Unlucky 002: The Explosion

Lucky: Apparently the heater must have busted because the room was icy cold. But when she awoke, instead of having frosty toes, she found herself all blanketed up, nice warm and toasty. He was sneaky… apparently a better sneaker than her. And something smelled really really good. Lucky rolled out of bed and bounced out of her room, fully expecting to find a still half-dressed Angel doing something pleasantly sneaky. -09:21 Dec 25
Favisor: There was a plate of food for her on the table and he was dressed in his shirt and pants and inspecting a -very- clean coat and chewing on a peice of grilled cheese. But when he saw her enter he froze. "Uhh. hi." he said "I made breakfast, but I didn’t want to wake you up…" he had obviously been about to leave but didn’t mention it. "How did you sleep?" -09:26 Dec 25
Lucky: "I think I slept after after someone snuck a blanket in to my room." Lucky wandered to the table in an instant, but didn’t fail to notice that he was trying to escape. Once again, she totally creeped someone out! It was hard to feel upset after it happened so many times. But in this case… she was eyeing how clean his clothes were. Did he do his laundry while she was sleeping? "I guess I am not going to be able to talk you in to a second night of a warm couch instead of snowy streets?" -09:31 Dec 25
Favisor: He paused. "Do you want me around?" he turned to her. "Your couch is okay but you roulld shouldn’t give up your blanket or try and feed me when you have no job." -09:39 Dec 25
Lucky: "Oh that? Don’t worry about that, I can get a job in a snap!" she even snapped her fingers when she said it. Then she was grabbing a fork to eat as quickly as she could. "Speaking of which, I was going to go get my other job back today. Or try to anyway, and if that doesn’t work there are always other jobs. I just keep thinking about you being an ice-pop out on the streets and it wouldn’t been too much trouble for an extra person here for a little while." -09:43 Dec 25
Favisor: "I’ve survived this long havn’t I?" he said. "Um… If you’re sure it’s no trouble. But I should get some things. So…" he looked down and hung his coat on the back of the couch. "I think I have more body fat than you, so you get the blanket, otherwise I’m not staying." -09:48 Dec 25
Lucky: Lucky looked down at herself with a blink, and then laughed between bites. "You really like to negotiate things! Okay. But if I get rehired today, I’ll just bring home an extra blanket. Then it won’t be a problem at all, okay? Um." She tilted to eye the clock on the microwave. "Blech! I need to get dressed and go! I have to catch the boss before lunch rush." -09:52 Dec 25
Favisor: "Be safe!" he said before grabbing his coat. "I’ll get some things too. Um…" he’d also need to make sure she stayed safe. "So we’ll meet back here? I’m not sure how long I’ll take." -09:55 Dec 25
Lucky: "Sure! I’ll leave the door unlocked, okay?" Juice! Lucky grabbed the glass and took it with her and she dashed off to get dressed. She had a good birthday, today she was feeling pretty confident about her chances. -09:59 Dec 25
Favisor: "Umm… is that safe?" he called after her. "Better to lock it, You’ll probably get back before me anyway." he pulled on his coat. "Anyway enjoy breakfast." -10:08 Dec 25
Lucky: Dressed, breakfast demolished, and the door left unlocked -anyway- simply because the forgot to do so in her mad rush out the door, Lucky arrived at her former/current place of employment! Depsite being a fetish shop, it was actually a really nice one. Not one of those seedy trashy places that smelled funny. ….Well, today it smelled funny. Lucky couldn’t tell if it was gasoline or one of those really bad incense burners. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference. But immediately when she spotted her boss, she was at him like an attack dog, and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. "…and I swear to god, satan, and everything in between that I will never EVER try to demonstrate products on the manequins ever again! Besides, who else is willing to wear the costums and stuff for advertising on Freaky Fridays? You know I love costumes!" -10:15 Dec 25

Mister Charlie was running around with his cellphone to his ear while he put product on the shelves. He glared at her. “Yeah, and about the microwave incident? What about the broken display boxes? The entire showroom floor covered in lube? And thanks to you – that ‘plumber’ you hired to fix the bathrooms busted up all the piping and wiring in the walls! FORGET IT.” He pointed at the door with his phone. -Lucky

