Priestess of Athazagorus 002: To Make You Happy

Priestess of Athazagorus

[Isolde slept the entire day and night. And through blessing alone did not have any nightmares! It was a rest well needed!] -01:09 Jul 15
[Athazagorus HAs watched over his priestess all night, repelling her nightmares and calming her thoughts. He did not however enter her dreams because he needs to stay awake himself.] -01:10 Jul 15
Isolde: When she awoke, there was a moment of bleary confusion. Then a brief second of panic when she sat up, pulling that cloak around her… and finally a slow rush of breath when that final memory came to her. The temple had been invaded, machine destroyed and now she was with the Descendant God, live and in the flesh. …and now without the panic of yesterday she could cleary see he was without all clothes himself. Isolde squeezed her eyes shut. "Good morning, my llyr…?" -01:18 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "Good morning." he said from his position sitting next to her "You rested well?" he touched her cheek again and gave a small smile down at her. "I did some fixing in the night, the place now seems livable? Hmm..?" he put his hand around hers and placed an apple into it with another smile. -01:30 Jul 15
Isolde: She opened one eye, then the other. Being rewarded with a smile that she so instantly responded to with a wide one of her own. He was really there. She could stare forever! Isolde finally managed to control that impulse, though and took a look at the rest of the room. "I feel more like myself now, yes… Will we be living here now, or will we return to the temple..?" -01:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "The temple is useless without rpiests and guards. He’re safer here." he said "At least until he’ve been to the capitol and had them send reinforcments to the remple. I do not want to see it like it is now. You should eat." he stood and with a jug and chipped mug wanted her somce cool water to go with her apple. "I wish we could have met under better conditions." He had had plans for that. -01:41 Jul 15
Isolde: "But we already met, my llyr. Many times with much better circumstances." she knew what he really meant, but hope to lighten his expression with gentle teasing. Isolde ate and sipped her water, trying to keep her gaze focused on anything else in the room besides him. It was so hard not to stare! "May I have a bath? I think I can make some of clothes with this cloak… " -01:47 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "And I could weave you a dress out of sunbeams and laughter with a wave of my hand." he was teasing her back now. "You may, you don’t have to ask." he stood to fetch water and begin prepairing for her. "I am not a tyrant." -01:53 Jul 15
Isolde: "Can you, really…?" Teasing or not, Isolde was curious if he could. In a dream anyone could do anything. But in reality, god or not, some things were just impossible. ….like having a god draw a bath for you! Isolde was slipping out of bed the moment she was done eating, holding that cloak to her and following after him with a faint frown. "You are not a tyrant, but you are my llyr. I should be doing these things for you." -01:58 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He looked at her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I don’t hold myself above you anf you’re not fully healed. So sit until your back is ready, then you can return the favor." -02:04 Jul 15
Isolde: "I am healed enough…" she protested. But it was a half hearted protest. This was why she -wanted- to be his priestess and do things for him, he was kind when he didn’t have to be. Still looking like she wanted to argue it, Isolde at least sank in to a chair. "I would have liked to make your return to the world much better than this…" -02:10 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "It was never going to be joyous." he said. "The seal was only to be broken in times or extreme danger when a god was needed with a mountain of magic adn a firey sword." he moved to the chair to lift her up and place her gently into the tub and place the soap next to her and sit on the side. "Or if I got selfish and decided there as something I wanted. But that would have lead to worse feelings when I was forced to return." -02:17 Jul 15
Isolde: There was a faint sense of shyness and embarrassment from her, but it was really more due to the strange role reversal. He was taking care of her and it should be the other way around! Still hot water was a blessing, and she sighed with relief. Sinking under it for a second to get her hair and head wet and popping back out to rub water out of her eyes. "I suppose I didn’t consider why you would come back to the world… But I can still make it better for you now, yes? Anything you want I will do or I will find a way to get for you.." -02:23 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "The temple being in danger, or a suitable angel being found." he said "I was about to return for both." he smiled down at her the stood to fill a kettle and put it on. "You make it better by just being here with me." -02:29 Jul 15
Isolde: He was embarrassing her again, but she hid it well. Isolde shifted to rest her arms on the edge of the tub and watch him. All of the countless times she saw him and spoke to him in her dreams, this still felt a little different. "Do Descendants have angels? I haven’t ever heard of one before… I am glad I can help you, though." -02:37 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "They don’t." he said getting two mugs and placign them on the table followed by a teapot into which he put herbs from around the cotage. "Theres never been one before, but then theres never been an Emidio thats been a complete god before." he looked at her and smiled. "Remember all thise times I called you and angel in your dreams?" -02:42 Jul 15
