Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 013: A Wedding Epilogue

[Yvaine is getting married today! ] -01:24 Apr 12
[Hans is wearing a red and white coat, black pants and white gloves, its taken since he woke up to get hs wardrobe together and everythign seem to be perfect.] -01:28 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine had spent the entire morning feeling like she was walking around in a dream. Finally in her gown, all white silk and lace, with the crown sitting neatly on her head she felt like a princess! …or rather a Queen! And looked the part too. In a moment she could walk down the ilse and would finally be Hans’ wife. The funniest part was that it was Maria who was all teary and crying! Yvaine was laughing and trying to get her to stop! “Oh, don’t! You’re going to make your mascara run and then you’ll hate all of your pictures!” -01:33 Apr 12

Maria hiccupped as she tried to wipe her face before her makeup was ruined. “Shuddup, Yva! You’re about to fullfill every woman’s fantasy and marry a King! That’s one less single royal on the market! …and.. and you just look so pretty…!” -Yvaine

Hans: Everything was set, Hans stood next to the alter with Heinrich, the new head of the royal guard filling the role of best men. He had handed power ofer the the parmiment already but sill no expence had been spared. Though with the crown on his head he still looked as commanding as ever. Then the organist began to play and he stood up traiter. “I hope you have the rings, it would be bad to have to find them in front of half the world.” he whispered to the man at his side. -01:38 Apr 12

A knock at the door before it cracked open. Yvaine’s father, dressed in a dark suit held out his hand for her. “Ready? It’s not too late to come back to the States with me.” He grinned wide. There was a faint wetness to his eyes, as if he were ready to tear up too. -Yvaine

Yvaine: “Oh no… I am definitely getting married today!” she giggled, fussing Maria out of the chair and past her father. Yvaine picked up her bouquet, a bundle of pure white gardenias, and then was taking her father’s hand. Her sister, Millian was waiting in the hall too. Her and Maria her only bridesmaids. Out in the seats she knew her brother and her other family members were waiting. But when the doors finally opened up to main hall, all Yvaine could see was Hans. She was smiling wide. -01:45 Apr 12
Hans: The sound of the large door could be heard all the way at the alter and Hans looked, there she was in her dress, veiled and in pur white, he has to remind himself to breathe as the sight took his breath away, after aeverythign they were finally getting married… and it owuld mean more than he could ever say that it was her father giving her away. -01:48 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine always thought those brides that got fainty were ridiculous, but she was understanding why! There was something about being so happy and excited that just left her dizzy. She held tight to her father’s arm for balance as they followed Maria and Millian down the ilse. Maria was no longer teary and cast Hans a bawdy wink when she stepped to the side. And when her father stopped at the alter, he almost didn’t want to let Yvaine go. He very reluctantly passed Hans her hand and stepped back. -01:54 Apr 12
Hans: As they aproached he only seemed to have eyes for Yvaine, butterflies making thier home in his stomach. “Hey.” he whispered as he took Yvaine’s hand and swallowed, it was thier bog moment, thier vows… and then he was handed the ring. -01:57 Apr 12
Yvaine: It may have been good that their wedding was so public and was preserved, because Yvaine didn’t hear a word of the ceremony. There was even a bit of embarrassment when she had to be prompted to quit her staring and actually remember to say Yes. Had they written their own vows, she never would have been able to speak! There was the exchanging of rings, and she never let go of his hands afterwards. -02:03 Apr 12
Hans: Everythign was going smoothly. The vows and rings exchenged, Yvaine seemed te have stage fright and Hans had to admit when the words finally came :You may now kiss the bride.” and he lifted her veil an slowly, moved in to kiss her he was red under his makeup too. But finally they could escape, until the reception, and he led her back down the isle. As husband and wife. -02:06 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine probably didn’t breath until they were both settled alone in the back of the car. Leaving behind the flashing of photography and cameras on their way to the reception. …she laughed out loud nervously as she hopped across the seat to throw her arms around Hans’ neck. “…I thought I was going to faint! Hans, I love you…” -02:11 Apr 12
Hans: He put his arms around her too and brushed his lips against her cheek “Wel you can now, though I hope you don’t since its out pist private moment as husband and wife yet. And I’m enjoying it.” -02:13 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I think I’d like to be wide awake the rest of my life with you.” she grinned. Wrapping her arms tighter as she nuzzled against his cheek. “But I am glad that’s over… I am tempted to skip the reception all together and just escape to our honeymoon. I want to spend time with my husband.” she grinned. -02:17 Apr 12
Hans: “There will be plenty of time for that later, I promise but we should go. We only get on reception after all and I get to show off my brand new bride.” he grinned moving to kill her lips lightly. “And you get to show of the king you’ve just married.” -02:19 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, kissing him again and lingering just a bit longer. “A ballerina with a trophy King husband. It might be fun… Maria has cried all morning that another handsome royal man is gone forever.” -02:21 Apr 12
Hans: “I think I have a way to make her smile again.” he said with a mischievous grin. “One of the guests is an old friend of mine. I wasn’t the only young prince you know.” he winked “That is if you don’t mind you husband playing matchmaker.” -02:23 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I like this wicked look..” Yvaine grinned, moving to brush her thumbs against his mouth. “I hope you are as good at finding romance for others as you were for me…” -02:27 Apr 12
Hans: “I didn’t find romance for you.” he said “I found you.” He put his hand on her cheek and smiled “And I’m so glad I did.” -02:28 Apr 12
Yvaine: Their car ride was over far too soon. Yvaine really just wanted to hide away with Hans for the rest of the day! But soon the car door was opened for them, and it was being ushered away to a giant reception party filled with more people than Yvaine even knew! -02:32 Apr 12
Hans: He never let go of her hand until they were inside and among the throng, he continued to hold it as various european royals were introduced to the new queen, even the brittish royal family. Hans was constantly whispering protocals and advice to Yvaine until it was over, and thery could mingle. -02:35 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine was a quick study and seemed to naturally be able to pick it up… and the few times she made a mistake it seemed they thought it was so charming, no one seemed to mind. Though she wasn’t overwhelmed by the attention, she was wishing she could spend less time talking to everyone and more time with Hans. “I see Maria, and I think she is stalking that poor old Duke from England.” she tugged gently on Hans’ sleeve. -02:40 Apr 12
Hans: Hans nodded and Quickly kissed her cheek. “Alright..” he grinned again and winked “I’ll be right back.” he slipped into the crowd and found the tall, tanned man he was looing for, his mostly greek geatures prominant. Then with a sly looke he spoke “Kapriel, there theres someone I’d like you to meet..” he pulled the man over to Maria and with the same wicked look on his face slid up next to Maria. “Hey Maria, I heard you were sad about one less single prince in the world, so show you theres other king fish in the sea I’d like you to meet a frind of mine. Prince Kapriel of Armenia.” without another word he left them alone. -02:49 Apr 12

