Demon Vexed 003: Harmony

Demon Vexed

[Cupio has had a night of comunion with nature, which really just means masterbating under a stee in a spot with good enery.] -07:54 Feb 13
[Elisandre spent her day searching the Matron’s library for the right tomes, and answering nosey questions from young silly witches about her new “familiar”.] -07:55 Feb 13
Elisandre: At some point in the night, Elisandre had fallen in to bed with one of the books. Reading about ancient demons literally raising hell in the mortal world… and wondering if letting that beast loose without supervision was such a good idea. She was still curled up with her book and sleeping. -07:57 Feb 13
Cupio: He had curled up arounf her in the night, a wing folded over her to keep ehr warm and a hand slowly caressing her cheek as the sun rose. His eyes were closed though and his body was gressed up against hers. He drew energy from this kind of closeness too, he didn’t need it to survive but without it he became a lot more like how Elis obviously imagined demons. With it he was far more docile and accepting of humans who were not his slaves. -08:01 Feb 13
Elisandre: Her internal clock was trying to complain, which in turn was met by a huffy witch snuggling in to what she thought was her pillows hoping to get at least another hour of sleep. An entire dy fretting over book researching and placing her cabin back in order has been surprisingly exhausting. And when bed was so much more inviting… -08:05 Feb 13
Cupio: He smiles but his eyes remained shut and he slowly played with a strand of her hair and nuzzling into the back of it. He was warmer than a human and still completely naked, but that should hardly surptise anyone at this point. Haiving her snuggle back even if ir was inadvertaintly had a soft pur in his thoat though and HIM moving closer to HER. Perfect start to the day… okay it would be if ir lead to sex. -08:08 Feb 13
Elisandre: The fire was usually out by morning, being all nice and cozy warm when waking up was such a rare thing. The book in her hands wound up pushed aside so she could roll over and nuzzle in to the warmer side of bed. Had she changed the linens yesterday in her mad dash to straighten everything? There was that nice foresty smell she was trying to bury her face in to. -08:13 Feb 13
Cupio: Slowly and gently he ran his fingers through her hair and then rubbed his fingers up and down the back on her neck and sighed happily his tail thumping on the bed like a cat’s. The smile on his face was pure bliss now and the was responding wonderfly. He had been half afraid she was foinf to kick him out of her bed in a very literal since. "I really like this." he whispered. "Thank you." -08:16 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Hmm..?" Voice.. demon… Elisandre froze when the realization kicked in. That demon had snuck in to her bed again and apparently when she was so comfortably snuggling in to was not nice clean linens, but a naked purring demon. There was a slow hiss of breath as she just… gave in! He was warm and she was actually sort of relieved he did come back. She didn’t move. "Where did you vanish off to? I don’t want to find out any villages were burned yesterday…" -08:23 Feb 13
Cupio: "Just a little harmless masterbation in the forest." he said gently kissing her skin. "I only get killy burny when I don’t get cuddles." he kissed her skin again and gently ran his nails down the back of her neck. "This is saving villages right now." he grinned and then slid his hand around to her chin to prop himself up and gently plant a lingering kiss on her lips. "How long have I been here?" -08:26 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was too tired to argue and clearly exhausted with dealing with him. Which had to be the only reason why she wasn’t jumping out of bed and gaining distance, like the little voice in her head was screaming for her to do. "I was unaware that demons cuddle. …you’ve been here two nights now. More than enough time to sneak away and cause trouble." Why did little touches like that leave her tingling? He was using kissing magic on her again. Elisandre shifted nervously, trying to move without putting her hands on him. -08:32 Feb 13
Cupio: He stopped kissing her. "Two nights…" he shifted away and his hand withdrew from her and he looked at her face. Then a slightly sad look crossed his face and he sighed. "I’m sorry." he let his hand get back to sortly pettin gher hair and then studied her face. "If I don’t hae sex today it might not be safe for us to after this point. You’re a virgin and so I might… cause damage if we wait much longer. I don’t…" his hand moved across to gently cup her cheek. "Unless you’re ready to send me back before I get too desperate." -08:37 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I told you that you could have me. I am not able to send you back yet. I need more time." This was strange. Demons were not like this, at least no demons she ever encountered. Elisandre frowned. "You said you are affected by your environment. The books say you reflect the one you’re bound to. …what happens when the one you are bound to is just as sensitive to mood and environment? Waking up like this is… kind of pleasant. But it isn’t like this all day." -08:48 Feb 13
