The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 007: Truth in Premonitions

Telara: Telara was already in the research tent, and had been for at least two hours. After her scuffle with the doctor a few days ago, she made sure to be on time regardless of how she felt in the morning. Or the fact her husband was still feeling the effects of poison and should have his wife. Today was one of those days she wished she hadn’t left bed. All morning long her stomach had been churning, she had a wretched headache and she was dizzy on top of it. Trying to squint through microscopes was making it worse. And she was pausing to lean against the table and rub her head for a moment. -07:40 Oct 23

Doctor Heilemann was not pleased with Miss Sammy’s work ethic the past few days. Always ducking out to check on that man she brought with her. He never had any time alone with the woman for ….work. There she was again, not working. He siddled up to her with a clipboard under his arm and scowled. “I don’t believe it’s lunch break just yet. These samples must be catalogged by the end of the day.” -Telara

Telara: "Of course, I am doing that right now." It was what she intended to do, anyway. She pushed away from the table to turn back around… and hit the floor instead! Doctor Heilemann looked shocked! …then panicked! "BOY…! Call the medic in here!" he shouted at the nearest person he saw! -07:45 Oct 23
Nicholas: He was being forsed to rest, nit with Te;ara working there was no one to make sure he stayed in bed and so he was sitting and writing his notes at the table. That’s then he heard it, the sound of a ship getting closer. It was here, three days later, exactly like in his dream or was he hearing things? The ghost sounds of things he was very familiar with while his mind was still feeling the effects of poison… -07:45 Oct 23

Unfortunately it was that damned blabber mouth soldier Thomas. He ran off first to shout for a medic, then he was scrambling off for the Captain. Looking just as breathless and alarmed as he did days ago! Only this time, much worse… every one knew what happened when the Captain got worried about his wife. “Captain…!” He gasped for breath again! -Telara

Nicholas: He looked at teh soldier and was suddenly worried. "What is it? A ship?" he asked standing. So it wasn’t him hearing things, or was it? -07:50 Oct 23

“No sir..! Something wrong at the biologist’s tent, sir!” -Telara

Nicholas: In an instant he was on his feet and staggering, but he steadied himself and charged out the door to head towards the work tent. he was worried not, the dream, the ghost sounds, everything. He stormed into the tent and looked at his wife his face full of worry. "What happened?" if he had touched her he would skewer him without a throught. -07:58 Oct 23
Telara: The medic had gotten here first, a very sweet older woman who was speaking to Telara. Still lying on her back on the floor, now with something cool against her forehead and sipping from a box of juice with a straw. "A little fatigue, but we’re doing okay, aren’t we? The scan is almost done." She had a little scanner in her hand, and put a hand on the girl’s shoulder when she saw Nicholas and tried to rise. -08:02 Oct 23

“For lord’s sake, this a research tent, what’s going on doesn’t concern you!” Doctor Heilemann looked a little perturbed, though. Maybe afraid the wild half dressed man was going to blame him for all this. Either way, he was shooting a glare at everyone in the room. -Telara

Nicholas: Me shot the man a furious look. "You assistant collapsed in the middle of the day. The least you can do is show a little concern and not act like she did it to spite you." then moved to kneel next to his wife taking her hands in both of his. "Are you alright?" he asked. "What happened?" -08:06 Oct 23
Telara: "I just got a little dizzy is all… He didn’t have to go screaming for the medic." she mumbled. And especially not her ill husband that belong in bed. The Medic’s device beeped, and the elder woman was looking it over. A smile spread across her face. "Okay, up you go, sweetie." Tugging Telara up in to a sitting position, she patted under the girl’s chin affectionately. "You haven’t a thing to worry about, you’ll be just fine. I don’t reccomend skipping any more meals, you’re going to need all the nutrients you can get. Eating for two and all." Telara looked a little confused by the statement for a moment until… it clicked! Her pale face tinged with a bit of red. -08:12 Oct 23
Nicholas: He thought the statement over and then looked at her and put his arms around her tight. It wasn’t to keep her upright but because of what taht meant. They were going to have a baby? Then he heard it again, the sounds of a ship and he furrowed his brow. "Did you hear that?" -08:16 Oct 23
Telara: All she could hear at the moment was the sound of blood rushing through her head. Telara didn’t know if she were going to cry or start giggling! Or maybe even pass out again. It didn’t matter, she was curling her arms around him and burying her face against him. If she grinned any wider she’d never feel her face again! -08:19 Oct 23

“Disgusting…” snorted Doctor Heilemann. His intern was pregnant. Well, that kill any and all interest he had for this one. However, he DID seem to hear something, wandering to the opening of the tent to take a look outside. “Good gods, there were no ships scheduled for today! What is with all this nonsense?” -Telara

Nicholas: "A ship?" he said halping Telaria to her feet and walking to the tent flap to look up. "My word… it’s the Sea Dragon." he knew that ship, he has once been in a convoy with her and hed started at ehr outsid his cabin for eight months strait. "A baby, and three days later a ship." he whispered before looking at his wife. "I think they’re here for me." -08:24 Oct 23
Telara: She gave him another look of confusion before she realized he meant that odd dream he had. "Ah… an interesting coincidence…" Almost even a little eerie but if she were pregnant, she had definitely been showing signs for awhile… that could’ve just been instinctual knowing! The ship though… "…If they’re here for you, you’ll be going to command your own ship?" -08:28 Oct 23
[Telara enters.] -08:33 Oct 23
Nicholas: "It eans the admiralty wants to see me, we’ll sind out what for when they send thier boat." and sure enough one was being lowered and there was a man in a captain’s uniform looking down at them. He took her hand and stepped forwards to salute as the man stepped planetside and got one back. "Captan Burke?" Nicholas nodded. "That is me." "I have here orders for you to return to the first lord and take comition of a ship of his choosing/" he held out a sealed envelope and Nocholas took it, bloke the seal and shook it open with one hand. "We will await your embarcation at your convenience." "Thank you Captain… I will be ready by evening." He looked at Telara, looks like he would be leaving after all. -08:35 Oct 23
Telara: She was resting a hand on top of her head, not simply because she was still a little light on her feet, but because it was happening so fast…! "So you are leaving then. A new ship and everything." And of course she was happy for him. This was what he loved, his career and his life. She knew this was coming eventually. "Um… I guess I should be helping you pack your things…" -08:42 Oct 23
Nicholas: He waited until the otehr captain was out of earshot before replyng. "I could refuse commition." he said. "It would be deriliction of duty but I’m not reaving you here alone." he looked at her. "I’m not leaving your side, not when so many parts of that dream have come true." he placed his hand on her cheek. "I said I would stay here with you, and I don’t like to break promises." -08:45 Oct 23
Telara: "You can’t just throw your career away…" she said softly. Telara put on that brave smile. She couldn’t let him do something stupid for her sake. She could handle this. "Besides… if we’re going to have a baby you need your job, right? It’s not as if I won’t ever see you again…?" she just… hadn’t thought this would happen so soon! -08:50 Oct 23
Nicholas: "My family is independently wealthy." he said stubbornly. "I’m not leaving here without you." that was the key issue. "I can’t abandon you just as we find out you’re pregnant, not for a ship, not for anything. I want to be at your side every step of the way and patrols can last over a year. Maybe I am eing selfish but that is the way I feel." -08:54 Oct 23

“Let me solve this problem for you.” snorted the Doctor. He scribbled for a few moments on a slip of paper before he was thrusting it in to Telara’s hand. “Consider your internship over. I can’t have some pregnant woman wasting my time medical issues and sick leave and weeping. By all means, get off my planet.” -Telara

[(Timeout) Telara has timed out.] -09:00 Oct 23
Nicholas: Well that was enough, he stepped away from Telara and with a deft swing, well practiced and strong despite his weakened state sent his knuckles slaming into the doctor’s face. "Sorry." he said more to his wife than the man. "Poison must be playign havoc with my restraint." he shoot out his bruised knuckles and put his arm around Telara and started walking towards thier tent. "So what about it? Are you ready to be my ship’s botanist?" -09:00 Oct 23

The Doctor was in the background wailing and gripping his nose. “This is exactly why husbands are not allowed on expeditions…!” -Telara

Telara: Telara looked down at the paper as they walked away, fully expecting it to be a firing notice with some horrible review of her work. But it was a declaration of her internship being over including an actual reccomendation. The doctor, despite crushing a great deal of her hero worship by being a jerk, really wasn’t so bad! She grinned wide up at Nicholas. "I’m looking forward to the new adventure Captain Burke…" -09:04 Oct 23
Nicholas: He entered thier tent and immediatly started looking around and packing everything back into thier bags. He hadn’t expected it to be so soon but that was life and now he and Telara were on their way towards a new life together, with a child. His parents would fient with the scandal. "Once I have my commition we will probably stop over at the family hall for a couple of weeks." he said looking at her. "I will introduce you to the family then." he was nervous and knew she would be too. "I think my mother will be glad that I have manaed to produce her a gandchild." -09:10 Oct 23
Telara: She stood there lost for a moment, the idea of meeting family and breaking news.. it was a little daunting! Especially since they hadn’t told them they were married. …or how they were married! But she quickly regained her senses to gather up the few things she owned. "I’m not sure what’s more intimidating, yelling your family or spending weeks out on a boat." -09:13 Oct 23
Nicholas: He moved over to hug her quickly. "Let me worry about the family, you wory about making sure you have what you need to do what you need to do once we get started." he gave her a quick kiss before me moved away to continue packing. "You’ve faced ‘savage’ natives, I’m sure you can handle country nobility." -09:18 Oct 23
Telara: "I don’t know about that… Another kiss might steel my resolve?" Because with everything happening so fast, at least the one thing she felt sure of was him. From the moment she thought he might die, she was sure of it. Telara moved to catch his arm. And suddenly she was feeling far too shy for someone who just jokingly asked for another kiss. "Nicholas… I love you." -09:23 Oct 23
Nicholas: He stopped what he was doing and turned to look into her face. She had said it and from her look it was clear she meant it and he threw his arms aorund her and kissed her hard. "I wouldn’t give up a commision to be close to you if I didn’t love you too." he whispered quickly, in a rush. "I can do anythign, so long as you are there. -09:26 Oct 23
Telara: He could take her breath away with just one kiss, and make her feel like everything would be fine. Telara smiled wide, savoring that moment where they had the whole world to look forward to. Who wouldn’t? "So we are it, then? Meant to be in love…" -09:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: "If we’re meant to be or not, we are." he said moving his hand to run his fingers thought her hair. "We are and that’s all that matters. I’m very happy we are too." -09:34 Oct 23
The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 006: Spiritbite

[Nicholas is trying to have a nice day in camp with his wife, and has gone out to get their breakfasts from the canteen for hr to have in bed.] -03:16 Oct 23
[Telara should have been awake an hour or so ago. But hasn’t been feeling well ever since that little jungle kidnapping incident.] -03:17 Oct 23
Telara: Telara knew it was morning, and knew she was going to get in a lot of trouble for being late to work. She was supposed to be examining some of the new specimen with the Doctor today. But the past couple weeks she was feeling wretched! A few more minutes in bed couldn’t hurt. -03:20 Oct 23
Nicholas: He placed the her plate on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the cop to lean down to gently shake her shoulder. "Telara, I thought you food." he said softly. "Hurry up before it gets cold." he was worried and placed a hand on her forehead and then placed the other plate down and stood. "I’ll be right back with tea." he moved away and exited the tent. Why was her being sick so worrying? -03:22 Oct 23
Telara: "Hmm?" He was gone again. Telara blinked at the empty space with weary confusion. Either she was that tired and losing time, or he was bustling about like a bolt of lightning. She grinned. He was worried… a little too worried! But it was so nice to have someone concerned about her. Now she -had- to get up so he wouldn’t be so upset. Telara sat up and took the plate. Ignoring the fact that the smell of food was making her a little quesy, she ate. -03:26 Oct 23
Nicholas: He returned with two battered steel cups od tea and placed them down. "Good morning." he said picking up his plate and starting to eat. "How are you feeling?" he was worried what she had eaten had made her sick or had poisoned her. Ideally he’d have her off world and seeing a doctor, but the camp doctor had said she’d be fine to he didn’t mention kidnapping her from her job. -03:29 Oct 23
Telara: "A little tired. You don’t have to be so worried about me, though! It’s not the first time I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have." she grinned at him, taking the tea and a sip. That was -so- much better. Hot tea could make anything better, even if this stuff tasted like they brewed it in the same pot as the coffee. -03:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: He nodded eating slowly, his upbringing not letting him eat like the soldiers did. Speaking of the soldiers they had been drilling very well and thier aim had improved vastly. He was wearing an earning though, one made by the natived as a sign of respect towards who they still thought was the camp’s leader. "I’m not worried, I’m just looking after my spouce when she is under the weather. I’m sure you’ll be out of bed soon adn off to work where I cannot put my arm around you and ask you how you slept soon so let me savor the moment." -03:37 Oct 23
Telara: Telara was grinning wide again. It was still a wild thing to so suddenly be married to someone that she hadn’t even met before just a few short weeks ago. Or maybe it had been a couple months now? It almost felt like they had always been like this! Telara scooted on the bed to lean and kiss his cheek. "I know, I just don’t want you spending all day being upset about it. I’m fine, okay?" -03:44 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I have other things to do all day too. "i’m taking two of the men to watch how the Ashite hunt. I I’ll let you have my notes when you’re done. You worry about the plants, I’ll worry about the people." he had been spending a lot of his time with the natives, learnign thier language and culture, documenting their way of life and more importantly making sure none of them were affected by any desieses they might have brought with them. "I have to make myself useful somehow." -03:48 Oct 23
Telara: "Everyone seems to be really impressed with you. I think you’ve made life a lot easier for a few people." The Star Captain was a resourceful man… and she couldn’t stop smiling! Telara focused on quickly swallowing down her breakfast and the tea. She was already late enough as it was. When she hoped out of bed she swayed on her feet for a moment before regaining her balance. Got up too fast… but it passed quick. "I’ve got to get dressed. Doctor Heilemann is probably having a coronary right now." -03:56 Oct 23
Nicholas: He stood and pulled hr into a wuick kiss, I’ll be outside to walk you there, then I should be going. He hooked his sword onto his belt and then tapped outside. He’d her a rifle from the armory before he left camp. He was used to lookign after people, but usually it was a ship full of men, and here he felt he had his hands full with just one woman. But she was his wife, and he did have feeling for her other than simple duty. -03:59 Oct 23
Telara: Telara made quick work of getting dressed. She was so late…! Why did let herself sleep in? She had a checklist of all the things she had done wrong while under this internship! Telara was really surprised the doctor hadn’t told her to back her things and get off the planet. Once she stepped outside she was wearing a lab jacket with a little name badge and a white pair of slacks. …even just looking at him made her smile. She didn’t know why she was feeling so extra fond of him this morning! "I’m ready to get yelled at by my boss!" -04:05 Oct 23
Nicholas: He had a rifle slung over his shoulder and a grin playig across his lips. "I don’t think he’d do that in front of me." he was wearing a white shirt with a waistcoat and rugged green pants and his navy boots and had his hair tied back on a polytail. "But I can’t stay long, they begin thier hunt at noon for luck." he satrted walkign his hands clasped behind his back. "Do you like it here?" -04:09 Oct 23
Telara: "I could do without the local bugs, but I love my job. You have no idea how exciting it is to discover something new, and then all the experimentations for finding out what it can do!" She was very expressive with her hands, and breakfast must have perked her up a bit because she was a lot more animated. …or maybe it was the subject! "We’ve already documented over two hundred species and who knows how many others we’ll get through before my internship is over. And you know, I ‘ve only had the one accident, so I think that’s a pretty good start for my first exploration. -04:14 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I do have an idea." he said. "I’m interacting with a brand new culture, I’ve been patroling unknown space for years, there is always something new to discover out here. And often I do. That’s half the point of having ships this far out. But I don’t think this palnet will be colonised any time soon, which means this place will be left in peace after we leave. You should see the drawing of us in the village I think we’ll be remembered for generations here." -04:18 Oct 23
Telara: "That’s the joy of being invading space aliens." Telara stopped in front of her tent, reeling on her heels before she placed her hands on both sides of his face and gave him a quick kiss. She didn’t know why that still made her face tinge red and give her those fuzzy feelings, but she did enjoy it. "Have a good day, Nicholas." -04:24 Oct 23
Nicholas: He kissed her back brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face. "Stay safe." then he was moving towards the edge of camp towards the marked trail between thier camp and the vilage being joined by two men. Tobay would be a aby of learning and teaching, and in his pocket he had one of his medals as a gift for the chief. -04:28 Oct 23
Telara: Telara was still grinning and a little giddy when she entered the tent, paying no mind to the scowling Doctor as she made her way over to her area and picked up her work clipboard. "Good morning Doctor Heilemann!" -04:32 Oct 23

