[Kylie *Was asleep, with Dominoe curled up happily next to her….. but she\’d wake up soon enough!* ] -02:29 Mar 24
[Felicia had gone to sleep as well.] -02:31 Mar 24
[Bernhard is in Kylie\’s room.] -02:31 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* No wonder you Montgomeries are nearly extinct. *He smirks at Larry before he disappears.* -02:32 Mar 24

Dead uncle Larry only matched a smirk before he disappeared. He’s a naughty dead man indeed.

And the night passes on to morning without incident…so it seems.

The black housecat with the copper eyes yawns and stretches from its perch on the window sill at the top of the stairs. It jumps off, then struts down the hall. -Bernhard

Felicia: *Morning… well, it’s not actually morning, maybe more like 1pm. Felicia couldn’t sleep well at all! She spent the night shivvering. Bed covers were supposed to be warm, but the whole night her room was ice cold! She had pulled on a short robe and shuffled down the stairs towards the kitchen, looking much like a zombie…* -02:35 Mar 24

The cat stops by Felicia’s room first and sees her gone. Then it scratches at Kylie’s door and when there’s no reply, pushes it open with a paw. -Bernhard

Kylie: *She yawns and stretches sometime in the afternoon! She had slept through the morning, and the only thing that woke her that afternoon, was that cat scratching the door open! She blinks a few times…* -02:41 Mar 24
Felicia: *Groooan… the kitchen. blessed kitched. Felicia grabs the coffee pot and finds… nothing in it. Coffee… where is the coffee.* -02:42 Mar 24

“Rise and shine, Miss Kylie …” The cat says in an all too familiar voice. -Bernhard

Bernhard: I see your last escapade cost you dear … *He finishes, reverting from cat to his human butler form.* -02:43 Mar 24

“Make me a spot of coffee too if you would, please!” says a tiny little old woman standing just by the counter wearing a funny hat.

Felicia: *Felicia yelped! Nearly dropping the pot!* M..Mrs. Applebee?! How did you… How in hell did you get in here!? -02:43 Mar 24

“Well sweetie, I just walked in! You are the only one at that coffee shop that ever serves me coffee, I was starting to get parched!”

Kylie: *Aack! Kylie nearly falls off the bed just as she sees Bernhard shifting back to his human form! Wow that trick never got old..* I was just tired, that’s all……and that was downright sneaky of you. She says with a grin! Apparently she feels alright.* -02:44 Mar 24
Felicia: You just wal-… I’m the only o-… Good god, are you dead?! -02:45 Mar 24

“Four years dead, and it’s been a real vacation! Of course, we at the shop have missed you terribly! Those other newbies don’t pay us a lick of attention!”

Felicia: I haven’t..even been working there that long. *Felicia slowly set the pot down on the counter, gave Mrs. Applebee a wide birth as she moved to plop in to a chair at the kitchen table.* …. I’ve been serving coffee to dead people? -02:48 Mar 24
Bernhard: That would probably have worked if not for the fact I know these things better than most. *He raises an eyebrow.* Come along then. We have to get you fed as well as get a bite for Mutt there. -02:48 Mar 24
Kylie: *She nods, then hurries to her bathroom to change into a warm blue sweater and jeans. Then she hurries off with Bernhard, Dominoe was already awake, and trailing behind them.* So…..did anything happen last night after you two left? -02:50 Mar 24

“Serving coffee, solving dying regrets.. Oh, you’re a wonderful counselor. Unlike some of THESE folks you talk to us before we cross over. Just because we’re dead doesn’t mean we aren’t people anymore!” Mrs. Applebee does like to chatter. She goes on about the others at the cafe, and the severe lack of attention.

Felicia: ….? *She clonked her head on the table. So much for being a normal girl and having a normal life.. so apparently she’s been a freak this whole time and had no idea! …She clonked her head on the table again!* -02:52 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Is tempted to tell her "Nothing much than Larry being a royal jack-ass" but again, she’s too far gone. Larry can do no wrong in her eyes …* Absolutely nothing. I trust you slept well. -02:53 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry is now in the kitchen puffing his pipe and standing over Felicia. “Not a good morning? Here, have this cup of coffee.” He sets a mug down next to his neice!

