Since You’ve Been Gone 003: Midnight Boat Ride

[Yvaine was leaning out over the boat railing watching the water. It was so pretty at night with all of the stars and the lights out on the riverbank!] -06:58 Mar 05
[Hans makes sure the anchor is secure on the river bed and moves aft to rejoin Yvain.] -06:59 Mar 05
Hans: “I used to come here all the time as a child.” he said sitting next to her and looking out over the river. “Believe it of not but princling Hans spend almost as many night outdoors as he did indoors.” -07:00 Mar 05
Yvaine: “I bet that was a lot of fun. Getting to be out on the water or camping. We never really did a lot of that with my family.” Yvaine didn’t feel like she missed out, though. There were lots of other things she was able to do. She grinned, shifting in her seat to face Hans instead of the water. “Do you have crazy river monster legends or are your waters safe and sound?” -07:04 Mar 05
Hans: “He used to but then four thousand brittish commandos crossed in the fourties without anything with big teeth and tentacles trying to eat them.” he joked. “But my gather would always warn me that is I stayed and watched the river alone at night Lorelei would find me…. Thes a river siren they he used to tell me stories about.” -07:08 Mar 05
Yvaine: “River sirens? Like the ones that eat up sailors?” Yvaine found that curious. Of course she didn’t believe they were real, but she was always amused with myths and stories. And why not? She spent half her life being infatuated with a foreign prince! “If I say I wasn’t about to find a lot of books or information on local legends, you’ll find out just how long I’ve been snooping…” -07:12 Mar 05
Hans: He turned to return her gaze for a moment forgetting what they had just been talkign about. “Its really been that long hasn’t it?” he asked “I wouldn’t be surprised it you suddenly spoke German too.” he was teasing now, at ease with the moonlight flining down on her and the sounds of the river, the steady motion of the boat. “Not going to drag me under the water and eat me me are you?” -07:17 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine cast a rather enigmatic grin! As a matter of fact, she had been studying German in college. But that would be a secret she saved for later. “A very long time! Lucky for you, I’m a dancer and not a siren. No fear of me dragging you over board and chewing on you.” Yvaine leaned so she could peer over the rails down at the water again. “But it IS pretty. I’ve never been on a boat before.” -07:22 Mar 05
Hans: He blinked, havign been around then his entire life the fact that omeone hadn’t been on one took a moment. “Well a night like tonight it a good way to start.” he said. “Its good to know I havn’t missed all your firsts.” he lened cleser to her putting his arm around her. “And right now tonight definatly seems worth the wait.” -07:26 Mar 05
Yvaine: She laughed, slipping both of her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek quickly. “Totally worth it! I was a little nervous about the boat, but you make things a lot less intimidating. If you had seen my first dance recital, you probably would have laughed.” -07:30 Mar 05
Hans: “If things had gone better here then I would have.” he pointed out. “And I have just realised you might have seen my first speech back here… it was televised.” he sighed, even the memory of the flamboiant funeral not robbing the nigth of it’s magic as he leaned closer and kissed her lips lightly. “And this is the first time I’ve been out here since then, I’ve though about bring you here often, thanks for finally giving me the chance.” -07:35 Mar 05
Yvaine: Gettinmg tearful and crying while watching his father’s funeral was not something she wanted to focus on. Not just for herself, but for Hans too. So she grinned, genuine and wide and was happy to move the topic along. “I should be thanking you. The Company has kept me so busy, I think I forgot what having fun is like. And I’ve never seen a place so beautiful and peaceful.” -07:38 Mar 05
Hans: “Then we should stop worrying about our lives and jobs and enjoy the moment.” he said his hand comign up to lest on her cheek as he focused his eye on hers the warm feeling in his chest multiplying. “This is our chance to lake up for time we’ve missed.” -07:42 Mar 05
Yvaine: She was blushing again. Here she was, a grown woman, and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing every time he said something sweet. Yvaine leaned forward with a soft giggle, resting her forehead against his. “I’d like that very much. That’s ten years worth of time to smash in to one weekend?” -07:45 Mar 05
Hans: “Thats a lot of preasure..” he said “How about we enjoy our weekend… since we’ll have plenty of time afterwards too..” he tilted his head to kiss her his lips finding hers. “… since I love you… and now they we’ve found eachother.. I’m not waiting another ten years to see you again.” -07:48 Mar 05
