Starcrossed 003: Collision

[Evander Seems to have made adeal to stick with the woman who clearly doesn’t want anything to do with him… right?] -02:58 Jul 01
[Kendra doesn’t know what the fuck she’s thinking anymore. She’s just going to roll with it and see what happens.] -03:00 Jul 01
Kendra: Junkyards. They were one of Kendra’s favorite places. Tons and tons of old bits and pieces, lost and neglected. In perfectly good condition if you knew how to repair them. At the gates she haggled a nice little deal… well. HE did the talking, but she did the instructing. Anything she could get out of there in a small ship was theirs, for a nice little price. Now was a matter of finding just the right thing for a Magician and a Mechanic. -03:03 Jul 01
Evander: Well the deal was done, they had free reign of the junkward and aff they had to do was find a ship and fix it up. THey had been taken to a bunch of battered wrecks. Evander looked sceptical but then he had no experience with these ships. He did notice however a few components he knew to be magical… Incliding one with a missing panel and an explosed crysta that it looked like someone had tried to wrench out and broke it in the process. "For someone claiming to be able to fix these… they seem to have a lot of technomagical components…" -03:10 Jul 01
Kendra: "Technomagical… there’s a fun new word." She stooped to pick up something interesting. He was right, though. A lot of this stuff had been built with… unfamiliar science. Which was going to be her new phrase for magical nonsense. It didn’t mean she wouldn’t know how to put it all together but… "Good thing I have a magician, hmm? Pretty sure I can take care of the hard stuff, and you and make it all glitter-glowy with the spells." -03:13 Jul 01
Evander: He pulled the broken chrystal out of the coupling and looked at it with an almost sad look in his eye before be blew of it and the crack repaired itself bit there was no glow from inside, no fire. "I shouldn’t have sold that blasting wand.." he muttered pocketing the chrystal and turning to her. "So what are these things?" -03:20 Jul 01
Kendra: "Spare parts from…. just about everything under the sun. Ships, generators, machines, robots… A graveyard of neglected technology." She pointed down a path and started walking. In the farest back corners of the yard there were much MUCH bigger pieces of gnarled metal. Vessels of various sizes. Some of which had Kendra’s fingers twitching and that wicked look of wanting falling over her face. Buuut… they had to take something smaller. She stopped near the ones that had a reasonable size for two people. "Hmm. So take your pick, Magician. Which of these beautiful babies would you like to live in?" -03:25 Jul 01
Evander: They looked like delapidated metal birds. "I liked the bigger ones." he said "But they looked like bricks.. these…" he knew which one he wanted but had to see the rest too. but he couldn’t resist.. he stepped up the ramp and into the dark interiour raiing his hand to congur a ball of light to follow him. Hanging wires and debris but mostly intect… maybe.. what were these things meant to look like?" -03:30 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra was watching his expression. He really was so much like Evan… she could see those little ticks and know which he liked and which he didn’t by the tiniest of changes. She followed him, knocking a hand against one of the walls on the interior and glancing up at the roof. "They can look like anything, really. Most ship designers aren’t exactly creative, so you get a lot of boxy things…" Light balls. Those were useful, not even a flashlight in his hand. Hrrm. -03:37 Jul 01
Evander: He looked around running his hand on the dusty wall. "Not this one though, its not sleek but it has shape to it…" he mounted a metal staircase leading up and peered into a corridor. "WHat is this ship like? Do you know it’s type?" -03:44 Jul 01
Kendra: "I will have to see it’s engine to know for sure. It looks like a long distance shuttle. So it would have one hella badass power source." In fact… she very much wanted to take a look. If she could stop looking at him and waiting for his approval. …she wasn’t even the one picking out the ship! Why did it matter! "Seems to be enough room for two people. Passengers too if we wanted. Or cargo." -03:50 Jul 01
Evander: He pointed to the ball of light, then at her and it floated over to hover abover her shoulder. "Lead the way, I’d want to see it too, and the rooms, and everythign else." he likes what he ahd seen so far, is was tight but not cramped, and if they were getting oassented he could make the interious look very homely. -03:56 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra leaned away from the ball of light, almost like she thought it was alive and going to snap at her. With a faintly cross look, she turned and led the way through the corridors. There wasn’t far to go, a pass through a common room. A step down some stairs and through a hatch. Once she found her engine room, Kendra was both pleased and vexed. The majority of it was completely recognizable. She knew every bit and piece down to the wire and bolts. But the part that should have been tank of fuel, or a power coil, or a reactor chamber… was one of those damned crystals. Larger than any damned gem she’d ever seen. Kendra leaned forward and squinted. Yep… just like his. It wasn’t very bright, and barely a flicker, but that weirdness was in there. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this." -04:00 Jul 01