Four yours later one of the soldiers came running back into camp, out of breath and sweaty. He made strait for the doctor and his assistant and came to a half, panting before he saluted. “Sir, its the captain. We were witht he Ashite and this creature as big as a tent…” he swallowed still breathing hard. “They say he’s been poisined by it’s claws and they want permition to use a cure on him.” -Nicholas

Telara: Telara was weary after hours on her feet and staring through microscopes, but the moment that soldier came bursting in she was darting to follow him without hesitation. …but the Doctor grabbed her shoulder. "Hold on, Miss Sammy, you’re no medicak doctor. What sort of cure, boy! We;ve already had bad experiences with the flora on this planet, we don’t need to be making more hasty decisions!" Telara pulled away from him, brushing past the soldier too. "That’s my husband! And standing here asking questions is wasting time…!" -04:41 Oct 23

The soldier pointed. “In thier vilage, they have him there, het had to tie him down so he doesn’t hurt himself…” he swallowed again still trying to catch his breath. “You have to come quickly.” -Nicholas

The Doctor snorted. Of course those savages wouldn’t think to take a man somewhere he could get care, but the soldiers should have known better! …and his intern was escaping! “Lead on boy, lead on. MISS SAMMY, wait for escort…!” He complained, hopping after the woman before she ran off in to the jungle alone. He cared little about losing soldiers, but losing precious interns would be an issue! -Telara

Telara: Telara wasn’t slowing down to wait for the doctor or for any escorts. She knew where the village was and time was always of the essence when it came to poisons. She just had this sickening feeling at the pit of her stomach… What if he died? They barely started their life…! -04:52 Oct 23

the soldier hurried back to the begining of the marked trail and also called out. “This way, follow the yellow pain on the trees.” he moved quickly and soon they were close to the vilage where the other soldier was helping the vilage doctor hold the captain down as he seemed to be strugling. His shird torm on the shoulder and stained red. -Nicholas

Telara: There was a lot of blood. Normally something like that wouldn’t have bothered her, she though… but it was his blood and she was adding it to a check list of all the ways he could die. She was at his side in a second, despite warnings and pressing a hand to his cheek. He looked awful…! "How bad is this?" She was trying to stay calm! -04:57 Oct 23

The Doctor finally caught up, huffing and puffing and trying to catch his breath. The minute he reached them, he was pulling her away from the subject by the back of her coat. “Stand back, woman. This is a true doctor’s work. What is the damages? Has the blood flow been stopped? Which creature was it?” -Telara

Nicholas: He was looking at her but dhe didn’t appear to be seeing her before she wsa pulled away. "That one." the soldier said pointing at a dead creature the size of a rhino that hade been killed by gunfire and bought back. "I have them leave the plats out that tehy were going to use to cure him, they also brouhg up some of the creatures claws…" The plants were indeed there and the two native wariors holding Nocholas down shifted to let the doctor, and the witchdoctor who had taken Telara’s arival as the signal to proceed access to the patient. -05:02 Oct 23
Telara: "Then lets get this done, he doesn’t look to be taken it well." Calm, she would be calm. The natives had a cure, so there was no reason to panic. She had now moved to the other side of him, depsite the Doctor’s fussing. "OUT of the question! Absolutely nothing will be done until this man has had a proper examination and blood tests on both him and the creature. These plants don’t even look to be documented yet!" He was trying to block access to the man’s body, but Telara very sharply slapped his hands away. "I don’t believe you are a medical doctor either, sir, so why don’t we allow the ones with actual experience to take care of it!" The Doctor looked appalled. "Are you questioning me, Miss Samhein?" "MRS and YES. Get out of the way!" -05:13 Oct 23

The doctor was taking the plats and mashing the up with the ground claw and maasing in into a paste. Then he was using a bone knife to cut the shirt away from the wound as one of the warriours pushed a piece of raw hidr in Nocholas’ mouth to prevent him from biting his own tongue, then the paste was ready and was being held out to Telara to apply to a leaf and press into the wound. -Nicholas

Telara: "Using local flora without appropriate testing is a dangerous thing, I do believe you have learned that first hand madam! I forbid this." He looked like he was going to intervene on the entire process but Telara was waving a hand at him in signal for anyone to keep him out of the way. "I respectfully disagree, Doctor, so if you’d kindly shut up and let me take care of my husband…" with that, she didn’t pay him a second glance. Telara was very carefully trying to apply the paste, pale faced and trying to keep her hands from shaking. -05:23 Oct 23

One of the natived took a hold of the doctor to pull him away saying in thier language he was agitating the air and making the woman’s hands shake, then two more who had been there during the attack moved to block him. Everyone was waiting for her and what she would do, and waiting in bated breath to see if it would work. -Nicholas

“Now see here, you savage heathens! I am a proffesional!” How dare they shuffle him aside, he was the lead researcher on this team! -Telara

Telara: Telara was very careful about smearing the paste, less because of concerns over it working, and more because he looked like he was in so much pain already! This had to hurt! Once the wound was covered with a good thick later she was looking to the witchdoctor for the next steps. She looked like she was ready to pass out, but someone had to keep their head or else the Doctor would probably roll over everyone! -05:38 Oct 23

the doctor motioned for her to apply it over the wound and to tie it on with scraps of leaver to rest there. The paste would draw the poinson out and redice his fever and delerium, hopefully. They knew for Telara that they were not affected the same way by the plants, but they didn’t have anythign else to try. -Nicholas

Telara: "This is going to be an exciting story to tell later, Nicholas." she mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hear But she just needed to make light of the moment. Telara layered several of the leaves over the paste and carefully had them tied down in place. A couple bandages volunteered by the soldiers helped keep it more secure. Then it was going to be the worst part… the waiting. She brushed her hand over his forehead, grimacing at the heat before she leaned down to kiss his temple. -05:46 Oct 23
Nicholas: He was hardly away of when was going on but the herbs seeped into his bloodstead they made him drowsy and he started to loose strength and soon tit was no longer needed for him to be held down. She and the doctor were left witht he soldiers as the tribe moved away out of respect. there wasn’t anythign else they could do except ask the spirits for help. -05:54 Oct 23

Now that he was no longer being bullied by savages, the Doctor advanced. Pulling the woman away by the arm to scold her. “Do you have any idea what you have done! If he dies it will be your doing. Do you want to lose your internship little lady?” -Telara

Telara: This was not the time she wanted to have this conversation. Telara was tired and afraid and frustrated. "I don’t want to lose my internship… I don’t want to lose my husband either! What did you expect me to do, wait days for researching the ingredients? He couldn’ve died before then." -05:59 Oct 23

“A fine reason why an intern should not be married and on expeditions. Unprofessional, foolhardy, disrespectful, and stupid! This is not going to look well for your reviews or your reccomendations having a dead Captain on your resume.” The doctor was on a good roll by then. Nothing he hated worse than being made a fool of! -Telara

Telara: That seemed to crack her resolve. The threat of her job didn’t seem to have any sort of meaning compared to the fact that Nicholas could die. And there would be nothing she could do about it. The man that cared for a complete stranger when they thought they were in their final hours, honored a marriage he never had to admit to, and paused his life to stay with her and get to know her on an unmodernized planet. …Telara burst in to tears and started sobbing! -06:10 Oct 23
[(Timeout) Nicholas got too distracted for their own good…] -06:31 Oct 23
[Nicholas enters.] -06:32 Oct 23
Nicholas: A hand came to rest on hers, he was moving but very weakly, his ees unfocused and his muscles twititching as from the doctor’s shelted the sound of chanting was heard. His eyes were open but keps darting this way and that his lips seeming liek they were trying to say something, but what was coming out wasn’t English. -06:36 Oct 23
Telara: She was still crying, and she couldn’t seem to stop! Between Doctor Heilemann and not knowing what would happen, she just couldn’t handle it anymore! But when he touched her hand, that at least silenced her to heavy sniffling. Telara sat down next to him and rest an arm and a head down on his stomach. She’d stay right there no matter what happened. -06:43 Oct 23
Nicholas: It lasted half an hour before the witchdoctor emerged from his hut a few seconds before the fever broke and he stopped moving, his eyes closing nad his face becoming more peacful. The witchdoctor knelt next to him and places an animal tooth on his chest, the same one he had been using as a focus for hims chanting and gave Telara a sign on encouragment. He would be waking up soon. Most of the danger had passed. -06:51 Oct 23
Telara: The witchdoctor recieved a weak smile. Telara was physically and mentally exhausted, but the reassurance was such a relief. Doctor Heilemann didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight, which, to her surprise was a relief too. Telara reached to brush her fingers against Nicholas’ cheek… he felt much cooler now. -06:56 Oct 23
Nicholas: It took a small while but he opened his eyes and they focused, then looking down he saw her and smiled weakly, the tooth was gone, and was nothere to be seen around hi even though no one has touched it. "Telara." he said weakly squeezing her hand. "I…" he blinked, "I had a dream about you." -07:00 Oct 23
Telara: "I hope it was a good dream." She was so relieved, she was tearing up all over again. Telara quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand before she leaned forward to brush a soft kiss over his mouth. "How do you feel…? You really scared me for a minute there…" -07:03 Oct 23
Nicholas: "There was a baby." he said, "You said you had my baby, and…" he looked up suddenly "You also said in three days a ship was coming to take me to the admiralty for a new ship, that there was danger ahead and that I needed to make sure you stayed close to me." he didn’t know why he was telling her all this now when she was lookign so happy and releaved. "Yet I am fine… what happened, you were meant to be gathering plants." -07:07 Oct 23
Telara: She looked a little surprised. That was some dream! But a dream was just a dream… Telara was just so glad he was okay! She grinned. "I was and then Thomas can running and puffing about you getting all chewed up and poisoned by a wild animal… Maybe I should have told you to stay safe." -07:14 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I am safe." he said with a weak smile. "I’ve had worse than this. But it’s a nice story to tell… wait, poison?" he looked worried. If he was poisoned how was he alive? -07:22 Oct 23
Nicholas: "I am safe." he said with a weak smile. "I’ve had worse than this. But it’s a nice story to tell… wait, poison?" he looked worried. If he was poisoned how was he alive? -07:22 Oct 23
Telara: "The animal was venomous. But the Ashite had a remedy. …Doctor Heilemann isn’t too pleased with me at the moment… He didn’t think it was a good idea." Telara left out the part about the man yelling at her and making her great. That really wasn’t the Doctor’s fault. Telara was brushing her fingers at his face again, checking to be sure that fever wasn’t coming back. "I was really scared Nicholas…" -07:26 Oct 23
Nicholas: He moved hsi ahdn to take hold of hers. "You don’t have to be, I’m fine. It will take most than a forrent animal to keep me from you." he squeezed her hand. "I care about you too much. -07:29 Oct 23
The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 005: People of the Jungle