Mrs. Applebee clucks her tongue! “No deadman could make a decent cup of coffee.”

Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Bernhard! Of course Larry was a jerk…he was a Montgomery!* I slept pretty good… I’m glad you woke me up though, I probably would have slept until tonight. *She enters the kitchen just in time to see Uncle Larry and Mrs. Applebee chatting with Felicia! Maybe teaching her wasn’t going to be so hard after all…* -02:57 Mar 24
Felicia: Any cup of coffee is good right now. *Felicia picks up the mug and is about to drink when she has a nasty coughing fit! Cough cough! She has to set down the mug before it spills!* -02:58 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry frowns… but quickly is smiling again at the sight of his little Kylie! “My sweetling! Top of the afternoon to you!”

Kylie: *She hugs Uncle Larry!* Afternoon uncle. Were you up to no good all of last night? *Asks with that suspicious, knowing look of hers!* -03:00 Mar 24

“Only a bit of teasing the demonboy, you know I can’t resist!” That dashing Uncle Larry grin followed by a smirk at Bernhard!

Bernhard: *Grin.* Teasing is not the only thing you cannot resist, is it? *He remarks as he strides past him to make some breakfast for Kylie.* Would you care for some tea, Miss Felicia? -03:02 Mar 24
Felicia: *Cough!* Ugh… hate tea. *She drops her head back on the table again!* -03:03 Mar 24

“Felicia doesn’t need any tea, I made her a nice cup of coffee myself! But I bet Kylie would love something good, wouldn’t you, sweetling?

Bernhard: Everyone underestimates tea. *He says, making himself a cup.* -03:04 Mar 24

Mrs. Applebee who seems to feel no need to introduce herself to the room, tut tuts! “Oh dear, drinking that coffee would kill her! Do try the tea, Felicia! It’ll do you a world of good!”

Kylie: *Snickers at Uncle Larry and smiles at his antics. That was his usual testing methods for new arrivals. Related or not….* Sure would, thanks. I think rose-petal tea with a little honey would be perfect. *She looks as innocent as any normal 7-year old kid as she plops down in a chair next to Felicia….who looked like she got hit by a semi-truck!* -03:06 Mar 24
Bernhard: Lemon tea. *He places a cup in front of Felicia.* And rose-petal tea for Miss Kylie. A little honey included. *He makes another cup.* -03:08 Mar 24

Uncle Larry practically scowls at the old lady ghost. “Begone out of my house, wench! You weren’t invited!”

Felicia: *Felicia’s hand was moving towards the mug of coffee before the tea was set in front of her… She sat up slowly, taking the tea and giving it a small testing sip…* ..blech… *..And she promptly sneezes! Nearly sloshing tea all over the place!* -03:09 Mar 24

Mrs. Applebee looks more than a little offended, and with a huff (along with a good insults aimed towards those stinkin’ montgomeries) she disappeared!

Bernhard: Now, now, Larry, is that any way to treat a guest? *He tsks as he fishes a dish cloth out of thin air and begins to wipe up the mess.* -03:10 Mar 24
Kylie: Thanks Bernhard. *She watches Uncle Larry and the new ghost having a spat.. Arguments with dead-people were even more fun than soap operas. Says Gazuntide to Felicia when she sneezes. Uh oh…..if her sister was getting sick; she’d end up catching that cold soon enough!* -03:10 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry claims the cup of tea out of Felicia’s hands and replaces it with the mug of coffee. “Demonboy doesn’t understand that a real montgomery prefers something good and strong in the morning! Drink up, Felicia. You and I will have a private lesson today.”

Felicia: *Felicia pauses before sipping the coffee.* …I thought Kylie was going to teach me things…? -03:13 Mar 24
Kylie: I can only teach so much, Felicia. Besides… I was taught by Uncle Larry……. and everyone else. *Says rather mysteriously as she sips her own tea when its ready!* -03:14 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow at that. A private lesson … It sounded suspicious, indeed. Particularly after the stunt he pulled last night.* -03:15 Mar 24

“Now that I know Felicia has already been able to send the dead on their way to the otherside, of course she needs a master training and much more advanced lessons! Kylie can spend her day with Bernhard, perhaps build a nice snowman in the yard.”

