Myth and Legacy 003: Do you understand now?

Myth and Legacy

[Raul is face down in the sand after almost killign himself and Kate with a tsunami and kissing her as it broke over them.] -01:19 Mar 31
[Kate is pretty sure she’s dead. Laying on her back in the stand with her arms over her head and wishing the reaper would just get it over with!] -01:20 Mar 31
Raul: He rolled over his arm floppign into somethign soft, he groaned.. hsi head pounding as he felt arounf wonderign what it could be…. then he say up and turned… "Kate…" he peiced together what had happened, the boat, the wave.. the …. "Are you alright?" -01:23 Mar 31
Kate: "Go away. I’m dying." she groaned out. Had she any energy she would be punching him in the face right now. As it were, she wasn’t yet ready to open her eyes and was still hoping she’d DIE already. Take her body to the briny deep along with her precious boat…! -01:24 Mar 31
Raul: "No you’re not." he said standin and looking up and down the beach. "We’re on shore.. what shore I don’t know." he had been angry with her, so angry he had most control. "So you’l have to hait for the tide if you want to drown there." -01:26 Mar 31
Kate: "Stop talking to me! You are BANNED from talking to me!" Kate finally sat up. The motion making her groan again from the pounding in her head. It took her even longer to get up to her feet. …no shoes! Might as well add that to her list of things she lost. Now all she had were the clothes on her pack and the few pocketable items she stole from him. Kate looked around for the nearest rock to throw at him. -01:29 Mar 31
Raul: "Fine I’ll talk to this tree then." he growled, they were standed on a possibly deserted island and she was worrying about being argumentative. "Or maybe I’ll do somethign useful liek look for somewhere that is’t in the sun after we’ve swallowed who knows how much salt water." -01:33 Mar 31
Kate: Failing her quest to find a rock to chuck at him, Kate settled for kicking sand in his direction. "GOOD! And do it without me! Cause I’m done! Gone. Leaving! You and your lightning striking, boat killing, girl kissing, BOAT KILLING ass can get eaten by canibals for all I care..!" Kate had better words for it somewhere, but she was too tired to be articulate. She just turned on a heel to march down the beach. -01:37 Mar 31
Raul: "You says boat killing twice." he spat back, "And if that boat was all you had you really should not have been in the game. You think you’re the center of a world out to get you and that everything can be solved by running. You can’t run from this… if you could I would not be here, if destiny could be avoided I’d be cooking fisj in Miama nd not trapped on an island with YOU." -01:49 Mar 31
Kate: Kate whirled around to point a finger at him. "Don’t throw that shit at me! Destiny can kiss my ass! Destiny didn’t just sink my HOME and everything I owned! Where am I supposed to live?! I have no money and no job and now I don’t even have clothes. I have no under wear and no shoes! All I’ve got is an amulet, a spearhead, an older lighter, and a soggy pack of a gum! And [i]three of those things are yours[i]!" She spun back around again, but not without flipping him the finger first. "Screw you! I’ll get off this island myself!" -01:53 Mar 31
Raul: "KATE!" he started after her. Even if shes tried to kill him he couldn’t let her get herself killed. "You’ll get yourself killed." he grabbed her shoulder. "I don’t care how angry you are with me I"m not going to see you get captured but those maniacs." -02:00 Mar 31
Kate: "Don’t go touching me!" With a surprising amount of energy she swung around to punch him. She didn’t care if he could strike lightning or move the seas, he killed her boat! "I’d rather be sank with my boat than deal with you!" -02:03 Mar 31
Raul: Her blow struck his cheek and he spun her around so now he had a hand on each of her shoulders. "Hell guess what, I’m your only chance off of here. If you want to spend the rest of you life here go ahead and leave. If not…" he paused, there was a feeling like a gathering storm that sent shills down his spine… -02:10 Mar 31
Kate: "My life was going perfectly fine before YOU showed up!" She was going to have to learn to punch harder. Kate paused when he did, though. The look that suddenly came across his face giving her concern. …no wait, that’s how he kept getting her! Kate shoved him away. Growling in frustration as she continued her escape. "Stay away from me." -02:14 Mar 31
Raul: DAMMIT He didn’t have time for stupid feelings distracting him. "No you listen to me. YOu…" the feelign was fettign stronger. "KATE!" He grabbed her again, somehtign bad was comign and he didn’t know what he turned her again his eyes focusign on hers. "Listen!" -02:17 Mar 31
Kate: "To what? To you? I don’t want to talk to you!" Kate was getting frusrated to the point of tears. If she couldn’t be pissed off at him, she was going to end up crying and that was the LAST thing she wanted to do. She fussed to get out of his hands again. "Just leave me alone!" -02:20 Mar 31
Raul: "This is serious." he said tryign to calm her while symaltaniously trying not to freak out himself. His holf had turned int an awkward half hug his his eyes remained focused on hers. "I’m sorry, But you have to listen to me somethings not…." why, why did his mind have to flash on thier kiss now… why… and why was he leanign closer? -02:25 Mar 31
