Morgan’s goons catch up with MacBeth and a drunken Duncan and give chase. Duncan isn’t all that great at shooting or fighting, but lucky! MacBeth is the opposite, but there’s far too many goons. They run back to the hotel to try and find Bronwen. Bronwen after her Shooting Duel with that alien is passed out drunk in the bathtub. Shaking the Shadowstar awake, the three of them squeeze through window while goons are shooting off cannons to blast inside. Duncan’s ship, the Briar Rose arrives when summoned and the three just barely make an escape in time! As promised, Duncan is an excellent pilot, despite shaking up his passengers with fancy flying.

When safe and sound in space, Bronwen fights a nasty hangover and Duncan hitting on her. His flirting is met with swift rejection, and Bronwen enlists MacBeth as a “man alarm” to keep an eye on Duncan.

[Bronwen was passed out drunk in the shower, while her poor first mate was getting chased to his doom?] -07:37 Jan 13
[MacBeth is pretty sure this is all a case of mistaken identity …] -07:42 Jan 13
Bronwen: *… Cold water does nothing to a sleeping drunk… But it’s better than hurling all over the room!* -07:45 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Dashes into the main room where everyone is still drinking and having a fun time! Unfortunately, he didn’t count on the guy back there having friends! And they conveniently pop up just as he’s about to head up the stairs to get Shadowstar!* … Perfect. *He mutters as he takes a few steps back from the two burly men who could use a week-long bath of hard scrubbing!* -07:48 Jan 13

The leader walks out from the back and MacBeth turns around to face him. He chuckles loudly as people begin to clear out because any fool can see he’s already won! “Morgan’s been looking for ye … and your little cargo, too.” He sneers.

Duncan: *With a bottle in one handle, lipstick all over his face and his pants still undone, he stumbles in to the room!* Shooo?! Where’s me boss at?! Got thank her for tha one… ! Oh shi… Thugs? *He blinks bleery eyed at MacBeth and the goons!*
MacBeth: *Doesn’t doubt that she has but he’s impressed that she’s found them so fast. What did she do? Have a homing device planted on the Crimson Nyx? He and the leader turn to Duncan as he stumbles in! Great, like he really needs company of this sort. He takes advantage of the moment, grabs a chair, and slams it into the leader’s gut!* -07:53 Jan 13

The leader doubles over but he’s not down yet! One meaty hand shoots out to wrap his thick fingers around MacBeth’s neck. “No’ a bright thing to do, laddie,” he spits in MacBeth’s face before he hurls the first mate back and right into a couple of his men who quickly grab him!:

Duncan: Always did love a figh’.. *Taking the chair slamming as a signal, he crashes his bottle over someone’s head and starts throwing punches! only… he’s not too selective on who he’s punching…*
MacBeth: *Gets thrown back and both arms held back as the leader ignores the other guy. His men and some of the patrons are giving Duncan their undivided attention though! MacBeth kicks out and catches the leader in the chest just as he charges for him!* -07:59 Jan 13

The leader staggers back a bit but he’s still not down! Morgan didn’t say anything about not roughing the guy up! And if she asks, he’ll just tell her he wouldn’t give up the girl’s location in the first place! Meanwhile, someone grabs a bottle and smashes it over the table, then charges at Duncan with it!:

Duncan: Aw, come on now..! Why can’t we spread the love! *Duncan opens his arms wide to the brute with the jagged bottle… Only to stumble backwards in to one of the FireBreathing Barnorks and accientally catch the bar on fire!*
MacBeth: *Gets a fist buried in his gut for his trouble but just as the leader pulls back to give him another one, he leans back and slams his foot right into his crotch! One of the men holding his arms loosens his hold slightly and MacBeth jerks his arm out to elbow him in the gut, grab him by the hair, and slam him into the leader. Then he turns as his other arm comes free and catches the other man’s jaw with an uppercut! He grabs another chair and slams it into the face of one of the men nearest the stairs!* -08:07 Jan 13

Someone screams “Fire!” and some of the men are already pulling out their comrades who are knocked out cold! The leader knocks the man on top of him off and staggers to his feet!:

Duncan: *He’s dragging himself back to his feet with his fists ready!* I got ’em? Yeah! Running scared…! Now what, Mate?!