After time to settle in, it was the great Doctor Klaus Heilemann’s first expedition out with his new intern. -Married- intern. Which might have bothered him the first day or so, but quickly found her too charming and accomidating for him to be angry with. In fact he was quite glad to be alone with the woman without the prying eyes of soldiers and reseach assistants. He and his intern were out deep in the jungle, a sanctioned area already deemed ‘safe’, and were collecting new samples. “Miss Sammy, you are doing quite weel, quite well… make sure to mind the stems and get a good long clipping. Yes, yes, like that.” He was leaning nice and close. The girl smelled like soap and fresh soil, how delightful! -Telara

Telara: They had been out collecting plants in to small trays for at least three hours now, and Telara loved every moment of it. Every single planet she saw was something new, at least to her. Regardless of whether or not some had already been worked on by former interns, she couldn’t wait to take a more detailed examinination herself. Telara grinned at the Doctor over her shoulder, leaning back on her haunches and dusting her hands over her pants. "I’m glad I’m doing a good job. It’s getting close to lunch, Doctor Heilemann. Do you want me to take these samples back now and take a break? I really wouldn’t mind staying a bit longer." -06:07 Jul 20

“Well, now, I wouldn’t turn down a few extra hours with a willing intern.” said the Doctor, patting her gently on the shoulder with a wiiiide grin. But he paused suddenly when there was a rustle in the bushes nearby. His hand very quickly coming off her shoulder as he cleared his throat. “A few more samples then. We only have a few more areas to go through.” -Telara

Telara: Telara squinted at the jungle around them, looking for the source of the sound. A few times she had spotted wild animals before, which was always fun! A few were furry, some looked reptilian… Plants might have been her first love, but animals were surely a close second. She gave a soft laugh at the Doctor’s tensing, assuming he wasn’t as keen on them as she was. "Don’t worry, Doctor. I can get through them very quick if you’d like to head back yourself." -06:14 Jul 20

He scoffed, almost blustering in an embarrassed bit of hurt pride. “Nonsense. I am here for your guidance. These areas have been rigorously scouted by the Queen’s Soldiers and deemed clear and safe for researchers. Of course, many a young intern has gotten cocky and wandered out in to the jungle to be lost on expeditions like this. I will not leave you alone for an instant.” He had every intention of staying there. But there was another rustle. A loud rustle. And the Doctor was gone without another peep! -Telara

Telara: "I really don’t intend to go wandering off in the ju-…. Doctor Heilemann…?" Telara glanced over her shoulder, and the man was no where to be found! Which… was a little baffling, because at the very least she should see or hear him running through the trees had he gotten spooked and ran away. "Doctor, this really isn’t f-!!" When she stood and turned around, she got a very clear look of what happened to the doctor. And before she could scream… she was out! -06:19 Jul 20
[Nicholas enters.] -06:29 Jul 20
[(Timeout) Nicholas has timed out.] -06:31 Jul 20
Nicholas: It had been a boring day in camp. Sitting around and waiting for his wife and that pervert to get back from the jungle hopign he wasn’t being made a cuckhold. Lunch came and went, him holding onto their in htheir tent and after an hour he started to get worried, grabbing his weapons and coat he started along the path they had left on and kept his eyes on the trees. He had a bad feeling about this. -06:32 Jul 20

Finding the designated area for the botanist’s current expedition was easy enough. There was a simple trail to follow, and the small camp marked out with long strings of yarn to know which sections had been covered and which still needed to be looked over. In fact, all of their things were still there. Several trays filled with dug up plants, now wilting without the attention, and little bags of seeds scattered around on the jungle floor. There was no sign of the Doctor or his intern. -Telara

Nicholas: Thsi was more worrying that thier mere absence. This area had been searched but surely they knew to stay on the trail and thier area… he frowned and drew his sword before searching for signs of a trail. -06:39 Jul 20

A little farther from the small camp there was a another trail. Almost unnoticable, except there seemed to be broken limbs and scattered leaves, fresh ones, from something the had been dragged for a bit before getting picked up. There were oddly shaped foot prints in the dirt, heading deeper in to the jungle! -Telara

Nicholas: With that proof he drew his pistol. They were not just for killing but primitiv natives usually ran from the loud sound they made. If it came to a fight though he had other plans. He hurried but not so much that he lost the trail, not that it was hard to follow. The prudent thing to do would bb to get backup but his wife was out here, and he sisn’t liek her in the wands of unknown aliens. -06:46 Jul 20

The distance was a fair bit away from the areas the Queen’s soldiers had deemed safe. The sound of a large stream could be heard and finally came in to sight and the jungle trees opened up to a secluded pond with a tall waterfall on the side of a short cliff. There were cave openings, though Very large cave openings with little carved symbols marked near the entrances. -Telara

[Nicholas enters.] -07:08 Jul 20
Nicholas: He kept his eye on the trail if footprints as he aproached but also remained alert for movement. He had no idea what he was facing, but whatever it was would be facing the determination of a man who has seen battle, and has dealt with natives before. -07:11 Jul 20

When looking past the waterfall in to the cave, there was a light far at the other end. Daylight, meaning it opened up to another area of the jungle on the otherside. When drawing nearer, there were sounds similar to drums coming through. Chattering and twittering that might’ve been discussions had it sounded more like human speech. -Telara

[(Timeout) Nicholas was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -07:18 Jul 20
Nicholas: He moved quicker, more sure of his direction and once at the other side he peered out to see what he could find. The professor could rot, but he wasn’t leaving his wife to die at the hands of savages, even if he had t show them what teh queen’s men could do himself. -07:18 Jul 20

There on the otherside was a bustling, very tiny little village… but the people did not look like people beyond familiar arms, legs and torsos. Covered in a strange mix of fur and scales, they were all going about normal daily tasks. Cooking meals outside of tanned tent homes, making things, chattering away… But a wooden made cage could be seen not too far away. Inside it were several frightened looking animals and one very annoyed looking Doctor Heilemann. His intern was nowhere to be seen! -Telara

Nicholas: So best casr scenrio she was back at camp, worst, that tub of lard was his only lead… he stepped out into baud daylight and sartated walking towards the village, then lifted his gun into the air and fired, any creature woulf be scared, then things might not be, either way they better not get in his way. -07:26 Jul 20

There was quite a bit of chaos as the village people started scattering! Smaller ones went running to the trees, some huddled in their tents. But the larger ones were up and grabbing weapons of their own. Spears with stone edges, strange looking devices that almost looked like guns. They were circling the intruder ready to prod at him. The Doctor looked estatic to be rescued! “Thank the Queen! Get me out of this cage, good man! Quickly now! God only knows what these savages are up to!” -Telara

Nicholas: He stopped, not advancing on them while they blocked hsi way, but he stayed erect anp pointed at the doctor with his sword letting them know his intent. "You’ll get out soon enough." he said in reply to the doctor. "Where is my wife?" -07:35 Jul 20

Many of the warriors looked very confused, but at least they understood the gesture. They still weren’t moving though. None of them seemed to want to go anywhere near the cage. “I am telling you, let me out of here immediately! The poor girl might already be skinned and eaten for all I know of these beasts! They dragged her off to one of those tents and I have not seen nor heard a squeak from her since!” -Telara

Nicholas: "Which tent?" he asked moving to the side to walk around the warrios if he could. He didn’t want to cause violence, but if they trued to stop him he would if he had to. -07:41 Jul 20

“The one with the red– No see here, you let me out of this cage right this instant! This is not something to be toyed with, boy, you don’t know what these savages might be capable of! Shoot them and get me out of here!” he rattled his cage, sending the poor little animals inside it scurrying around his feet. The warriors were very wary of the screaming beast in the cage, but kept their weapons trained on the one with the loud boomer. As he moved, they moved. Stepping to the side, not sure of where he was going, but not seeming to make any moves to attack or defend if he didn’t! -Telara

Nicholas: He pointed at the tent the professor had indicated and circled in it’s direction. Then moved closer to the cages. "Don’t move…." he pointed the gun at one of the animals and pulled the trigger as a demonstration as to what it could do, then pointed it at the locals and pointed at the professor, then the tent again. He wasn’t leaving without them. -07:49 Jul 20

With the loud boom of the gun, the dead critter, and the Doctor’s sudden shouting, the warriors got the idea! All of them looked a great deal more nervous, but they didn’t get in the way. …all but one! One very brave alien refused to be startled, and almost like a challenge he was approaching the stranger. He kept his spear pointed, but he gestured sharply at the tent and was the first to duck inside. -Telara

Nicholas: "I’ll be back for you." he told the professor. "Don’t do anything stupid." sword point first he followed the alien into the tent readt to slice that head right of that spear if he had to and keeping half an eye out behind himself in case they others tried to rush hum or the professor forgot not to be an idiot. -07:57 Jul 20
Telara: Inside the tent was Telara sitting cross legged with a variety of things in her lap, from little bowls of what looked like food to a big pile of leaves that she was looking over. Behind her was one of the smaller villagers, marvelling at her hair, and standing now to the side was the warrior looking incredibly cross. Gesturing at Telara in question to see if that is what the stranger wanted. When Telara spotted him, she was immediately reaching her hands out for him. "Nicholas…! Did you know how many of these you can eat..!" She was either very drunk, or very high. Either way she was delighted and unharmed. -08:02 Jul 20
Nicholas: Nicholas was caught between being happy to see her and being irritated that she’d try untested plants just because aliens with most likely incompatible physiology saif she could. "You look happy.." he said a smile creeping across his features in spite of himself and his sword was pushed into it’s shieth and he used that hand to toutch her cheek lightly. "But you know you shouldn’t be eating things you don’t know are safe. These people might have immunities you don’t.. you could be poisoned." -08:08 Jul 20
Telara: "I didn’t want to offend them or scare them… They already had a bad turn with the Doctor when I woke up." she was very happy to see him. Enough to pull him down, very ungracefully to sit with her and offered him one of the bowls. "This tastes very sweet and it’s my favorite, but I’ve discovered the flower petals of… oh, where is it… this flower!" She fumbled around until she found it in her hair and pulled it out to offer him too. "This flower makes you um… a little tinglie." She wiggled her fingers near her head, laughing in the process. -08:13 Jul 20

The standing warrior knelt nearby and he spoke with a weird combination of clicks and grunts to get her attention. He gestured towards the stranger, then at his weapons. -Telara

Nicholas: He put botht he flower and the bowl down and instead put his hands either side of her head and pulled her closer. "And what if you had gotten sick?" he asked. "Then what? I would never have known what happened to you. He was ignoring the warrior for now, he was much more concerned about Telara. "I don’t want to lose my wife Telara." -08:17 Jul 20
Telara: "I… hadn’t thought of that…" It seemed to resonate with her enough to temper her mood. The worry on his face made her respond the most, making her rest her hands on his and looking very apologetic. "I’m sorry, Nicholas. No more experiments, I promise." -08:23 Jul 20

The warrior seemed very interested in the exchage. Enough so that he relaxed and lowered his own weapon. He fussed at the other in the sent, sending them out with a few grunted clicks. Possibly to explain to the ones waiting outside. He, however, stayed there. Staring with interest! -Telara

Nicholas: He kissed her forehead gently and let go of her holsterign his gun and taking her hand to hold in his lap. "Do you wnt to go rescue your boss, or see what thier leader wants first?" -08:25 Jul 20
Telara: "I think they are just curious to who and what we are… I’m not a linguist so I can’t be entirely sure." Now that he wasn’t upset, she was happy again. Sleepily leaning against his arm and shoulder. "Poor Doctor Heilemann had no idea what to do and paniced, which ended up with him in that cage. I tried to explain what we were doing, and I think they understood that I like plants… so they brought me all sorts to look at and food to try. I think I lost track of time." -08:30 Jul 20
Nicholas: He closed his arms around her and leaned his head against hers. "I started looking for you an hour after the lunch bell." he said "Its about two now." he sighed. "I have better give these people a peace offering before we leave, I think I scared a few of them. But I’m just glad you’re safe." -08:33 Jul 20

The warrior spoked up again, lifting an arm to point at the opening of the tent in annoyance, off in the direction the doctor was caged. At Telara it was a much gentler, but more confused motion. He was looking for answers himself, and decided this creature was the head creature. It had weapons. -Telara

Telara: "I am safe… they’ve been very kind to me. I can’t really feel my legs, but that is probably my own fault." Telara seemed to think it was funny, anyway. She was grinning still, glad he was there and not in any sort of rush. -08:44 Jul 20
Nicholas: Following the gesture he looked at the professor and sighed. "I suppose we should free him, after making him promise not to do anything rash. They probably thought you were gathering food in the forest." he held up his hand and then used hsi other hand to put Telara’s in his, a clear indication to the tribe’s apparent leader that they were a couple. Though expaining the professor would be tricker. The thought of trying to convince the natived the professor was his servant crossed his mind but he thought better of it. He pointed to Telara, the at the professor and then piced up one of the leaves and mined examining it. "Hope that gets the point across." -08:49 Jul 20

Giving some acknowledgement, the warrior seemed to have a vague understanding. He gestured to things they offered to Telara and then at the tent opening, motioning that they were welcome to leave. He even made his exit first. Shooing away those that were still lingering with weapons drawn. He was chittering away at them, explaining all as best he could about the creatures. -Telara

Telara: "I love my job…" she sighed in a pleased way. Giving Nicholas an all too adoring look. He had been worried and came to rescue her. Very few people who do such a thing. "We’ve made friends with another people, no one has ever seen before. And I had only come for the plants." -08:58 Jul 20
Nicholas: He held onto her hand and stood, taking her with him outside and heading towards the cage. "It almost ended badly though…" he said "I would have killed them if they got between me and you." finly getting to the cage he looked at the professor. "Do anything stupid and I’ll put you back in here myself. You scared them that is why you’re in here." -09:05 Jul 20
Telara: Telara was very light and wobbly on her feet. She made sure to hold tight to his hand and on occasion to his arm when she needed the extra balance. Even at the chance of it ending badly and him having killed someone made her smile. Something like that -shouldn’t- make her smile, but what it meant and how it made her feel was a very giddy thing. "Everything is okay, Doctor Heilemann. They don’t seem to be aggressive at all. When we return to camp you can tell your colleges that you have discovered the first native people!" -09:08 Jul 20

