Your Starr 002: Unexpected Turns

Your Starr

[Drake is asleep in his own bed… all snuglie and warm.] -06:22 Feb 18
[Madeline slept like the dead, and can’t seem to move! But that’s okay because this is waaaay comfier than she remembered her bed being!] -06:22 Feb 18
Madeline: Maddie hated waking up with a headache. Usually she’d she roll over and call in to work and go back to sleep. But when she tried to roll she tangled in sheets and hit something solid. Which left her lying there in a grumbly stupor trying to figure out why her pillows were so lumpy, until she finally opened her eyes and found herself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. "Whaa-haaaat..?" -06:27 Feb 18
Drake: "Sssshhhhhh." the sould came from next to her and a blanker was thrown over her a second later before his arm rested across her stomach. "Now is hangover time, talking time is afterwards." not that Preston got severe hangovers but he was still tired and wanted to stay where he was. even if he was next to… "Madie? Hey… good morning." -06:30 Feb 18
Madeline: In her head was a very high pitched ohmigaaaaaawd! and if she wasn’t in such desperate need of a glass of water and some asprin, she might have screamed it too. Whose bed was she iiin? Wait, she knew whose bed! The question, was hooooow did that happen! Maddie last remembered a lot of dancing and giggled and shots. WAIT. MORE IMPORTANT. "Did we… um… do… something.. last night?" she mumbled. -06:35 Feb 18
Drake: "Yeeeeeeeeees?" he said. "We hent on a date, he drank we ate burgers, we came back her, you took your dress off and said something about not wanting to get it creased then I took my sirt off to make it fair, then we had tea and got into bed. Did I forget anything?" he looked at her and then pulled her beeger under the blankets with him. "So yes… and no." -06:38 Feb 18
Madeline: She was freaking out and he was being cuddlie. So warm and cute and cuddlie, and… damnit! She couldn’t snuggle and not know! "Did we have sex, more specifically?" Do not cuddle Preston Starr. You’ll never leave this bed! -06:41 Feb 18
Drake: "No." he said. "We did not have sex." he grabbed her arm and pulled it around him. "I told you at the start of the date I wasn’t going to put moves on you, a little drink wouldn’t change that. Theres asprin and water next to the bed too. I can have food brought… so there’s no reason for you to get out of bed." there was a wicked grin and he squeezed her stomach with his arm. "What are you hungry for? -06:44 Feb 18
Madeline: Yooou. "Good. Thank god… not that I wouldn- I mean.. nevermind!" Okay, no drunken sex. That was a relief to know. …and enough to totally cave and curl around him and nuzzle her face in to his shoulder. She blamed the headache and being too sleepy to use common sense. "I don’t think I have the stomach to eat, I just want to sleep forever. Why did you let me get so drunk.. I think I yelled at a red headed giant." Everything was way too fuzzy to remember! -06:48 Feb 18
Drake: "You certainly did." he said, what about I can’t place but I want a cheese burger and fries with a mug of tea… tea for you." he closed both arms around her and shifted his wieght against her and mold his body to hers. "Heh, bet you didn’t dream you’d wake up next to me and not have the embarresment of sex to deal with. So long as you enjoyed last night I’d call it a success." -06:53 Feb 18
Madeline: She liked this. Way, way too much. Especially considering she should have been home last night and this afternoon was the last time she was ever supposed to see him. Stupid reality turning out to be as awesome as the dream… Maddie pouted a bit, and hid it at his neck. "I did have fun.. Best night of my life." she muttered and… couldn’t resist nuzzling against. He was letting her do it, it was his own fault. "Be better if you weren’t doing it all to humor me." -06:56 Feb 18
Drake: He moved his head to give her more skin to move against. "I stopped humoring you the moment we left the part, everything after that was because I wanted it. My rules remember." he reached over and picked up a phone reciever and pressed the one button. "Two cheese burgers with reies and two mugs on tea, thanks hun." he hung up and then was right back to brushing his fingertips against her cheek. "And I enjoyed the other parts too. If you want proof poot as the pictured on your phone." -07:03 Feb 18
Madeline: Seeing as she didn’t have her dress, Maddie wasn’t quite sure where her phone was either. It was both hilarious and kind of embarassing. And she wasn’t so sure she believed him. Then again. did someone like him really have to do anything he didn’t want? ….Yes he did. Wait. Ugh! It was too early in the morning to over think things! Maddie mumbled a few undecipherable things against his neck, and then more when she was tempted to kiss on him. "I give up.. I guess as long as I didn’t do anything stupid it’s all okay. Right?" -07:09 Feb 18
Drake: "I killed you." he said. "When the lights were dark in the blub, does that count?" he pulled away slightly to look at her. "I have you in your enderwear in my bed… does that count?" he chuckled and gave her another squeeze. "We can be snuggle buddies I’m sure. Besides if I were going to do anything stupid I’d wait for tonight." -07:13 Feb 18
Madeline: "Hey, you kissed me. That was all your fault." She couldn’t argue being practically naked in his bed though. And snuggle buddies… did he know how dangerous that was to offer to a fangirl? He was lucky she wasn’t crazy! He’d be pounced on so fast! Oooh, she really wanted to. Stupid headache. Maddie gave another scowling, sulky expression. "You’re not going to see me again after today anyway, remember? You have a world tour and I have a normal job to go back to. At best maaaybe you’ll troll me on the internet." -07:18 Feb 18
Drake: "I don’t know who you are on the internet." he said sticking his tongue out at her. "And I can bring people on tour with me you know, not that that is a really good idea, take things slow and…" there was a knock on the door. "Come in." it opened and in walked an aging woman with sharp features and a blouse and skirt combination. "Breakfast is served m’lord." her tone was slightly sarcastic but Presting was untangling himself from Madie and teaching out for a plate to pass to her. "Brought somone home? Skipped out on your obligations then?" her voice carried traces of the steriotypical strict english nanny but taking a bite of his burger Preston waved wer away. "First… there was no sex, secing this is her, Madie. Madeline meet my housekeeper. Best cook ever to cross the Atlantic." -07:25 Feb 18