Kate: "I don’t care." It was the first time he really looked worried about something and Kate was about two seconds away from slipping in to a depressed round of tears and crying on his shoulder. A kiss for comfort actually would have been really nice, and she- ….no she was doing it again! She was supposed to hate him! Kate pushed him back again. Stepping a few steps back herself, looking confused, alarmed… and still very upset. This time she didn’t say a word as she turned around and ran down the beach. -02:35 Mar 31
Raul: His butt hit the sand as he turned to the ocean.. the surface rippling in an unatural way.. it wasn’t him doign it… couldn’t be. "Then he falt it like a tentacle wrappign around his mind and slowly crushing it. "KAAAAAAAAAAAATE." he screamed struggling to his feet the mental onslaught "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…" it was a cry, not a shout his voice wavering and cracking as his held hi head. Another glance at the sea showed it to be boiling… He looked after Kate and beyind her saw.. something… somethings crawling from the water. -02:39 Mar 31
Kate: Her was shouting after her and she was trying really hard to to turn back. Kate was -determined- to not forgive him. She was pretty far out of earshot when she finally stopped. Kicking at the sand in a frustrated huff. At first she didn’t notice the oddly crawling forms crawling out of the sea. "H-hey…?" Kate assumed someone else had been ship wrecked. Like those cultists. But the closer they crawled, all weird and jerky and… unnatural…. she found herself backing up a few paces. "…what the hell…!" -02:45 Mar 31
Raul: Lightning… it fell fro the sky around him, he couldn’t help it. It helt as if his mind was beign compressed and through the cracks, hatred and anger flowed unhindered. It wasn’t his but he couldn’t resist it. The lightning arced over the water, blasted beachsant to glass and set trees on fire. A wind swept up and flowed aorund him… "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." he fell to his knees his eyes still on kate.. the need to take out the emotions not his on her strong. -02:52 Mar 31
Kate: Kate was past the point of thinking she was seeing things. When those human-ish creatures started their crawl in HER direction, she was immediately turning back to fun for Raul. There was lightning, and wind.. and now even she could feel that weird electricity of the air. "Ru…!" she had to skip to a stop a good few paces from him, just from surprise and a hella lot of concern. "If you’re summoning up hell because you’re pissed at me…! I swear to god!" She glanced over her shoulder where those beasts were advancing. They didn’t seem to be in a rush, but rather deliberately making the whole damn thing as creepy as possible! -03:00 Mar 31
Raul: He looked at her, she was so close… it would be se east to make her fry, smell her burned flesh, hear her scream… "Move…" his voice was low and dangerout.. so long as she was in his sightlines shes was all he could focus on…..except… A spout a water shot up from the sea and a boat crashed into the beach.. his last act before his mind slipped further… "I believe you were running…" -03:05 Mar 31
Kate: "You’re scaring the shit out of me! Cut it out!" …a big boat rising up from the waters took her full attention. …that couldn’t be good. In fact that churning dread in her stomach was probably a good sign that everything was about to get so much worse. "FINE. I’LL HANDLE IT!" Raul was going inside, or worse and she couldn’t leave him wallowing in the sand to get eaten by demons or kidnapped by cursed pirates. Scrambling through the sand, she managed to find herself a good solid piece of driftwood and a pointy conk shell. Kate had to pull her scarf out of her hair to tie the shell to the stick, and it was probably the shittiest weapon in the world. But it WORKED when she cracked it over the head of a skittering minion. "SCREW OFF!" -03:10 Mar 31
Raul: "The boat…" Raul hissed grabbign her and pushing her towards it before turning to the creatures. He raised his hands and closed his eues and the lightning stikes all seemed to mover in front of him, where the creatures were coming from. It seemed to work until… he.. appeared. -03:20 Mar 31
Kate: "I’m trying to save you here, stupid!" Yeah, so lightning worked better than a conch on a stick. The point was that she was trying to protect him from disturbing danger while he was busy rolling around in anguish. …but then there was someone else. Her conch fell to the sand, leaving her with just a stick. And Kate was reaching out a hand as she stared, tugging sharply on Raul’s sleep. -03:27 Mar 31
Raul: He didn’t need to see the figure.. he coulf FEEL it. Ans when he did all his power seemed to disapear. "Its him…" he whispered fear and hatred gripping him… he could feel Vardri’s power.. his anger, his hate.. "Its Vardri.." there was nothign he could do, nothing, he was barely aware of what was goignon around him.. he just needed to get onto the boat and it out to sea… That was all. -03:32 Mar 31
Kate: "THAN DON’T STAND THERE LIKE AN IDIOT!" Now she was panicking! This was NOT ‘has all his shit together Raul’ this was ‘oh god we’re all fucked’ Raul, and Kate wasn’t keen on that. She circled to the front of him and near tackled him to start pushing him towards the boat. "MOVE! Run! Flee!" -03:36 Mar 31
