Breaking Delilah 003

Breaking Delilah

[Delilah Red doesn’t appreciate this waking up in a new place everyday thing.] -09:32 Feb 01
[Ferius sits opposite her, taking a sip of wine as he waits for her to come to.] -09:33 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Waking up didn’t come easily. In fact it came with a pained groan and a jolt running up her spine. When she blinked her eyes open, she found herself sitting in that same chair again and wearing some new silly dress in a dark copper. The only difference were that her hands weren’t chained to the armrests, which was a bit of a relief. As she shifted to sit up straighter, she rubbed her wrists. -09:35 Feb 01
Ferius: “Good morning.” he said. “Or should I say good evening. You’ve been out for a long time.” he took another sip and gestured at the succulent dishes before her. “You haven’t eaten in three days, you have to be hungry. Help yourself to whatever you like.” -09:38 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She was ready to spit back that she would rather starve. But Delilah was growing weary of the process. Not to say she was ready to give in, she was simply reevaluating the battle plan. “Perhaps if you weren’t so damn intent on abusing the fuck out of me, I might have eaten sooner.” Well, not fighting didn’t mean not throwing snide remarks at him. Delilah adjusted her chair and laid a napkin neatly in her lap. She was choosy about which dish she chose, despite being ravenous. The moment she popped a piece of fish in her mouth, though, she couldn’t hide that look of relief. -09:42 Feb 01
Ferius: “Is that how you feel? I offered you food when first you arrived and you refused. How was I meant to take that?” he leaned back, watching her eat without having more than wine himself and even then only in sips. “But it can’t be said that I never give second chances.” -09:45 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “One would think after killing a woman’s crew, sinking her ship, kidnapping and raping her that she’s not likely to be inclined to have a sit down dinner with the asshole.” Funny, that’s what she was doing now. But a girl had to pick her battles. Especially when her enemy wasn’t of the natural sort. Despite her hunger, she ate at a reasonable pace. Enjoyed her food. Though… something just felt lacking. As if it weren’t quite satisfying. Delilah picked up her goblet and down the entire glass of wine in one swallow. -09:50 Feb 01
Ferius: “Unless she’d rather starve to death, she has little choice.” he pointed out. “And this meal is far better than anything you’d get in the brig. There’s more too if you finish everything here.” -09:53 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “How generous of you.” Delilah didn’t bother to hide her sarcasm. Just merely refilled her glass of wine and ate. There was a cross look across her features. She was both annoyed and confused by him. There was a method to his madness and she hadn’t quite gleaned what his true agenda was beyond driving her completely insane. “Are you going to confess your grand plans today, Ferius?” she finally asked. -09:57 Feb 01
Ferius: “Plans? I share my plans with my crew, something you’ve refused to be a part of.” he said, his voice hardening towards the and of the statement. “Or had you forgotten your earlier rudeness in reply to my offer?” Still he ate nothing, even though his place was set out and his plate was clean. “And I will not make the mistake of offering again. I will, however, make sure you don’t get yourself killed over your own pride.” -10:03 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “It must be hard for you. Sitting on your high horse and spewing that bullshit, like you haven’t done a damned thing to deserve my ire.” It was pissing her off, but Delilah struggled to control her temper. Her temper was what got her in to this, and if she remained calm enough, she’d find a solution. Delilah didn’t over eat. She ate just enough to sate her hunger, though she did down a second glass of wine. It wasn’t for a need of courage, but more just to keep herself from flaring up and doing something crazy now that she finally had the freedom to move as she pleased. -10:07 Feb 01
Ferius: “No, I don’t think that. But like you said, I have a plan and it calls for certain… measures.” He could see her anger, taste it in the air. She wasn’t bound in any way. He was curious as to what she’d do.. and excited. Because whatever she tried he knew where it would lead. Time to push her more. “One of those measures is what comes after you’ve eaten. Though, I’m sure you can guess what that is.” -10:14 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I am far too weary to deal with your shit right now, Ferius.” He was baiting her, and the worst part is that she knew he could make good on his word. In a sick way, she respected it. Few men could make a threat and then deliver. Delilah slide her plate away, eying one of the knives on the table. Her fingers tapped against the wood near it. There was an idea. -10:18 Feb 01