The Doctor was almost shaking the cage again, but with Telara’s words, that seemed to give him a nice bolster of confidence. “Well… yes! Yes I can. Poor creatures, of course they would be frightened of a strong alien race. I will attempt to look as least threatening as possible. Do let me out of this contraption and get us back. I am famished.” -Telara

Nicholas: "I had a flower you could have eaten but I dont’s ahnt to carry both of you back." he said intying the cage and letting him.. just him not the other creatures out. Then retying it in a bow he picked up his wife and started leading the way back his Telara bridal style in hsi arms. -09:12 Jul 20
Telara: "Hello there, husband…" More smiling a bit of giggling, she draped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek. He was wonderful and strong and amazing… she really did have quite a few words to describe him rolling through her head. -09:16 Jul 20

The natives watched curiously as they left the village, none moving to bother them as they left. Though a few looked very nervous about the Doctor being let out. None followed! The Doctor stayed closed to the Captain’s heels, giving the girl a very peculiar look. “I do say, girl, you are behaving strange. Cut that nonsense out, every thing will be just fine now!” -Telara

Nicholas: Before he left he did leave something for the tribe, a small dagger that looked starper than anything they had. They’d find utility for it he was sure. "He’ll be cause seen." he promised Telara. "Theres food waiting for you and then you’re going to shake off whatever you ate, and I’ll be right next to you." through the cave and back to the trail to camp. He didnt stop at the wiltine samples, if the professor wanted them he couls get them himself. -09:21 Jul 20

The Doctor was at least a professional. Even when the Captain was moving on, the Doctor stayed behind to gather up everything that was vitaly important. He wouldn’t let a morning of work go to waste. -Telara

Telara: "I feel just fine." she mumbled soft, a giggling following it. Where her attention had been focused on the neat leaves before, now it was entirely on him. "You came to rescue me, in the middle of the jungle, without anyone to help… that’s as foolish as eating strange plants." -09:26 Jul 20
Nicholas: "Hey at least I was trying to help someone." he teased entering camp and makign a bealine for their tent and laying her down on the cot. "And the professot gets to tell everyong about the natives, so everyones happy." he got her a big flass of water and gave it to her to drink, it should help. "Just don’t eat any more until they’ve been tested, okay?" -09:29 Jul 20
Telara: Telara nodded, taking a quick drink of the water and looking very much chided. "I really didn’t know what to do. It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. I’ve been taught about plants, they really never gave instructions on what to do if we stumble over natives. I think the Doctor was a little at loss what to do also, having to worry about me too." If Telara smiled any wider at him her face was going to freeze that way. Telara rubbed her cheek for a moment, wondering if it really would. -09:35 Jul 20
Nicholas: "Then its a good thing you have me along." he said. "I will ope diplomatic relations with them and we’ll see where that leads. I AM trained in hos to deal wth them, though world or fire. Though I won’t be using fire." he sat next to her. "And I don’t want to lose you again, okay?" -09:38 Jul 20
Telara: "You didn’t lose me, I was just absent for a few hours…" she didn’t mean to make light of his concern. But she did want him to feel less upset. Nothing terrible happened, and she was starting to think they both had a lucky streak. She leaned to kiss his cheek. "I’ll be more careful. It’s not likely I’ll get in to any more trouble." -09:43 Jul 20
Nicholas: He held o to her and sighes. "I know… but…" he was being silly and he lay down on the bed and put his weapons ont he bedside table. "It would be bad if something did right after you came into my life." -09:45 Jul 20
Telara: Telara drank the rest of the water and set the glass aside. Then she moved to lay on top of him, crossing her arms over his chest and resting her chin on her arms. "I think after surviving a potential death in the black, we won’t have to worry about that. I’m yours now, Captain. I’m not going anywhere." -09:50 Jul 20
The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 003: A Real Marriage

[Telara is asleep on top of a star captain on a lost boat in the middle of space. At least she is dressed, because it’s pretty dang cold!] -02:13 Jul 07
[Nicholas has gone from depressed and on half pay to married and going to die in a matter of hours… though right now hes too busy being asleep to care.] -02:16 Jul 07
Telara: Three days lost in space and their supply was officially out. Telara had come to terms with their invitable doom, and it was surprising she even managed to fall asleep. The small boat wasn’t exactly comfortable, but the Captain made a warm pillow. She was sleeping pretty soundly until a loud horn seemed to echo in the black. -02:24 Jul 07
Nicholas: He opened his eyes and saw only blackness littered with stars. He pulled himself upright and looked around seeing somehtign that made his blood freeze… it was the ship.. was it still in pirate hands? Slowly he shook Telara and pointed the ship out to her before giving the a loot that said ‘what now’. they were to weak to fight if it were pirates.. and if they were not then… they had stolen a boat, gotten married adn almost died for nothing. -02:29 Jul 07
Telara: She was weary and it took her a moment to realize what he was pointing at out there in the dark. The ship! It was a strange mix of relief and dread, especially from the look of his expression. She shifted to find her pack, every intention of going down fighting if it were pirates! But soon the ship was in close enough line of sight to see people at the rails. And those people were definitely not pirates! “Those are sailors!” -02:33 Jul 07
Nicholas: He closed his eyes and let out a breath. “They won.” he shook his head and smiled as the ship got closer and pulled them alongside. “We’re not going to die after all..” he gently kissed her on the cheek and smiled as the crew prepaired to pull them on board all they had to do was wait… and feel like an idiot.. they had spent three days adrift for nothing -02:36 Jul 07
Telara: The meaning of it hadn’t yet sank in for Telara. She was just so glad to be alive and pulled out of the black. Itching so bad to get out of that lifeboat, she nearly tumbled out once they were up on deck. They were alive, and not a pirate to be seen! -02:44 Jul 07

And there was the Captain. A much older gentleman with greying hair and a very stern face as he approached. Hands clapsed behind his back as he regarded them both with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t say a word, he seemed to be waiting for them to explain! -Telara

Nicholas: Captain Burke stapped onto beck adn looked around, it seemed they wanted to take Telara to rest which was understandable but.. “Thank you for the rescue.” he said and waited for most of the crew to get back to business then spoke to the captain derectly “We thought you ahd fallen to pirates.” -02:48 Jul 07

The Captain raised on eyebrow. “Did you, now? Had no faith in a passenger vessel’s ability to self defend? I’ve been sailing ships before your father was even alive, boy.” After the stern words, his expression softened in to a wide grin. “A resourceful choice. The wrong choice, but resourceful. You are not the only life boat we’ve pulled out of the sea… You ARE the only one to harm one of my crew in the process.” He turned to eye Telara, curiously. “What exactly do you have in that bag, miss…?” -Telara

Telara: “One of the crew…?” Her grinning and relief at all being safe and sound was fading. It wasn’t a pirate she spritzed in the face? Wait… the crew fought off the pirates without a problem. She gave a very slow examining look at Mister Captain Burke. -02:54 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked back at her… then stepped away from the captain to he and leaned in close. “Did you notice they were crewmen?” he looked at the captain, then at the crew then back at her and bit his lip “Looks like we got married for nothing…” -02:58 Jul 07
Telara: “He looked like a pirate to me… There is a reason uniforms exist.” Then she paused, giving him a surprised look. She couldn’t possibly be mad about them escaping on the boat. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do. But he was right. They were married! Perhaps not in paperwork, but definitely in spirit. ….and in body. Telara was very quickly covering her face with her hands. What did she do! -03:05 Jul 07
Nicholas: He put his arms around her and pulled her close much to the raising of eyebrows from the captain. “It alright..” he whispered to her. “We will decide what we want to do when we have a chance to talk.. I’m not convinced its a abd thing..” -03:08 Jul 07

The Captain was very interested in their conversation. He did not know the Captain Burke personally, but he -did- know the father. This would be a juicy bit of gossip. “Ahem, ahem. I believe the Lady’s stop is within a few hours. I suggest taking the time to recollect yourself, Miss. …or make other arrangements…” he mused out loud. With that, he left them. Ordering his crew about and reassuming their business. -Telara

Telara: They were back to reality. She was on her way to her internship and he was on his way home. And they were married! Married to a stranger she had only known for three days. Yet being held didn’t feel like it was coming from a stranger. Telara just wished her face wasn’t so red and she didn’t feel so stupid! “I let myself get carried away. I am so sorry.” -03:15 Jul 07
Nicholas: He brushed his hands though her hair as he thought. “We both did…” he said quietly “But we are married and.. an expidition sounds a lot better that waiting at home for another commition..” he said looking down at her “If you could bare having me along…” -03:17 Jul 07
Telara: “You want to come with me?” Telara was stunned and there was no hiding it on her face. She hadn’t thought he would take the marriage seriously, let alone come with her to a wilderness planet to stare at plants. “You… You really don’t have to be married to me out of any duty or honor. I would understand…” -03:22 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and cracked a small smile “I just think we should give what he have a chance, it it doesn’t work out then… ” he left the question unanswered “Would you rather I want back and was introduced to orinf noble after boring noble with no sense of adventure?” -03:25 Jul 07
Telara: “I would rather you did what you wanted to do…” which, she had to admit… there was that little, joyous bit of her that was thrilled. Marrying a stranger in a lifeboat on a whim was a silly thing. Staying married to them was a crazy risk. …an adventurous one! It definitely helped that when he smiled, it made her want to smile too. She returned it, even if it was a little unsure. “By all means, come with me. I am not sure if it will be allowed, or if you will even like it. But I doubt it would be worse than being lost at sea?” -03:29 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and put his arm aroufn her shoulder to walk with her. -03:31 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and put his arm aroufn her shoulder to walk with her. “If they protest say I’m your husband, and no matter where you expidition is a sword adn a gun is always a wise precaution.” he let her lead the way, she seemed to get lost less than he did. “The navy will know when to find me if they need me.” -03:33 Jul 07
Telara: Telara took a look at his arm around her, biting her lip and trying to surpress that really silly urge to start giggling. Then she was glancing back up at him. “The husband part migh be the problem… My mentor specifically was looking for unmarried interns. I just hope he doesn’t change his mind when I arrive with a new husband in tow. But maybe the promise of extra protection is good?” -03:39 Jul 07
Nicholas: He didn’t know if he liked the sounds of a man looking for single interns but what was done was done.. “We’ll see when we get there, if not when I get a commision you’re welcome to travel with me and visit every planet we find with plants and animals on it.” he sight “We should go to your cabon and then mine to pack up if I’m disembarking with you.” -03:43 Jul 07
Telara: She grinned wide. “I wasn’t kidding when I said everything I own is in my pack… There’s nothing in my cabin.” She went from having a set future, to dying within days, to now… having a whole new universe of possibilities. Telara’s life plan had stopped at finishing her internship and getting a job. Now she was wondering how Captain Burke would fit in to the equation. “So to your cabin we go.” she paused. “How will we tell our parents?” -03:47 Jul 07
Nicholas: He walked down to the corridor where his cabin lay and pushed open the door. “If this works out I’ll introduce you to them.” he said with a smile. I know one of them would be plad I settled down. So how about you? Any family who would be disappointed in your choice of husband?” he grabbed his bag and tossed the few ods and ends that were lying around into it, nosst of what he ahd was in a trunk boing posted home so he didn’t have much on him. “So what planet are we going to be on?” -03:52 Jul 07
Telara: “They will first be amazed that it happened in such a story worthy way, be glad I married a Lord and not a sheep herder, and then fuss and complain that there wasn’t a fancy wedding…” Telara watched with interest, taking a peek at what he was packing away. What a person carried with them was always a window to who they were. “Hmm, the place is called HB259… they are still debating what it’s given name will be. A lot of arguing over who gets to name it. It’s very new! They haven’t even explored all of the wilderness yet!” -03:56 Jul 07
Nicholas: There were books, a spyglass, a spare set of clothes, a book of loose papers, one of which was sticking out and had music scribbled on it and a small pouch. Then he closed up his bag and looked at her. “All set, I’ll just ahdve to send a message to my family so they won’t expect me.” he leaned forwards to experimentally kiss her cheek “then I’m all yours…” -04:03 Jul 07
Telara: “All mine…?” what a wistful tone to her voice! She hadn’t meant to say it like that, but kissing her cheek was such a soft and sweet thing, it left her a little… Floaty! This would be an interesting trip. “They are going to be surprised…” -04:06 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Yes, I imagine they wil be.” he said thoughtfully as he took ehr hand and lead her away formt he cabin and then stopped suddenly and looked at her biting his lip. Then he pulled a ring from his finger and placed it in her hand. “Keep this on you too, it has the amily crest on it, a little reminder this isn’t a dream.” -04:11 Jul 07
Telara: “Proof that I am your wife?” she gave an amused smile, before trying the ring on each of her fingers. Too big…! Telara settled for taking off the small necklace she wore and slipping the ring on to the chain. “I don’t have anything to give you. This will have to do.” A spur of the moment desire. Telara stood on her toes and leaned to brush a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth. -04:17 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stopped and grinned at her pulling ehr into a hug and nuzzling into her. “Thats plenty.. and its more the case that everyone on the family has one.. so you shoudl too.” he took her hand and started walking towards the deck, they’d be landing soon and being taken down to the surface. It was about to get interesting. -04:30 Jul 07
Telara: Telara quickly decided she really liked that feeling! Yet, no matter how compelled she was by her spur of the moment husband, knowing she was soon about to start her new internship took precedence. It was the beginning of her new career, and she spent their time waiting for the transport boats being more nervous about it than about waiting for death. And was suddenly very grateful that she had someone’s hand to hold on to. -04:36 Jul 07
Nicholas: He held her hand until it was thier time to board the boat that would take them down and put his arms around her as they desceneded. Maybe not acceptable behaviour in public but out here the rules were blured. “So how does it feel?” he asked her looking at the trees below them. “To eb going to a world so new, and probably going to discover a new species or two…” -04:40 Jul 07
Telara: She obviously enjoyed her work, because she immediately started grinning. “Adventerous? Amazing? If I find one myself I could name it anything I wanted. I could name one after you! And the best part is studying their makeup… To see what is good for eating, or gardening, or medicene… Or fighting pirates when the need arises.” -04:44 Jul 07
Nicholas: Ne grinned when she mentioned naming somethign after him. “You should leave fighting to me unless you have to fight.” he said putting hsi arm arounf her and kissing her keek as the camp came into view. “I’m sure you’ll find lots of things… Maybe even a new kind of animal.. or somethign else entirely.” -04:52 Jul 07
Telara: Having him there was going to make focusing on work a little difficult. …that wasn’t entiely a bad thing. She hoped! The camp was a hodge podge of big tents, surrounding a building that was still under construction. As far as Telara was informed, it would be a shared base for both Soldiers and Scientists as the planet was explored in more detail. With it still unfinished, it looked like Telara wasn’t kidding when she mentioned it would be less than comfortable. Once the boat landed, she and the Captain weren’t the only two to be landed. There were others leaving to meet their own superiors… while Telara immediately grinned and held her hand out to the hunched over old man with wild white hair and insanely thick glasses. “Doctor Klaus Heilemann. I am so very, very, very honored to meet you and be a part of your expedition!” -05:04 Jul 07