Madeline: "…Are we not in a hotel?" she hissed at him. Maddie assumed they were! Now, apparently she was getting the eagle eye from an angry nanny and Maddie was busy trying to balance a plate and pull sheets up so she didn’t look like a take-home hooker! …it was probably too late for that. Maddie gave a sheepish grin. "Good morning…?" Wait, what did he mean by take things slow? Maddie shot him a look. -07:29 Feb 18
Drake: "The dress I found in the living loor has been dry cleaned and pressed, it’s readt for you whenever you wish to leave." her tone implied that the sooner that was the better. "And try not dribble on the sheets." and with that passing remark she was gone while Preson was far too bust eating to notice her look. "Don’t mind her." he said with his mouth full. "She’s like that to everyone. She won’t even let my mum cook anything because she insists that…" he mimiced her accent "… that woman has never once toutched a dish without ir immediatly setting itself on fire whilst at the same time half of it spontaniously turning into salt." he took another bite and chewed viciously. "Which is true enough. I did not have food like this before I got rich."" -07:37 Feb 18
Madeline: To everyone, which likely meant she was one in a long string of girls. Only, he didn’t exactly sleep with her. And unless there was a lot of kissing she didn’t remember, a split second in the dark wasn’t exactly a one night stand affair! Her stomach lied though. Now that she could smell food, she was definitely hungry and more than happy to eat. Even if she -was- now directing her glare at the door. "If I try to sneak out of here am I going to get the nanny-lecture? ‘Master Drake eats women like you for breakfast, don’t even think about trying to come back!’" She tried to mimic the woman’s accent and failed miserably. Worse, she didn’t realize she let his real name slip out, and she had been trying not to let on that she was that good of a stalker. -07:43 Feb 18
Drake: "I think she assumes that you’d already hae learned you lessong from…" he stopped heating and looked at her his eyes narrowing. "Such a fan." he said before taking another bite. "And I let you into my bed." he pushed the lats of the burger into his mouth and chewed before swallowing. "So what else do you know about me Madie?" he stuck his tongue out at her and then started on his fries. Not that it mattered… as she said this was the last time day they’d see eachother. -07:49 Feb 18
Madeline: What was he… oh. Shoot…! Maddie froze for a minute, unsure what to say. How could she be such a dummy! Why did she even think that name? Had to be cause he mentioned his mom… "Um… " she sighed, plate balanced in her lap as she plopped back against the pillows and threw an arm over her face. "I told you I was a fan…! I knew that one for years, it’s not like I looked it all up last week to seduce you with!" …which, he might not even thought and now that she said it sounded suspicious. Argh! Her other arm went over her head. "I don’t think I can get any less creepy, can I?" -07:55 Feb 18
Drake: "Only if you actually tried seducing me." he said chewing before picking up his mug and looking at her over it. "So stay here for a few more hours, shower and move?" he asked. "But with the looks you’ve been giving me can you last a few more hours without trying to kiss me?" -08:02 Feb 18
Madeline: "Is that a -challenge-?" Maddie at least moved her arms to give him a stare. Still totally embarassed and probably with her face red, but seeing as he spent the morning snuggling her in her underwear, she was feeling confident enough to barb him back. "I think I did a pretty good job considering I’ve been a step away from stalking you for years. Can YOU resist kissing me?" Maddie fussed to sit back up. It was a lot easier to be cheeky when sitting up! -08:06 Feb 18
Drake: "Of course. Now are we playing kiss chicken?" he asked sliding up next to her, his plate put aside and an arm sliding arounf her. "First person to kiss the other, or back away is the loser." he sninned and leaned back, raising an eyebrow and sipping his tea. "Take and asprin too, the food will help but you have to listen to me sing later." -08:13 Feb 18
Madeline: "Kiss chicken. And what does the winner get? It has to be something good. And seeing as I am going to win, you are gonna have to think of something really impressive to top a date with Preston Starr." Why did she like this so much. This was even more unrealistic than last night! Maddie did at least reach over to take the aspring and get herself a mug. If they were going to play this crazy game, she needed her whole brain to do it. -08:16 Feb 18
Drake: "A kiss isn’t enough?" he asked. "Let’s see, when I win you tell me your online name." he said sipping again. "And I have my arm around you. It’s your turn Madie. Try no to kiss me." -08:22 Feb 18
Madeline: No fair, her online name was her biggest secret… Frowning with determination, she set aside the mug after swallowing a couple pills, as well as her plate. Then she turned to put her arms around his neck. Totally not tempted to kiss him yet. "Okay, I guess that’s allowable since you aren’t going to win, anyway. And a kiss can’t be the prize, that’s the contest. The prize has to be something else." -08:25 Feb 18
Drake: "I named my prize." he said. "You name yours." he placed his other hand on her bare side and raised an eyebrow. "I’m going to cheat you know." he warned her. "Only fair since you’ve stalked me for years and I just met you." -08:28 Feb 18
Madeline: Her mouth twist up as she squinted at him, She nearly flinched when he touched her side and it tickled a bit. …and since this was a challenge, it was okay for her to run her thumb over his mouth. He really did have such a nice mouth! "Cheating is for people that know they’re going to loose. Hum.. when I win I want you to come visit my work and have lunch with me." -08:34 Feb 18
