Genetic Bride 026 003: Khloe’s First Job

[Baldor has just gotten his troublesome charge home and needs to get ready for work.] -01:25 Jul 23
[Khloe now has her very own clothes! And they are all spread out on his bed while she happily plays with them!] -01:26 Jul 23
Khloe: What to wear first. Khloe had been so certain she’d be naked most of the time, and clothes have turned out to be a very fun thing. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to wear pants or a dress. And soon he would be gone to work. …should she go with him to work? What would be good work clothes? Khloe decided she would ask! And that meant invading his shower! -01:31 Jul 23
Baldor: He grabbed his uniform and a pair of black jeans and headed into the backroom. "Put on somehting thats okay for every day use." he called through the door. "And not overly sexy…" why was he even trying.. if anyone saw them together and word got back to his girlfriend he’d be toast… -01:37 Jul 23
Khloe: Not overly sexy. That crossed off the outfit he said was bad. That one she would save for later… but… she still didn’t know what to wear. It would be easier if he just told her what to wear. Khloe slipped off her shoes and marched after him. "What is best for every day! Am I going to work with you or do I have to stay here? If I stay here I will do chores, but I want to see where you work too…" -01:40 Jul 23
Baldor: He turned on the water and stepped in. "I want to show you what the world is like." he said. "Its a short shift foday, just a few hours so you cna hang out inside while I work." he said before takign the shampoo and rubbing it into his hair. "Just wear somehting thats comportable but doesn’t show too much. Jeans would be good." -01:46 Jul 23
Khloe: In to the bathroom she went. "Where do you work? Do you like it?" He was already in the shower and she tilted her head… she hadn’t seen him without all of his clothes yet. Once again without invitation, she was climbing in to the shower with him, not bothering to pull off her own clothes. "Would you like help getting clean? Four hands are faster than two." -01:50 Jul 23
Baldor: This had him turning and recoiling to the far side of the shower his shoulder basking the faucet and making him exclaim softly. "You’re not meant to be in here…" he said. "Your clothes are wet and.." she didn’r have a bra on. "You can’t go out in wet clothes…" he covered himself and wedged himself in the cornet staring at her. -01:56 Jul 23
Khloe: "Oh.." she looked down at her clothes with a frown. "That’s all right, I have to change them anyway!" He was hiding in the corner, which thought was a little strange… but Khloe didn’t worry over it for too long, as she was taking the soap to lather up her hands and immediately reaching out to help wash him. "Let me get your back for you! Apparently those are very hard to reach by yourself." -02:00 Jul 23
Baldor: Well since she was there and he did have trouble with his back and it would hid his… "Thank you." he turned and backed out of the corner to let her wash him. "I could do the same for you next time." he -02:05 Jul 23
Khloe: "That would be nice! I like getting to shower myself and play with the soap." Once he was turned around, her hands were on his back. Rubbing up and down, over his shoulders. Paying very careful attention to massaging through muscles to ease tension. He was very tense! -02:09 Jul 23
Baldor: He bowed hsi head and closed his eyes. She had good hands, very good hands. But he didn’t want to think about how good it felt, he was getting clean and that was the main thing, his only concern. "Down a little, to the right of the spine." she would out him to sleep at this rate. "You’re good at this." -02:14 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe decided she liked when he gave instructions. It was a nice contrast to when he was being kind. She did as instructed, and then she was letting her hands explore maybe a bit more than she should have been. Being instructed on how to touch didn’t really seem to compared to -actually- touching. "I have been conditioned for many different sorts of physical pleasures." -02:19 Jul 23
Baldor: He sighed, weather from what she said of thin the tention melting away it was hard to tell. "You shouldn’t really talk like that, it makes you sound like a product, not a person." he said forgetting around getting clean for a moment and half turning to look at her. ""Which are you?" -02:29 Jul 23
Khloe: That was… an interesting question. Khloe looked a little unsettled for a bit, her hands pausing at his hips. "I am a product. I was made to fullfill someone’s specifications and desires. I’m not supposed to question it or disobey it, I’ll get erased and reconditioned… but…" But what? There were no other options. At least… she didn’t think they were! Until now… -02:34 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "If you are a product then you are nothing but a sex toy and I can use you for my own perverted pleasures like you were made out of rubber. But I see a person, who just doesn’t know how to be a person. I don’t want to see you as a product." he turnd around fully. "Now I should dry off or I’m going to be late." -02:37 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe nodded and took a step or two back out of his way. She was a person, of course she was a person. All genetic brides were real human beings, that’s what made them special. But she was still property too. Owned by the labs until she was owned by a husband. ….except for right now where she wasn’t owned by anyone! Could she do that? Khloe pulled off her wet clothes, leaving them behind in the shower before she stepped out to follow him. "Why don’t you use me? Is it because you are afraid of consummation? Or because you have chosen to only consummate one person?" -02:44 Jul 23