Lucky: Well, at least that explained why everything smelled terrible. But Lucky didn’t budge. "He’s german! I could barely understand his accent over the phone, I really honestly thought he was the plumber!" Now he wasn’t even glaring at her, he was growling in to his phone and putting as much space between him and her. "I’LL WORK DOUBLE SHIFTS! Pleeeaase!" If all else failed, there was begging! -10:27 Dec 25

“OUT or I’m calling in Geraldo to pick you up and launch you out the door!” He shouted back, before he disappeared in to the back of the store. -Lucky

Lucky: Damn and double damn. This job was officially bust. On the bright side, at least she kept it a -little- longer than her other jobs. Still, she was standing there with her arms crossed, frowning and thinking where to hit up next. Maybe the zoo? She could be a great walk-around mascot… -10:36 Dec 25
Favisor: He was out and about and keeping an eye on her. Maybe now she wouldn’t be able to see him, there was that hope. He never understood what kind of shop she worked at but if she was happy with it, that was fine. But the wasn’t. But her life wasn’t his job, only keeping her safe. But then there it was, the prickly of instinct and he looked at the shop. Something was about to happen and without even knowing what he was dashing forwards. Something big, and bad! -10:47 Dec 25
Lucky: Lucky had stood there long enough to get disoriented. Or was that just because the smell was so strong it was starting to make her feel quesy? That was concerning. And apparently she wasn’t the only one who noticed, cause the cashier was coughing and now stomping off to the back screaming at the boss about smelling gas too. …see! Lucky could have pointed that out earlier too! She was a great employee! Mumbling to herself she turned to walk out, but couldn’t seem to make it more than a few steps before getting crazy-dizzy and stumbling. The floor was coming up faster than she could react. -10:57 Dec 25
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Favisor: The light was so bright it blinded him. The sudden shockwave stopped him and almost threw him off his feet as the sound deffened him. A spark had become an explosion and now flaming rubber phalices and peices of leather were raining down on the street. He didn’t hesitate to rush into the flames wings spriging out ash his power came to full forse to protect him. And there she was on the floor with a costumed manequin lying across her. "Lucky…" he said softle kneeling down and moving the doll from her and gently easing her into his arms. "Don’t die, you’ll be fine." -06:25 Dec 26
[Lucky enters.] -06:30 Dec 26
Lucky: The boom had been so loud, Lucky couldn’t hear a thing now besides the ringing in her ears. She was a little disoriented but she did recognize him on sight. Reaching up to touch his face with confusion in her expression. Everything was very red. But him… white wings. "What are you doing on fire, angel…?" she mumbled. -06:34 Dec 26
Favisor: "I’m not." he said cradling her and standing. Weather he was saming he wasn’t on fire of he wasn’t an angel was left to the imagination. He stapped though the fames which didn’t touch either of them. To the crowd it looked like she was crawling out by herself as he exited the inferno and the sound of sirens came from the distance. "Stay with me Lucky, remember, you still need to buy a blanket." -06:38 Dec 26
Lucky: "Too hot for blankets." He didn’t need one if he had big fiery wings! The thought made her crack a weak smile, but when she tried to laugh she just wound up coughing so hard she couldn’t breath again. Too hot, too dizzy. "Goondight, angel." another, sleepy mutter and she was falling limp in his arms. -06:44 Dec 26
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Favisor: "Doctor Tompson please report to ward D. Doctor Tompson please report to ward D." He waited nervously in a chair in her room and none of the doctors and nurses seemed to notice him. She was wearing an oxygen mask and her tubes in her and he had no idea what any of them did but it thy were to make her better then that was for the best… She shouldn’t be able to see him either but he somehow knew she wuld be able to. Things were getting complicated. -06:50 Dec 26
