Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 003

[Will is trapped in a treehouse.. unless he rememebred his hoodie… which he did!] -07:19 Mar 01
[Chantilly passed out after telling Will she’d take care of him. Despite getting surprise sexed and bitten near to death!] -07:20 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly woke in the treehouse of all places, wrapped in nothing but an old dusty blanket, feeling a little bit sticky and a LOT stiff. She was pretty sure she had weird nightmares like this before. But instead of a dinosaur rawring in the distance, there was Will. …and this was just a little bit awkward! Chantilly tried to slooowly reach for her shirt without disturbing him. -07:26 Mar 01
Will: His eyes shon silver in the dim light as he opened them, woken by her slightest movment, not that he ahd been asleep yet. As it surned out he was only sleepy when the sun was in the sky, and while it already was he was waiting for her. "Chantilly." he voiced her name causiously, his hand finding hers. He didn’t know what else to say, should he apologize? -07:30 Mar 01
Chantilly: Now that the euphoria was gone and her head was clear, as at least as clear as it could be when she felt all whispy and starving to death, she wasn’t sure if she should be afraid of him or hug him! She opted for pulling that blanket tighter around her with her free hand, and giving him a week smile. "It’s been awhile since we’ve slept up here." -07:35 Mar 01
Will: "It has." he said resting his head in the floor. He had no blanket, ot pillow or anything other than the clothes we was wearing. "Can I join you under there? The sun ered as possiis out and I’m feeling the need to be as covered as possible." He looked afraid and completely unsure of himself. Had he ruined thier friendship by doing more than just biting her? -07:38 Mar 01
Chantilly: Aw… He had never been good with being ill. And this was so far beyond being a little sick. Him being afraid made her heart hurt, and any lingering embarrassment at being totally naked vanished. Chantilly scooted close and pulled the blanket over him. Hiding both their heads under it and resting hers against his chest. "We should get out of here before it gets too late. And I’m hungry enough to eat my own arms." she mumbled. -07:43 Mar 01
[Will enters.] -08:05 Mar 01
Will: "Well you need to eat for me too." he said his arms closing around her. "And with the sun low I can’t walk towards it even with a hoodie without burning my face off… I don’t know where the sun is right now… maybe just dissapearing into your place is the best option. I remember you mum makes the best waffles." he ran hi hand through her hair and sighed. "I could curl up and sleep all day…" -08:09 Mar 01
[(Timeout) Will has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -08:16 Mar 01
Chantilly: "You can’t sleep all day, though. You have to help me." He was warm now, at least. Yesterday he had been ice cold to the touch. Chantilly doubted her was going to be as enthusiastic about pancakes later. …and her parents! They would flip! "Thank god it’s saturday, I think mum will be out at one of her clubs… maybe it’ll be better if we avoid parents for awhile. Untill um… we get some of this straightened out?" -08:16 Mar 01
Will: "You’re talking about the sex, aren’t you. Or is it the vamprism?" he almost sighed again but there was no air left in his lungs and he had found himself not breathing unless he needed to talk. "We should look online, maybe there’s something close enough to blood that I can have it without needing to hurt you…" he placed a hand on the side of her neck where he had bitten her. "Don’t want you catching it too." -08:20 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly winced just a bit. Apparently that was sore too! "I meant you being all vampy and me blowing up lights and conjuring stuff out of thin air." She frowned, raising up on an elbow to peer down at him in the dim light under the blanket. "We should talk about things though… the us things! And what we did…" -08:25 Mar 01
Will: He looked back at her, seeing in the dark as it it were full day. "First, you need food and something to drink. I took more than I meant to from you and you’re looking drained… if you’ll forgive the pun." He moved to kiss her forehead and then he started to stir away from her to get ready to move though the sunlight. "One of us still needs to eat three times a day." -08:32 Mar 01
Chantilly: "I can talk and move at the same time!" …though she did it with a lot of groaning! At least with the sleep she felt a little bit better. She was almost as pale as him, though. Chantilly shifted until she could grab her shirt and pull it over her head. Pants were wiggled on with a little bit of grumbling. Then she moved over to one of the cutout, curtain covered windows to peer outside. "You better pull the blanket over your head." -08:36 Mar 01
