The Captain’s Wife 002: The First Time

The Captain's Wife

[Telara finds that trying to sleep when you know you’re going to die, is a very difficult thing.] -03:25 Jun 16
[Nicholas is finding marriage to not be what he expected, though really he had sujested that since they were both going to die.] -03:26 Jun 16
Telara: A smiling silence had followed their impromptu and very childish marriage vow, and Telara almost wished they would have just instantly died right there. It would have been a very pleasant way to go. Or at least falling to sleep and then dying that way. But she couldn’t even fall asleep! She was left staring up at the black and glitter speckled space, pondering what was the first and now last kiss she was ever gonna get. -03:30 Jun 16
Nicholas: He was tires it watching the same sky spin over them and wait for death, and finally he moved pulling the supplies out and handing her a few of the dried friets within. "If we’re not going to sleep we should at least talk." he said placing the ration pack between them along with the water. "I’d rather get to know you than the sky at this point. Since you’re the last person I can get to know." -03:42 Jun 16
Telara: "I guess you’ve seen a lot of space." Telara shifted to have sit up. Popping a piece of the fruit in her mouth to chew on thoughtfully. Being silent and waiting for death tended to put one in a depressed melancholy. "There’s not a lot about me to know. Everything I own is in that," she pointed at her pack, "bag and it has more plant samples and research in it than clothes. And unfortunately, none of those are edible…" -03:49 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Doesn’t really matter anyway…" he said before moving across to sit next to her instead of across from her. "We should carve the fact that we’re married into the wook." he said "So people will know. Its the last good thing I’ll do with my life and as far as I can tell its to a good person, so it should be known." -03:53 Jun 16
Telara: She cast an embarrassed sort of grin. "Only real accomplishment of my entire life! Something to be proud of, really." Her parents might be thrilled to know she did something. ….or just surprised! "That was my first kiss. I guess that is something good too." -03:59 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Your first?" he said surprised "Well between shipboard life and my family I’ve never welt the touch of a woman either so, you’re not alone, I’ve always been more focused on my career." -04:04 Jun 16
Telara: Telara looked equally as surprised and before she could help it, she laughed! "Really…! I thought maybe you would have met lots of girls and princesses and ladies while sailing around the stars? Writing letters to broken hearted lovers, or maybe a secret love affair with someone you kept secret…" She clearly had an over-active imagination. But with some thought, he didn’t specifically seem the sort of person to be like that. -04:09 Jun 16
[Nicholas enters.] -04:12 Jun 16
Nicholas: Patrol is mainly sailign around looking for a fight, when you do dock you’re more concerned with getting supplies and making sure none of your men jump ship than meeting fair maident and rescuinf damsels." he said "Princesses hardle ever come down to the docks, and when we to host a dance on ship every lady who shows up is escorted. Thats just the way it goes." -04:15 Jun 16
Telara: "So it’s just as wretched for meeting people as everything else!" That was too bad. Telara really was excepting something more adventurous. Well… aside from the fighting pirates part. "I lived in a really small town, so there wasn’t a lot of people outside of family and workers and stuff. Then I went to Academy and I didn’t really…. I guess I hid in my dorms most of the time! It was weird going from a small town to so many people." Telara leaned until her arm was touching his, casting him a wide grin. "Do you think it’s like this for everybody? Meeting someone by accident and then deciding the rest of your life to be married?" -04:22 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Its better than being introduced to a person who your fathers already decided you’ll marry I’ll admit." he said putting an arm around her "I guess its the right way, even if its not the most common ot what I thought would happen to me. So thanks for saving me from having my marriage decided for me." -04:26 Jun 16
Telara: "You could kiss me again if you wanted. Since I’m your wife." Probably not the most graceful segway, and she was awfully concentrated on plucking away invisible strings from her knees. She probably shouldn’t have said it at all, but it was too late to take it back. Death with no regrets, right? -04:32 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Nicholas doesn’t post enough.] -04:38 Jun 16