It was like handing Maria a diamond ring and telling her not to run away with it. She was surprised, but immediately turned on the charm. “Hey there, handsome prince… You can call me honey.” -Yvaine

Meanwhile while Yvaine was alone and their father was no where in sight, Millian was snatching her by the hand and trying to drag her somewhere out of sight. “…Yvaine…! I need your help!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine hopped she hadn’t looked too startled when Millian pulled her away, because the last thing she wanted was her silly sister getting shot by guards by accident. “This is a strange moment to ask for help, did you get in trouble with Dad again?” -02:53 Apr 12

“Well then, Honey. Maybe you’d liek to join me for a drink. On my yatch in the middle of the sea…” Kapriel wasn’t going to be coy, he and Hans had done wild things back in the day and sometimes still did. “Or maybe we’ll start with one here, followed by another somewhere else when this is over.” -Hans

“Shh. He might hear.” Millian glanced around to make sure he -really- wasn’t around. “I’m running away. Dad has gone completely batshit bonkers. I told him I wanted to start a travel blog and he actually -forbade- me from leaving the town! Did you know he almost didn’t let me come to the wedding? He’s nuts! I’m leaving tonight and I’m going to start a travel blog. It’ll be SO cool… and you CAN’T tell Dad. …I um.. I also need to borrow some money…” -Yvaine

“Sweetie, you can take me anywhere and anyhow you like.” Maria didn’t even bother disguising the innuendo. No one ever said she was shy. “Lets have that drink and make this a real party, hmm…?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: “This really isn’t a good idea… Dad’s going to notice you gone.” Yvaine said slowly… Millian was only eighteen. This was kind of a crazy idea. Yet Yvaine found herself conceeding anyway. “Okay… you can get my credit card from my purse. And I won’t tell Dad -until- he asks where you’ve gone off to. So if you’re really going to do something so crazy, you better get a head start…” -03:01 Apr 12

“You’re the best sister in the universe! Name your first kid after me!” Millian hugged Yvaine and kissed her cheek, and just as quickly as she popped out… she was disappearing in to the crowd again. Ducking and weaving and making sure no one saw which way she went. -Yvaine

He grinned “I like your style, anythign you want just name it, then once we’re out of here we’ll see she gets taken where.” The grin said it all, he caught the inuendo and Maria was going to get lucky one way or the other. -Hans