Evander: He stepped forwards and placed the gingertips of both hands on the surface of the crystal and closed his eyes. "Vigilaveris Musa et dare nobis lux." there was the feeling like he was being looked at then the room lit up, parially. "This will take work.." he muttered "And materials.. but the crystal is undamaged." -04:10 Jul 01
Kendra: "Well then. Looks like you won’t be so useless on board, after all, Magician!" There was the slight curve of a smirk to her lips, despite the fact she was crossing her arms and more than a little annoyed that her ship ….. THE ship was going to be magic powered. The question repeated in her head. What the fuck was she supposed to do with that? Pray the damned thing worked and they didn’t fall out of the sky when his little illusions suddenly failed? -04:13 Jul 01
Evander: "This is wrong." he said "This is all wrong. Al of thene out here abandoned like garbage.. if we can find more crystals like this in the other ships I can bring thier sparks to this one, with enough we’l be able to get… a lot of power…" he mind was working overtime as he gauged gow much energy the system in gron of him was designed to take. "I have a book that might help, but you’ll have to know the basic of hos crystals and magic work first.." he was tracing a cable and reading the symbols on it… "But this… its different from anythign I’ve seem orread about.. maybe you’ll be able to fill in the gaps." -04:23 Jul 01
Kendra: "So you want to go rock hunting in a graveyard of metal." Digging around the junkyard looking for crystals when what she needed was something serious. Kendra didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or just chuck him out there to keep him busy while she did the real work. "Okay… you can find your little rocks and I will do the real work. I’m sure once I get all of the wiring repaired I can figure out how this damned thing works. It can’t be that different from a coil…" -04:31 Jul 01
Evander: He looked at her. "Where I’m from a crystal this size could buy a kingdom, but you see the problem here is.." he pointed into the core of the crystal it should be filled with fire.. its almost empty, you’d be lucky to get a lame mule for it like this. Think of it like this. Its a lantern that almost out of oil. What I’ll be doing is finding other lanterns and takign thier oil to put into ours. Then we can her enrgy in this ship and look for breaks in cables and see about turning things on." his voice was impatient and iritated at her contempt. "Unless you want to run out of energy in the air, that would be fun." -04:40 Jul 01
Kendra: "Thank you, no, I understand how shitty it’d be to drop out of the sky." He hit a button. A really bad button, and the worst part was that she knew she was reacting to it and couldn’t control it. "It’s not like I haven’t repaired ships my entirely life and killed my own fiance from fucking it up, but thanks!" And there went the sarcasm. Kendra clamped her mouth shut as she gave a soft growl. Turn away, let it go. So she did. Stomping across the room, to see what bits and pieces were scattered around that needed to be put back together. "I’ll ask you for your magic mumbo jumbo when I need it, for the time being you can go digging." -04:46 Jul 01
Evander: The ball of light disipated plunging then into darkness with only the feeble glow of the crystal and the glowing runes on his neck for light. He couldn’t not feel and it made his magic difficult. Just like it had when he had seen her falling, a spell could have saved her. "Last I checked I spent my entire savings getting this ship." he said "That in any world’s law makes it mine. I intend to make it my home for however long it takes to repair and however long I choose to reamin on it after that so if anyones giving orders here its me." his tone was low but charged with emotion. "Unless you’re going to pull a weaking on me again which would not be wise…" the glow awakened in his eyes making them bright blue, he had no control over it and it was doubtful he even was aware of it. "So can you fix this ship or did I just waste everything I had?" -04:57 Jul 01
Kendra: The room went dark, and she wondered if he knew how much it bothered her. And was annoyed even further to think that he did and he was using it on purpose. He looked like a demon in the dark, but at least that faint glow would give her something to aim at. "You wouldn’t have this ship at all were it not for me, nor will you be able to fix it without me. Money doesn’t mean shit if you don’t know how to use it…" Kendra didn’t give a remark about the weapon. She was already laying a hand on her gun, tempted to pull it just to press HIS buttons and see how far she could test him. "You can barely hold your tricks together, if anyone is gonna to keep this ship in the air, it will be me." -05:07 Jul 01
Evander: "Stupid.. arogant… ignorent…" he slosed his hands into fists and slowly lifted them, as with the creaking of metal the ship shudered and lifterd a few inches from the ground, then feww beck and he didn’t even stumble. "You’re right, I wouldn’t have this ship if it wasn’t for you, I’d be out of the city finding a bacin in the mountains, or a small farm, or maybe just murbering preople for money. Who the fuck cares. Its not too late for me to get my money back, leave you here and go and find my own life. You want to know why I bought this ship? Because I wanted to go on an adventure with you. Do not make me change my mind about that." he took a step forwards. "Because if you do I’ll take my sword back and leave you here." -05:15 Jul 01
