Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 002: Vampire’s Treat

[Chantilly is having the CRAZIEST day, and her best friend wasn’t even there to see it!] -04:36 Nov 06
[Will is under the covers with his costume thrown over a chair… and he is NOT coming out.] -04:36 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly had arrived, let in by Will’s Dad. And she was completely vexed. "Will I- Oh hell!" She burst in to his room and flipped the light on. …tried to anyway! Like many had during the day, the bulb popped. Not just blew out, but the glass shattered too. Thank god for light covers. "Uunng. Sorry Will! This crap has been happening all day, oh my god you should have -seen- it. It’s crazy weird…" Of course now she couldn’t see a thing. Chantilly closed the door and crossed the room, grabbing a hold of the curtains and flinging them open. It was still daylight at least for another two hours. Plenty of light! -04:54 Nov 06
Will: He had been stiring until the moment when she opened the curtains, then he reburried himself under the covers. "Close them!" he yelped covereing in a ball. "Close them now or I’m going to die." he moved further away from the windoe under the covers and only stopped when he reached the edge of the bed. "Chantilly, I’ve had one hell of a day to so please, close them, and I’ll explain." he sounded afraid and pleading alright, but not sick. -04:58 Nov 06
Chantilly: "What? I told you you were getting sick…" With a sigh she closed the curtains back to block out the light. Of course, then she was back in the dark again! Chantilly almost tripped over a chair as she made her way over to his bed and plopped on it. Or on him. She couldn’t see where he -was-. GRumbling all kinds of sorries, she scooted until she was sitting on the edge, then poked at his covers. "I was kind of worried not seeing you at school today. I brought you some soup just in case!" -05:04 Nov 06
[Will ] -05:27 Nov 06
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Will: "Food?" this perked him up and he causiously cracked open the covers to take a look, then he sat up and pulled himself to lena against the headboard. He lookes pale even in the dark and yet he could see perfectly. "So…" he said not knowing how to start this. "You said you had a wierd day. I believe that. My fangs won’t come out, I sleep all day and… I know you’re going to laugh but I think I’m dead." he shorted at his own words. "Take my hand if you don’t believe me." he held it out watching her." -05:31 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly rolled her eyes. For a guy who was great at doctoring people up, he was always just a baby when he got sick. "It’s probably all that glue making you sick." She scooted closer, fumbling a bit in the dark to find his hand. Cold…! She placed his palm up against his cheek just to see iif maybe she was extra warm and the contrast was just so high. "You’re really cold Will, you need more blankets, that’s all." -05:36 Nov 06
Will: I’ve been under then this whole time, they don’t do anything, here feel the bed." he guided her hand to where he had been lying. "It’s the same tempreture as on top of the blankets, the wall, the carpet. I have no bodyheat. That’s why my parents kept me home, that and… I didn’t want to go because of something else that happened. But you won’t believe me." -05:39 Nov 06
Chantilly: "I won’t huh? Well let me tell YOU, Will, the day I’ve had was totally crazy!" …The sheets really were cool. Like he hadn’t been in bed all day. Odd… Chantilly shook her head. "Ever since I woke up this morning, lights keep blowing. Somehow I blew out the entire cafeteria!.. and you know, that’s not even the weirdest thing! I swear every cat in the neighborhood is trying to come home with me!" -05:47 Nov 06
Will: "Well…" he moved to sit next to her. "Maybe you will then. This morning when I woke up I went to open my curtain, and the light burned me." he said. "It was only a little bit but I could feel it boiling my skin away. And now the burns are all gone. And I’m hungry. You said you had soup?" something did dmell good and nothing his mom had made he had been able to stomach. Maybe Chantilly’s Will is sick soup would work it’s magic like it always did. -05:51 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Like sunburn?" It’s not like she could see him very well in the dark like that. She was pretty sure he was exagerating just a bit. "Oh right, the soup!" Chantilly eased herself on to the floor to crawl over to where she left her bag by the door. It was easier than tripping over stuff in the dark. She pulled out the thermas, still nice and warm. Then crawled back to bed, resituating herself next to him. "It’s carrot and ginger this time. I didn’t have all day to make a chicken stock and nothing in the kitchen wanted to cooporate with me…" -05:58 Nov 06
