Genetic Bride 026 002: Until You Decide

Khloe: Awakening a second time, it was more like it was supposed to. Opening her eyes and the first person she saw being her assigned Husband. Only, her head still ached and he was asleep. That wouldn’t do. It was morning, and she was now allowed to kiss! Shifting on to an elbow, she curiously examined her Husband’s face. Was this a typical Husband? He didn’t really look anything like she expected… -06:43 Jul 22
Baldor: Beerpinduced sleep, deep and lingering. He didn’t want to wake up not even when he was rolled onto his back. He mumbled something an kept his eyes closed, his hand searching for the blanket to pull over his face but finding skin instead.. that made him open his eyes. -06:46 Jul 22
Khloe: And now he was looking back at her. She blinked in surprise. But that quickly passed, and her instructions back to being her number one agenda. Step One, Awaken. Step Two, consummation! Shifting over him to stradle his hips, she wasted no time in leaning over to kiss him. -06:51 Jul 22
Baldor: Okay, what had happened last night? What was a naked girl doing in his house and being naked and kissing him? Did he meet her at the bar and? These thought went though his head as she kissed him and before he put his hand on her shoulders and puuushed. Had he crought this girl home and… oh fuck what was he going to tell his girlfriend.. what was he going to do with this girl. "… Who are you?" -06:55 Jul 22
Khloe: Leaning back, but still sitting on her, there was that confusion again. "Khloe. Model 026, Customized to your specifications. We have not consummated yet, and if you don’t wish to return me because of the damages, we should consummate. The longer you wait, the higher risk of stolen merchandise." -07:00 Jul 22
Baldor: Now he was more comfused. Way more. If only he didn’t have such a headache. "Look I…" he tried to remember. "Have not consumated… that means we haven’t had sex right?" -07:07 Jul 22
Khloe: "We have not had sex." she confirmed. "You told me not to kiss you until morning, and then told me to sleep." And now it was morning! Seeing as he was finally waking up a bit more, she got to work on getting his clothing off. "What would you like me to call you? Husband? Master? My love, dearest, sweetheart? Sir? Or do you prefer being called by name?" -07:10 Jul 22
Baldor: That was a relief.. or it was until his shirt disappeared and he had to push ehr off of him again and retreat to the other side of the bed. "L-look.. Khloe.. I just found you.. I.." He fell off the bed in his retrat knocking over the table and breaking the lamp and landing in a heap… if only he had been lucky enough to be knocked out. It did however shake him enough that it helt like he was going to vomit and a wave of panic washed over him. -07:14 Jul 22
Khloe: He was fleeing. Which stopped her advancing. Khloe sat perched on her knees on the bed, resting her hands on them and tilting her head in confusion again. "Are you… untouched..? Your information package said otherwise but…. If you require me to be delicate, I am more than happy to change my approach to something more pleasing." This was… really not what she was expecting at all. Everything she had been briefed about had so far been completely inaccurate, from her awakening to the details about her Husband. What was she supposed to do! She wasn’t educated on dealing with unexpected problems! -07:18 Jul 22
Baldor: Bathroom would be a good idea, though getting himself off the floor was the first step. And then lean with his chin on the bead and look at her as the nausia passed. "I’m called Bai.." he said finally. "And if I remember correctly you were naked when I found you.. what happened?" distract her from the conversation… "Also is your head better?" -07:23 Jul 22
Khloe: "What happened?" That was a strange question. She assumed he wanted to know how she was shipped and obtained damages. "I was placed in the freezer box to be sent away and then… um… Then I awakened in the forest." Her hand raised to touch the spot on her head. Messily bandaged by him the night before. It hurt a little bit and she had a bit of a headache, but otherwise she didn’t feel any other lasting effects. "It hurts a little but the damages aren not permanant. Are you going to return me to the box and send me back…?" She didn’t want to be sent back! The Conditioning was a cold and heartless place. Khloe was really hoping life with a Husband was going to be better! -07:28 Jul 22
Baldor: He pushed himself to her feet and pointed to the park out of the window. "Thats the ‘forest’ where I found you… and…" wait he ahd read about stuff like this before… it all fell into place and he slapped his hand to his face for not seeing it sooner. "You’re a… genetic bride…" he said falling back to sit on the bed. This was bad… he was in posession of stolen property… but if he returned her and explained what happened nothign should happen right? He turned to look at her and sighed… then got curious. "But you think and feel right? You can want things for yourself…?" -07:32 Jul 22