Drake: "So a second date?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "So you liked the first one that much what you want to go out again? Wondering in you ended up in your underwear the first time what the second date will do? Hmmm?" he lit his lip and sucked on it before grinning at her. "Someone has herself a little fancrush." -08:40 Feb 18
Madeline: "You got me drunk. You can’t get me drunk at lunch." …she could so bite that lip for him. This was getting a little more tricky. She had years worth of infatuation to battle against, he just met her! She brushed her fingers at the nap of his neck and pouted a bit. "And what if I do want to go out again, that’s not so weird. You had me drunk and in bed and didn’t sleep with me. That’s like, one in a million." -08:45 Feb 18
Drake: "So because of that you think I can be trusted?" he asked hefore breaking out the big guns. He ran his tounge across his lip and tilted his head ever so slightly his eyes staveling between her lips and her eyes as his expression melted. "All along I tried to pretend it didn’t matter. If I was alone, but deep down I know If you were gone For even a day I wouldn’t know which way to turn. Cause I’m lost without you." he sung sorftly has hand moving up to slide down her cheek and his eyes rooted to hers. -08:51 Feb 18
Madeline: Oh shit. He was an asshole…! A really really cute, way way too good at that asshole. "That’s cheating TOO much." she muttered, and leaned,,, and before she wound up kissing him, just nuzzled against his cheek instead. It was almost painfull. And too close. -08:55 Feb 18
Drake: He raised his hand up to rub it up and down the back of her neck as he kept singing, -very- softly into her ear then he moved his hand down to cricle a vertibra in her lower back. "How about you kiss me and you get that second date after all?" -09:01 Feb 18
Madeline: This was kiiiilliiiing her. Maddie circle her arms tighter around his neck until she was practically in his lap. Did brushing her mouth against his ear count as kissing? Noooo… "Lunch isn’t really a date." Now she was talking all soft. -09:04 Feb 18
Drake: He slowly slid his hand up her spine. "You were a kiss away from making it a date. You should have taken it." he was as soft as he knew how to be and pulling back to look at her. "It’s almost like you don’t want it to be a date. Well then I guess you don’t want a kiss after all." -09:11 Feb 18
Madeline: "Yes I do..!" Maddie almost pulled him back to her and planted a kiss on him then… but… she scowled and narrowed her eyes at him. "Lunch date is the prize if -I- win. You’re trying to trick me." And like an idiot she almost fell for it, just because he sang her favorite song and touched her all soft, and had those dreamy dreamy eyes… Oooh, it was on now. Maddie leaned forward till she touched the tip of his nose with hers. "Kiiiiss me. I’m asking for it." -09:17 Feb 18
Drake: "Kiiis me." he sung softly "Out of the bearded barley, Nightly , beside the green, green grass…" he was grinning and tilting his head back. "You want to." his hand slid up to rub tha back of her neck. "I want you to… you’ll never get another chance if you don’t now." -09:21 Feb 18
Madeline: "That’s a silly song." He kept moving away, which was just forcing her to closer again. This time tilting her head just far enough to barely touch his lips when she mumbled. "Kiiiiiss me. And I’ll kiss you later for free." -09:25 Feb 18
Drake: "I never loose." he whispered. "But you, you want to make your dreams come true, and you want me to message you online to arange future meetups…" a hand moved down to caress her thigh. "Kiss me and I’ll meet up wiyj you later for free." -09:28 Feb 18
Madeline: She was going to die! Worse, the promise of seeing him again anyway was too much to resist. Maddie caved, bridging that hairswidth of space to press her mouth against softly. A kiss she decidednly immediately she didn’t regret at all. -09:33 Feb 18
Drake: He pucjed back againse her and kissed her back his free hand going to lightly stroke the back of her neck and he grinned againse her lips. He wasn’t happy about winning but he was happy about the kiss. "If I had known it would feel like that I would have lost." -09:38 Feb 18
[Drake is stepping out of his limo and putting hi sunglasses on in a red shirt and black jacket and pants. It’s a recording day, with an audience.] -07:10 Feb 26
[Madeline is already at the studio, and it’s a good thing too cause she had to get a change of clothes after accidentally spending the night with Preston Starr!] -07:14 Feb 26
Madeline: Last thing Maddie needed was a big rumor about her spending the night with a pop star. ….well, maybe that would be a fun fantasy, but in reality she doubted any good would come of it! Especially since nothing actually happened, aside from a very dumb game of Kiss Chicken, and the fact that after today her fantasy was going to come to an abrupt end. Today she had a little visitor badge on so she could tour the studio and she was supposed to be meeting the manager! -07:17 Feb 26
Drake: He looked around, he has spent the morning getting preped and a hair trim, to shape it for the upcoming album cover shoot (that Madie was also going to be at, and get a posted size print for her wall) and as always didn’t look like he has spant the night drinking. The door was opened but the guard and he stepped into the suprisingly modest building into the waiting room where Madie should be and seeing her smiled. "There you are, was worried the shars ate you." he said as an inters walked up quickly and put a juice box in his waiting hand. "Thanks, got one for her too, grape, not orange." he sipped from it and slowlty counted down in his mind. 20… 19…. any second now… -07:23 Feb 26
Madeline: She stood quickly, mentally kicking herself a dozen times for still having that stupid squealing voice going on in her head just from the sight of him. A night out with Preston Starr followed by a half naked almost intimate morning really should have quelled her urge to jump up and down every time she saw him! "Noo.! I’m okay, just a bunch of curious people. And I got the whoooole rundown of today too." Man, she wished she felt as good as he looked. Maddie was never ever going to drink like that again. -07:27 Feb 26