Cupio: "So you read up on me." he said slowly rubbing the side of her nack and moving forwards to gently take her lip between his teeth and tup on it before running his tonue over it as it was caught between his teeth before letting go and letting his hand slip fromher cheek down her side. "If that happns then I’m at the mercy of thier perceptions. Don’t even get angry or you’ll see a side of me that you’ll never forget." he presed his lips to hers and gently, very gently, pushed her down against the bed. "Is this still pleasent?" -08:54 Feb 13
[Cupio hand his hands all over the young virgin witch.] -06:01 Feb 13
[Elisandre is just going to say she was betwitched should anyone ask what she was thinking!] -06:03 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was laying down again, this time with a kissy demon, and still having no idea what to do with her hands. At the moment she was pressing them against his shoulders, still undecided if she was going to push him away, or see just how much that kissing magic could make her tingle! "Pleasant is.. um.. a word… for this. Yes…" -06:07 Feb 13
Cupio: He smiles and nibbled on her lip as he gently massages his fingertips against the side of her neck as the other hand moved down to slip under her top and rub small circles over her stomach. "I want you to enjoy this." He whispered before captureing her lips with his. "If you want to too, kiss me back." -06:10 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I’ve mentioned I don’t do this?" All the stuff she had studied and this had never been on the list. Demon hands were pretty damn warm. She really needed to not get caught up! Elisandre was frowning again, but this time it wasn’t directly at him. She was trying to shift up on to her elbows and scoot back, but she just wound up hitting the headboard. "What I want to do and what I should do is… hum… a bit of a problem..?" -06:21 Feb 13
Cupio: He moved both his hands down to take hold of her thighs and pulled her back down to genlt rest his hips on hers as he slowly kissed his way up th side of her neck. "You said I could have you." he said pushing her top up and gently stroking her breast. "I’m taking you." -06:24 Feb 13
Elisandre: "…ooookay." So much for the common sense idea. This was brain melting. Body melting! A fuzzy mix of things making it really hard for her to concentrate on anything beyond that woodsy smell and the way his breath on her skin was making her toes curl. Before she was even aware of what she was doing, her fingers were digging in to his hair and she was nuzzling the side of his face. He really did smell unearthly good. -06:29 Feb 13
Cupio: SHe melted and he grined wide a hand dipping down to push dorn her pants and brush acrosss her folds, but then as his fingers seased her delicade skin hs head turned and an infernal curse escaped his lips. "Someone is here." he whispered a full second before the sound of somone kncking on the deer came. "Blondy Mcangy." -06:32 Feb 13
Elisandre: She was tensing, damn near twinging in weird little spots she hadn’t even realized could do that, and -of course- this would be the way she confirmed the meaning of cock-blocking! Clearly frustrated, she pushed him off and away from her. Rolled out of the bed and tugged down her shirt. With a wildy discheveled look, and a sheepish red tint to her cheeks, Elisandre was downstairs and swinging open her door to be face to face with… "Lucretia. Wonderful." -06:40 Feb 13

“Were you still asleep, sister? Forgive me.” Lucretia didn’t sound apologetic. Nor did she wait for an invitation. She pushed passed Elisandre and let herself in to the cabin, searching around and not bothering to be subtle about it. “Where is that demon? I thought I might do a good deed for a needy little witch today.” -Elisandre

Cupio: He didn’t race down the stairs so much as fall though the floor, landing on his feet and spreading his wings as he turned to face the door, there was no way he was going to miss out on this. Apparentky he was being asked over and was right on cue to he waved and offered the other witch a grin. -06:44 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Would you like to come in Lucretia?" she said anyway, closing the door and turning to face the room with her arms crossed. "Last I checked, no needy witches lived here. Do YOU need something, Lucretia?" Elisandre almost said the woman’s name like it was a curse word. At the moment, Elisandre kind of wanted to say a LOT of curse words. Her heart was beating way too fast. Blasted demon and his lust magic! -06:48 Feb 13