Nicholas: He looked at her then placed his fingers on her cheek gently turning her head. "You are my wife…" he smiled manybe too much at those words before leaning forwards and pressing his lipe into hers softly. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take advantage of you, even if we are going to die, I’ll still respect you." he was holding onto her hair now and nuzzling into her. Then he said words he knew he shouldn’t to someone he barely knew. "Though if we were to have out wedding night, I’m glad its with someone like you." -04:38 Jun 16
Telara: There were all sort of expectations of what kisses were like, but it still didn’t seem to match the real thing. There was a twinge of butterflies in her stomach and her breath caught… An unexpected nice feeling, for a moment shared with a stranger. Telara lift a hand to brush over his jaw, chewing on her bottom lip in thought as she examined his face. "We could…? We’re married, why shouldn’t we. …if you want to." -04:47 Jun 16
Nicholas: He tried to gauge her tone of voice and struggled with it. "And if you do…" he leaned down again kissing her cheek and then her lips his hand coming up to run though her hair, slowly, feeling it and he sighed. She was beatiful when he looked at her in that way… -04:50 Jun 16
Telara: Telara really liked this feeling. The dizzying floating sensation of being swept away by a kiss or touch. After a moment she nodded her affirmation. Letting her thumb brush over his mouth before she moved to give him a shy, tentative kiss. "I would like to, with you. Even if just once.." she mumbled softly. -04:55 Jun 16
Nicholas: He really hadn’t done this before and even as he nodded he was trying to think of what to do next.. but kissing her felt too good not to do so he did so again, experimentally as he sighed. "Then lets have our wedding night and know what its like, even if its just once before… I would like to share it with you." -04:59 Jun 16
[Telara enters.] -04:59 Jun 16
Telara: Her response was a shy smile and an embarrassed laugh. Leaning to put her arms around his neck in a hug and nuzzling her face against his cheek. She hadn’t a clue of what she was doing, but he made it really easy to pretend. Telara really did want to have a night with her husband. Her mouth found his again, a curious kiss and test of pressure. -05:07 Jun 16
Nicholas: He moved his lips agaist hers, it seemed liek the thing to do as he put a hand on her side to hold her agaist him. He was caught between not knowing what to do and going on instinct and getting lost in her, a latter he was hesitant to do but it ddn’t stop a sound from escaping his thoat, tiny and barely audiable, but there. -05:10 Jun 16
Telara: How could something so simple make her feel so… thrilled? It put every book she read to shame. Being close didn’t seem close enough, and she was tilting her head to deepen the kiss. A hand moving in to his hair and stroking the nap of his neck with a light brush of her fingertips. -05:20 Jun 16
Nicholas: He pushed his tongue out agaist her lips and tilted his head as he pushed her back onto the bottom of the boat and pressed down on top of her. There was nothing that could have prepaired him for this, the excitement, tension and thrilling energy that seemed to come from wells deep withing. He didn’t know it but he was pressed agaist her if a way that could be felt even with all thier clothes on even before he pulled away and started running his hand up and down the side of her neck his eyes going down to her top. "We should…" he was more than a little breathless as he beached down and popped his top button his eyes looking to her to take over. -05:26 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Telara was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:36 Jun 16
Telara: Telara couldn’t breathe, but it was in such an amazing way she was far from alarmed. "I imagine it would be easier without clothes.." she responded, with that shy, cheeky smile. As she shifted her hands to pull at the buttons of her blouse, her hesitation wasn’t from doubt just… a strange sudden insecurity! She didn’t have any sexy lingerie underneath when she shrugged her shirt from her shoulders, who would have seen?, just a simple camisole. With her hands free again, she reached out to gently grasp his shirt. -05:36 Jun 16
Nicholas: He moover at her without her blouse and smiled the hand rubbing the back of her neck encouraging her. He had nothing under his shirt, and simple white boxers under his trousers. His hand slid down her shoulder pushing the strap for the camisole aside… "You look good." he said lookign at the skin of her shoulders, it just seemed liek the things to say. -05:41 Jun 16
Telara: She laughed again, a quiet nervous sound. "Is that all you have to say?" she teased. His shirt was dropped somewhere at her side, and she discovered a whole new thing she was interested in studying. She placed her middle finger to his chest, an uncertain testing touch of his skin. The rest of her hand soon followed to caress of his skin. She was chewing on her bottom lip again, consumed by that exploration of his skin beneath her fingertips. -05:49 Jun 16