Drake: 15… "There, drink that… and thank… Mandy she’s working hard, it’s her first week." The intern couldn’t supress and smile that the star remembered her name. 10… "So feeling any better since this mo…" the door opened and in walked a missle aged wman in a business suit a scowl. "Leanne!" Preston said instantly spreading his arms in welcome. "You’re six seconds early, something wrong?" The woman was Preston’s mother and manager and she looked mad enough tofry an egg of her face, and the intern wisely, left quickly. "You, adn you, in here, now." she pointed as Drake, then Madie, then at the door she had just come out of. "Leanne.. that’s no way to.." "Should have thought of that before, not dome of you are coming to see what I have tevoed… now." she walked back into the room without waiting for a reply, and Preson with a worried look at Madie followed. -07:37 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie barely got a greeting out for the intern before the girl skittered away…. and Maddie didn’t blame her at all! It was one thing to see his mother and manager in pictures and film, but in person and looking like she was about to murder someone…. It was all Maddie could do to not slink and hide behind Preston as she followed. The moment they were in the back room, Maddie slipped in to a chair. "So um… It’s nice to meet you…!" -07:41 Feb 26
Drake: Preston remained standing and faced his mother. "Come on Leanne, you know what you keep telling me, image, this is a fan you don’t want to…" he fell silent as his mother pointed a remote and pressed a butting, then crossed her arms. "In celebrity news, pop idol Preston Starr was seen last night in an exclusive club in the garden distrct with a woman believed to be the winner of the recent win a date compitition." the footage was grainy, probbaly a phen cameta and slearly showed himself dancing wth maddie. "So… is this really…" Leanne just him off with the remove again fast forwading slightly. "Took a perhaps whirwind turn when the legend proposed with the woman with his WHO charity tour ring." Preston stared as his voice, distorted and fuzzy, but endeniably his. "You know what, I know it was a joke earlier, but screw it. You may be a total fan but you’re not a hopeless one, we should just get… Maddie.. Maddie… marry me. Wait.. here… put this on your finger and marry me." -07:48 Feb 26
Madeline: Madde wasn’t sure what they were in trouble for either. Other than the fact she looked pretty damned happy to be dancing. And so did he for the matter! That actually had her smiling pretty wide. And then… and then. AND THEN. WHAT. It was sort of surreal to see herself on tv, laughing hysterically and kissing Preston Starr. Accepting a marriage proposal she didn’t even remember. Slowly, and still in shock she raised her hand and stared at it. How the hell how she missed the ring..! Granted, she was wearing several rings, but…! Ten seconds later she was hitting the floor in a dead faint! -07:53 Feb 26
Drake: There were voices and a minute later there was a cold juicebox pressed against Maddie’s forhead as the was in the recording studio couch with Preston leaning over her. "Madeline." he said in a quit hiss batting his mother away… Madeline…" he had questions and so did she, but right now there was the issue with her having just taken a fall. "Hey." he said with a smile as she started to come around. "From your reaction I’d guess you don’t remember anything either." He picked up her hand to look at his ring on her finger and a look, gone to fast to make out crossed over his face. "Well.. drink this, the sugar will do you good." -08:01 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie wasn’t sure how she got from way over there to the couch, but she was immediately sipping that juice with the strongest urge to find the nearest closet and lock herself in it. Sure HE looked all right. Calm and maybe even slightly amused, but his mothermanager still looked fit to kill and Maddie was… what? Engaged? That was crazy! The juice was empty in a second, and set aside in her almost frantic attempt to sit up. Maddie was trying to pull that ring off! "Oh god… I don’t know what happened! You can have this back, we’ll pretend it never happened!" -08:05 Feb 26
Drake: He pushed her back down and took the ring back but looked at it with what could be called a pout. Then his hand closed over it and he shook his head. "I gave it to you so you keep it, even if it’s just a present." there was a smile on his lips again as he took her hand and slipped it back on and his mother made an irritated gesture. "Now, Madie, Leanne, we have a recording session to do and an album cover to shoot and we’re already running late. "Mandy, get Madie another juice and one of my cupcakes from the tin, she needs sweet things." Then he was back to looking at Madie. "You sit right there, I’ll be the other side of the glass." then he was standing and facig his mother. "What? I’m contrctually oblidged to make sure that tour finishes." he gave her a shit eating grin and then started towards the door. "Never miss a stap." that last sentence was to himself. -08:14 Feb 26
Madeline: They needed to have some sort of serious talk…! And Maddie was in too much shock to protest beyond a few unheard buts. She was looking down at the replaced ring, and was so glad she was seated. She might have hit the floor again. And now she was stuck left alone in the room with a very angry looking woman and a totally bewildered assistant! "I…! I have nothing to do with all of that I swear..! I really just..!" Oh gods, was that really all over the news?! What if her family and boss recognized her?! -08:20 Feb 26
Drake: "I know you didn’t, Preston… used his stardom to charm you to get back at me." she then ignored Madie only pointing at a different chair next to the sound technician and taking one hersalf as the long haired and overwieght man held out a pair of headphones for Madie. "Sound test." his could said before Preston replied "Sound seem good my end… we set?" "Once out litte lade puts her ears on we’re good, this is Nirvana, take one." -08:26 Feb 26