Lucky: There was a weird beeping noise that was really getting on Lucky’s nerves. A hand reached out trying to swat at her alarm but she wasn’t anything but sheets and cold metal. And her hand itched like crazy. Her other hand moved to scratch and her fingers fumbled over… Mumbling some random phrase of confusion she opened her eyes to find herself in a very bright hospital room. An IV in her arm and something stuck to her face. "arggh… gerroff me.." she grumbled pulling the mask off. -06:52 Dec 26
Favisor: e was sure there was soe sort of device telling the nurses that she was awake so he stood and gently put the mask back on her before taking her hand. "I can’t stay." he said. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright." -06:54 Dec 26
Lucky: He was going to leave her here? There was a small moment of panic as she grabbed on to his arm and shook her head. "Did I get blown up? You’re not gonna take me to heaven too? I didn’t think I was that bad..!" Her voice was still shaky and a little weak, and now that she was speaking her chest really hurt! -07:00 Dec 26
Favisor: "There was a gas explosion" he said "But you’re not dead, you wouldn’t be here if you were. And I can’t take you to heaven because I’m not a real angel! But um… I’m sure you will go to heaven, just not today." he held her hand in both of his. "You’ll be fine." -07:02 Dec 26
Lucky: So she wasn’t dead, or dying? Lucky was so sure she saw wings. "You were there though… Big fluffy white wings and everything." She was definitely not letting go of him, though. Lucky hated hospitals and the only reason she wasn’t ripping those things out of her hand and rolling out of the bed was because she was trying to keep him there. -07:06 Dec 26
Favisor: "Wings?" he asked. "I was across the street, I came when I heard the explosion, but I wasn’t anywhere near you when the ambulance arived. They said you breathed in a lot of gas… maybe you were dreaming?" he looked down at ehr and tilted his head. "I mean even if I was an angel, what would you do about it?" -07:11 Dec 26
Lucky: Lucky vaguely remembered that smell and starting to feel a little sick. …and feathers! "I found feathers in the shower." she argued. -07:17 Dec 26
Favisor: "The city if pull of birds? Maybe you had them in your hair." he leaned down the kissed her forehead. "If I were an angel couldn’t I just make you forget all that or something?" he sighed adn squeezed her hand. "ANd lIke I asked, what would you do if I was?" -07:22 Dec 26
Lucky: "They were too big for birds…" Lucky felt absolutely stupid. Whatever it was that was through those tubes, or maybe she had all her braincells killed… it was really hard to think and focus. She had a -really- good reason to be suspicious and had a good argument too! But it just wasn’t coming together, and she didn’t want to stay in the hospital. "Angels don’t make people forget things, they want people to have faith… Will you take me home? This thing is giving me the creeps." She was trying to take off the mask again. It was uncomfortable! -07:26 Dec 26
Favisor: "You’ll be at home when you wake up." he said softly. "You’ve been through a lot, just rest." he smiled. "You don’t know do you. What you would do if you met you guardian angel." -07:36 Dec 26
Lucky: This was the worst time to be sleepy. Lucky frowned and shook her head. "I’d say thank you, again, for saving me, angel?" -07:39 Dec 26
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[Favisor enters.] -08:22 Dec 26
[Lucky enters.] -08:23 Dec 26
Lucky: When she woke again it was an entirely different feeling. …Well. She was aching all over and her head was still swimming. But she was nice and warm, the room was comfortably dim, and it was hers. For a moment, she thought maybe she had the weirdest dream ever. But when she sat up, and pushed aside a fresh new blanket and saw the bruise on the back of her hand. "Um…." Freddy Krueger? No, that was just crazy. But… an angel was kind of crazy too! "Angel?" -08:30 Dec 26
Favisor: He peeked around the door frame and waved then stepped out with a teapot and a couple of mugs on a tray, none of which had been in the house previously. "Sleep well?" he asked takign her hand and pulling out her arm to check the bandage on her elbow. He had cheated and healed most of her major injuries before the doctors had had a chance to look at her, but the minor one had to stay or it would look suspicious. -08:36 Dec 26
Lucky: "Better in my own bed. How did you get me out of the hospital?" That was impossible to do. You couldn’t just get carried out of a hospital, you had to sign papers for that. And he wasn’t related to her at all! -08:42 Dec 26
