Heartbreak and Romance 003: Better Than Watching

Hanael: COME MORNING… Hanael was not asleep on her big fluffy sofa in her business lounge or the one in her office. She was curled up in a bed with a big fluffy blanket and a warm body. So snuggly…! She nuzzled against it, almost purring and hugging it tight. This was a wonderful way to start a morning. -05:03 Jul 12
Severance: He flopped and arm over her and burried it in her hair before he even stired, then he opened his eyes and looked at her gropily as if trying to figure out how she got there.. rhen he closed his eyes again and pulled ehr closer. "Didn’t fly away in the night on me I see. Good.. there owuld have been tears." -05:06 Jul 12
Hanael: "I am not a runner, Mister Severance…" she said softly with a grin. Being squeezed was wonderful too! The touching, and the warmth, and the sound of his voice… Hana was infatuated with the feeling. …now if only they didn’t have to work. "My head hurts a little, though… I don’t want to drink any more beers…" -05:10 Jul 12
Severance: "You will.. trust me, I’ll get coffee once you stop.. being.. so… warm.." he yawned and burried his face against her with a sigh. "When do you have to work anyway?" -05:12 Jul 12
Hanael: She opened her eyes, shifting and tilting until she could take a look over him to see the window or a clock. A faint frown forming on her face. "A few hours ago. I shouldn’t have slept in so late." …yet she was settling back on him, peering at him with curiosity. "I could go to work with you today? To a park and we can work together. It would make up for my late start if I did something special…" -05:16 Jul 12
Severance: He opened one eye and peered at her. "Workaholic eh? Alright I’ll ger money for coffee once we’re there and grab some clothes… maybe you should run gt some too and we’ll meet at the park?" he sat up and looked around. "You really know how to make a guy now want to move." -05:19 Jul 12
Hanael: Hana grinned wide. "I like snuggling. Almost as much as kisses." Speaking of kisses. As she shifted to get up, she leaned over him and planted a quick kiss on his mouth. …of course, a quick kiss wasn’t enough, so there was a second more lingering one. "I’ll meet you there, yes. This will be fun!" -05:22 Jul 12
Severance: He grinned catching her hadn in his and squeezing it as she god up before joingin her and stretching. "Yes, yes it will be. ANd a trial run of what might be a long partnership." he rubbed his shoulders and smiled. "I’ll see you there Hana." -05:26 Jul 12
Hanael: Bidding him goodbye with a wave of her hand and lots of giggling, Hana left his place to head back to her apartment. On foot! Because she needed the time to wake up… and get her head together? She felt giddy! Warm and fuzzy feelings, she was so used to being around all the time… and now having them herself. Hana fell in to it fearlessly and was still wallowing in it when she arrived back at the dating service and stepped through the doors. Greetings curious employees and waiting clients with a wistful smile! -05:30 Jul 12
Severance: He showered and got changed quickly before grabbing his wallet and heading to the park. He didn’t know which park but he assumed the one he had pointed out the previous night. It was a nice day and he waited on one of the benches.. something boiling in his stomach that wasn’t entirely familiar… Nerves. -05:40 Jul 12
Hanael: The problem with being the Angel of Romance and finding yourself infatuated was…. you didn’t know what to do with yourself! She knew how to match couples, and what every couple would need for a perfect moment… but she wasn’t so sure what to do for a work date with her brand new, spur of the moment kinda-boyfriend. Should she dress very casual? Should she look like a super model? Hana settled for making sure she was clean and wearing a soft scent. A pretty dress for day time walks and flirting… By the time she left her business, everyone was gossiping and wonder what she was up to. Hanael arrived at the park a little late… but there was a clipboard in her hand and she was glancing around at everything, as alert and curious as ever! -05:46 Jul 12
Severance: He waved to her before standing and heading towards a coffee shop. "You look nice." he ventured as he got to her and took her hand in his. "He himself was just dressed in his ordinaly street clothes. "Got you clipboard I see, I see you don’t ge by feel alone. Probably a good thing." -05:49 Jul 12
Hanael: Holding his hand, she swung it back and forth between then. She was almost skipping, but kept that desire a little more subdued. "I like to be organized, and keep track of things… sometimes I see someone that has a strong love line, but there isn’t an immediate match. So I keep them on my list until I find where I want to guide them. Do you only go by sight and feel…?" -05:51 Jul 12