Will: "It’s fine." he said kissing her on the cheek and not realizing he had never done that before. The thurmos was hot in his hadns but her opened it took and sip and swallowed, and then felt ill. "Thanks." he said. "It’s… wierd. That make kind of wirld the candy had, and everything else I’ve tried to eat today. Sorry." ehe sounded disappointed too, her soups were good. "Maybe I should get a candle." -06:02 Nov 06
Chantilly: A kiss on the cheek from Will. She was the one that was always touchy, she probably kissed his cheek a million times. …now she was glad it was too dark to see because she could feel her face burning hot. "A stomach virus would do that, make everything unappetizing." She took the thermas back and twisted the lid on. Setting it down on his nightstand before leaning back with him against the headboard. "You should probably stay in bed. I wish you had been at school, though. Oh..! And you were right! One of my eyes is purple, and that just… I don’t even know how that happens. It’s not going away." -06:10 Nov 06
Will: "And you really can’t see in this light?" he asked flopping back and looking at her. "I can see perfectly." he grabbed her hand to proove his point and pulled her down with him. "It’s strange. You dressed as a witch, I dressed as a vampire. I’m pale, fanged, and cold, not to mnetion burned by the sun, and you have different eyes and strange things happen around you." he didn’t like what he was saying, he he stopped. "I should probably rest, will you stay with me?" -06:14 Nov 06
Chantilly: Chantilly finally just laughed, and rest her head on his shoulder. "So, you’re a vampire now, huh? That’s not going to get you out of school…" He WAS cold though. There was no warmth to him at all, and that kind of worried her a bit. Chantilly snuggled closer. "Your dad said they were going out tonight, so they probably won’t care if I stay late." -06:22 Nov 06
Will: He looked at her and smiled. "Then you’re welcome to stay." he said. "And maybe. Get some garlic and we’ll see." he sighed. "You know when we realize I’m just sick and a little dilerious we’re going to have a big laugh. You must think I’m rediculous." -06:25 Nov 06
Chantilly: "No way. Having 12 cats follow you to school and then spend all day hanging out in windows is ridiculous. Oh my god, today was soooo weeeird. You’ll be well enough for school tomorrow, though right? It’ll be Friday!" He promised treehouse hangout. They only had a few months left, and Chantilly wanted all the time she could get. …kind of like this! How many weeks or months had they been touchie and snugglie, and she never even noticed until now? -06:32 Nov 06
Will: "I’ll be there even if I have t wead my hoodie to keep the sun off of me. I made a promise and I don’t like breaking those." he pu an arm arounf her and sighed again. "And I want to see this ridiculousness for myself. I just wish I could eat something. I’m hungry and that soup… or something, just smells so good. Ridiculously good." he was liking that word tonight. Should he ask her now or wait until frinday? "Look, while I can use the deliriousness as an excuse…" he trailed off, that was terrible. He can’t aske her out like that, so instead he did the next best things and kissed her cheek again. "i’m really going to miss you." those words were in a lower tone than he intended but with his nose against her that smell was everywhere and he didn’t want to move away, in fact his fre hand was moving to brush her hair away from her neck. -06:39 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Will…" He was going to make her cry! She didn’t want to think about all of that right now! Chantilly ended up hugging him, forgetting the fact they were in his bed and it was probably not appropriate. "You’re so dumb! We’ll still talk to each other and see each other all the time, okay?" Chantilly didn’t really think that’d be true. But it beat being sad about before it happened! -06:47 Nov 06
Will: She distracted him just as his hand was alighting in her neck and he slid it around her so hold her close. "We Will." he said closing his eyes and yawning. "By the way, you smell nice." he finally isolated the smell. "New shampoo? I like it." he was running a hand though her hair and putting his cheek against hers. -06:52 Nov 06
Chantilly: "Same stuff I got for my birthday three months ago…" Her voice was soft. Both because she was on the verge of sniffling like a big baby and because… well… this was different! New, but comfortable. A little bit embarassing, but her couldn’t see her blushing and he was clearly sick and a little tired. So it didn’t hurt to nuzzle in to him just a bit. -07:00 Nov 06
Will: "Whatever it is you smell good." he said grinning even as his stomach rumbled. "You know this is nice." this is what he had been wanting and now he had it, did this mean he could ask her? Better plan would be to wait until friday, one day and see if this made things awkward. "I’m really looking forwards until tomorow, maybe this will all be over by then. I’ll be better and life will be back to normal or better." he was smiling. "I just wish I knew how I could see in the dark." -07:05 Nov 06