Favisor: "I walked?" he said as if he didn’t understand the question beofre he set the tray down. "You said you hated hospitals and I though you’d be happier waking up here… do you want to go back? I lena you’re fine the doctors said so…" -08:49 Dec 26
Lucky: "I hate hospitals, it’s just…" Walked out, huh! Lucky narrowed her eyes at him and tried to stare him down. Parents did it to kids all the time to get the truth out, right? So she leaned forward and stared him in the eyes. "Just walked out with an unconcious woman? You didn’t fly out or turn invisible?" -08:51 Dec 26
Favisor: "People can’t do that kind of thing." he said "And then you’d have doctors coming to look for you?" he had no idea how the medical system worked and he stare was making him uncomfortable. "Is this about what you said when you were delrious on medication? -08:54 Dec 26
Lucky: She looked a little less sure about herself now, but… she -definitely- had feathers. "I wasn’t delerious! Well… maybe a little loopy, but I’m not crazy and I am pretty sure I know hallucinations from reality. I think. Um, wait." Proof, she’d get that. Lucky pushed the blanket away further so she could get out of bed and get those feathers. "I have feathers." -08:56 Dec 26
Favisor: He Reached out to catch her arm. "Have some tea, it’s good and has fruit and berries and I put honey." he said stubbornly. "I made it especially for you to help you rest and feel better not get worked up and run around everywhere." -09:09 Dec 26
Lucky: Lucky frowned… and pouted. Then shifted back in to bed. He made special tea for her, she -had- to drink it. It was actually kind of sweet. "…Okay, tea first, and THEN feathers. I said I found them in the shower, didn’t I? And you were the one that used it! And I know I saw you at the shop… why were you there?" -09:12 Dec 26
Favisor: I went there because I heard and explosion, it was heard all the way down the street." he poared her a mug and lifted his. "Unless you want to believe I was looking out for you but wouldn’t that be creepy? HAving someone follow you around and watching everything you do. Every bad choice you make…" -09:19 Dec 26
Lucky: She flushed, and instead of answering was sipping the tea instead. It was pretty tasty. …at least she didn’t think she was too bad. Maybe she did some dumb things and got a little weird here and there but. She shifted almost nervously. "That’s what a guardian angel does, right? All though, I guess not all the time. Do angels need to sleep?" -09:24 Dec 26
Favisor: He shrugged. "How would I know?" he gave her an innocent smile and sipped his tea. "But they would have to watch all the time just in case, and that would mean they’d know everything about you even if they don’t understand all of it. Can you look soneone in the face who knows your deepest secrets? BEsides I’m pretty sure talking to thier charges would be against the rules." -09:29 Dec 26
Lucky: "Do you watch over me while I’m sleeping?" She had thought she had him, but hedidn’t fall for the question. Yet, then he answers completely suspiciously a different way! And he -was- doing a lot of things while she was unconcious and none of it was bad. …as far as she knew. Her eyes narrows at him again. -09:33 Dec 26
Favisor: "Why are you asking me?" he lookes like a deer in headlights and quickly took another sip of tea. "Inviting a guy into your house for the night with no…" he flushed and swallowed "…unteriour intentions… and then asking if they watch you sleep? You can trust me,…" -09:40 Dec 26
Lucky: "I do trust you… but a lot of people have also said, do you trust me, and they did and then things get bad. I don’t think you will get bad at all, but I am still pretty sure you have wings." She could be just as stubborn as he was. And if the tea weren’t so good, nice and warm, she would be up getting the truth! "Will you take off your shirt and show me?" -09:43 Dec 26
Favisor: He stared at her. "Theres nothing under there, how could a shirt hide wings? Unless they’re tiny, like a sparrow’s?" he furrowed his brow and placed down his mug. "What do you think?" he indicated the pot. "I havn’t had the chance to make it in a long time." -09:53 Dec 26
Lucky: She offered him the empty mug back, still giving him that examining gaze. "I liked it… I don’t drink a lot of tea, but I liked the fruity taste and the honey." Maybe he was right… they -would- have to be tiny, but. Why refuse to remove the shirt at all? "I -do- have feathers, though. I’ll show you." She was scooting to get up again. -09:57 Dec 26