Will: He pulled his pants on and shirt holloed b his hoodie which he pulled the hood up on. He was feeling fantastic, just sleepy, really really sleepy. "Sun will get in my face?" he asked pulling on his socks and sneakers and watching her. "Alright but I’ll look wierd… and Chantilly…. you forgot your underwear." -08:41 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Don’t look at my underwear, Will!" She snatched them up quick, tossing the blanket over his head. Sex or not, she wasn’t quit sure if they were even officially dating yet! One step at a time! "I can guide you to the back door if I have to, just be careful coming down the ladder." Chantilly lead the way, if only because she was going to starve to death at this rate. If she didn’t feed herself she’d faint dead and poor Will couldn’t take it! -08:48 Mar 01
Will: He didn’t climb down, he dropped, landing as lightly as a falling leaf and with the blanket still around his head. "I had no idea if that would work of not." he said when he was sur of his footing and his hand had found Chantilly’s. "So is you can walk and talk at the same time you should talk." he said. "What do you want to talk about?" -08:51 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Uuumweeellll…" People weren’t kidding about awkward morning afters. Why was this so weird! Chantilly tugged him across the yard quickly, mindly of where they stepped. Letting them both in through the back door after peering in and making sure neither her mum or her dad were around. "Are we officially a couple now, will? Real boyfriend and girlfriend? You don’t have to say yes just because we had sex, I know you aren’t quite yourself and maybe you didn’t know…" That kind of killed her inside. Chantilly let go of his hand after closing the door then made sure all the blinds were closed on the windows. -08:56 Mar 01
Will: He pulled the blanket off of his head and looked at her. Then he was walking up to her as if in a trance and grabbing her shouders to turn her towards him and pushed his lips hard against hers. Then he pulled back and pulled her head against his chest. "Does that answer your question?" he asked before letting her go, hsi hand grasping hers and he walked her towards the fridge. "Eat, you’ll be able to think clearer when you have." -09:05 Mar 01
Chantilly: Something shattered. It wasn’t in the kitchen, and it wasn’t even in ear shot. But she knew it did the moment he kissed her and something in her sparked. …Chantilly hoped it wasn’t something important! Now she was the trance-like zombie, pulled over to the fridge. And the last thing on her mind now was food. "I want to hear you say it, though…! You’ve been my best FRIEND forever. I want to hear it." -09:09 Mar 01
Will: He turned towards her and placed a hand on her cheek. "If it were up to me I’d say yes, yes we;re proper boyfriend and girlfriend now. But you have a say in it too so I’ve cast my thought into the mix, you not get to decide it you want it or not. Not until you’ve eaten and thinking clearly though. If we do this I we’re doing this, no changing out minds a day in." -09:15 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Gods, Will, you act like a little vampire bite and skipped dinner makes me totally dumb!" Chantilly swatted his hand off her cheek, only to grab his head and pull him down to play a kiss on him herself. This time no pops or shattering, just a growling Chantilly letting go and immediately flinging open the fridge to find the nearest and fastest edible object. "I don’t need food to know I want to be your girlfriend!" -09:20 Mar 01
Will: He grabbed her hand and wrenched it away from the fridge and a moment later nicked her skin with his fang and was tasting her blood. It was the slap and agressivness that did it. Made him want her that way and the taste of blood was not helping and he quickly pulled her hand out of his mouth and let it go. "Chantilly, I’m a vampire. If you change your mind I can already feel what will happen, I don’t want to hurt you." -09:25 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Wiiiill…" Darnit, this is what she gets for reading all those Twilight novels. Will like this, all serious and vampy had her flushing dark red. "I’m not going to change my mind just like that… or even because you’re a vampire now. I’m a witch now, remember? As soon as I figure out how to do spells and stuff I will get everything fixed." -09:30 Mar 01
