The Captain’s Wife 003: A Real Marriage

The Captain's Wife

[Telara is asleep on top of a star captain on a lost boat in the middle of space. At least she is dressed, because it’s pretty dang cold!] -02:13 Jul 07
[Nicholas has gone from depressed and on half pay to married and going to die in a matter of hours… though right now hes too busy being asleep to care.] -02:16 Jul 07
Telara: Three days lost in space and their supply was officially out. Telara had come to terms with their invitable doom, and it was surprising she even managed to fall asleep. The small boat wasn’t exactly comfortable, but the Captain made a warm pillow. She was sleeping pretty soundly until a loud horn seemed to echo in the black. -02:24 Jul 07
Nicholas: He opened his eyes and saw only blackness littered with stars. He pulled himself upright and looked around seeing somehtign that made his blood freeze… it was the ship.. was it still in pirate hands? Slowly he shook Telara and pointed the ship out to her before giving the a loot that said ‘what now’. they were to weak to fight if it were pirates.. and if they were not then… they had stolen a boat, gotten married adn almost died for nothing. -02:29 Jul 07
Telara: She was weary and it took her a moment to realize what he was pointing at out there in the dark. The ship! It was a strange mix of relief and dread, especially from the look of his expression. She shifted to find her pack, every intention of going down fighting if it were pirates! But soon the ship was in close enough line of sight to see people at the rails. And those people were definitely not pirates! “Those are sailors!” -02:33 Jul 07
Nicholas: He closed his eyes and let out a breath. “They won.” he shook his head and smiled as the ship got closer and pulled them alongside. “We’re not going to die after all..” he gently kissed her on the cheek and smiled as the crew prepaired to pull them on board all they had to do was wait… and feel like an idiot.. they had spent three days adrift for nothing -02:36 Jul 07
Telara: The meaning of it hadn’t yet sank in for Telara. She was just so glad to be alive and pulled out of the black. Itching so bad to get out of that lifeboat, she nearly tumbled out once they were up on deck. They were alive, and not a pirate to be seen! -02:44 Jul 07

And there was the Captain. A much older gentleman with greying hair and a very stern face as he approached. Hands clapsed behind his back as he regarded them both with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t say a word, he seemed to be waiting for them to explain! -Telara

Nicholas: Captain Burke stapped onto beck adn looked around, it seemed they wanted to take Telara to rest which was understandable but.. “Thank you for the rescue.” he said and waited for most of the crew to get back to business then spoke to the captain derectly “We thought you ahd fallen to pirates.” -02:48 Jul 07

The Captain raised on eyebrow. “Did you, now? Had no faith in a passenger vessel’s ability to self defend? I’ve been sailing ships before your father was even alive, boy.” After the stern words, his expression softened in to a wide grin. “A resourceful choice. The wrong choice, but resourceful. You are not the only life boat we’ve pulled out of the sea… You ARE the only one to harm one of my crew in the process.” He turned to eye Telara, curiously. “What exactly do you have in that bag, miss…?” -Telara

Telara: “One of the crew…?” Her grinning and relief at all being safe and sound was fading. It wasn’t a pirate she spritzed in the face? Wait… the crew fought off the pirates without a problem. She gave a very slow examining look at Mister Captain Burke. -02:54 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked back at her… then stepped away from the captain to he and leaned in close. “Did you notice they were crewmen?” he looked at the captain, then at the crew then back at her and bit his lip “Looks like we got married for nothing…” -02:58 Jul 07
Telara: “He looked like a pirate to me… There is a reason uniforms exist.” Then she paused, giving him a surprised look. She couldn’t possibly be mad about them escaping on the boat. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do. But he was right. They were married! Perhaps not in paperwork, but definitely in spirit. ….and in body. Telara was very quickly covering her face with her hands. What did she do! -03:05 Jul 07
Nicholas: He put his arms around her and pulled her close much to the raising of eyebrows from the captain. “It alright..” he whispered to her. “We will decide what we want to do when we have a chance to talk.. I’m not convinced its a abd thing..” -03:08 Jul 07

The Captain was very interested in their conversation. He did not know the Captain Burke personally, but he -did- know the father. This would be a juicy bit of gossip. “Ahem, ahem. I believe the Lady’s stop is within a few hours. I suggest taking the time to recollect yourself, Miss. …or make other arrangements…” he mused out loud. With that, he left them. Ordering his crew about and reassuming their business. -Telara