Felicia: *Taking a swallow of the coffee, she followed through with a most disgusted expression! Eeww! Mrs. Applebee was right! That tasted horrible! She set down the mug and pushed it aside.* I guess I’ll go get dressed and we’ll get this over with… -03:20 Mar 24
Kylie: Yay! Snowmen! *But of course Kylie wanted to sneak out and find a way out of this house–if only for a few hours…..after all, it was just sad when you were just a kid and was already starting to forget what a real park/playground area….. or the movies….and when was the last time the kid had even seen a real mall?* -03:22 Mar 24

“Better watch Kylie, demonboy. We don’t want another incident like last night.” Says Uncle Larry as he poofs away!

Bernhard: Snowmen it is. *He says, turning to Kylie.* You sure you don’t want a bite to eat? Waffles? Pancakes? That gruel slop Larry calls oatmeal? -03:28 Mar 24
Felicia: *Felicia is moving dreadfully slow… More coughing on her way upstairs, a little sneezing… All that mess yesterday she’s done caught herself the flu. And blech! She should have never tried that coffee, it’s making her feel all kinds of queesy! But alas, Felicia gets dressed as quickly as she can and leaves her room.* -03:29 Mar 24
Kylie: *She smiles when Bernhard disses on Uncle Larry’s oatmeal.* Hm…I guess I’m not hungry….but I should have at least some eggs. If that’s alright? -03:30 Mar 24

Dead Uncle Larry ploofs right in front of Felicia! “I have decided that our training should begin on the roof. If you will follow me, please.” he states, floating down the hall for the main stair case.

Bernhard: Eggs should do just fine. Over easy or scrambled? -03:30 Mar 24
Felicia: *her reaction time was so slow, she didn’t jump from surprise until Uncle Larry was already gliding down the hall. She dutifully followed after him.* …what sort of training do you do on the roof? -03:32 Mar 24
Kylie: Scrambled please. *She takes another sip of tea–and glances outside to be sure there was plenty of snow to make a snowman with…and the gates.She seemed fascinated with those gates today for some reason….Her eyes wouldnt stay off them.* -03:33 Mar 24
Bernhard: And how many today? *He gets out the frying pan and greases it up after moving the tea kettle off. Then he gets out the eggs and starts cracking some.* -03:34 Mar 24

“Just a little bit of the basics, of course it’s a whole new lesson just for your case, but I’m sure you’ll do beautifully!” All the way up the stairs until Uncle Larry comes to a wide set of double doors. They lead on to a balcony of sorts set up right on the roof, a bit like a watchtower spot! “Here we are! It’s a lovely view, isn’t it?”

Kylie: Just two is fine… Bernhard…. do you like Felicia? *She asks,quite randomly! The kid obviously had lots on her mind… and she was hiding it as best she could.* -03:35 Mar 24
Felicia: *Felicia stepped out on to the balcony, half wondering if she should have worn much warmer clothes… Especially after what Uncle Larry did last night. …Well it WAS kinda of pretty up here.* I do like the snow. *Surpressing a cough, she moved to the railing to peer over the side. Wow! This house really is huge! Those icecicles go down a long way!* -03:38 Mar 24
Bernhard: Particularly more than any other of your relatives, alive or dead. *He says as he slides one of the fried eggs onto the plate and pours the other egg into the pan.* -03:39 Mar 24
Bernhard: Ketchup? *He asks as he finishes up the last egg and it joins the first. The plate is already in front of Kylie.* -03:39 Mar 24

The railing suddenly shifts out of place sending Felicia tumbling right over the edge! “Dear me! I forgot to mention that rail needed some repairs!” calls Uncle Larry!