Severance: "I don’t have to worry about things like looking for matches and love line.. but…" from his pocked he pulled out a small PDA and handed it to her. Since we’re working together, a fill list of every couple from the last year and every one currently being worked on. All in there. Technology theses days.. its pretty amazing." -05:55 Jul 12
Hanael: Hana didn’t look so convinced about technology being amazing. In fact, she was having a very hard time trying to figure out how the little thing worked, and how to navigate through it. "These things are for devils… I like paper! You can keep this and I will scribble on my clipboard." -06:01 Jul 12
[(Timeout) Severance has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:31 Jul 12
[Severance enters.] -06:32 Jul 12
Severance: He took it back, pressed a few buttons and a very long list of names, traits, romantic profiles and list of past imcopatabilities came up. "Use this to scroll. And I’m a demon, not a devil." he stopped at the stand and got two take-away coffees and headed back towards the bench. The machine in her hand was a good five years out of date but he liked it… he after all was a lot older. -06:36 Jul 12
Hanael: A coffee in one hand and the pda in her other, she shook the thing a bit, still giving it that untrusting look. "…at least you keep good notes. Oh…! Oooo… This is very good! I never have complete past relationship profiles of people. It is always ever only the most recent or the most troubling one. But this is very good!" Hana plopped on to the bench, tapping her feeting together as she scrolled through the names. Occasionally shaking the thing when she forgot how to scroll it… -06:40 Jul 12
Severance: "Your relationships last… the ones I deal with its often the same people more than once. It helps to have a profile for everyone.. see this is the guy I pointed out to you last night in your business. You see the pattern he fell into? No more patterns for anyone with up working together." -06:45 Jul 12
Hanael: "Well… he needs to stop trying to pick up girls in night clubs. That is not where he should be at all. If something isn’t working, you try a new place." She leaned against the demon’s arm. Tilting her head in thought. "What does he do at the park, though? Running??" -06:51 Jul 12
Severance: "He walks through here every day, probably part of of his fitness regiment, yes." he sipped his coffee. "The girl he was talking to last night usually jog past here at around the same time. They’ve been close to eachother for years and just never met. Odd how that works sometimes." -06:55 Jul 12
Hanael: That had Hana grinning wide. "Like us, yes? In the same places all the time but never meeting? That’s how a lot of really good romances start. Coincidences and accidents." …so all it needed it was an accident. Taking a sip of coffee, she waved a hand as the man went jogging by, his laces coming untied. When he passed by that girl, he would take a comical tumble. Falling over wasn’t in romantic comedies all the time for nothing! Hana was giggling. -06:58 Jul 12
Severance: "I want to go find you, how is that an accident." he teased. "You to be honest we wouldn’t be hading this conversation if you had turned out to be an haunty as angels are meant to be. Stereotyping is not kind on you guys." -07:00 Jul 12
Hanael: "Demons have bad reputations too, you know. Every time I have met demons they haven’t been very nice or friendly. …or have been too friendly and I had to hit them. It is much easier dealing with humans." She was watching him again, chewing on her bottom lip with that inquisitive expression. "What did you think you’d find when you met met…?" -07:04 Jul 12
Severance: "A chubby baby with wings, a bow, and arrows with heart-shaped heads." he joked. "Seroiusly? I had no idea. I’ve had a long tome to mull it over but the idea of a THOU SHALT REMAIM PURE AND VIRTIOUS AS I HOOK YOU UP image never seemed right to me." he leaned agaist her. "Part of the reason I was curious." -07:09 Jul 12
Hanael: hana grinned, seeming to take a great deal of amusement in the whole cherub cupid image. "I’m not pure and virtuous at all! …um… Well, I have not had gratuitous sex, or relations, or love making myself. But I know all about it and I see it all the time. I have to think about it because it’s important for long lasting relationships too?" Hana hooked her arms around his and rest her head on his shoulder. "I was pretty sure you would be like any other demon I have met, lots of stabby things and sexing things and laughing maniacally at the pain of others with fire and pitchforks…" -07:13 Jul 12