Madeline: "R-right…" Of course he did. Anyone that did their obsessive research knew he tended to enjoy doing things just to barb his mom. …which kind of left her feeling a little disappointed. Which was -totally- nuts! Of course the proposal wasn’t real! He knew her for all of twenty for hours and they were black out drunk! Situated in her seat and pulling on the headphones, it was different hearing his voice come in so clear like this after a day of talking to him face to face. "I’m good." She should be so excited for this, but her head was spinning! -08:35 Feb 26
Drake: "Whenever you’re ready Preston." then he muted all the microphones except the one in the room where Preston was, she took off his glasses and hung them on the hem of his shirt. "Right…" he took a breath as Leanne and Jack exchanged looks. "Bit different with whose listening.. Okay… three…" he fell silent as he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and slowly reached up to hold his earphones and then… started singing." -08:39 Feb 26
[Madeline enters.] -08:43 Feb 26
Madeline: Okay… so maybe having a major bombshell dropped on her still wasn’t enough to mask the fact his voice could transcend reality and make her melt ten words in. She was also incredibly glad no one could read her mind, cause that had to be the dumbest thing she thought all morning next to agreeing to Kiss Chicken. She was twisting that ring on her finger and chewing on her lip as she watched him, hoping she had that crazy lovelorn puppy look under control. -08:46 Feb 26
Drake: The song moved though it’s movions and Leanne kept her eyes in the guessed and rolled her eyes muttering something that might have been ‘Such a fan.’ but was impossible ot hear over the song and when it was done Preston was taking a deep breath and looking at the window. [color=blue]"That was good, I’ll work my magic and tell Leanne if we need another take." sometime during the song juice and a cupcake had been put on the table behind Madie and Preston was standing and taking off his earphones to hang them up. "Great." he said once he was back in the room, so what do you think? If will sound better properly balanced with music buuut?" he was looking at Madie expectantly, waiting for an answer. -08:51 Feb 26
Madeline: "I think I’m in love!" it was out of her mouth before she could filter it. And under the circumstances, probably not the best thing to have blurted out. Madde coughed and corrected herself quickly. "With the song. It’s an amazing song." Cupcake. Maddie snatched it up and was immediatelly making sure to stuff a piece in her mouth before she said something else stupid! -08:54 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:10 Feb 26
Drake: He smiled at her and then caught the look on Leanne’s face and walked to the door to open it. "Photos next… it’s not usually like this, usually I can have a eat a relax a bit in between… but I have to get to wardrobe, is she coming or does she have to wait?" he was talkign as he walked, heading down a coridoor and stopping at a door. "That’s up to her, though I’ll meet you at the set." Without waiting for more Preston opened a door and was imemgiatly hugged. "Draaaake you made it honey." the costumer stepped back and smiled. "And you brought me a friend, oh you come on sweetheard and take a seat, I saw everything on the news you’re on lucky couple. You know I alwasy said Drake was going to swept off his feet by someone with gorgeous curls, and I was right! I just with it had been me but you know the rules, employees can’t enter, same drill every time but I guess his second biggest fan is a good choice." he manuevered Preston into a chair and then let the hairdressers get to work as he moved to a clothes rack. "In face sweetheard you can help me choose, they said they wanted a good loor, with just a touch of Prestor Starr’s trademark badboy attitude… do you think the jacket with the chains hanging off the shoulder.. or the one that’s midnight blue where it catches the light but looks black everwhere else?" -09:10 Feb 26
Madeline: "Um..!" Holy hell, if she didn’t somehow get her head out of engaged-to-preston-starr shock paradise, this entire day was going to go by in a huge blur. Maddie wasn’t even sure how she made it from recording to wardobe on her own feet, and now this person was talking a mile a minute! Maddie rest a hand on top of her head, trying to catch up. "…the blue-black! He doesn’t need the extra flash and glitz, not if that song her recorded today is a hint at the next album. His eyes should do all… the …talking…" Did that sound weird? Or creepy? She shut her mouth! -09:15 Feb 26
Drake: "That was the one I was going to pick anyway, I was just testing you and guess what!? You totally passed!" Maddie’s turn for a hug and so be pulled into a seat. "Might want to get the shirt on me before they gell my hair." Preston interjected causing Francis to pus his hand to his cheek snad pull a face. "Coming…" he sang out and dissapeared behind a racj as prestin had his jacket removed and his shirp pulled off, then Francis was back and putting a white shirt on Preston and then draping a towel over his shoulders to protect it. "Madie… you alright?" -09:21 Feb 26
Madeline: She had been caught staring again, and this time she was wishing it was her pulling his clothes off, and definitely not to be helpful during a wardrobe change. She WAS such a fan! Though it was rather pleasing to know she passed some sort of weird test by one of his crew. …why did it even matter! "Yeah…! It’s kind of a whirlwind, I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all of this all the time." -09:25 Feb 26
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[Drake is about to have a photoshoot.] -07:06 Feb 26
[Madeline is still reeling, but she’s always wanted to see a photoshoot and who better than Preston Starr?] -07:07 Feb 26
Madeline: It was crazy how much fuss they had to do over make up for a photoshoot. His wardrobe diva even got after her a bit, which had Maddie flailing more than once. And then once again she was being whisked away, scrambling to keep up with the non-stop motion of Preston Star. Another area of the building, a big studio, already setup with lights and props. "Thiiiiiiis is cool!" -07:23 Feb 26