Felicia: ..! *There’s no time to react much less scream! Felicia finds herself sliding down the roof, and by some sort of sheer luck she stops herself from slipping off the edge by planting her feet on the gutter!* …uncle larry…! This isn’t part of the training is it…!? -03:41 Mar 24
Kylie: *Giggles at that remark….. she knew quite well the Montgomeries have lots of meanstreaks…..it just couldn’t be helped! She only tried to fight hers off a lot better than most.She takes the bottle of ketchup, and uses just a little on the side.* Thanks. *She eats her eggs! They were tasty as ever too!* -03:42 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Cleans up.* As much as you enjoy the company of Ravencroft, it seems you will have to give him a call. We need some groceries. I do not intend on using canned meat that expired … back when the term "Flower Power" was a sign of encouragement. -03:44 Mar 24

Uncle Larry is innocent smoking his pipe. “A Montgomery has to be prepared at all times, Felicia.” Meanwhile downstairs…. there’s a shadow lurking under the kitchen table

Kylie: *She twitches…..Ravencroft was a creep and a goon no doubt about it….. but when they needed groceries, she couldn’t exactly go to the store herself…* Alright. I’ll go ahead and do that first thing before we go make snowmen…. *She agrees, helping Bernhard clean up, then she’s off to find the lawyer’s number and give him a call!* -03:46 Mar 24
Bernhard: *The cleaning is done in no time and he follows Kylie to call Ravencroft and get her some warm clothes!* -03:48 Mar 24

Uncle Larry ploofs himself to standing right next to Felicia! “A Montgomery should even be prepared to fly. Can you fly, Felicia?” Without another word Uncle Larry snags her by the collar and shoves her right off the edge of the roof!

And the shadow from under the kitchen table follows after Bernard and Kylie.. choosing that exact same moment to attack the little girl!

Kylie: *Kylie gives a cry of protest as she’s knocked off her feet to the hard kitchen floor!* Ow! *She tries to get to her feet and kick that stupid creature right in the face!* -03:50 Mar 24
Bernhard: *Grabs Kylie and Mutt and teleports to her room!* Warm clothes. Quick. *He looks down at Mutt when he releases the dog.* I warned you not to binge on sausages. -03:51 Mar 24
Felicia: Of course I can’t fl-AAAH! *Rotton son of a…! Felicia makes a very unpleasant landing on a tree branch, which then decides it wants to snap under her weight and have em both go splatting on the snow covered ground! CRACK! …it’s a dim dark world!* -03:54 Mar 24
Kylie: *She’s grabbed, then there’s that horrible teleporting sensation!* Warm clothes…? *She hurries to pull on an extra warm sweater and a jacket….! Hopefully they’d be able to make it outside!* No more human food for you Dominoe. Least for a week. *She says as Dominoe whines.* -03:54 Mar 24

Uncle Larry suddenly appears in Kylie’s bedroom! “What’s this, my Kylie in danger again? You’re slacking, Bernhard…”

Bernhard: … Where is your latest pupil, Montgomery? -03:56 Mar 24
Kylie: That creature was hiding under the table Uncle Larry…. neither of us had time to see anything before it pushed me… -03:56 Mar 24

“Nevermind that, we must get Kylie to saftey!”

[Felicia was shoved off the roof of the Montgomery mansion. Stupid Uncle Larry.] -02:29 Apr 15
[Kylie *Was hiding in her room with Bernhard and Uncle Larry from that huge scary monster! Of course the only place safe was that mauseleum…* ] -02:29 Apr 15
[Bernhard is apparently in Kylie\’s room … although he\’s more concerned about his other charge …] -02:30 Apr 15
Kylie: Where is Felicia, Uncle Larry? *She decided now was a good time to ask that question!* -02:31 Apr 15
Bernhard: Where. Is. She. *All his attention is on Larry, though! The scary monster is the least of his worries.* -02:31 Apr 15

“Kylie is in danger, I demand you take her somewhere safe at once.” Says uncle Larry who doesn’t look as concerned as he sounds.

Bernhard: Kylie. I am going to find your older sister. Would you like to come? *Keeps his eyes on Larry as he talks.*( -02:33 Apr 15
Kylie: Ok Bernhard. Let’s go find Felicia! *Summons her faithful pet, Dominoe to leave with them. She’s headed for the door!* -02:33 Apr 15

“You can’t take that child out in to danger while Felicia is under going her lessons! Kylie should be somewhere safer!” Shouts Uncle Larry! Damn that Bernhard!