Severance: "Sounds like a lot of people I know." he said "But I’d have sex with you if we got that far." he said "I’m not shy about it adn I don’t imagine you are either Ms. ‘I watch it all the time’ angel lady." he jabbed her in the side with his finger. "I have had it before, a while ago but I rememeber how it goes." -07:20 Jul 12
Hanael: She laughed, swatting his hand away and in the process remembering to hand him back his pda. It was a little awkward having it, her coffee, and clinging on him too. But this was very content. Something she never really realized she had been missing until now. "I don’t have a reason to be shy… I think. I am not sure what it will be like when we try it." She rest her chin on his shoulder. If she grinned any harder her cheeks would be sore. "I kind of want to skip work altogether just to see what we can do in one day… I’ve have seen people be this way, but I never thought it would be so compelling." -07:26 Jul 12
Severance: He put the arm holding the pda arounf her shoulders and sighed contentedly. "Hey now we don’t want to rush do we? And we have to see if this working together thing is going to work. I don’t want us to get so wrapped up on the kissign thing that we forget to work.. though…" he turned his head and pressed his lips into hers. I guess we can wait until we go to your business to test in a controlled enviroment, or to a bar tonight. -07:30 Jul 12
Hanael: Of course she knew she needed to keep a good balance of work if she were going to have a romance. …but common sense really did like to fly out the window with a simple kiss. And if she was supposed to be the one that kept the level head, that didn’t seem to be happening, because it was tricky work to move and throw her arms around his neck without spilling her coffee. Just so she could kiss him again and see how long it took before he wasn’t thinking about work any more! -07:34 Jul 12
Severance: "Hmmmmm" he moved his lips against hers slowly as they kissed again and placing his coffee down moved his hand to softly brush his hingertips againsr her cheek. Then he nipped her and smiled against her lips. "You’re going to make this very difficult. Aren’t you." -07:37 Jul 12
Hanael: "I am having a small problem with temptation and self control…" she admitted, but didn’t sound even the slightest bit sorry for it. Hana had been so sure she prefered those slow burn romances, with all of their little intricate sweet moments… and here all she wanted was more touching and more kissing and more exploring all as fast as she could get it. It was something new and exciting! Hana managed to inch herself all the way on to his lap, nuzzling against his cheek and teasing his hair between her fingers. "We wouldn’t get in too much trouble if we worked tonight instead?" -07:42 Jul 12
Severance: "We’re our own bosses." he said movign to kiss her neck and nip it too his nose burried in her scent and hie and caressing the oposide side of her neck. "So we’re free to do what we want today." -07:45 Jul 12
Hanael: She leaned just far enough to set her coffee aside and then it was right back to having her arms around him, and now with her hands free to touch as she pleased. "That means freedom to rush? But I don’t want to scare you…" Saying it really wasn’t stopping her from taking his face in her hands and kissing him before he could reply, either. Running her tongue over his lips to beckon him to open and taking advantage when he did. -07:51 Jul 12
Severance: "Only people you need to worry about scaring is everyone else in this park.." he whispered against her lips before there was no more talkign because his mouth was open and welcoming her tongue with his as his hand slid up her thigh and under her dress. Park full of people or not this was the right moment because it felt right. -07:57 Jul 12
Hanael: Oooo, electric. Under her skin and up her leg, giving her a tickle in her stomach and making her toes curl in her shoes. There was not another person in the world at that moment. Just those sensations and her wonderment with them. Hana slid her finger tips down his neck, tracing the line where his heart beat the strongest. Leaning in him to deepen the kiss and graze her teeth over his tongue. -08:03 Jul 12
Severance: His hand lingered under her dress tracing a line from her thigh across to her stomach makign her dress ride up as he turned under her breakign the kiss to stare into her eyes as his hand passed over her panties… then he leaned in close to ehr ear and whispered softly. "Want to… here… now?" -08:07 Jul 12
Hanael: hana flushed red, and it certainly wasn’t from embarassment. She was chewing on her bottom lip again, debating what he said… they didn’t need to rush. But oh… she really wanted to! She wanted to feel all of it, and even waiting ten minutes was far too long. "Yes now, please." Hana finally nodded, reaching to pluck at his shirt and find a way to slip her hands under it. -08:11 Jul 12