Drake: "This is… work." he said as several people instantly clustered around him and eshered him towards the white grand piano he’d be sitting on top of. It wasn’t real, just a prop, but it looked just like the real thing! -07:29 Feb 26
Madeline: "Well… work is looking pretty fun to me!" she had to raise he voice over the din of chatter and directions. Including getting shooed out of the way as people rushed around to adjust the light. Maddie found a place she -wasn’t- going to get ran over, and was trying her hardest not to bounce up and down on her feet. "What kind of pose do you think? Alluringly sexy-" Maddie paused long enough to strike her very best exagerated pose, "-or the mischevious bad boy look?" Maddie posed again, trying to mimic one of his signature looks. -07:32 Feb 26
Drake: He was layed out on the piano on his side the photographer stapping forwards to arange his limbs and he shrugged at Madie. It was a sexy pose, and he took to it once he was what they were going for, aranging his featured in an inviting way and looking directly at the camera. It was a look the screamed ‘come and join me on the piano and we’ll get closer. "Sexy apparently." he confirmed. Now I’d better stop talking, blured lips con’t make good covers." -07:36 Feb 26
Madeline: "It’s a little rigid…" she commented, which earned her a few eye rolls and a glare or two. Maddie pulled out her phone, hoping to sneak a picture or two for herself. "… I think you should be standing!" -07:42 Feb 26
[Drake enters.] -08:09 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:09 Feb 26
Drake: "Oh -08:09 Feb 26
Drake: "Oh?" he asked tilking his head at her and earning a mutter from the photographer who looked at Madie and immediatly tried to snatch away her phone. "No it’s fine, let her." Preston pulled himself to the edge of the prop and swung his boots to the floor to lean against it and put his hands on the edge behind him. "So how should I be standing?" he placed his hand deliberatly on the back of his neck, a pose that pulled his jacket open and gave bother cameras a look that was carefully designed to convey the air of a soulsearching stare. Then with a tilt of his head he added a touch of innocence and a slight sence of being lost… then he broke and gave a very genuine smile. "You know my Idea had me standing against the piano and someone sitting and playing it, thier face hidden…." -08:20 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie nearly shoved that photographer away by his own face for trying the snatch her phone. HER phone! Precious pictures… That was the crazy coming out, though. She held that phone to her chest, casting a quick narrow-eyed glance at the photograph before she turned back to Preston and was… knee-weak floored! "Y-yeah… something a little bit like that." And a smile, Maddie was going to die and it was impossible not to grin back, rock on her heels nod. "It’d be a great fit the mood of that song… Something more geunine and connecting to another person. I think that’d look awesome!" -08:27 Feb 26
Drake: There were clicks next to her as the photographer took pictures, catpuring the smile for ass production. "Right, if that’s the way you really feel, thank you for vollunteering." his grin became a wicked one and he rubbed hus hands together. "Someone her her a white dress, he’ll have her sit at the piano and take it from there!" he was taking control, more creative freedom was what he was after and he wanted to call some of the shots, and now he was! -08:33 Feb 26
Madeline: "Whaaat? Oh no, no, no.. I can’t do that!" There was that nervous laugh again as she shook her head and waved her hands. "I’m super great with suggestions, not so good when cameras are pointed at me – oh god, where are you taking me?!" Okay, so Preston Starr was the boss here and everyone jumped to do his bidding. Maddie would too! If it wasn’t her being pulled off for a wardrobe switch. "..there’s models for this!" -08:37 Feb 26
Drake: All he did was wave as she was dragged off to be made up and Leanne stepped towards him looking as if she wanted to slap him. "Do you really need to torture her?" she asked vehemently. "You’ve put her through enough with that… ring." "I’m not trying to torture her Leanne." he said "I’m trying to … let her enjoy herself, it’s what she’s here for isn’t it? If you were in her position would you want… you know what. I don’t care what you think, this isn’t me using her to get at you. I keep our fight between us. You’re the one who brought her into this. I’m just trying to make sure she doesn’t hate us for it." -08:54 Feb 26
Madeline: "Heeelp…!" Maddie was being a little over dramatic, but this was a tiny bit outside of her comfort zone! In ten minutes she got the full star treatment. Which apparently meant having several people wrestle you out of your clothes, have you stand there in your underwear while they debated on the right dres, while someone else kept your head hostage for makeup! She protested through the entire thing… up until she caught a look of herself in the reflection. It’s not like she looked like a different person, she just looked…. really pretty! Maddie skipped her way back to the studio, pulling her front out from the front of her dress. "I changed my mind! I looooove this dress, we need extra pictures! Look, it even sparkles." She twirled on a heel to show him, only pausing when she caught that dangerous look on his mother’s face. "…um. Pictures on the phone. Just the phone." -09:01 Feb 26
Drake: There were still daggers flying through the air between the two when she entered, but she had definatlely changed her tune. "Then give the phone to Alan and he can snap on with us next to eachother and you… you look really good in that." he moved her to the piano and the greenscreen and took her hand for the picture, and once it was taken he lenaed forwards to whisper. "It’s completely up to you if you want to sit and take the other picture, not like she’s let me use if for the cover anyway. But you’ll still get a poster of it for yourself." -09:11 Feb 26
