Tying Down Royalty 003: Caught by the Guard (tbc)

[Lilei got in to a lot of trouble for her unscheduled park picnic. So naturally she was sneaking out.] -10:07 Apr 13
[Deitrick ] -10:10 Apr 13
Lilei: Lilei didn’t normally do this sort of things. She was not known for trouble or being sneaky. But things were different now. She was no longer in Russia in a finishing school and she was starting to remember her childhood a little bit less like it was unholy warfare with the Prince of Rhineland, but occasionally something she did enjoy. At the very least, she liked having a friend. That was why she spent the entire week watching American spy movies and made a PLAN! And why she was now tip toeing across the lawn of the Rhineland palace to sneak inside. Having spent enough summers there, she knew how to get in through the gates and where all the back doors were. -10:14 Apr 13 Lilei

Unfortunately she was no longer a child know bu the entire guard and begind her there ws the cold metalic click of a gun being laoded, “Hände wo ich sie sehen kann. Schweine.” came the barked command in german. -Deitrick 10:19 Apr 13

Lilei: Her german was a little rusty. "Ich bin harmlos! Princess Lilei Amalia, Armenia!" she squeaked, raising her hands up to show she didn’t have anything with her. …she really, really didn’t. Not even her purse with identification. When you were on a spy missions you weren’t supposed to bring anything but the bare necessities. In hindsight, that was a foolish move. -10:25 Apr 13 Lilei

“Holen Sie sich auf den boden!” two more guards came runnign up and grabbed her wrists and she was in a pair of disposable cuffs in a heartbeat and wrestled to the ground as patted down. “Eindringling erfasst. Ja miene herr… ja ja.” she captain thust him thumb in the direction of the giuard shack and she was licked and they starte arrying her. -Deitrick 10:37 Apr 13

Lilei: They were rough…! She hadn’t really meant to fight with them and struggle, but this was too rough and it was scary. Who she was should have been obvious, she was a frequent visitor – or at least had been – and wasn’t nice! "Das genügt! Duk’ karogh yek’ t’uyl tvek’ gnal hima!" her German switched to Armenian as she fussed. Would they put her in a dungeon to wait? There were spiders in there! -10:44 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "That’s far enough." Deitrick’s voice sounded from behind the girl. "Should have know it was you… let her go…" the cuffs were removed and she was released. "Lilie… you can use the front door you know…" -10:49 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick." She rushed to him as soon as she was loose, throwing her arms around his waist and clinging with her face buried against his chest. She could have ended up in a cell and forgotten and her only friends would have been spiders and criminals. Once she realized how silly and childish that whole train of thought was, and worse her clinging, she released him. Very primly she smoothed her dress and dusted off the bits of dirt and grass and tried to look like she hadn’t about to burst in to tears. "Your guard doesn’t know the difference between a harmless girl and a terrorist." -10:53 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "My guards are trained not to let ANYONE is, Lilie, thay’re doing thier jobs. Good thing i heard the while thing over the radio." she put an arm around ehr shoulders and started walkign towards hte palace. "Somethign hot to drink?" -10:59 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Would I have gone to prison?" How excessive and scary! She stepped closer to him casting a frownie look at the guards as they left. "Tea would be lovely. Will you have dinner with me?" In order to sneak her way out, she had to feign being too ill to show up for dinner. It also gave a perfect excuse for spending time with Deitrick without him thinking she liked him. -11:03 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "You would have been put in the guard shack until you identity could be confirmed which would imvolve a call to your parents… then they would probably come and pick you up…" he opened a side enterance for her before following her in. "And where do you want to have dinner?" -11:06 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Hmm. They left the country yesterday, they would not have been able to fetch me." It would have taken several days for them to come back and she would have to stay in a little shack waiting the entire time? "We will eat here. Here is well guarded – as I have just discovered – and I am not allowed to see you." It was nice to see his home again. A place familiar that she was fond of. Lilei stopped in the hall to glance at some paintings. "We can still sneak things from the kitchens?" -11:11 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "No… we’ve had to step up security but I’ll… tell the guard to let you in if they see you. Just have your ID on you." he sook her to the right to the kitchens they had just been talkign about and sat down at a small table set out like a cafe. "Two mugs of tea." he called out to the ever-present staff. -11:22 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei sat gracefully, although now she felt a little roughed up. She was still plucking peices of grass from her dress and she had to reach up and smooth her hair back in place. "Why must there be stricter security? Is something amiss in Rhineland?" She shifted in her seat again, plucking a twig from her rear and setting that on the table. Lilei frowned slightly. "Is it my fault? I did not think our picnic would have cause such a stir, but then my father’s vizier has said I am not to speak to you." -11:30 