The leader is not about to return to Morgan in this disgrace! “Won’t hand over the bitch! Then ye can all die!” He pulls out a massive gun that looks more like a portable cannon and aims it right at the stairs where MacBeth is dashing up! He fires once and then twice but misses both! The shots are so powerful that the shots are scattered and it’s difficult to aim now! He begins to shoot wildly!:

[Duncan totally has this under control!] -08:14 Jan 13
Duncan: Shit… this is out of control! *So it’s a gutzy move… maybe a stupid one! He tackles gunshooting guy around the legs and globbers him with all he’s got! And that just happens to be a handly little pistol from his back pocket!* -08:17 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Shakes off splinters and dust out of his hair as one of the shots blasted out a chunk of the steps right above his head. Now there’s a gaping hole you have to cross to get up … that is, if the stairs doesn’t collapse first! He turns to see Duncan do something stupid! He doesn’t have time for this! He has to get Shadowstar! He mutters something under his breath and races back into the main room!* -08:19 Jan 13

The leader falls back with a heavy THUD! and the cannon goes bouncing out of his grip! He looks up in time to see and feel Duncan clobber him with a pistol! He shakes it off, though. Duncan might as well have been hitting him with a toothpick! “So I see ye are one of them, too! Well … let’s see you squirm, little bug!” He goes for Duncan’s neck to strangle the breath out of him!:

Duncan: Oy..! Urk..! Talk.. bout… This!! *Well, obviously he wasn’t going to get any talkin’ in.. and Oh! Hey! This gun would probably work a lot better if he actually fired it! Firing it wasn’t so easy with his head getting throttled like a sack of taters, but he bens his arm to fire at the guy’s head anyway!* -08:23 Jan 13

Amazingly, the gun does indeed work! Unfortunately, he only ends up shooting the leader’s ear off and pissing him off! He hurls Duncan into some chairs and overturned tables!:

Duncan: *There’s some very unpleasant crunching sounds, which may or may not have been some of his own bones… But Duncan is on his feet again, and wisely taking off for the stairs after MacBeth!* …wait for me! -08:55 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Meets Duncan halfway and they both dash for the stairs but are forced to jump over the hole as they hear the leader! He’s clambering to his feet and clutching his ear with one hand! Or at least where his ear used to be!* -09:03 Jan 13
Duncan: Where’s th’ boss?! It’s about time to fly outta here…! *This being said trying to aim over his shoulder at a barreling body of angry man-meat!* -09:04 Jan 13
MacBeth: … Forget the bastard and worry about getting our hides out of here! *He mutters! He’s certain they’ll see plenty of him in the future! They reach the top and he heads for the room!* She’s gotta be in her room. Haven’t seen her since we dropped you off. *He bangs on the door.* -09:07 Jan 13

The leader grabs his cannon and the two of them can hear him roaring as he heads for the stairs!:

Bronwen: *Now just in her room, but passed out in the tub! At least she’s clean and not burning up… That liquor was strong as hell!* -09:08 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Finally kicks down the door to find the room empty! He searches in the bathroom where he finds her passed out in the tub!* … Crap. *He tries to shake her awake.* Shadowstar! Shadowstar! Damnit! -10:13 Jan 13
Duncan: *Duncan slams the door shut behind them, and barricades it with… a chair! …And pushes the dresser in front of it. …And adds the pillows from the bed!* -10:14 Jan 13

Duncan can hear the man lumbering up the steps! Not to mention the occassional shot he blasts out, sending pieces of the building flying and leaving nothing but scorch marks!:

Bronwen: Urnpf..!! *Her first immediate reaction is start swinging fists! But all that shaking is giving her a nasty, nasty headache… She grasps for her head.* Oh god… stop the planet! -10:16 Jan 13
MacBeth: *He easily dodges the swinging fists and stops!* Good. You’re still alive. We have to hit the road. Morgan’s already sent company. *There’s the sound of a loud shot going off followed by someone screaming!* -10:18 Jan 13
Duncan: Shit’s hittin’ the fan cap’n! If we’re blasting off, best to get going now. I don’t the pillows will hold! *He’s in the doorway, suddenly slackjawed.* Jesus, she’s all wet… that’s.. kind of sexy… -10:19 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Takes her arm to help her to stand and looks at Duncan. This is really not the time for it but they don’t have time to cover Shadowstar up either. Sure, she’s soaked and all but they have other things to worry about! Like a two-legged tank armed with a cannon coming their way!* Not now, flyboy. Where’s the ship? -10:21 Jan 13
Bronwen: *She either ignored them both, or simply didn’t hear. At least she was grasping the sides of the tub trying to push herself to her feet. Cannon blasts couldn’t be ignored, every single one of them sounded like a gong in here ears!* Where’s the windows to this joint…? -10:21 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Releases Shadowstar’s arm to stand on the poor excuse for a toilet and look out through the poor excuse for a window!* Over here. You’ll fit through. It’s going to be hard for me and flyboy to get through it, though. -10:23 Jan 13