Will: "Good." he said getting distance between them and sitting down. "You should try summoning a book or something that you can read and… YUCK!" a horrible smell was felling the room and it was making his eyes water, onfy the only fuid his body had to make that happen was blood. "Is that… garlic?" He covered his nose with the blanket and tried to blink the fumes away. "I think I need to leave the room." -09:36 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Garlic! Really!" Before she could think twice about it, Chantilly started laughing! Of all the absurb and stupid vampire myths to be true. Once she caught herself, she clamped her mouth shut. Pointing casually towards the door out, then she was grabbing the most non-garlicky thing she could think of out of the fridge and a bottle of juice to follow him. "We’re going to have to get you a coffin at this rate, Will. You’ll fall apart before I can even figure things out." -09:42 Mar 01
Will: He was on her couch rubbing his eyes and then fallong over sideways to pull the blanket around himself, two small rivers of bloob staining his cheeks in lines from the corners of his eyes. Then he rewas stretching out and opening one eye. "Sounds more comfortable than this couch." he said sleepily. "But I’ll make do." -09:46 Mar 01
Chantilly: She had a bowl in her hand, shoveling forks full of whatever leftover she managed to confiscate when she sat down next to him on the couch. Chantilly paused long enough to reach down and try to smudge the blood off his face with a scowl. Then as an after thought , touched her hand to her neck where he bit her. She could feel a bit of dried blood there too. "We’re a mess… if my parents see us like this. Do you wanna take a bath, Will? Do vampires even take baths or does that count as crossing water?" -09:51 Mar 01
Will: "That’s only flowing water, baths don’t flow and I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m suprised by the garlic thing too, it’s kind of a bummer that I can’t go outside during the day safely and I can be repelled by a goddamn bulb." he leaned his head agaisn her thigh and snuggled deeper under the blankets. "Bath sounds nice though." -10:02 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Good. A hot bath since you’re like a reptile or something." Her bowl was empty way too fast, and she leaned to set it down on the coffee table. Chantilly cracked open her juice bottle and managed to chug it down in record time too. Goooods food felt so good! Her stomach was trying to eat her from the inside out! She brushed a hand over his hair, a little bit concerned. "There’s good things though… right? Like crazy strength or something?" -10:07 Mar 01
Will: "Maybe I’ll turn into a bat by accident." he said worming his head further into her lap and not looking like he wasnted to go anywhere. "I can see in the dark though and daytime makes me sleeeeepy." -10:13 Mar 01
Chantilly: "If my parents get home and we’re both covered in blood, they’re not gonna be happy." Chantilly liked petting him. They could have been doing snuggling things like this so much sooner! Without the bity-ow part. "Bath and then you can sleep in my room while I can what I can conjure up? Literally speaking?" -10:18 Mar 01
Will: He stretched and sat up. "Then we should bath." he said stretching again and looking at her. "You need to go up first, windows, light, sun…" he looked at her empty bown and glass and picked them up. "I’ll take care of these." -10:23 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Right! It’ll just take a second." This was going to be so much harder on him than she thought. Sun was an impossible enemy! Hoping to her feet, feeling much more energetic after a meal, she made her way through the rooms shutting all the curtains and closing all the blinds. From living room, up to her bedroom and the bathroom, there wasn’t even a peep of sun looking through. It left everything in a nice dim sort of light. Chantilly went ahead and started filling the bathtub with some hot water and bubbles. Bubbles were a habit she didn’t think twice about. -10:29 Mar 01
Will: He moved up the stairs with his hands in his pockets and his hood up, just to be on the safe side. The dished were done and he had been able to move his hand though the stream of water coming out of the tap so that was something. He moved into the bathroom and looked at the mirror, to see nothing but and empty room refleced back at him, which whice he should have known better caught him by surprise. "Have you managed to do any spells yet byt he way?" -10:34 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Um… haven’t tried any on purpose yet… but now I can kinda recognize when I am setting something off. I keep… popping something, but I haven’t found anything broken in the house yet." The tub was filled and she turned, and near jumped off the floor at the sight of his missing reflection. "Holy hells bells….!!" -10:37 Mar 01