Ferius: His eyes fell to her hand and he greeted the implied threat with a grin. Actually leaning back further and seeming to expose himself more. “Where are you hoping that will get you?” he asked. “Even if you did manage to wound me you’re on a ship full of my men and have nowhere to go.” -10:20 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “Il mio amore, the moment you fall is the moment I become Captain of this lovely little ship.” He had an infuriating way of gauging her thoughts. Did her read her features or her thoughts themselves…? She curled her fingers around the knife handle anyway, but didn’t lift it off the table. “Vanity is unbecoming in a man, Ferius.” -10:23 Feb 01
Ferius: “Still so confident.” he said. “That’s one of the reasons it had to be you. If you truly think you can best me, then make the strike.” His cool eyes met hers. “If you don’t, then I will take you back to your cell and leave you there to rot.” He folded his right leg over his left and lifted his glass. Taking his eyes off of her and taunting her with the perfect opportunity. “But if you do try, and you fail… you know what happens.” -10:29 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah mocked him with her features. Mimicking you know what happens with as much sass as she could muster before she sat back in her chair with a roll of her eyes. Asinine bastard… For several moments it seemed as if she weren’t going to bother. But with a quickness disguised by her weary state, Delilah stood. Snatching the knife off the table and throwing it straight for his head. -10:33 Feb 01
Ferius: He only had a split second to react, but he did. Placing the glass between the knife and himself. What happened next seemed to defy physics as the knife pierced the glass right though. Sticking out the other side without it shattering. A spiderweb of cracks spread slowly from the knife, like ice cracking beneath a man’s feet. The glass seemed to bleed wine from it’s wound. “I control more here than the ship and the crew Delilah.” He curled his finger around the knife and suddenly the glass shattered. Its contents spilling to the floor. Knife in hand, he stood slowly. Stepping towards her menacingly. “Maybe this time you’ll learn that.” -10:42 Feb 01
Delilah Red: There was a stomp of her foot and the balling of her fists, followed by a loud resounding FUCK! “Ferius, I seriously do not have the energy to deal with you today!” The comment came out a little higher than she would have liked. Delilah snatched another knife off the table and for every step he advanced she retreated. Using the table as a shield. -10:45 Feb 01
Ferius: “Not the reaction I expected, but that’s usually the case with you.” he said, stopping his advance and holding up the knife. Turning it over in his hand, he leaned his head to the side and with a fluid motion slit his own skin open where the neck and shoulder met. Then he stabbed the bloody knife into the table, ruining the highly varnished finish. “But this is no game.” -10:50 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “What the fuck are you doing?!” That was new! And a little alarming. Her bewilderment wasn’t well hidden and she actually stopped her retreat. …That might have been a mistake. A scent caught her senses. That bittersweet metallic aroma… It sent her head reeling for a moment, the woman having to brace her hand on the table. She could almost taste it. …that was more alarming than anything else had been! -10:55 Feb 01
Ferius: He resumed his advance on her. Now unarmed, but no part of him displayed concern. “I am proving a point.” he said as he got closer. His hand taking her knife and instead of pulling it away from her, he placed the point against his chest. “Now say what you really feel.” -10:59 Feb 01
Delilah Red: He was too close. The smell of blood was so strong, it felt more intoxicating than those two glasses of wine. Her eyes fell closed, and though her mind was screaming at her to back away she was tilting forward. The desire to taste overwhelming. …Delilah shook her head with a start, suddenly jerking backwards. “I… I don’t feel anything. You’re casting your tricks again.” -11:04 Feb 01
Ferius: “There is no trick.” he said, finally removing the knife from her hands and taking hold of her. He pulled her closer, his hand gripping her hair and forcing her face to the cut. “You know you need it now, that food doesn’t satisfy like it used to. Even though you still need it… for now.” -11:09 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Delilah couldn’t seem to push him away and get out of his grasp, and she couldn’t be sure if it were her lack or strength or lack of will. She was so close all she had to do was flick out her tongue and have a taste. Delilah bit her tongue instead. Clenching her teeth together and growling. “I don’t need anything.” -11:14 Feb 01
Ferius: “So you would have been perfectly happy with starving to death?” he asked. “You need food and drink.” he relented, pulling her away. As his eyes met hers, his fangs pierced his lip. Allowing blood to run down his chin. He pulled her closer once again, her lips just unable to reach his. “Soon you will need other things, but I’m patient. The longer it takes the better it will be in the end.” -11:22 Feb 01