Ignoring Elisandre completely, Lucretia practically glided across the floor as she offered her hand to the demon. “Cupio, Demon of Desires. More handsome than any tale has spun. There isn’t a witch in the reason not whispering about you and your… hmm… appearance.” Lucretia made sure to get a good look. -Elisandre

Cupio: "It helps that I have a large degree of control over what I look like." he grinned and took this human’s hand drawing in a slow breath laced with her emotions and his eyebrow quirked. "Seems like you’re no stranger to desire yourself even if the last time I saw you you looked like you were about to commit murder." a glance at Elis and he raised her hand to his lips and then he withdrew it there was a small nick in the skin and a small bead of blood reforming after being licked away. "I think you two have business to discuss?" -06:56 Feb 13

Lucretia smiled even wider. Withdrawing her hand only to run a finger over the bead of blood, then stick it in her mouth with a smirk and a wink. Though she was turning to speak to Elisandre, now she was taking a wide walk around the demon. Using the opportunity to run her hand up his arm. “One of our sisters did a very forbidden thing, using the circle to summon a demon. Not that I believe Elisandre capable of such a thing -at all-. Which is exactly why I am here, sister-dear. A purely average witch trying to control a powerful demon, I can already see how taxing it is on you. It would be such a simple thing to exchange his bond.” -Elisandre

Elisandre: She probably looked like she had been wrestling the damn demon. Subconciously, she was reaching a hand up to her neck, wondering if he managed to leave teeth marks in her or not. "I am glad you have so much…. faith… in me, but I do not need any assisstance. He is responsive to moods and emotions, you know. I can just imagine what you’ll end up with after taking him home." With as well as she knew Lucretia… Elisandre didn’t even want to begin thinking about that. "So if you would stop molesting my demon, you can trot back to the Matron and tell her that at least you offered." -07:09 Feb 13
Cupio: "I know what she’ll end up with." he commented before dancing away from both of them and plopping down on the couch. "One very lusty rapey frustrated and let’s not forget powerful demon. SHe should know too kn she was able to know my name without being told… you’ll have to tell me how sometime, maybe at the top of your lungs as a bury myself deep inside you." for once he wasn’t talking about sex but it sounded like he was. "I should warm up some stew…" -07:14 Feb 13

“-Your- demon, now? Elisandre, dear sister! You don’t think you can control that simmering, hateful beast, do you?” The demon was now out of her reach, and she was not the sort who gave chase. Instead she was pacing, moving to stand behind Elisandre and drap her arms around her in a sanguine hug. She turned her head to whisper in her ear. “Listen to the way he talks. Rape and no doubt murder. And you are not his summoner. How long before he snaps that bond and turns on you like a rabid, insatiable beast. Give me the bond. I am the most powerful witch in the region, even the Matron knows this…” -Elisandre

Elisandre: Elisandre didn’t bother to argue about power. That was a wasted effort. But for a moment, a small little moment she considered letting Lucretia have him. Every time she was alone with him, he consumed her senses. She wasn’t herself. But if he was Lucretia’s…. his mood and the whole atmosphere of the room had shifted the moment Lucretia entered the cabin. Elisandre couldn’t imagine anything good coming out of the two being bonded! "Yes, a powerful witch… but this is my problem to deal with. If you want a demon, I suppose you’ll just have to summon your own, hmm..?" -07:27 Feb 13

Lucretia’s voice lowered, so only Elisandre would hear. “Little sister, I am trying to be generous. Give me the bond and make it easier for yourself. Otherwise, I -will- kill you if he does not do it first. Think on it, Elisandre. Do not try to be more than what you are.” Lucretia let go, that sweet wide smile returned to her features as she stepped away. “I’ll pay another visit soon, darlings. Hopefully with better results. Blessed be, sister.” She blew a kiss to the demon, and politely let herself out. -Elisandre

Elisandre: "Fantastic. I have a new enemy because she can’t perform a proper summon…" Elisandre’s arms were still crossed. Now tighter around herself. Having Lucretia inside her spacial bubble was the complete opposite feeling the demon gave. And that was just it. The demon gave. Made her feel alert, alive, tinglie. Lucretia had left the cabin, seeming to take every ounce of energy Elisandre had in her. But at least now she was certain Lucretia had tried to summon the demon. …the question left was why! "I want you to stay away from that witch." -07:47 Feb 13