Raul: He did. Putting his arms around her, lifting her up and making for the boat. He didn’t have to look to know he was following them. He broke into a sprint, the water already rising to take the lifeboat out as he reached the side and dropped her over it and began pulling himself up. There was not though in his mind other than the water he needered to float the boat out to sea. "Take the controls, I’ll take the ocean." -03:39 Mar 31
Kate: Kate didn’t think they were being followed, but she had the distinct feeling it would matter if that was really an ancient sea god there to kill his enemy bloodline. She scrambled to the controls, saying fuck all to coordinates and just got the damn thing running and sailing out to sea. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t going to be fast, and…. well, she tried not to think about it! -03:42 Mar 31
Raul: The ocean around then calmed and smoothed, moving under the boat in the current that helped them move all the faster. It took all of Raul’s cencentration and he closed hi eyes. A strom was easy, chaos was easy, changing the very currents of the ocean, the most powerful forces she had… was hard. -03:46 Mar 31
Kate: For once Kate wasn’t shouting at him. Once she had navigation set and the wheel steady, she was moving out beside him and watching the quickly disappearing island to see if anything would follow. She really, really, hoped not. Anything that scared Raul like that was a bad, bad thing. -03:51 Mar 31
Raul: He was breathing hard, his head and heart throbbing. Its had been the first time in his life he had been sure he was going to die. But somehow they hadn’t. "Now do you see?" he asked, it wasn’t boastful or i told you so. It was breathless and scared. The escape, rippign his mind free or Vardri had taken a lot out of him. -03:54 Mar 31
Kate: Kate couldn’t honestly tell him that she believed the entire thing. …but she couldn’t deny any of it now either. And the fact he looked shaken bothered her. Kate rest her hand on his arm and squeezed. "Yeah, I see. Should have let me at him with the conchstick." -03:58 Mar 31
Raul: He stood, his ahdn comign to rest on her shoulder. "A shell tied to a stick can’t kill a god." he said. Maybe me but not a full-blooded god. Only one whing can, and we need to find what. "His hand slid up to her head his other holdign the other side and he made her look at him. "I never asked you to do this. But now you see the stakes." -04:02 Mar 31
Kate: She rest her hands against his. Kate didn’t want to get involved… really didn’t want to find out what happens when you cross demons and ancient gods. But she felt compelled to. If at least because he made him less… defeated looking. "You have to get me a new boat. And a house. …and if anybody stabs me, I’m gonna be pretty pissed." -04:06 Mar 31
Raul: He nodded. "A boat, a house, half a million…" he rested his forehead agaist hers his hands pulling her closer. "No stabbing.." his lips brushed hers then pressed home harder his hands pulling her further in. -04:12 Mar 31
Kate: Kate really should have slapped him or shoved him off the boat. She HAD promised to pissed at him forever. But kissing him was unexpectedly sweet. Leaving her with that dizzying headrush, she vaguely remembered disbelieved was real right before the tidal wave took them. In hesitation she slipped her arms around his waist, but even that was quickly vanishing when she matched his kiss. -04:16 Mar 31
Raul: "…" she was returnign his kiss, he didn’t think she would have. Tention vanished from his shoulders as he pushed her back against the cabin door his hands slidign into her hair and runnign though it and body comign up to hers. They had just alsmost died and now… she hated him right? But her lips on his fest so good soon he was sliding his hands down her bakc and grabbign her ass. -04:20 Mar 31
Kate: Damn. Later she’d kick herself for thinking it was all sexy as hell, and letting emotion and libido take over her common sense. ..but for the moment it felt so good to connect with someone and she knew he probably needed it as much as she did. Kate didn’t say a word as she skipped messing with shirt buttons and simply pulled it up over his head. She found his mouth again, kissing him with a sound that sound very much like a relieved sigh. -04:25 Mar 31
Raul: She was as eager as he way.. the fact she wasn’t an inocent flower likely to try to back out was even better. He slid his hadns up her sides pulling her shirt up and it joined his on the beck followed shortly by her bra, then with his hands ruring down her chest he kissed her harder. -04:29 Mar 31
Kate: The only thing that would have made it more perfect was her boat. As it were, Kate tangled her hands in to his hair. Pressing up against him without any sort of shyness or second thoughts. She nipped at his mouth, running her tongue over his lips to taste salt and sea. -04:37 Mar 31
Raul: His lips parted tempting her tonge inside as he pulled her gun fron her pants and chuckled placing it down on the cabin roof. After all this time she still have it and hadn’t thought to use it… but then he had one too. His tongue caught hers and he pulled on her pants his thumb movign to push the button through the hole. -04:41 Mar 31