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "Vizier sounds so evil…" he laughed. "And no… it happened a while ago. Just have to be careful… if a couple kids can sneak in and out then there’s omething wrong that needs to be fixed. It’s just whe way things are…" it was almost like she hadn’t grown up at all. "Unlike you my parents knew I was going to the park." -11:34 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "You are allowed to come and go as you please without five men following you around every corner." she sounded exasperated about it, but he laughed and it made her smile. Lilei leaned forward, resting her arms on the table. "I wanted to see you without someone lurking and listening to everything we talk about. We still have secrets." -11:41 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "then once we have out tea I’ll give the staff an hour off and we’ll just sit here?" he asked givign her a smile. "Good to know you don’t think of me as that srinky mean bow who did.. stuff… I don’t even remember…" -11:48 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "You will hurt my feelings. How can you not remember everything? I do!" He certainly was not like the boy she remembered. At least not entirely. He was grown and experience. Where she was… very much the same. "We will not sit. We will go to my favorite room! I want to see if my treasure box is still hidden there. Then maybe you will remember a little more?" -11:51 Apr 13 Lilei
Deitrick: "And which is your favorite room?" treasure box? He wracked his memories wrying to think of what she could mean. Was there really something of hers hidden in the palace for all this time? "Okay we’ll take out tea upstairs then?" -11:57 Apr 13 Deitrick
Lilei: "Yes!" Lilei hopped out of seat, showing more excitement than was appropriate for a young woman. She grabbed his hand, and if that tea was to follow she must have expected it to fly by itself or servants to magically know what they needed, because she was already tugging him up from his chair to pull him down the hallway. "My room was always the Lilac room thas has the pettiest shimmery wallpaper and the dark velvety curtains." -12:02 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: "Bring the tea to the Lilac Room." he shoulder behind himself as he was pulled comedically from the room to the gilggling of the servants. He knew the wallpaper had been redone since then and hoped she wouldn’t be toooo disappointed even though it had been given the best matching wallpaper available, meaning the ariginal plant has been reopened just for a special order of identical wallpaper. -12:09 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei knew exactly where to go, after so many frequent summer visits. Up the stairs and down the west wing, three doors and there it was. She pushed in to the room, tugging Deitrick with her and didn’t let go until she was by the bed. Lilei dropped to the floor and crawled under it. The squeeze was a tiny bit tighter now, but she hadn’t grown by too much. All that were seen now were her feet kicking back and forth. "I knew it was still here!" came her muffled exclamation from under the bed. -12:15 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: Once he was free her folded his arms and shook his head. "And what is there, exactly, that replacing the carpets didn’t turn up?" it had to be in the bed itself or somethign to be missed. The room hadn’t really ben used since she had been here. "Come out here and we’ll see." he sat on the bed and flopped down. He was curious in spite of himself and the fact that she really shouldn’t be here. -12:24 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: There was a thump and an omph suggesting where he sat might have been near the location of her fumbling. But soon she was scooting back out again, little bits of dust bunnies in her hair and a small jewelry box in her hands. Lilei plopped on the bed next to him, opening up the lid to rummage inside. "Ahmm, this was yours." She plucked out a tiny little soldier figure and held it in her palm for him. "But I cannot remember if I stole it or if you gave it to me. But it went in the treasure box with all of my other treasure." -12:29 Apr 14 Lilei
Deitrick: "Hey I rememebr him… I had hundreds of those guys, the entire 2nd batallion from the war, every man, evert gun, every car, truck, tent, bed, table and chair represented… honder where the otehrs are…" -12:51 Apr 14 Deitrick
Lilei: "I do not know, but this one stayed with me and protected my bed." She shuffled things in the box around. There was some fake plastic jewelry, marbles, and a few rocks. A barrent really loved and… Lilei giggle! She plucked out a tiny Valentine card with terribly scribbled ‘To Lilie frum Deitrick’ and handed it to him. "I got mad at you for spelling my name wrong, but I saved it anyway." -12:58 Apr 14 Lilei
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[Deitrick is starign at the cieling.] -03:48 Apr 15
[Lilei is sharing her box with Deitrick!] -03:48 Apr 15
