Soul Signature 003: House Demon (TBC)

[Fawn has made a deal with a human, just like a real demon! Now she just has to fullfill her end of the bargain before she can collect!] -03:41 Sep 16
Fawn: Not that she likes getting called on a Saturday, to some random address that isn’t even the work building to do whatever bullshit errands he wants her to do. Fawn was pretty sure that’s not in a secretary’s job description. Then again, what WAS when it concerned this jerkball? She was rising up the steps in one of her cute little skirt suits and heels. Grey this time. Grey was a good obedient color, right? She rang the doorbell a dozen times. -03:43 Sep 16
Mark: He opened the door and looked down at her. "Once is enough." he said dressed in nothing but a towel wrapped aorund his waste and he had obviously been showering. "This way, we have a bust day ahead up us, slave." he pointed down the hall "Wait for me there." -03:49 Sep 16
Fawn: Fawn clearly didn’t like being called slave, nor did she hide the scowl when she stepped inside. "Secretary. Give me your stupid to-do list so I can get going." As instructed, her footsteps clicked down the hall as she went to wait. Wow, this was a pretty fancy place! Fawn stopped midway in the hall at a mirror to primp her hair. -03:53 Sep 16
Mark: She’d be getting a to-do list alright. "You’re here to do as I say." he snapped closing the door and moving past her and through a door. "And I have a long list of things for you to do." -03:57 Sep 16
Fawn: Of course he did! Fawn leaned against the wall in the hall, ‘obediently’ as he told her. She was going to need those few minutes to mentally prepare. She was pretty sure his list was going to involve a lot of things that really pissed her off, and she couldn’t kill him before she fullfilled her end of the deal. "Right, right. So many things to do, Boss." -04:01 Sep 16
Mark: He moved into the ex-garrage and looked the bed, it wasn’t fancy, or comfortable. It was modeled after an old hospital bed with straps and mechanisms. Today he’d fuck her until she screamed and scream she would. He shed the towel and then moved to pull on a pair of jeans, no need to be comepletely naked right off the bat. "Come in here." he called out. "Slave." he was going to enjoy calling her that. -04:06 Sep 16
Fawn: "Secretary." she repeated with a hiss. Fawn stepped in to the room, her arms crossed as she took a look around. Oh great, he had his own little private torture chamber. This was going to get annoying. -04:13 Sep 16
Mark: "You can take off your jacket." he said his tone sugesting it wasn’t a sugestion. "In fact jut take off everything you want to keep. That will make this a lot easier for you. Everything that doesn’t come off is not going to stay in one peice." he closed the door and locked it, the only exit. "Then you can take a seat and get ready for the only choice you’re getting today." -04:16 Sep 16
Fawn: Oh hell. There was no way Fawn was going to let him ruin another one of her shiny suits. Off came her jacket as she crossed the floor. Then slipping off her shoes. Off came the skirt, bra, panties… being naked wasn’t a problem for Fawn! At least with some dumb mortal. He couldn’t crack the dumb jokes about her looking more angel than demon! Fawn finally took a seat, arms and legs crossed again. "So we’re going to play sexual harrassment at your home too?" -04:21 Sep 16
Mark: He ignored her question, so a point. "You talk to much, Fawn, so you have a choice of what goies into your mouth today, the only choice you have today and its an important one." one that would decide how today ended. He unzipped his jeans with one hand and held up a gag with the other. "So, slave, which will it be?" -04:24 Sep 16
Fawn: "Seh. crah. tar. ry." Fawn didn’t like these options. Last time she had his dick in her mouth, he got her all sticky! Her fingers tapped against her arm, and her leg bounced over her knee. "Option C. None of the above." She responded with a sudden smirk. -04:30 Sep 16
Mark: He scowled and stepped forwards grabbing her hair to pull her from her seat and in a second had the gag around her head and tied tight catching her hair. "You agreed to do what I say." he reminded her. "So start doing so or I’m pissing on your paper and tellin gyou to get lost." -04:32 Sep 16
Fawn: There was a grunt of surprise, and maybe a split second of being startled. Riiiiight, she forgot how pissy he got over this shit. Her yes came out muffled, so Fawn just nodded quickly instead. Do what the boss says, get her contract! -04:37 Sep 16
Mark: He let her go and moved away. "Now get back on the bed there and pray that you’re part demon, because otherwise you might not be seeing the end of the day." he was grinning as he opened a drawer in a tool chest and started rummaging. She had gone with rough.. she was going to get it rough. -04:41 Sep 16
Fawn: Was that a threat to a poor little helpless human secretary? Against her better judgement, Fawn was curious. And with that curiosity, she played the game. She sat down on the bed and played the part of a worried, abused human. …but she still reached up to at least untangled her hair from the gag. That was just annoying! -04:45 Sep 16