Isolde: "Hmm, yes. You would laugh when I huffed about it." she liked that he smiled. Resting her head on her arms and smiling too, though she remember she should be washing. He had a mission and she was wasting time. Isolde reached to snatch the soap and lather it up. "I think I was very small the last time an Emidio visited the temple. I can’t recall much about them, but they fussed at the high priest and didn’t seem to mind that I was snooping…" -02:52 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "We’ve always been lax about rules, even out own." he said "Though one I retrieve the guide from the capitol we’ll perhaps have an easier time finding who attacked. If you know anything now might be a good time to say." he stepped over to the tub and pulled a chair next to it, then put the tea and mugs onto the chair and stepped into the tub leaning against the oposite side as her. "Until then we should relax while we can." -02:56 Jul 15
Isolde: He was in the tub with her! It left Isolde a bit distracted, shifting her legs to make sure there was room for him and deciding how she felt about it… She settled on curiosity, and failed resisting temptation when she poked at one of his feet. "They wore clothes from the city had officer’s weapons. I wouldn’t really know much else, I only stay at your temple and I never cared for the news." -03:04 Jul 15
Athazagorus: His foot twitched and he furrowed his brow at her. "Yes I cen feel that." he said pokign her with his toe in retaliation. "You don’t mind me joining you, do you?" -03:07 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde jumped, giving him a small splash before inching and turning her back to him to hide her smile. "No, I don’t mind… not with you. It’s just strange is all. A little different from dreaming." She never really realize just how much was missing from dreams when he was there for real. Isolde poked at his other foot. -03:12 Jul 15
Athazagorus: When she was turned he slid forwards and wetting his hands put them on her shoulders lettign the water run down her back, then takign the soap he latheres it and spread it over her shoulders and down her back. "I’ve done nothing but dream for.. how long?" he took a cloth and started scrudding her back. "It feels good to live again." he was sorely tempted to kiss the back of her neck but her resisted. She had just been raped and might not take kindly to his advances. "THough maybe you’d rather poke something other than my foot?" -03:17 Jul 15
Isolde: "I don’t think you would appreciate me poking you everywhere." His hands were soothing, and she wasn’t sure if she were confused or surprised, or really not surprised at all. Isolde thought she might be antsy to have someone touch her, but with her llyr it was a comfort. She tapped her fingers over his knee. "You were sealed in the machine years and years and years before I was even born. Has no one ever really talked to you? Did you ever visit someone else’s dreams?" -03:25 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "To visot someone’s dreams unwarrented is a violation of thier personal space." he said "I’ve only done it to issue commands or warnings, except with you." he wet the cloth and rinsed off her back with it and then let her go. "You it was different, I wanted to repay you for your time talking to me in the sanctum." -03:31 Jul 15
Isolde: "You didn’t have to respond to me. I was happy to talk to you." she took the cloth and soap from him, turning back around to face him again. It was her turn to wash him and do what a priestess should be doing! "But I’m glad you did! It was because you talked to me that I decided I made the right choice in being a priestess. I respected you before, but cared for you after…" -03:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He Smiled at her and didn’t turn, not until her leaned forwards and kissed her softly on the lips. "And becale the first to care about me and not what I was." he said then turned. "Which is why I’m glad you were in my sanctum yesterday dna not out in the temple." -03:41 Jul 15
Isolde: A kiss. If anything might have stopped time and her heartbeat it was that. Once he turned around, she was rubbing soap in to his shoulders casting an unseen wistful smile. She needed to focus on reality, but that was very hard to do! "I am surprised and lucky to even be alive. I’ve never had anything hurt so much." Isolde could still remember the pain so vividly, she could almost feel it all over again. She focused on massaging soap in to his back. " …Thank you for healing me." -03:49 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "I couldn’t leave you broken cousd I." He asked retorically. "And I need a high priestess don’t I?" it wasn’t why he had done it of course but it was true. "Thank you for remembering I like purple." -03:54 Jul 15
Isolde: She laughed, her breath falling against his back when she leaned forward to rub soap in to his hair. "You’re welcome, my llyr. I cannot fight invaders or make pretty candles, but I can remember things at the very least." -03:59 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled over his shoulder at her. "You do much more than that Isolde." it was getting harder to resist and he was taking her hand to hold it and brush his lips against it. "You’re strong, and kind. Not a common combiation." -04:03 Jul 15
Isolde: He had no idea how such simple little things made her feel like she was the only person in his universe. That was a dangerous way to think! Still, she was leaning to rest her chin on his shoulder, unable to suppress a smile. "For you I am strong and kind. I wouldn’t put my faith in someone who hadn’t earned it. You put everything in to protecting the world, and still took the time to respond to one silly girl…" -04:15 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "just because I’m entombed in a machine for all eternity does not mean I have the name wants and needs as any other person." he said "Or that I don’t feel honored that you chose to give your time to me." he tuned to put his arm around her and looked at her. "Or that I don’t have the same feelings as others." -04:19 Jul 15