Yvaine: “Oh boy…” At least she didn’t have to worry about Jonas doing something crazy. …Yvaine hoped! She was stepping out, finding Hans in the crowd and taking his hand again. There was a thoughtful look on her face. “Hans… can I ask for a strange favor?” -03:06 Apr 12
Hans: Hans was watching Maria and Kabriel hit on eachother shaking his head when Yvaine took his hand. “I can’t hardly say no to my wife on our wedding day.” he said “Though Maria seems to have found…. her match?” -03:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine followed his gaze, her serious expression widening in to a smile. “…I hope he can keep up with her. She’s so…Maria.” Yvaine shifted to curl her arms around his waist. “My sister just told me she is running away from Dad tonight and going to travel around the world taking pictures. I don’t think it’s a bad idea… in theory… but.” she sighed. “I don’t think she knows what she’s doing? I gave her my credit card so she’ll plenty of money, but I don’t want her going alone…” -03:13 Apr 12
Hans: He turned to her and at the same time put his arm around her “You g..” he stopped himself that couldn’t be her plan “Someone from the guard..?” he motioned for one of the guard by the door. This was one of the days e was thankful he kept on toutch with the guard. “Yvaine’s sister is runnign away tonight… I want Maud to willow her, discreetly. Just keep her out of trouble.” -03:19 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Thank you so much..!” she breathed in relief, resting her head against him. “I would have talked her out of it, but she’s doing it to spite Dad… so I thought might just be easier letting her get it out of her system and come home on her own. It won’t be a problem sending one of your men?” -03:22 Apr 12
Hans: Yans smiled at her reasuringly. “Mauds a good kid, and hes not technically in the guard yet so no one will miss him. And hes close enough to her age so that no one would look twice if he has to say they’re touring together.” -03:25 Apr 12
Yvaine: “My husband is very thoughtful.” she grinned up at him. She married someone amazing… and they were really, truely married! “Will we be missed if we escape now…?” -03:27 Apr 12
Hans: “I don’t think so.. and If we are I’m sure people would understand we’re eager for our wedding night.” he grinned a different kind of mischief and began leadign her towards the door to the rest of the palace and towards teh private wing. -03:29 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, casting only one last look at the party before she was gladly sneaking away with Hans. “They should have better things to daydream about than our wedding night! I’m so glad it’s just us from now on… no more craziness!” -03:31 Apr 12
Hans: “No more cazyness, just the life of the royal family with the parliment doing the actual rulling, I’ll be a stay at home dad…” it was of course a joke but the title of queen did bare with it the question of hiers. “Well besides public appearences, liek the giving of the park to the public next moth. But until then its just you and me.” -03:35 Apr 12
Yvaine: They were just stepping in to the bedroom, and Yvaine had thought she already daydreamed all of the amazing things she could think to do with Hans… but he put a new idea in her head. She was smiling wide again. “I think I like the sound of that… Taking vacations to the summer castle with you and our children. My stay at home husband coloring pictures of horses and knights with a baby…” -03:38 Apr 12
Hans: He closed the door and joined her at the foot of the bed closing his arms around her their wieght resting in the small of her back. “First we have to make the baby.. if you’re ready.” -03:40 Apr 12
Yvaine: Her expression was shy, and maybe a little nervous, but she was still grinning and giving a small laugh. She slid her arms up around his neck. “I’d like to make love with you Hans. As your wife, and practice for lots of children. Lots and lots of practice.” Her smile widened as she leaned up on her toes to brush a soft kiss against his lips. -03:44 Apr 12
Hans: “Lots and lots and lots of practice, as my queen commands.” he said against her lips before returning her kiss his hands sliding up her back. -03:45 Apr 12
Yvaine: “It’s a very handsome coat, but we’ll have to take it off.” she murmured with a grin, delicately moving her arms so she could pluck away at the buttons. He really did look so handsome dressed up in all his kingly finery! -03:48 Apr 12
Hans: He slid his hadn back around to her front and helped her slide it from her shoulders and down her arms he once again reveal her dress. “I would say you’ve never looked lovlier, but the forst time I was you after ten years, on stage and the night on the yatch are pretty close contenders.” he teased as his hands went to loosen her hair. -03:54 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Do you have a secret love for ballerinas, Hans?” she laughed softly, helping to take the veil out of her hair along with the crown. -03:57 Apr 12
Hans: He had to break away from ehr to place her crown on the sideboard along with his own. “It would be better to say I have a not-so-secret thing for you Yvaine. Always have, and not I’ve got you to marry me. He was standing back from her one my one popping the butting on his jacket. “I’d say it worked out well.” -04:01 Apr 12
Yvaine: “It wasn’t very hard to convince me, I think. After all, I’ve always been enchanted with you…” Yvaine flicked her hands at him, a grinning teasing motion to get him to remove his clothes faster. They had waited all these months for their wedding night to be intimate, and she was grateful for the time…. but now Yvaine couldn’t think of anything else other than getting to make love with her husband for the first time! -04:05 Apr 12
Hans: He pulled off his jacket and started with the shirt beneath leavign it on as he loved up to her and pulled on the tie in her back taking her hadns and puttign them on his chest. “Out fairytale ending, at last he kissed her neck as he puleld the ties loose and began pushing the dress down. -04:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Or a fairytale beginning?” She murmured softly, running her hands over his chest to feel his heartbeat.. and more importantly to remove him of his shirt. Her touch was soft and gentle, a faint blush coming across her cheeks as she chewed on her bottom lip. It wasn’t their first time, but tonight was something special… the start of their new life. -04:16 Apr 12
Hans: His fingers glided over her skin as he puehd her dress off of her slowly kissing her neck and smelling her hair. “All I know now is that nothing will keep us apart” he moved her with him onto the bed lying on his side next to her as he undid his belt. “Because I love you. Queen Yvaine..” -04:21 Apr 12
Yvaine: “And I love you, my King, so very very much…” A little shy, but not at all awkward, Yvaine was leaning on her elbow next to him. Tilting forward to brush a kiss over his mouth and reaching down to help tug away his belt. He made her feel safe in the present, and their future sound like a dream. All she really wanted was to have his arms around her and get lost in it. -04:25 Apr 12
Hans: He pressed his lips into hers and slowly rand his hand up and down her side tickling her skin. His lips slid sliwly against her as he waited for her to undo his pants, his shoes having alread been kicked off. -04:28 Apr 12
[Yvaine ] -04:36 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, her stomach and side flinching from the tickling. His touch made her tingle, the sensations filling her with such a sweet, loving sort of desire. Her hand slipped down to unbutton his pants, a finger sliding down the zipper. There was only the smallest hesitation before she slipped her hand in to his pants to feel him. -04:39 Apr 12
Hans: His lips parted as he felt her hand on him his eyes opening and his hadn pausing before his lips curled into a smile. “You make me feel amazing.” he said as his hand lets her to push his pants down, slowly as if waiting to see if she’d object. -04:41 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I hope I can make you feel amazing the rest of our lives.” she responded, barely above a whisper. Yvaine sat up and shifted, pulling his pants down and away, doing the same with underwear. She was biting her lip again as she admired him like this. Naked and serene, and the faint expressions and movements he made when her hand would graze his inner thigh, or fingers dance over his stomach. She loved to see him like this and knowing she could make him feel that way! -04:48 Apr 12