Baldor: He grabbed a towel and started drying his hair. "I don’t love you." he said "I don’t want to have sex with someone I don’t love. Nor do I want to use you when it would feel liek taking advantage of you. I could tell you never to leave this appartment and use you every morning and every night but that is not the kind of person I am. I care about you and want you to live. LIVE not exist." -02:59 Jul 23
Khloe: Love was still something she was figuring out, but Khloe understood what care meant. He cared about her. Not as a tool or an object, but as a person. …that was baffling! She didn’t know what to think about it as she sat on the edge of the bed and watched him. "I am living…" she responded, unsure what he meant by it. "There is more to it? Like working and shopping?" -03:07 Jul 23
Baldor: "More like thinking and feeling for yourself." he said.pulling on his jeans and work shirt, then covering it with a jacket and putting in his shoes. "Is there nayhting you want for yourself?" -03:10 Jul 23
Khloe: "I wanted to like my new life and be happy with my designated husband?" It was the only thing she ever hoped for! Khloe realized he was dressed already, so she quickly grabbed one of the dresses from her pile of clothes and pulled it on over her head. She forgot about under things all together. "I was hoping my designated husband would be nice and that I would like him and he would like me. A lot of genetic brides come back in terrible conditions and I didn’t want that…" -03:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He was shakign his head again. "So you were raised as a sex slave, like a maiden house or…" he was angry and he didn’t know why. "What do you want for yourself, not for some husband?" -03:18 Jul 23
Khloe: "For me? Just to be happy! I don’t really have any specific wishes…?" He was getting upset and she wasn’t sure what she said that bothered him. Khloe moved to hug him. -03:25 Jul 23
Baldor: She was being huggy and that disarmed him. "And now you’re just trying to make me happy, don’t choose me as a husband Khloe, I’m taken." he was sure where wasn’t sadness in his voice and that he was imagining it. "We should go, its a little walk. You don’t mind going?" -03:29 Jul 23
Baldor: She was being huggy and that disarmed him. "And now you’re just trying to make me happy, don’t choose me as a husband Khloe, I’m taken." he was sure where wasn’t sadness in his voice and that he was imagining it. "We should go, its a little walk. You don’t mind going?" -03:29 Jul 23
Khloe: "I don’t mind. I want to see where you work and see new things too." She couldn’t choose him as her husband. That was a little sad… but this was something she already knew. Khloe released him so she could slip on her shoes, then she was ready to go. "I will try not to get in the way. Observations only!" -03:32 Jul 23
Baldor: What he had meant to say was don’t choose a husband but instead he just grabbed his keys and headed for the door. "So are you ready for the real world?" he asked. "And to talk to people." -03:41 Jul 23
Khloe: "I’m ready! I remember the rules. No being naked in public. Do not have sex with strangers. Are there more rules?" she was practically on heels, more than a little excited to try out this new experience. If it was anything like trying on clothes, she was sure to like it. -03:43 Jul 23
Baldor: "Don’t touch strangers in inapropriate places or let them touch you.. don’t take upp yout underwear unless you’re alone… and be polite." he said lockign the door and starting towards the staircase. "I should get you a phone too, but I can’t affort that. Not yet anyway. I…" having ehr around was getting expensive but he didn’t mind. So long as she tried to be normal. -03:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "Should I get a job too? I have not been taught any job skills, but I know a lot about sex and hoursekeeping." Don’t take off her underwear unless alone? Luckily she wasn’t wearing any, she forgot! Being polite wouldn’t be difficult at all. -03:52 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "If you want to but you don’t have to." he said descending the stairs. "But I’ll worry about you when you’re away… I don’t knwo if you’re ready to go out on your own, people might try to take advantage of you." yeah he wasn’t hetting her out alone or even out of his sight for too long. -04:02 Jul 23
Khloe: "I don’t want to spend all of your money. So when you are ready to let me, I will find a job." Khloe was smiling again. He cared a lot if he was afraid she would get in trouble. It was too bad he wasn’t her designated husband. He would be a good one. Once they were down the stairs, she was leaping on to his back, just for the fun of doing so! "You haven’t told me where you work though! What do you do there?" -04:06 Jul 23
Baldor: He almost fell forwards and had to take hold of her again… no underwear.. again.. too late he ws going to be late for work. "I make food." he said. "Fast, cheep food for people to eat, so you can eat lunch that I made tehre too… though honestly I don’t have a big role in how it turns out." he walked along the street and sighed. "If you really want to help out you might get a job in the same place on the same shifts?" -04:11 Jul 23
Khloe: "So I could work with you? That might be fun!" Khloe held on tight, nuzzling against his ear with an affectionate grin. "I will have lunch there and meet people while you work. And learn some things! I could learn to cook food?" -04:16 Jul 23