Chantilly: She laughed. "It’s probably not that dark in here, I might just need glasses now or something." She wished her would warm up. At least where was against him, he seemed to soak up some of her body heat. But that was it… Chantilly frowned just a bit when she tried to listen for his heartbeat. It had to be super slow, she couldn’t hear a thing or even feel a pulse. "Are you sure you’re okay?" -07:10 Nov 06
Will: "All I feel is hungry." he said. "But everything still tastes like ick." he didn’t want to move either. "If I havn’t eaten by tomotow lunchtime I’ll force feel myself in the cafateria, hws that?" her smell seemed to make his stomach feel better, but emptier. "There is nothing that can stop me from going to school tomorow." -07:13 Nov 06
Chantilly: He was so adamant about it, it had her laughing again. "Well don’t force it! If you barf all over the place, you’ll never live it down!" Chantilly shifted away, still grinning as she sat up. "I should probably get home before the hag is out going to work. She’s probably going to run me down for real this time if she catches me on the street. I’ll see you in the morning, then?" -07:19 Nov 06
Will: "Hey it’s either eat Agatha floppuarm’s bean curry or ho to hospital. I’ll take the curry thatks. Just because I want to be a doctor doesn’t mena I want to be poked and prodded." he kissed her cheek again and smiled. "Thank you for the soup. See you in the morning." -07:21 Nov 06
Chantilly: Another kiss on the cheek from him… it was all she could do just to get up without tripping over stuff and giggling herself to death. This might’ve been the weirdest thing all day. "Goodnight, Will!" -07:28 Nov 06

SCENE END -Chantilly

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[Will is meeting Chantolly at the enterence to school, and is indeed wearing his hoodie so that all of him is in shadow, is he doesn’t wayn too wide he’ll be fine!] -02:00 Nov 07
[Chantilly didn’t blow out any lights today. However…. she’s having a different weird problem…] -02:05 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly was looking a little pale and perturbed herself today, but she couldn’t help the smile when she saw him. He almost looked like a creeper all hunched up in that hoodie. At least the weather had turned cold, so no one would think it was strange. "Jeeze, Will… you kind of look like the dead!" she exclaimed when she leaned to take a look at him. He didn’t look much better at all… -02:10 Nov 07
Will: He did look miserable, and he was soo hungry he could eat a horse! "I’m fine, on my feel at least." he attemped a smile. "I’m just tired, hungry and a little weak from being sick. I’m fine." he reached out and then pulled his hand back to stuff it back into his pocket as it started to burn. Bad idea. He should have bought some gloves. -02:17 Nov 07
Chantilly: Was that smoke…? Not that Chantilly was trusting her own sight at the moment! She grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him around. Marching him forward in to the school building and down the hall. "You weren’t kidding, were you…! We’ll just get through the day and keep you away from windows, okay?" -02:23 Nov 07
Will: He was biting a lip against the pain. "So now you believe me?" he asked happy to be in the shade and walking with her close. She still had that same smell that heemed to made his stomach worse, everyone did but hers hit him the most. "You know what that means right? I don’t want to be a vampire and have to hide all day." He pulled his hand out and looked at the burns now that they were in the shade before pulling out a bandage from his other pocked he had brought just in case and started wrapping the hand in it. -02:27 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Do you still have the pointy teeth…?" Once they were in a secluded corner under one of the stair wells, she was tugging his chin to take a look. Pointy teeth. …so weird! "Okay um… we gotta be logical about this! I mean, vampires aren’t real and it’s not possible for me to, uhm, anyway. There’s an explanation for everything, I’m sure! Maybe an epidemic." -02:30 Nov 07
Will: "There would have been something on the news." he said. "Face it, if I go to hospital now they’ll run tests on me, I’ll be a lab rat for the rest of my life, my very, very, long life, and you’ll probably never see me again. Look, the bell is about to begin, we’ll talk after class, but we shouldn’t mention witched or vampires until we’re alone." he placed his hand on her chin and then quickly pressed his lips agaisnt hers before pulling back and readjusting his hood. He was feeling jumpy, maybe it was the tirdness, or the hunger. -02:34 Nov 07
Chantilly: "O.. Okay." Well there went all sensible thought and trying to figure things out. He kissed her! Just like that! Without warning, without build up, just… a casual out of nowhere kiss. It was both the sweetest and strangest thing ever. "…I’ll see you after class!" Face tinged with red, Chantilly escaped down the hall! -02:40 Nov 07