Khloe: "Of course I think and feel…" she looked a little insulted at comment, but she was pretty quick to correct her demeanor and her words. "I mean, I think and feel what you require me to think and feel. I want what you want me to want, as per requested." She glanced from the window and then back to him. A frown falling over her face. "You did request me didn’t you?" -07:36 Jul 22
Baldor: Tis was kinda sad. "No. I did not." he looked at her and sighed. "And i don’t want to control what you think and feel either." he held his head and thought, why did thinkign have to hurt so much? "I should do it… but I won’t take you back if you don’t want to do." -07:38 Jul 22
Khloe: He was…. not her designated husband! That would explain some things, but…! She did not know what to do with this information, and the panic and sudden loss of what to do was written all over her face! "But I… I am supposed to imprint on the first person I see, and you’re not… I don’t know if they will…" Would her true husband take her like this? Damaged and imprinted on someone else? She hadn’t consummated, which was the important part but… but they might want to re-condition her anyway! "…what should I do?" She didn’t want to go back, but she had no idea what the other alternatives were! -07:42 Jul 22
Baldor: He knit his brow. "That is up to you but…" he sighed and hut his head in his hand not believing what he was about to say. "You can stay here until you decide." Great he ahd put his foot in it, and probably lost out on a reward for turning her in which would be useful so make ends meet. "You can stay here as long as you want… now.. how do you like your eggs?" -07:45 Jul 22
Khloe: "I have never had eggs before…" She could stay there until she decided. That was a small relief. Khloe knew the correct thing to do would be going back. But she had spent so much time hoping her designated husband would be better than the labs, and no she was in the wrong place still with that question in her mind. This wasn’t a bad place to be… "I should call you Bai?" -07:48 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked at her and nodded. "My name is Baldor, Bai is more a nicname, you can use whichever you like." He headed for the door and into the kitchen area to get a pan out and put it on the stove, melt some butter into it then break in a few eggs, cubed cheese, and bacon bits. Bachelor cooking at it’s finest… then he paused ling though to put toast and coffee on, almost forgetting to double up for two people. "Never had eggs? Well I can’t say I make them best but I liek how they turn out. Maybe you could try more things too…" -07:53 Jul 22
Khloe: She was up and following him, curiously watching everything he did… and not seeming to care at all that she was still completely nude. Khloe picked up one of the eggs to examine. "I have been conditioned for sexual activities, roleplaying sexual activities, and housework. There are a lot of things to try." She licked the egg shell. …didn’t really seem all that special to her. She shook it, and with a squeezed too hard it cracked and egg went everywhere! Khloe looked a little stunned! -07:59 Jul 22
Baldor: He scrambles the eggs in the pan and then puleld the mop out of the corner. "I’ve got this." he said. You go and clean yourself up and put whatever you want on out of my clean clothes pile. We’ll get you some clothes later before my shift." he picked up the shell and cleaned up the white then went back to move the egg in the pan and put the toast into a couple of plates and ladle the eggs on. Then put the coffee on the tablr with two mugs and get cutlery. "So all you’re taught to do is… sex?" -08:04 Jul 22
Khloe: It only took her a moment to wiped herself off and pull on some of his clothes. They were too big and she had to take one of his belts to cinch tightly around her waist. When she was back in the kitchen, she was shaking her feet amused with the flopping of the pants legs. "Yes. A model is customized based on the request of their designated husband. Mine only required a basic knowledge of sex, an ability to roleplay a specific set of scenes, and extensive knowledge of housekeeping. Some models are in conditioning for ages for all sorts of things." Khloe took a deep breath… eggs smelled very good! -08:09 Jul 22
Baldor: He pointed her at a seat with eveything already laid out and then sat down himself. "I can’t imagine being trained my whole life just to suit the pleasures of someone else… Would it be bad if I showed you what you were missing to help you decide what you want?" he was looking at her with his fork frozen halfway between his plate and his mouth. "I feel kind of bad for the mix up but won’t take you back if you don’t want to.." -08:14 Jul 22
Khloe: "I am only five months old, so it was not too long. There was not much for me to learn." Fork in hand, she tried the eggs first, chewing thoughtfully. There were lots of flavors to it.. that was neat! After a swallow she picked up the coffee to sip… that resulted in a very unpleasant expression. Bitter, not very good at all… "I really don’t know what I should now, but I would like to try more things! I should probably go back… but if they really want to retrieve me, they will come to fetch me, I’m sure. My Designated Husband won’t recieve his shipment and there will be questions." -08:19 Jul 22