Baldor: "You could." he said "Or you could take the food to hungry people." he gave up on tryign to tell her not to nuzzle, she was happy and it wasn’t hurting anyone. "Just remember the rules and you’ll be fine. And be careful." -04:18 Jul 23
[Khloe enters.] -04:20 Jul 23
Khloe: "Don’t worry, I’ll be careful." it should be simple. People did these things everyday and she was made to serve. The rules were easy to follow, and she wouldn’t forget them. Khloe liked the way he smelled when he was nice and clean. -04:24 Jul 23
Baldor: He put her down in front of a fast food place and then took her hand to walk inside. "This is where I work." he said. "I’ll be in there in about half an hour, in the meantime I’ll be in the front with you." he found a stall and sat her down in it and sat oposite her. "We’ll just be here four hours.. okay?" -04:28 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe nodded. She was already looking around the place. Getting to know where everything was… and more specifically watching the people. "I have never seen so many different shapes of people before." It was curious! "…There are little tiny people!" -04:32 Jul 23
Baldor: Thats caught him off guard… "Those.. those are children." he said "You’ve enver seen children before?" he blinked at her. "Never.. ever…?" -04:34 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s a children?" she eyed them. They were so small… and weird looking. "No, we are disabled from having children and it has to be requested if a Husband wishes to make them." -04:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He stared blankly for a moment and a lott of sadness and empathy that was becoming irritatinly ruotine crossed his face. "Well thats a child and …" she couldn’t have children… she was just a glorified sex toy.. "never mind." -04:42 Jul 23
[(Timeout) Khloe was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "And? What are they for? Oh wait, they are young people." Ha! She figured it out. So that is what people looked like before they were of proper age. Khloe had never seen anything younger than sixteen! "How long does it take for them to get bigger? A few months?" -04:52 Jul 23
Baldor: He tilted his head. "Khloe, I am twenty one, I will be twenty two next month." he said. "I think hes is around 8 so… about twelve yeard before hes twenty." he looked at her. "Thats the way it is out here." -04:56 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s so long…" It took years for people to grow? "You must be a genius, then, having so much time to learn things. Where do you go for your conditioning?" -04:58 Jul 23
Baldor: He sighed. "We don’t really ahve that either… we have school." he said "Where they teach us things, and not tell up how to think and behave, our parents do that." he called over the waitress on duty and ordered them each an orange juice. "We figure things out for ourselves too." -05:05 Jul 23
Khloe: "Parents. I don’t understand that word either… These are a lot of new words." Khloe rest her chin on her hands, watching what the waitress did… and then turning her sight back on him. "You say that a lot about thinking for myself and doing stuff for myself… that’s what everyone does?" -05:09 Jul 23
Baldor: "Most people do." he said "I do that too, I look after you because I choose to. Seeing me carry you in the street most people will assume you are my girlfriend but I don’t mind that either. You need a hand and I’m happy to help." he accepted the glasses and put it on his employee tab pushing her glass towards her. "Most people just want to be happy." -05:13 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe smelled the liquid first before taking a sip… she liked this better than coffee! "So if I want to be happy, I need to do things and choose things myself." Rule noted. That would probably be the most difficult rule of all. Khloe found it easier to follow instructions rather than stumbling around confused and not knowing what to do with herself… That thought even seemed to be clear on her expression as she looked around the place again. If she wasn’t directly persuing something, she really didn’t know how to behave. "Should I sit and observe..?" -05:17 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thats a good idea." he said. "Talking to peole is also a good idea and just figuring out what you want for yourself." he sipped his orange juice. "Now just wait here I’ll be right back." he slipped out of his seat and ducked behind the counter to talkt to the shift manager and brought him back tot he table. "So you want to work this shift to try out?" he asked her. "We’re short a waitress, if you don’t mind borrowign a uniform you can start in twenty minutes." -05:30 Jul 23
Khloe: "I can do it today?" Ooh..! Khloe didn’t think it would be that easy! She was already jumping out of her seat and near bouncing on her feet. "Yes, I would, thank you! I think I have a good idea how it works and I don’t mind borrowing at all!" -05:33 Jul 23
Baldor: The manager smiled and departed headign for the store room and the uniforms and Bai say down and took another sip fo juice. "You just tell the person behind the counter what the person wants to eat and take it to them when its finished." he told her. "And make sure they pay, or you will pay for them, thats the way it works… think you can do that then I’ll take you home and you’ll have your own money." -05:40 Jul 23