Telara: They were back to reality. She was on her way to her internship and he was on his way home. And they were married! Married to a stranger she had only known for three days. Yet being held didn’t feel like it was coming from a stranger. Telara just wished her face wasn’t so red and she didn’t feel so stupid! “I let myself get carried away. I am so sorry.” -03:15 Jul 07
Nicholas: He brushed his hands though her hair as he thought. “We both did…” he said quietly “But we are married and.. an expidition sounds a lot better that waiting at home for another commition..” he said looking down at her “If you could bare having me along…” -03:17 Jul 07
Telara: “You want to come with me?” Telara was stunned and there was no hiding it on her face. She hadn’t thought he would take the marriage seriously, let alone come with her to a wilderness planet to stare at plants. “You… You really don’t have to be married to me out of any duty or honor. I would understand…” -03:22 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and cracked a small smile “I just think we should give what he have a chance, it it doesn’t work out then… ” he left the question unanswered “Would you rather I want back and was introduced to orinf noble after boring noble with no sense of adventure?” -03:25 Jul 07
Telara: “I would rather you did what you wanted to do…” which, she had to admit… there was that little, joyous bit of her that was thrilled. Marrying a stranger in a lifeboat on a whim was a silly thing. Staying married to them was a crazy risk. …an adventurous one! It definitely helped that when he smiled, it made her want to smile too. She returned it, even if it was a little unsure. “By all means, come with me. I am not sure if it will be allowed, or if you will even like it. But I doubt it would be worse than being lost at sea?” -03:29 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and put his arm aroufn her shoulder to walk with her. -03:31 Jul 07
Nicholas: He looked at her and put his arm aroufn her shoulder to walk with her. “If they protest say I’m your husband, and no matter where you expidition is a sword adn a gun is always a wise precaution.” he let her lead the way, she seemed to get lost less than he did. “The navy will know when to find me if they need me.” -03:33 Jul 07
Telara: Telara took a look at his arm around her, biting her lip and trying to surpress that really silly urge to start giggling. Then she was glancing back up at him. “The husband part migh be the problem… My mentor specifically was looking for unmarried interns. I just hope he doesn’t change his mind when I arrive with a new husband in tow. But maybe the promise of extra protection is good?” -03:39 Jul 07
Nicholas: He didn’t know if he liked the sounds of a man looking for single interns but what was done was done.. “We’ll see when we get there, if not when I get a commision you’re welcome to travel with me and visit every planet we find with plants and animals on it.” he sight “We should go to your cabon and then mine to pack up if I’m disembarking with you.” -03:43 Jul 07
Telara: She grinned wide. “I wasn’t kidding when I said everything I own is in my pack… There’s nothing in my cabin.” She went from having a set future, to dying within days, to now… having a whole new universe of possibilities. Telara’s life plan had stopped at finishing her internship and getting a job. Now she was wondering how Captain Burke would fit in to the equation. “So to your cabin we go.” she paused. “How will we tell our parents?” -03:47 Jul 07
Nicholas: He walked down to the corridor where his cabin lay and pushed open the door. “If this works out I’ll introduce you to them.” he said with a smile. I know one of them would be plad I settled down. So how about you? Any family who would be disappointed in your choice of husband?” he grabbed his bag and tossed the few ods and ends that were lying around into it, nosst of what he ahd was in a trunk boing posted home so he didn’t have much on him. “So what planet are we going to be on?” -03:52 Jul 07
Telara: “They will first be amazed that it happened in such a story worthy way, be glad I married a Lord and not a sheep herder, and then fuss and complain that there wasn’t a fancy wedding…” Telara watched with interest, taking a peek at what he was packing away. What a person carried with them was always a window to who they were. “Hmm, the place is called HB259… they are still debating what it’s given name will be. A lot of arguing over who gets to name it. It’s very new! They haven’t even explored all of the wilderness yet!” -03:56 Jul 07
Nicholas: There were books, a spyglass, a spare set of clothes, a book of loose papers, one of which was sticking out and had music scribbled on it and a small pouch. Then he closed up his bag and looked at her. “All set, I’ll just ahdve to send a message to my family so they won’t expect me.” he leaned forwards to experimentally kiss her cheek “then I’m all yours…” -04:03 Jul 07
Telara: “All mine…?” what a wistful tone to her voice! She hadn’t meant to say it like that, but kissing her cheek was such a soft and sweet thing, it left her a little… Floaty! This would be an interesting trip. “They are going to be surprised…” -04:06 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Yes, I imagine they wil be.” he said thoughtfully as he took ehr hand and lead her away formt he cabin and then stopped suddenly and looked at her biting his lip. Then he pulled a ring from his finger and placed it in her hand. “Keep this on you too, it has the amily crest on it, a little reminder this isn’t a dream.” -04:11 Jul 07
Telara: “Proof that I am your wife?” she gave an amused smile, before trying the ring on each of her fingers. Too big…! Telara settled for taking off the small necklace she wore and slipping the ring on to the chain. “I don’t have anything to give you. This will have to do.” A spur of the moment desire. Telara stood on her toes and leaned to brush a quick kiss at the corner of his mouth. -04:17 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stopped and grinned at her pulling ehr into a hug and nuzzling into her. “Thats plenty.. and its more the case that everyone on the family has one.. so you shoudl too.” he took her hand and started walking towards the deck, they’d be landing soon and being taken down to the surface. It was about to get interesting. -04:30 Jul 07
Telara: Telara quickly decided she really liked that feeling! Yet, no matter how compelled she was by her spur of the moment husband, knowing she was soon about to start her new internship took precedence. It was the beginning of her new career, and she spent their time waiting for the transport boats being more nervous about it than about waiting for death. And was suddenly very grateful that she had someone’s hand to hold on to. -04:36 Jul 07
Nicholas: He held her hand until it was thier time to board the boat that would take them down and put his arms around her as they desceneded. Maybe not acceptable behaviour in public but out here the rules were blured. “So how does it feel?” he asked her looking at the trees below them. “To eb going to a world so new, and probably going to discover a new species or two…” -04:40 Jul 07
Telara: She obviously enjoyed her work, because she immediately started grinning. “Adventerous? Amazing? If I find one myself I could name it anything I wanted. I could name one after you! And the best part is studying their makeup… To see what is good for eating, or gardening, or medicene… Or fighting pirates when the need arises.” -04:44 Jul 07
Nicholas: Ne grinned when she mentioned naming somethign after him. “You should leave fighting to me unless you have to fight.” he said putting hsi arm arounf her and kissing her keek as the camp came into view. “I’m sure you’ll find lots of things… Maybe even a new kind of animal.. or somethign else entirely.” -04:52 Jul 07
Telara: Having him there was going to make focusing on work a little difficult. …that wasn’t entiely a bad thing. She hoped! The camp was a hodge podge of big tents, surrounding a building that was still under construction. As far as Telara was informed, it would be a shared base for both Soldiers and Scientists as the planet was explored in more detail. With it still unfinished, it looked like Telara wasn’t kidding when she mentioned it would be less than comfortable. Once the boat landed, she and the Captain weren’t the only two to be landed. There were others leaving to meet their own superiors… while Telara immediately grinned and held her hand out to the hunched over old man with wild white hair and insanely thick glasses. “Doctor Klaus Heilemann. I am so very, very, very honored to meet you and be a part of your expedition!” -05:04 Jul 07