Baldor: "You’re five month old?" he was surprised by that.. very surprised. "Uhhh here put some of this in the coffee.." he pushed the sugar at her and then a bottle of milk. "I don’t know what will happen." he didn’t mention that he could be arrested for keeping her, that was his risk. "But you should decide for yourself and take your time." He gave her a small smile. "Just don’t try to have sex with strangers anf you should be okay." -08:24 Jul 22
Khloe: First she tried some of the sugar by pouring it in to her hand and licking. Sweet! After she was taking a quick drink from the milk… Then, it was like she was conducting a science experiment. Little amounts of sugar with a dab of milk, a sip of coffee. Repeat. Until she seemed satisfied with the results. "I will only have sex with my designated husband, unless he instructs me otherwise." …of course, now she was without a husband. And that wasn’t good, because there were all sorts of warnings about what happened to genetic brides when the consummation wasn’t immediate. They were very often stolen, used, and tossed away. Brought back to the labs in horrible conditions… "Am I going to meet a lot of strangers?" -08:31 Jul 22
Baldor: He wanted to shake his head again, but instead he just took a large gulp of coffee. Then picked up his toast to tea it with his hands. "Hundreds." he said "Thousands even. But Khloe… I’m not your desegnated husband… first thing you’re going to have to learn about living for yourself is you get to choose who that is, and there might be more than one over time." he finished off his toast and sucked the butter off his fingertips. "Though they’d be called boyfriends and choosing a nice guy is important." -08:36 Jul 22
Khloe: "Choose my designated husband..?" She paused in the middle of a sip, the thought just sort of… blew her mind! "But I am made for one person, custom. On his likes and requests. Should I print out my qualities for review…?" More than one husband over time didn’t sound great either. Did that mean once a month or a year? Or did it go through five year intervals? "I am only warrantied for ten years…" -08:42 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked like she was freaking out and he stood and circled the table. "No.. you just talk to people." he said "And you be yourself, adn if theres someone that makes you feel happy you spend more time with them and do what feels right.." that was as best as he could explain it. "And forget about warranties, I don’t have one and never have." -08:51 Jul 22
Khloe: "Be myself. ….this is getting really complicated." Khloe wasn’t entirely sure who ‘herself’ was supposed to be. She was supposed to get intructions and orders and rules! "So I just talk to people. No sex. And see who makes me happy. …and forget about warranties because people don’t have them. So I won’t be sent back to the lab after it’s done?" -08:56 Jul 22
Baldor: He sighed. "Its not complicated.. Nothing is simpler." he was probably making a mistake in hugging her and sighing again but when he pulled back he checked her face to see if it helped. "Just do what you want to do.. but be careful doing it. And if you can’t do that.. I’ll take you back. But I’ll look after you until then to make sure you stay out of trouble. And if you want to live for yourself, then there will be no time limit.. unless something bad happens after ten years…" -09:02 Jul 22
Khloe: Being hugged… that made her feel happy! He really was a nice person. Khloe shook her head and smiled wide. "Ten years the age warranty expires, and husbands are able to trade in for a new model or choose to keep the current. Most are traded in for reconditioning." Turning in her seat she placed her hands at his cheeks and leaned to give him a kiss again. This time just a quick soft one. "I like you. Thank you for being kind to me and not stealing me." -09:07 Jul 22
Baldor: At least this kiss wasn’t a rape kiss and he shoult he could live with it. "I don’t steal.. or I try not to anyway, and I don’t want to take advantage of anythone either." he said pulling his mug off the table and takign a sip from it. "So you’d have been treated like a disposable slave…" he said, then there was a hint of determination in his voice. "I will show you what life as a person is like so you can make the choice you want, I’ll even take you out on a date is I have to, but first we should go shopping and get you somethign to wear." -09:12 Jul 22
Khloe: "That is what a Genetic bride is for, isn’t it?" she held up a finger to quote the tagline. "’A loyal, obediant bride, cultured to be the woman of your every desire. Engineered with genetic lifebond technology for guaranteed ownership.’ I can show you!" Without hesitation she was standing, undoing the belt and pulling down her borrowed pants. She placed a foot on his knee to open up her legs and show the odd tattoo markings on her inner thigh. "Once consummated, the designated husband’s dna signature will appear there. So I can be returned when stolen." -09:19 Jul 22
Baldor: He did not want to see anything in her… not that he hadn’t already but still he was shielding his eyes to look only where pointed. "Thats a little wierd." he said "So what you’re saying is the first man to…. have sex with you will be your owner?" she was treated like a product and not like a person.. and people payed money for this. It was almost enough to make him hug her again but she was virtually naked from the waist down. -09:23 Jul 22