Will: He watched her go, then went to morning classes, which went about as well as could be expected. He couldn’t concentrate with the constant hunger and smells and trying to avoid stray reflections from the window. But when the bell rang and it was time for lunch, he was the first out and dodged through the halls to wait outside Chantilly’s class. -02:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly was so fidgety, so jumpy, and all around… weirded out! And it got even worse when she was distracted by a morning kiss. "It" being today’s little problem with moving objects. When she wanted a book, it was right there. Even when she was sure she left it at home. When she was done. Gone…! No one in class seemed to have snatched! At least twice she ended up with the teacher’s notebook by accident and nearly got in trouble. And when she sneezed in the middle of class, half the books went falling in the floor. This was crazy. Had they not been in the middle of school, she would have hugged him and held on for dear life. "…I think I’ve lost it, Will!" -02:49 Nov 07
Will: "You and me both. Ugh…" he was the one that held onto her and started walking. "I’m feeling weak, I need to eat something if my stomach likes it or not." he put his hadn over it inside the pocket of his hoodie. "And people need to stop smelling like food." it wasn’t until her said it that he realized that was the smell he was getting from everyone. If there was anything in his stomach he might have been sick. -02:55 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly really didn’t want to admit it, but… maybe there was some truth to him being a vampire and her… well! She was solid for him to lean on, clicking a pen in her hands nervously as she tried to put together how that was even possible. "Did someone [ii]bite[/i] you the other day, maybe…? I mean, people don’t just grow up to be vampires!" One or two people in the hall cast her a curious look. Chantilly lowered her voice. "How are you going to have lunch, you can’t bite somebody!" -03:00 Nov 07
Will: "No, I’m not. Foo, vampires can still eat food right?" he was whispering. "And no, not that I remember, all I remember is going trick or treating with you and then. Well you were there. Frankly I’m waiting to wake up from this dream so I can have breakfast." he frowned under his hood. "I just want to be back to normal." -03:04 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Me too." She hadn’t even -told- him about the books yet. Once they were in the lunch room, she led them to their usual spot. And it wasn’t until she sat down that she realized she forget to grab her lunch back out of her locker. She always brought lunch for both of them and it was way better than the crazy stuff they served. …and then it happened again! Just she when was scooting back, mumbling about forgetting her bag, poof! Right there on the table in the blink of an eye. Stiffling a squeak, she grabbed it and glanced around quickly to see if anyone notice. "…christ, I wish it would stop doing that…!" -03:09 Nov 07
Will: He blinked, then looked at her, and then looked at the food, and then just crossed his arms in the table and rested his head on them. He didn’t have the energy for this. "Maybe she did something to us, Grumpy McHagface. Maybe she did something and now we’re either tripping balls or freaks." hunger was making him crash. "I hate her." -03:13 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Maybe she’s a witch." Why not jump to conclusions? Chantilly couldn’t think of anything else! They had a perfectly typical and normal Halloween, and the only thing strange was that old hag trying to kill them! If he was all fangy and she was conjuring up bookbags, why -couldn’t- the lady be a witch? Chantilly huffed and rubbed his back. "Do you want to try one of my sammies? Maybe we should just skip school… Go beat on that lady’s door." -03:18 Nov 07
Will: "If she can do this to us what else can she do?" he took a sadwich and bit into it, shuddered but forced himself to swallow, made a sound and looked at the bread. "Everything tansted like sand." he took another bite and shuddered, trying his best to swallow. "I’m not breathing either, unless I think about it, or need to talk. I noticed that this morning. I hate this." -03:25 Nov 07
Chantilly: "I’ll fix it, Will. Don’t worry." Chantilly had no idea how she would. And he was probably right… If that lady really was a witch, they were lucky to just be… whatever they were, instead of cooked in a pot. She was chewing on a piece of carrot as she watched him. He looked so miserable! -03:29 Nov 07
Will: His stomach clenched and he sat up to look around. "Can’t eat anymore." he said putting the barely touched sandwich half down and looking around. "We’ll get through today and head to the treehouse tonight and talk things over." his hands were back in his pockets over his stomach. "Until then just try not to make anything like the arc of the covenent appear or something. I don’t think I want to try being around holy relics." -03:34 Nov 07