Khloe: "That should be easy! Thank you, Bai!" Whether he was ready for it or not, she was leaning down to throw her arms around him for a hug and kissing his cheek! "I’ll do a really good job, then I will buy things for you!" -05:43 Jul 23
Baldor: He froze.. and blushed, just happy she was happy, of course, adn then the manager was back and placign the uniform on the table before heading back behind the counter and getting back to his job. "You don’t have to buy me anything." he said. "But if you want to I won’t stop you." he was smiling. "Though remember when you’re working not to get distracted with too much talking. Talkign tand being friendly to customers is important but you also need to work." -05:49 Jul 23
Khloe: He smiled…! Khloe couldn’t remember if she had seen one of those from him yet. At least a genuine one! She was grinning wide when she snatched up her new uniform. She almost almost undressed right there, but remembered quick about the no-nakedness in public rule. Khloe bounced off to the restrooms! -05:53 Jul 23
Baldor: Well she was gone and it was almost time for him to get into the kitchen. Already a lot of the staff were looking at him and obviously wondering what he was doing with a boince girl like that and drawing conclusions. -05:57 Jul 23
Khloe: Once she was out, she was dressed nice and neat in her first official uniform. The shirt was a little tight, and the skirt wasn’t very sexy at all… but she thought she looked cute! An authentic waitress! One of the current waitresses gave her a run down of procedure. The left side of the room was hers. She had to be nice and ask people what they wanted to eat, write it down, and give it to the people in the back. Then when food was done, give it to the right people! Easy. Khloe got on that with a great deal of enthusiasm. -06:01 Jul 23
Baldor: Bai got up and put her glass in her hands. "Finish it, we’re on in five minutes." he said then pointed though the window at the kitchen. "I’ll be in there if you need me but if you ahve questions then you can just ask one of the other staff on duty.. And Khloe.. good luck." -06:25 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe drank her juice quickly. It would be just the energy she needed, then handed him the glass back. …she leaned on her toes to kiss his cheek again. Offering him a wide grin. "You’ll be proud of me, just wait and see." -06:29 Jul 23
Baldor: "I already am." he said "Now, do well and you get to ask me anything." he promised. "now I’m needed in the kitchen, come see me if you have the time." and with that he was pulling his jacket off and ducking behind the counter. -06:34 Jul 23
Khloe: Ask him anything? Did that mean a question or a favor…? Khloe thought on the fact, until the other waitress shooed her off to get to work. Right! Step one. Approach customers sitting at one of her booths. Notepad in hand, she stopped where a couple of old men sat down. "Hello! How I can I please you today?" She smiled wide, and both of the older men smiled right back. This was so easy…! -06:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He was doing what he did, making sure the meat was cooked and the chips were the right colour. Easy as pie. makign pre-packaged meals for minute-fast delivery, he almost forgot to look up to check on Khloe." -06:42 Jul 23
Khloe: After a few tables and a few near-disaster accidents, Khloe was finding it wasn’t AS easy as she thought. A couple times she got people’s orders mixed up. She almost spilled someone’s drink all over them. Luckily most people seemed to be patient with her, especially since it was her first day. She liked to talk to them..! Some even gave her extra money to keep for herself, which was really nice. The male customers seemed to like offering her money the most. They would give her a pat on the shoulder or the behind or kiss her hand. One even asked if she wanted to leave with him! If she wasn’t busy working, she might have said yes! -06:47 Jul 23
Baldor: He say some of what went on and it made him frown and stop looking, he needed to keep his mind on the job and making sure he didn’t get his hand in the slicer. Though witht he lunch rush over and the resturant empty for a bit he sighed. What was he going to do with himself? -06:50 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe decided her favorite part was talking to people and asking them about their day. There was a brief moment with no one at her tables, and she was leaning over a counter to peer behind it at the kitchen area. "I had no idea there were so many different kinds of jobs! I talked to a man that said he is an underwear inspector! I didn’t know they needed to be inspected periodically. Sadly, I had to tell him I wasn’t wearing any today and he’d have to come back another day." -06:56 Jul 23
Baldor: He shook his head. "There is no such job, he just wanted to see your underwear because he is a pervert." he looked at the clock on the wall. "Get you something? We should take lunch." -06:58 Jul 23
Khloe: "Oh… why on earth would he lie about it? I would have showed him anyway." Khloe leaned again, looking at the menus. She reached up to point. "I want to try that! Everyone asks for it the most, so it has to be good. What’s your favorite thing?" -07:01 Jul 23
Baldor: "He probably wanted to have sex with you." he said nodding to her order and mooking at her. Then grabbing her food and what he wanted, not telling her what it was, and telling her to follow him as he went into the back to where the staff ate. "We’ll talk more back here." -07:08 Jul 23