Mark: He places a few objects onto a tray and then walked up to her leaving the tray behind. "Put your head here." he pointed at a harness on the bed designed to keep the head imobile in case of neck injury. "On your back and then we’ll get started." -04:50 Sep 16
Fawn: If only she could talk at him. The sarcasm would be delightfully. Fawn kept up appearances of looking annoyed and unsure… when really, she was very interested in seeing what a human’s style of tormenting was. Fawn scooted back and layed down. This bed was awful! -05:00 Sep 16
Mark: He did up the straps to keep her head in place and then took her wrist to strap that to a bar on the side of the bed, then her ancle to the corner before moving around to the other side. "Its a good thing you’re not wearing anything." he said with a grin. "Or I’d cut them off right now." He took her other wrist and strapped that down too and took hold of her final ankle. "So is there anything I can’t do?" he asked knowing full well she couldn’t answer. -05:04 Sep 16
Fawn: Fawn tested the restraints. In a human form, they would indeed be impossible to get out of. Good thing she was a demon! They didn’t concern her much outside of being too tight. At his question she tried to nod her head, then growled a muffled response when she couldn’t move it. Asshole! Did all his little secretaries get this treatment? No wonder he was hell’s most wanted! -05:06 Sep 16
Mark: He pulled a bot out of the bed and split the lower half, opening her legs as a ratched clicked, no way for her to slose them again. He was spreadeagled with noth in between her legs stopping him from walking up betwwn then the matress folding down so that all the was from her back to ther ankles was suspended on nothing but a steel frame. Then he moved away and placed the tray on a cart to wheel it closer to her. "So any guesses to what happens next?" He checkled grabbing her breast roughly and then holding up what looked like a gas preassure-powered gun. -05:13 Sep 16
Fawn: "Hmpphh hff ffth hm mrrph!" What the fuck is that was what she was trying to growl out. Just a tiny little spark of second guessing this entire thing teasing the back of her head. Fawn squirmed uncomfortably as she gave him a good glare. Pretty high tech crap for a human. -05:18 Sep 16
Mark: He pinched her nipple and pulled in it still holding the device. "Its so much easier than spring operated models." he said pulling on her nipple then lowering the device and slipping two metal plates at the fron around her nipple and then he pulled the trigger… instant peircing. -05:21 Sep 16
Fawn: Uncomfortable awkwardness and then… instant pain! Her squeal was still high pitched, even muffled. And her trying to shirk away with him was met with solid resistance. Fawn growled a hell of a lot of curse words at him! Who said he could pull that shit, anyway?! -05:33 Sep 16
Mark: He prinned wide making sure the stud was secure before loading up the next one and moving arounf her. "Don’t worry its perfectly sterile." he rolled her unpeirced one betweem her fingers. "You will keep these in." He said. "Or I’ll be doing this again." -05:39 Sep 16
Fawn: These as in both? The first was still throbbing! If she had wanted to mar her already perfect body, she would have covered herself in piercing and tatoos like her sisters! Fawn tried to twist away from his hand, snarling a few select words at him through the gag. She was so going to kill this human once he signed her contract. -05:42 Sep 16
Mark: He pinched herd keeping the nipple in place and wuth a deft hook and pull the stud shot into it too. Then he was placing the gun down and rubbing them both leaned down and blew on one of them. "The things I’ll do to these…" -05:45 Sep 16
Fawn: This time she didn’t squeal, but she did flinch and growl a protest. It hurt and it wasn’t the fun kind of hurt! …okay, maybe now it was! The pain being massaged away, and that feel of his breath over her skin giving her goosebumps. Not being able to move sucked! Fawn hissed at him. -05:51 Sep 16
Mark: He chuckled and moved one hand away and then hook it under the flap of skin of her navel and then pressed his thumb in on top of it. "You do want to please me, don’t you? Then I’ll sign your contract. I think you like to think of yourself as a demon, is that true? Soulbroker?" -05:53 Sep 16
Fawn: He knew?! Wait, no he didn’t! Asshole was harassing her when he knew she couldn’t respond! "Hrrrmph..!" She sucked in a breath and her stomach. Wouldn’t he be surprised to know she really was a Soulbroker? Hells, she wanted the contract so bad! She could take these stupid things out later. Skin would heal. -05:57 Sep 16
Mark: He loved back to the tray and picked up something else, a small bead that he pu in her navel and turned the vibrator on before a hand went to massage a nipple pulling on the stud and then he was moving the gun back to the tray as he griined at her. "Tap the frame with your hand. One tap yes, two taps no. "Do you like the studes when I masage you?" -06:00 Sep 16
Fawn: That gave her a bit of a jump. The weird buzzing almost masked the throbbing aftermath. …then she was wondering if he could read minds. Narrowing her eyes at him. She hesitated, but one tap. Why lie? He enjoyed her resistance too much! -06:06 Sep 16