Chantilly: "On the bright side… at least you don’t sparkle?" she offered him a weak smile and took the sammich to finish off herself. He might not be able to eat, but she certainly needed it. All that accidental conjuring was making her jittery. "I’ll try not to think about anything holy today at all!" -03:36 Nov 07
Will: He almost chuckled. "Told you vampires don’t do that." he said "They also apparentl can’t eat food. Ugh." he looked around and then smiled at her. "Good thing it’s me being the undead one. I’m not going to try and eat anyone. Could you emagine one of the goths… or god.. a cheerleader." he stuck out his tongue. "Maybe think about a grimoire in class, sehting that can tell us about vampires, or spells or somehting useful." -03:40 Nov 07
Chantilly: There was an idea! Chantilly wasn’t sure how she was going to pull that off, but… wasn’t going to hurt to try. Her smile brightened a lot more. "A crazy cheerleader making a hoard of undead vampire minions? That wouldn’t be a good day at all." Chantilly hugged him. It was a sudden movement, but he really looked like he needed one and she kinda did too! "I will meet you at the treehouse after school?" -03:46 Nov 07
Will: I’ll be therem even if I have to turn into a bat to make it up the ladder." he hugged her back and kissed her cheek. "After school, I’d say take the candy too but that wouldn’t help me. You’re more than welcome to have some though." his mind strayed to the taste from her pricked finger and his stomach rumbled again. "I should go and get a seat out of the sun, see you there." he stood and started walking, anything to get away from her when he was thinking about blood. And he would see her tonight. -03:49 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly wondered if he could turn in to a bat… but then she was stuck thinking about kisses again. Did vampires have a need to kiss people do? Would explain a lot of her favorite books…! Chantilly wisely didn’t say a word about it. She spent the rest of her afternoon concentrating on -not- accidentally summoning things, and more on the sort of books that would contain information about vampire curses. By the time school was over, she had to stay a little big afterwards thanks to another ‘teachers book’ incident. Which left her breathless after racing back home to meet him! Chantilly collapsed in a heap on the treehouse floor, huffing and puffing and throwing an arm over her face. "…made it!" -03:57 Nov 07
Will: The saun was low and he needed to close the shutters to keep it out, and put a blanket up over the window to cpver the gaps but he had his hood down and was unwrapping his healed hand when she arived. "Chant." he said with a smile and a gugle from his stomach. "Told you I’d be here. And I discovered soemthing. I can drink things without them going all wierd in my mouth. I brought team and already had some to make sure." it didn’r make him feel any better but maybe it would make ehr worry less. "What did you find out?" -04:01 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Um…!" Once she had her breath and her heartbeat back to normal, she was sitting up again. Pulling her bag over she dug out three very old, very weird looking books. "I can’t believe it actually worked at all! I was just… thinking about what sort of books that old lady might have if she were a real wiitch, right? And what I need. THIS one is some sort of spell book!" She actually seemed sort of excited about, flippin through the pages to show him some of it’s content. "Nothing about vampires yet, but I bet with a little practice I could hunt one down!" -04:06 Nov 07
Will: He chuckled. "You stole her books? With magic she might have given you?" he laughed maybe a little too hard. "Well she desurves it, if she wants them back she can summon the abck things, then you have have a summon tug o’ war. And when she poofs here to get you I’ll bite her and drink her blood." no he was thingking about blood again. "Tea?" he offered her a plastic mug. -04:12 Nov 07
Chantilly: She looked a little startled at the idea of having a magic battle with a witch. A witch that knew what she was doing and clearly wanted to kill them! Chantilly took the mug and sipped. "…I hope they’re not hers. Maybe she won’t notice…. But they -are- kind of cool. It’s going to take me awhile to figure this stuff out though… Being a vampire seems so much easier than accidentally blowing stuff up…" -04:14 Nov 07
Will: Besides the whole slowly starving to death? "Stay out of the sun, don’t eat your best friend. Simple enough." he sipped his tea and sighed. "Other than the not being able to eat thing. I’ll get used to it if we get stuck liek this. At least you can have a normal life once you master what you have. I’ll have to live on your basement and eat rats." animals didn’t smell like food either. "Or maybe I could work in a night club. Let’s face it I can’t be a doctor like this." -04:18 Nov 07
[Chantilly enters.] -04:23 Nov 07