The doctor took her hand and petted it, leaning in close to get a good look at her and his smile couldn’t be described as anything other than lecherous. “Well, well, you’re a day late, but I think the wait was worth it… What was that name again? Miss Telula Sammy? You will be a pleasure.” He paused when he realized there was another waiting. The doctor adjusted his glasses. “I don’t remember requesting a second intern…” -Telara

Nicholas: The look on his face was less than amused. “I’m not an intern.” he said smiling warmly. “I’m Captain Nicholas Burke, Navy, I’m here to lend a sword adn gun to your defence if its needed, and to my wife’s if required.” -05:11 Jul 07

His expression didn’t change. The doctor just waved a hand to shoo the Captain away. “Go on then, tend to your services and wife. Stop bothering my work.” His attention was focused back on Telara again, petting her hand and grinning wide. “Where were we? Yes, yes, Miss Sammy, it is a pleasure to have a fresh new intern serving under me. Work is very intensive, you see. Day and night.” -Telara

Telara: “It’s Telara Samhain… I mean Telara Samhain Burke, actually, and he is my husband…?” She didn’t want to correct her new mentor right off the bat. And was incredibly worried that he was going to turn her around and ship her right back off the planet. “I promise it won’t be any trouble at all, or ever affect my work or my focus. He wanted to be here with me?” -05:18 Jul 07

“Married! This won’t do at all, I specifically requested young and single.” He really made no effort to hide his intentions and looked pretty cross about the entire thing. …after a moment he resumed patting her hand. “Well. Can’t be helped now. It would take ages to find a new intern. You’ll be a good, helpful girl, though, won’t you Miss Sammy? No men in the work place.” -Telara

Telara: “Of course…!” Telara was grinning, not picking up the doctor’s behavior at all. As far as she was concerned, the man was her idol and smartest person in the galaxy! “I’ll take care of everything you need, I promise.” -05:34 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stepped up and put his hand on Telara’s shoulder. “Within reason. Of course.” she was startstruck, that much was obvious, and he was a lecherous old coot, a dangerous combination. “Though you’ll understand we were only married a few days ago so we’ll want time together.” even if they weren’t going to be having sex things needed to be discussed. “So if you don’t mind where will we be sleeping?” -05:49 Jul 07

The Doctor didn’t look like he appreciated the interjection. And looked even more cross about considering the living arrangments. “I was expecting only one… …but yes, yes, there is a personal tent ready for the Intern. Come this way please.” He pulled Telara’s hand to hook her arm around his. Perfectly polite escorting, and having no issue whatsoever in ignoring her husband. “Miss Sammy, I will glady allow you this evening to rest. In the morning we might have breakfast together before I show you our work space. Ah! Here we are.” He gestured to the tent. It wasn’t exactly big, and there was little more than a cot and some tables and cubbards inside. But it looked solid enough. -Telara

Telara: “I really do appreciate you making the accomodations for us. I know it was unexpected.” Starstruck was definitely the way she’d describe it. The man was brilliant in his field and here she was getting to work with him, despite everything! She was lucky, for sure. -05:59 Jul 07
[Nicholas enters.] -06:15 Jul 07
Nicholas: Burke Didn’t like the way he was being ignored but he followed and when they were in the tent he looked around. “We’ll share a bed and I could help here and there.” he said “Wouldn’t want to be too much of a burden. I think I’ll get to know the soldiers too. They’re no sailors but I’m sure they’ve scouted aorund and made sure the area is safe. As for weapons.. I have my own.” He grinned at the doctor. “Until tomorow..” -06:20 Jul 07
[Telara waved a goodbye to her mentor, and was riding a wave of dreamy excitement!] -10:39 Jul 07
[Nicholas doesn’t like how his new wife’s boss in only interested in getting into her pants.] -10:41 Jul 07
Telara: Telara set her pack down and was already busy pulling out all of her little bags of tiny plants and setting them around on any empty surface space she could find. She had a beaming grin, and could not contain it. “I can’t wait to start tomorrow. He is nicer than I thought he would be. His thesis papers always sounded so stern.” -10:44 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Hes a lecherous old man.” Nocholas said strait out. “Why do you think he was asking for single assistants?” he put his guns on the table followed but his sword before stripping off his coat and boots. He had been wearign them for the past three days. “So don’t let him take advantage of you if he tries.. okay?’ his voice was soft but there was a twinge of jealousy in his heart that made it hard to sound so. “I know we’re not really married in the sense we’ve agreed to commitment but… thta is the letter of the spirit of marriage and… I do have feelings for you.” -10:50 Jul 07
Telara: “Most do prefer that interns are single and without children. Going on location like this isn’t easy for families.” Telara was a little bemused with him accusing the Doctor of being lecherous. But it was his last comment that made her pause mid-way through rummaging in her bag. “We are really married. Commitment and everything that comes with it…” At least that is what it meant to her. They might have married under a strange circumstance, but it still meant something to her. Telara stared down in to her pack, a moment of sheepishness washing over her. “And I’m fond of you. I would have agreed to you coming if I wasn’t…” she admitted. -10:55 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stepped closer. “And wouldn’t have come if I didnt think Us married in the commited sense.. and it I didn’t think You left for me something life I feel for you…” he took her hand in his. “We were married under stange conditions, but thats what makes it special.” -11:00 Jul 07
Telara: “It’s a very backwards way to start a romance, though, you have to admit…” she was teasing, and it was impossible not to grin up at him. He definitely made everything different. “I guess I am lucky he let you stay. It wouldn’t be so easy building a marriage with you worlds away.” -11:04 Jul 07
Nicholas: “NAd reuniting woulf have been dificult.. at least now we can explore…” he was standing up against her and brushing his hand over her hair. “IWhat we’re doing feels right, and if it feels right, who are we to judge..” -11:07 Jul 07
Telara: Feeling right might have been an understatement. Such a simple touch, and Telara was sure if she grinned any wider her face would crack. She felt way too light on her feet. “It would have waited until was over, and I am not sure how long the Doctor will want to keep me. Though they might still call you for a ship.” Telara was a little hesitant to move, but once she did, it was such a simple thing to lean forward against him. Slipping her arms around his waist and resting her head against his chest. -11:12 Jul 07
Nicholas: HE held onto her and nuzzled against her. “They promoted me just to retire my ship a few months later. Someone in the admiralty is odviously displeased with me.” he said. “It will be months before I get another ship.. years maybe depending… I would prite a letter asking but I won’t get a reply out here… and I’m glad to be here with you.” he rocked gently side to side with her. “Couldn’t imagne being anywhere else right now.” He had the effect on him, like he wanted to stay with her forever and never leave. -11:20 Jul 07
Telara: “You have a charming way with words, Captain Burke. I can’t imagine who could be displeased with you.” This was amazing. No impending death, no desperation to connect… and yet it still felt comfortable and exhilarating at all the same time. All of her excitement about her internship was forgotten for the time being. “I’ll have to see if the Doctor will let me request a bigger bed. You are going to barely fit on it just by yourself, let alone with me in it too.” -11:27 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Me managed in the baot.” he said pouting with the mention of the doctor. “But you’re right.. we’ll manage for now but in future we’ll need something bigger.” he pulled away to look at her and brush the hair from her face.. then slowly lean forwards to kiss her “And thats.. for no reason..” -11:30 Jul 07
Telara: “The boat was… a little longer…?” She was breathless. Smitten maybe. Made worse by thinking about a possible future where they were shopping around for just the right bed to put in their very own bedroom. She grinned again. “You could do again for no reason. All the time now. Maybe even when I’m working if the Doctor doesn’t see…” -11:47 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Or right now…” he rubbed the back of her neck and kissed her again, sloftly and then rested his cheek agaist hers. “I’m going to be doing that a lot so keep your guard up.. You cna too though..” he sighed, being close to her.. even thouhg they had ben close for three days and now could be far apart if they chose… -11:52 Jul 07
Telara: Telara gave a soft laugh. “My guard up? You make it sound like you’re going to pounce me, Captain.” She kinda liked the sound of that. Tilting her head she brushed a kiss against his cheek. Her fingers were curling in to the fabric at his back. “So if I wanted to kiss you now and see if it is as breath taking on land as it is in space, I could?” -11:56 Jul 07
Nicholas: He placed his hand on her cheek and brushed the tip of his nose against hers. “You could, you are after all my wife and we have…” he let out a beath They had consumated their marriage and it had been an experience like no other. “THe more you kiss me though the more I’ll pounce you.” -12:01 Jul 07
Telara: “I am not sure if that is a threat or a promise…” And she really wanted to find out! It only took a quick raise on her toes to close the distance and press her lips to his. An experimental test of pressure and soft taste with her tongue. -12:08 Jul 07
Nicholas: He pushed back his lips brushing against hers as they parted and he ran his fingers through her hair and leaned against her his arm wrapping around her waist. “Fells breathtaking to me..” he whispered… “And its both a promise and the threat.” -12:11 Jul 07
Telara: She laughed softly, shifting her arms up to circle his neck and making it so much easier for her to pull him down to her level. “Which one do I get for…” she kissed him again, no less gentle and with a nip of her teeth. Lingering until she had to pull away just to breathe. Definitely just as breath taking on land. -12:19 Jul 07
Nicholas: He bent down to hook his arm around her knees and the other around her shoulders to pick her up and carry her to the bed where he placed her down and kissed her as he had kissed him. “Which does it feel like?” he asked teasingly before kissing her again his knees on the cot either side of her but her was unhurried and without the fatalistic desperation of before… they had all night. -12:23 Jul 07
Telara: “I think… I am leaning towards promise.” Despite her smile, there was a bit of shyness when she reached up to touch his face. It didn’t feel different without the urgency, and that was what was most interesting! Something unexpectedly special about the Captain she married by accident. She rose up on an elbow to meet his kiss again. -03:08 Jul 08
The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 002: The First Time