Khloe: "I see…" Khloe was not surprised. After all, the entire importance of making sure you were consummated right away was because other people would try to snatch you up and steal you. Khloe followed him in to the back, taking interest in this new area. "I would have said no thank you, though, because you told me not to have sex with strangers." -07:11 Jul 23
Baldor: "Only because I said so?" he asked playing thier food and drinks on the small table and sitting down. "Khloe as strange as this sounds I don’t want to be a huge controlling influence in your life. I just want you to be happy." -07:14 Jul 23
Khloe: "You are the only person I know. You are the only influence in my life!" she said matter-of-factly. She was already picking at her food to take a few bites, and pleased with the results. Khloe didn’t realize how hungry she was. Working built up an appetite! -07:17 Jul 23
Baldor: He pulles a cheeseburger out of it’s wrapper and held it out to her. "Take a bite, I made it… and that that you’re eating, but this is my favorite." he also held out one of his chips for her to try. "Not very healthy but good." -07:21 Jul 23
Khloe: She took a bite of his, there differences were very subtle… but there! Khloe put tasting new food on her list of things she really enjoyed. She was grinning again, kicking her feet back and forth in her seat. "How long have you worked here cooking things? A lady today told me she was a chef and cooked for a living too. Are you a chef?" -07:26 Jul 23
Baldor: "No." he said "I’m just a cook. It I were a chef I would have a nocer house and maybe a wife, and car.. you need to study for years to be a chef." he started eating and was soon halfway done. "I’m really not that well off.. I barely make rent most months. I don’t think i could ever afford to buy you if you went back, not in my entire life. Which sucks" -07:31 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe tilted her head, thoughtfully chewing and thinking over his words. Did that mean he would buy her if he could? "Are you happy…? Do you like this job where you can barely pay rent and can’t have a wife or a car?" He sounded unhappy, but she couldn’t be sure… -07:35 Jul 23
Baldor: He looked at her. "I take care of myself and no one pays for my living expences. Thats.. inportant to me." he said dodging the question. "I would like more in life but so does everyone. I take care of myself and that gives me independence. I’d like to move back home and closer to my girlfriend but I have friends here, adn a job, and an appartment, and feel good enough baout my situation to help a person in need. Who needs more than that?" -07:38 Jul 23
Khloe: She looked a little dubious. Khloe didn’t know a lot about people and the world yet, but despite what he said he didn’t seem all that happy. She changed her question. "Then if you could have anything or live any way you like, what would you want now? …I would like to know, so I can have examples so I can make a good choice too?" -07:42 Jul 23
Baldor: He put down his burger unfinished and avoided her eyes. "I want… to be happy." he said "I want this soda, I want to be able to buy something just for me without looking at the price tag. I want this burger. I want to feel loved, I want to … I just want to be happy." he said "Everyone does. I don’t have any good examples to you." he drunk from his cup and then finished the burger and tipped half the chips onto her plate. "Maybe you have it figured out better than I do.. maybe I have too many rules." -07:48 Jul 23
Khloe: "Then you should change the rules, I think. If you want to be happy, and you are suppose to choose things for yourself, then you can change the rules and do want you want to do. …Right?" Made perfect sense to her! Khloe eagerly ate everything he gave her, without complaint. It was well worth the eating! And now she could tell customers what she liked off the menu too. "While you help me, I will help you too. That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?" -07:52 Jul 23
Baldor: "he looked at her and didn’t even sigh thi time. "We’ll talk about it at home. Theres only an hour left here then I’ll make food and then we’ll talk." he pushed her soda towards her. She was trouble, she was deginately trouble to keep arond. "But you care about me, enough to offer, thats all I need to knwo for now." -07:56 Jul 23
Khloe: A talk. That sounded serious… she might have said the wrong thing again. Khloe took her soda and drank it quickly. So quickly she ended up giving herself the hiccups. "You’re kind to me so I want to b-Hic!" She slapped a hand over her mouth and laughed. That was different! After a good deep breath, it didn’t happen again. She’d be careful about drinking sodas! "Okay, we will talk at home. And you can count how much money I have made!" -08:00 Jul 23
Baldor: "Sounds like fun." he said finishing his own soda and standing. "I’ll see you in an hour. Remember people asking to see you naked is bad and there is no such thing as n undewear inspector." he was ready to go back to the kitchen when and fisich up his shift. -08:03 Jul 23
Khloe: Asking to see her naked is bad, and no such thing as underwear inspectors. Rules noted! Khloe returned to working. Just in time for it to be busy again. And now she had new things to think about and discuss with customers. Along with asking people about their day or what they did as a job, she was asking people what made them happy and got all sorts of interesting responses! On the bright side, she didn’t spill anything on anyone or mess up any more orders. -08:07 Jul 23
Baldor: The kitchen was less then smooth, they ran out of onion and has a sause spillage but after and hour most thinsg there sorted out and he was back in his jacket and coming out from behind the counter looking tired, but smiling when he sw her and waiting to walk her home. -08:10 Jul 23
