Tower’s Calling 003: A Shard of Truth

Tower's Calling

[Corona has spent a couple weeks having to do research on necromancy, reincarnation, life-giving, ancient gods, and new forms of magic. All with a ghost looming over her shoulders.] -05:45 Jun 19
[Athos Has been reading every book he can get his hands on, weather Corona was bust with them at the time or not.] -05:48 Jun 19
Corona: Research never irked her. She loved learning, reading, discovering new things. What she didn’t like was someone in her space oozing out every little emotion he felt, giving her a case of bipolar mood swings. She wasn’t always sure when it was him or her. For the time being they were out of the tower. Off to claim power relics so she could bring him back to life. "When this is done, I might put the effort in to learning teleportation…" she was grumbling to herself. Corona was tired, and had been all week. Unfortunetly, this was necessary… -05:52 Jun 19
Athos: Places changed but the barren rock where the vault was never did, hidden where no one would be crazy enough to look it had taken them days to get as far as they had, and Athos’ offer to carry her hadn’t gone over all that well. "I used to know it, but my ability to cast spells is limited without a body, for now I just have my inate abilities. Still it could go faster…" -06:18 Jun 19
Corona: "A ghost is only a ghost, after all." Corona wasn’t in the best of humor. There were a lot of things that would have been easier if he weren’t around. The only bright side of it was getting her hands on ancient magical artifacts from a famous bloodline. For that, it was worth climbing over rocks, crossing waters, dodging thugs and doing it all with a headache. "This will do, anyway. It’s likely teleportation would attract attention I don’t want at the moment." -06:30 Jun 19
Athos: "Yeah rub it in that I’m dead." he snapped. "Because I really rub your nose in your situation." he glared at her as he flaoted effortlessly over rocks and rivines. "And theres only one kind of attention you want isn’t there, the kind where there is none locked away in your tower as the world passes you by. I Don’t even kno why the amulet chose you, you’d make a terrible mother to the child of a long line of adventurers." -06:39 Jun 19
Corona: "You sound a little angry, ghost. Are you feeling inadequate in your after life?" He hit a button, and she played it off. Corona was insulted, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing. "Don’t presume that spending a couple weeks in my tower means that you know me. I know what I’m doing for the world, and I don’t need to be acknowleged while doing it." -06:44 Jun 19
Athos: "HA! You might say that but you know what? Everything I built in my life is gone, I gave up everything to try and help people, I saved millions. And I’ve read every single book you have… Even the ones on the Emidio family and you know what? I’m not in them. Everythign I’ve ever lived for, everything I gave my life for has been forgotten. You come back in three centuries and say it wouldn’t be nice if SOMEONE cared enough about why you died to write it down." he botinued to glare at her as he drifeted into a rocky outcropping just like the thousands of others strewn across the broken ground, then drifted out again. "Coming? the door is right here." -06:50 Jun 19
Corona: Corona rest her hands on her hips and glared at the rockside. There was something humming here, so subtle that had she not been stuck with this ghost she may not have ever noticed it. She reached out her hands to test the rock. "Someone has to actually survive to pass on a story, you know." She could have said something worse. Pointed out his failures… but one of them needed to keep control! "How do I get this damned thing open…" -06:58 Jun 19
Athos: His face come out of the rock right in front of her. "The amulet, use it." he said it as if it should have been obvious. "And everyone knew what I was doing, Everyone expected me to do it. Its the people that I saved that forgot about me. I was meant to have help, the girl that had the amulet before you. I loved her you know but she died before I could face the god. So I chose to face it alone instead of turning and escaping like I could have. They all saw it." He disappeared again and did not reappear, not until the opened the door. -07:12 Jun 19
Corona: A bitter hero. As if she needed more reasons to feel sorry for him. Grumbling under her breath about him, she placed both her hands on the stone. It wasn’t difficult to tap in to the amulet and make the door slide. Magic came natural to her. She just wished the amulet didn’t! "What I don’t understand is why you want to continue brooding about the past, when you have a second chance. The moment you popped out of this thing you’ve been running on all the rage and resement the universe has to offer… All you’re missing is a little bloodlust and you’ll be nothing better than the gods you’ve destroyed." -07:20 Jun 19
Athos: "Well thats what happens when you seal gods away isn’t it?" he said in a condacending tone. "They get narked. And what gods get narked thing happen. Trust me though if you say mt bloodlusing you wouldn’t say that what I have not is anything close to that." his glow was lighting the corridor as they continued furthere, then there was a slight click and blades came out the wall passing right through him, and without looking he raised his hand and a colum of ice sprang up to block them before they reached Corona. "This i a good mood for the situation I’m in. -07:25 Jun 19
Corona: Corona had already pulled her wand and had shifted to cast her spell. He beat her to it. She let out a slow breath before stepping around the ice covered blade. She should have been aware of potential traps in the first place instead of bickering with him… "What I’m saying is what happened, happened. You died. You were trapped a few hundred years. You’re out with a sorceress’ help. You could stop brooding on it and give me some blasted peace." -07:32 Jun 19