[Cupio enters.] -08:10 Feb 13
Cupio: "The is full of hate." he said, "Promises turned sour… She is insanely powerful but that isn’t enough for her." he got up slowly and stalked over to where the witch had been standing and the air around him seemed to shimmer as he read it and then he looked towards the door. "Can I kill her? Her soul will tell the truth." he seemed to grow in size as he stalked towards the door his wings fluttering restlessly and then he was watching the witch’s back though the small window claws tapping the glass. -08:15 Feb 13
Elisandre: Elisandre was watching him. How he responded to Lucretia was important. …it was also important to keep herself under control too. How much of her feelings bleed through because of the bond? "Challenging powerful witches isn’t a good idea. If she is the one that summoned you, she had a reason and plans for you. She will know how to hurt you." -08:22 Feb 13
Cupio: A have on intense heat exploded outward from him laking the petals of a nearby flower arangment wither and catch fire. "She is strong but not strong enough to face me." he growled. "If she if the one who tried to summon me she is foolish just like all the other mortals who have tried. All I have to do it wait for one little slip, then…" the heat dissapated and his form shurk back down to normal, and then smaller as he shifted forms his voice taking on a light, musical tone. "I can make myself very easy to underestimate." pressed up against the door as a woman he looked small, helpess, fragile then he turned to look back at her, red rivers of bloody tears staining his cheeks. "You wouldn’t hurt me… would you?" -08:32 Feb 13
Elisandre: She winced at the heat and his growling. At least it was a feeling she understood well! And for a moment was even worried he was picking that up from her. "That is the trick. You do not know how much she knows about you. Maybe she is aware you can look small and meek. Not that she cares a wit about the small and meek…" Elisandre frowned at this female form of his. Maybe HE thought that looked fragile. But Elisandre had that vague unsettled feeling that he was far more dangerous like this. "It doesn’t matter anyway. Stay away from her and I will deal with it." -08:39 Feb 13
Cupio: He turned around and as he did he shifted back and stretched his arms above his head and grunted. "No you won’t." he said. "You’ll just ignore her and continue as normal and that is not dealing with it but what do I care, so what if she’ll find another demon to summon and this time it’ll kill you all and she’ll get what she wants, not my problem. I mean it took the entire strength of your covern combined to summon and bind me and if she’s able to pull that off without anyone noticing until BAM! suddenly demon then what’s so say your next lesbian get together won’t end in blood at the wrong time of the month. -08:48 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I am glad to see that despite being bound to me, you also believe I can’t handle a rogue witch and her summons." If she weren’t so insulted, she might have found amusement in the fact he preached about underestimation and clearly had no grasp of how he was underestimating her. "What if, maybe, by a stroke of divine intervention, I might actually have everything under control. And the only thing making it all complicated is YOU?" -08:56 Feb 13
Cupio: He laughed and chucked a cussion in her direction. "Gods don’t talk about divine intervention. Gets me every time." he wiped away a pretend tear and then sprawled out across the coutch and meshed his fingers behind his head with a sigh. "No, no angels around here, I’d smell them. They tend to avoid me for some reason, can’t imagine why. I mean the last time I saw one was… well we fought I remember that much. So much bad blood. No one seems to understand I’m a lover, not a fighter, just because I am very good at both doesn’t mean I… never mind you probably don’t want to hear this. I did get out of hand and it was…" he clenched his teeth together and sucked in a breash in a hiss as his skin tingle and spine squirmed with the memory. It had hurt, a lot… and he has looooooooved it. "Fuck I’m horny." -09:05 Feb 13
Elisandre: He was a merry-go-round of moods, jumping to the next so fast. This time Elisandre was almost greatful for it. She had raised a hand ready to stop him from going on about bloody fights, but he switched again on his own. Her face flushed, but at least that feeling was better than the cold empty hollow one Lucretia had left in her wake. "Wonderful. You could make yourself comfortable in a depraved corner somewhere. You are…. going to be here a little longer than I planned." She almost winced when she said it. All of the complications that were going to come up… "I can’t send you back, knowing she’s trying to get you and will likely summon you again. I need to know what she’s doing…" -09:11 Feb 13