Khloe: Her head was filled with all sorts of new things. A LOT of new things. For her first 24hours of being awakened, she had discovered tons of new stuff… and none of it was even about sex! Once she was told she was allowed to go, she changed out of the uniform and back in to her own clothes. Then greeted him with a smile. …she wasn’t so bouncy on her feet now, in fact her feet really hurt! Being on her feet all day was not something she was conditioned to do, that’s for sure. "I am done working! Miss May said I didn’t do too bad for a first day. And she said you’re going to be really happy about my tips and give me a good time tonight." -08:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He offered her his hand and started heading for the door. "The manager said he might want to hire you regularly." he said. "I told him to call me ifsomething came up." out the door into the twilight and he let loose a sigh. "I think you did okay too.. but no going home with customers eitherm thats also sex." hsi shoulders hurt and head was buzzing and he wanted a drink but he had to get her home. -08:18 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe held his hand and once they were outside she was looking up at the sky. She never saw the sky those colors before. It was pretty! "You’re confusing. I thought everything led to sex, but then you say it doesn’t mean sex, and now you say it does… How am I supposed to know when it’s time for the consummating?" A serious question! Because with him, nothing was supposed to be about sex. …but it seemed with everyone else that was all there was! -08:23 Jul 23
Baldor: "When you’re with a guy who doesn’t just want you for your body." he said "One that cares about you." he sighed. "One that takes care of you as much as you want to take care of them." he Looked at her. "You are going to make a guy very happy, but don’t let yourself be used. You can alwasy say no to anythign if you don’t want it. No matter what you are conditioned for." -08:29 Jul 23
Khloe: She huffed. Twisting up her mouth in a half frown, half scowl. Now how was she supposed to know the difference between someone who just wanted her body and someone who cared about her. …Khloe supposed they would act a lot like him! She was smiling again. "I get it. I have to find someone like you! Hum… tomorrow I will try meeting men and see if I can find one! I will write a list of things they have to be like and ask them lots of questions. Like… Husbands do for Genetic Brides~!" ha! See, she was learning very fast! -08:35 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thatd not very subtle." he said "Just talk to people…" the thought of her meeting other guys didn’t sit well with him though and his voice dropped in cheeriness. "Maybe you need to learn more about the world before you date." -08:37 Jul 23
Khloe: "Is that what it’s called? Date? You mentioned taking me on a date before…" Khloe squeezed his hand, picking up on that subtle change in his voice. He really was confusing, she could never quite tell what altered his moods so much. "You can show me what a date is supposed to be like, and then I will do it right?" -08:40 Jul 23
Baldor: "Sure." he said enterign the building and heading up the stairs. "Though they’re meant to be fun, thats really the most important part, fun adn about getting to know the other person." he pushed open the door and entred letting go of her hand. "Right now lets see what I can cook." -08:44 Jul 23
Khloe: Once inside she was taking off her shoes and immediately finding somewhere to sit! Khloe slid in to a chair and pulled her legs up cross-legged to take a look at her feet. That was a long day… and he had to do that everyday. His feet were bound to hurt too! "Do you want to rest first? I can rub your feet or your back and shoulders. Or you could sit in the bath and I could rub you there?" -08:48 Jul 23
Baldor: He was pulling out a pot and putting it on the stove. "If I stop not I’ll be down all night." he said then filled the pot with water and put it on to boil, took out a couple things of noodles and a few vegitables and started cooking. "Maybe after eating I’ll bath." he yawned and dupled the noodles into the water and fetched down two bowls. "Or save that for the morning. I’m tired." -08:52 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe watched him with curiosity… already deciding that she was going to give him a good before bed treat whether he asked for it or not. She had figured out when she offered he always declined, but when she just did it, he rarely refused. "Do you like cooking?" she asked, a new thought in her head. "Maybe if you were a head chef you might make more money and get to live somewhere with a wife and car?" -08:56 Jul 23
Baldor: "I need more money than I make to study to become a chef." he said growing in a little sause with the noddles, sticking a fork in it and putting it in front of her. "And more tallent to get a bersery." he sat down and poked his with his fork but didn’t eat right away. "And who said I wanted a wife and car." -08:59 Jul 23
Khloe: "You did, kind of…" More money to study with? That reminded her! Khloe dug in to her pockets and pulled out a few wads of cash and crumpled up papers with names and numbers on them. "Here’s some money! Is this enough to learn how to be a chef? Or should I save some more?" With her pockets emptied, she was focused on the bowl of noodles. Taking one bite too quick and waving a hand in front of her mouth to cool her tongue. -09:02 Jul 23