Khloe: "Yes. …so I apologize for trying to consummate with you so aggressively. That is what I am supposed to do to avoid theft." He looked uncomfortable, which she thought was peculiar. Khloe pulled away and pulled up her pants. "These things bother you. Has your girlfriend not ever consummated with you before?" -09:27 Jul 22
Baldor: He shook his head and looked for somewhere to point his eyes that wasn’t at her. "No shes too… cultured… for that, and she doesn’t live nearby." he settled for staring into his coffee mug. "I usually only see her once or twice a year." -09:29 Jul 22
Khloe: "You would see her more often if you made her yours and consummated properly. Do you want me to teach you?" This seemed like a good idea! He was being kind enough to help her, she could return the favor by helping him. Without invitation, she was straddling his lap again and resting her hands on his shoulders. She gave a wide smile. "And I can teach you without being consummated myself! I know everything there is to know about it, and you can practice most things on me. I’d be happy to do it since you are helping me, and it wouldn’t be a bother!" -09:33 Jul 22
Baldor: He would hide his face if the onluy available spot wasn’t her cleavage.. and he almost did anyway. "That would be cheating.." he said. "People with boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wifes are not meant to do that kind of thing with others." he said "And she wants to wait until mariage, which might be years from now but…" he gave up halfway through the sentence "I don’t see her because she lives far away." -09:37 Jul 22
Khloe: "Cheating… I do not understand this word…" She made him upset again, and she seemed to mirror his expression. Khloe put her fingers through his hair to help sooth him. Petting was an appropriate way of making a man feel better. "I was told that I should be prepared for multiple wives or girlfriends in my Husband’s home. Is this not the normal standard?" -09:40 Jul 22
Baldor: He shook his head just closing his eyes so he didn’t look at the twin bulges in his shirt on her. "Its meant to be one person to love at a time, at least its that way for me I.. I shouldn’t even be inviting you to stay but I can’t leave you out on the street either and I trust myself to do what is right and try to teach that to you. Even if what you think is right and what I think is right are not the same." Her hands did feel good and that was even more confusing. "You are right, it is complicated." -09:46 Jul 22
Khloe: "Love. What does that mean? Is that similar to obeying?" At least she knew she was doing -something- right, because he was responding positively to her hands. Khloe rubbed his temples and massaged the back of his neck. Chewing on her bottom lip and wondering if kissing had been forbidden again. "Don’t worry, I will always do what you tell me to do." Decided kissing might be against the rules, she nuzzled against his cheek instead. -09:52 Jul 22
Baldor: "Love is a feeling you get when your like someone so much it becomes more than just liking." he said turning hsi head unside of how to react to her nuzzling. "When you odey because you want to, not because you have to. And I don’t want you to always do what I say. I…" there was a deep sigh and he fell back in his chair. He had never had tender affection like this before and wasn’t sure if it should be allowed. "You’re bluring lines Khloe." but it did feel nice. -09:57 Jul 22
Khloe: "Blurring the lines of love or of cheating or of obeying?" Khloe was sure it would be less complicated if he were her designated husband. There would be very simple to follow rules. All of these things he was trying to explain just sounded like a mess to her. And surely didn’t match his physical cues! When he leaned back she leaned forward. Letting her hands fall to his shoulders to rub and nuzzling against his ear. "What do you want me to do, then?" -10:11 Jul 22
Baldor: "I…" it was a good question and he put his arms around her as he thought it over. She had been destined to he sint to a man who would tread her as a glorified sex tow and now she was in his lap making him sigh with delight with the lightest touch. "I.. I want you to take off your clothes and…" he took a breath.. "And get into the shower.. we’re going shopping." -10:16 Jul 22
Khloe: It was not the request she was expecting, but it was still a request. "As you wish!" And because he told her she didn’t have to obey him all the time, she snuck a kiss to his cheek. Khloe slipped off his lap pulling away the shirt and pants she wore and tossing them aside as she marched off to the bedroom shower. "Am I showering alone or should I save room for you?" -10:21 Jul 22
Baldor: He was careful not to look at her as she stripped and then started clearign the table. "Can you wash by yourself?" he called back. Because that would be the only reason he’d enter teh shower with her… unless… unless she was ‘programmed’ to seek out new owners other then the first just she saw in which case ‘imprinting’ her might be the inly way to keep her safe…. but having sex with her to stop her having sex was… idiotic. -10:25 Jul 22
