Take Me Under 003: A First Time For Everything

Take Me Under

Dakota: There was the smell of the ocean… barely. Only because the windows were left wide open to a balcony that she was leaning on, watching the sunrise up over the mess that was her ocean. Buildings of the city rising up in to the sky, practically on the water. As if they would have room with the hundreds of boats and machines that littered it. Technology was oh so great, they say. But they were killing her seas and everything in them. Killing the world too…. she understood why he didn’t want to be affiliated with humanity, but… he was what he was, just like she was… well. She cast a look back in the room. It was an apartment that belonged to the family, one not listed on the ‘records’. They should be reletively safe long enough for a few simple life lessons… -07:07 May 04
BK 201: He must have been asleep for at least twelve hours. He had fallen sleep in the cheep hotel room and now beneath him there were clean sheets and… the jumped to his feet whiche dug into the matress as he brought his arms up ready to attack anything close by… but there was nothing, just the remnents of what must have been a dream… his first. He fell to sit on the bottom of the bed and groaned slowly coming to realise he was naked. His watch, gun, amunition, medical suppries… all gone. Still there was a feminine figure though the billowing curtains and he looked at her. "How long was I out?" Not that it mattered, he had been arounf 350 hours off of the pax when he had found her. The maximum allowed was 36. -07:15 May 04
Dakota: "All night. I just woke up myself." Dakota hadn’t gotten as much sleep as she wanted. Having to make arrangements, then move him – which ended up not being as easy as she thought – and then getting rid of everything that that belonged to the corporation. She barely managed to sleep half the night. Sometimes it was handy to have a quick recovery time. "I have some things for you clothes of a few different styles. No uniforms. You can pick and choose what you fancy. And then… then you get to decide what is for breakfast." She turned away from the ocean scene to lean against the bar. Grinning at him from across the room. This was going to be fun. -07:20 May 04
BK 201: He had never been taught to have a sense of modesty. It would get in the way of physical examinations. So he made no effort to hide himsels when he stood and aproached her. "And where are we? How far away from the city?" -07:23 May 04
Dakota: "In the city. Sometimes it’s better to hide under the noses of the ones persuing you." Those assholes sure knew how to breed an impressive human being… Her head tilted as she admired, without any shame or remorse. "How long does it take for that stuff to leave your system completely? …you’ll have to forgive me about your things. Anything that reflects enslavement needed to go, and I’d hate to be tracked down before we had the chance to do something fun…" -07:29 May 04
BK 201: "Fully…? Just over four hundred hours. Should reach that in a day or so." he say her looking and his brow knitted, there were gaps in his education. "I wasn’t attatched to any of that but it would be nice to have a gun. Since we’re under thier noses and everything." -07:33 May 04
Dakota: "Are you afraid I can’t protect you, armas?" she responded with a smirk. "If you really need one, I’ll give you one. But later. First, you can do anything in the entire world. What would you like to do first? And seeing as you know my name, it’s only fair I know yours…" He had spouted off letters and numbers yesterday, but that’s pretty stupid. -07:37 May 04
BK 201: He looked as her "Anythign in the entire worls?" he wrapped his hand aroufn hsi closed fost adn a few loud crack were heard. "I can think of a few, but for whose I’ll need more than a gun." he said darkly "ANd like I said yesterday I don’t have a name. I am BK 201 and thats all I’ve ever been called." -07:41 May 04
Dakota: "Then the first thing you’re going to do is pick a name." Dakota pushed away from the railing putting her hands over his closed fist to pull them apart. "Ass kicking later. Believe me, I will enjoy helping you with that expedition, but you might wanna see what you’re fighting for first. Means a lot more when you’re doing it for the right reasons." boy, she loved that dark expression too. If she didn’t feel guilty about potentially taking advantage of him, she would keep him for herself. Better to let him explore the world first… "So name, and then what?" -07:45 May 04
BK 201: He looked her in the eyes and his a heavy sigh relaxed his hands and dropped his gaze. "I thought you’d ask me that, so I knwo what I’m going to say." he looked back up at her. "Armas.." he said with a determined look in his eye. "Its the first thing anyone called me that wasn’t a designation, so its my choice." He pus his hand on her shoulder "As for what I’m fighting for. Well.. I have plenty of reasons already." the dark look returned… then sofened. "So name, and then… tell me something.. anything. About you." -07:52 May 04
Dakota: Dakota was smirking again. "Armas means beloved… it’s an endearment, not a name. But if that’s what you choose… About me." Hmm, she really wanted to reach out and touch. Drag him away and teach a whole bunch of new things, but that was way too much to throw at him so soon. Damn him for not picking clothes first! "I… like violins. Not so great at playing them, but I love to hear them. I miss the ocean. The natural and beautiful ocean I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I also enjoy men, so if you don’t put some clothes on, I’m going to have a moral delema." -07:59 May 04