Athos: The floor opened up under his revealing only a huge plunger into backness below but he was floating and with anothe wave of his hand a new floor was born made of ice. "If you ahd the choice to release me you wouldn’t have." he pointed out. "If I had been myself I wouldn’t have done what I did either. So everyone I’ve ever known is dead and no one remembers my name, and you lost half your spell arsenal. I’ll be happy once I’m dead for good. Thats what seperates me from thos other gods. I have a goal that doesn’t invlve the deaths of millions." -07:37 Jun 19
Corona: At least he knew what he was doing and where he was going. Corona was hesitant to step on to the ice, but she did so carefully. Minding her step to not slip as she walked. "You don’t know what I would have chosen. You don’t know me." His fatalistic mood annoyed her. Crazy that a ghost would be suicidal, but that’s what he was. He had completely given up on the universe. And Corona didn’t know why she ever cared enough to want to change his mind. "I think your goal is selfish and stupid. But what do I know? You’ve already worked the whole thing out." -07:43 Jun 19
Athos: "I know you don’t think much of gods, or my family." he said. "And that you’ve identified the amulet as blood magic, and in time would have figured out it’s connection to my family. And that you valued your virginity too much to risk it by invoking the blood magiv in the amulet." He floated backwards as lasers began eminating from the celing and he onverloaded them with a burst of lightning. "And I know not to expect any favors from the universe." -07:51 Jun 19
Corona: Lasers, god damnit! The minute she heard the sound she was casting a shielding spell. …yet he fizzled those out too without a second thought. As useful as he was, she was really starting to find herself feeling a little inadequate. She heaved a heavy, frustrated sigh and stalked after him. "See, there you go making assumptions again. You assume I hate the gods and your family, you assume I have issues with blood magic, you assume fate and destiny are out to get you. Have you ever stopped to question why you died, and why it took three hundred years to reawaken? That there’s more to it than you just being an utter fuckup and fate being an asshole?" -07:56 Jun 19
Athos: "He looked at her as if she might tell him the sky were purple. "So you’re sayign we’re meant to meet? Puh! I already said that. Adn we’re going to kill the evil guy that you hide in your tower from and then fate will be done with me. Unless I’m trapped forever in a cycle of trapped and awakening as a pupper to the amulet which would also make sense. I’ll see you on the other side." he drifted through a thick bault door and was gone a full five minuted before he returned. "Right only and Emidio cam open this thing.." he put hsi ahdns to it and instead of passing though muttered somehting under his breath and there was a deep rumble before the door slid back and they were on a ramp that lead down into the cavernous vault that seemed to have everythign from ancient ston tablets to full sized spacecraft. "This is my home. Or was… lets get what we came for." -08:04 Jun 19
Corona: At least he was who he said he was. Corona had her doubts… There was an old, old magic to the place. She ran a hand up her arm to sooth the goosebumps that it caused. She could see how seeking these things out were a high priority for anyone wanting power. Just being in the room with them, it vibrated with it. Forgotting for a moment why they were there, Corona snooped, touched… got familiar with anything that was with in reach. "You’re so wrapped up in your own sorrow that you don’t even consider the world around you." she muttered, not caring so much if he were listening anymore. "Probably how you died. You can’t face things alone." ….and with that comment she fell silent. That hit a little too close to home and the realization was unsettling. -08:14 Jun 19
Athos: He turned to her his face an odd mix of emotions. "Some things have to be done, alone or not. It was a choice between living and alowing millions to die, and can I ask you, is that really a choice at all?" he got the impresion that wasn’t what she was talkign about but its what he could respond to. "Besides, who exactly do I have, you said you wanted to get rid of me and everyone else I know is dead. Theres not always a choice." -08:18 Jun 19
Corona: "There’s always a choice. Your own family preached that." Idiot. Though who was the bigger idiot, him or herself, she wasn’t sure. It seemed obvious enough to her that his fate was giving him everything he needed, but he wasn’t seeing it. …But she had to wonder how hers came in to play. Why was it so much easier to read someone else’s destiny than your own? She scoffed, resuming her snooping. What she needed was relics for amplifying power. The bone dagger was a start, but she needed something personal too… "I am here to help you, and I am doing it of my own volition and not just to get rid of you. So do stop being so damned grim and show me what I can take." -08:29 Jun 19
Athos: "Choice…" he was right behind her and foating around to be half inside the sword stand in front of her. "You want my choice? You want me to choose be do something?" he grabbed her head and and held it "Choice is always dependent on whats in front of you." without warning he kissed her his lips pushing roughtly into hers nefore, a second later he let go of her and fassed strait through her. "There is choice for you. And take whatever you want, the owners dead." -08:35 Jun 19
Corona: There was a lot of power in a kiss. It was a special kind of magic in itself. The contrast between that simple action compared to the night he awakened was so dumbfounding, Corona was left reeling. She hadn’t even yet pieced it all together when she reached out to take the sword and examine it in her hands. When she did finally speak, her voice was soft. "You won’t be dead for much longer. It’d be wise to expand your field of vision and know what you’ve thrown yourself in to…" -08:47 Jun 19