Yvaine: Her breath caught, and she might have kissed him silly if she hadn’t disbelieved she even heard it at all. Yvaine tilted back just a fraction. Brushing her fingertips over his mouth as she nibbled on her bottom lip. “Could you… say that one more time?” -07:55 Mar 05
Hans: He moved closer his body pressing into hers. “I love you.” he whispered, the part he felt most important. “And this is the first trip of many.” he was losing himself. He body almost actin on its own as he leaned down and kissed her neck his arms circling her. -08:02 Mar 05
Yvaine: Delight! Absolute pure delight. Her laughter was soft as she readily fell in to his embrace. Nuzzling against his cheek and completely unable to hide her smile. “I love you too. …I have for a very long time.” -08:07 Mar 05
Hans: His breath washed over her skin with her words and his hand slid up her back as his lips found her ear, then he moved back and kissed her cheek. “You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world… I’ve been holding a candle for you since we met.” His lips found her again as his hands helt ever contour of her back sliding down. At any other time he would think his words would sound childish and silly, but not tonight, not with her. -08:11 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine could feel her toes curling in her shoes and if she were a cat she’d be purring. There were a million things she would have loved to say, but she found herself only sighing softly against his mouth and nipping at his lips. -08:14 Mar 05
Hans: As every second passed he was getting more and more desperate, and when his hingers lipped under her shirt and pushed it his his hands sliding up her bare sking he knew he was gone. Lifting her shirt over her head he dropped it onto the deck and slid his hand up her sides as he ran his tongue over her lip. He hadn’t waited for permition mor asked from it, but he didn’t think he could form the works in his mind if he tried. -08:19 Mar 05
Yvaine: Aside from the chill in the air, having her shirt stolen didn’t seem to phase her. She shivered just as much from the air as she did from his hands over her skin. So swept up in the moment, she had her hands running through his hair and slipping down to gently tug at his own shirt. -08:23 Mar 05
Hans: She wasn’t resisting, the realisation shot through him like an electric shock and redoubled his desire. He helped her with his shirt, unbuttoning it and letiing to slide down his shoulders and arms before he circled his hands roufn her neck and slid them down her shoulders, chest, cupping her sna squuzing, then down her stomach to her waistline. -08:33 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine only broke away long enough to lean back and look. Her bottom lip falling prey to her thoughtful chewing when she placed her palm flat against his chest over his heart. She could feel it beating nearly as hard as her own. ..which made her next thought a little worrysome! “Hans… I have something to tell you..” she murmured against his mouth, really not wanting to pull away more than a fraction of an inch. -08:41 Mar 05
Hans: Breathign hard it was hard not to pull her back into his embrace. As it was his fingertips were running up and down the side of her neck and his eyes brank in the sigh of her bare skin.. “Yes Yvain….?” he said catching his breath his yes finally reaching hers questioningly as his hands too hers from his chest and pressed them into his lips. -08:44 Mar 05
Yvaine: He really was so sweet… it made her dizzy! Which made it very hard, and incredibly embarassing to try and formulate what she wanted to say. “I haven’t ever… really… done this before?” With the tone of her voice, it was clear she was a little worried about it being a problem. -08:47 Mar 05
Hans: It took him a moment to proccess her words and glean thier meaning, by that time his kisses had reached her elbow. He raised his head and looked into her reddening face and his hand came up and founf her chin makign her look at him his face displaying a wide, warm, and horny smile. “Your first..” he said pullign her back to him his lips findign hers and pressing in hard for a long moment. “More than I could have dreamed…” he whispered “You really are somethign special Yvain…. ” to think… she probibally did it for him. The very thought was indescribable, more than he desurved, and made him love her all the more. -08:57 Mar 05
Yvaine: “I didn’t want to before…” before now! Not with anyone else! Amongst other things she would have loved to tell him. But the way he kissed her sent her mind spinning, and she was just greatful he wasn’t completely horrified. “It’s fine isn’t it? I want to make love with you, Hans.” It’s more than she could have asked for. To have her first time with someone she both loved and exhilierated her. Took her breath away and made her feel like she was something precious. -09:06 Mar 05