Favisor: He sighed and poared her another mug for when she got back, and he would insist she rested. Things were a lot easier when he just had to watch, he would leave here soon and go back to that, then things would get better, right? He also uncovered a muffin for her and waited looking at the door. She wouldn’t find anything, and he felt guilty. -10:03 Dec 26
Lucky: Lucky went straight to the bathroom and looked under the sink. Pulling out a box and flipping it open. "….It’s empty! But I had them in here all nice and dry, damnit!" They were so pretty too, Lucky had every intention of keeping them. WAS she crazy? She fumbled around the bathroom and dug in the drawers. Maybe she left it in a different one! "They’re in here somewhere, I know I found them!" -10:09 Dec 26
Favisor: He lay down on his back and looked at the ceiling. He had taken them, it wasn’t stealing since they were his but he felt bad. His secret was prettymuch shot but so long as there was boubt he could still get away. It made his insides squirm thinking of what he must be putting her though… -10:15 Dec 26
Favisor: He lay down on his back and looked at the ceiling. He had taken them, it wasn’t stealing since they were his but he felt bad. His secret was prettymuch shot but so long as there was boubt he could still get away. It made his insides squirm thinking of what he must be putting her though… -10:15 Dec 26
Lucky: She looked in the closet, on the floor, behind the toilet, and in the shower. Nothing. Lucky was sitting on the floor on her nears, about two seconds from crying in frustration. Everyone said she was a lunatic, maybe she really was. Now she was picking up strangers and calling them ang- … wait! Lucky crawled in to the shower and very carefully gripped the tip of something white and pulled. Ooouut it came, a long, wet, and now a little soapy, white feather. "I got it! I found one! I knew it…" Lucky cast a sly look over her shoulder. He did have feathers… -10:20 Dec 26
Favisor: He got up and walked slowly to the bathroom door to check on her. "Lucky? Are you…" he caught sight of her but not what she was holding. "Find what you were lookign for? I have more tea AND a muffin for you. I bought the muffin but it’s good I promise." -10:23 Dec 26
Lucky: Lucky scrambled to her feet holding up the feather, right in his face and waving it back and forth. "See! A feather. And there were more just like this. And I think you have more of them…" She stalked closer. -10:26 Dec 26
Favisor: He watched the feather then backed away. "What? More? I…" he was against the wall and had his hands up to breace aainst ehr shoulders to stop her getting closer. "Please stop. I don’t have wings!" -10:29 Dec 26
Lucky: "If you don’t have wings, you could take off your shirt, but you -won’t-." Lucky stuck the feather behind her ear and swatted his hands away. Normally she wouldn’t be so… creepy! Weird? Completely insane. But unlike yesterday, today had been a very long, very painful, very -scary- day and this was the safest thing to be preoccupied with. Lucky pounced and latched on to his shirt, trying to push and pull it off him! "Just show me!" -10:35 Dec 26
Favisor: He swatted at her. "I’m shy!" he said, it was the first thing that popped into his head. "Fine you want to see so much just look, there’s nothign there, how could there be anything there? I’ve been in front of you how many times and there has never been anything there and even if I was an angel don’t you think there would be a way to hide them?" -10:41 Dec 26
Lucky: "There might be a hint or something, I don’t know!" Of course he made sense but it was too late to go back now. He was conceeding, and Lucky was tugging his shirt off with enough gumption to send her stumbling backwards when she pulled it over his head and off his arms. With a triumphant ha!, she grabbed him and turned him around. Nothing. Smoothed her hands over his back and… nothing. Not a stub or a feather. She was crestfallen. "Well it’s… I guess it makes sense to hide them, you wouldn’t fit through doors…" -10:45 Dec 26
Favisor: She sounded sad, why did she sound sad? He didn’t like her sounding sad! He turned and took her hand looked at her. He would show her if he could, and why couldn’t he? "Do you really believe in angels?" he asked softly. -10:50 Dec 26