Severance: He pulled his shirt off and hung it over the back of the bench then he was pushing her off of his lap and pushing her dress up and lifting her leg over him to be between them and leaned down to press his lips into hers again his hand moving down to unde his pants and pullhimself free as his hips moved to hers a hand pushign her panties aside to brush his fingers over her his breath catching just to feel her. "You’re about to make move…" -08:16 Jul 12
Hanael: So fast, an so unbelievably shocking. Every little touch before had been butterflies, but this was like jumping in to hot water! Hana’s intake of breath was nothing short of a gleeful surprise… And she was just as quickly running her hands over his chest and stealing a hand between them just to feel what that was like too. "I dunno how that’s gonna go in there…" She gave him a curious squeeze! -08:26 Jul 12
Severance: He looked down at her hand and then kissed her and cradled the back of her head in his hand. "Guide be to you.." he said running his fingers over her again. "I’ll be gentle and take it slowit might hurt but I promise it will be worth it." -08:28 Jul 12
Hanael: She might’ve been worried at the sounds of pain, but a promise was a promise. Hana wasn’t in any frame of mind to stop even if he wanted to. He was already making her shiver and squirm. With a careful pull, she guided him to her. Not releasing until she felt his tip against delicate skin, and shifted her grip to his hand instead. Squeezing it from that impatient sense of anticipation. -08:36 Jul 12
Severance: He pulled back to look at her and delicatly brush his hadn agaist her cheek, then he pushed his tip into her andleaned down to brush his lips agaist her then push in further an imapatien nip finding her lip before he sunk in slowly the rest of the hay the breath he had held coming out in a rush. Then he thrust and gripped her head. Angel.. virgin angell… tight, delicate.. soft.. he wanted more.. so much more. -08:40 Jul 12
Hanael: If there was supposed to be pain, it was lost somewhere in a flood of sensation. Her hands found their way to his shoulders, fingers squeezing every time he thrust and her body moved. She had wanted to touch him all over and feel the fire of his skin… but this…! This was all consuming and leaving her squeaking out all too loud exclamations every time it hit just the right spot. Watching was so not the same as doing…! -08:46 Jul 12
Severance: He kept thrusting at a steady pace his ahnds gliding over her, pulling the top of her dress down and gliding over her skin as his lips moved agaisrt hers in soft endearments. He thrust more his hands caresssing and holding he ne pushed and moved and he ate her sounds with his lips nibbling ehrs. It was bliss, adn pasion all rolled into one. -08:51 Jul 12
Hanael: The longer it was the more it seemed to build, and the more she felt like it would sweep her away! Hana whimpered in to his kiss, drawing her legs around him in a tight embrace. She had to, as she was coiled so tight, without something to hold on to she thought she might die! And with sudden, rushing force, Hana thought she did! Hands gripping his shoulders when she gave a sharp cry. Her back bending as if it wanted to curl like her toes. She was shuddering and clenching, it was blasphemy to call it heaven, but that’s what it was! -09:00 Jul 12
Severance: He came with her and the kis turned from tesperate to tender as he gently stroked her cheek. "So thats making love.." he said nuzzling his lips against her as he pulled his dick from her and gently kissed her again. "I hope you loved it as much as I did." -09:03 Jul 12
Hanael: Hana was still squirming from delight, but it didn’t stop her from locking her arms around his neck and kissing him so hard that it left her gasping for breath when she finally released him. "I want to do that again." -09:06 Jul 12
Severance: He kissed her back all the while she kissed him. "I think we’ve given these peopl enough of a show." he said. "We should find somewhere else to do it. How about your couch?" he gave her a mischevious smile as he pulled away and pushed himslf back into his pants and picked up thier coffees. "Or the car of a taxi.. or a subway car… or in the air…" -09:09 Jul 12
Hanael: Everything sounded good to her, yet not soon enough. There was that similar stalking look to her expression she had when he agreed to let her match him… …however she did managed to find some retraint the moment she glanced around and spied people. Poor humans, that might not have been a responsible thing to do! Hana brushed her hands over her dress quickly, trying to straighten it out… "We have several hours until evening, we can try them all!" -09:12 Jul 12

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