Kate: Kate didn’t think twice about the gun, and growled at him in confusion at his chuckling. It sure as hell wasn’t a time for laughing, and she made her mission to show him. Deepening that kiss and sucking hard on his tongue, as she closed her arms tight around him. Her breasts pressing up hard against his chest. Her heart had to be beating a thousand miles per hour..! -04:45 Mar 31
Raul: He pushed back to equal forcethe button poppign and zip sliding down as his hadn slid down under her pants to grab her ass again his chest ehavign agaist hers. A low pur of desire escaped him as he pushed his crotch agaist hers. I liked that she was as eager as he was.. -04:50 Mar 31
Kate: He was making it worse. She was itching and impatient, and there were too many things in the way. Had she not been pressed up hard against the cabin wall, she would have lept on hi. She settled for letting loose of his hair and running her hands down his chest. Taking a firm grip of his pants to pull them open and push them down. The only moment she left his mouth was when she shifted to nip at his jaw. -04:55 Mar 31
Raul: He stepped out of his pants and pushe hers down makign sure to catche any underwear she was wearing and get rid of those too. He growled as she nipped him, now free of clothing he lifted her up and fell with her onto the deck thier scattered clothing, cussiond and wood makign thier bedding. He kissed her hard pressign her head hard downwards his throbbing member movign into position agaist her. -05:00 Mar 31
Kate: A soft hrrmph escaped her as they fell against the deck, but didn’t phase her in the slightest. Her hips rose to meet him in a completely unmasked invitation. A single leg circling around his, while curling toes grazed the back of his calves. One hand found it’s way in to his hair again. The other brushing up to caress his cheek while she returned his kiss, nibbled down his jaw and nipped at his ear. -05:04 Mar 31
Raul: The way she moved…. He nipped down her neck as he puched into her his hands holdign onto the deck as his body adjusted to hers. There was a low "Mmmmmm" as he sunk in. "Kate." he cooed movign to catch her lips again. -05:08 Mar 31
Kate: "You just keep sayin’ my name like that.." she muttered against him. Her unabashed pleased sighing breathing against his lips. So tense and so wanting, finally having him moving within her was like lighting her on fire. Kate caught his mouth in a passionate kiss, taking him on full throttle, just like she did everything else. -05:14 Mar 31
Raul: His hand went to grip her shoulder as he kissed her back his lips sliping agaist hers. "Better hold onto something." he whispered he he sunk in in deeeper the moveent of her hips agains him enough he send tinglign up and down his spine. Then he thrust harder, he wasn’t going to hold back from the get go. -05:19 Mar 31
Kate: Her witty retort, where she stop him to stop being weird was lost in the mixed of her soft moan. Her hand fell from his cheek to cling on to the arm that had her pressed against the wood deck. Possibly the only thing keeping her from bouncing across the flood… and a good thing too because Kate wasn’t getting enough. Her hips matched his, movement for movement. Her coming out in short, ragged gasps as the pressure mounted. "Oh gods, Ru…!" Kate’s head tossed back and forth listlessly against the deck. -05:25 Mar 31
Raul: Every time she matched him he pushed harder, searching for her limit with his toned muscles pushign him deeper and deeper, faster and faster. "Fuck…" she was handling it better than he ever thought she would, always full of surprises. "Kate you.." He nipped her lip his heartbeat through the roof as he panted her name. -05:29 Mar 31
Kate: The accent, had to be the accent when he said her name. It did her in, leaving her locking her legs around his waist as she gave a startled yelp. And he was still moving still, while her body clenched and shudder… amplying those sensations so high that she hit his shoulder pretty hard before she graps it and dug her nails in to his skin. She couldn’t catch her breath enough to scream, but it was so good…! -05:34 Mar 31
Raul: He could feel her clench and he kept thrusting the tightness only making it better. His lips locked agaist hers as he kissed her hard his hands grippign the deck until the slats amlosy broke before his hips rocked agaist hers and he shuddered every nerve in his body alight with pleasure… -05:38 Mar 31
Kate: Every muscle she had seemed to melt when the wave finally released her. Her returning kiss being nothing more than a languid and lazy brushing of her lips against his. Even her hand pried it’s way off his shoulder to fall limp against the deck. But it was all pure delight and her pleased humming wasn’t at all disguised. -05:42 Mar 31
Raul: He ran his hand down her body his nerves still tingling as his kiss softened and he pulled himself from her. Then have a contented sigh and a whisper "Well Kate you are full of surprises." -05:45 Mar 31
Kate: "Don’t get any ideas. I am still mad at you." even when she said it, it didn’t have any force behind it. …later. Later it would! For now, she was just too damned satisfied to care about her own objections. There was something to be said for dangersex… -05:47 Mar 31

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