Cupio: "Elisandre." he said each sylable a note in a melody and it was unclear if he had even heard her at all. "Elis…" this time it was a low hiss that still somehow managed to reach every corner of the room as a wide grin spread over his face. "You’re a puzzle to me. Girls like Lucretia I can understand… she wants sex and power, I mean who doesn’t. Well… you don’t." he turned on his side and looked at her. "I’ll figure you out eventually. In the meantime I know you enjoy being petted downstairs and nibbled on first thing in the morning." he was swelling just thinking about it and with nothing on there was no way she couldn’t see. "She has the worst timing that one… on both occasions." -09:20 Feb 13
Elisandre: "I haven’t been anything other than honest with you. I am not a puzzle." …and there was the complication coming up, so very literally! Distance. She turned away quickly, crossing the room to fetch something to eat. Food and drink, anything to keep her hands occupied and her eyes off him. Either he was going to have to leave the cabin…. or she was! "I can take the books out to the river for reading. Unless you’d like to tell me why a witch would want to summon you." -09:26 Feb 13
Cupio: He hopped over the back of the couch to grab a bowl and head for the pot full of leftover stew. "You motives are a puzzle." he said. "The core of who you are, what you want and why." he was scooping up a large helping and was then reaching for her kitchen knife and ran a finger across the edge… might be sharp enough. "Most people either want me for sex, or for killing things." he said. "A few try to steal my power, HA!" his tail swished. "She wants all three I think… Fansies herself a demon queen or something. Don’t worry about it if she comes again I have a secret weapon to stop her hitting on me. I don’t think she likes girls." -09:33 Feb 13
Elisandre: "Being a woman isn’t going to deter her. She has never been caught doing anything, but there are rumors about her reputation." She was watching him warily again. He always seemed to inch is way closer to her those moments she was trying to get some distance. Elisandre poured herself a cold drink and took a sip. "And my motives aren’t a puzzle either. I like existing. I like making things grow. I like cool dark forests, peace and quiet. I like harmony. A demon isn’t harmony… and neither is anything Lucretia ever dips her hands in to." She paused, leaning against the counter and giving him a curious look. "Has anyone ever summoned you and been kind to you?" -09:38 Feb 13
Cupio: Her question gave her pause. "Nope." he said after a second before he moved his way back towards the cough with his food. "People who summon deamons aren’t exactly the kind type. You get used to it, and react in kind when the tables turn. Sometimes I hate ebing a demon but you’re right about one thing. I do not bring harmony." he played with the knife in his hands and then looked around. "Do you have a bottle?" he asked. "Something to collect something in… I hate wasting." -09:43 Feb 13
Elisandre: Sad. But that was how the world was. Kind of the same way people only seemed to contact a witch when they wanted to curse someone, or burn themselves a sinner. She nodded taping her glass against her mouth. The suspiciousness over the knife finally getting to her. "I do. Several bottles. What did you plan on collecting, and doing with that knife…?" -09:48 Feb 13
Cupio: "Hmm?" he glanced at her. "Blood, mine. For you to have around and maybe experiment on… or for me to drink later, either works." he looked at her. "I’m in the mood for pain…" he licked his lips and stared at the knife and then set it aside to pick up the bowl and start eating. No bleeding on and empty stomach. -10:00 Feb 13
Elisandre: She choked, and had to pause through a moment of coughing until she caught her breath again. "What? No! No slicing, cutting, bleeding, or pain! Did you foreget the environment conversation?! Are you -trying- to kill me?" Every just the thought had her skin crawling. She darted across the room in an instant to snatch that knife away. -10:05 Feb 13
Cupio: He gave her what could only be describes as a pout followed by a glare, then head tilt to the side that would have snapped a human’s spine. "You know so little about me UUUGHHHHH." he stretched out on the couch and rolled onto his side facing away from her. "Fine I’ll do it in the forest later and presurve your inviroment, speaking of which you’ve been moving things and…I don’t think I like this room anymore knowing I can’t fix it." -10:34 Feb 13
[Cupio is fetting closer and closer to flippinf out and raping the first thing that moves. Stress and an uncooperative witch is NOT helping.] -09:04 Feb 14
[Elisandre is scowling at the demon on her sofa. Her home is perfectly organized, and she is going to show him!] -09:04 Feb 14