Isolde: There was that dangerous moment again. One she had so many times before. Only this time it wasn’t in a dream where giving in to her impulse was excusable. Except she couldn’t refrain from brushing her knuckles against his cheek with that terribly smitten look on her face. "I know you do. And I want to be here for you. I would follow you to the end of the world if you asked me to." -04:27 Jul 15
Athazagorus: he looked at her, then leaned forwards to kiss her lightly. "Then I won’t ask you to follow me, just stand by me and be there when I need you." he placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her again, softer but longer. Then slid away to take the soap and lather it up to wash his arms and chest. -04:31 Jul 15
Isolde: "I will." She was lost. There would be no priestess more devoted than her. Until she took her last breath! And not because he was her chosen god… Isolde moved away to rest her arms on the edge of the tub again. Closing her eyes and just smiling in contentment. They had so much to do, but for the moment she was pleased to savor it. -04:36 Jul 15
Athazagorus: Once he has his face clean, he smiled at her. "I like it when you smile like that." he said "It remind me of what it used to be like before I was sealed up in the machine. I had enjoyed life too. But maybe I’ve been gone too long. Theres things I missed, and had forgotten about until you came to me. Like sharing a tub with an angel. Seeing her smile like she could die happily but knowing she has a lot to live for. Thank you for reminding me." -04:41 Jul 15
Isolde: "You shouldn’t flatter me so much, my llyr. I’ll forget I’m your priestess." Isolde hid her face at her arms so he wouldn’t see her grinning. She hadn’t meant to get caught smiling. This was a time to be serious! She remember the mugs sitting on the chair and reached out to take one. Just cool enough to drink now. "What will we do about clothing? Or will your new temple abandon clothing all together? There is a temple across the sea that does that…" -04:47 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "I told you I’d weave a dress out of sunbeams didn’t I?" he said taking his own mug. "Do you doubt your god?" he grinned at her. "And don’t hide you face, I like your blush." he sipped his tea and leaned back. "And I think I’ll wear something too. Unless its just the two of us around." -04:53 Jul 15
Isolde: "I don’t doubt the god, it’s the man’s sewing skills I wonder about…" she didn’t hide her face this time, but rather bent the rules by turning away so he couldn’t see it. With mug in both hands she sipped, and smiled wider still. It was a mix of herbs she loved and bragged all about to him the first time she made it, and he remembered. -04:59 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He sipped his own and watched her. "I see why you like this brew so much." he said then stood and stepped out of the tub stretching and going over to the cupboard and opening it. "It not made out of sunbeams but I thought you’d like it." he said. "But you should dry off befor you put it on." -05:02 Jul 15
Isolde: A dress! Soft and simple without being plain. And far too pretty for a priestess to be wearing… but Isolde wasn’t complaining! Her opinion of it was very obvious in her pleased expression. She stood in the tub, still holding her mug with both hands and leaning just a bit to eye the trail of water he left across the floor. "You could use something to dry yourself with also! -05:12 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He grabbed a basket out of the bottom of the cupboard and throwd the cloak over his shoulder then grabbed his mug. "Bring the pot." he said before stepping outside into the sun and spreading the cloak on the grass next to the stream and lyong on it with the basket. Maybe he had this day too planned out." -05:17 Jul 15
[Isolde enters.] -05:23 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde looked a bit dubious about this plan… but she trusted him. And if he felt safe out in the sun without any clothes, she would too. Stepping out of the tub, she took the pot and her mug with her as she stepped outside. …this made her smile too! The familiarity with a place that she had found beautiful and peaceful. When she sat next to him, there was that content smile again. The temple had been a lovely place, but she was particularly fond of this one… "Did you live here once before..?" -05:35 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "A long time ago." he said. "I hadn’t done anything much with my life but I was content." he said "This was my home before I chose to be the one sealed in the machine. My only request was it was left undisturbed." he looked a her. "Its a little sad coming back here after all these years but we are safe, and I like it here. Now what do you think is in the basket?" -05:40 Jul 15
[(Timeout) Isolde has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:44 Jul 15
Isolde: Her first, immediate guess was going to be bunnies. But that was nonsensical and unlikely. Isolde tilted her head as she considered a better guess. "Something for lunch?" -05:44 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "It is a picnic basket." he said "I was asking what you thought I got to eat." nhe looked at her and slimed, his eyes falling over her and he found himself staring, and something else happening that he moved the basket to conceal and opened it for her to see inside. -05:47 Jul 15
