instructions." he barked. "And then I want you on your knees." if she wanted this job she would have to earn it, and he would make her do so. Though mostly he wanted to see how far he could push her. She would run, then always did. -08:22 Sep 04
Fawn: "Yeah, you know what, how about NO? I’m not taking off my jacket and I’m not getting on my knees. You got your damned freebie yesterday Boss. So unless I need to be on my knees to pickup a lost pen or dropped papers, you better give me less suspicious intructions." HA! Fawn just barely managed to contain her smug expression. Red was definitely the right color for today. He might no be signing her contract yet, but she totally had this under control! -08:25 Sep 04
Mark: Click. He chambered a round. "If this were a revolver I would take out all but one round, spin, press it to your stomach and test your luck. Then I would add another round and try again. But its not. Its a semi automatic Colt M1911 9mm. Military Issue. Its reliable. No matter how manu rounds I take out so long as there is still one you will lose. I like things that are reliable Fawn. Are you realiable?" -08:30 Sep 04
Fawn: Her confidence wavered just a bit. Was he… actually serious about that damned thing? Not that she wouldn’t survive a gunshot or three, but she didn’t have as quick of a dealing factor as she should. And well…. bullets really freaking hurt! "Of- …Of course I am reliable." she almost stuttered through that one. Fawn took a breath and started again. More control this time! "But I am a -secretary- not your harem whore. And you’re not going to shoot that thing off in a building full of witnesses." …he wouldn’t. -08:34 Sep 04
Mark: He opened a drawer and pulled out a metal cilinder, screwing it onto the barrel of the pistol. "A harem means more then one. I liked you yesterday so I don’t see the need for more. Unless you’re not reliable. In which case you are no use to me." he pushed the end of the silencer into her stomach. "I want you to such my dick and suck it good. You do that for me and I’ll take another look at that contract you keep slipping in. What is it anyway? Controling interest to the company? A legal waiver? Marriage certificate so you can kill me and get my money? Suck my dick, or I’ll fire you, then I’ll fire Sarah here." he indicated the gun. -08:38 Sep 04
Fawn: Oh great. He named his weapon. The ones that killed always named their– Wait what? He’d give that contract a chance! Fawn ignored the fact that having a gun pointed at her was nerve-wracking, especially when she wasn’t keen on having her guts all over the floor. She was still hesitant even as she lowered herself to her knees. "I don’t want your company. And I sure as hell don’t want to be married." She nearly spit that out like it was a curse word. -08:43 Sep 04
Mark: He moved the gun allogin her to move but when she was on her knees he pointed it at her head. "I know how it works. You get the certificate signed, you move on with your life like nothings happened, then I doe, with or without your help and then you move in and take everything." he looked at her sliding his zip down and pulling himelf out. "So long as you don’t kill me I really couldn’t give a shit. Now, do your job." -08:46 Sep 04
Fawn: Clearly he was a paranoid crazy bastard! With a gun pointed at her! It was the only damned reason she was even kneeling there staring face to face with his dick. So much for the plan. Fawn didn’t want to get shot! But this was so demeaning…! Maybe she’d bite it off and make him sign while he was bleeding and screaming. That gave her the boost she needed to lean forward, however reluctantly, and take him in to her mouth. -08:51 Sep 04
Mark: He let out a breath and grinned eeling himself swell in her mouth and he grinned. "Thats right you know what to do. I doubt this is your first time so suck me off and make it good. But if I feel any teeth and I’ll need a new secretary." he glanced at ‘Sarah’. "Use your hand too." -08:54 Sep 04
Fawn: Fawn cast a side glance at his gun hand, and there was a small growl from her. She nearly bit him right there! Fawn would do it, but she sure as hell wasn’t gonna pretend to be happy about it. Her hand came up to grip him, using her thumb to caress the skin. Her mouth was small, but she knew how to use it! -08:59 Sep 04
Mark: His hips moved closer to her and he adjusted the grip on the gun his other hand going to the back of her head. "I knew you would be good at this, but come in you can do better, show me what you can do and I might even give you a raise, or reward you bu letting you keep your clothes on today." -09:02 Sep 04