BK 201: He lifted his hand from her shoulder and looked at her. "Enjoy men..?" he asked "I’m enjoying you.. your company.." he was abviously trying to decifer her meaning. "It not a dilema if we agree to it is it? Theres so much I don’t.." he was getting lost in his own mental web but he lightly put his hand on her cheek. She made him feel safe. -08:03 May 04
Dakota: "Not one now, but you might have regrets later. And I’m talking about sex. Sexy, naked, all over you sex, and I am not so sure you can do that without… uh… Taking it the wrong way." Dakota was a little more concerned about herself taking it the wrong way. She liked him. She really liked him. And normally she had no problem whisking a man away and doing whatever she wanted… she just… would feel bad about THIS one. "I’m the first woman you’re talking to after having all those emotions let out… It’s natural to be attached, but later…" Fuck. It really was her that was attached. How the hell did that happen. -08:11 May 04
BK 201: "Sex…." he knew what it was, but up until now it had simply been the act of breeding, but here she was talkign about it like it was all kinds of right mixed with all kinds of wrong. He leaned forwards and pressed his lips into her, slid them to the side and them pulled away, the pushed them in again harder. "I was never used for breeding in that way… I’ve been modified, my children would have.. traits they don’t want in embreos.. they’d only want my children to grow in a tube, kill them in the fetal stage and cut them up to see that was different about them. And when they meeded my seed they used a syringe." his voice was angry but his lips were still against hers and he put his hadn on the back of her neck holding her in the kiss. "I choose to know what its meant to be like." -08:19 May 04
Dakota: God damnit, he was both being sexy AND pissing her off. Not that she was mad at him, but at the people who had him. …and it broke her resolve not to take advantage. He asked for it. Chose it. And fucking hell, she really wanted to show him what sex was meant to be. Her mouth was on his then, far more rough than it should have been when she grasped his face in her hands. Once she remembered herself, she pulled away just a fraction. "First, don’t talk about that shit now, or I’mma end up leaving to kill some people before I do you right…" A soft kiss and her hands slid down to his chest. "You can take off my clothes. We’ll go slow…" -08:25 May 04
BK 201: The roughness of her kiss contrasted so voilently with the sweetness of before he had to run his singer over his lips to make sure they weren’t bleeding. He could feel his pulse in them and then he ran his fingers his her lips, her cheek. "No talking.. its just us.." his hands fell down her shoulder as a change happened down below. Then he was grabbing the hem of her shirt and lifting it up over her head. "Its not just about breeding, its about somethign else too. I.. No matter what way you look at it I need you. I’m lost in this world and until I get my barings I can’y survive without you. Even if attatchment happens. I think that would be a good thing." -08:33 May 04
Dakota: "Need me, yes, but need me to do things like this. Fuck, I don’t even know why I’m arguing it." She didn’t. Right or wrong, she wanted what she wanted. She’d just have to deal with the consequences later. And he responded to her… it was natural attraction, and really didn’t have to over complicate it. Dakota kept her body at enough distance for him to get the rest of her clothes, shifting to nuzzle against his cheek and nibble at his ear. "At least I can teach you some really useful tricks for the next woman to walk in to your life." she muttered with a grin. -08:39 May 04
BK 201: He ignored her last comment, because he chose to. He was liking the choices thing as he chose to undo the button of her pants and slide them down. As he chose to do the same with her panties, and once her had figured out it wasn’r on the front he unclasp her bra and pull it from her arms. "You shouldn’t be arguing, you offered me anythign and I chose…" that made it sound like he was takign advantage of her but as he put his hands on her face and moved to look into her eyes he didn’t feel liek he was. "So.. what now?" -08:44 May 04
Dakota: Her sudden grin was cheeky. The first phrase that came to mind was something smartassy. She’d save those for a time he understood sarcasm better. Now she was without her clothes, the tattoos on her skin visibly seen, and absolutely nothing but her self control in the way of shoving him to the floor and doing terrible, amazing things to him. Self control. Gotta remember that. Dakota took one of his hands to lay over her breast. "You touch. You tell me what you want. And if you don’t have an idea, I can offer suggestions…" She brushed the back of her knuckles over his stomach… -08:49 May 04
BK 201: His eyes searched hers and he raised his hand to run his fingers over one of her tatoos. He had one too, on the back on his neck, a barcode idintifying him. All the information that had up until this moment been his identity in a collection of vertical lines. Her were differnt, they had curves, and shapes and patterns. He traced one of them slowly with a finger. "What do they mean?" he asked moving his hand to the beck of her neck then sliding it over her shoulder to cup her breast where ehr hand had been. -08:55 May 04