Elisandre: "The room doesn’t need to be fixed, you just fail to understand it’s flow." Unbending, stubborn demon… Later she’d question why it even mattered to her that he found no comfort. For the time being, she swept an arm in a rushed huff and every candle in the cabin lit up, casting rising ribbons of smoke in to the air. "I want you to watch." -09:08 Feb 14
Cupio: He rolled off the couch and onto his feet. "It’s chaos." he said. "Flowing this way and that, directionless, self defeating, pointless." he growled at her the sound of his frustration filling the entire room. "So I will remove myself from it and go somewhere where I can actaully have something to feed on, when you’re done I’ll be in your bed." before she could stop him he was gone, hassing though the ceiling as if it wasn’t even there. She didn’t understand how much of a razor’s edge he was walking and it was only getting worse. If she wasn’t careful her first sexual experience would turn her off the entire concept for life. -09:14 Feb 14
Elisandre: She growled and with another wave of her hand, the candles were out. Even the fireplace went dead. There was no way to show him if he didn’t watch… she was trying to offer a hand of trust here! Resisting the urge to stomp up the stairs shouting at him, Elisandre took a few moments to breathe. He said not to direct anger at him, she had been listening. Once she had drawn down to a low simmer, she finally stalked up the stairs. There was still that tint of irritation in her voice, but there was no growling. "You are being obtuse and deliberately uncooporative." she huffed once entering the room. -09:20 Feb 14
Cupio: There was a pillow sailing thrhough the air towards her as soon as the door opened. "I’m trying not to loose control." he said using the time she was dealing with the pillow to clean up a little. "I am a demon trying to act human. I haven’y fucked in days and I am very, very close to losing it." he said in a low, growly voice as he stood and faced her holding up two finger, the width of a hair apart. "You’ve read up on me, you know what I can do but I’m trying my hardest not to. You want to know why people keep trying to summon me? Because my sensitivity to my enviroment and emotions makes me that much easier to control and I hate it. You are the only person with this weak of a bond that I haven’t killed on the first day because I’m giving you a chance. Because I think, eventually, you can help me." -09:31 Feb 14
Elisandre: That might’ve been the first time a demon ever threw something as ridiculous as a pillow at her. That had her standing there stupified for a moment until she was huffing again and stooping to sntach it up off the floor. "And I am TRYING to help you not lose control! Yet, when I offer to explain things or teach you or offer myself up like a demon kabob, you hiss and spit and escape!" Elisandre threw the pillow right back at him. Then with a narrowing of her eyes, eased forward closer. "You are the most confoundingly strange, non-typical, arrogantly clueless creature I have ever met!" -09:39 Feb 14
Cupio: The pillow was skewerd on a claw before being dropped to the ground. "And you don’t listen witchling." he said. "Personally I have no interest in the arangment of your room beyond hos it feels when I’m there and it’s effect on your ability to cast spells. I tried to help with the second and you regected me so I’m done helping." he stalked closer to her and started circling. "You say you offered yourself to me without knowing how it needs to be done, without knowing how the different ways sex can happen affects me. If I simply fuck you, you’d love it. I’d MAKE you love it but that would mean I take control and you might fond yourself bound to me instead of the other way around. If I simply stick my dick inside you and move it around until I ejaculate it will hurt you and unling me, you can’t get off on pain. Right now I am very tempted to just take you and treat you like I would any other virgin, but you’d hate me for it, your hate would then charge me with hate and then this little forest of yours, this little vinage, this entire kingdom would feel what hell is like first hand. That’s how it always goes. If you want to keep your forest and your soul… I recommend you listen, and you try to understand how what you feel affects me. I hate this bond, I hate all bonds. But right now it’s the only thing keeping hell at bay, so unless this spell of your keeps your emotions out of my head to I can rape the willing and be done with it I suggest you get horny." -09:49 Feb 14
Elisandre: "You talk too much and you don’t listen." The way he circled her had her feeling like a cat’s toy. Elisandre didn’t even know what she wanted to complain about first. The way he played himself up as both the villain and the victim, how he talked about her as if she was something fragile, or the fact he had her head in circles and it was keeping her from functioning like she normally would! Elisandre finally took a deep slow breath, and spoke through her teeth. "I have been tryyyyyiiiiing to explain, how you feel affects me too. If you could just stop rampaging from emotion to emotion long enough to let me figure them out and handle them one at a time…!" -09:59 Feb 14