Chantilly: She frowned, sipping her tea in thought. "You have to eat… You can’t just starve and eat rats." There was no telling how long it would take for her to make sense of everything and get it fixed. What if they -were- stuck like this forever? Could vampires die from malnutrition? "I could donate blood? It’s better than rats and you won’t get in trouble for chewing on strangers." -04:26 Nov 07
Will: "No." he said. "I’m not drinking your blood." he crossed his arms. "I’m fine, really I." he sighed, we wasn’t fine and he knew it, and he didn’t look it either. But how would she know unless she knew what fine vampires looked like. "We’re not even sure if I am even a vampire." -04:29 Nov 07
Chantilly: "If the teeth fit…" Oh NOW he was doubting it was true! Chantilly was rolling her eyes again, scooting closer and offering him her arm. "Take a bite and find out! If you need blood, you need blood… it’s not that gross. Plenty of cultures use blood in cooking. This is just.. um… a little more human." She wasn’t bullshitting just a little bit. Really, the sooner the got it sorted out, the better! -04:33 Nov 07
Will: He pushed her arm away. "I am not biting your arm Chantilly. I don’t want to hurt you." he retreated, sliding across the floor into a corner and pulling a blanket around her. "You’re my best friend and I’m not eating you even if I am a vampire. What if I kill you by accident? Then you’ll be dead and I really will be stuck like this." -04:36 Nov 07
Chantilly: "You’re not going to kill me! You’re not a monster!" Chantilly gulped down the last of her tea before she was advancing on him again. If she had to take charge of the situation and be the rational one about it, she would. "You -have- to eat. What if don’t get enough to eat and you go ravenous and crazy with hunger? Then you -might- hurt somebody. So it makes sense to take something that’s offered!" Pouncing on him, she was taking it in to her own hands. Literally, by trying to shove a finger in his mouth. "Just one bite, then you’ll know!" -04:41 Nov 07
Will: He grabbed her hand a pushed it away from him with more strength than he should have had. "That is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me." he said still holding onro her wrist and looking at her, rising to his knees and placing his other hand on her shoulder, tilting his head as his thumb brushed the hair away from her neck and he smiled a wide smile that bared his fangs." -04:45 Nov 07
[(Timeout) Chantilly has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -04:50 Nov 07
Chantilly: "It is not." She was suddenly subdued. It wasn’t really clear if it was his tone of voice or the way he was smiling. Her stomach was just doing flips, and she kinda had the urge to kiss him. That was the most frustrating timing to suddenly be thinking like a dumb girl! She was trying to pull her hand away but his grip was surprisingly strong. "But you do agree then, right…? We have to be smart about it…" she mumbled. -04:50 Nov 07
Will: He seemed to ignore her words as he slid his hand down from her shoulder to her nack and pulled her closer as he moved forwards on his knees. "You know how I feel, right?" he wasn’t himself, he wasn’t thinking strait. "Chantilly.." he leaned closer their faces inches apart. "You have to know what words have been making their prison from my chest unable to venture out to your ears." even he thought he was laying it on thick but somehting had passed between them, a spart, vampire glamour, it was impossible to say. "I wanted to meet you here for this to be a date. And every crazy thing that’s happened is not going to change that." he lenaed closer. "I don’t want to bite you, I want to kiss you." -04:58 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Oh…" For someone who was melting in to a pike of giddy, stomach fluttering goo, oh was such a dumb thing for her to say. Especially when there were so many things she wanted to confess! "I… wouldn’t mind if this was a date." Surely there was something more clever for her to say. but she was so focused on reaching out with her free hand to brush against his cheek. -05:06 Nov 07
[Will enters.] -05:23 Nov 07
Will: He closed his eyes welcoming her touch, her scent. Finally letting got of her wrist he brushed that hand through her hair and pressed his lips into hers, softly at first, then harder carful not to let her lips close to his fangs as he pulled her body against his and a low sigh like a gentle breeze slid up his throat and escape out his nose to wash over her skin. -05:27 Nov 07
[(Timeout) Will has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -05:31 Nov 07
Chantilly: His skin was still so cold, but that didn’t seem to matter at all. Chantilly was swept up in the moment. All of those crazy things she had been feeling and thinking about for the past weeks were right there in that simple motion of kissing him back. She was plenty warm enough for the both of them and he might’ve been breathing, but she certainly was not! -05:37 Nov 07