Madeline: Fancy picture on her phone, Maddie was grinning again. His mother was pretty intimidating, but it wasn’t her presence that filled the room. "I want to take the pictures. A bunch of them! I’m neeever going to get to do this again, I should take the oppotunity, right?" Curse this room full of people! Kiss chicken was crossing her mind again, and a step forward and a challenge would be all it took. Maddie stomped that mischevious look off her face. "Um! How should I sit?" -09:16 Feb 26
Drake: "Just pretend your playing." he said looking down at her. "And you can’t while you’re taking pictures." there was the clicks of the studio camera and Preston sighed, he didn’t know why but we was suddenly sishing he wasn’t at work. Dealing with his mother was especially draining today and he still hav an entire evening of it once they were doe here and Madie left. -09:35 Feb 26
Madeline: Maddie gave him a curious look. For a split second he looked a little sad, and that nearly killed her. "Okay, I can do this!" Pulling open his jacket, she dropped her phone in to the inside pocket. There was no way she’d let that photographer get his hands on it. Maddie moved over to the bench and placed her fingers on the piano keys. They did a really good job for the replication! Pressing them gave no sound at all. Now to make him smile. Maddie hammed up a super serious pianist pose, and cast him her best stoic face. "Seeeerious dramatic music pose?" -09:40 Feb 26
Drake: He turned and put his hand on her stomach and the other on her back between her coulders at he pulled her stomach back and pushed her shoulders forwards. "No… more relaxed, like you’re playing to yourself, a soulful melody that only you can play that reflects that resonated in your very soul. You’re playing to yourself anf nothing else matters in the world except the feeling of what you express. You don’t even know I’m here. Your music is your art, your world. It’s one you live alone in… become me." he loved awya again and lened back against the side the piano, -09:46 Feb 26
Drake: He turned and put his hand on her stomach and the other on her back between her coulders at he pulled her stomach back and pushed her shoulders forwards. "No… more relaxed, like you’re playing to yourself, a soulful melody that only you can play that reflects that resonated in your very soul. You’re playing to yourself anf nothing else matters in the world except the feeling of what you express. You don’t even know I’m here. Your music is your art, your world. It’s one you live alone in… become me." he loved awya again and lened back against the side the piano, his back against it and his body facign the bamera, but his head turned towards her. "Got it?" -09:47 Feb 26
Madeline: He absolutely missed the cue that he was supposed to smile and relax. Even rolled her eyes a bit as he reposed her… at least until he kept talking! Her whole demeanor melted, and she chewed pensively on her lip and watched her own fingers tap gently on the keys. "Got it… not so sure I can do it. I’ll try?" There was a reason why she was an artist and not an actress or musician! It was nerve-wracking knowing they were being photographed. ..wait.. she started humming one of his songs. That helped! -09:52 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Drake has timed out.] -10:19 Feb 26
[(Timeout) Madeline was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:08 Feb 27
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -06:08 Feb 27
[Drake Can’t get it out of his hea that she’s humming.] -06:14 Feb 27
[Madeline thinks this is really cool! If only it was a real piano and… if she actually knew how to play one!] -06:15 Feb 27
Drake: "I know that song." he said softly as the photographer started. "You really are such a fan." he took his posr and soon the phographer was giving the thumbs up and he was sliding onto the seat nect to her and taking out her phone. "You said you wanted to take some." he said nefore gesturing to the crew for a break. "Enjoying your day so far?" -06:18 Feb 27
Madeline: "I like applying music to everyday situations. Or any situation. It’d be cool to have background music going all the time." Maddie took her phone and flipped through the apps. Then then was leaning against his shoulder and holding it out for another picture. Score! "Second best day of my life! It kinda sucks that I have to go home soon. Arre you..?" She leaned away to peer at him curiously. -06:24 Feb 27
Drake: "Second best?" he asked nudging her and raising an eyebroe, maybe her first was yesterday… but he wasted to hear it from her. "And this is just another day at work, better company though. Not every day I wake up to find myself engaged." -06:27 Feb 27
Madeline: "Will be hard to top yesterday, even if you did get me crazy drunk and propose in the worst way possible." Propoooose. At least now she had calmed down enough to laugh about it! The whole thing was a dumb mistake and worst the news will make a big deal about it for a few days, right? Maddie grinned and bumped against his shoulder. "Next time you should try something a little more romantic than ‘you’re not a hopeless fan’." -06:31 Feb 27
Drake: "Contrary to populat belif, I’m way more roantic in my songs than I am in real life. It’s just easier to express myself that way." he said. "You’re not a hopless fan is actually pretty good by my standards. But then if you ask Leanne my standards are not very high." he sighed and leaned against her. "I’ve stopped trung to change her opinion of me. -06:35 Feb 27
Madeline: "She probably just wants what’s best for you. Parents do that, right?" Despite the fact she knew he was a real human being with the same old life stuff everybody had, it was still a little strange to hear the confession. Maddie rest her head on his shoulder and stole the opportunity to take his hand in both of hers and hold it. "You shouldn’t have to fight to change anybody’s opinion anyway. Mom’s have an obligation to love their kids, and everybody else can just deal with it." -06:40 Feb 27
Drake: "If you can get Leanne to show that she loves me or is anything but dissapointed in me I’ll aguse you of being an angel." he said. "You’d think making her a millionare and doing everything she asked would have been enough, but it’s aleays games and threats, like bringing you here. And not she’s angey it’s going kinda well for me. Which remind me you owe me internet details." -06:44 Feb 27