Delilah Red: She thought it was torture before. That unquenched yearning in the pit of her stomach almost felt like fire. She took in a deep breath, trying to calm that ravenous craving. Blood. Just blood. She didn’t want it. She didn’t need it. “You took away everything that was rightfully mine, Ferius. You have nothing that I need.” she responded low, almost in a hushed whisper. Delilah braced her hands against his chest to push him back, almost cringing at the feel of warm blood from his chest wound trickling over her fingertips. -11:28 Feb 01
Ferius: “You are wrong.” he said, pulling her just close enough so that her lip picked up some of the blood on his. “I have everything you need.” The change in tactic was working as far as he could see. Instead of forcing her, he was teasing her with what he knew she craved… and he almost preferred it. “If you want the hunger to truly go away you know what you have to do.” His voice was just above a whisper. “You know you’ll love it.” -11:34 Feb 01
Delilah Red: “I’m not.” She was never wrong about anything. …except she made the mistake of licking her lips. That small miniscule taste being so divine that her head was spinning so fast out of control she didn’t know what hit her. “Gods alive, I fucking hate you…!” Her curse came out as a sigh. Her head tilting to the side as she bridged that paper thin gap between his mouth and hers. Delilah flicked her tongue across his lips, her kiss aggressive and angry. -11:41 Feb 01
Ferius: He returned the kiss, his tongue finding hers. He pulled her body closer, his free hand going to remove his bloodstained shirt. Opening the way for the blood from his shoulder to run freely down his chest between them. His lips locked with hers and his breath rose and fell faster. Round one to him. -11:47 Feb 01
Delilah Red: His blood tasted better than wine, and just as toxic. With every movement of her lips she took it in, swallowing the rich concoction like it was a tincture for fever… and like promised, it was. It cured her cravings better than any meal ever had. When reality finally struck her, Delilah gave a guttural snarl. Shoving him away and stumbling backwards with a mix of horror and disgust. Yet this time it wasn’t aimed at him, but at herself! “Son of a bitch…!” -11:52 Feb 01
Ferius: He chuckled. Looking down at her, her lips red with blood. He swept his hand across the table sending dishes crashing to the floor. Grebbing her by the arm pulled her back to him. “Now I want you to have a good look.” he said, holding her against the table. “See what I set up for you.” What she saw was herself reflected in glass. He pulled the tie on her dress and pushed it down her shoulder before bending her over the table. His nails biting into her shoulders. “Enjoy the show Delilah, I know I will.” -11:59 Feb 01
Delilah Red: Disoriented, Delilah wasn’t expecting to see her own face staring back at her. Dark red hair in a tangled braid, dark green eyes clearly marked by exhaustion. The blood smeared across her mouth, like a lover’s lipstick kissed out of place. Her cheeks were flushed from the exertion of fighting him, and the delight in tasting his blood. And there he stood behind her gripping her shoulders painfully and smirking with that asinine satisfaction. -12:18 Feb 02
Ferius: Her dress fell to the floor, crumpled but untorn. Tonight more than before, she would be his. His hips pressed against her and he moved against her slowly. Even now still teasing, not that that would last long this time. He was pressed against her, his hand in her hair, making her see her face as he moved slowly against her hips. “All your defiance is for nothing, Delilah. It only serves to last this much longer.” -12:30 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah’s annoyance went unhidden, as she braced on hand on the table just so she could feel more stable. Nothing was in reach for her to grab, and she did not have the energy to push him back. Seeing herself like this… it.. was almost indescribable! Another circumstance it would even be amazing. But just the fact the thought crossed her mind, left her disgusted. With her free hand she tried to swat him away. -12:37 Feb 02
Ferius: He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. Pinning it against her as he held her down. “Nothing more to say?” he asked. “No taunts? No falsely sweet words?” He didn’t give the the chance to reply as his nails rake over her back. He pushed into her, his face finding hers in the mirror as he followed through with his threat. -12:42 Feb 02
Delilah Red: “uhn..!” With her arm pinned awkwardly behind her back, all of her weight was on the hand she used to keep herself propped up. He entered her as he had twice before. Odd that now she was accustomed to the size of him and his unwelcomed invasions. Delilah had plenty to say.. plenty of words! But they were lost somewhere between her mouth and her mirror’s reflection. She only narrowed her eyes as she tried to twist out of his grasp. -12:51 Feb 02