Kendra: "Oh, I’m sorry. Am I too much to deal with? Not as congenial and understanding as your dead wife?" Now she was down right being a bitch. It didn’t matter than her conscience was screaming at her, and her better sense was groaning. He had done nothing but sigh over that woman, and try to vex her with his spells, and she was looking for any excuse to lash out at something. "I’d like to see you try and take back that sword. You think those illusions of yours are so damned grand, but they aren’t nothing but parlor tricks." -05:25 Jul 01
Evander: He punched her in the back "I don’t need magic for everything." he growled grabbing her shoulder and pulling her back up to push her agaist a wall. "Stop treating me like an ignorent villager or some kind of child. I’m a grown man who tried, once to live a peacful life and I failed. So now you’re here saying I’m useless and treating me like some loadstone around your neck I will show you what I can do without magic." -05:30 Jul 01
Kendra: Son of a bitch was sneaky and it was her own fault for not immediately being ready for a fight. "I don’t care two shits about where you’re from and what you’ve done! I just know you’re here!" That was probably the weakest comeback she’d ever given. That didn’t matter either, because she was pulling out her gun and swinging it to sock him with the butt. She didn’t have to use firepower either, but that didn’t mean she would kick his ass without a weapon. -05:37 Jul 01
Evander: There the was grunt of pain and he pulled away, grabbed her arm and flipped her onto her back on the floor twisting the wrist that held the gun, then pinned her to the floor and one thand holding her worist down adn the other squeezing her throat as he pushed his full wieght down on her, sitting on her to keep her down as he leant forwards to put his face adn inch from hers. "I am here, and I don’t like the way you talk donw to me. I don’t give half a shit what you think about me but if this is going to work you can at least fucking acknowlede I’m not a helpless little baby." -05:46 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra was on the floor faster than she could blink, which made it really hard to hide that look of surprise. Evan had never been so quick to move, and as she struggled against his weight with a bit of twisting and squirming, she was aware he had never been that strong either. Kendra couldn’t throw him off her, she could only grip his wrist with her free hand and dig her nails in to his skin. Despite the position she gave him that assinine smirk. "Who says I want it to work. Maybe I don’t care about that or anything else. I’ll get us both killed and not think twice about that either. Could be better to just kill me now." She was really just trying to goad him, but there was a small dangerous truth to her words. -05:54 Jul 01
Evander: He squeezed her troat harder his thumb pinching her windpipe. "Getting yourself killed? It would be faster for me to just do it myself, ot you to do it yourself.. I don’t intend to die, I still have a life to live and places to see… if youcan’t see that then you’re already dead…" DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT WHY WAS HE FEELING SORRY FOR HER… "And…" there was not and, only him lips meeting hers. Maybe now she’d stop her whining and… no and there either… this felt good. -06:05 Jul 01
Kendra: A squeezing hand on her throat she saw coming, a kiss… not at all! The surprised sound and the slight jump that follow only seemed to press her mouth harder to his and… she couldn’t seem to find the will to turn away. Kendra wanted the fight. Her legs twist and attempted to pull up, and she tried to slid her pinned arm free. She wanted… all that resistance seemed to melt the longer she kept returning his kiss. Why couldn’t she just turn away! -06:14 Jul 01
Evander: He could have grabbed her wrist again but he needed that hand to bury in her hair as he slid his lips agaist hers and gave an all too preased sigh.. but her struggles… he bit her lip and growled gripping her hair tightly and pushe his hips down on top of her… Gods he was being aggresive with her when he should be not toutching her at all! -06:22 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra hissed a growl back at him. Shoving roughly against his shoulder, just a natural instinct to fight against him. But… that same instinct was fighting with that little bit of her that couldn’t stop the kiss. Glaring and squirming and all, her fingers were digging in to the fabric of his clothes and her mouth teasing his with a relaxed bit of pressure and a slip of her tongue. Couldn’t she do anything without contradicting her own thoughts?! -06:28 Jul 01
Evander: He met her tongue with his and slipping his legs between hers. This was wrong… it hadn’t been.. no he couldn’t think… not about anything but Kendra against him as he pulled her shirt up to feel her bare skin his sking tingling as he toutched her stomach… -06:34 Jul 01
Kendra: It was all out of control. Every moment since she saw him had been out of control. She never felt like this. Not even with Evan. Her fiance had never made her feel so out of control, and out of herself. Her hand slipped to the back of his neck, squeezing it and pulling him down to ravage his lips with a nip of her teeth. -06:45 Jul 01