The doctor took her hand and petted it, leaning in close to get a good look at her and his smile couldn’t be described as anything other than lecherous. “Well, well, you’re a day late, but I think the wait was worth it… What was that name again? Miss Telula Sammy? You will be a pleasure.” He paused when he realized there was another waiting. The doctor adjusted his glasses. “I don’t remember requesting a second intern…” -Telara

Nicholas: The look on his face was less than amused. “I’m not an intern.” he said smiling warmly. “I’m Captain Nicholas Burke, Navy, I’m here to lend a sword adn gun to your defence if its needed, and to my wife’s if required.” -05:11 Jul 07

His expression didn’t change. The doctor just waved a hand to shoo the Captain away. “Go on then, tend to your services and wife. Stop bothering my work.” His attention was focused back on Telara again, petting her hand and grinning wide. “Where were we? Yes, yes, Miss Sammy, it is a pleasure to have a fresh new intern serving under me. Work is very intensive, you see. Day and night.” -Telara

Telara: “It’s Telara Samhain… I mean Telara Samhain Burke, actually, and he is my husband…?” She didn’t want to correct her new mentor right off the bat. And was incredibly worried that he was going to turn her around and ship her right back off the planet. “I promise it won’t be any trouble at all, or ever affect my work or my focus. He wanted to be here with me?” -05:18 Jul 07