Baldor: "Thats your money." he said "For what you want." he looked at her. "Maybe you could study.. of buy a car.. He blew on a forful and stuffed it into his mouth his cheeks bulging as he chewed and stallowed. The he stood and got two glasses and filled them with milk. "You could get a phone with that…" then all the guys would call her. -09:08 Jul 23
Khloe: "What IS a phone?" She picked up one of the crumbled pieces of paper with the numbers. "Lots of people asked me for a phone number but I didn’t have one. Do I need one?" She put the paper in to a stack along with all the others and seperated it from the money. "And I want to give you this money. You are letting me stay here and buying things for me. I am giving you money back for it?" -09:11 Jul 23
Baldor: He pulled out his phoen and put it on the table. It was a cheek knock off just like everything else he owned but it worked. "This is a phone." he said. "You push the numbers and then you can talk to the person.. but.. usually giving someone thier number is because you want to date them. They do it because you’re pretty and talk easily." he sighed. "People liek that if girlfriends.. or people they just have sex with once and never talk to again." -09:17 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe picked up the phone, mashing lots of the buttons to see what it did, inbetween taking safer bites of noodles. "Do you talk to your girlfriend with this a lot?" -09:19 Jul 23
Baldor: "Not a lot." he said "But we’re both busy so.. she has to keep a high grade to be a researcher when she finishes learning." he said before stuffing more noddles into hsi mouth and pushing his glass at her. "But I understand. We’ve been together for a long time." -09:22 Jul 23
Khloe: "Why aren’t you living together close by? Don’t you miss her?" That was the part she was most confused about. Having a girlfriend or a wife meant being close to each other, and as far as she could tell… he never was. He hadn’t even consummated the woman! Khloe picked up the glass to sip from. -09:25 Jul 23
Baldor: He reathed into his jacked pocket and took out a chocolate bar and put that on the table too. "For after your noodles." he said. "We used to live a lot closer but then I came here and.." he looked at her. "Things like this happen. it was stay with her or break up with her and not be her boyfriend anymore." -09:29 Jul 23
Khloe: "I wouldn’t want to live away from you… Doesn’t she want to see you?" After her noodles? Khloe tried to eat quicker, which resulted in resulted in getting noodles on her face and dropping one down her shirt. She had to pause for a moment to try and dig it out. "Why don’t you go and move in with her now?" -09:32 Jul 23
Baldor: "Because we’re not married." he said "And she doesn’t want to before then, adn she doesn’t want to get arried ebfore she has a degree and a job." he shook his head. "When you’re done eating I’ll give you an old shirt of mine to wear when you sleep." he said in responce to her spilling. before he fifted his bowl up and hurried too. finishing quickly then gulping down his milk. -09:36 Jul 23
Khloe: "That’s okay! I made sure to get a nightgown today." …that’s right, she wanted to show him! Khloe gave that candy bar a look… she wanted to try that… but first night gown! She hopped off her seat, and took a few wobbly steps. Her feet hurt even worse now that she had been off them for a while. Weird! But then it was right in to the bedroom where she threw off her clothes and changed in to the gown. Once she returned, she turned for him with her hands on her hips. It wasn’t much more than a little bit of black lace and satin, and the hem was so high there was the very visible lower curve of her rear when she turned around. "It should be nice and cool to sleep in, right?" -09:41 Jul 23
Baldor: "That…" he said "That…" the tried to find the words. "That doesn’t hide much." he said "Its… very sexy but another thing thats not for every day or sleeping next to someone you’re not having sex with." he said. "Because thats the kind of thing you wear to make people want to have sex with you or to show that you want to…" yep… he had a presure problem downstairs and a redness upstairs. "It looks good anf if you were my girlfriend we would be in the bedroom right now…" -09:46 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe was getting mixed signals again. He didn’t approve of it… but liked it? She liked the way his face turned red, though… Khloe crossed the room deliberately standing next to him and his chair as she leaned to snatch up that chocolate bar and unwrap it. "So you do like it?" She broke off a piece of the chocolate to pop in her mouth and…! She closed her eyes and sighed. That had to be the best thing she had ever put in to her mouth. Ever. It tasted like bliss! -09:51 Jul 23
Baldor: "I would if I were allowed to fell what it was made to make guys feel." he said taking her cistraction with the chocolate bar as his opotunity to stand, stretch, and walk towards the bedroom tearing off his work shirt and pulling on a sleep shirt with a band logo on it, take off his shoes and jeans and socks and crawl onto bed to stare out the window. We wondered what Delora was up to now. -09:55 Jul 23
Baldor: "I would if I were allowed to fell what it was made to make guys feel." he said taking her cistraction with the chocolate bar as his opotunity to stand, stretch, and walk towards the bedroom tearing off his work shirt and pulling on a sleep shirt with a band logo on it, take off his shoes and jeans and socks and crawl onto bed to stare out the window. We wondered what Delora was up to now. -09:56 Jul 23