Evander: He tore her top from her more than took it off and grabbed her breast roughly. He couldn’t stopm not even if he wanted to.. this was for her right, to show her there was always more to live for… He presed his lips hard against hers and unclaped his robe on the chest and waist giving her full access to everything. -06:49 Jul 01
Kendra: Kendra gasped, mutter swome curse at him against his mouth. Who knew the simple sound of ripped fabric would be just as jolting as the rough touch of his hands against her skin. That needy achey feeling all the way down to the pit of her stomach had her whole body working against her. Her hands slipped to his shoulders, raking her nails down over them as his chest. Slipping fingertips over his tattoos with that mild sense of feeling the power underneath, but being too wrapped up in how he made her feel like a live wire to even notice. She hated herself for wanting it so bad, but had no will to give any protest beyond a faint groan! -06:57 Jul 01
Evander: He unclasped her pants and pulled away to pulle them off, it was the diffences that stood out more than anything, this wasn’t his wife, bt she was dead and he had a right fo move on, this was the start of something new and exciting. Moving to grip her shoulders and pull her up agaist him he took control and moved hsi hit so hers his tip rubbing agaist her. Then he was kissing her again as he sunk in the feeling of her lip parting making him rush to thrust in and grind and nip her to stop himself grunting too loudly. -07:06 Jul 01
Kendra: Her arms went around his neck, forehead pressed against his as she stared in to his eyes. Kendra wasn’t searching for anything beyond what he was feeling right in that moment. If it mirrored the intense, overwhelming passion that seemed to take precedence over her every thought. Her legs wrapped around him too, hips grinding and rocking to feel every inch of him. Every motion rushing that sense of electricity through her and making her skin tingle. -07:16 Jul 01
Evander: His eyes did miror her pasion and desperation he was griping her tughtlu to her and pressign ehr agaist the back as he pushe and thrust. There was a sound in his thoat now, half growl half groan and all bite. He wanted to feel more, feel it all.. everything she could give him… and evey nernve and movement echoed his need. -07:23 Jul 01
Kendra: The fenzied kiss she gave him, all breathless, soft and urging, didn’t match the way her arms tightened or her nails dug in to his back. The way she dug her hand in to his hair and pulled hard, leaving her access to nibble and lick along the line of his jaw and release quick whimpering sigh at his ear. She was falling to the point of toe curling agony, that alarming sensation of being carried away but too delicious to give up! -07:32 Jul 01
Evander: SHe was going to drive him insane or worse, she was already driving him to grind into ehr harder than he ever had before… he ahd her cisrled in his arms and his mouth was open, every breath an audiable hiss. SHe was going to drive him past the point, but he didn’t want this to end. -07:38 Jul 01
[Kendra enters.] -07:41 Jul 01
Kendra: She couldn’t stand it. Kendra was throbbing all the way down to her core. Catching her breath to the point of not being able to breath, and gasping with every shift and squeeze of his arms. That list bit of resistance gave way, and Kendra sank her teeth in to his shoulder to stifle the sudden moan that came with her body’s response. The tightening, the shivver up her spin. All of it coming with a wave of dizzying euphoria. -07:49 Jul 01
Evander: His hand mover to grip the back of her head as his shoulder thoughtened under her teeth. He was usually very causious about damage t his skin but there was not sign of that now. He rocked agaist his muscles straining before he whimpered and filled hermoving to hols her ear gently in his teeth panting as he did to. Its was amazing… and unlike anything before it. -07:55 Jul 01
Kendra: It was so intense she was left clinging to him for several moments. Her face resting against his shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. There was that feeling of her twitching and tapping her fingers against his back. The way she seemed to do when there was something particulary interesting to her.. and she didn’t even realize she was doing it! Even shifting against him left her sucking in a quick breath from the feel. So sensitive that even after it was still a thrill. -08:02 Jul 01
[(Timeout) Kendra has timed out.] -08:09 Jul 01
Evander: He settled agaisrt her and let his eyes close as he kissed her forehead his hand moving to trace a tingernail in patterns on the base of her skull, thet were meaningless patterns with no magical value but the feeling deep inside him was a lot like magic. There was a chuckle as he moved to kiss her lips, long, slow, and tender. "Never had it quite like that before…" he whispered. "May need it again…" -08:12 Jul 01
Kendra: Her hands were at his cheeks, softly moving her thumbs against his jaw. The most perplexed expression across her features as she gazed in to his eyes and down to his mouth. "I don’t know up from down because of you." she mumbled, leaning to kiss him again. Looking so completely marveled at the way it felt. "Everything is wrong, but it feels right…" -08:17 Jul 01
Evander: Rubbing the side of her neck. "Then down’t worry about right or wrong and go with what you feel." he said quietly. "I don’t know what to think right now either but Kendra.. I know what I feel." -08:24 Jul 01

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