Unlucky 003: A Problem Being Seen

[Lucky is spending her morning picking up and filling out applications. Some places she pretended like she hadn’t worked there before.] -07:04 Jan 27
Lucky: Despite the fact she was out of a job, Lucky was in good spirits. Of course, she was ALWAYS in good spirits. …and it help that she -HAD- a spirit, or technically, a guardian angel, now looking out for her. Or has always been looking out for her? Close enough! She was just scribbling down the last information on a retail store application. -07:08 Jan 27
[Favisor is taking care of business.] -07:08 Jan 27
Favisor: "I told you I’d take care of it." he said firmly to the winged figure standing before him. "And I’ll find out everything I can." the angel looked unconvinced. "Make sure you do, if it’s true…" "I know, but be careful, she’s close and might be on the move soon, we all have our duties." They had been talking all the time Lucky had been in the store and the conversation was crawing to a close. -07:15 Jan 27
Lucky: Once her application was handed in to the clerk, she all but bounced outside. Fumbling around in her pockets to see if she had enough cash on hand to pick up a coffee while she was out. It was a frequent place she would see her new friend, so spotting him on the sidewalk wasn’t a surprise. ….HIS friend, though… Lucky was staring a big giant fluffy wings and not watching where she was stepping out in to the street. Only the loud HUUUUURRRNG or a car horn had her stopping suddenly and shaking a fist at the car as it passed. -07:18 Jan 27
Favisor: He turned sharply and the angel before him took to the air. He tilted his head to the side and frowned. She was in a dangerous spot again and he stepped out into the street, to take her arm, still suposivly invisible to her, and guide her back to the sidewalk without a word. Then he let go and put some distance between them. "You can see and hear me, can’t you." he said slowly. "I thought so…" -07:26 Jan 27
Lucky: "Of -course- I can! I’ve never not been able to see you. ….am I not supposed to? …Hmm, well I guess being invisible -would- be the natural way for guardian angels to work." She was answering her own question, nearly missing the fact he was getting away. Lucky ran to catch up to him. "You might want to tell your friend with the pretty wings that I can see him too. Just in case there is a bug in your angel-system. Do you get system bugs? How DOES invisibility work?" -07:29 Jan 27
Favisor: "It works just fine." he said slapping his hands in front of an oblivious pedestrian to pove his point. And if I’m invisible, wouldn’t it look like you’re talking to yourself?" he stopped and gave her a sideways look. "Not much point in denying anything anymore is there? Guess I’ll have to change your memories." -07:32 Jan 27
Lucky: "Um.. I kinda talk to myself all the time anyway." Looking crazy definitely wasn’t something she was worried about. …taking her memories, though! Lucky slapped her hands on top of her head and was now dashing down the sidewalk -away- from him. "No! Never! You’re not taking my memory I LIKE knowing I have a guardian angel…!" -07:34 Jan 27
Favisor: "That was a joke." he called after her before in a flash appearing in front of her. "And if it wasn’t there’s not a lot you could do to stop me… If I were an angel." he had a grin on his face and then took her hand from her head and held it in his. "Lunch?" -07:37 Jan 27
Lucky: She pretty much ran in to him, which had to be a hilarious scene for all the people who couldn’t see him. Lucky gave him a wry look. "Lunch out in public where people will see me talking to an empty chair? I bet I could stop you…" Two completely separate thoughts jumbled together. But lunch sounded good and she was already squeezing his hand and glancing up and down the sidewalk debating what would be tasty. "Or just coffee. I have to conserve my cash until I get hired somewhere." -07:39 Jan 27
Favisor: He twisted her arm and then grabbed the back of her head and planed his lips on her forehead. "No you couldn’t." he said before he stepped away and started heading for a cafe. "Lunch. I’m paying, and visible." -07:42 Jan 27
Lucky: "Yes I could!" Protesting out of habit? That was most likely, because his unexpection action had her head skipping a few beats. Enough that for a second she was afraid he -had- erased her memory. So when she realized she was just fine and being ridiculous, her face was flustered and she gestured towards the cafe they were already walking towards. "Does that mean angels get paid to work? I can imagine heaven as a very interesting business… but where does the money come in and out?" -07:48 Jan 27
Favisor: "That, I can’t tell you." he said "just know the economy is safe." he adjusted his coat and sat down with a sigh and rested his head in his hands. "And you seeing ‘my friend with the wings’ just proves what I was waking to see was true, you have a gift… and I’ll have a sub with everything on it and a pot fo tea." -08:11 Jan 27
Lucky: "People say they see angels all the time. So it’s probably genetics." She briefly wondered if maybe he was in trouble because she saw. But if she saw the other one too, it couldn’t be his fault. Lucky gave the waitress a big wide grin and ordered the day’s soup and a coke. "Was that guy your boss? You wanna call him back and let me explain that it wasn’t your fault?" -08:14 Jan 27
Favisor: "He’s from a different, but related department. If you really cam see angels. I’ll be leaving and he’ll be taking over." he continued to rub his temples and then looked up at her. "So congradulations I guess, you’re being bumped up the list." -08:26 Jan 27