Hans: It took him a full second and concentration to get his lips to stapp off of hers and form words. “You didn’t… for me…..?” His ands slid up her to grip her read as he stared into her eyes… “Its the most wonderful thing anyones ever told me.. I wondered.. I… his hands trailed down her sides to her pants line to pull on them.. “I want you to Yvain…” he rested his forehead on hers as he unded unfastened one of the last barriers between them eposign more of her to the cold air. “More than I’ve ever wanted anyone.” -09:11 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, shifting enough to make it easier for him to take her clothes. She was nervous, but Hans really did have a way of making everything seem so natural. “Then you will not mind me being not so great..?” Yvaine curled her arms around his neck again, pulling herself against his chest, where she could feel his warmth and the way his heart beat. She nuzzled his cheek again, brushing her lips against his skin and murmured gently at his ear. “I’d like to see you without all of your clothes…” -09:19 Mar 05
Hans: He smiles pushing her clothes to the deck leaving her panties for last as he left her endrace to unlace both of thier shoes and kicked his own off. The takign her hands he helpend her undo his pants. “You will be great.” he said “You are great…” it was time for his own admision, one that would remind him of how he had been, before the girl before him and the events after thier metting changed his life, changed him. “You are the only girl I have LOVED Yvain.” his pants were joining hers on the back and before her was solid proof of the effect she had on him. -09:25 Mar 05
Yvaine: “Really..?” She wasn’t silly enough to think he’d never been with other girls, but it was more than pleasing to learn she was his only love. It almost made her feel a little less silly about standing there blushing as she chewed the inside of her cheek and looked him over. Lit only with the moonlight outside, he made a very imposing figure. But all she could feel was a great deal of love and a very itching desire touch every part of him. Her fingers grazed over his stomach. -09:31 Mar 05
Hans: He let her touch him first, his hand metting hers then sliding up her arm to her shoulder. He could feel the heat of fer shin, the pulse beneath. His fingers brushed her lip, teasign them he his eyes skid up her body to hers and his breath caught. She was beatiful, and maybe he was biased but she took his breath away no mater how many times he looked and touched and soon hisn fingers were runnign though her hair and his lips found her he forehead for a brief moment. “God you’re beatiful.” he whispered his hands once again sliding down her back, fast becoming habit before he stapped back again to take a breath knowing the next time he went in … he was going to take her virginity. -09:40 Mar 05
Yvaine: Though her grin was a little silly, she had nothing but adoring smiles for him. When he stepped back, she stepped forward, slinking her arms around his waist and pressing herself against him. She rose on her toes with perfect balance, brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “I am so glad I came here.” she mumbled, taking the opportunity to kiss him before he said anything else that would make her swoon. -09:51 Mar 05
Hans: Her move surprised him. Her toutch soft and her voice intoxicating. He kissed her back his lips brushing hers as he pressed into her before he pelled her bottom lip between his and his hand slid across her hips as his arsm mover for circle her. He moved his hands down as he leaned forwards his ands slipping between her legs and sliding up as he stood upright. As he stood his hands slid up the inside back of her legs unto they lifted her and he moved forwards lifting her higher and putting her on top of the low roof of the cabin where he finally pulled her panties down her legs and then stood between them his smile suprisingly holding a hint of shyness beofre he meaned forwards to kiss her his hands on her hips. “Yvain….” he had waited ten years for this moment and more… “Thank you for being mine.” -10:01 Mar 05
Yvaine: Swept away faster than any bottle of champagne could do, Yvaine was sure that the smitten look across her face couldn’t possibly be alluring. “Hans, I love you so much…” her voice was soft and breathy. Matching the feather soft movements of her fingers as she explored the contours of his chest and shoulders. Stopping to rest at his cheeks to pull him to her and press her lips to his with a tentative kiss. -10:08 Mar 05
Hans: He met her kiss with his needy lips brusjing against hers the pressing hom as hsi head tilted and his hand came to rest on her neck his other relaining on her hip to rub it in small circles his hips meeting hers and pressign agaist her suddenly his tongue sliding btween her lips and entering her mouth in contrast to her caution. -10:12 Mar 05