Hans: His smile never left her face as he sat up, legs apart, letting her see and feel him as he reached befing her and unded the clasp on her bra, his fingertips tickling her skin as he pulled the strap over her shoulders, and down her arms, thne he gently pushed her down and pulled her underwear off, stripping her naked. He fell next to her and ran his hand up her side, his cupping her bare breast and then sliding back over her shoulder to the back of her neck. “You always will.” -04:53 Apr 12
[Yvaine has timed out.] -04:58 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine inched closer until the entire length of her body was pressed up against his. That warm comfort of his skin heating hers everywhere they touched. She slipped one of her legs between his knees as she nuzzled against his shoulder. Brushing soft kisses against it, up his neck and then nipping gently at his jaw. Her hands had found their way against his chest again, drawing soft tapping circles over his collarbone. -04:58 Apr 12
Hans: There was a soft sigh of the tention of everything that had happened melting away, and the uncertainty that she was ready evaporating. He caught her lips in another kiss his chest pushign against her until it was on top of her and his soft kisses and nip were training down her neck his hand gliding over her stomach to her hip. -05:02 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Hans…” it wasn’t anything more than a soft sigh of his name. More than relaxed, she was swept away… reveling in the feel of him and the serenity of the moment. One of her hands rose up caressing and squeezing his shoulder until it continued up it’s path to get lost in his hair. Her head tilted, cheek resting against his head. Her breath falling against his skin every moment he hit a ticklish spot and she giggled. -05:07 Apr 12
Hans: “I love you..” he whispered his hips following his shoulders rolling on top of her. His kisses traveled down her chest until his tongue flicked her nipple his elbows supporing his weight on the covers as his legs slid against hers. -05:10 Apr 12
Yvaine: That wet feel of his tongue was enough to send her nipples peaking, and a rush of heady desire soaring through her so quickly that it nearly made her dizzy. Her faint mewl of approval was mirrored by the way her hand tightened and relaxed in his hair and how her body seemed to rise to meet his. -05:14 Apr 12
Hans: He moved his attention to the other nipple kissing and licking it gently, the nipping and pulling it between his lip sucking and rubbign the tip of his tongue against it as he shifted his weight freeing his hand allowing it to rub and circle the first nipple. His breath pressed his stomach against her hips with a steady rythm before his legs opened up alowing his to balance and sip up looking down as her, his and running up and down her stomach passing lightly over her breasts each time. He was already hard and there was no way to hide it, nor was there a way to hide his grin and the look in his eyes as he ran his gaze over her. -05:20 Apr 12
Yvaine: It was sweet heaven…! Yvaine was sure her entire body was flushed. She felt so hot and mostly needy.. almost giving a sound of protest when he sat up. But that expression on his face…! Yvaine was sure she fell in love all over again. So clearly she could see his desire for her, and more importantly his love… If there had been any doubts they were long gone as she leaned up, bracing her weight on her hands. Yvaine matched his grin, with an unexpected alluring smile as she reached a hand up to cup his cheek and pull him back for a kiss. -05:29 Apr 12
Hans: “..!” her grin was the best part, her eyes a close second. He arms closed around her as his lips parted to allow his tongue to slid over her lips. He needed her and it showed as he slid his hips up against hers. His tip finding her but just not entering… “Yvaine..” he needed to ask, once and for all… “May I..?” -05:34 Apr 12
Yvaine: “Please do, Hans..” she murmured in a whisper, kissing him again and drawing his lip in to her mouth for a quick nibble. “Make love to me and don’t ever let me go..?” -05:37 Apr 12
Hans: It was all he needed, pressign his lips hard into hers he pushed his hip her hers and his shaft pushed inside her. The arms arouns her held tighter as he felt ehr open he her and he would have spoken again but he was still pulling her lip with his as his hot body pressed against hers. -05:39 Apr 12
Yvaine: No pain, no fear… just a rush of need so strong, Yvaine was left sighing against his mouth. Her body was ready and wanting, wet and accepted him with ease. She curled a leg around his hips the moment she was wrapping her arms around his neck. She wanted him closer! Deeper! Even softly murmuring those thoughts against his mouth in whispered pleas. -05:43 Apr 12
Hans: He nuzzles into her cheek as he pushed harder into her, moving faster. They hadn’t done it in months and all that waiting, all his love went into this simple act. He shifed his hips changing his angle and he whispered her name… and moaned into her ear. -05:46 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine shivered in delight. Her toes curling with the mounting passion that coursed it way from her dizzied head all the way down between her thighs. Her hands clinging to him so hard that her nails were digging in to his skin. With every bounce of her body a soft mewl would escape. And soon those sounds went from soft coos to gasping, pleading exclamations! -05:55 Apr 12
[Hans has timed out.] -06:18 Apr 12
[Hans ] -06:18 Apr 12
Hans: Thier movement in time he held her to him his face an expresion of pure passion as sweat began to rll off his skin. His shuddering breath blew across her neck and in her her hair as his nerves tingled arounf where her nails dug in. “Yvaine.. you’re always so amazing…” -06:23 Apr 12
Yvaine: She wanted to laugh, but all she had was a long sighing of his name against his ear. He made her feel precious and loved… and so good! Both of her legs wrapped around him. Herhands drawing over his shoulders to clasp either side of his face and draw him in to a kiss. She couldn’t say the words but she put every bit of her passion in that kiss with the nibbling of his lips and the flick of her tongue. -06:35 Apr 12
Hans: He kissed her back his frenzied movelents reaching a peak. One of his hands freed from the task of supporting his wieght explored her soft skin between them runnign the softly pinchign her skin. -06:41 Apr 12
Yvaine: All of the feelings were surging at once, churning at the pit of her stomach. “Hans, I’m…!” Yvaine gasped out, her body rising off the bed as it grinded up against him. The sudden euphoria was such bliss, that her eyes were squeezed shut as she all but purred while her head listlessly tossed. -06:48 Apr 12
Hans: He psuhed harder his grip on her tightining further. The presure was undearable as he held it back, His skin was on fire and her body against his felt just as hot. “Oh god Yvaine..” his voice was masked with despiration and burning passion. The he gasped his hips slaming into hers and pushign her up against his as his stomach tightened and his back bent driving him still further into her. In a rush it escaped him, the fluid of his climat filling her as he panted against her.. then moved to kiss her softly. -06:53 Apr 12
Yvaine: Yvaine was still trying to catch her breath. Pressing her lips against his in soft, weary kiss. She smiled, resting her head against his. Curling against him with her arms tucked between them. “You have.. no idea how much I appreciate you… and love you so very much.” she mumbled softly. -06:56 Apr 12
Hans: “I think I do..” he whispered running his hands through her hair “I have a feeling it as much as I do you.” -06:58 Apr 12
Yvaine: “I hope you show me for a long time, husband.” she grinned, leaning to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “Cause I will show you every day, for as long as you hold me like this.” -07:03 Apr 12
Hans: “the rest of out lives then.” he said softly leaning over to kiss her hair gently. “Because I will never stop holding you like this.” -07:06 Apr 12

Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 012: The Truth in Betrayal


Yvaine: At least Yvaine could walk now, even if she was still a little weak on her feet. Having Hans carrying her around had been amusing for the first day or so, but after that, Yvaine was antsy to move or dance or anything! Now she was seated in a very fine room… with only Gunther for company. Conversations with Gunther were never pleasant and lately… Lately something was just really bothering her and she was struggling to remember or figure it out. She was staring down at a book, not even reading the pages. -05:16 Apr 11

The bodyguard ketp his eyes on her, she was behaving eraticly, maybe understandable… still. He didn’t say anything, as usual, only speaking when spoke to. And besides Hans would be back soon. -Hans

Yvaine: Silence seemed to be even worse than not talking. Yvaine closed her book and huffed. Looking a little surprised to find Gunther watching her like a hawk. "…Gunther I understand you’re supposed to take care of me, but you really don’t have to literally watch me the entire time…" -05:21 Apr 11

“Just making sure you’re alright.” he responded “It is after all not long before rulership changes hands and your fiancee has no real power. And you still want to marry him. Comendable.” -Hans

Yvaine: …comments like that were exactly why she avoided talking to Gunther now. "I love him whether he’s ruling the country or not…" Yvaine went silent. They couldn’t keep doing this. She didn’t trust him, and he obviously didn’t trust her. …if he was going to be her guardian, they couldn’t kept that up. Yvaine shifted in her seat to face his direction. "…Gunther, I don’t understand what I did for you to dislike me so much. We could be friends if you gave me the chance. We both love Hans don’t we?" -05:29 Apr 11

“I have protected him for most of my career in the guard. It is my job to safeguard the throne. To keep the true ruler in it and uphold the traditions of the royal family. Personal feelings don’t come into it.” -Hans

Yvaine: There was that phrase again. True ruler, true heir… He never spoke about Hans directly. It just… didn’t sit right and her wheels were turning again. "But they do come in to it, don’t they? You wouldn’t swear your loyalty to someone you didn’t love. So you have to admit that you care about Hans…" -05:35 Apr 11

“I have known him since he was a child I was his mentor in the trainign program. I have been there for him even when his father could not. Of course I care but I cannot alow that to cloud my duty to the throne. If anyone, king, qhueen or commoner undermines the throne in any way it is my duty to have them… removed..” it was a rare outburst.. one of a kind and he quickly regained himself. “We all have our duties.” -Hans

Yvaine: Removed. That hit a chord and Yvaine was slowly rising to her feet. She needed to pace a bit, the conversation was making her tense. "Your duty is to the person on the throne. The person. And a person’s wishes or way they rule is going to be different from every one… So what are you trying to say? That you don’t trust Hans to be on the throne…? Because I haven’t forgotten how close you seem to be to his Uncle…" Yvaine didn’t mean to be confrontational, but maybe it was better than they got this all out now. -05:43 Apr 11

“The throne is bigger than the man under the crown…” he said finally standing. “I’ve never had children, Hans is the closest I’ve got to a son. I hope you will rememebr that.” he turned his back on her and looked out the window his hand never far from his gun. -Hans

Yvaine: "That didn’t answer my question." She paused in the middle of the room, crossing her arms uncomfortably. Frowning at his back. "Do you trust Hans to be the King of this country? He is turning it over to Parliment because he feels he has to. Because he’s believes it’s what’s best for everyone. If you’re concerned about, you could tell him not to do it. He would listen to you. ….but that is IF it’s what you even want…" Yvaine was very quickly realizing that she didn’t believe it. Gunther always spoke about taking care of the throne, but where was Gunther when Hans needed him? Where was Gunther when paparazzi took pictures of them. And where was Gunther when someone tried to blackmail them. And where was Gunther when someone breached Hans trust and let slip they were in Paris… and… !! Yvaine stilled in surprise. That cold, eerie realization washing over her. Where was Gunther ten years ago too, when she wanted to help Hans… "You…" -05:55 Apr 11
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Apr 11
[Hans has timed out.] -06:22 Apr 11

The gun was in his hands. “Me.” He turned “I did question Hans, I was so close to getting him to change his proposal, there would be a parliment but the throne would be in control. Make the final ruling… But then you came in.” his face was unreadable “I never wanted to work with him uncle, not this time but I didn’t have a choice. Because of you. And now… now I’m running out of options. I never meant for that to happen to you, if Hans hadn’t beaten me to it I would have shot him myself. So unless you want to help me change Hans’ mind you’re in my way…” -Hans

Yvaine: "You are the one he was talking about… the one that let him out. I trusted you… HANS trusted you!" Yvaine felt sick… and more strongly, she was angry. Without even thinking, Yvaine was across the room swinging her hand with a surprising amount of force to slap him. "You bastard…! How could you do something so horrible!" Yvaine moved to hit him again, shaking with the fury. -06:32 Apr 11

He grabbed her and pushed the gun into her head. “It wasn’t meant to go the way it did..” he was sounding less in control now “That bastard got greedy and phones himself. You should have left on the plane when you had a chance, it would have all worked out for everyone. Even Hans.. Now…” The door burst open. -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine gave a surprised yelp, but she was still so furious that any fear was well buried. She was still trying to hit him. "You sent me to his HOUSE back then..! And then you let him at me again! For what?! Because you can’t trust Hans…?! You hurt him and me for that..! There’s no excuses! NO excuses, you bastard!" -06:41 Apr 11
Hans: Hans was in the room a gun pointed at Gunther. "What is gong on here.. Yvaine… Gunther…" He circled his eyes and gun steady, his finger on the trigger obviously ready to fire. -06:44 Apr 11