Deitrick: "You’re lucky I didn’t spell it L-I-L-L-Y." he said looking over at her haul. "Or L-I-L-L-A-Y…" he reached out to snatch the card away and the corner of his mouth turned into a frown. It was kinda emabrresing. "Wait… you never opened the sealed bit of the card?" he tapped the flap that contained the present be had picked out for ehr so long ago. "I don’t even rememebr what’s in here…" -03:52 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei shook her head. "I was livid." she mumbled a bit sheepishly. Of course it was ridiculous now to have been so mad about something so trivial, but that was the nature of little girls! "It was important, though, and went in to my treasure. I must have thought to open it later but never remembered to…" Now it really WAS a treasure box with a surprise! Lilei plucked it back out of his hands using a nail to break open the seal. Then paused. "…I am afraid to look! It wasn’t a spider was it?" -04:00 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He rolled his eyes. "No, it wasn’t a spider. I was nice sometimes you know." what it really was was a tigers eye silver necklace. "Sorry I couldn’t spell when I was eight… " -04:03 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She laughed softly. "A prince really should have spelled better." Oooh… hen she tipped the envelope over and the small chain fell in to her palm, she was surprised! So pretty and so delicate, and she couldn’t fathom how a little boy would pick such a thing out. Especially one that was so wicked most of the time. "Deitrick…" Now she was going to cry! Squealching it with a huff, she turned to lean and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I should have opened it then. -04:08 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He froze for a moment and then grinned, rubbing his cheek. "If you did then you wouldn’t now and you wouldn’t have just kissed me cheek so ar’t you happier no to have and that you got to see it for the first time right now? -04:13 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I admit it is nice to find an unexpected treasure when I had only meant to come and spend time with you." The was a small bit of fumbling with the clasp, but soon it was situated neatly around her neck. She brushed her fingers over the stone, pleased and… still surprised! She kept reliving these moments she had thought were awful, but found there was something more to it. Stolen mistletoe kisses and now a very sweet gift. "I think you are blushing Deitrick!" she chirped, trying tease him before she ended up blushing herself. -04:22 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "I never blush." he said raising his eyebrow at the ceiling as he looked away. "I’m just happy you like it. I think my mom helped me pick it out… she thought it was cute I wanted to give you something nice and you havn’t changed at all." -04:29 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "You never blush, you never drink, you never date, you never go on picnics or dance in the rain. That is a lot of nevers." Lilei set the card back in to the box, along with the toy soldier. They belonged in her treasure. Then she set the box aside and pulled her legs up on the bed and was gently poking him in the side. "Have I really not changed at all? I thought I was at least a little taller." -04:35 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Physically you’re diferent." he said rolling onto his tide and taking her hand. "But inside you’re still tha same old, quirky, sheltered, afraid of spiders, cute, cuddly little girl." -04:40 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I am not cute and cuddly." she protested with a frown. "I am an intimidating Armenian Princess. When I enter a room, all of the men quake with fear!" Lilei had no idea that was actually the fault of her very protective imposing father. She was certain it was her. The rest might have been true though. She held his hand up so she could press her palm against it and compare the size. His fingers were a great deal longer than hers. "When did you become so serious and responsible." -04:44 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He shrugged. "When I grew up I guess…" he said with a sigh. "My parents… taught me the dangers of being a figurehead for a constitutional monarchy. I went through military training… you know… life stuff. Didn’t you go through hard things in Russia?" -04:48 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She shook her head. "It was just a finishing school for girls. Extended education to finish college, followed by political protocol and etiquette. There was just endless studying." Lilei shifted so she could lay down with him. Keeping his hand so she could study his fingernails. "They felt it was better for me to be elsewhere." she mumbled, a sad sort of look falling over her features. "You are lucky your parents wanted you nearby. I liked them." -04:54 Apr 15 Lilei
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[Deitrick ] -05:29 Apr 15
Deitrick: "Lucky…?" he asked rolling his eyes. "Yeah… look what it’s done to me. You’re still the same person and I’m so different. You said so yourself. I think you’re the lucky one to still remember what actual fun is like." -05:30 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick." she said gravely. "You need to dance." Lilei moved suddenly, climbing over him and off the bed so she could hop across the room. It was in a different place now, but there was still the old turn table tucked away there. She flipped through the tiny collection of records until she found her favorite. Something soft and pretty, An older production of music their mothers had once danced to in some ballet before they were born. "There!" She returned to the bed to grab his hands and tug at him. "Up and dance with me. You at least remember how to dance?" -05:36 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: Instead of getting up to pulled her down and then kicked off his shoes to slide up and half curl on the covers. "I don’t dance outside of fundraising, and you can’t move a pronce once he’s confortable and I’m confortable." he smiled. "You never could move me once I was a rock. I’m a rock. I am stone, you can’t move me. -05:43 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I am bigger and stronger now Deitrick, and more stubborn than you!" Lilei was up