Nicholas: He covered up and scar on his right flank, it was instinctive and he looked at her before slowly moving hsi hand. It was pure white and clearly visible on his skin and had come from a sabreduring hsi first boarding action. "Maybe.." he said taking hold of the bottom hem of her camisole and slowly lifting, his ahnds sliding over ever inch of exposed skin, Of was soft but not overly so… "I… lost for words…" -05:53 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Nicholas has timed out.] -06:42 Jun 16
Telara: Her cheeks were flushing and she knew by the way her face warmed. Really everything was warming, and it was more than just his words… his hands brushed over a ticklish spot, which made her flich and giggle. Her own fingers were very delicately running over the scar on his skin. He really had been involved in some dangerous things, and she was so glad he was the one she was with now. -06:42 Jun 16
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[Telara enters.] -08:12 Jun 16
[Nicholas enters.] -08:14 Jun 16
Nicholas: He lifted the garment over her head and let if join the shirt and blouse. His smile was warm as he shifted closer, his hand hesitant, then slowlycupping her breast… he had never held one before and as he slowly masaged it he couldn’t take his eyes from it until he looked up at Telara’s face and smiled. leaning forwards to kiss her asgain, nipping her lip. "This isn’t how I thought it would be." he said softly. "Its much, much, better." -08:29 Jun 16
Telara: A soft sound escape her, a surprised pleased sigh. It kinda felt like her skin was on fire every where he touched, and it wasn’t from embarrassement! She was still exploring with her hands over his back and his arms, pausing a bit when they dipped lower. "I’m not sure what I was expecting.." she admitted, tilting to return his kiss with a slip of her tongue just to see how he’d respond. -08:39 Jun 16
Nicholas: He was surprised by the tongue. But he responded with a flick of his own against it. Then he let his hands explore up her back, slowly, carefully and let out abother sound, almost in a late responce to hers. He pulled away his face flushed as he ran his fingers down her cheek. "Getting rid of the rest of our cloths.." he looked down then slowly let his eyes drift back up. He wanted her, all of her… -08:46 Jun 16
Telara: Telara gave a soft nod, after brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. Nervousness was trying to weasel it’s way in again, so she deemed it better to be first. She couldn’t be nervous if she went first! Seeming to hold her breath, she shifted. Pulling her hands from him she reached down to wiggle herself out of her own pants and panties too. It was strange that she felt even more vulnerable without her clothes, despite already being on the brink with a lost boat out in space. -08:57 Jun 16
Nicholas: He looked down and trailed his fingers over her hips. "You’ve never…." his eyes darted back up to her and he unded his button and pushed his pants down aling with his boxers. As soon as they were low enough his members sprang up freed from the constraints of the cloth and hard with anticipation. he helt a moment of velnerability and though about calling it off but lookign at her he leaned down and softly kissed her lips. "I’m so glad its you I’m with… Mrs. Burke." -09:09 Jun 16
Telara: She did a little medical study at the Academy, and flipped through plenty of books. But seeing a naked man in person was almost intimidating. Almost. The fact that he was just as unwitting as she was made it less strange. And his words filled her with a tingling pleasure. "I like the sound of Mrs. Telara Burke…" She slipped her arms around his neck to pull him down against her. Bare skin touching skin bringing that fiery feeling all over again. -09:18 Jun 16
Nicholas: Chest against chest, stomach brushing stomach, he burried his hand in her hair and pushed his lips into hers as his other hand slipped down between them to pull her leg out of the way, slide up her whigh his mind reeling as his fingers found her hair, and the lips hidden within. "I like the sounds of that too.." he shispered pulling back to look at her face, then down to his mamber as he used his hand to push against her his eyes point to hers. He had never done this before and he did it slowly they feeling on her lips partming making his breath come out in a rush. -09:25 Jun 16
Telara: Fiery might have been an understatement…! Her mouth parted at her sudden in take of breath. Her hand coming against his shoulder to grip tight. "This is new…" she mumbled in an expell of breath. Such an alluring feeling, she was already chewing on her bottom lip again as she slightly squirmed to the touch. -09:35 Jun 16