Lucky: He thought she was crazy. Just like everyone else did. Which was too bad, because she rather liked him. Before long he was going to be patting her on the head and making excuses to leave. Lucky sighed… "Angels have to be real. Life sucks a good majority of the time, so there has to be something good in it…" she finally mumbled. Maybe she should go back to bed after all, and shifted to do so. -10:56 Dec 26
Favisor: He didn’t let go of her hand. "Then I will be your angel, if I am one or not." he said pulling her back. "If you want to believe I am one then I will stop trying to tell you otherwise and…" he held up the other feathers, though where he could have been hiding them was a mystery. You cleaned them well, you must life them." -11:00 Dec 26
Lucky: Feathers! Her face lit up as she took them from his hand, and counted to make sure they were all there. For a split second she had the most smug, told you so expression, but it was gone just as quick replaced with a small smile. "They’re special. Like you are. You can stay on my couch forever if you want to, I won’t mind." -11:06 Dec 26
Favisor: He let go of her hand and turned to escape towards the bedroom. "I didn’t admit anything I just said I’d stop denying it." he snagged himself another mug of tea and looked at her. "Can I have my shirt back now?" -11:23 Dec 26
Lucky: Lucky was hugging the shirt and the feathers, following him with a wide grin. It didn’t matter she was partially banged up, still a little dizzy, and he hadn’t -technically- admitted it. SHE really did believe in angels and magic and everything in between. "Angel is an aaaaangel. My guardian angel. ….you must really have to work hard." Once she came to that conclusion she looked very apologetic. "Sorry about that…" -11:27 Dec 26
Favisor: He put his face in his hand and sighed. "You have nothing to appologize for." he took a sip of his tea. Having her thing that but not admitting to it was going to be harder than he thought. "And did you mean what you said, about you not having any good in the world?" -11:32 Dec 26
Lucky: "There’s good sometimes. I met you, didn’t I?" Lucky returned to bed where it was warm, taking his shirt and the feathers with her. The shirt went under the blanket and the feathers went under her pillow. "But it’s mostly just one mess after another. I’ve never been all that lucky until I made my wish." -11:37 Dec 26
Favisor: "Wish?" he was hinestly not aware of any wishes and he furrowed his brow. "You wished for an angel?" he sipped his tea and lifted the saucer with the muffin on if to offer to her. -11:51 Dec 26
Lucky: "Well, not an angel technically." Lucky took the muffin, pulling off a piece of it to pop in her mouth. "I saw a falling star one night, and I wished for someone who would stay with me, and care about me and look after me, even when it’s hard. But it’s close?" -11:55 Dec 26
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[Lucky seems to know exactly what to do with a guardian angel, and that’s keeping him forever!] -06:12 Dec 27
Favisor: You don’t need an angel for that, there are good people too and you don’t even have to date tham for them to be there for you." he was fiddling with an empty mug to keep his hands busy. "You know some people was shooting stars ARE angels descending to earth." -06:18 Dec 27
Lucky: Lucky grinned and shrugged her shoulders. "I know. But I was along, and sad, and angels can’t die so it gave me comfort to know there might still be somewhere there watching over me?" She tilted to the side, trying to get a look out her window at the sky. It was night now, so she must had been unconcious a good most of the day. "Doesn’t it hurt falling out of heaven?" -06:24 Dec 27
Favisor: "Isn’t that a pickup line?" he asked lookig at her, deflecting his surprise. Angels could die, but if he told her it would ruin her dream and tell her he knew. "Did you really feel like a wish was your only way to be happy? Is that why you want me to stay, because you’re alone?" -06:31 Dec 27
Lucky: "I wanted you to stay because you were cold in the snow and were too nice to have to sleep outside. But now that I know you’re an angel, there’s no reason to keep sleeping outside?" This made perfect sense. And she wouldn’t have to admit that, maybe just a little bit she hated being alone. Not the greatest topic in the world. In fact she busied her mouth with eating that muffin instead of talking. -06:33 Dec 27
Favisor: He saw through her and sighed. "You’re going to keep calling me that even after I tried to comprimise aren’t you." he checked the pot to see if there was any tea lift and closed it disappointed. "If I were an angel I wouldn’t need the extra blanket, I’d have big snuggly wings." -06:37 Dec 27