Lucky: "That kind of sucks… I like you… And you already know me! Aren’t there lots of guidelines and special things about finding you the right angel and stuff…?" It would make sense. Or it could all be random! Either way, he was going to be out of a job too just because she could see him. "What if I pretended I couldn’t see you. …what is being bumped UP the list about anyway?" -08:32 Jan 27
Favisor: "Yes there are, very strict ones, and I can’t tell you what it means, that’s not my job, just know that fact that you can see us means the rules and guidlines state you’re not my department anymore, and it’s not going to be easy for you… and if you pretended you couldn’t see me then what would that change? You wouldn’t be able to talk to me anyway." -08:36 Jan 27
Lucky: "Well, yeah…. but at least I would know you were still here with me." This really did suck. Enough that her arms were crossed and she was scowling as she plotted a way around it. "It’s not fair. What about how -I- feel? Now I am going to get a stranger? An angel sure, but why should a trust some new angel! Hmm… I won’t accept them, then!" -08:39 Jan 27
Favisor: "If you dont he’ll change your memories and you’ll forget I even exist." he said eying her sideways. "That might be for the best, I mean you’re not going to miss me if you don’t remember me. And I’ll see you after you die." he leaned accepted the tea and the waitor didn’t seem to notice the oddness of the conversation and he placed down Lucky’s coke too. "I’d break so many rules if I stayed." -08:45 Jan 27
Lucky: "I’m not exactly known for following rules. Or normalcy, or the expected! And nobody is changing my memory! ANd-" she paused long enough to pause on her coke for a long sip through the straw, followed by a hiccup and having to take a breath. "And I would still notice something different and missing. I mean, isn’t that how it goes? You can’t really erase a huge moment of someone’s life. Besides, they could let you stay and see what happens. Fate and destiny and major things that’re rare and never happen usually happen for a reason, right…?" -08:49 Jan 27
Favisor: "If we relied on destiny then we’d all be eaten by demons." he said giving her a look. "Cynical for an angel but I wasn’t always a guardian, I’m just good at it. Look, I’ll do what I can to get myself transfered when you are that’s the best I can do, and if you believe in fate then, maybe it will see us through." -09:01 Jan 27
Lucky: Still frowning, Lucky finally just nodded. "I guess… What do you do in the meantime, wait? Are you going to disappear when you get replaced? …..will the new guy be nice?" It seemed like the only thing she did was ask questions and more questions! She gave a sheepish shrug. "…or I could do that and let fate work it out. Wait, are there lots of demons roaming around?" That had her glancing around to see if she could spot one of them too! -09:06 Jan 27
Favisor: I’ll stay with you until your new angel is assigned, if that’s me I’ll only be gone an hour, tops, and hyes, there are, but they tend to avoid angels unles they plan to kill us. Good thing I have a reputation. So that’s decided, hows your job search going?" -09:10 Jan 27
Lucky: She was still glancing around for demons and didn’t stop until food was set down and she had something new to focus on. "I put in a dozen applications already, so pretty good. It never really takes me long to get hired somewhere, so I’m not all that worried about the job thing. Stuff usually works out okay." -09:17 Jan 27
Favisor: Stuff usually worked out because she had a guardian angel, but he just lifted up his sandwich and took a bite out of it and chewed. "You must be an optimist, a rare thing. I suppose with your luck it would be hard not to be. I’m just feeling dumb that you’ve been able to see this entire time, guess it’s a good thing you didn’t need serious saving until recently. You were not meant to be able to see or feel me at all thith the car, or the fire, or at all. You’ve really made things complicated." -09:33 Jan 27
Lucky: "That is the story of my life, Angel! I make things needlessly complicated just by existing." Lucky finally grinned, settling in her seat to crumble crackers in to her soup and take a few very loud sips. "I like being an optimist, though. I mean, my life would be pretty depressing if I didn’t focus on all the good parts about it. Like… demon fodder, probably! Hmm… do demons tempt lost souls and stuff?" -09:37 Jan 27
Favisor: "There are different types, some do, others would sooner just eat you and be done with it. But I’m not talkign aout them now, we need to get your life on track, in case I’m not coming back. So…" hmm.. what could they do? Taking another bite and crunchin away was a good start. So was pushing a mug of tea towards her. -09:47 Jan 27
Lucky: "Should I tell you the Lucky Life Goal Check List?" she responded with a grin, picking up the mug and taking a sip. Shaking her head, she went right back to sipping coke instead. "I honestly never thought too far ahead." -09:49 Jan 27
Favisor: "You could, but I’m not sure how long I have now. I should actually go and submit my transfer…" he put down his sandwich and looked down at it. "You should drink tea, it’s better for you." -09:53 Jan 27
Lucky: "Afraid I’m going to end up with an illness to top it all off, Angel?" she quipped and her grin got wider. But it faded just as quick, that worried expression taking it’s place. "That might be a good idea. I’d rather have you than someone I don’t know… I just got to know you!" -09:56 Jan 27
Favisor: "Do you know me?" he asked picking up the sandwich and dropping more than enough money on the table before standing, and extending his wings looking up at the sky. "I’ll be back soon." And taking another bite, he was of, skywards, seen only by her. -10:00 Jan 27

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