Nicholas: He sounds, he face… In an instant he had a hand behing her head an pulling her into a rough kiss as he thrust. She was tight and he didn’t want to hurt her but her arounf him hade him shiver from his shaft to his lips. Another thrust and he was nibbling on her lip. So this is what making love was like… A sound escaped him, a new sound a deep moan escaping into her mouth. "I never want this to stop." -09:39 Jun 16
[Telara enters.] -09:49 Jun 16
Telara: There was a mild discomfort, but it was such a miniscule thing compared to the torrent of other feelings rushing through her. So this was desire..! Need and wanting fueled her returned kiss. Every shift of hips drawing a squeak or a sigh from her. Stopping wasn’t even remotely part of her thoughts. Telara was swept away by him, marveled by every little spark he seemed to ignite. -09:56 Jun 16
Nicholas: He he clinging to her, pushing her hips agaist the hard wood and a sigh or moan coming with every breath. He wouldn’t be able to stop even if he wanted to, and for these few moments together even dying wasn’t a part ot his thoughts. It was just then and thier passion, and the tingling deep withing that she brought forth. -10:03 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Telara got too distracted for their own good…] -10:12 Jun 16
Telara: Every time she thought there couldn’t be more it would just keep building. It seemed to vibrate in her, that churning feeling buried between her thighs. Almost too much for her to stand, it was starting to drive her mad! Her toes curl and she gave a plaintive sigh. "Nicholas, I-!" The sudden shift had her gripping his shoulders tight as she gasped in surprise. All of that pent up energy released at once, leaving her writhing in such a wonderful bliss as he body tightened around him! -10:12 Jun 16
Nicholas: He hasn’t fairing much better, his face and neck were red as he pushed in harder. His lips locks agaist hers and he gave his hips grinding into hers and he moaned deep and his hand came up to grip her hair. "Telara…" he whispered slowly nuzzling into her his hips resting agaist hers as he breathed heavily. "Why did I have to find you only now…?" -10:17 Jun 16
Telara: Telara had to pry her fingers from digging in to his, but she didn’t want to let him go. She just curl herself tighter around him to bury her face at his neck. How the universe throw something so amazing her way only last minute? "Would have been nice to meet you a little bit sooner in life." she mumbled softly. "But I’m glad at least I met you." -10:24 Jun 16
Nicholas: He ran his fingers though her hair again and held her agaist him. "The time that we have we’ll make the most of… I can’t think of anyone better to spend my last few days with." he kissed the top of her head and sighed. "Thank you.." -10:27 Jun 16
Telara: She was tearing up, but it was such a bad time to cry. She could have loved him.. and now she wouldn’t have the chance. Telara swallowed that urge to start sniffling. She promised a sane and strong wife, that’s what he was going to get. "You’re welcome, Mr. Burke." -10:32 Jun 16
Nicholas: He pulled her up into a a soft, tender, slow, and brawn out kiss. "You you’re Mrs. Burke, wife to the son of the Baron of Tormany Hall. You’ll never see it but its beatiful, with the common behind it theres plenty of ground for walking, or hunting, more kinds of plants than I could count in a day…" he sighed. "I miss home sometimes out here." -10:38 Jun 16
Telara: At least she could spend her last hours kissed like that. It was enough to make her smile and brush her hand against his cheek. This would be good enough. How many people got to die happy? "I know how to take care of a house and land, that would have been fun. …and after my internship I would be Doctor Mrs. Burke. Crazy plant scientist." -10:46 Jun 16
Nicholas: "You’d be surprised hos many nodles dabble in biology and botany." he said… "ANd not you’re one of them, Telara Burke, nodlewoman intern botanist sounds like a novel. I’d read that." he was teasing noe but made up for it with another kiss. "At this rate I’ll be sayign I love you a thousand times beofre we die." -10:52 Jun 16
Telara: "I could fall in love with you, I think… Even with your wretched taste in novels." she grinned, nuzzling against his cheek. "You’re lucky. I’d not be a good noble lady at all. I can’t dance and I don’t know what to do with people." -11:00 Jun 16
Nicholas: "All I’d ask is that you be yourself, and stay true." he said settling down, finally tired enough to maybe get some sleep. "If I had met you at another time, in another place, maybe I could have showed you how. But we’re here, together, now, and I don’t think I could ask to be happier." -11:04 Jun 16

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