Will: Her reaction surprised him and for a moment he wasn’t sure what she was reacting to. Steppign up to her he put his hand on her shoulder and offered her a reasuring smile. "So whose first… or…" bathing together might be wierd.. would it? They’d had sex but that was different to seeing eachother naked nad not having sex. -10:43 Mar 01
Chantilly: It was just… Chantilly was going to have to learn to man up to this crazy stuff. His smile and the trailing off of his sentence completely shifted her thoughts, though. Now there was that strange, awkward heavy feeling. Like the atmosphere had thickened and zeroed in, and she was thinking about all sorts of things two people could do in a bath. Which was resulting in the reddening of her face, and her painting on that haughty, ‘I got this under control!’ look she tended to get when she was feeling the exact opposite. "We could save time, and uhhh. Damnit Will. I want to see you naked." THERE. She said it! -10:48 Mar 01
Will: He paused for a moment, what little color there was to flood his face doing so, but it barely made any difference. "At least you’re honest?" he said pulling off his hoodied followed quickly by the shirt underneath and then he was looking down at his body too… making sure it looked human and not pale and starved. -10:53 Mar 01
Chantilly: She wanted to giggle, and she wanted to faint. To kiss him, poke him… there were too many thoughts in her head to the point that she was a little bit frozen. It wasn’t quite the way she imagined a first relationship to start off, but with Will it was just… "I’ve seen all of this half before. You still look like you." Warily, she reached out to tug on the waistband of his pants, a nearly mischevious look on her face. "Not scared are you?" -10:58 Mar 01
Will: "Of course I am." he snapped at her. "Not every day your best friend turned girfriend sees your… goods in good lighting and uncovered." he glared at her. "Your turn will come." he pushed off his sneakers and then stepped on the toes of his socks to pull them off. He was stalling and he knew it, then with both hands he pushed his pants down, along with his underwear, may as well get it all over with. -11:03 Mar 01
Chantilly: Both of her hands slapped over her mouth. She didn’t want him to think she was laughing at him, it was just a nervous response to the fact that he was… well… naked! The most naked she had seen was accidental exposure to penis on the internet. Chantilly finally dropped her hands and took a deep breath. Chewing on her tongue as she decided quicker was better. Pulling her shirt over her head to throw at him and slipping off her pants in a quick motion. And trying her damndest to look confident, despite the fact she was a little worried she wasn’t going to be an impressive specimen. "There see. That was totally easy, and now you’ve seen me -twice- even." -11:11 Mar 01
Will: "Hey I just knew you didn’t have it on because it was on the floor." he said taking the lead and stepping experimentally into the water and finding it didn’t reject him. Then he was holding out his hand for her to join him. It wasn’t that he though she’d slip but hell seeing her naked just kinda… make him want to be super nice to her.. had to be some sort of vampire charmer thing. -11:16 Mar 01
Chantilly: When did he go from bestie Will, to sexy sexy fox Will? Chantilly had a whole classic seduction scenario going on in her head about how she’d charm him, and it just seemed so dumb to do with WILL who once spent two hours arguing with her on why ‘poot’ was a stupid word. She took his hand and with all the grace she could muster, stepped in to the tub and settled down. Oooooh, a hot bath felt so sooooo good! "Best idea all morning… I think I want to stay here all day!" -11:24 Mar 01
Will: "It would get cold." he said sinking into the water and rubbing his thumb over where her hand had touched his, then he looked at her and he knew he couldn’t keep that look off his face when everything was visible. "And other things would happen…" he cupped his hands and leaned foewards to splash water over his face getting rid of the blood.. and clear his mind. -11:30 Mar 01
Chantilly: "Like shaving legs and washing hair and…?" She deliberately misinterpreted the question. Sinking loooooow in to the water until all that could be seen was the width of her shoulders. …maybe she stole the opportunity to touch his legs. Now that they were IN the tub, it actually wasn’t as bad as she thought! She could get used to this! -11:35 Mar 01