“Married! This won’t do at all, I specifically requested young and single.” He really made no effort to hide his intentions and looked pretty cross about the entire thing. …after a moment he resumed patting her hand. “Well. Can’t be helped now. It would take ages to find a new intern. You’ll be a good, helpful girl, though, won’t you Miss Sammy? No men in the work place.” -Telara

Telara: “Of course…!” Telara was grinning, not picking up the doctor’s behavior at all. As far as she was concerned, the man was her idol and smartest person in the galaxy! “I’ll take care of everything you need, I promise.” -05:34 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stepped up and put his hand on Telara’s shoulder. “Within reason. Of course.” she was startstruck, that much was obvious, and he was a lecherous old coot, a dangerous combination. “Though you’ll understand we were only married a few days ago so we’ll want time together.” even if they weren’t going to be having sex things needed to be discussed. “So if you don’t mind where will we be sleeping?” -05:49 Jul 07

The Doctor didn’t look like he appreciated the interjection. And looked even more cross about considering the living arrangments. “I was expecting only one… …but yes, yes, there is a personal tent ready for the Intern. Come this way please.” He pulled Telara’s hand to hook her arm around his. Perfectly polite escorting, and having no issue whatsoever in ignoring her husband. “Miss Sammy, I will glady allow you this evening to rest. In the morning we might have breakfast together before I show you our work space. Ah! Here we are.” He gestured to the tent. It wasn’t exactly big, and there was little more than a cot and some tables and cubbards inside. But it looked solid enough. -Telara