Meanwhile outside, the shadow beastie is closing in on the only Montgomery it can get closed to. The one out cold and pinned by a tree branch! It’s like a free shish-kabob!

Bernhard: It might be faster if we know where to look, Kylie. *Says as he follows her to the door, then goes first to check the hallway.* -02:36 Apr 15

Uncle Larry, though annoyed, speaks easily. “I think Kylie would be in much better care with me. Kylie, how about we take a short walk to the conservatory?”

Kylie: But Uncle Larry.. I think I know where Felicia is! *She says, not wanting Bernhard and Larry to keep arguing; and really wanting to help find her half-sister before she got eaten by something.* -02:38 Apr 15
Bernhard: Lead the way, Kylie. We do not have much time. -02:39 Apr 15
Kylie: *She takes a running start knowing Bernhard can keep up! She’s running right outside that door, and out of the house! In fact, she seems to have a unique ability to track these monsters– because she heads right for the tree that is pinning Felicia!* There! Better hurry, or she’s lunchmeat! *Encouraging much?* -02:40 Apr 15
Bernhard: *Follows after Kylie. For a small mortal, she is quite fast. He disappears and reappears beside Felicia. He launches a ball of shadow at the beast to trap it cold!* -02:41 Apr 15

OM NOM NOM NOM. Well, it wasn’t chewing yet, but the shadow beastie was hovering over the fallen Montgomery getting ready to om nom when it spotted Kylie! It’s eyes glowed shiny red as it’s suddenly stuck frozen in place! Unable to move!

Uncle Larry appeared next to Kylie, smoking his cigar. “Look at that. Nearly eaten. At my age I could fight off those monsters with my hands tied behind my back.”

Bernhard: *Frees Felicia and picks her up in his arms. He jumps down and lands beside Kylie, the shadow beast still frozen in place. He sends the beast somewhere and then turns to Kylie.* We need to get her back into the house. *He starts inside.* -02:45 Apr 15
Kylie: *Raises an eyebrow at Uncle Larry.* I hope Felicia’s ok……. pleeeease go easy on her uncle? *She looks so little and innocent; who could refuse??* -02:48 Apr 15

“Leave that girl outside. She won’t grow any resistance if you’re always stepping in.” says Uncle Larry, whom clearly knows best. He blinks down at Kylie! “But, Kylie-sweetie! She has to learn and be as good as you, pumpkin!”

Felicia: *Felicia might as well been dead! …Not really, but she was mumbling something about a homicidal dead bastard and not moving again!* -02:50 Apr 15
Bernhard: She will be of no use to anyone if she is wounded and frozen to death. *He is still headed inside.* -02:50 Apr 15
Kylie: *She just grins at that remark as she follows Bernhard inside! If only her uncle had an inkling of all the other people who helped her with this stuff so much!* -02:51 Apr 15
Bernhard: *He takes her into the den and fetches plenty of blankets to cover her with. He makes sure she is comfortable before lighting a fire in the fireplace.* -02:52 Apr 15

“Clearly she’s not dead and there’s nothing to be worried about.” puffpuffs Uncle Larry, who leans over Felicia when she’s set down so he can check the damages.

Kylie: *Helps Bernhard take care of Felicia! She even hails a passing servant for hot tea and a few more pillows.* -02:53 Apr 15
Bernhard: Yes. Perhaps you are getting rusty, Larry. *He says casually as he sits down on the edge of the seat and checks Felicia’s pulse.* -02:55 Apr 15
Felicia: …let’s not finish me off… *Mutters Felicia rather crossly. And with good reason too! She hurts in every place imaginable! She sneezes, which produces the most dreadful groan outof her… crazy jerk made her crack her ribs on that tree!* -02:56 Apr 15

It wasn’t a servant Kylie hailed but.. the dog Dominoe, who goes WOOF and drags in a couple pillows by his teeth!

Kylie: *Good boy Dominoe! She smirks at herself for forgetting there were no servants; and gets Felicia the pillows. Then she goes to the kitchen by herself to make a cup of tea.* -02:59 Apr 15

Of course Uncle Larry doesn’t look at all offended. “Mayhaps Felicia is ready for our next lesson, while Bernhard runs off and does Kylie’s chores.”