Cupio: He stopped just behind her. "My name means desire, which is an emotion I was born a demon, I am the physical manifestation of raw emotiona and me being emotional suprises you?" he thought she had read about him. "Yes I am emotionally driven and just from one to the next, but asking me to stop that is like asking you to stop caring about little forest animals. You’re just going to have to block it or get used to it. As for that little irritation flaoting around you brain I am a victim and villian both. It it the tortured who in turn torture. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not around you. I am an evil creature and lettimg me loose here would be a very bad idea… I want you to understand that. But I also want your help so I want you to understand why I am what I am. I want you to make me harder to bind." -10:11 Feb 14
[Elisandre enters.] -10:14 Feb 14
Cupio: He stopped just behind her. "My name means desire, which is an emotion I was born a demon, I am the physical manifestation of raw emotiona and me being emotional suprises you?" he thought she had read about him. "Yes I am emotionally driven and just from one to the next, but asking me to stop that is like asking you to stop caring about little forest animals. You’re just going to have to block it or get used to it. As for that little irritation flaoting around you brain I am a victim and villian both. It it the tortured who in turn torture. I don’t pretend to be anything I am not around you. I am an evil creature and lettimg me loose here would be a very bad idea… I want you to understand that. But I also want your help so I want you to understand why I am what I am. I want you to make me harder to bind." -10:16 Feb 14
Elisandre: He evened out, or at least was at a level she could deal with. Elisandre held her hands out near waist level in front of her, as if that motion was going to keep it all held down. "I’ve read some, I haven’t read enough." she mumbled in response. For a situation where she was supposed to the master and him obedient to her, it felt very much like the other way around. "If you want my help, you have to also help me. …and I do not mean by doing anything you damn please and then getting offended when I am unhappy with it. I am not the only one here that has to comprimise." -10:20 Feb 14
Cupio: There was a growl behind her and he gripped her shoulder, his claws gigging into her. "Elisandre… You’re trying to make a deal with a demon." he said leaning in clise behind her and brushing her hair aside to lick up the back of her neck. "I am already doing everything I can to make it so that I don’t kill you, what exactly do you want? I refuse to help you in material ways, that ship has sailed and besides if I did your sisters could accuse you of using me. Wouldn’t want that in fact I think the lusty one already has. For everyone’s sakes it would be easier if I just picked a direction and went off nevel looking back. I’d cause trouble, but you’d enver hear of it." -10:35 Feb 14
Elisandre: Touching. That was the one she had the hardest time getting control of! It was always such an instant, surging response that left her befuddled and dizzy. One hand went up pull his from her shoulder, as she squeezed her eyes shut. …nope, closed eyes did not make that going away. "It’s ah… a little too late to avoid deals with a demon. You are mine to deal with now." As for what she wanted, it was hard to remember what that was when she was trying not to lean backwards. -10:43 Feb 14
Cupio: He nuzzling into the back of her neck as his other hand slid around her stomach to slide under her top and his fingertips circled around the rim of her navel. Her reaction had killed the last of his resistance and now there was no doubt. He was going to have her if she resistd or not, if she enjoyed it or not, there was only one need in his mind. Her body would be his. -10:50 Feb 14
Elisandre: That wasn’t the answer she was looking for. Not that she asked a question. There was a point she was trying to make somewhere! "What I was trying to say.. is.. um…" Why couldn’t they just do this all the time. Now she couldn’t help but lean back in to him. He was warm and having him wrapped around her made all those thing she was irritated about just disappear. "..something about compromise… bending together..?" -10:57 Feb 14
Cupio: "Bending…" he said glancing at the side board and grinned befor he lifted her and carried her to it placing her on top facing him. Then his lips were pressed against her and moving desperatly as he pressed against the edge his hand running through her hair and down her back. He wasn’t listaning to her he was beyond most words.. he needed this. His other hand foundher hip and caressed it, squeezed it and then snuck up her side under her shirt. He would have her, and the air around him spoke that in the form of his scent. -11:03 Feb 14