to the challenge. She look positively ferocious tugging off her shoes show she wouldn’t get dust in the covers, pouncing on him to grab his arms and puuuuuuull! When that completely failed, she took to unfair war tactics and tickled him. -05:48 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: That caught him by surprise and he shot backwards, tumbling off of the bed. The table shifted as his head cracked against it and an enty vase fell off, bouncing twice but not breaking. "Ow…" he complained foldg his arms and staying right where he was. She STILL wouldn’t move him. -05:50 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Oh!" she winced. It wouldn’t matter how old she was, nearly breaking things – heads or vases – was always going to make her feel bad. Lilei scrambled to put the vase back on the table. And there he was sitting there on the floor with that stubborn look, being a rock. She bit her bottom lip trying not to laugh, then knelt on the floor. "Did you give yourself another scar to go with that rifle one?" she asked, running her fingers through his hair to just and be sure he wasn’t bleeding. -05:55 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Just a braise.’ he said takign her hand and holding onto it to pull her down to the floor and pin her against him. "I’m a tough boy, remember? Been through soldiering and everything." -06:21 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She giggled and swatted, squirming to grab his head just so she could make DOUBLE sure there were no injuries. "Yes but I can’t have you lose braincells and then forget my name all together?" Nothing seemed to be amiss, but his hair WAS rather soft and nice for a soldier prince. -06:26 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Thank you… whomever you are…" he mumbled putposfully letting his head roll back and blinking rapidly. "Who am I…? Helllo…? Anyone there…?" -06:41 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "Deitrick! I’m Lilei." He probably did give himself a concussion, and for a split second she was terrified! Tugging his face back to hers as she worriedly examined his eyes. "…you’re lying!" she fussed and frown deeply, giving his shoulder a swat. "That’s not funny, you could have actually hurt something!" -06:46 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Not lying, teasing, it’s meant to be fun for both of us." he said tugging on her arm. "boooooooth of us. huh guess that’s why you alwasy thought i was so mean." he sat up and lenaed against the bed, pulling his knees up to his chest. "Only thing I hurt was my pride… tickled by a Lilei… how will i live that down?" -06:49 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: Lilei huffed. Teasing her. Well… maybe she was still a bit bad at recognizing jokes and teasing when it turned on her. Lilei pounced, throwing her arms around his neck and burying her face there. Her voice came out muffled. "I’m sorry Deitrick. I really thought you were always being mean to me and you hated me." -06:53 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "Liiiilei… you were my best friend… why would I hate you?" her put his arms around her and cradled her, extending his legs to let her sit in him lap. "You don’t have to apologize, it was ages ago… and maybe I should apologize for not making it clearer it was leant to be fun." -06:56 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "I didn’t understand. A lot of it was fun. I wouldn’t have saved so many of your things otherwise. I have a lot of good memories." Even more than she had thought. They had just been locked away somewhere she didn’t want to look. She pulled away frowning sheepishly."I thought everyone hated me, just a little. Why else would I get sent to Russia." -07:02 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: He looked her right in the eyes. "Maybe your parents just wanted the best for you." he reached out to hun a hand through her hair. "Things arn’t alwasy easy in a palace and your parents still rule and one day you might rule too, so they might be too bust to teach you proper statecraft to they sent you to where you could learn. Ever think of it that way?" -07:04 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She shook her head softly. "I hadn’t thought of it like that." Lilei still wasn’t so sure, but he was being sweet and it made her smile, just a bit. She tapped his chin with a finger. "I was your best friend, Deitrick? Even above General Croaker?" -07:12 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "You’re bringing my pet frog into this? Lilei… Of course you were a better friend than a pet frog, why would you even need to ask that. I only got mad that one time because he needed that heat lamp to survive the winter." -07:13 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: "It is a legitimate question!" she fussed, curling to bury her face at his neck again. How embarassing to know she had hissy fit after hissy fit, when all the while Deitrick was her only and best friend? If he didn’t hate her, he should have! "And I never wrote to you or spoke to you for all of those years. It is no wonder you so serious and never have any fun now…" -07:17 Apr 15 Lilei
Deitrick: "So now i never have fun?" he sighed. "One: I have fun. Two: You can’t blame yourself for everything, okay? We had our different lives… just don’t do it again. -07:24 Apr 15 Deitrick
Lilei: She grinned, nuzzling against his neck. He smelled really nice and it was comfortable sitting like this, on his lap on the floor. Maybe she was a cuddly princess. "I will be sure to call you every day, no matter what timezone I am in." -07:28 Apr 15 Lilei

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