Bernhard: *Two charges. One of him. Even his hands are full at this point. It seems some measures would have to be taken.* No. -03:01 Apr 15

Uncle Larry shrugs. “I’ll keep my protoge company.” He poofs off to the kitchen with Kylie!

Bernhard: Felicia is my charge as much as Kylie is. If there are chores to be done, I will take care of it. My way. -03:02 Apr 15

Right after frowning at Bernhard and his “way”!

Bernhard: It’s encouraging to know you’re still among the living. *Smirks a bit at Felicia while the fire does its job and makes the air nice and toasty.* -03:03 Apr 15
Kylie: *She has no problems at all making the tea for Felicia, and pours her a cup to carry back to Bernhard.* Boy you and Bernhard sure don’t like eachother, Uncle Larry. *She remarks, carrying the tea back to where her half-sister was.* -03:03 Apr 15
Felicia: … can I exorcise Uncle Larry? *She was half kidding. …No she wasn’t! She is going to KILL Uncle Larry! Again! Ow… right after she takes a whole bottle of aspirin… At least she’s warm!* -03:05 Apr 15

“Bernhard isn’t part of our family, sweets. It should be you and I caring for our poor home!” says Uncle Larry as he floats besides Kylie.

Bernhard: That is a very interesting question. In theory, it is possible. Difficult but possible. Are you still certain you want to get to the bottom of this? You can null and void the deal we have at any time. -03:07 Apr 15
Kylie: *giggles at Uncle Larry. He was always like that; thinking it should be just the two of them. But she was only 7 years old after all. She heads back to her room, knowing Bernhard would take care of Felicia just fine!* -03:07 Apr 15
Felicia: A deal is a deal. * she says sincerly, trying to sit up!* If I can live long enough! *Oh, she felt another sneeze coming.. she held her nose quickly!* -03:08 Apr 15
Bernhard: Hm. I see. *A single drop of blood falls to the floor but quickly disappears when it’s "absorbed".* -03:10 Apr 15

“Wouldn’t it be the grandest thing, you and I and remodeling this stuffy old house! And no more pesky meddling demons!” Uncle Larry suddenly sounded serious. “You know… I didn’t want to mention this but… I don’t think Bernhard likes having Felicia here…”

Kylie: *She blinks a few times at Uncle Larry!* Well sure it would be nice to remodel and everything…..but what do you mean Bernhard doesn’t like Felicia? He seems to get along with her pretty well. *Now she looks puzzled as she sits on her bed.* -03:11 Apr 15

A shadow moves across the floor of the den and disappears under the door before it’s noticed. Then it glides along the floor and disappears again … -Bernhard

Felicia: Maybe we need an on call doc… Wait, none will show up here, will they? I.. I..*She sneezed, despite trying not to! Another pained groan from Felicia!* -03:14 Apr 15

“Well.. Felicia has had an awful lot of accidents, and isn’t Bernhard supposed to protect you both…? It almost seems like he’s trying to get rid of her…” says Uncle Larry!

Kylie: *This sure was startling to hear! Certainly things had been getting weird lately…..but..* Uncle Larry, why would Bernhard want to hurt her? He’s always seeming to save her in the nick of time. -03:16 Apr 15
Bernhard: Unfortunately no. *Thoughtful for a moment.* There is always your cousin, though. Your deceased cousin, Dr. Montgomery. She might be able to help. -03:18 Apr 15

“Always in the nick of time! Which is most fortunete for Miss Felicia, but sort of suspicious! Bernhard seems to center around a lot of bad Montgomery luck..”

Felicia: *Felicia blinked dumbfounded at Bernhard.* …you want me to see a dead docter? …I’m not sure if that’s disturbing or brilliant… -03:20 Apr 15
Kylie: *She thinks about what Uncle Larry is telling her.* Hmm… that might be possible; but I seem to attract a lot of bad things too, uncle. *She reminded him.* -03:20 Apr 15

“Did I hear someone mention me?” a voice asks. A woman drifts up through the floor to float beside Felicia. She is tall and thin, wearing what looks like a wedding gown. “Yes, yes, that would be me. Doctor Ellen Montgomery. Your second cousin on your father’s side.” She counts her fingers. “Er … yes, that’s right. Second cousin. I can take a look at you. And I know my medicine is still in the house.”