Dakota: "The one on my callar bone… two dragons. Two gods of the sea. They are my bloodline." Such warm hands. Dakota was stepping closer to him, letting her own hands roam over his skin. "On my arm, the flowers, the butterflies, the vines, the virgo symbol… that is for the world. The way the world is meant to be." She was tilting to kiss his jaw and nip gently. "And the pistol with my family name. Because in the end, we’re nothing but a bunch of pirates…" she grinned against his cheek, planting a soft kiss there. -09:03 May 04
BK 201: "Pirates who do that they want and make all their own choices?" he asked sliding his hand around her shile his other ran through her hair. "I’m begingin to like this choice thing." he said tunign his head to press his lips into hers and trace his finder up her spine slowly exploring her. -09:09 May 04
Dakota: "Once upon a time sailing wild and free on the oceans. No I.D. cards, no tracking, no curfews, no taxes, no sea laws… Where you wanted to go and when you wanted to go. Just the sun and the stars and the sea." That was heaven to her. A fairy tale in their modern world. But his hand running up her spine was a close second. Dakota shivered, breathing in to his mouth with a sigh and a smile. "Now I am going to touch you… don’t panic." The humor in her voice was clear as her hand dipped, running over his shaft and balls in a soft caress, hesitant caress. Just because he said he wanted it, didn’t mean he knew what he was getting in to… -09:20 May 04
BK 201: Her toutch. It was indescribable and it made him lean forwards and shudder against her his lips parting and it took him a moment to recover. "Thats… Thats… " that was.. He nipped her lips before nuzzling into her cheek as his hand on her back pulled her closer. -09:25 May 04
Dakota: "Good, I hope. Or I’ve been doing this all wrong…" she laughed softly. Her fingers circled around him, even as he pulled her body up against his. She loved how solid he felt, not just in her hands but against her skin too. Dakota caressed and stroked, gently teasing and almost lovingly… no doubt he never had anyone bother being gentle about it! -09:28 May 04
BK 201: He nibbled her shoulder his heart, artificial as it was, elevating as he pushed against her. "There nothing wrong with what you’re doing." he said almost breathlessly a moment before he leaned to hard and fall against her sending them both to the floor. Embarresed her pulled back to look at her, then leaned back down to part his lips and push them against hers. -09:33 May 04
Dakota: She took his kiss and returned it with more gusto than she should have. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t deflowered a virgin before! She just… wasn’t so sure this one knew how to use his equiptment! Dakota released him, bracing her hands at his cheek. Nibbling on his mouth before she pulled fully away. "Take me to bed, armas. And then.. hmm…" she couldn’t help but grin. "Then you tell me just how much of this actually know how to do…" -09:40 May 04
BK 201: He rose onto his feet in a crouch and being gentle hooked his arm aorund her shoulders and pulled her against him his other hand doign the dame for her hips. So with her pinned against him he rose and took the few step over to her bed, putting his knees on it and lowering her onto her back retaking position on top. "I know I need to take my penis and…" his hand slid down her tomach and to her clotch as his eyes followed it. Then his fingers ran over her one of them dipping intide for a brief moment. "There.." he looked up at her looking slightly usure and it crossed his mind maybe trying this was a bad idea. He wasn’t sure what to do after that or even it that was right. All he knew it women had holes where men had dicks and perentration was involved. -09:48 May 04
Dakota: Dakota gasped, and she was immediately nodding as she smiled. "That’s um… that’s the spot!" He did it so casually, why the hell was that a turn on. Her self control was getting harder to keep in check. Her hand grasping the back of his neck to tug him down to meet her mouth. Invading it with her tongue and far too vocal sigh. -09:52 May 04
BK 201: He pushed back his arms circling her and there were a suprised sound in his throat as her tongue found its way into his mouth and his doubt evaporated. He moved ahaist her his hard member sliding across her skin and hair as his tongue retaliated against hers. THis was new, this was onvewhelming and amazing at the same time… -09:57 May 04
Dakota: He picked things up so quick, which could have been good or bad depending on how long she could resist shoving him over and riding him till the sun set. Dakota had never wanted someone so bad, yet not wanting to rush them this much in her entire life. Her hips rose, grinding against him with every twist. An invitation, because she wouldn’t take him without him choosing. ….for the next minute and a half. After that all bets were off whether he wanted it or not. Dakota flung her arms around him. Drawing him deeper in to her kiss. Nipping at his tongue when it lingered too long and sucking away the pain. -10:03 May 04
BK 201: His hand left her soulders, makign its way down to her hips, to his shaft. As she ravaged his mouth hepushed his tip against her, there was a moment’s hestation as his hips froze. Then he nipped her tongue back and his hips sunk to hers, his stomach pushign to hers. It could be called clumsy but it was done with a duel sence of urgency and experimentation. He needed to do it, but wanted to enjoy doing it and savor the experience. -10:08 May 04