Madeline: Maddie could see that going over well. ‘HI! I’m you’re son’s biggest fan and I think you’re being an unreasonable old hag.’ The woman would probably eat her alive. She laughed softly and hid her face at his shoulder. "Doooon’t laugh. But I use MayUBMyStarr. May is my middlename, so I thought I was being clever… I’d makeup a new one, but I’ve had it for so long it’s just kind stuck now." -06:48 Feb 27
Drake: "Two Rs?" he asked to confirm before he gave her a look, then slowly shook his head. "Madiemay and the Prince of Starrlight." he said, the title of a fanfiction he had read years ago… and relentlessly trolled. Then he laughed. "Well, at least you can say we didn’t meet for the first time technically speaking yesterday." he was still chuckling as he leaned agaist the fake keys and shook his head again letting out a long breath. "Must have been… 10 years ago?" -06:53 Feb 27
Madeline: "Oh god. You just turned my biggest fantasy in to my greatest nightmare!" Noo, what were the chances he actually read that nonsense?! There were millions of shitty fanfics out there! Maddie leaned backwards on the bench, so sorely tempted to let herself fall back dead on the floor. Dying from embarrassment sounded like a really good option. "Give or take a few years? I can’t believe you read that… or actually remembered the name of the stupid thing! Writing wasn’t my big skill either." -06:58 Feb 27
Drake: "Reason I remember it is because of the evil queen comparing her to my mother." he admitted sheepishly. "You might need to unblock me though I can’t remember how far I took it with that." he pulled her back against his side and leaned against her again, his arm around her. "Tough I’ve forgotten almost all of it now. It’s not really important… what is is according to the public I’m engaged… and I’m not sure how RP will handle it." -07:03 Feb 27
Madeline: "You’re such a jerk! I remembering being so pissed off I ranted for three days, and that I never posted another fic online!" At now now she was snickering about it, though she was seriously tempted to swat at him. She was getting distracted by his arm around her, and he weirdest part was that it felt natural and she wasn’t having those squealing inner fangirl moments about it anymore. "Some circus press conference and confess it was a drunken moment of thoughtlessness. Or you could say I seduced you and then left you heartbroken! That would get lots of sympathy from faithful fangirls? As long as no one gets my address, I’ll be fine." -07:08 Feb 27
Drake: "Nah." he said. "Probably just let it fade away and dissapear." he siad almost sadly. "But that’s the biz… I’m not allowed whirlwind romances because thet can’t be used properly to make good RP or somesuch. The price of celebrity. Guess we’ll just have to keep talking." -07:12 Feb 27
Madeline: "Well, there’s always spitting in the face of adversity and getting married! Shocking all doubters with a wedding, and defing all expectations with a long and happy marriage. Nobody would see it coming." A fangirl’s dream come true, and the most unrealistic fantasy in the universe! Maddie laughed again, leaning close enough to brush a kiss against his cheek. "Let your keepers worry about it… Just make sure they’re not planning to assassinate me." -07:16 Feb 27
Drake: "Don’t kempt me." he said looking at her and then forwards. "Not when you’re dressed like that and looking like a bride." he rested his elbow on the piano and his chin on his hand. "Besides you know your name wouldn’t be Medeline Starr." -07:21 Feb 27
Madeline: Maddie glanced down at the dress with surprise. It did look almost like a wedding dress, and him here with his dark jacket. She laughed all over again! "I guess it wouldn’t, but it does have a nice ring to it, though, doesn’t it." Taking her phone again, she stole the moment to snap another picture. "I guess they really won’t be able to use any of the photos with both of us. It’ll look so much like a wedding announcement or something. Will you send me all of the pictures?" -07:26 Feb 27
Drake: "Of course." he said. "As soon as I get them I’ll foreard them right to you." he was looking at her dress againa nd thinkng many, many dumb things he shouln’t be thinking about. Like being married by sunset, and seeing her out of it not long after. -07:30 Feb 27
Madeline: "Good! I’d love to see how they turned out. I’ve never really been… all that great… with pictures." Her voice trailed off and she was caught up in that expression. Maddie couldn’t decipher it, and it almost felt like he was trying to stare down in to her soul and steal all her thoughts. Which was crazy. Worse because that little voice in her head was screaming erasing that look with a sudden kiss. You just didn’t do that to a popstar. Maddie leaned towards him anyway and mumbled. "If you don’t quit looking like that, I am going to challenge you to another game of Kiss Chicken." -07:39 Feb 27
Drake: "I wou;d loose almost immediatly." he said without thinking and then leaning forwards to kiss her forehead. Thne en was closing the hand in hers around herd and slowly rubbing his hairling. "This is really really bad. I can’t afford to be infatiated with a fan. Especially one where I only have one meeting planned with at no set date." -07:43 Feb 27
Madeline: Infatuated with a fan? Maddie didn’t hear him right! That had to be the only thing that would make sense. The alternative was too far-fetched. Maddie swallowed, and prayed that weird gooey feeling in her stomach would go away! "Um.. it’s not so hard setting a lunch date. Picking a day and a place. Maybe if I was planning to kidnap you, it might be bad… but I really don’t have a lot of room in my apartment for hostages." A light joke. Anything to keep her from asking him to kiss her! -07:50 Feb 27
Drake: "Just promise me a place in yout heart, and I’ll live there forever." he said before he broke and started laughing. The spell was broken and he was releaved, but he was still holding onto her tightly. "Marrying you right away would be really bad, you shouldn’t put ideas like that in my head. But I’ll send you my number and we’ll set up a date." -07:53 Feb 27

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