Will: "So I’m doing to be in your leg hair water?" he asked sticking his tongue out at her. "Sounds like a romantic morning right before crawling into your bed and passing out until sunset. I can’t seem to be able to sleep while the sun it down, or I know I would have last night." School was going to be hell. -11:40 Mar 01
Chantilly: Chantilly laughed and her momentary spell of sexy tension was broken. Why was she over complicating this? They’d always be the same, as friends or witchy vampires, or a couple! She shifted, sloshing water around a bit as she moved towards him and turned, situating herself perfectly neatly to rest her back against his chest and head on his shoulder. Now she couldn’t stop grinning. "What about night classes? They have them for the people who have to work day jobs. I could even switch my glasses too." -11:44 Mar 01
Will: He closed his arms around her and rested his hand on her stomach. "We could do that." he said nuzzling into her hair and smiling. "So long as you promise not to explode anything or shout ‘I want to see you naked’ in front of my new classmates. Though I’m sure you will see me naked…" -11:49 Mar 01
Chantilly: "I refuse to make any promises." she muttered, grinning wider. In fact, she kinda like the idea of demanding to see him naked, out in public where she could make a whole spectable of the fact they were together. "I like this, Will. Us. Why didn’t you ever tell me before?" Chantilly couldn’t remember if she had already asked, but it was definitely worth hearing again. She ran her hands up his arms and settled more comfortably. -11:53 Mar 01
Will: "Tell you that… I liked you?" he asked to make sure. "Because I didn’t really think about it, adn when I did I didn’t want to rist ruining our friendship." he leaned back and squirmed underneath her to get himself comfortable and then, moving on hand he rubbed away the blood on her neck and then… licked her. He didn’t know how he knew it would work but the wounds dissapeared completely. -12:00 Mar 02
Chantilly: Ooh, that gave her the shivvers in two different and interesting ways. "We could have gone off to different schools and never saw each other again. You know that was making me all kinds of crazy, right?" She tilted her head so she could kiss him on the cheek. "You’re so dumb sometimes… nothing has ever broken us up." -12:05 Mar 02
Will: "Feeling are powerful things you know, you felt how wierd things were this morning. Can yu imagine that lasting months?" he kissed her cheek in return and grinned, his fangs showing. "I just never want to loose you, that’s all." -12:07 Mar 02
Chantilly: Pointy teeth and grinning, she was such a sucker. Chantilly laughed again, turning around so she could throw her arms around his neck and nuzzle his cheek as she grinned. "You know, I don’t care if it IS crazy, I’m glad it happened this way. I mean, life can’t get worse than being a sensitive vampire and a crappy witch, right? If we can surive this, we can get through anything. Even graduation and college and boring jobs." -12:14 Mar 02
Will: "I won’r need a job, all vampired are just rich. That’s just that way it works." he teased and then pushed his lips lightly gainst hers in a small kiss. "And you back just turn people into frogs and hold them to ransom, we’re all set." -12:19 Mar 02
Chantilly: "Uh huh, isn’t that cause most vampires are alive forever?" He stole a kiss, so she stole a kiss too. Lingering a little bit longer before pulling back with a grin. She could definitely live with this. "And I am sooo not frogging people. You know I don’t like frogs… Maybe I could be a stage magician?" Chantilly brushed her fingers through his hair now that it was slightly damp. -12:25 Mar 02
Will: "Well I will be, right?" he said giving her another grin and letting a hand slide down her side, before he reached over and picked up the bar of soap, then then lathered it between his hand and her neck and started washing her. -12:32 Mar 02
Chantilly: "That’s not really….. what I meant.." Hmm. Intimate and soft hands, and the fact that it just felt really really good when she was so achy. Chantilly abandoned trying to make clever conversation in favor of sighing, hugging him and nuzzling in to his neck. "Will, I kinda want to do things.." she finally mumbled. -12:37 Mar 02
Will: "Things?" he asked slashing water against her neck and cupping her chin to make her look at him. "What thinks to you only kinda want to do?" he had that grin back on his face and he was making sure he was just out of kissing range unless she moved up against him. "Because what I want to do right now involves a bed… and a blanket. -12:43 Mar 02