Khloe: "I know how to take a bath." she grumbled with a roll of her eyes. Khloe hopped off to the shower which… was -slightly- more tricky than the labs. There were a few sounds of thumping, squeaking, something falling over in the shower and a squeal when she ended up with cold water instead of hot. But she figured it out! -10:29 Jul 22
Baldor: He did the dishes and had another mug of coffee to ease his head as he waited, then tried not to think about her nude int he shower. He had gotten a pretty good look at her nude. "You okay in there?" he called fro the door. "Need a towel?" -10:32 Jul 22
Khloe: Shampoooo! That stuff was fun! She had soap and bubbles everywhere, but at the sound of his voice she stepped under the water to get it rinsed off and flipped off the water. When she opened the bathroom door she was dripping water and smelling her arm. "I like your soap! It smells nice and look! My hair is shiny! Um yes, I need a towel, thank you." Right towels… there was water everywhere! -10:35 Jul 22
Baldor: He wasn’t expecting her to OPEN the door. "Oh…. Kay…" he was looking at her hair… and face.. and everythign else… "A.. towel.." he turned away going red and fled to a cupboard to open it, take the first one he found and chuch it at her from a safe distance. "You do look good… though.. we should get you clothes…" -10:40 Jul 22
Khloe: "Last night you said I was pretty." she was beaming at the compliment even as she caught the towel. She didn’t even wrap herself with it, she was tossing it over her head to dry her hair. "What kind of clothes will we get me? Will they be little costumes? I can do your housekeeping, maybe I should have a maid uniform.." -10:45 Jul 22
Baldor: "Just street clothes." he said with maybe more force than was needed. "You can help with the housework in them." he was scowling for no apparent reason and hid it from her but turning to put away the last of the dishes. "Just for now… I have to budget and.." what was he saying. "If you want I can pick you out a present though it can be anything thats not too expensive." -10:52 Jul 22
Khloe: "Budget…" another unfamiliar word. She was going to have to find a way to learn things faster. Khloe had her hair mostly dry, until it was only a little damp. Dried off her skin and dropped the towel with the rest of her discarded clothes. Once they were done with shopping, she would prepare her chores list. Hopping in to the kitchen, she knelt on the counter watching him put away the last dishes. "I’m ready to go now." Yet she didn’t have a thing on. -10:56 Jul 22
Baldor: "No you’re not." he said leanign against the counter. "You can’t go outside naked, just… find somethign that fits about right and once we buy somehting you can wear that. People don’t go outside naked.. even, you can be arrested for it and then you’d be snet back." so much to learn. "Then I’d have to save up for ten years to buy you back." the last part was a tease. -11:00 Jul 22
Khloe: She took it serious. "By ten years I would be owned by someone else, and then you would have to buy me from them and the price might be steeper. …I will put on clothes!" Quickly she was off to his room, rummaging around his things to find something that could fit well enough. She opted for a shirt long enough it could pass as a short dress. She even put a belt on it to make it look more so. When she returned, she modeled the look for him, then glanced down at her feet. "All of your shoes fall off, though…" -11:03 Jul 22
Baldor: It looked like she had rummages though her boyfriend’s things after a night that left her clothes unwearable. But it was what he expected. "Would it sound repetitive if I called it nice?" he said before thinking on the problem of shoes. "I have a pair of adustable sandals that should work.. and I can carry you most of the way so you don’t blister?" -11:06 Jul 22
Khloe: Bouncing slightly on her feet, she clasped her hands behind her back and offered him a wide smile. "I have never been shopping before! And most certainly not ever for something just for me. I’m ready to go!" She was at the door before she remembered to stop and wait for him to fetch her shoes. Then she was resting her hands on her hips and waiting for him with that faint air of reigned in impatience. -11:10 Jul 22
Baldor: He changed his jeans and shirt quickly and was at the door stuffing his wallet into his pocket and heading out locking the door behind them. Then it was down the stairs and heading out. They would walk it wasn’t far but first… "Get onto my back." he said bending down slightly for her. "I know an allew with a ton of cheep clothes for sale, theres even a small department store with changing rooms so you can try things on. I get most of my thinsg there." -11:15 Jul 22
Khloe: There was no hesitation as she hopped on to his back and latched her arms around his neck. Her chin resting on his shoulder. Khloe was very interested in seeing everything there was to see. Everything she had ever seen had been in pictures or imprinting! "The sun is really bright. What is your favorite color? I can get your favorite colors." -11:18 Jul 22