Telara: “I really do appreciate you making the accomodations for us. I know it was unexpected.” Starstruck was definitely the way she’d describe it. The man was brilliant in his field and here she was getting to work with him, despite everything! She was lucky, for sure. -05:59 Jul 07
[Nicholas enters.] -06:15 Jul 07
Nicholas: Burke Didn’t like the way he was being ignored but he followed and when they were in the tent he looked around. “We’ll share a bed and I could help here and there.” he said “Wouldn’t want to be too much of a burden. I think I’ll get to know the soldiers too. They’re no sailors but I’m sure they’ve scouted aorund and made sure the area is safe. As for weapons.. I have my own.” He grinned at the doctor. “Until tomorow..” -06:20 Jul 07
[Telara waved a goodbye to her mentor, and was riding a wave of dreamy excitement!] -10:39 Jul 07
[Nicholas doesn’t like how his new wife’s boss in only interested in getting into her pants.] -10:41 Jul 07
Telara: Telara set her pack down and was already busy pulling out all of her little bags of tiny plants and setting them around on any empty surface space she could find. She had a beaming grin, and could not contain it. “I can’t wait to start tomorrow. He is nicer than I thought he would be. His thesis papers always sounded so stern.” -10:44 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Hes a lecherous old man.” Nocholas said strait out. “Why do you think he was asking for single assistants?” he put his guns on the table followed but his sword before stripping off his coat and boots. He had been wearign them for the past three days. “So don’t let him take advantage of you if he tries.. okay?’ his voice was soft but there was a twinge of jealousy in his heart that made it hard to sound so. “I know we’re not really married in the sense we’ve agreed to commitment but… thta is the letter of the spirit of marriage and… I do have feelings for you.” -10:50 Jul 07
Telara: “Most do prefer that interns are single and without children. Going on location like this isn’t easy for families.” Telara was a little bemused with him accusing the Doctor of being lecherous. But it was his last comment that made her pause mid-way through rummaging in her bag. “We are really married. Commitment and everything that comes with it…” At least that is what it meant to her. They might have married under a strange circumstance, but it still meant something to her. Telara stared down in to her pack, a moment of sheepishness washing over her. “And I’m fond of you. I would have agreed to you coming if I wasn’t…” she admitted. -10:55 Jul 07
Nicholas: He stepped closer. “And wouldn’t have come if I didnt think Us married in the commited sense.. and it I didn’t think You left for me something life I feel for you…” he took her hand in his. “We were married under stange conditions, but thats what makes it special.” -11:00 Jul 07
Telara: “It’s a very backwards way to start a romance, though, you have to admit…” she was teasing, and it was impossible not to grin up at him. He definitely made everything different. “I guess I am lucky he let you stay. It wouldn’t be so easy building a marriage with you worlds away.” -11:04 Jul 07
Nicholas: “NAd reuniting woulf have been dificult.. at least now we can explore…” he was standing up against her and brushing his hand over her hair. “IWhat we’re doing feels right, and if it feels right, who are we to judge..” -11:07 Jul 07
Telara: Feeling right might have been an understatement. Such a simple touch, and Telara was sure if she grinned any wider her face would crack. She felt way too light on her feet. “It would have waited until was over, and I am not sure how long the Doctor will want to keep me. Though they might still call you for a ship.” Telara was a little hesitant to move, but once she did, it was such a simple thing to lean forward against him. Slipping her arms around his waist and resting her head against his chest. -11:12 Jul 07
Nicholas: HE held onto her and nuzzled against her. “They promoted me just to retire my ship a few months later. Someone in the admiralty is odviously displeased with me.” he said. “It will be months before I get another ship.. years maybe depending… I would prite a letter asking but I won’t get a reply out here… and I’m glad to be here with you.” he rocked gently side to side with her. “Couldn’t imagne being anywhere else right now.” He had the effect on him, like he wanted to stay with her forever and never leave. -11:20 Jul 07
Telara: “You have a charming way with words, Captain Burke. I can’t imagine who could be displeased with you.” This was amazing. No impending death, no desperation to connect… and yet it still felt comfortable and exhilarating at all the same time. All of her excitement about her internship was forgotten for the time being. “I’ll have to see if the Doctor will let me request a bigger bed. You are going to barely fit on it just by yourself, let alone with me in it too.” -11:27 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Me managed in the baot.” he said pouting with the mention of the doctor. “But you’re right.. we’ll manage for now but in future we’ll need something bigger.” he pulled away to look at her and brush the hair from her face.. then slowly lean forwards to kiss her “And thats.. for no reason..” -11:30 Jul 07
Telara: “The boat was… a little longer…?” She was breathless. Smitten maybe. Made worse by thinking about a possible future where they were shopping around for just the right bed to put in their very own bedroom. She grinned again. “You could do again for no reason. All the time now. Maybe even when I’m working if the Doctor doesn’t see…” -11:47 Jul 07
Nicholas: “Or right now…” he rubbed the back of her neck and kissed her again, sloftly and then rested his cheek agaist hers. “I’m going to be doing that a lot so keep your guard up.. You cna too though..” he sighed, being close to her.. even thouhg they had ben close for three days and now could be far apart if they chose… -11:52 Jul 07
Telara: Telara gave a soft laugh. “My guard up? You make it sound like you’re going to pounce me, Captain.” She kinda liked the sound of that. Tilting her head she brushed a kiss against his cheek. Her fingers were curling in to the fabric at his back. “So if I wanted to kiss you now and see if it is as breath taking on land as it is in space, I could?” -11:56 Jul 07
Nicholas: He placed his hand on her cheek and brushed the tip of his nose against hers. “You could, you are after all my wife and we have…” he let out a beath They had consumated their marriage and it had been an experience like no other. “THe more you kiss me though the more I’ll pounce you.” -12:01 Jul 07
Telara: “I am not sure if that is a threat or a promise…” And she really wanted to find out! It only took a quick raise on her toes to close the distance and press her lips to his. An experimental test of pressure and soft taste with her tongue. -12:08 Jul 07
Nicholas: He pushed back his lips brushing against hers as they parted and he ran his fingers through her hair and leaned against her his arm wrapping around her waist. “Fells breathtaking to me..” he whispered… “And its both a promise and the threat.” -12:11 Jul 07
Telara: She laughed softly, shifting her arms up to circle his neck and making it so much easier for her to pull him down to her level. “Which one do I get for…” she kissed him again, no less gentle and with a nip of her teeth. Lingering until she had to pull away just to breathe. Definitely just as breath taking on land. -12:19 Jul 07
Nicholas: He bent down to hook his arm around her knees and the other around her shoulders to pick her up and carry her to the bed where he placed her down and kissed her as he had kissed him. “Which does it feel like?” he asked teasingly before kissing her again his knees on the cot either side of her but her was unhurried and without the fatalistic desperation of before… they had all night. -12:23 Jul 07
Telara: “I think… I am leaning towards promise.” Despite her smile, there was a bit of shyness when she reached up to touch his face. It didn’t feel different without the urgency, and that was what was most interesting! Something unexpectedly special about the Captain she married by accident. She rose up on an elbow to meet his kiss again. -03:08 Jul 08

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