Chantilly: "You’d like to go to sleep cause you’re a sleepy vampire." she frowned. When he grinned like that, with just a hint of pointy fangs, sleep was not on the top of her thoughts. Chantilly tightened her arms around him as she tilted forward to nuzzle against his cheek, just shy of stealing a kiss. "I kinda want to do a lot of things, and you are pretty high on the list, I think." -12:48 Mar 02
Will: "Subtle." he said softly. "But what if I bite you again? Do you think you can take that twice in a day?" he was reaching for a towel because as great as this was he didn’t want to fall asleep in the tub. "To start with though, we’ll both dry off and both slip into bed to contonue this conversation." -12:51 Mar 02
[Will is drying himself off after helping his GIRLFRIEND out of the bath.] -06:11 Mar 04
[Chantilly was totally going to touchie touchie all over him in the tub! But, getting out of the tub and not getting caught by parents all naked is prolly the better idea!] -06:13 Mar 04
Chantilly: Getting out of the tub and wrapping up with a towel was a little sobering. Maybe he had crazy vampire attraction powers that could make a girl forget that you don’t want to do crazy things when your parents could arrive back home at any minute. Still, she was watching him dry with a tilt of her head. -06:17 Mar 04
Will: Once he was dry he didn’t bother to pick up his clothes, instead he draped the towel over his shoulder, grabbed her chin, pulled her closer and pushed his lips against hers in a soft, lingering kiss that lasted a full three seconds. "I’ll see you in the bedroom." he whispered before pulling open the door and stepping out into the landing and entering her bedroom, stepping around the book stand which he could have swarn wasn’t there ther last time he had need here and he dark, antique wood was not Chantilly’s usual style, and slippng under he blanket, still stark naked adn using the towel as a buffer between his damp hair and her pillow. -06:23 Mar 04
Chantilly: Sweeeet jesus. Chantilly teetered on hr feet, wondering for the twentieth time why they hadn’t jumped to kissing so much sooner! She almost padded after him like a lovesick puppy, but at least took the time to brush through her hair and make sure there weren’t any lingering traces of blood. The teethmarks were gone! Once she finally stepped in to her room, there was a second surprise. That hadn’t been there when she sun-proofed all the windows. …she really needed to make sure she didn’t pop off magic every time he kissed her! "I dunno how to control this stuff." she mumbled, plopping on the bed next to him. -06:27 Mar 04
Will: Immediatly his arms were around her and his face was nuzzling into her neck. "It’s not as simple as a hunger, is it?" he asked before trailing a small line of kisses up her neck before he checked himself. "But I’m glad we happened too. Even if I do want to eat you in more ways than one. I’ll wait until tomorow for that though. I’m sure I’ll survive… though if you’re going to study maybe you should take a look at theat book." -06:32 Mar 04
Chantilly: "Yeah, study…" looking at books was soooo not on the top of her to-do list. Chantilly leaned in to him and had to resist doing one of those silly purr sounds. "I wish it was as easy as being hungry and eating, but I guess it’s getting easier not to do it by accident." Minus the whole kiss distraction thing! -06:35 Mar 04
Will: "I can feel your heart beating." he whispered as he glided a hand over her suple shoulder and tossed the blanked over her lower half so that his could press up against her. "Your blood is in me and I can feel you. I with I could describe it Chantilly." he pushed his lips against hers and let them linger a moment. "Before I drop off to sleep, want to try that sex thing again?" -06:39 Mar 04
Chantilly: "Uh huh…!" All it took was a snap of her finger to flip off the light. Or rather, pop the bulb. She hadn’t worked out the specifics yet. Chantilly was much too busy being so utterly charmed with how he could bring on the sexy at the drop of a dime! She leaned to steal a kiss herself and touch her fingers to his lips to poke at his fangs. Whyyyy did vampires have to be so cool! -06:44 Mar 04
Will: He placed a hand on each cheek and parted his lips to lean forwards and pull her lower lip into his mouth and fress his fangs into it, not to draw blood but for her to feel them as his tongue ran along the edge of the bitten lip. "If you want to feel them, use your tongue." he whispered when he broke away and let a hand slide down the side of her neck and down to her chest. "I think… I think I’m… Love you." -06:49 Mar 04