Baldor: He almost rolled his eyes… almost. "I’ll tell you my favorite color after you get what you want he said. These clothes are for you, not for me." he waked forwards he he gripped her thighs to spootr her wied crossing his hand behind his lower back to hold her and coming to a surprising conclusion by feel that he should have expected… she had no underwear. "Oh uhh…" he walked on and sried to ignore how perfectly smoothe her skin was. "Uhh.." he turned into an alley and then walked between two building into a back alley market. "Shoes… here…" ever possible kind from thigh-high boots to dainty sandals.. all knock off or no name brand but all cheep andhe knew hot to find ones that would last. -11:26 Jul 22
Khloe: "Not for you to enjoy on me?" That was weird, but if that’s the way it was… She held tight to his neck, pointing out the styles she liked and which she didn’t. Khloe finally settled on boots at the knees for when it was cool or rainy, and some simple slip on shoes for the rest of the time. Those would be good for house work. Later she would get sexy shoes when she needed them! -11:32 Jul 22
Baldor: He payed for her choices and then put her down on a bench to take off the sandals and slip on her shoes. "I’m sure I’ll like what you pick." he said.. but you can try things on.. if you use the changing rooms to change and rememebr to close the door and I’ll tell you what I think…" next was into the departmant store that had the entire ground floor devoted to woman’s fasion. -11:38 Jul 22
Khloe: A department store full of clothes might have been the neatest thing she had seen yet. What she wanted to do was try on everything but at least she had sense enough to be mindful of time and.. budget! She was figuring out that meant not spending a lot of money. As she sifted through clothes on the racks, she was debating what she thought would be best… Khloe pulled out a ‘dress’… if it could even be called that! It was barely even a slip of fabric. "What do you think of this! This is sexy?" -11:51 Jul 22
Baldor: "Sexy? yes. Good for everyday wear? No." he said "Theres dresses here… like the one my frirt is pretending to be on you.. theres jeans here.. shirts.. enderwear.. socks.." he was pointing everything out to her. "You should really get underwear if I’m going to be carrying you again." -11:56 Jul 22
Khloe: "I need everyday nonsexy wear…" That… was outside of her conditioning, but if it’s what he wanted. And underwear! She didn’t even think that was necessary! Khloe gathered essential things first. Things she wouldn’t be able to try on until she was back home. …then it was a matter of picking out simple, not super sexy clothes and vanishing in to the dressing room to make sure they fit better than his shirt did! "I am not sure how I feel about these clothes. How do I know if it looks okay if there’s no sexy to it?" She stepped out wearing an almost tight pair of jeans and a simple shirt. She even pulled up her shirt to show how low they fell on her hips. "I guess I kinda like it! It’s comfortable." -12:02 Jul 22
Baldor: "Then its good." he said with a smile. "Comfort is important." he wanlked arounf her looking har her from ever angle, then pulled out a slightly tighter sleeveles top from the rack and holding it in front of her before shaking his head.. the top was red… he sholdn’t be giving her sexy things to buy…. -12:05 Jul 22
Khloe: Snatch! It was out of his hands and she was vanishing in to the dressing room before he could even change his mind. When she stepped back out again she was wearing that red top, and a little black skirt that was trying to ride up her legs with every step she took. Khloe was turning trying to see if it rode up in the back too. "Is this one okay? I am not sure if I can bend…" She even leaned over to give him a view of her backside and uuup the skirt went. She was eyeing him with her head upside down. "Is this good or bad for everyday wearing?" -12:08 Jul 22
Baldor: "B-bad…" oh so bad in a very very good way and he had to try to slip his hand into his pocket to try to hide a bulge and failed doing that on the first three attempts.. and he couldn’t hide the look on his face or the colour it turned. "But I can get it for you if you ask me if its okay to wear it to something before you wear it.. but only because it will go well with the boots.. that intire ensamble you have on.." -12:13 Jul 22
Khloe: bad? But he wanted her to have it. So… it was the good kind of bad! Pleased with that realization, she bounced back in to the dressing room. After trying a few other things, she had a fair amount of clothes. Enough to mix and match for a week or two. Khloe decided that she really enjoyed shopping and trying on clothes. Especially getting to see his responses in the different things she wore. "This should do well, I think. I even found a night gown!" -12:17 Jul 22
Baldor: He looked at the pile and counted up the amount of double shifts he would have to do to tay for it… then he nodded and smiled. "Then thats what we get." he said putting it all in a basket and heading for the tills. "So we’ll go home and then you get to see where I work…" -12:22 Jul 22

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