Zerospace 002: The Angel

Phaedra: And thus…. Phaedra’s grand adventure day two. This time with a little less optimistic, but still determined to find herself a good job regardless of one tiny setback. Yesterday had been… unpleasant. But she wasn’t injured. She’d just be a little more wary about humans offering her directions. Now Phaedra was in the park with her map, after a morning of hunting places down. She remembered seeing a vendor around here somewhere that had sandwiches. -12:34 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was small, and unlike yesterday had bessy blonde hair and a sandwich helb in both hands that he was nibbling the crust of when he bumped into someone and dropped it jumping back in surprise. Ragaining his balance he looked at the girl and froze. It was her and he was… "Uhhh…" he looked away and then down at the ruined food. "Sorry." -12:40 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’M sorry! I should really watch where I’m going." Her tail was swishing behind her again. This time she was wearing pants and a jacket. They weren’t as comfortable as skirts, but she felt a lot less exposed this way. …and now the guy was without his lunch! "I’m really sorry. Actually, I was just about to get lunch myself, I could get you a new sandwich?" She straightened and held her hand out. "I’m Phaedra." -12:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Uhhh…" he looked at her hand and slowly reached out to take it and give it a quick shake. "Tremdorias. You’re a demon, aren’t you?" more than a demon, he knew this… why did he know this. Who was she? Why did he know her? "And it’s my fault. I should have seen you." -12:51 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Mostly demon, and human and… there’s a bit of debate about the rest but all that’s good for is feathers! See?" She grinned at him, grabbing a hold of her tail before it got away to show him the little ploof of feather on the end. It was like holding an annoyed snake, silly tail. "Which direction was the vendor, that way?" she pointed back behind him, before she was heading in that direction. Phaedra was a little wary about walking too close to him, and still hadn’t let go of her own tail. -12:55 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Angel." he said quickly. "It’s angel, just a little." he was turning and walking back towards the vendor. "This way on your left I…" he stopped. "You seem nice. Too noce for a demon." -12:59 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra also stopped, laughing just a bit as she shrugged her shoulders. "My mother says that too! I can’t really tell if she is proud about it or frustrated. I guess I’m a little weird." She pointed over her shoulder, looking a little apologetic. "I don’t want to rush you, but I’m starving. Sandwhich first then we could chat? I don’t mind company." -01:04 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He nodded and started walking too. "Bad things happen to good people." he said. "I…" he stopped. "Thank you." He swallowed. "Your mother is a demon? Am I asking too many questions?" he caught sight of the vendor and pointed. "Maybe we should sit down to eat so no more dropping." -01:10 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I don’t mind questions. You’re the first person I’ve talked to that wasn’t interviewing me or- Um, anyway, I think my mother is like me. A least that’s what my Papa says. My Papa, though is nothing but demon and really proud of it." Food, thank goodness! All that running around in the morning, she forgot all about eating. At the vendor she asked for two sandwiches and a couple of drinks. Then she was digging around in her pockets to pull out some cash. "I don’t think you are human either, you feel a little different. You are.. hmm… unicorn?" She was having a hard time placing him, that was strange. -01:18 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He went wide eyed."No.. no unicorn, I’ve never even seen a unicorn I’m…" he pulled her away from the vendor once she had paid to an empty table. "I’m an angel… we don’t like people knowing though since we can’t defend ourselves all the time like demons can. I think you won’t tell though." he sat down the thought crasping his hands and placing them on the table. "I don’t remember much but at least I know what I am." -01:22 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I’ve never met an angel before, that’s kind of neat!" Phaedra sat across from him, handing him his sandwhich and drink before digging in to hers. "Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I have a secret myself. ….well, not really a secret more like a willfull running away from home." She cast an amused expression and shrugged her shoulders. -01:27 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "Living with demons that bad?" he asked lookign at her and nibbling on the crust of his sandwich. "They are your parents and love you right? Parents love their children, even demons… right?" -01:31 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Oh, I love my parents! They’re amazing!" she took a sip of her drink, laughing at the thought of them being anything other than amazing. "My mother is just a little over protective is all. It wasn’t so bad while I was still in school, but I wanted to try and live by myself and get and job. And she seems to think everything in the universe is going to try to eat me." Phaedra rolled her eyes, and then her grin wavered just a bit. Yesterday wasn’t good… but Phaedra wasn’t naive enough to think everyday would be perfect. -01:35 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "I don’t remember having any." he said before taking a bite of his sandwich. "When I try to remember bad things happen so I don’t want to try anymore. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Angels arn’t meant to hurt people. They’re meant to help people. You didn’t have to get me the drink, I didn’t have on to start with." -01:39 Oct 13