Lucky: "You are an angel, you’re just being really stubborn about it." Maybe there were rules about not telling. But if she already knew, it shouldn’t matter. Her hands were empty now, and after a moment of eyeing him, she sighed. Leaned forward to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "But it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. Thank you anyway, and you can still sleep on my couch." -06:41 Dec 27
Favisor: "You know you’re going to have a lot of egg on your face if I get hurt and it turns out I can’t heal myself." he said looking down. "And even if I were an angel, you seen to have a lot of expectations to live up to, and you don’t even know my real name!" -06:46 Dec 27
Lucky: "Ha! I knew Angel wasn’t your real name!" There was that smug look again, and she shifted to sit on her knees and grab his hand. "So what it is? And why would I have expectations anyway? You’re going to do what you do but now you don’t have to hide it. And I can help you too. I think. Do angels need help with things? Well, guardian angels anyway. Do you only get one charge or do you get a whule bunch?" -06:51 Dec 27
Favisor: "I told you it wasn’t my real name when I said it." there was a glimmer of frustration in his voice. "I told you it was a nick name…" there was another sigh and he picked up the tray. "I’m going to clean up I’ll be back in a minute." he stood and walked out with the tray heading for the kitched to dump it all in the sink. -06:57 Dec 27
Lucky: Lucky sat there for a moment, frowning at the doorway once he walked out. She was starting to drive him nuts. …but it was really hard not to be, well… Her. But if she didn’t stop, he was going to disappear and probably never speak to her again. Huffing, she followed to the kitchen. "I’m sorry. I guess I am pushing too much." she muttered, stopped at the counter. "I’ll stop pestering you about it. Won’t bring it up again." -07:02 Dec 27
Favisor: He didn’t answer, he just put the clean dished on the rack that seemed to be clean before she got there. The he pkaced the stay down and stood with his hands on the edge of the sink. "Keep being yourself, after all without that what evectly would we have to talk about. Also you should be in bed, you were in a gas explosion, rest." -07:12 Dec 27
Lucky: "Myself is a strange woman who lives by herself and can’t keep a job or a boyfriend and apparently gets blown up in fetish shops!" At least that made her grin. That was going to be one fun story to tell. "I’m okay, though." Thanks to you. She kept it to herself this time. Self control! She also wanted to say he should sleep since he was busy being a hero all day. But chewed on her inner lip instead. Holding back was more difficult than she thought. -07:16 Dec 27
Favisor: "If.. it sold relgious icons? Like fetishes and idols?" he asked. "I’ve always wondered… pity it blew up then. Now. Bed." he took hold of her shoulder and steered her back towards the bedroom. "You can do plenty of Luckying in the morning." -07:20 Dec 27
Lucky: "What? No it.." Oh right. What would an angel know about dirty stuff. Lucky started laughing and had to slap her hand over her mouth. She cleared her throat as she was reluctantly steered towards the bedroom. "It sold toys and outfits for people who like to make sex more interesting. I liked getting to wear some of the outfits on Fridays." -07:25 Dec 27
Favisor: Well that didn’t amke any sense… "BED!" he said firmly before opened the blanket for her. "And maybe it’s a good thing you’re not wearing cstumes made for… sex… in public anymore. Like you said you didn’t liek that job. -07:32 Dec 27
Lucky: Lucky crawled in to bed under the blanket, but remained sitting up. "Yeah, I didn’t like the job… People always thought I was a hooker and said the grossest things sometimes. Hmm… what happened to everyone else in the building?" She paled a bit. It was the first time she even thought about her boss and former coworkers. There was so much fire and that explosion was pretty loud… -07:35 Dec 27
Favisor: They were outside the back I think." he said. "You were the only one in the building. Anyway…" he pulled the blanket up around her and placed his hand on her forehead. "You can look forwards to breakfast in the morning, and if you hear water it will just be me showering, please don’t barge in and open the curtain." -07:40 Dec 27

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