[Telara finds that trying to sleep when you know you’re going to die, is a very difficult thing.] -03:25 Jun 16
[Nicholas is finding marriage to not be what he expected, though really he had sujested that since they were both going to die.] -03:26 Jun 16
Telara: A smiling silence had followed their impromptu and very childish marriage vow, and Telara almost wished they would have just instantly died right there. It would have been a very pleasant way to go. Or at least falling to sleep and then dying that way. But she couldn’t even fall asleep! She was left staring up at the black and glitter speckled space, pondering what was the first and now last kiss she was ever gonna get. -03:30 Jun 16
Nicholas: He was tires it watching the same sky spin over them and wait for death, and finally he moved pulling the supplies out and handing her a few of the dried friets within. "If we’re not going to sleep we should at least talk." he said placing the ration pack between them along with the water. "I’d rather get to know you than the sky at this point. Since you’re the last person I can get to know." -03:42 Jun 16
Telara: "I guess you’ve seen a lot of space." Telara shifted to have sit up. Popping a piece of the fruit in her mouth to chew on thoughtfully. Being silent and waiting for death tended to put one in a depressed melancholy. "There’s not a lot about me to know. Everything I own is in that," she pointed at her pack, "bag and it has more plant samples and research in it than clothes. And unfortunately, none of those are edible…" -03:49 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Doesn’t really matter anyway…" he said before moving across to sit next to her instead of across from her. "We should carve the fact that we’re married into the wook." he said "So people will know. Its the last good thing I’ll do with my life and as far as I can tell its to a good person, so it should be known." -03:53 Jun 16
Telara: She cast an embarrassed sort of grin. "Only real accomplishment of my entire life! Something to be proud of, really." Her parents might be thrilled to know she did something. ….or just surprised! "That was my first kiss. I guess that is something good too." -03:59 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Your first?" he said surprised "Well between shipboard life and my family I’ve never welt the touch of a woman either so, you’re not alone, I’ve always been more focused on my career." -04:04 Jun 16
Telara: Telara looked equally as surprised and before she could help it, she laughed! "Really…! I thought maybe you would have met lots of girls and princesses and ladies while sailing around the stars? Writing letters to broken hearted lovers, or maybe a secret love affair with someone you kept secret…" She clearly had an over-active imagination. But with some thought, he didn’t specifically seem the sort of person to be like that. -04:09 Jun 16
[Nicholas enters.] -04:12 Jun 16
Nicholas: Patrol is mainly sailign around looking for a fight, when you do dock you’re more concerned with getting supplies and making sure none of your men jump ship than meeting fair maident and rescuinf damsels." he said "Princesses hardle ever come down to the docks, and when we to host a dance on ship every lady who shows up is escorted. Thats just the way it goes." -04:15 Jun 16
Telara: "So it’s just as wretched for meeting people as everything else!" That was too bad. Telara really was excepting something more adventurous. Well… aside from the fighting pirates part. "I lived in a really small town, so there wasn’t a lot of people outside of family and workers and stuff. Then I went to Academy and I didn’t really…. I guess I hid in my dorms most of the time! It was weird going from a small town to so many people." Telara leaned until her arm was touching his, casting him a wide grin. "Do you think it’s like this for everybody? Meeting someone by accident and then deciding the rest of your life to be married?" -04:22 Jun 16
Nicholas: "Its better than being introduced to a person who your fathers already decided you’ll marry I’ll admit." he said putting an arm around her "I guess its the right way, even if its not the most common ot what I thought would happen to me. So thanks for saving me from having my marriage decided for me." -04:26 Jun 16
Telara: "You could kiss me again if you wanted. Since I’m your wife." Probably not the most graceful segway, and she was awfully concentrated on plucking away invisible strings from her knees. She probably shouldn’t have said it at all, but it was too late to take it back. Death with no regrets, right? -04:32 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Nicholas doesn’t post enough.] -04:38 Jun 16
Nicholas: He looked at her then placed his fingers on her cheek gently turning her head. "You are my wife…" he smiled manybe too much at those words before leaning forwards and pressing his lipe into hers softly. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take advantage of you, even if we are going to die, I’ll still respect you." he was holding onto her hair now and nuzzling into her. Then he said words he knew he shouldn’t to someone he barely knew. "Though if we were to have out wedding night, I’m glad its with someone like you." -04:38 Jun 16
Telara: There were all sort of expectations of what kisses were like, but it still didn’t seem to match the real thing. There was a twinge of butterflies in her stomach and her breath caught… An unexpected nice feeling, for a moment shared with a stranger. Telara lift a hand to brush over his jaw, chewing on her bottom lip in thought as she examined his face. "We could…? We’re married, why shouldn’t we. …if you want to." -04:47 Jun 16
Nicholas: He tried to gauge her tone of voice and struggled with it. "And if you do…" he leaned down again kissing her cheek and then her lips his hand coming up to run though her hair, slowly, feeling it and he sighed. She was beatiful when he looked at her in that way… -04:50 Jun 16
Telara: Telara really liked this feeling. The dizzying floating sensation of being swept away by a kiss or touch. After a moment she nodded her affirmation. Letting her thumb brush over his mouth before she moved to give him a shy, tentative kiss. "I would like to, with you. Even if just once.." she mumbled softly. -04:55 Jun 16
Nicholas: He really hadn’t done this before and even as he nodded he was trying to think of what to do next.. but kissing her felt too good not to do so he did so again, experimentally as he sighed. "Then lets have our wedding night and know what its like, even if its just once before… I would like to share it with you." -04:59 Jun 16
[Telara enters.] -04:59 Jun 16
Telara: Her response was a shy smile and an embarrassed laugh. Leaning to put her arms around his neck in a hug and nuzzling her face against his cheek. She hadn’t a clue of what she was doing, but he made it really easy to pretend. Telara really did want to have a night with her husband. Her mouth found his again, a curious kiss and test of pressure. -05:07 Jun 16
Nicholas: He moved his lips agaist hers, it seemed liek the thing to do as he put a hand on her side to hold her agaist him. He was caught between not knowing what to do and going on instinct and getting lost in her, a latter he was hesitant to do but it ddn’t stop a sound from escaping his thoat, tiny and barely audiable, but there. -05:10 Jun 16
Telara: How could something so simple make her feel so… thrilled? It put every book she read to shame. Being close didn’t seem close enough, and she was tilting her head to deepen the kiss. A hand moving in to his hair and stroking the nap of his neck with a light brush of her fingertips. -05:20 Jun 16
Nicholas: He pushed his tongue out agaist her lips and tilted his head as he pushed her back onto the bottom of the boat and pressed down on top of her. There was nothing that could have prepaired him for this, the excitement, tension and thrilling energy that seemed to come from wells deep withing. He didn’t know it but he was pressed agaist her if a way that could be felt even with all thier clothes on even before he pulled away and started running his hand up and down the side of her neck his eyes going down to her top. "We should…" he was more than a little breathless as he beached down and popped his top button his eyes looking to her to take over. -05:26 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Telara was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:36 Jun 16
Telara: Telara couldn’t breathe, but it was in such an amazing way she was far from alarmed. "I imagine it would be easier without clothes.." she responded, with that shy, cheeky smile. As she shifted her hands to pull at the buttons of her blouse, her hesitation wasn’t from doubt just… a strange sudden insecurity! She didn’t have any sexy lingerie underneath when she shrugged her shirt from her shoulders, who would have seen?, just a simple camisole. With her hands free again, she reached out to gently grasp his shirt. -05:36 Jun 16
Nicholas: He moover at her without her blouse and smiled the hand rubbing the back of her neck encouraging her. He had nothing under his shirt, and simple white boxers under his trousers. His hand slid down her shoulder pushing the strap for the camisole aside… "You look good." he said lookign at the skin of her shoulders, it just seemed liek the things to say. -05:41 Jun 16
Telara: She laughed again, a quiet nervous sound. "Is that all you have to say?" she teased. His shirt was dropped somewhere at her side, and she discovered a whole new thing she was interested in studying. She placed her middle finger to his chest, an uncertain testing touch of his skin. The rest of her hand soon followed to caress of his skin. She was chewing on her bottom lip again, consumed by that exploration of his skin beneath her fingertips. -05:49 Jun 16
Nicholas: He covered up and scar on his right flank, it was instinctive and he looked at her before slowly moving hsi hand. It was pure white and clearly visible on his skin and had come from a sabreduring hsi first boarding action. "Maybe.." he said taking hold of the bottom hem of her camisole and slowly lifting, his ahnds sliding over ever inch of exposed skin, Of was soft but not overly so… "I… lost for words…" -05:53 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Nicholas has timed out.] -06:42 Jun 16
Telara: Her cheeks were flushing and she knew by the way her face warmed. Really everything was warming, and it was more than just his words… his hands brushed over a ticklish spot, which made her flich and giggle. Her own fingers were very delicately running over the scar on his skin. He really had been involved in some dangerous things, and she was so glad he was the one she was with now. -06:42 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Telara doesn’t post enough.] -08:06 Jun 16
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[Telara enters.] -08:12 Jun 16
[Nicholas enters.] -08:14 Jun 16
Nicholas: He lifted the garment over her head and let if join the shirt and blouse. His smile was warm as he shifted closer, his hand hesitant, then slowlycupping her breast… he had never held one before and as he slowly masaged it he couldn’t take his eyes from it until he looked up at Telara’s face and smiled. leaning forwards to kiss her asgain, nipping her lip. "This isn’t how I thought it would be." he said softly. "Its much, much, better." -08:29 Jun 16
Telara: A soft sound escape her, a surprised pleased sigh. It kinda felt like her skin was on fire every where he touched, and it wasn’t from embarrassement! She was still exploring with her hands over his back and his arms, pausing a bit when they dipped lower. "I’m not sure what I was expecting.." she admitted, tilting to return his kiss with a slip of her tongue just to see how he’d respond. -08:39 Jun 16
Nicholas: He was surprised by the tongue. But he responded with a flick of his own against it. Then he let his hands explore up her back, slowly, carefully and let out abother sound, almost in a late responce to hers. He pulled away his face flushed as he ran his fingers down her cheek. "Getting rid of the rest of our cloths.." he looked down then slowly let his eyes drift back up. He wanted her, all of her… -08:46 Jun 16
Telara: Telara gave a soft nod, after brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. Nervousness was trying to weasel it’s way in again, so she deemed it better to be first. She couldn’t be nervous if she went first! Seeming to hold her breath, she shifted. Pulling her hands from him she reached down to wiggle herself out of her own pants and panties too. It was strange that she felt even more vulnerable without her clothes, despite already being on the brink with a lost boat out in space. -08:57 Jun 16
Nicholas: He looked down and trailed his fingers over her hips. "You’ve never…." his eyes darted back up to her and he unded his button and pushed his pants down aling with his boxers. As soon as they were low enough his members sprang up freed from the constraints of the cloth and hard with anticipation. he helt a moment of velnerability and though about calling it off but lookign at her he leaned down and softly kissed her lips. "I’m so glad its you I’m with… Mrs. Burke." -09:09 Jun 16
Telara: She did a little medical study at the Academy, and flipped through plenty of books. But seeing a naked man in person was almost intimidating. Almost. The fact that he was just as unwitting as she was made it less strange. And his words filled her with a tingling pleasure. "I like the sound of Mrs. Telara Burke…" She slipped her arms around his neck to pull him down against her. Bare skin touching skin bringing that fiery feeling all over again. -09:18 Jun 16
Nicholas: Chest against chest, stomach brushing stomach, he burried his hand in her hair and pushed his lips into hers as his other hand slipped down between them to pull her leg out of the way, slide up her whigh his mind reeling as his fingers found her hair, and the lips hidden within. "I like the sounds of that too.." he shispered pulling back to look at her face, then down to his mamber as he used his hand to push against her his eyes point to hers. He had never done this before and he did it slowly they feeling on her lips partming making his breath come out in a rush. -09:25 Jun 16
Telara: Fiery might have been an understatement…! Her mouth parted at her sudden in take of breath. Her hand coming against his shoulder to grip tight. "This is new…" she mumbled in an expell of breath. Such an alluring feeling, she was already chewing on her bottom lip again as she slightly squirmed to the touch. -09:35 Jun 16
Nicholas: He sounds, he face… In an instant he had a hand behing her head an pulling her into a rough kiss as he thrust. She was tight and he didn’t want to hurt her but her arounf him hade him shiver from his shaft to his lips. Another thrust and he was nibbling on her lip. So this is what making love was like… A sound escaped him, a new sound a deep moan escaping into her mouth. "I never want this to stop." -09:39 Jun 16
[Telara enters.] -09:49 Jun 16
Telara: There was a mild discomfort, but it was such a miniscule thing compared to the torrent of other feelings rushing through her. So this was desire..! Need and wanting fueled her returned kiss. Every shift of hips drawing a squeak or a sigh from her. Stopping wasn’t even remotely part of her thoughts. Telara was swept away by him, marveled by every little spark he seemed to ignite. -09:56 Jun 16
Nicholas: He he clinging to her, pushing her hips agaist the hard wood and a sigh or moan coming with every breath. He wouldn’t be able to stop even if he wanted to, and for these few moments together even dying wasn’t a part ot his thoughts. It was just then and thier passion, and the tingling deep withing that she brought forth. -10:03 Jun 16
[(Timeout) Telara got too distracted for their own good…] -10:12 Jun 16
Telara: Every time she thought there couldn’t be more it would just keep building. It seemed to vibrate in her, that churning feeling buried between her thighs. Almost too much for her to stand, it was starting to drive her mad! Her toes curl and she gave a plaintive sigh. "Nicholas, I-!" The sudden shift had her gripping his shoulders tight as she gasped in surprise. All of that pent up energy released at once, leaving her writhing in such a wonderful bliss as he body tightened around him! -10:12 Jun 16
Nicholas: He hasn’t fairing much better, his face and neck were red as he pushed in harder. His lips locks agaist hers and he gave his hips grinding into hers and he moaned deep and his hand came up to grip her hair. "Telara…" he whispered slowly nuzzling into her his hips resting agaist hers as he breathed heavily. "Why did I have to find you only now…?" -10:17 Jun 16
Telara: Telara had to pry her fingers from digging in to his, but she didn’t want to let him go. She just curl herself tighter around him to bury her face at his neck. How the universe throw something so amazing her way only last minute? "Would have been nice to meet you a little bit sooner in life." she mumbled softly. "But I’m glad at least I met you." -10:24 Jun 16
Nicholas: He ran his fingers though her hair again and held her agaist him. "The time that we have we’ll make the most of… I can’t think of anyone better to spend my last few days with." he kissed the top of her head and sighed. "Thank you.." -10:27 Jun 16
Telara: She was tearing up, but it was such a bad time to cry. She could have loved him.. and now she wouldn’t have the chance. Telara swallowed that urge to start sniffling. She promised a sane and strong wife, that’s what he was going to get. "You’re welcome, Mr. Burke." -10:32 Jun 16
Nicholas: He pulled her up into a a soft, tender, slow, and brawn out kiss. "You you’re Mrs. Burke, wife to the son of the Baron of Tormany Hall. You’ll never see it but its beatiful, with the common behind it theres plenty of ground for walking, or hunting, more kinds of plants than I could count in a day…" he sighed. "I miss home sometimes out here." -10:38 Jun 16
Telara: At least she could spend her last hours kissed like that. It was enough to make her smile and brush her hand against his cheek. This would be good enough. How many people got to die happy? "I know how to take care of a house and land, that would have been fun. …and after my internship I would be Doctor Mrs. Burke. Crazy plant scientist." -10:46 Jun 16
Nicholas: "You’d be surprised hos many nodles dabble in biology and botany." he said… "ANd not you’re one of them, Telara Burke, nodlewoman intern botanist sounds like a novel. I’d read that." he was teasing noe but made up for it with another kiss. "At this rate I’ll be sayign I love you a thousand times beofre we die." -10:52 Jun 16
Telara: "I could fall in love with you, I think… Even with your wretched taste in novels." she grinned, nuzzling against his cheek. "You’re lucky. I’d not be a good noble lady at all. I can’t dance and I don’t know what to do with people." -11:00 Jun 16
Nicholas: "All I’d ask is that you be yourself, and stay true." he said settling down, finally tired enough to maybe get some sleep. "If I had met you at another time, in another place, maybe I could have showed you how. But we’re here, together, now, and I don’t think I could ask to be happier." -11:04 Jun 16
The Captain's Wife