Elisandre: "Bending. Being flexible and… we have the same agendas." This was an example. At least she might have pointed it out as an example were she not suddenly very interested in running her fingers through his hair and pulling his head closer. Kissing magics, she could try that too. Testing motion of her mouth against his was a curious exploration of it! Somewhere in her head making notations of what made her stomach flip, and what made her skin burn. -11:13 Feb 14
Cupio: Bother hands went down and he pulled her shirt up and off of her breaking the kiss. Then he was looking down at her his hand sliding over her chest and carresing her breast before his eyes rose to meet hers. "Do you want this?" he asked leaning back close and pressing his lips into hers and nipping her lower lip with his fangs. -11:19 Feb 14
Elisandre: That was a ridiculous question, that had too many conflicting answers. Paranoia was screaming about power struggles, while common sense was chirping about it being an excellent idea, and the rest of her just wanted to revel in it. "It would be in our best interest to explore… all avenues of harmony…" He tasted like sin. Elisandre hadn’t realized sin had a taste. But she was arcing in to his hands, very much liking that way his touch made her blood rush, and was already exploring the curve of his shoulder with her fingers. -11:28 Feb 14
Cupio: He smiled and placed both hands on her hips, pulling her over tot he edge, over to him. His thoughts were racing but they all ended in the same place and his hand slid aorund her her thigh to that one place and rubbed it. "Harmony?" a curious word to use in this context, but it didn’t matter, not when he was miving his hip against hers and pressing his hand to rub her crotch though her clothes. It was feeding time. -11:38 Feb 14
Elisandre: Her breath caught on the reply, leaving her sighing and nuzzling the side of his head instead of giving a proper response. Simple, subtle touches were so intriguingly monumental. She had her fingernails tracing down the back of his neck. "Harmony. Two different, contrasting elements striking the same, complimentary notes.." Elisandre mumbled softly. At this point she wasn’t sure what she was explaining anymore. She was just very fond of the tenure of his voice. -11:47 Feb 14
Cupio: He pulled her clothes down her thighs roughly and then in a single movment thrust into her, slowling as he drove deeper. Then his hand was on the back of her head and his tongue entered her mouth as his hips pressed into hers capturing any sound she made as his breath caught and the air changes again… bliss. -11:51 Feb 14
Elisandre: There was a startled sound from her, and a quick gasp at the sudden pain. For a moment she even froze, hands tightening and nails digging in to his skin. Once her alarm faded, that flush of heat took over. A strange heavy, needy feeling, that had her squirming and mumbled out a soft groan. -12:00 Feb 15
Cupio: He captured everything she felt and it energized him. He moved back slowly and the thrust in again his hand tightening in her hair as his other supported his wieght on the side board as he thurst again, and again, slowly, testing her limits and gathering speed, pushing deeper. "This is what I wanted." he whispered against her lips. "For you to enjoy this." -12:04 Feb 15
Elisandre: She couldn’t comprehend why that had concerned him, and at the moment she didn’t care! It was like every brain-fuddling moment before was nothing but a drop in the bucket compared to this. Elisandre wrapped her legs around him, shifted and squeezed everytime a movement heightened and made her toes curl. Her eyes had fallen closed again as she leaned in to him. Catching his mouth with hers in a hard kiss, soaking in every delicious feeling! -12:14 Feb 15
Cupio: His arms wrapped arounf her, her kiss cutting off all over thought and with her legs around him he moved faster, his control abandoned as he let go and gave her everything, becoming one, harmony. -12:19 Feb 15
Elisandre: Something gave way and she was done in the moment his arms were around her. The sweeping fiery storm that made her whole body clench and shudder. Her teeth bite in to his lip, and her limbs melt with merry bliss. It was both andrenaline rushing madness and exhausting contentment all at once..! -12:27 Feb 15
Cupio: There it was, her release and his fllowed just after as his body shuddered and he clung to her, his lips slowly moving against hers. Then he was lifting her up and carting her to her bed to lay her downto rest in his arms his hand gently stroking the back of her neck. So much better than silly spells. -12:33 Feb 15

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