Chantilly: Chantilly giggled out a soft sound, mumbling out "I know." as she advanced closer to steal another kiss. Testing those instructions with a tentative invasion of her tongue to taste and feel sharp edge of teeth. It was such a weird mix of strange and natural being like this. And there wasn’t a single doubt in her mind. "I love you too, Will. I have forever." -06:55 Mar 04
Will: That did him. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back flat down on the bed as his mouth captured hers and he slid top of her, his wieght pressing down and his hand cupping her breast and sqeezing, and against her thigh, he swelled. -06:58 Mar 04
Chantilly: A soft sound of surprise slipped out, but the rush of sudden adrenaline kicked in and took over. Last night had been muddled and murky. Wonderful feelings, but lost in a hazy dream. This was perfectly clear and she knew exactly what she was after! Chantilly had a grip on his head, kissing, nibbling. Near forgetting to breathe as she squirmed at his touch. -07:04 Mar 04
Will: He ran his hand down her side and back up as he pressed down on her and instinct, tempered only by the need to explore welled up inside him. "You know… I might want to stay like this…" he whispered. If is was being a vampire or what they were doing he wanred to feel like this more. Taveling back down, his nails raked ehr skin and then gripped he thigh pulling her leg open as he slid up between them. -07:10 Mar 04
Chantilly: Another rush of sensation and she was digging her own teeth in to her lip and tightening her fingers in his hair. Chantilly wanted to touch and look and touch some more, but her heart was beating at a fever pitch. She rubbed her leg against his and nuzzled against his cheek and ear. "Stay in bed like this?" A kiss and a nibble of teeth at his ear. She could stay like this too! -07:17 Mar 04
Will: He chuckled and rewards her with a kiss, slow, lingering, his hand tunning through her hair even as his otherran over her folds and guided his tip to her, and then his hips pushed slowly forwards, driving him inch by throbbing inch into her. -07:20 Mar 04
Chantilly: Every part of her her seemed to clench and tighten. Making her suck in a sharp breath against his mouth, and let it out in a soft groan. Chantilly shifted her hips upwards, drawing another sound from her. Her blood was on fire already and all she could think about was moving and wanting more! -07:26 Mar 04
Will: He felt her press gaainst her and he pushed back and their hips met. This was bliss, monumentous, needy, firey bliss. He pushed harder, grinding against her and invaded her mouth with his tongue seeking hers. -07:33 Mar 04
Chantilly: Whatever was building had her coiled so tightly with need that she was practically throbbing. It was as if she couldn’t hold on to him tight enough! Pulling at his hair to angle his head, sliding her tongue against his as she groaned and sighed. -07:38 Mar 04
Will: His wongue wruthes against hers as he thrust deeper into her. Then he turned the tablesm grabbing her hair and pushing her head back into the ppillows as his head moved to ravage her neck with his fangs, nipping, pulling licking and sucking. "Chant… I can’t hold back… longer…" -07:46 Mar 04
Chantilly: Gasping, her nails dug in to his shoulders. Why was that so hot…! Chantilly almost asked him to bite her. The thought was there, the urge was so compelling…! With a soft whimper she lost it. The gasping, moaning inhale of breath as every muscle tightened and gripped around him. Legs entwining around his hips while nails ran over his shoulder, maybe too hard. -07:51 Mar 04
Will: His fangs slashed her, a tiny break only bringling out a drop of blood before it was licked closeda and he released his hips shuddering against her as he clenched his teeth and groaned, his ahnds tightening on her and he fell on top of her. He would have been panting, but he didn’t breathe anymore. Instead he lay still, idly kissing the side of her neck…. as from outside the sound of a car pulling up driften in through the window. -07:55 Mar 04
Chantilly: The weight of him was wooooonderful, and she might have spent all day like that. Savoring the limp, languid feeling of her limbs and the warm fuzzy afterglow. Chantilly almost missed the sound of a car door being slammed. With a sudden yelp, she was rolling him off her and scrambling off the bed. "My parents…! They’ll kill me if they catch us like this! Crap, where are your clothes?!" -08:00 Mar 04
Will: "Bathroom floor." he mumbled with a huge grin on his face as he pulled her blanket up to his neck and closed his eyes. No… he couldn’t much care anything not even her dad with a cross and holy water. So he was sexing and feeding on his daighter… she consented to boooth and … no no energy to complete the thought, just a silent, deth-like sleep. -08:04 Mar 04

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