Isolde: "You cannot read minds, can you…?" Almost as if he knew she was thinking of bunnies. But then, he did know he well enough by now… maybe she was predictable. Oblivious, she scooted closer to peer inside the basket and snoop. There were several things and she was grinning all over again. "You have thought of everything today." -05:51 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled and pulled out a plate of rolls and various spreads, a wedge of cheese, a knife, and carefullt wrapped baklava that if he remembered right was her favorite. It wasn’t all that was in there but it was enough to start. -06:02 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled and pulled out a plate of rolls and various spreads, a wedge of cheese, a knife, and carefullt wrapped baklava that if he remembered right was her favorite. It wasn’t all that was in there but it was enough to start. "Not everything." he said. "I never thought it would feel like this." he said smilign again. But my mission today is to make you happy, the capitol can come tomorow." -06:03 Jul 15
Isolde: She opened her mouth to protest – again – that he didn’t need to. She had said that too often already. He didn’t need to, but he did. That was why she loved him. "I am happy. Very much so. I didn’t know what it would be like with you here, but it’s better than I dreamed about." -06:08 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He smiled at her and placed his hand on hers. "And you make me happy, you have for a long time." he moved the basket out the way and moved to her and pushed his lips into hers placing his hand on her cheek. "I love you, and always have." -06:15 Jul 15
Isolde: "I really do think you are reading my thoughts.." she mumbled softly. Isolde touched her fingertips to his mouth, and gently tapped his chin. This couldn’t be right to do, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. "Do you really love me? And not saying it just to make me happy…?" -06:23 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He frowned "I wouldn’t do that." he said with mote force that he mean to. "I am a god, its not my role to make simgle priestesses happy." he pulled away and put his hand on her cheek. "Do you honestly think I would say it just to make you happy?" -06:32 Jul 15
Isolde: She blinked in surprise. That angered him… and before she could stop herself she laughed! A soft laugh, followed by her grasping his face between gentle hands and giving him a quick kiss with hope that it would soothe out his frowning. "I believe if you loved me enough, you would say anything I wanted to hear… I don’t mean to question you, it’s just hard to believe you are not a figment of my imagination." -06:40 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He pushed her down and pressed a kiss on her from on top of her his naked chest pressing into hers. "You a figment of your imagination do this?" He traced a finger down her chest and cleavage. "Because you’ve been distracting me all day and I’m sure you’ve noticed.: -06:45 Jul 15
Isolde: "I hadn’t noticed…!" At least not until now, where she could feel almost his entire body against hers. Isolde was expecting some sort of fear or revulsion… granted there was nervousness, but it was only a small fragment compared to her curiosity of him. Isolde run her fingertips over his shoulder, with that baffled expression. "If I said that I have loved you since the very first moment you stepped in to my dreams, would that be a distraction too?" -06:51 Jul 15
Athazagorus: "Maybe." he brushed his fingers against her stomach as his eyes found hers. "But then I’m completely distracted as it is so I don’t see what differnce it would make. "He moved his hand to slide down the side of her neck and moved to kiss her again the sensation causinf a tightning in his chest before he pulled away and say up again. "But would it be because I am your god, or because you didn’t think I was real, or some other reason?" -06:57 Jul 15
Isolde: The feelings he drew from her just from simple touches were so intense. So much stronger than any dream she ever had. When he pulled away and ask his question, Isolde cast him a soft smile. She didn’t care if it was the right thing to do or say anymore. She wanted him to hear it. "I love you because you have been my friend. You’ve never spoken to me like I was a servent or employee. You listen when I talk about flowers or cry about terrible things. You never asked anything from me, but you came to see me every night. Sharing your special places and your favorite things. So no.. I don’t love you because you are my chosen god, or because I dreamt you up. I love you for all of the things you have done with me…" -07:04 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He grinned wide and rubbed the side of her neck. A god and his priestess in love." he nipped her lip and then rolled off of her to stare up at the sky on his back. "You know I don’t see anything wrong with that." -07:10 Jul 15
Isolde: Isolde rolled to her side so she could hook her arms around his and rest her head against his shoulder. "Someone might find fault with it… but if you love me, I don’t care what they think." The high priest had always been angry with her for spending too much time in the chamber. But that priest also betrayed the temple! Isolde didn’t have much faith in people’s reasonings now… -07:19 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He turned his head to kiss her horehead and smilled against it. "Who exactly makes the rules anyway?" he asked "I think I have some say in thats wright and wrong." he moved to slide hsi hand up and down her side and huddle close to her, he didn’t care if he did accidently poke her. "I’m just glad I get to spend time with you." -07:23 Jul 15
Isolde: She could feel him, and that was just another reason for her to smile. He was Emidio and an Emidio took what they wanted when they wanted it. But he wasn’t pushing himself on her. Isolde curled against him. "You can stay with me forever. This could be our home?" -07:31 Jul 15
Athazagorus: He didn’t know if it could, the mavhine would be rebuilt and someone would need to power it. "We will see what happens." he said his arms snaking around her to hold her. "But you will always have my love even if we have to live in the temple." -07:34 Jul 15

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