“But you aren’t the one doing them on purpose, are you pumpkin! But someone else is…”

Felicia: *Felicia jumped at the sudden woman! Er.. ghost!…Cousin? And regretted the sudden movement! There’s much owing before she settles down to eye the ghost with suspicion.* Are you as bad as Uncle Larry…? -03:23 Apr 15
Kylie: *Her eyes go slightly wider.* I hope it’s not Bernhard, Uncle. I like him too, even though you’re my favorite. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone I’m fond of. That would be sad. *She admitted as Dominoe curls up next to her.* -03:23 Apr 15

“Larry? Oh, heavens no! I was the black sheep of the family. My love was for science, not for the occult. Unfortunately I died when I came to pay my respects to your father. It was … rather sudden. I hang around here because I have nowhere else to go. No one to help me on my way, you see.” She sounds quite sad about that.

“You and I could get along just fine without him! After all, you are the Heir and will be able to do anything in the world once you’re older!”

Felicia: You died just because you came here? *That wasn’t good at all. Felicia looked rather pale at the thought! A sudden horrible death and being a ghost for who knew how long cause no one was around to do anything about it!* -03:28 Apr 15
Kylie: I still vote on keeping him…just because I can’t imagine the place without him. Besides uncle, you know he’s saved me a lot of times too. If something terrible does happen that he’s at fault for….well, we’ll deal with it then. As for being an heir and doing whatever I wanted, well.. I sure hope that involves breaking this curse that makes me unable to even leave the house. *She looked wistfull at that statement.* -03:30 Apr 15

“Whatever is behind this will not stop until all Montgomeries are dead. That is why you need to find a way to get away from this place with Kylie. We cannot allow either of you to meet the same fates we did. Please, let me help you. And if you really must learn, do so from Kylie and Bernhard first. After all, one must learn to crawl before one can walk. Even if one has only a limited amount of time to do so.”

Felicia: Believe me… No more ‘lessons’ from Uncle Larry. Felicia was wary, but Bernhard was RIGHT there so no one could hurt her, right?* I guess I am your patient? -03:33 Apr 15

“This will be over soon, I promise!” Smiles Uncle Larry as he takes a seat in one of the play chairs. “How about a tea party!”

Kylie: *She giggles because Uncle Larry was just too big for those chairs; even as a ghost!* Sure! *She plays the tea-party game with Uncle Larry, acting as the hostess!* -03:35 Apr 15

Ellen smiles and nods. “And we shall begin. First, the basics. Where does it hurt?” She puts a hand up. “Now before you say ‘Everywhere’, I need a precise location. Such as … do your ribs hurt when you sneeze or cough? Are you able to move your fingers, wiggle your toes, etc.

Felicia: Every time I breathe it’s like something stabbing me in the lung… *Felicia wiggles her fingers and toes, and deems she didn’t break her back or anything vital, at least!* -03:38 Apr 15

Uncle Larry is a wonderful tea guest. Though he ‘forgets’ his manners and occasional has to be corrected, but that is part of the game! He makes small talk with stuffed animals!

Kylie: *Aside from being so closely connected with death and horrible events, she sure was a normal kid! She loved playing imaginary games just as much as anyone else her own age!* -03:40 Apr 15

“Hm … It must be a broken rib. You will need painkillers and avoid anything that might put pressure. In this case, any of Larry’s elitist training. I have just the right amount of medicine for you right here in the house. The guest room I stayed in. I hid my medicine bag under the bed.”

Bernhard: *Disappears–and reappears almost immediately afterwards with a medicine bag in his arms. He sets it down on the table beside the chair and follows Ellen’s instructions on where to find the painkillers.* -03:45 Apr 15
Felicia: *Felicia was moving to go fetch the bag herself but Bernhard had poofed there and back in the blink of an eye! She blinked at him again!* how do you move so fast? -03:46 Apr 15
Bernhard: It helps when you know this house inside and out. *He replies as he searches.* -03:47 Apr 15

“I will need your height and weight, Felicia. To figure out the right dosage. Are you allergic to anything?”

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