Category: Unlucky

  • Unlucky 004: Best Not Left Alone

    [Lucky has a series of unfortunate events!] -06:20 Jan 28 [Favisor Is coming back down to earth.] -06:21 Jan 28 Lucky: When her guardian angel didn’t return in an hour, Lucky was a little concerned. When he didn’t return the next day, she was worried. After a few days, Lucky was resigned to the fact […]

  • Unlucky 003: A Problem Being Seen

    [Lucky is spending her morning picking up and filling out applications. Some places she pretended like she hadn’t worked there before.] -07:04 Jan 27 Lucky: Despite the fact she was out of a job, Lucky was in good spirits. Of course, she was ALWAYS in good spirits. …and it help that she -HAD- a spirit, […]

  • Unlucky 002: The Explosion

    Lucky: Apparently the heater must have busted because the room was icy cold. But when she awoke, instead of having frosty toes, she found herself all blanketed up, nice warm and toasty. He was sneaky… apparently a better sneaker than her. And something smelled really really good. Lucky rolled out of bed and bounced out […]

  • Unlucky 001: The Guardian Angel

    Lucky is saved from being hit by a car, and her rescuer seems to be a little unusual.