Phaedra: "I don’t mind. It’s nice having someone friendly to talk to." Behind her, her tail was in the hair, the feathered tip flipping back and forth behind her head. Apparently that meant she was pleased with lunch. She was grinning again, anyway! "I’ve met lots of helpful demons, so I think everyone should help people. Are you having a lot of problems remembering things?" -01:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He put his half eaten sandwich down and nodded. "I think I may have done a bad thing. And so they left me behind. I’m probably not even an angel anymore so I have no idea what that makes me. I will try and be myself and not worry about that though. I guess I need a job too." -01:48 Oct 13
Phaedra: "My mother always says we are what we are and to embrace it. Oh, I have something that might help!" Phaedra had devoured that sandwich in minutes, so she was crumpling up the paper and now digging in her pockets looking for her notepad. She flipped through the pages until she tored a few out and slid them across the table to him. "I’ve tried these places already and they turned me down. You might have better luck?" -01:51 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He [uffed the page into his pocket. "Thank you.. your mother sounds nice, so your dad must be too for her to love him. Everything is so different now. Demons are nice, the others are gone. I…" he poked at the half eaten sandwich "I’ll work it out somehow." -01:57 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He [uffed the page into his pocket. "Thank you.. your mother sounds nice, so your dad must be too for her to love him. Everything is so different now. Demons are nice, the others are gone. I…" he poked at the half eaten sandwich "I’ll work it out somehow." -01:57 Oct 13
Phaedra: He seemed a little lost. Phaedra reached across the table, placing her hands over his and offered him a big smile. "You will! If it helps, you at least know one person here in town now? If you want to talk or hang out and stuff, I wouldn’t mind having a friend in town too…" -02:00 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "I could use a friend." he admitted smiling. "I don’t have a phone though and don’t have a place to live and I don’t have anythign I don’t have money and all I really have is what I’m wearing and I can’t even remember were I got that and…I’m useless." he spoke fast but not he had run out of steam and to spare himself from having to talk he stuffed all fo the rest of the sendwich into his mouth and started chewing. -02:10 Oct 13
Phaedra: Wow! He didn’t have it together at all. At least she had a plan before she left home. Phaedra looked thoughtful for a moment, tilting her head as she watched him. "You could stay with me for awhile? My apartment isn’t very big, but two people having jobs and paying rent will mean lots of more money to do fun stuff with. -And- we’ll have company." -02:14 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He looked at her his cheeks bulging and slowly nodded. She really was kind and sweet and didn’t desurve what happened and he was staring to tear up with his mouth still overfull! -02:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: That expression of his almost made her laugh. Which would have been so rude…! Phaedra just grinned. "My address, um… here." She dug for her pen before scribbling down where she lived in her notepad. Complete with a description of the building in case he couldn’t find it. Then she was handing over that paper too. "Would you like my key? I should probably get going and see about more jobs before it gets too late." -02:24 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He took the paper and read it then looked around, swallowed and pointed in the direction he though was correct. "I’ll search too but not take to long to get there before you. I’ll have something nice for you to eat too." he licked up the ised coffee and sipped it. "You are the best!" -02:30 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra turned a little red at the compliment, and her tail was doing that bobbing thing again. She slipped out of her seat, tossing her trash in a nearby bin and taking her drink with her. "Then I’ll see you later, Tre. It was a pleasure to meet you!" -02:33 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He waved and sat there finishing his meal and watching her go. She was nice, very nice. He should get someone very nice for her to eat and meet her at home! And with a growl he stood and started walking a smile slowly becoming a grin. She will be very nice. -02:37 Oct 13

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