Yvaine: The unexpected invasion didn’t go unwelcome, in fact she was surprised at just how much it lit her whole body to a tinglie fire just with the flick of his tongue. Yvaine sighed soft, locking her arms around his neck as she tested this new experience with her own tongue. Slipping against his and tasting his mouth in a curious exploration. -10:16 Mar 05
Hans: There was a soft sound in the back of his thoat as he slid hi tongue agaist hers his hand pulling her deeper into the kiss as his lips bruised hers. He hand on her him gripped her his nails biting the skin but not digging in. He has savoring her reactions, her sounds, her feel. If he wanted to rush he would he inside her already and as it was his hard shaft as resting agaist her but as he sighed and a small sound escaped into her mouth he was lost in the moment, and not what was about to happen. -10:21 Mar 05
Yvaine: She loved the way he responded so instantly to her. It made her feel very much like one of those sirens, alluring and beautiful and irresistable. Yvaine could feel him pressing up against her thigh, and though it alarmed her a little, that desire for him was for more overwhelming. ..she never felt this way before! Never pulling her mouth from his, one of her hands dropped to graze against his stomach. There was a brief moment of hesitation, but then she was very delicately running her hand over his shaft just to test his reaction to her touch. -10:30 Mar 05
Hans: His reaction was imediate. His breath shiveres his the kiss and he pushed agaist her, his hips sliding agaist her pushing herback without breaking the kiss. His hand slid around for her hip to her thigh and his thumb brushed over her, testing her readyness, feeling her wetness as his fingers brushed her thigh. -10:35 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine gave a soft squeak of surprise when his fingers brushed against her sensitive area, but didn’t at all want to pull away. Her breathy sigh of his name didn’t seem to match the flushing heat of her body. Yvaine’s hand curled around his cock, giving it a gentle squeeze. -10:49 Mar 05
Hans: Every nerve was on fire with excited expectation and his name was greeted with hers moaned softly in response. Two of his fingers slipped insed her feeling her lips and her tightness. He was goig to have to be gentle with her.. and she felt amazing… -10:54 Mar 05
[Yvaine is experiencing something new!] -02:47 Mar 06
[Hans is in danger of pushign to hard and pushing in right now.. and doesn’t think that would be a bad thing….] -02:47 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine’s hand released him if only because she didn’t want to squeeze too tight. Her hands placed on his arms instead, tightening every moment his fingers moved within her, stretching out her body in ways it had never been touched before. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it might jump right out of her chest! -02:51 Mar 06
Hans: His tongue once again found hers as he shifted his hips agaist her his shaft coming into his hand and being guided to her by his finger slick with her wetness. His tip pressed into her and slowly parted her lips his breath shakign as he felt her agaist him. He modes slowly, milimeter by milimeter deeper inside her with gentleness he’d never shown before. -02:54 Mar 06
Yvaine: It was almost agonizingly slow. Each bit sending such a rush of sensation through her that she nearly forget to breath. Her entire body was flushed delightfully warm as she ran her hands up his arms and over to his shoulders to curl around the back of his neck and hold him close. Her mouth against his was almost frantic, needy. Completely obvlivious to anything other than him! -03:01 Mar 06
Hans: He also pulled her closer once he was depp enough so that he was in no danger of hurting her he pushed the rest fo that way in in one thrust his hands grippign her as a wave of extacy flooded through him, a moan escaping into her mouth. -03:06 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine gasped, there was a sharp pain, but it was so minimal in the wake of something else. She had never felt that way before, so wanting and desperate just to feel more. Her arms went around his neck and shoulders, pressing herself as close to him as she could get. A soft sigh at the sensations her movement was causing deep between her thighs. -03:12 Mar 06
Hans: He thrust again his lips pressig harder into hers he he pushed that little bit deeper. His hands hoved to rub her neck and shoulders his every thought of her. -03:15 Mar 06
Yvaine: "Hans, I love you so much…" she murmured softly. Tilting her face away to plant kisses along his jaw and finally bury her face at his neck. Her breath was hot and ragged against his skin, taking in that faint scent of his cologne with every gasping breath. -03:23 Mar 06
Hans: "I love you too Yvain." he whispered as his tongue found her ear and he thrust again his hands sliding down her sides to her hips then back up between them. He was exploring her as he pushed in deeper, takign hsi time despite the burning desire for more. His lips kissed her behind the ear as his hips pressed into hers and his hands completed thier journey on her shoulders. -03:26 Mar 06