Fawn: He was bartering with her sense of pride! Of course she could do better! THAT wasn’t the issue. ….Fawn was growling again, but stepped up her game. She’d suck him off like he was the god damned King of Devils about to give her the shiniest soul in hell! Fawn bent forward taking all of him in her mouth, dragging her tongue up the bottom of his length against the vein before circling around the tip. Stupid asshole! -09:07 Sep 04
Mark: Wow she was good… He was leaning back and licking his lips watching her. Unwilling but persuadable. An awesome fuck and good with head and she came back. ANd looking at the contract on his dest he knew just how to string her along. Jackpot. "Thats right. You’ve done this a lot havn’t you… Right there.. thats the spot…" he was gripping her hair making sure it hurt. "You are worth keeping on." -09:14 Sep 04
Fawn: If she didn’t hate him so gods damned much, it might have been a super sexy turn on. She was a demon after all. Fawn stroked, and licked and sucked hard. Sonofabitch liked it hard. And despite the fact he told her not to, she grazed him with her fangs. Sharp enough to make the finest of scratches. A little blood to satisfy her, and a little pain to linger for him. -09:21 Sep 04
Mark: "I said no teeth…" he had said ot but the pain with everything else felt good "Do it again." it made him tence and his hips rise as his stomach musclenes tensed. He felt it building and his grip on her hair tightened. "Going to have to make you do this again sometimes." -09:26 Sep 04
Fawn: Like hell she will. Fawn was going to make sure of it! But she did it again. Taking him deep in her mouth, grazing him with sharp fangs and using her tongue to lap the small bead of blood and sooth the pain away. Her tongue lapped at the most sensitive part of his tip, coaxing him to come. Fawn glaring up at him to make sure he was close. -09:32 Sep 04
Mark: He was grinning has her and he knew he was about to, and when he did he pulled her head back by her hair with a sharp pull to that it shot up and splashed her face, then he let her go and pushed his chair away from her. "Good, now give me that contract and I’ll read it over." -09:35 Sep 04
Fawn: There was no hiding the way she froze, hands in the air near her head and that shocked, irritated… disgusted look on her face…! So she was a demon that didn’t like getting messy! Fawn was up in two seconds headed straight for a box of tissues first to wipe her face clean. and if there was any in her hair….! She stomped back to the desk to thrust the contract at him again. She didn’t say word, only glared! -09:38 Sep 04
Mark: He looked at it and placed the gun in the drawer pushing it closed. "It still makes no sence to me." he said. "But I do understand that it gives you something when I die so I was right. So Fawn, what do you want when I die that is worth what you just did?" -09:40 Sep 04
Fawn: "Your soul." she muttered darkly. He was just a mortal human, and clearly even in the mortal world no one ever took her seriously. So Fawn doubted he would believe her. "It’s just a contract to secure my job." -09:42 Sep 04
Mark: "There is no such thing." he said crumpling up the paper. "And you work here as long as I say you do. If you want job security then get naked and get on my desk." he was grinning again. "I like you, I like the was you react to what I give you. If you do get naked for me when I tell you to, adn do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. I’ll let you have your joke adn sign your meaningless paper. But not before." -09:45 Sep 04
Fawn: There went her contract, and she almost reached for it in heart broken abandon…! …however… He was making a deal. The trick was whether or not it would be WORTH it. Fawn narrowed her eyes at him. "Do I have your word that you will sign it, if I do everything you ask of me?" -09:47 Sep 04
Mark: He shrugged. All in all it wa a worthless peice of paper, but this girl was willing to do all sorts of things for it. She was probably not all there in the head, but she didn’t have to be. "In my own time, yes. I will sign your paper, when I am satisfied you have earned it." -09:51 Sep 04
Fawn: "Agreement accepted." Ha! It would be no different than a favor for a favor. She… does hidiously grotesque sick and slightly amusing things for him, she gets his soul for eternity! Frankly, she was getting the better end of the deal. Fawn smile brightly. "I am in your servitude, Boss." -09:53 Sep 04
Mark: "Well Fawn… I think you’ve earned yourself today with your clothes on. Reprint your contrct adn I will store it in my desk, then go to your desk and sit by the phone. I will see you tomorow. And I’ll be thinking of what to do with your then." -09:55 Sep 04

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