They don’t have much time to argue! The leader is already at the door and trying to kick it in. They’ll be in some serious shit once he realizes he can blast his way in …:

Duncan: Why don’t we just get cannon guy to blast a hole in the wall? I zip over the ship and zoom! In to space! -10:25 Jan 13
Bronwen: … Christ, you’re stupid. *She blinks at Duncan a moment before pointing at the window.* Smaller of you first… then you pull the other while I push.. Easy enough. Me last. -10:26 Jan 13
MacBeth: *He glances at Duncan and shrugs. He can’t argue with her this time. He climbs onto the toilet and hoists himself through the window. He holds onto a bar conveniently attached to the ceiling and goes, legs first. Fortunately, the ledge is a bit wide and right below are the garbage dumpsters. With a heave, he fits his shoulders and arms through and lands on the ledge.* I’m over. -10:34 Jan 13

The leader has finally remembered he can blast his way through! He takes one shot at the door and then another to make the hole larger!:

Duncan: I don’t think this is such a good ide-*He earns himself a smack!* All right, I’m goin’! *Dubiously, he climbs up on the toilet and squeezes his head arm’s and shoulders through the window! Of course… somehow he winds up stuck around the chest!* Er… gentle push, if you please! -10:36 Jan 13
MacBeth: *He looks down and judges the distance between the ledge and the garbage dumpsters! So far, so clear–No thugs appear to be lying in wait or seem to be heading this way anytime soon! He looks up and back in time to spy Duncan sticking out of the window! Wasn’t this just perfect! He takes Duncan’s hands and begins to pull.* -10:39 Jan 13
Bronwen: Quick kicking your legs, stupid! *There is no hesitation and placing her hands unceremoniously on his rear and starting to shove! Ugh! This is making her want to hurl! Well, that might have been a severe hang over… but this wasn’t helping!* -10:39 Jan 13
Duncan: You’ve got some gentle hands there.. uugh.. cap’n! Maybe you should leave us alone for a few minutes, mate! *With that he gave a most ridiculous toothy white grin!* -10:43 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Here’s something getting kicked down and a roar from inside! Smirks back.* Sure … How do you feel about a cannon being shoved up your ass? Just before you get a hole the size of your head blasted through you. -10:45 Jan 13
Bronwen: Stop screwing around..! *Not that Mac didn’t have a good idea… Bronwen grabbed the curtain rod down from the shower stall and started ramming!* Move it! NOW! -10:47 Jan 13
MacBeth: (*koff* *falls over LOL* *koff*) -10:47 Jan 13
Duncan: OOMPH! RAAGH! YES CAP’N!! *Nothing like getting slammed in the ass most uncomfortablly to get a guy squirming and moving as fast as possible! He weasels his way through the window so fast he teeters right off the ledge and drops down in to the dumpster!* -10:49 Jan 13
MacBeth: *He watches Duncan fall right into the dumpsters. Whatever Shadowstar had done had certainly hit home. He can hear the leader kicking away pieces of furniture and the like.* Shadowstar, hurry the hell up. -10:52 Jan 13
Bronwen: *Beating the hell out of Duncan exhausted more energy than she wanted to put out… But she didn’t utter anything more than a snort as she climbed up on to the toilet and swung one leg over the window sill.* ..all I wanted was a nap… *Growls…!* -10:54 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Hears the sounds of engines roaring somewhere behind him. He looks down and sees that the alley that runs to the left and right of the dumpster is busy … Apparently the other thugs had been regrouping and were already headed toward them. They’re still at the ends of the alley but they’ll be moving in soon. Either end of the alley are the only ways out. Unless they learn how to scale really high walls between now and whenever they get the hell down there.* -10:58 Jan 13
Duncan: ..never fear! I am all right! The pilot is all right! *Duncan stands, dragging slop out of his hair, and pulling some odd little device out of his pocket. He pressed a few buttons, each giving off little bleeps and bloops. A loud booming crash off in the distance is heard and something in the sky is flying towards them!* There’s my baby! -11:01 Jan 13
Bronwen: *She slips on to the ledge.. and grabs quickly on to MacBeth! The whole world is still spinning, and heights aren’t making it any better! Ooh.. there’s that nausea again… She places a hand over her mouth!* -11:06 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Usually he couldn’t care less whether Duncan is alright or not but as he is saving the day right about now … he figures he’ll be glad he’s alive and alright. For now. He turns to Shadowstar and decides he doesn’t have to tell her she’s about to feel a hell of a lot worst as he waits for her. Unfortunately, they can’t wait any longer!* Hold on. *He grabs her and they both jump, landing in the trash below as a blast from the cannon inside takes out a chunk of the wall.* -11:08 Jan 13
Duncan: *Duncan’s ship looks like a real piece of junk, but it’s engines sound good and it’s hull is sound… it even hovers and opens up it’s doors for them to enter (not without totally smashing the walls on the other side of the alley and nearly crushing… just about everything!) All aboard the rescue ship! Ladies and shrimps first! -11:17 Jan 13