Will: He pushed against her and pushed her down falling on top of her without breaking the kiss and curled his arms around her holding her agaist him. She was warm and nice and he was propping himself up on his knees to pushe down on top of her and run his tongue across her lips. -05:40 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly gave a soft sound when her back hit the wood floor, but she was in too deep to care. Her fingers dug in to the fabric of his shirt at his shoulder and she was leaning up to capture his mouth in another kiss. Nothing had ever felt like this before! There was one serious boyfriend, and not even he made her feel like she was dizzy or floating or tinglie just from kissing! -05:46 Nov 07
Will: He kissed back his hands gliding odwn her sides before he ppulled back to pull off the hoodie and then place two fingers on her cheek. "Before this goes any further, I have to know. Do you mind it it does? Do you mind us being more than friends?" -05:49 Nov 07
Chantilly: What a time for him to be a good guy! Chantilly almost laughed! "If you’re asking me if I am okay with being your girlfriend.. um… Yeah. I think I have wanted to be your girlfriend for a long time." Now that it was actually out there… Chantilly had no idea why she never just said so before. What was she so afraid of? "Do you really want me to be…?" -05:53 Nov 07
Will: "Since before you and Jason broke up." he pulled his teashirt up and off of himself explosing the his pale skin and lay down next to her pushing his lips agaisnt hers and pulling on the hel of her top. "Of course I want you to be mine." -05:55 Nov 07
Chantilly: His…! Chantilly wanted to squeal. She’d call her best friend and girly squee about it for hours. Except her was her best friend. Grinning she was slinging and arm around him to hug him and then giving him a quick kiss. "You’re so dumb…! You could have told me!" -05:59 Nov 07
Will: "So could you." he said sliding a cold hand up her stomach and pushign her shirt up with it as he kissed her back, slow and gentle before his hand moved to undo the button of her pants. -06:02 Nov 07
Chantilly: "I can’t think of everything!" Chantilly shivvered as she bit his lip. So cold… but a good kind of cold! The contrast had her head reeling and her senses all muddled. Chantilly curled her arms around his neck, nipping gently at his mouth with curious exploration. -06:08 Nov 07
Will: He opened her pants and slipped his hand inside to glide over her pnaties and up her stomach to feel her breast as he kissed harder his arm pushing her shirt up to expose her chest as he slid his leg up between hers. -06:10 Nov 07
Chantilly: She gasped just a little. Was it moving too fast..? It didn’t feel like it! Having him touch her like this could have felt awkward or strange, but it felt more like she had been waiting ages for it! Chantilly had a very strange fascination with his skin being so much paler than usual, squeezing a hand at his shoulder and digging it in to his hair when she matched the kiss. -06:28 Nov 07
Will: He pulled away taking her hand from this hair to squeeze it in his before he took her shirt and pulled it over her head, and then he took her pants and pulled then down too to rub his hand on her thigh as he watched her face. "You really do smell fonderful." he said taking hodl of her shoulder and pushing her flat against the floor as he suddenly became forceful. Hand sqeezing her he opened his pants and drew himself out before taking hold of her thigh and pulled her legs open right berofre he pushed his lips back into her and slide his hips at to thrust into her. -06:32 Nov 07
Chantilly: There was a sharp intake of her breath and a startled sound. Her body was flushed with heat and once she got over the initial shock and surprise, she relaxed. A hushed groan slipping out as she shifted beneath him. -06:39 Nov 07
Will: He thrust again pulling her leg up to open her further before her kissed the side of her nack and brushed his tonue against her drawing in her taste. Devine, just like hoe he felt. He had thought about this, him and her in hed, or here in the treehouse, this was far better than he imagined. Pulling her closer he moved to put his lips he hers, searching for a reaction that would tell him he was doing the right thing. -06:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: So different, so consuming… Chantilly was lit with every little sensation. There was what she imagined and then the reality, and it was so different! Every touch and moment had her responding with faint noises. A squeak, a sigh or a moan. Her arms slid around him so she could press her mouth harder against his. -06:53 Nov 07
Will: He loved his lips against hers and moved faster, grinding harder, and all consuming need taking over as he turnrinf his head breaking the kiss. One hand burried itself in her hair and the other gripped her waist ans hsi legs tangled his her tying them together in a writhing, pushing, thrusing knot as he trailed kisses down the side of her neck, gripping her hair to keep her head in place. -06:56 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Will..!" she almost sounded alarmed. The sensation had build up so high, and was coiled so tight it nearly maddening. When it broke, she sucked in a breath. Her arms tightening around him as her body tensed and her fingers curled in to his skin. The rush was crazy…! -07:05 Nov 07