[Corona enters.] -08:55 Jun 19
Athos: "Give me a reason to live and I might." he said. "And you need to be careful with those, they counteract the bloodmajoc of my line. They’re made to kill gods, especially us and those like us." he looked at her. "In fact you take that one, if you need it to feel safe from me." he turned to face her. "Its your choice." -08:55 Jun 19
Corona: She cast him an annoyed look, pointing the sword in his direction, much like she often did with her wand. "I’d like to point out that you are the one that keeps bringing up what you did to me. I am pissed off about it, and I don’t intend to forgive you any time soon. But I am not afraid of you and I am not so blinded by rage that I can’t understand you. You could give me some credit." Corona did take the sword, but not because of him. Something like that would be valuable later. She did stalk away to claim some other items too before she found herself tempted to see if it worked on ghosts. Why did she even feel insulted? Why did she even expect him to see behind himself? "I should be the one brooding and pissed off at the universe." she growled under her breath. "I’m the one alive, fated, and having to save the world from my own blood." -09:04 Jun 19
Athos: He floated after her. "You want me to admit it? I will. I hate what I did and I cannot forgive myself. That is not what sex is meant to be and I took away the srourse of a lot of your power. I had my chance at life and I gave it up. I don’t desurve another chance but you’re giving me one anyway. No one I’ve known would do that and I did something terrible to you. I’ve saif I’m sorry but it doesn’t feel like enough. Its sad to me that you’ll probably never know what its meant to be, that you’re too intereted in your tower and books to see a lot of the things I saw when I was alive. Life is about experiences and freedom, and yes, choice. And what you’re looking for is over there, the shard of the universe that Dakota broke." -09:13 Jun 19
Corona: "When are you going to stop making assumptions about me and start asking me why I live in that tower?" It should have made her feel better to know he was writhing in mental agony and regret. It didn’t. Not even a grim satisfaction. Sighing, Corona crossed the room to the shelf. She knew it the moment she saw it… just by the nature of it. It looked like a piece of stone or metal, metallic with a lot of color like peacock ore. Corona was very careful when she reached out to take it. "Do you have any idea what a person could do with this…!" -09:21 Jun 19
Athos: "End all magic, end the universe. Its the most powerful thing in existance." he said "So why do you live in that tower?" if thats the way she wanted to talk he’d ask "Why are you helping me? If you asked me to leave you alone I would." he put his hand on hers that held the shard. "If its not for this." he was looking at her. "Tell me what I have wrong, and why." -09:28 Jun 19
Corona: The smirk she cast was wide, almost assinine. It could have even been considered a flirt if the situation were different. "You should have asked me earlier. For all you know I could have been manipulating you to learn of this space and take everything that belonged to your family. You’ve been so wrapped up in yourself that I could have bound your soul three different ways and used you to fuel the next apocalypse." Her smirk faded as she looked down at his hand. She really did hope it was a side effect of the amulet that he emoted so much emotion just by touch. "The sorcerer that had this amulet and the bone dagger would have done exactly that. That tower is the only place I can practice the magic I need without him seeing." -09:37 Jun 19
Athos: "The amulet wouldn’t awaken for someone like that." he said "As much as I hate it its been a harsh guide for the family…" keepin ghis hand on hers he reached out to take it in his hand. "I never chose Leona… I tried to forse it to because I loved her and it let her die. If you believe in destiny, then she wasn’t the one destined, you were, I was just a few centuried early, but you still havn’t told me why you’re here. And why I shouldn’t freeze you hand off before you can use the shard…" he let go of her hand "Other than that I trust you." -09:42 Jun 19
Corona: Corona didn’t want to think about herself being destined for the amulet, especially with what the implications could be. Thankfully he released her hand and she was clutching that shard, with a look that suggested it wasn’t such a great idea to trust her. "Hmm. He is my father. He doesn’t know he is, not yet…" She opened her palm to look at the shard. "He’s been claiming things like this since before I was born. Powerful items, particularly ones that can summon or create. Took my mother because she had life magic. He’s batshit crazy and thinks he wants to be a god. A little ironic, don’t you think?" -09:50 Jun 19
Athos: He floated away from her and turned as he did so. "Now you have the most valuable artifact in the universe. And the ghost of a god. And when I try to make things easier, you make them harder. Find what you want, then find me, theres some places I need to see again before we leave." -09:53 Jun 19
Corona: She makes them harder? Corona didn’t bother to argue. She simply shrugged and nodded. There were a lot of things here she could use, and she wasn’t going to waste an opportunity to claim them. -09:55 Jun 19
Athos: He had tried to lay down a little trust and all she had done was try to make him question it. So what if she did destroy the universe… What he was looking at was an empty cave with a dried up river bed, what he had expected adn remembered was a garden, with fruit, and trees, and a lake… time didn’t stand still for the worled like it did for the trapped. He really had nothing left, except the one the amulet had chosen, and she was forsing him to question if he even had that. So if he had nothing, she dould ent it all if she really wanted. -10:03 Jun 19

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