“Hans…” gunther hugged Yvaine to him using her as a shield “You are under arest for treason and conspiracy to undermine the authority of the throne. Put down your gun.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine stopped trying to beat on Gunther, and now she was crying in angry. "You’re his guard and he trusted you and you betrayed him!" she was still shouting, and though she wasn’t trying to hit him she was still trying to get out of his grasp. -06:49 Apr 11
Hans: "The only one I see commiting treason here is you." the peices were falling into place now, who had been around at the summer castle, who had known about the trip? Hans’ blood was begining to boil… "And you have bene all along…" -06:52 Apr 11

“I’ve done my duty to the throne nothing less. I’ve fought hard to save you from yourself and you had to forget it all the moment she walked in the door. One of three things is going to happen. You’re turning yourself in to the guard, to me, you’re stoppin ghtis signover ov I’m pulling the trigger.” -Hans

Yvaine: If she could strangle him she would have. Yvaine had tired herself out and was reduced to trying to push that gun away from her head. "You haven’t done anything but hurt people..!" -07:00 Apr 11
Hans: "Gunther you don’t want to do this." Hans said "Even if you shoot me theres the rest of the guard, give up and no one needs to die here tonight." his tone was calm but his eyes darted to Yvaine.. "But if you hurt her I will kill you." -07:03 Apr 11

“You’re wrong. If I shoot you I win even if I die. You uncle will get the throne and even though I hate him as much as you do he’ll make sure he keeps it instead of handng over all the power to commoners. I’m sorry it came to this but I tried to warn you.”” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was trying not to panic. Everything was so tense, and even with her anger she wasn’t near as calm as Hans. But he was there, and he promised nothing would happen to her. Yvaine sucked in a deep breath, hitting Gunther hard with her elbow before she broke away and stumbled out of his grasp. -07:11 Apr 11
Hans: As soon as Yvaine was clear and before Gunther could recover, as if he had been waiting for it Hans pulled the trigger, bang. bang. bang three times. Gunther went down and Hans rushed up to him, kicking the gun away from his ahnds and feeling then going to Yvaine as more guard came running to investigate the shots. Hans had his arms around Yvaine even before that got to Gunther. "Hes alive…" "Get him to hospital.." Hans walked with Yvaine towards teh door getting her away from the scene. "Gunther… was the mole?" -07:16 Apr 11
Yvaine: He eyes had closed the minute she heard the gunshot and she kept them closed even as Hans walked her away. She didn’t want to see blood or anyone dead, even if she was thinking deep down that he might deserve it. She nodded quickly. "This whole time… even then! I thought something was strange, I heard him talking to someone and your uncle… but I… I knew I should have told you. But I didn’t want to believe…" If only she had said something sooner! -07:19 Apr 11
Hans: "i should have seen it." he said "No one knows him better that me.." he sat down with her "Maybe now it will be over." -07:21 Apr 11
Yvaine: "When you were in jail and I asked him how to help, he gave me that address… He told me that if I wanted to help you I should go there. And I never remembered that…!" Yvaine was so dizzy, she had to lean against him. "All this time he would tell me things and send me places and then everything would get bad… I don’t know why I never remembered…" -07:25 Apr 11
Hans: Hans kissed her cheek "Well its over now. He’ll be in jail and I still kept my promise to you father to shoot anyone responsable." he put his hand on her cheek and turned her head to face him. "Nothing can stop us getting married now." -07:30 Apr 11
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 011: A Father’s Promise

[Hans is not deep in the GIGN heaquardters with the man who raped Yvaind bound to a chair.] -01:03 Apr 11
[Yvaine is still in the hospital, having to stay through a 24 hour watch… just in case!] -01:03 Apr 11

“So the big bad king is here to avenge his innocent flower. Sorry to break it to you loverboy, she did ask for it, ‘I want you’ here her words.” -Hans

Hans: "I’m a practical man, come might call me a pragmatist. I like simple solutions to things." He raised a hand "I’m not going to toture you like you did to her, that is a complication. But I have a problem: A life sentence isn’t enough to stop you from toutching Yvaine. The solution I have is simple." Hans held up the gun he was carrying. "Very simple." -01:07 Apr 11

“You’re bluffing. You’re int he middle of the frenchies’ police headquarters. You ain’t shooting me.” -Hans