Dakota: "Ho, thank god.." she muttered against his mouth in a groan, followed by a smile. Dakota had never seen such a look on a man’s face when they sexed her before. It made her both want to laugh and to kiss him all over again. She stilled her legs and her hips to allow him the control of movement, keeping herself from going mad by taking advantage of getting to touch him. Brushing her hands up and down his arms, and giving a small smile of encouragement against his lips. -10:13 May 04
BK 201: He did it again, and again, feeling her reaction. He tilted his head and nipped her lip as he grew in confidence and found what her was doing… and damn did it feel good. "So this is sex.." he whispered against her lips. "I could grow to love this." -10:17 May 04
Dakota: "I sure as hell love this…!" she very enthusiastically replied, between a hiss and a sigh. Her hands tightened at his shoulders. Relishing in the feeling, but struggling not to get carried away. This was for him, she would wait… but ooh… Dakota slipped her hands up in to his hair, tilting his head so she could bite at his neck. Nothing more than a soft nibble followed up by the slow running of her tongue to sooth the skin. -10:21 May 04
BK 201: He lowered his body against hersas he pushign in deeperhe head tilting to give her better access as he nipped her ear and let his breath wash over it. He and slipped between then to squeeze her breast and pull on it lightly then drift down her side, he was happy she was loving it too. -10:25 May 04
Dakota: Had to behave, had to be patient… Her hand tightened in his hair and was groaning against his neck. She pulled her legs open wider, circling them around his hips and hooking her ankles behind him. -10:30 May 04
BK 201: He burried his face in the crook of her neck and pushed harder finally getting the rythm and kitign her neck harder then he intended as he felt it rising. The feeling of somehting coming on. He nipped her again then nuzzled into her neck, every breath audiable as it rolled over her skin. -10:34 May 04
Dakota: "Oh..! Hey..!" She laughed at the bite… he had no idea how much she wanted to sink her teeth in to him. But his breath over her skin, that was well worth tilting her head to the side and letting him have her. One arm circled around his shoulder to caress his back, stopping suddenly to dig her nails in when he seemed to hit just the right spot. Making her whimper out a sigh of approval. -10:39 May 04
BK 201: He pushed again, he liked he nails and wanted to see if he could make her do it again. His hadn wondered abck to ehr beast as he moved his lips to hers. "I feel something." he whispered against her lips his voice laced heavily with passion and enjoyment. -10:44 May 04
Dakota: "Better feel something more fast, armas..!" That tone in his voice, and that exploratory expression… Ah, fuck it! Dakota shoved against his shoulder until she rolled him on the bed and she was on top of his. Taking over the movement, but keeping his same pacing. He was gonna feel a hell of a lot more..! -10:49 May 04
BK 201: He blanket in surprise but was soon biting his lip and looking at at her. His hips shifted under her rising and the look on his face was on slightly confused and amazed enjoyment there was only one word for it as his hand gripped the sheet. "Fuck." -10:52 May 04
Dakota: Oh good, didn’t startle him! And luckily he couldn’t read her thoughts either, because the grin she was casting was positively lecherous. Dakota braced her hands on his shoulder. Caressing his skin with her thumbs, even while she rocked her hips. Changing her pace from quick to slow, just to draw out more of those expression for him. "Do you still hate me, armas..?" -10:57 May 04
BK 201: It was a cruel question to ask when she was torturing him adn his hips were bucking against her. His hands reached out to slide up her sides and over her shoulders squeezing them and pinching her skin. He was ready to curse her name and his face showed a passion and attraction to her that clashed with his thoughts. "If I did would that be my chosen name?" -11:05 May 04
Dakota: There was no hiding the smile she cast at the comment, though she wish it hadn’t affected her as much as it did. He didn’t know what he was saying. oooh, but his touch…. Dakota leaned down over him, capturing his mouth with hers. Her fingers digging in to his shoulder when her pace sped up again. -11:09 May 04
BK 201: He pushed up against her lips and puled her down harder against him his eyes closing as he felt that feeling building again faster this time. -11:12 May 04
Dakota: A nip and a kiss, and a soft laugh against his lips. "That’s right armas. Loose it… Hold me tight and let it go." Her body slid against his. Curling her arms at both sides of his head just to give her that much more leverage, to take him as much as she could. -11:17 May 04
BK 201: He clawed at her back his nails sliding against her skin as he rose and flopped under her. He felt liek he was losing his mind as it came on him suddenly a whimper scaping into her mouth as he did let it go, shooting into her his arms tightning around her and holding her tight against him his tongue flicking into her mouth. -11:21 May 04
Dakota: His tongue muffled her surprised yelp at his nails… but oh, if that didn’t send chills up his spine! Dakota didn’t stop moving, taking every bit he had to offer until she could feel his body stop shuddering beneath her. She wasn’t done by all means, but she did still and stop. Kissing him soft, brushing more against his cheek and murmuring against his ear. "That is what you’ve been missing…" -11:26 May 04

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