The guys coming for them cry out and are forced to stop!:

MacBeth: *He sends Duncan a glare. He’s not insecure about his height but he still feels the itch to blow a hole in Duncan’s head. He doesn’t say anything to him, though, as he follows Shadowstar inside.* -11:22 Jan 13
Bronwen: *It was either a great deal of self control, or a whole lot of practice that she didn’t hurl… yet! But she was sure looking green as she very unceremoniously staggered on to the ship, found the nearest wall safe from any possible cannon blasts and slid to the floor! Why did the place smell like roses?!* -11:24 Jan 13
Duncan: *Grinning from ear to ear, (but quickly moving his ass when that cannon-blaster started firing right out the building for them), he dropped down in to his seat, sealing up the doors, and flipping on the intercoms!* Cap’n and Mate, welcome aboard the Briar Rose, this is your pilot speakin’! Strap down and keep all arms and legs occupied! -11:27 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Keeps silent about the so-called Briar Rose as he finds the nearest seat and straps himself in … only to find the seat belts were chewed off! If he was a religious man, he’d probably be praying right about now.* -11:31 Jan 13
Duncan: *Though that grin of his kind of faulters when there’s a huge BOOOOM and the whole ship gives a pretty painful lurch, followed by the really ear piercing sounds of SCREEEEECHing scrapping of metal against metal, Duncan flies and dodges his way out of the alleys and in to the air!* -11:35 Jan 13
Bronwen: *Bronwen slapped her hands over her ears, only to end up not being properly braced and slide across the floor to hit the back of MacBeth’s chair! She grit her teeth, fighting back that new wave of nausea… She is not going to yak… not until they are good and safe somewhere in space!* -11:39 Jan 13
MacBeth: *Despite his best intentions not to, he loses his grip on the armrests and goes drops to the floor on his knees! He winces but decides to stay down for the time being. He moves to look back at Shadowstar’s chair only to find it … empty! He finds her behind him.* -11:43 Jan 13
Duncan: *On the intercom, he is pleasantly talking away!* On your right, you’ll see a huge battleship of an old class and possibly belonging to mercenaries! To the other side, there is a huge statue of a lizard. No, that sound was NOT the bottom of the ship hitting the lizards head and knocking it off in to the sand. Maybe it was. I did have a few beers with that fox the Cap’n hooked me up with! -11:45 Jan 13
MacBeth: *It doesn’t look like this is a good time to bother her. He does look up when Duncan admits to having drunk some beer!* That blasted– *He gets to his feet and holds onto the wall or whatever is sticking out for dear life. He’s going to strangle Duncan!* -11:49 Jan 13
Bronwen: *Now why did she think this guy was a good idea again…? Through gritted teeth she ground, dragging both hands up to her head!* …it’s like… head cancer. Chattery talking head cancer! -11:50 Jan 13
Duncan: *The ship… and all of it’s inhabitants are jolted… upside down!* Warning! Nifty flying tricks! I hope you’re strapped in! Maybe I should turn off the gravity… -11:51 Jan 13
MacBeth: Ooof! *He goes sprawling onto the floor and then he hits the–ceiling?! It takes awhile for the stars to clear from his vision and even after that, his head feels like it’s been hit by a pipe! He tries to shake it off and make it to Duncan before he kills them all!* -12:07 Jan 14
Bronwen: *It was a miraculous thing to land on her feet when the ship flipped towards the ceiling! But the real cincher was when the ship flipped back to normal and she ended up sprawled over one of the chairs… That was the last thng she could comprehend, before she made a mad struggle towards the back, shoving open doors until she could find the bathroom… And without any sort of glee, dropped to her knees to relief herself of her entire stomach!… She was going to kill that pilot!* -12:11 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Not even Morgan himself could stop him from getting to the front and he finally did! He throws the door separating the controls from the passengers and staggers over behind Duncan.* You bastard! Why didn’t you say you were drunk before you started to fly! -12:13 Jan 14
Duncan: Wooooweee! Attention, passengers! We have made it out in to space! There’s two on our tale, but just a few minutes and we’ll be hittin’ hyper drive and out of town scott free! How about a celebratory drink! *He cackles loudly over the intercom.. the sound of a beer opening up?!* -12:13 Jan 14
Duncan: *He stops mid-drink!* I… Well hell man, I was lovin’a good women, and thought I wouldn’t be drinkin’? -12:14 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Of course! What else would someone do besides drink when he was screwing around with someone! He growls softly.* Fine. So you were drinking while you were screwing around. How about you save the drink for AFTER you land this thing! -12:18 Jan 14