Hans: "Diplomatic immunity, I’ll want out of here scot free, and before you ask how thy let me in here with a loaded gun.." he aimed and shot with one fluid motion, the body stifning, then slumping over in the chair. "Explaining that is a complication I don’t need." He put the gun down on the table and moved to the door. Explaining it would also incriminate his friends in the GIGN…. "Problem solved." He would be back at the hospital before Yvaine woke up, and before Her father arived. What he had just done would be in the news. But he wasn’t bluffing about diplomatic immunity. -01:12 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine had been at the hospital for at least a day, in and out of consciousness thanks to painkillers and sedatives. The few moments she did wake, it was a very good sign that she could answer questions and not panic or freak out. So they were going to allow her release as soon as someone signed for her. For the moment she was dreaming again. A strange hodgepod of memories that all followed the same theme. …there was something really important there. Something she needed to piece together… when she woke, those phrases were still swimming in her head. -01:18 Apr 11
Hans: "Hey…" hans was standing over her a soft smile on his face, the smile seemed to hide somehting else it was impossible to say what. He took her hand in both of his and squeezed it. "You feeling any better?" -01:20 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I was having a weird dream…" Do you want to help him? Go to this address. …I will do anything to protect the true heir. Her fingers curled weakly around his hand, as her free hand to brush against her forehead. It paused midway as she eyed her engagement ring. "I’m still a little confused… How long have I been asleep?" Yvaine tried to brush that dream away and recollect herself. Put herself back in the present. -01:24 Apr 11
Hans: He checked his watch "About a day. I had the doctors keep you under a little longer while I took care of somehting." he sat on his haunches next to the bed. "They say theres no major damage and that you’ll be physically fine in a week. You just need to rest." -01:27 Apr 11
Yvaine: "Everything is a little numb. I guess it could be much worse." she mused, tilting her arm to see the bandage around her wrist and getting a sharp twinge in her shoulder. …okay, maybe not entirely numb! Yvaine tilted her head to glance at him. Everything was still hazy, but at least she was well aware of where she was now. "You look upset. I don’t think I have ever seen that expression before…" There was something different about it. Even those brief moments he had been stressed or frustrated… this look was so different! Yvaine’s hand released his, so she could brush her fingers against his cheek. "You don’t have to be so worried." -01:33 Apr 11
Hans: He kissed at her hand as it brushed his cheek. "I know.. its not going to happen again, I’ve made sure of that." He wanted to get onto the bed next to her but she needed her rest. "It shouldn’t have this time, And I’m sorry it did." -01:41 Apr 11
Yvaine: "It’s not as bad as it seems. You really don’t have to worry." She didn’t want to think about it. In fact, she really didn’t want to be at the hospital at all. Yvaine shifted to try and sit up. "Actually, I’d really love to get out of here. We can go and get a crazy French dessert or for a walk." -01:45 Apr 11
Hans: "You need rest, you fathers on his way and if he knew you waned to walk strait out of hospital he’d kill me for letting you." he held onto her hand again, seemingly afraid to let it go. "I’m getting you transfered though, back to Rhineland." -01:48 Apr 11
Yvaine: "You called Dad?" Yvaine was both delighted and…. full of dread! This really wasn’t the way she wanted to see her Dad and tell him about her engagement. That look on Hans’ face though… She squeezed his hand and pulled it close. He needed the comfort and were there any room in the bed she would have asked him to sit with her. "I don’t have to stay in the hospital, though, do I? I promise you I’m fine. I just hurt a little bit." -01:52 Apr 11
Hans: He looked away and sighed. "Look theres something. You’re going to see it on the news anyway because I’m not hiding it. Whiel you were asleep I went back and I shot him. While he was tied to a chair. I needed to make sure he’d never be back." -01:54 Apr 11
Yvaine: "You…" Yvaine wasn’t sure how to process that. Hans shot a man? Killed him…? But it was Charles Douglas… he would never be in the world ever again. Yvaine thought she would be relieved to hear it, yet it just… she still felt so numb. After a moment Yvaine tilted. Not saying a word as she leaned and slipped her arms around Hans’ neck, burying her face at the crook of his shoulder. -01:58 Apr 11
Hans: He hugged her and hissed her cheek as best he could before the doctor came in. "I have the papers here if…" he stopped. "Transfer papers are on the bedside table." he knew when to make a descreet exit. -02:00 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I didn’t know what to do.. I was so scared…!" Yvaine was trying not to cry, and she couldn’t hold on to him nearly as tight as she wanted to. That haze of medication was wearing off, and his sudden confession just seemed to open up the whole floodgate of emotion she was trying to surpress. -02:04 Apr 11
Hans: "There wasn’t anything you could do." he said "Nothing is your fault.. and its over, its not goign to happen again." he moved to sit on the bad and hold her tight. "This shouldn’t have happened." -02:08 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I could have run away, I could have fought more… The things he said to me…" Even now it made her shiver, and she curled against him. Just so glad he was there and real. -02:14 Apr 11
Hans: "None of that matter now." he said softly rubbing his ahdn up and down her back. "I’m just glad you’re ok. I was worried…" -02:18 Apr 11
Yvaine: "I was afraid you’d hate me… It’s so much trouble for you…" And he killed the man… something like that she make her concerned. But Hans came to rescue her, and he got rid of the man that hurt her too… She loved him for it. "I don’t want you to worry about me." she mumbled. -02:23 Apr 11
Hans: "To not worry about you I’d have to stop loving you." he teased "And I can’t do that." he rested her against him "And so I can never hate you. You’re going to be queen some day soon. Better get used to it." -02:26 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine cast a small smile. No matter what happened, knowing she was marrying Hans and he would be with her made it all better. "When would you like to get married…? Since my Dad will be here soon we could plan the date." -02:33 Apr 11
Hans: "Three months from now, the second saterday of the month, its tradition." he said "If we’re still following traditions." he pulled back and wiped his thumb under her eyes. "To think, us in a royal wedding…" -02:37 Apr 11
Yvaine: When he touched her, she felt safe. There was no awkwardness and fear involved. Yvaine had been worried that she would be afraid… Her smile widened. "I like your traditions. I always thought about meeting you again and us getting married… really silly fantasies. It’s so hard to believe it’s real!" -02:40 Apr 11
Hans: "Well it is, and we’re here." he leaned forwards to kiss her softly "I’ll have to get and planners planning… theres a lot to do…" -02:43 Apr 11
Yvaine: Her returned kiss was tentative, but afterwards she gave a small relieved sigh. Yvaine hadn’t meant for it to be visible. She was still smiling as she tugged gently on his shirt sleeve. "I will try not to be a picky bride. …I remember you wearing armor and having a gun. Where does a King learn to do those things?" -02:48 Apr 11
Hans: "When he puts himself through the same training as the royal guard." he explained "Not traditional but something I wanted to do. In case somehtign liek this ever happened." He said softly "Of course I didn’t have the scecial forces experience required but I went through that training too… I had to do somethign to keep myself busy while waiting for you." -02:51 Apr 11
Yvaine: "My King is multitalented." Yvaine laughed softly, returning her face to the crook of his neck. "I will try to keep up with you. You could show me how to shoot a gun too?" -02:55 Apr 11
Hans: He shook his head. "DO you really think thats a good idea?" he asked. "Hows this, if you get through the same training I did, I’ll get you one.." -02:58 Apr 11