Yvaine: A quiet moan that seemed more like a purr than an exclamation breathed against his neck. Everywhere he touched her left tingling trails of fire across her skin. Yvaine nuzzled against his neck, kissing it softly before nipping him with her teeth. She curled her legs around his hips with an unsurprising amount of flexibility. Locking him tight in her embrace. Her hands were clinging so tight to his shoulder and arm that her nails were sinking in. She’d release when she realized it, only for his moments to make her shivver and cling tight all over again. -03:35 Mar 06
Hans: Braced against her and the cadin he could move faster, her legs around him making it easier for him. His lips slid for her ear and kissed down her nexh as her nails on his shoulder seemed to encourage his. Every ince of his skis toutching hers tingled and with ever thrust he could feet the sensation travel up every nerve until it felt like his under body was shivering with delight. It was better than he remembered it, Yvain, adn love seemed to make it a hundred times better, and even in the throws of passion he realised… he was now ruined for any other woman… and he wouldn’t have it any other way. -03:42 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine could feel a pressure mounting, churning so deep within her that it had her blood rushing through her head in heady desire. Her whole world had become that moment. Lost in him when her back stiffened and arched, and pure pleasure made her gasp and shudder. -03:53 Mar 06
Hans: His lips trailed up her neck before finding hers once more. He was moving still faster as he felt her mounting. He moaned her name into her mouth as his lips pressed into hers.. one final moment before … his mouth opened wide as his breath caught then was expleled suddenly in a rush ever mucle in his body tensing and his hips pressing into hers as hard as they could his shafs inside her as fas as it could be…. -03:59 Mar 06
Yvaine: She didn’t mean to shout his name, but her cry of passion came so suddenly as he held her tight. Her nails bit in to his skin as her every muscled seemed to tighten and squeeze. Quiver and quake, leaving her falling limp against him and clammering for a breath of air… When she could finally breath, she was giggling softly at the crook of his shoulder. Such a sweet bliss…! Nothing had ever felt like that before! -04:09 Mar 06
Hans: He chuckled, he couldn’t help it… her laugh wan infectious and what they had just done together… He kissed her slowly and then his arms curling under her lefted her from the roof of the cabin and placed her on one of the seats as he pulled a blanket for them to share out from under another seat. "You were wonderful." he said finally snugglign up agaist her. "You really were Yvain…" -04:14 Mar 06
Yvaine: "I didn’t think it would be like that." she admitted, shifting so she could rest her head on his shoulder. That sweet, fantastic rush had left her feeling blissfully languid. With the cool night air coming in to her awareness again, she was greatful for the blanket and the heat of his body. A body she had just made love to! Yvaine grinned wide. -04:18 Mar 06
Hans: He ran his fingers though her hair leaning agaist her under the blanket. The he turned away to hide the slight red that came to his cheeks.. him a former playboy and kind blushing… "Its never felt like that for me before…" he admitted "You made it special. Thank you." he kissed her softly circling her in his arms. -04:23 Mar 06
Yvaine: "Worth a ten year wait, King Hans?" she joked softly. He had no idea how special he made her feel, with just such simple words. Yvaine couldn’t stop smiling. -04:28 Mar 06
Hans: "Definately." he said leanign his head agaist hers. "I love you Yvaine, and tonight.. is the best night of my life since far before then…." He gave her body a squeese.. "How was it for you?" -04:31 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, drawing her hands up to hide her face. Despite having made love to him and sitting there naked under a blanket, it was still a little flustering. "…amazing! I feel like I could drift away in bliss or close my eyes and die happy right now." She dropped her hands to tilt her head back and give him a curious grin. "Will it always be like this?" -04:36 Mar 06
Hans: He looke dinto her eyes a soft smile on her face. "It will be… unless you did close you eyes and die… then you’d leave me a broken man." he teased. "Because not even that could stop me feeling for you what I do now." -04:41 Mar 06
Yvaine: "I don’t think I’ll be dying anytime soon, Hans." she grinned. Her hand rose to brush against his cheek, caressing the contours of his face. He really was so handsome and so sweet… she couldn’t imagine loving anyone else. -04:48 Mar 06

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