Duncan: But why would I wanna do something like that? *Really! He looked completely awed that anyone would suggest that sort of think, but at MacBeth’s glare, he grudgingly put the beer away and turned back to his flying..* We’re good an okay for awhile yet. Once we hit hyper drive, I’ve got auto pilot on to the next stop. Cap’n just has to set the coordinates. -12:19 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Doesn’t know whether to mutter ‘thanks’ or just knock him the hell out. But he doesn’t know how to fly so … silence is the only thing he can come up with. At the mention of the Cap’n, he turns to look through the open door to where he’d last seen Shadowstar. She’s not there anymore! Shit, she’d better not have died on him! He finally feels confident enough to head to the back of the ship and finds Shadowstar still over the toilet.* Ship’s good for now. Flyboy needs coordinates for the auto pilot. -12:23 Jan 14
Bronwen: *She’s never drinking again…! Well, unless she needs to make more money. Better, she’s going to strap that Duncan to the front of his own ship and fly him in to an ocean. That’ll do it. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve, but not feeling much up to removing herself from the spot!* Tell him Osaka 9… And I need some dry clothes- But not some sleezy whores gettup! ..and some aspirin… -12:25 Jan 14
MacBeth: Yes, sir. *He heads back to the front of the ship.* Captain says Osaka 9. Where do you keep the aspirin and spare clothes? -12:34 Jan 14
Duncan: They’re in th- I’ll get them! *Never has Duncan moved so fast. He imputed those coordinates in record time, spinning out of his chair and practically dashing past MacBeth! He wasn’t going to pass up helping the captain out of her clothes!* -12:36 Jan 14
Bronwen: *When she’s sure she’s not going to heave out her own stomach, she slowly rises to her feet and shambles to the door way.. where there’s a much too eager looking pilot bolting down the hall. She pressed her hand against her forehead.* -12:39 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Is very surprised Duncan can move that fast and be drunk. Then again, apparently the pilot has a high alcohol tolerance level. He isn’t quite sure whether to follow after him or just sit down and wait for Duncan to get his ass handed to him. Then again … he could use some entertainment. He follows after Duncan!* -12:39 Jan 14
Duncan: *He casts his widest grin yet at the Cap’n as he’s bolting in to a room at the back. He practically flings open a chest as he tossing things out of the way and digs out what he deems… the perfect attire! There’s no notice of MacBeth as he takes his chosen outfit, returns to the cap’n and braces an arm in the doorway.* So, there… pretty lady. Seein’ as your a little under the weather, I’m sure you could use a little help in wiggling out of those wet clothes? *He griiiiiiiins!* -12:42 Jan 14
Bronwen: *Blink.* ….What? *She knew what he meant, but the fact he had the balls to stand there dangling something bit of silk that look dangerously like a nightgown and offer to take off her clothes had her dumbfounded! She wasn’t quite sure if she was going to laugh or smash his face in to the wall. Bronwen blinked again!* …Say that one more time. -12:45 Jan 14
Duncan: *Duncan has no instinct for danger! He merely leans closer!* Allow me to help you out of those clothes, Cap’n. You won’t be sorry. -12:51 Jan 14
Bronwen: Thats… what I thought. *Blinking once more, she grasped the collar of his shirt slowly… And without warning gave him such a sudden jerk, it crashed his face in to the door frame. For added measure she shoves him in to the bathroom floor and slammed the door behind him… But not without snatching that slip of a gown out of his hands.* … okay. He’s a freak. -12:54 Jan 14
Duncan: *There’s a thud in the bathroom followed by lots of "ow! ow! ow!" and "I’m sorry, baby! I didn’t mean it!!"..* -12:56 Jan 14
MacBeth: … So I didn’t miss the party. *He had missed what Duncan had told Shadowstar and was just coming from searching for the aspirin. He hands it to her before leaving her alone with Duncan in the bathroom.* -12:59 Jan 14
Bronwen: Oh no you don’t! You’re not leaving me alone with him! *She followed after MacBeth, as she pried open the bottle and popped a few of the pills in her mouth.* You’re going to be my man-alarm! -01:03 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Man-alarm? That only gave him second thoughts about this job but … he could understand having to keep an eye out. He was tempted to tell her "I told you so" but no one ever knew who was a freak until the freak revealed himself. Like the idiot in the bathroom just had.* Man-alarm, huh? Guess I don’t have to ask what he did this time. Fine. I’ll hang around and keep an eye on him. -01:07 Jan 14
Bronwen: He offered to help me out of my clothes, which is laughable really, but I am not in the mood for stupid shenanigans… *She took his hand to drop the aspirin back in his palm.* I don’t want to sleep, anyway. We should plan what to after we make supplies in Osaka. I’d like to go after Morgan, guns blazing. -01:10 Jan 14