Mark: He looked at her his head tilted and pulled somethign else off of the tray. A harness that he fitted around her thighs and waist but left her crotch clear while gilding her entire lower body immobile. "Since you like it I have a treat for you." he said with a wicked chuckle picking up the gun again and reloading it, then moving down to fit it over her hood and then pulled the trigger. -06:12 Sep 16
Fawn: A treat. That was nice, he liked to play the rewa- Fuck! Ow…! Another muffled, startled scream. And if she hadn’t been so effectively strapped down, she might have bolted right off the bed. Fawn was snarling a whole new string of curses at him, both in her head and through the gag. -06:16 Sep 16
Mark: He put the gun down again and rubbed her either side of the stud and blowing on it. "There we go, something new." he was grinning and then watching her. "Do you like that?" -06:21 Sep 16
Fawn: Fawn tried shaking her head first, but of course she couldn’t move. So she resulted in flipping him the finger with hand, by very venomously tapping with the other! No, no, no and triple no! -06:23 Sep 16
Mark: He didn’t seem to care, flicking his tongue against the peirced hood and then moving away to draw himself out and put a hand on her breast and massage that as he rubbed hsi tip agains the stud in her hood. "Now for me to take my reward." he said moving his tip down and pushing into her watching her face, knowing the fresh peircing had to make it uncomfortable. -06:28 Sep 16
Fawn: Squirming in what little ways she could, the only real way to show her annoyance was through sound. Only, instead of a snarl or a growl it was an almost moan. He wanted a mewling fighting human, which wasn’t hard for her to play seeing as she was really pissed about those piercings. …but it was really hard to deny that demon delight. For a human, he was really good at being an asshole! -06:37 Sep 16
Mark: He thust in deep and placed his hands on her sides and pushed again, and again. "Growl all you want." he teased. "Once it heals it will make it three times better." he was gripping her side until his nails almost broke the skin as he continued brushing his thumb against her nipple." -06:45 Sep 16
Fawn: Presumptious ass! He wouldn’t live that long! Fawn strained, every muscle in her body tight with her futile movements. Being him thrusting and that constant pain pulsing through her blood, keeping up appearances of being a human was difficult! Fawn bit in to the gag, almost grateful to have it hiding fangs. Because she really wanted to sink her teeth in to him. All of the growl was gone from her tone now. Replaced by the complaining groaning. -06:54 Sep 16
Mark: He was still watching her as he thrust at a deliberate pace. Then as he squeezed her breast he spead up a sigh escaping him as he got into his rythm. He was still watching her as he licked his lip. -07:01 Sep 16
Fawn: Her fingers were tapping as she squeezed her eyes shut just to not see him. All the pain was gone, and now there was just that burning building up so quickly that it was making her arc and writhe. Yearning to bite him, claw him… maybe even fuck him unconcious! Maybe it seemed like she was whimpering from the abuse and trying to get free. …but she was just enjoying it a little more than she wanted to! -07:13 Sep 16
Mark: He sped up, if she were in pain he didn’t care, he was etting his and it was wonderful, a deep seated satisfaction of dominating this cheap fuck and feeling her writh against him. He loved it, control, power, and her… he couldn’t tell if she was in pain or if she was enjoying it or both, he grippped her breast bigging his nails into her. "Like it yet?" he gloated his hand slipping down to rub at the fresh peircing in her hood. -07:24 Sep 16
Fawn: Fawn’s long, complaining groan was the only reply she gave. Even balling up her fists to not give a respond that way, either. Fuck no she wasn’t going to admit she liked it! She sure as hell didn’t like being tied down! But with that sharp twinge of pain mingling with spine tingling… Fawn moaned in to the gag again, before she was opening her eyes to give a glittering glare. -07:33 Sep 16
Mark: He grinned at her biting his lip as he moved faster rubbing the hood stud harder as he pushed as hard as he could a thought bubling in the back of his mind wondering if she’d climax. -07:38 Sep 16
Fawn: Another sharp jolt of pain had her giving a loud squeel and a sudden shift. Not being able to move was driving her insane! There was no way to ease the sensation, good or bad. Just trapped at his mercy, and there was definitely no mercy. Her body was giving in to it, not that she was spending much time resisting. Leaving her screaming against the gag when she finally caved. -07:46 Sep 16
Mark: He felt her squeeze adn for some reason that made him gasp and let go, a symaltanious orgasm that left him looking down at herand then pulling out and gazing at her abused crotch. "So you do like it." he said "This is good, perfect. Wait until you see what I have for you next." -07:52 Sep 16

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