Khloe: So good… so distracting! When she opened her eyes he was already gone off to bed. Khloe took the candy bar with her to the bedroom, hovering in the doorway as she popped another piece in to her mouth. Now it was time for Operation; Make Bai Relax! Khloe hopped in to bed, brushing a hand over his calf and letting it craaawl up towards his inner thigh. "I will help you sleep." -10:00 Jul 23
Baldor: He froze and turned to look at her his legs sliding togethet to shild his inner thighs against eachother. "Khloe?" he said questioningly. "What are you doing?" -10:03 Jul 23
Khloe: "Work isn’t as easy as I thought, and my feet hurt, so I know you hurt too. I’ll make you feel better!" He always got so stiff when she touched him… that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Khloe moved her hand farther up his leg, and leaned over him to nuzzle his cheek. She remembered the no kissing rule! -10:07 Jul 23
Baldor: "You worked too." he said grabbing and blanket and pulling it over himself covering himself fron his knees to his neck. "All I need it sleep." -10:09 Jul 23
Khloe: "And I will help you sleep." Khloe thought he was cute like this. There might’ve been a blanket in the way, but that didn’t prevent her from running her hand over his crotch and copping a good feel. She even nipped gently at his jaw before her mouth trailed it’s way to his ear. "It will only take a minute." she whispered soft. -10:14 Jul 23
Baldor: He rolled rnto hisback and very obviously tenting took both her hands in his and hild them when she coun’t touch him. "Khloe…" she was making this very difficult. "What exactly are you planning to do?" -10:18 Jul 23
Khloe: Now that she couldn’t hold herself up with her hands, she just had to straddle him so she could press her body against him. "Don’t worry, you said no sex. So it won’t be sex. I can do a lot of nonsex things. I don’t even need my hands." To prove that point, she shifted her hips to grind against him. He DID like her! Why did he resist so much? -10:22 Jul 23
Baldor: He let hos of her hand and balled his into fists as a surge of seering shot though him and he closed his eyes screaming at himself in his head that this was wrong and he had a girlfriend. He openeing his eyes and put his hands either side of her head… he really wished he were single right now and it was evident with the tortures expression on his face. -10:28 Jul 23
Khloe: What an interesting expression…! It made her want to kiss him… Khloe ran her hands up his arms until they rest over his wrists. Then she was pulling his hands down to touch her breasts and down her sides, making them grip her hips instead and feel the way she moved. "You can relax. Let me make you happy…" -10:32 Jul 23
Baldor: He had been close to kissing her himself before she had moved his hands. "I really wish I could." he said taking his hands away from her to put then on her shoulders and try to push her sideways off of him. "If you really want to hel me sleep then… rub my back like you did in the shower." -10:35 Jul 23
Khloe: "Is that all…?" Refused again. This man must be the most complicated man in the universe! Khloe conceeded, sliding off him and then tugging his arm so he’d sit up. She scooted to sit behind him and rub his shoulders. A little disappointed at being refused, and not sure why! "You must love her more than anything." -10:39 Jul 23
Baldor: He gabbed a pillow and hugged it to his stomach. "Shes my girlfriend. I have to love her." he pressed his face into his knees witht he pillow lodged in between and sighed not admittind then his eyes were getting wetter. "You’re really sweet, you know that?" -10:42 Jul 23
Khloe: Have to love a girlfriend? She was pretty certain that earlier he had said you were supposed to want to love! Or was that something else? There was a very confused expression on her face as she gently massaged his back. "Am I really? It wasn’t something on my behavior list… I guess it means it’s something that is just me?" Being sweet was definitely not one of her husband’s behavior wishes. It kind of made her happy to know that there was a part of her that was hers. -10:47 Jul 23
Baldor: "Well you have to be sore yourself but you still take the time to wantt o help me relax, you want to give me your money, and if I were nayone but me I would take hold of you and keep you for myself." he turning and symultaniously fell forwards to roll and end up next to her facing the opposite direction on his stomach. "It makes me afraid you will end up with someone who will just take all the time and never give you anything in return and not try to make you happy." -10:52 Jul 23
Khloe: Khloe shifted until she was laying down too… only it involved scooting as close to him as possible so she could feel the heat of his body and rest her face against his back. "But you are teaching me to make good choices. I’ll find someone who is good to me too, then you won’t have to worry about me." -10:55 Jul 23
Baldor: "I’ll still worry." he said "Since I’ll still care enough to worry. " he tried to reach back and put his hand in her arm. "I’ve never asked myself if I was happy or not until today. I hop I’ll have an answer soon." -10:59 Jul 23
Khloe: That made her smile. Really smile! Khloe curled an arm around his waist to hug him and nuzzled against his back. "I hope it’s a nice answer. Goodnight, Bai?" -11:05 Jul 23
Baldor: He tunred onto his side to pull her up next to him. "Goodnight Khloe. I hope you enjoy tomorow as much as you did today." -11:06 Jul 23

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