MacBeth: *He can’t help but think Duncan was stupid, but brave. He probably hadn’t even known Shadowstar would react the way she had. Oh well. He tucked the aspirin bottle into his shirt to return later.* Good idea … about planning what to do after we get the supplies. I’m sure Morgan will be having more of her goons after us. It’d be a good idea to get more help if you want to go in, guns blazing. -01:19 Jan 14
Bronwen: A full crew… *She glanced around…* A larger ship… Actually, I think I’m going to need a disguise of some sort. *She eyed the slip of silk in her hands before draping it over one arm and unzipping her vest… She might as well change in to something dry now!* I’ll have to pull something out of character…. Do I look more like a backwater whore, or maybe the innocent country girl to you? Then again, maybe an alien disguise is a better idea… -01:25 Jan 14
MacBeth: *He turns as she unzips her vest and gets to thinking.* Honestly, I can’t see you as either whore or country girl. ‘Sides, if you end up posing as a whore, flyboy might become an even bigger headache. Hm. Alien sounds like a smart idea to me. *He starts thinking about where to find a large, trustworthy ship. Morgan was said to have the best of the best but there were also the tales that there were a few renegade ship-builders who had their headquarters out of Morgan’s reach. They supposedly had ships on par, if not better, than Morgan’s. But his common sense didn’t trust "tales" unless he knew there were facts behind them.* -01:31 Jan 14
Bronwen: *She turned her back to him, to slide off her vest and shirt.. then to pull that slip of a gown over her head. It’s not like he hadn’t spotted her naked all ready, and she already knows he’s not Duncan’s type!* Eventually he’s going to get the idea that the Captain is off limits. *She grasped her stomach… ugh! Still feeling like crap. She should have just killed the guy and stole his ship in the first pla-…* Heh heh… I forgot… *She dug in to her pocket and pulled out the ship key-card.* I scared this from the moron who tried to best me at booze-shooting… ‘course, were not going back to the planet any time soon… But it’s going to be handy later. -01:35 Jan 14
MacBeth: So that’s how you ended up drunk. *He turns after awhile.* I’m sure we can dig something up at Osaka 9. If not, there’s still plenty of chances to make some money. Morgan may have some of her goons there or at least spies. I doubt Flyboy’s got anything edible on this hunk of tin. -01:42 Jan 14
Bronwen: *She cast him a look over her shoulder…* I suppose you thought I was screwing around too? I had one rotton turn and ended up in that freezer, but I wasn’t given my own ship just because I’m daddy’s little girl. -01:44 Jan 14
MacBeth: *Meets the look she’s giving him with an indifferent one of his own.* To each his–or her–own. I make no judgements and no pressumptions. -01:48 Jan 14
Bronwen: Uh huh! I believe that, like I believe Duncan back there is pure at heart! I’m willing to bet cold hard cash that you think I’m some sort of senile madwoman! -01:51 Jan 14
MacBeth: I think you’re mad because you want to take on Morgan and her goons. Not because you ended up in a freezer. -01:54 Jan 14
Bronwen: And why is that so impossible? Just because no one else has tried and suceeded? Morgan is nothing but some blowhard cow! If she weren’t screwing around with all her sneaky sleezy minions, I could take her our with my bare hands! -01:56 Jan 14