The Captain’s Wife 001: Set Adrift

[Telara is an intern biologist on the way to a first real job. Hurray?] -01:43 Jun 15
[Nicholas Lord and officer in her magesty’s royal navy… seems to be a bit lost in this passenger ship.] -01:44 Jun 15
Telara: Her pack was filled with more samples than clothes and she was so concentrated on her dpad, that she wasn’t watching where she was going. Telara was just trying to keep herself entertained on what was going to be a long boring journey. -01:47 Jun 15
Nicholas: Rounding yet another corner he bumped into someone, the inborn stability of someone whose spent a lot of time on ships sabing him from falling over. "Watch it.." he said before seeing who it was.. "Sorry.. I.. I appear to be a little lost." -01:53 Jun 15
Telara: …she had now lost her place on the research study she was reading. She looked up with a frown. "Then you shouldn’t be wandering around every where?" Telara glanced around to give direction and… uhm. Hrm. Speaking of getting oneself lost… "There’s bound to be signs posted on walls. ‘Do not Enter’, ‘Up This Way’, ‘Death Beyond This Portal’. It’s not hard to find them." She was being completely unhelpful, but it wasn’t because she wanted to be rude. Telara was just trying to find her page again. -01:57 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Well where did you just come from?" he asked looking back the way she had come. "This ship isn’t designed like a naval ship.. why have a dining room when its closed most of the day? Sorry I’m just.. I’ll let you cary on." -02:06 Jun 15
Telara: "Back that way are a lot of angry people complaining about vandalized luggage. Better to just turn around this way." Telara stepped around him, only pausing a second to look over her shoulder at. "…I don’t really know why they have a dining room and keep it closed all day. They’d make more money and it’d be less crowded if they had food service the entire time." -02:08 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Where are you going?" he askes catching up to her. "Maybe I’ll find my way from there, and I’d be remis letting you walk by yourself." he fell into step with her and shaking his head. "I must look funny, a naval officer lost on a ship." -02:11 Jun 15
Telara: "It is pretty sad. It’s not like ships can be all that different." She did give him a weird look about escorting her, but she didn’t have the heart to complain it was uncessary. He was the one lost, after all. "I’m just walking around, really. I’m gonna be on this boat a couple days, and I kinda get a little stir crazy?" -02:15 Jun 15
[Nicholas enters.] -02:22 Jun 15
Nicholas: He looked at her then shook his head. "From just a few days?" he asked "Your first time on the ship then?" it usually took somoene who was used to it months before they really started to go crazy, then they being a passenger was a lot less intersting than being part of the crew. -02:25 Jun 15
Telara: "Not really the first, but I don’t really travel often. I’m not a big fan of space. Or skies. Or flying. Or… being off the ground in general?" If there was any way to get to other worlds without flying, she definitely would have taken it. "I suppose you are fancy navy guy and used to running ships instead of just wandering around them." -02:29 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Until recently I was in commend of the Hermes he said "But she was retired and now I’m going home to live on half pay and wait for another ship." he said , half pay was an officer’s worst nightmare, languishing for years without a command. "Maybe the rest will do me good but I will miss being out in space." -02:33 Jun 15
Telara: "That sounds like it sucks." It did. Kinda like being without a job. Telara pulled up a few pictures on her dpad of the world she was visiting. "I am going to be an intern for a very famous bontanist on a new world. We’re gonna catalog new plant species for study and see if the world is safe for human habitation. Kinda neat, yeah?" -02:38 Jun 15
[(Timeout) Nicholas was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:46 Jun 15
Nicholas: "He used to have a botanist on the Hermes." he said "Whenever we got near a planet he’d want to go down and catalog as mane plants as he could. Most of the time I’d let him, only if he were pressed for time that I’d refuse. He was a good man, excentric but good. He was as sad as I was to see the Hermes retired." -02:46 Jun 15
Telara: Telara cast him a wide grin. "That’s gonna be my career one day. …Only I’m not so sure how I’ll feel about being on a boat all the time. At least planet side you have somewhere to run if something goes wrong. Though, at we wouldn’t drown out here." Blech. She made a face at the idea of drowning. Space was at least, a slightly better alternative. -02:51 Jun 15
Nicholas: "If you truse you captain and trust you stip its the safest palce in the universe." he said. "You just can’t get careless and rememebr the captain’s word is law. I hope you get a good captain, thats what usually makes all the difference between a sailing paradase and a living hell." -02:58 Jun 15
Telara: Telara looked a little be dubious. "I think you might be biased, being a navy guy and all, but I hope you’re right." She gestured a hand in front of them where they were coming up on some stairs. "See. If you follow stairs, they usually lead up to the deck. ….Not so easy for finding your cabin, but usually there are floor numbers on the walls around here…" she paused and turned slowly until she found one and pointed at it too. -03:02 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Doesn’t help when you’re looking for a specific cabin and the crew are unhelpful." he said "But a breath of fresh air might do me good. I may head up on deck and look as the stars and see if he’r heading in the right direction." -03:08 Jun 15
Telara: "I guess I better go too. I’d be remiss to let you go alone, with your sense of direction." Telara cast a wide smile, having thrown his words back at him. If anything, he was at least someone interesting and non crazy to talk to. -03:10 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Thank you, but as soon as I’m under the stars I’ll know exactly where I am, and that will be the deck. But company is always nice, its not like I have any duties to attend to on this ship. I don’t think I got your name." -03:12 Jun 15
Telara: "Oh right." she shifted her dpad under her arm and offered him her hand to shake. "I am Telara Samhain! No PHD or Doctorate yet… but I am getting there. You didn’t really tell me your name either." -03:15 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Nicholas Burke." he said taking her and and kissing it lightly. "You already know that Im an officer so I won’t repeat myself." he released her hand and mounted the stairs moving slowly enough for her to move up next to him. "It must be exciting to be embarking on your career. Thats how I felt when I was a midshipman my first time stepping onto a ship." -03:26 Jun 15
Telara: Hand kissing. That kinda fancy stuff they didn’t do back home. And she really hoped she pulled that off coolly without her face turning red. "It’s kinda nice feeling like I’m going somewhere for once, instead of that overwhelming doom that I’m just going to end up back home feeding chickens." Telara joined him up the stairs, and it wasn’t a far walk to be up on the main decks. In fact it was only a few strides away from the covered, windowed hall, out to the open deck. …That’s where Telara wasn’t too keen to follow and suddenly found way too much interest in hovering in the doorway. "Sothere’sthedeck!" she muttered quickly. -03:31 Jun 15
Nicholas: He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Not coming?" he asked a look of mild concers coming across his features. "Come on… I’ll hold your hand? Its a spectacular view." -03:34 Jun 15
Telara: "A spectacular view is a garden filled with flowers. That is a big black pool of nothing that reaches out forever." This was stupid. Tons of people did this everyday all the time and no one went flying off in to space. After a few moments of hesitation she inched forward. Slowly. "I’ve never been ON deck before, I usually stay below where I can’t… see anything." -03:37 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Seeing things is half the point of space." he said before stepping back to her. "Just a couple of minutes and then you can come back, trust me if you’ve never been of deck before then you’ll want to see this, we’re close to a nebula." -03:41 Jun 15
Telara: "I wouldn’t know a nebula from a black hole…" An exageration, but kinda true! She spent all her time looking at the ground, not at the sky. Telara was frowning, but she did end up grabbing his hand. He offered, and if anything weird happened at least she’d be tethered to someone. -03:45 Jun 15
Nicholas: Slowly he walked out onto the deck adn looked up and the humungous gas cloud above them spanning almost the entire view. "This is why I come out here." he said still looking at the nebula, the views… and the trouble that likes to hide in them." -03:49 Jun 15
Telara: "…okay that is kinda really neat." Really, really neat…! Telara hadn’t expected there to be any color. Somewhere up there, who knew how many lightyears away there were stars and gas… and it all looked very sparklie! "How far do you think that stretches? …wait, what sort of trouble lurking? Like space whales?" -03:54 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Space wha…" he shook his head. "Pirates, thats what uses the nebuli to hide, I go into the nebuli to find them and bring them out thats my job, was my job, its difficult sometimes but I wouldn’t trade it for any other in the universe, I imagine you feel the same way about yours." -03:58 Jun 15
Telara: "Yeah, mostly cause my job only has plants that try to eat me… not pirates." She was still looking up… now seeing if she could spot lurking ships out there, or maybe flying pirates. Ever so often she’d turn for a different view, but she wasn’t letting go of his hand. Just because she wasn’t freaking, didn’t mean she’d let go of her tether. "Do you find a lot of pirates?" -04:02 Jun 15
Nicholas: "I found enough to make it to captain." he said "But there are a lot fewer now that there were in my father’s day. "he looked aat her, then back at the sky. "Back then a ship like this wouldn’t travel alone, and if it did it would be armed." -04:14 Jun 15
Telara: "Good for this boat… not so great for the semi-retired Captain?" Telara was just glad she didn’t have to worry about random pirates. It was nerve wracking enough just being out in space. "So what are you going to do until you have a new ship? Go on vacation?" -04:22 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Not much I can do but wait until I get another ship. If I know my father he’ll try to set me up with one of the local girls, ‘A lord has to have a wife, its unseemly otherwise’ he always says." he shook his head. "Life back home doesn’t suit me." -04:25 Jun 15
Telara: "Then tell him you’d rather have a life of pirate fighting and flying and a wild romance with a foreign princess! He probably wanted that for himself once. I think parents forget that." Which was really the opposite of hers. They spent a lot of time and money sending her off to school and telling her to do something interesting with her life while she was and still had a good back. -04:31 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Princesses.. don’t get me started.." he said before looking at her "I’d rather have a wirlwind romance with a pirate, or anyone other that a princes and…" he looked au and forwards his eyes narrowing. "Theres a ship out there… " -04:35 Jun 15
Telara: "Are you going to shatter all of my dreams about pretty princesses now?" Her grin faded when he mentioned there was a ship. Of course her first thought was to over-react and go fleeing back to her cabin. But that would be pretty stupid. Telara took a deep breath instead. "It’s normal, right? Ships pass each other all the time?" -04:38 Jun 15
Nicholas: "All the time." he said as a looout spotted the ship too. He watched it an began to worry, they weren’t coming to pass, they were on an intercept course. "Maybe we’d better go below." he said the worry creeping into his voice. It was either a patroll coming to see if they were pirates or…. "That sounds like a good idea." -04:43 Jun 15
Telara: "On the bright side, I managed to sneak a weapon on board." It wasn’t a gun or a knife or even a tazor, but it was still a weapon. Telara was a little antsy, but she tugged him off back towards the doors. "I’m sure it’s nothing. Usually, I’m pretty lucky about these things." -04:48 Jun 15
Nicholas: His hand toutched the wall at the nemtion of luck. "I have weapons too, in my cabin." or course he did, they were his personal property and he was a naval officer on his way home. "I hope you don’t mind if we go there first, C-deck, room 112." -04:53 Jun 15
Telara: "I guess it is better if I take you." He’d probably get lost again, otherwise. Telara payed attention to where they were headed, pointing at where the signs were so he’d know next time for refference. "Luckily I am on C-deck too, but way on the other side. Not that I have in stuff in there. I’m always afraid they’ll loose my bag." -04:58 Jun 15
Nicholas: He arived at the door and unlocked it openeing the door. Then he grbbed the brace of pistols and sling it over his shoulder, then picked up his sword. "Right, thats all I need from here… We should be safe down here…" he looked at her, she didn’t look as frightened and he thought she’d be at the posibility of pirates. -05:02 Jun 15
Telara: Telara was a little unsure about the entire thing. She was mostly just hoping he was very unused to being civilian and over-reacting to a ship. Otherwise, all of those crazy and potentially terrifying scenarios running wild in her imagination would probably have her locking herself in her cabin until the end of the trip. …she took another deep, remaining calm breath. "Don’t give me that look. It doesn’t make sense to panic until something is definitive, right? A person should never jump to conclusions, even when they’re afraid of space pirates." -05:06 Jun 15
Nicholas: "he pulled a coat out of his room and used it to cover the pistols and then closed the door. "Well then we can go on deck and see what happens. What I do know is thats a fast ship, faster than this one, shes armed, all skiffs like that are, and shes on an intercept course so shes either a partoll or a raider." he looked at her. "Thos are the facts, if shes a patrol once she sees who we are she’ll turn away, if not then we’re either surrendering or fighting." -05:11 Jun 15
Telara: ….that didn’t bode well. "But this is just a passenger ship. I doubt anybody on here knows anything about fighting pirates!" Telara stayed on his heels, and was hoping he was just being cautious. Otherwise… she wasn’t so sure how that was gonna go down! And she doubt it was going to be in the campy cartoon way. -05:15 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Exactly, as far as I know I’m the only person on board who has ever fought on a ship, If the captain is wise he’d dump what valuables he have on board and run while they stop to pick up if they’re not a patrol. If they do catch us… you should hide." -05:19 Jun 15
Telara: "There’s way too many shiny things on board to be easily tossed. A really mean pirate would chase anyway, plus there’s plenty of hostages and stuff to scavange and there really isn’t anywhere -to- hide when a whole ship is getting scavanged and-" …that wasn’t helping her remain calm. Fingers still crossed that he was wrong. -05:26 Jun 15
Nicholas: There was only one thing to help her it seemed, a hug, and he gave her one closing his arms around her before releasing her. "They’re probabaly a patrol though, if they’re close enough we should be able to see thier colors." It was then the a crewman came down the stars and said all passengers should remain in their cabins and under nos corcomstances were to go out on deck. -05:31 Jun 15