Will: Her cry was the trigger. The trigged that began a chain reaction. The first resuls was him finishing, spilling into her even as the next step began, his lips pealing back and his mouth opening, then he clamped down, fangs tearing into her neck as hs hips continued to gring nad his arms and legs held her in place. Blood flowed and her drank it, drawing it into himself with a happy sigh. Sweet, delicious and exhilerating, but best of all satisfying. It was heaven. -07:09 Nov 07
Chantilly: Absolute bliss mixed with sudden pain, leaving her giving a startled scream. Chantilly tensed, stuck between trying to push him away and clinging to him. Feeling tingly amazing and painfully numb all at the same time. "Will..?" she gasped out. That dizzy feeling was getting overwhelming. -07:15 Nov 07
Will: He kept drinking for a couple seconds more nefore the spell broke and he pulled back, he blood covering his lips and teeth and his sjin already noticably less pale. "Oh.. shit.." he didn’t know what to do. He had screwed up. Had sex with his best friend who he secretly loved and gravly injured her. "Shit… I’m so sorry." ne was pulling the bandage out of the pocked of the hoodie on hte floor and moving forwards to lift her head. -07:18 Nov 07
Chantilly: "Hum…?" On the bright side, she hadn’t passed out. But Chantilly was very…. wispy! One of her hands rose to gently touch his mouth where the streaks of red were, but it wasn’t quite clicking in her fuzzy brain. She hurt… but she felt so good. "I think… I’m going to take a nap…" -07:21 Nov 07
Will: "Stay with me." he said. "No going to sleep, theres no way to tell how much blood you’ve lost." he said bandaging her neck and then searching around finding what he was looking for in her pants pocket, he knew her so well. Here heat this." he said unwrapping the chocolate bar and placing her head in his lap pushed it into her mouth. "The sugar will help, then I’ll run and get you some juice. Fuck I’m so sorry Chantilly." -07:30 Nov 07
Will: "Stay with me." he said. "No going to sleep, theres no way to tell how much blood you’ve lost." he said bandaging her neck and then searching around finding what he was looking for in her pants pocket, he knew her so well. Here heat this." he said unwrapping the chocolate bar and placing her head in his lap pushed it into her mouth. "The sugar will help, then I’ll run and get you some juice. Fuck I’m so sorry Chantilly." -07:30 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chocolate was fabulous, it always was. She even half smiled while she chewed. Her eyes having fallen closed. It was cold… now she was cold too! But he was worried and she was shaking her head. "I’m just a little fuzzy… don’t sound so scared…" -07:41 Nov 07
Will: "You’ve lost blood." he said. "I drank your blood, this is my fault." he grabbed a mug and poared come cold tea into it to give to her too. "I slept with you and hurt you. I’ sorry, I shouldn’t have." he was distraught and warm and happy at the same time which made him feel even more guilty. -07:43 Nov 07
Chantilly: "You make me feel like I’m soaring…" That probably didn’t make any sense. Chantilly struggled to sit up, whether liked it or not. Sitting up, though, made her feel more like she was falling than soaring. She was freezing, shivering and a little numb… but she was pleased and happy. "I just need a blanket. …that scared me for a second, but I’m okay Will, I promise." -07:49 Nov 07
Will: He put a hand on her shoulder and looked at her. "So we’re… okay then?" he sounded worried. "I didn’t mess everything up by telling my best friend I love her and then sleep with her and then tear her neck open with my teeth even though I didn’t want to?" he looked away. "I really am a vampire, aren’t I?" -07:56 Nov 07
Chantilly: Chantilly leaned, kissing his cheek gently. Lingering there a moment both because she wanted to and because she was just as likely topple over on him. "I care about you. I told you to bite me because you are my best friend and I want to help you… And we had sex because I love you and I wanted to. Please don’t be upset?" -08:04 Nov 07
Will: He lissed her back, blood and all. "Thank you." he said softly. "I really would have let myself starve to death rather than bite anyone." he looked sheepish but he offered her a fanged grin beofre her threw his arms around her. "You are the best friened… girlfriend I could ever want." -08:06 Nov 07
Chantilly: He was so much warmer now, and she needed it! Chantilly snuck her arms around him. She could kind of taste the blood on her mouth now, but didn’t care. She was so tired! "I’ll take care of you, Will. And fix everything. I promise!" -08:13 Nov 07

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