MacBeth: Yes. If. But since she is, you can’t take her out with your bare hands. You need a better ship, a bigger crew, and the weapons to match hers. -01:59 Jan 14
Bronwen: Right, as I was planning. *She turned to face him fully, her hands on her hips… and eyeing him… well… Incredulously. He just talked her in circles!* I don’t get you. -02:01 Jan 14
MacBeth: *He studies her silently for a moment.* Let’s hope you never do. *He brushes past her to get to the bathroom where he flings open the door, grabs Duncan by the ear, and starts pulling.* Up front where I can keep an eye on you, Flyboy. *He mutters as the pilot can only half-drag, half crawl after him, saying "ow!"* -02:04 Jan 14
[Duncan wasn’t done nursing his face yet!] -02:05 Jan 14
Duncan: Ow.. ow.. ow… I can walk…! Ow..! C’mon! I was only kiddin’ with the Capn’…!! -02:06 Jan 14
Bronwen: Right… *Dark, brooding and mysterious. Just her luck. On the plus side, he was dragging the idiot around by the ear, and that was an immediate pick-me-up. Bronwen headed to the back room to claim some more decent clothes and possibly a disguise!* -02:08 Jan 14
MacBeth: Quit whining. *He growls softly. Babysitting pilots was certainly not something he had signed up for but it was exactly what he was doing anyways. He doesn’t release his hold on Duncan’s ear until they’re back at the front and the door is shut behind MacBeth. If Duncan wants to go back to the captain, he has to get by MacBeth first. After a moment of silence …* The ship’s on auto pilot, right? Got any extra beer on hand? -02:08 Jan 14
Duncan: *Nursing is ear like a wounded puppy, he motions a hand over to a fridge neatly installed right in to the main control panels.* Man… It was only as love tap.. She’ll come around! They always smack ya around at first! Especially the good lookin’ ones! -02:10 Jan 14
MacBeth: *He swipes a beer from the fridge and drops into the only other seat besides Duncan’s. So much for learning the Captain is off limits. He’s going to have his hands full with this one. He could only hope Shadowstar didn’t pick up another perv like this one. Although, he was pretty sure Duncan was one of a kind. You never knew, though.* Yeah … whatever you say. So … your ship Briar Rose, huh? -02:15 Jan 14
Duncan: Aye! Finest little rider this side of the galaxy! Course… she’s in need of some repairs… And… She might not make it all the way to Osaka, but uh… I’m sure Cap’n will figure that out if the cooling coils give out, or the gamma projectors start spewing goop again… -02:17 Jan 14
MacBeth: …. *He takes a sip of the beer. Well, here was something neither he or Shadowstar had talked about–what would happen if they didn’t make it to Osaka. Oh, she was going to love this one. But … he didn’t think it was any cause to worry her. For now, at least. If something *did* happen, they’d be sure to let her know. He was certain Duncan was dying to make some advances on her again. He takes a longer, deeper gulp of the beer and runs his fingers through his hair. He still hadn’t gotten any sleep.* -02:26 Jan 14
Duncan: Course, I’m pretty sure she’ll make it! If not, there’s at least three stops from here to Osaka, and hell if Cap’n wants to hook me up to a few more ladies, I’m than happy to oblidge her! What about you? I bet the two of us could make a good lot of dames happy, if you get my drift! -02:29 Jan 14

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