Ferius: He leaned more weight on her and pushed harder. Holding her in place, giving her hips enough room to move just enough to make it better for him as he moved slowly inside her. He could feel his heartbeat everywhere they were touching. Her back, her arm, her lips, deeper towards her womb. Some of the blood that flowed through her was his and vice versa. It connected him to her and he wondered if the reverse was true. “Come now Sweetheart, you know you enjoyed it last time. Or is it not the same without the chains?” -12:57 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Oh, it was much different without the chains. She could move. She could fight. …what had her reeling was that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. Her blood was burning and so was the apex between her thighs. She shifted against him, moving her legs apart only because her knees were growing weak, and not because it left him filling her deeper. “Did you… want me to scream,… Ferius?” she breathed out between breaths. -01:09 Feb 02
Ferius: His voice dropped low, so low it would be hard to be sure what he said as he pushed into her and his hips met hers. “Only in ecstasy.” He released her arm and his nails drew red lines down her back, down to her hips where he held them. Allowing himself to move faster and push deeper. Her upper body free to move as she pleased. -01:14 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah barely caught the words. Not only because they were so low, but by sheer preoccupation with something else. Her teeth chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at her own heavy-lidded reflection. The way her body bounced every time he crushed against her. Without her arm behind her back, Delilah pushed herself up. Her back arching as she tried to straighten and her hands suddenly moving to grasp his at her hips. She was going to tear them away, but that throbbing pleasure sliding in and out of her center was stealing away her logical thought! -01:27 Feb 02
Ferius: Her back arched and his grip on her tightened. He thrust harder. Her lack of resistance urged him on more than anything else, even the look on her face and the way she moved with him. Both of which gave him chills and made his breath catch in his throat. -01:32 Feb 02
Delilah Red: His words came back to her. If she knew the pleasure she gave him.. She could see it then, through the mirror. That look of pure passion. Delilah could almost feel it through her blood. The thought being alarming, but the thrill of knowing she had that sort of power over him being so divine. The pleased moan she gave was an accident, her head tilting back against his shoulder and to the side as she nearly found herself drifting towards the edge. -01:38 Feb 02
Ferius: His hand left her hips and moved to cup her shoulder. His head turned and his lips found hers, pressing deep into them as he moved faster. His arms moving closer to an embrace than a captive hold. Her moan was greeted with a soft one from him. His eyes almost closing as he edged closer. The pressure building as his hot, shaking breath was released into their kiss. -01:49 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah murmured his name savoring that bittersweet taste of his blood once again. Her brows furrowed as if she were annoyed, but her hands followed his, clutching tightly when her body started to shudder. She cried out against his mouth in a soft whimper, her knees buckling beneath her as her spine bent from the sharp, pulsing throb of her climax. -02:00 Feb 02
Ferius: He felt her cum around him and he let go. Letting his seed gush into her. His hips shuddering as he kissed her deeper and his gasp of passion accompanied by his hand sliding up her back. He pulled out and turned her to face him. His hands moving to feel her face as his lips slid against hers. Then he stopped. His eyes opening, lingering on hers… A look of shocked passed over his face and then he grit his teeth… that hadn’t meant to have happened.. not like that. -02:07 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Lost in the aftermath of euphoria, if felt almost natural to be wrapped up in his arms and returning his kiss. But he paused. And she caught that look. He was caught up in it too. …Ferius was not the one with all of the power. It would be too easy to twist it on him now, but then… it would be easy for him to subdue her. So Delilah remained silent. Pretending she hadn’t noticed and played the part he expected her to play. Delilah pressed her hand to his chest and pushed him back. Breathing so hard her chest was rising up and down heavily. -02:15 Feb 02
Ferius: She had taken it from him.. the power.. how? She pushed him and part reflex, part impudence, he struck her. Knocking her to the floor. He kicked her dress at her. “Get dressed.” he commanded. “My men will take you back to your cell.” -02:21 Feb 02
Delilah Red: Delilah hadn’t been expecting him to hit her… not this time! She refrained from smirking or taunting him. Snatching up the dress and pulling it over her head, as if she were just as pissed off as he was. But inside, she was elated. Thrilled. He had been shaken. And thus Round Two belonged to her. -02:26 Feb 02
Ferius: He didn’t face her. Damn her… Damn him for letting her… He would have to be more careful next time… but what was going on? “Lock her up, feed her, do not talk to her and do not bring here here until I say.” he ordered. For the first time someone has gotten to him… and more than anything Ferius was afraid of what this meant. -02:29 Feb 02

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