Telara: Sudden hugs were a surprisingly good means of being silenced, and Telara was a little baffled by it until her senses returned when one of the crew passed by. "So much for it just being patrol…" Telara resisted the urge to slip in to a panic. But she did move to slip her pack off her shoulder, unzip it and dig around amongst the wadded up clothes and the dozens of little paper baggies. "…so a weapon! I have some good stuff in here!" -05:36 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Better than this?" he asked holding out a pistol and looking at her "Can’t leave you unplotected even if we are sticking together." he looked at her then up at the deck, there would be sounds soon, guns, shouts… "Can’t leave you alone at a time like this." -05:42 Jun 15
Telara: "I wish you wouldn’t make it sound like we’re about to die. I can only pretend to brave for so long." There it was. A spray bottle. Nothing fancy, but it had plenty of water in it. She dug around some more until she found the right paperbag, then it was a matter of delicate balancing of all the things in her hands to take a pinch of the bag’s contents to drop in the water. Screw it back, and shake it up. "Here, see! The Equte make really mild acid spray! ….it’s kinda illegal to make, so we’re not going to tell on me, okay?" -05:46 Jun 15
Nicholas: "I won’t tell…" she hadn’t taken the pistol, at least she could be trusted. "ANd I don’t think you’re pretending.. and we’re not going to die, I’m pretty sure of that. I’ve been is worse situations than this." -05:51 Jun 15
Telara: "You’re just saying that to keep me from freaking out." And she really did appreciate it. Telara resettled her pack where it belonged, fussing with the nozzle on her spray bottle to make sure there would be a good distance stream and she wouldn’t accidentally spritz herself. Last thing she needed was a skin burn… already did that once! -05:55 Jun 15
[Nicholas enters.] -06:09 Jun 15
Nicholas: "You have your.. spray and I have my weapons, we’re all set." he said movign her down the corridor somewhere hopefully safer his hand on her back as they walked. "Though if we do get captured we might be better off saying you’re my wife, that way you’ll be ransomed with me instead of killed." -06:14 Jun 15
[(Timeout) Nicholas has timed out.] -06:33 Jun 15
Telara: "Captured?" There went her moment of bravado, but she swallowed the twinge of fear and just nodded seriously. Telara had no intentions of dying without a fight, but usually you think about winning. Not what you’d have to do if you were screwed! -06:33 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Getting captures isn’t exactly the plan but it never hurts to have a plan." he said just before the ship rocked and there was a crash above them. "Its started.. don’t worry I’ve bene through this a hundred times, they’re not trying to hit the hull." -06:41 Jun 15
Telara: She had to grab on to his arm just to keep herself steady, but she quickly released. Telara didn’t look at all convinced. But a plan was good. If anybody asked, she’d say she was his wife! "I almost wish I didn’t know what was going on!" -06:48 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Here.." he said pulling her into a room and closing the door. "This should be just below the boats if we have to run for it." he looked at her wondering if she knew being in such a small craft this far our was certain death anyway. "ANd we should be able to hide for a little if we keep our v…" ANother crash followed by and even biffer one, mast down, there was no way they could even try to run now. "Voices down." -06:55 Jun 15
Telara: Telara cringed at the sound, and it was a miracle she didn’t accidentally pull the trigger on her spray bottle in the process. Okay, so don’t scream. She could do that. Telara kept her voice at a whisper, but there was an obvious strain to it. "I don’t see how this can get any worse. Everyone on this boat is probably going to die and be on one of those old history specials! I am going to be nameless person #99276!"" -07:02 Jun 15
[Nicholas enters.] -07:07 Jun 15
Nicholas: He looked at her and makign sure to be careful of the bottle hugged her again. "No you won’t. You’re Telora, and you’re not going to die, not today. You was an experiences captain with you and these are nothng but mongrel pirates. No threat to a determined defence." -07:11 Jun 15
Telara: "You say that and then two minutes later something else happens!" At least her voice was being muffled by his chest, because she was clinging. They couldn’t hide forever, which meant soon they would be found or have to run, or the whole ship would explode or who knew what other horrors! There was nothing worse than knowing something bad was about to happen, but not knowing what! -07:15 Jun 15
Nicholas: There was a bump as the ships back together, he could follow the progress of the fight though the sounds, there was no real hope of the crew repelling boarders and he hugged her tighter without realizing it. Maybe he should have been on deck helping, his experience might have made the difference… -07:18 Jun 15
Telara: She couldn’t decipher all the sounds, but she knew shots and screams when she heard them. Telara was just really glad she wasn’t alone, because alone she’d have been pacing around her cabin and screaming her head off! She took in another deep breath. Plan. He had plans, right? She could focus on those! "When do we run? When it’s quiet or when someone finds us?" -07:24 Jun 15
[(Timeout) Nicholas was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -07:28 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Let me worry about that." he said listening as the battle raged, "But once we start we can’r stop for anything, speed and surprize will be what we have going for us." he gave her a squeeze before he stopped talking to listen. "If they even beat the crew…" -07:28 Jun 15
Telara: "Then what am I supposed to worry about?" Anyone will be surprised getting spritzed in the face with a natural chemical! He was listening, and she stayed quiet. She trusted he knew what he was doing, even if she still thought the worst of the worst would happen. Better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised later. -07:31 Jun 15
Nicholas: "There will be plenty to worry about soon enough." he said as the sounds started to die down and he was sure it wasn’t their side that was winning. "Ready to run?" -07:34 Jun 15
Telara: Telara nodded quickly, stepping back slightly to let out a breath and steady herself. "Running and no stopping. I got it." -07:38 Jun 15
Nicholas: He let go of her to take her hand and move to the door. "Three.. two… one.." door open and moving, strait for the stairs , then up them… fear of space or no they were heading for the boats. First guy Nicholas pushed to the floor nad jumped over and then they were at the boats… but more were coming. -07:41 Jun 15
Telara: Holding her breath the entire time while they were running, she at least kept her eyes opened most of the way. The moment she saw someone scruffy and piraty she gave them a spritz, though her aim wasn’t that great. And when she saw what might’ve been a body, she immediately squeezed her eyes shut and only opened them again when she’d nearly trip. -07:46 Jun 15
Nicholas: He pushed the craft out and lifted her into it, firing a shot from his pistol to keep the men back before he cclimbed in himsilf and cut the lines fending them adrift… then they were alone… drifting away from the ship with it’s mast bent and broken. "Well we made it… time to see what supplies he have." He looked around and found about three day’s foor for both of them… not enough.. -07:50 Jun 15
Telara: Alive and unhurt! That was a good thing! And Telara really was grateful for that. …what she wasn’t so keen on was being drifted out in to the black, without the comfort of wood and walls between her and space. While he was checking for supplies, she was settling at the bottom of the little craft, setting aside her spray bottle and attempting to take in deep breaths. Deep, non panicking breaths. And it was getting harder and harder the farther away they drifted from the ship! "I can’t do this, I think I want to try pirates instead…!" -07:54 Jun 15
Nicholas: He sat next to her and did the only thing he could think to do, and that way to pull her head into his lap and crable it there. "You can do this, because you don’t have to do it alone. We’re much better here than we are with them, trust me. There’s frobably dozens of them and they’ll be very angry with us…" -07:58 Jun 15
Telara: He was very good at making something sound absolutely horrible, and Telara wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. At least she wasn’t alone and that was some comfort. They were skirting on the line of her worst nightmare already. So with her head on his lap she just tried to breathe. "Sorry, I’m not the best escapee partner." she muttered. "Better than a Princess, though, I guess?" It was a sad, weak attempt at a joke! -08:03 Jun 15
Nicholas: "You strayed one of them." he said taking off his coat and stowing it alinf with his pistols and sword. "Thats more than most could do, you’re rescourceful… that automaticly makes you into a good escaping partner." beeping her head in his lap he steered the bloat as best he could without putting the sail up and making them visible, then gave up and just stroked her hair to try and keep her calm. "You’re far better than a princess." -08:07 Jun 15
Telara: That drew a half smile from her even if she did have to close her eyes to keep from staring up at the space around them. On a big secure boat it was beautiful, but out like this it was a grim reminder of being totally insignifigant. "But not as lucky as I hoped. We won’t last out here very long will we." It was a statement rather than a question. With all of her fears, at least it was realistic. -08:12 Jun 15
Nicholas: "We have about three days food, and eachother too keep warm, but not much after that." he said looking at her. "The only people that have much chance of finding us are the ones we just escaped… we can only hope to get lucky… very lucky.." he looked down at her a sincere look on his face. "So no… we won’t." -08:16 Jun 15
Telara: Weird how something so fatalistic could ease her panic. Maybe it was just the knowing for sure part, instead of wondering about the unknown. "I didn’t even want to go to Academy. Now I kinda wish I took the studies seriously and actually went places." she muttered with a sigh. She opened one eye then the other to look up at him. They were going to die anyway, as long as she looked at him and not space, she’d be okay. "You’ve seen a lot of things, though?" -08:21 Jun 15
Nicholas: Talkign was one of hte few things they had to do. "More than my share. There still worlds out here than no one has even been on, that havn’t been officially named and are only known byt their nicknames. Before I got command it was part of my job to find these places and name them, put a flag on them, then leave them alone to be collonized later if needed. I never went down to the planets, that was the captain’s job adn I wasn’t captain yet." -08:26 Jun 15
Telara: "I wanted to do that. Visit new planets and discover new species. My internship was going to be the first and I was really lucky to even be accepted after I screwed around in school so much." Telara reached up to press a finger to his nose. There was a strange sort of lethargic feeling hanging over her, which she knew was just the inevitable doom. "You would have been a really good captain, I think. You’d get a new ship, have a good adventure and then find a non princess for a wife. So you Dad would be happy too."" -08:31 Jun 15
Nicholas: "He wouldn’t be happy unless he chose the bride himself. -08:32 Jun 15
Nicholas: "He wouldn’t be happy unless he chose the bride himself." he said "I decided a long time ago that I’d choose my own and not simply because I needed one. I want someone I can spend a lifetime with." he kept running his hands through her hair. "Now some noblewoman who would never set foot on a ship if her life depended on it." -08:34 Jun 15
Telara: "Hey, some of us peoples are afraid of ships with good reason. I think this was my third time on one, and now I’m dead. Very legitimate fear!" Being petted was a really nice feeling, and had it been any other situation she might have felt really awkward or very blushy. But as it was, they were as good as dead and those kinda things really didn’t matter anymore. It did make her think though. "I’ve never thought about it before. Getting married, that is. Never met anyone I liked enough to make me think about it, I guess. Kinda sucks that I’m thinking about it now." -08:40 Jun 15
Nicholas: "I’m a captain.." he said "I claim this to be my ship… I can marry anyone aboard…" he was looking down at her.. "Since we’re dead anyway…" he was beign serious. Found by the pirates of not there wasn’t much chance of them getting out alive, may as well since they were both thinkign about mariage. -08:44 Jun 15
Telara: Telara’s mouth twist in to that dubious expression again. She shifted until she was sitting up, one hand braced on his knee because the boat also seemed to shift with her movement and it made her uneasy. But, as doubtful as her look was, there was that slow forming of a sly grin. "It’s a little sudden. I haven’t even found out if we’ll be compatible for the next three days of our lives." That smile disappeared, and just as serious, she asked. "Okay, if it’s evening and you’re getting ready for bed. Do you want a cup of tea, coffee, warm milk, or bourbon?" -08:49 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Getting ready for bed, if its a weekday and I’m at home, tea to settle the stomach and calm the mind, if its a weekend either tea or a little wine with dinner. On ship I never drink anything but water, or tea int he evening, and water or coffee in the mornings. But since all we have is water for the next three days it doesn’t really matter." -08:53 Jun 15
Telara: "Just because we’re going to die doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Now…" His first answer was a good one. She needed an even better follow up question… "Do you like big fluffy couches or the ones with fancy prints and wooden legs?" -08:57 Jun 15
Nicholas: I like them to be comfortable, patterns are nice but so is leather, but big sorst ones are great for reading on and I just can’t say no to them." he looked at her "What about you, what do you like for breakfast in the morning? -09:03 Jun 15
Telara: His answer must have been satisfactory, because she grinned before she answered his. "Hmm, you had to ask the hard one…" She really did have to give it some thought. "Eggs and bacon and toast. …and oatmeal. And really anything as long as it’s hot." -09:07 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Good answer." he said moving his leg ander her to get comfortable. "You have three books, historical nove, high fantasy, or light hearted romance, which do you read?" -09:11 Jun 15
Telara: Her grin got wider, cheeky even. "Light hearted historical fantasy romance. Then I get to have the best of all three in a really neat story. That good?" -09:14 Jun 15
Nicholas: "Thinking outside the box, thats good." he said still running his fingers though her hair. "A picnic in the country, a boat on a lake, or a quiet dinner at home?" -09:18 Jun 15
Telara: "I can’t swim, so I’ll avoid the lake… and a quiet dinner at home is pretty cool. But I think a picnic in the country would be special and really nice." Speaking of nice… she was really glad she wasn’t going to die alone. Telara leaned to take his face in her hands and kissed his cheek. "Thank you. For being here and keeping me sane. Even if it sucks." -09:23 Jun 15
Nicholas: He moved to lay down next to her in the bottom of the boat and use his coat as a pillow for them both. "You’re leeping me sane too so we have a good partnership going, that or we’re both insane and just haven’t noticed.. either way I primise to try and keep you sane until the end." he put his hand on her cheek and smiled. "Even it it costs me my sanity." -09:27 Jun 15
Telara: "Hmm. Lets be married then. Go out with something happy?" Because now she really wanted to cry, and crying wasn’t going to help when they had a couple days to go. She could at least give him that much. A brave and strong wife. -09:32 Jun 15
Nicholas: He snuggles up closer to her and rested his nose agaist her skin. "Then by the law of the stars and my power as captain of thos little boat. I name us married as husband and wife. He put hs hand on her cheek and slowly kisssed her lips. "From now until the day we die." -09:36 Jun 15