“That will be unnecessary. She will be going back to the States.” came a voice from the doorway. Ron Bardwin was an imposing figure. Looking haggard from a nonstop flight and worry, it seemed to make the scowl on his face all the more prominant. It was taking all his self control not to gross the room and snatch up Hans by the back of his neck and throw him head first out the window. -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Dad!" Yvaine was so happy to see him… and then there was that look on his face. This really, really wasn’t the way she wanted to bring up Hans. "Daddy, you remember Hans…" she said softly. -03:06 Apr 11
Hans: "Mr. Bardwin." he stood but his hand stayed clasping Yvaine’s hand. "I’m glad you came so quickly.. The doctors say she’ll be alright and I’m tranferign her back to Rhineland. We have the best doctors there and an entire contingent of royal guard.." -03:10 Apr 11

“Where was your royal guard when my daughter was kidnapped and tortured. Or did you think I would not catch the news the moment I stepped off that plane?” He narrowed his eyes, crossing the room in several wide strides. Ronald grabbed Hans’ arm and held the grip tight until he released Yvaine’s hand. Then he ‘moved’ him out of the way with a controlled shove. “This is the second time something has happened to Yvaine after getting involved with you. She is coming home with me, where I know she’s going to be safe.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "That wasn’t his fault…" Yvaine was shifting in bed again, now reaching out to grab his father’s arm. She knew he was going to be upset, she just wished she had enough time to prepare for it. "We’re going to get married. I’d like to stay in Rhineland with him." -03:18 Apr 11
Hans: "They were in Rhineland, where I ordered them to stay. No one was meant to know about this trip and this is either one hell of a coincidence or I’m going to personally interogate everyone who knew about this trip but Mr. Bardwin either I or my personal bodyguard will be at her side at all times. If you want to stay too thats you’re welcome to." -03:18 Apr 11

Ronald glared hard at Hans. As far as he was concerned, it was just an excuse. “You’re not marrying my daughter. I don’t want you to even SPEAK to Yvaine.” He knelt by Yvaine’s bed, taking a far more gentle tone with her. “You’re hurting and scared, Yvaine. You don’t know what you want right now. Once we get back home, you’ll be thinking clearer.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "I’m not fifteen years old anymore, Dad… I can think for myself." Yvaine was a little exasperated. She didn’t have enough energy to argue it, but she was a little afraid her father would wind up dragging her out kicking and screaming if something wasn’t resolved. "Can you please just stay and talk to Hans for awhile…? I want to marry him. All that’s happened is just…. just bad luck." -03:27 Apr 11
Hans: "I think she can decide what she wants and where she wasnts to be, you and I want the same thing, to kepp her safe. And if you watch the news tonight youll see that." -03:28 Apr 11

The man was absolutely unconvinced. The only thing that gave him any hesitation was his daughter’s request and the fact she would need time before he took her back. “Fine. A week, Yvaine. I will go with you to Rhineland, and if I am unsatisfied, you are coming home. There will be no argument about it.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: A week would be enough and Yvaine visibly relaxed. "We’ll see about the argument… but I’m glad you’re coming! I really missed you. I wanted to tell you days ago about us getting married, but there has been so much to do, I’ve barely had time to think…" -03:37 Apr 11
Hans: Hans had moved to the other side of the bed and was filling out the forms even before her father agreed. "I know you’re tired from your flight, we leave this afternoon theres a bed ready for you if you need if, though once in Rhineland you’ll be staying in the palace, I know you’ll want to be as close as possible to Yvaine." he was back in charge of the situation. "Do you know how to use a gun?" -03:41 Apr 11

He was eyeing Hans again. “I can. The fact I might need one is a strike against you.” Ronald was clearly aiming to make it all as difficult as possible. He sat on the edge of Yvaine’s bed. “He’s too controlling, Yvaine. I don’t like it.” -Yvaine

Hans: "You won’t need one." he said "But I think having one would put your mind at rest." he wasn’t going to take the bait "I will do anything to keep her safe, modlize the military if I have to, but I don’t think thats needed. I failed her once it will not happen again." -03:50 Apr 11
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed! The first time actually sounding as cheerful as normal. "Sounds so very familiar… You’re both so serious. I wish you would relax and stop worrying so much. Can’t we just go home, to Rhineland, and find something more pleasant to talk about than you both glaring at each other? Daddy, I really am very happy…" -03:53 Apr 11

Ronald had a biting comment for Hans, but Yvaine’s laughter and smile seemed to soften him up quite a bit. He was almost quirking up a smile himself. “I do want you to be happy, Yvaine. IF he is good to you, that will be one less worry on my heart. Your sister is going to demand a lot of attention…” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans let out a breath and placed the finished forms back down "Thats what we both want." he had to admit most of the reason he was tense was because he blamed himself, and had only a couple of hours ago murdered a man who couldn’t defend himself. -03:59 Apr 11
Yvaine: "He IS really good to me. I’ve never ever been so happy in my entire life. Hans makes me feel special and safe, and he’s so kind and so smart, and I know it looks a little awkward right now, but I love him. I loved him for a very long time. …you understand don’t you?" Yvaine was leaning forward, not meaning to ramble. But she really did want her father to approve of Hans and give his blessing. Her father was her second favorite person in the world, and it was important for her. -04:07 Apr 11

Her father didn’t look too happy with the speech, but it was that huffy, unsure way a father would get when he didn’t want to conceed to his grownup daughter’s wishes. Yvaine was all grown up after all. “I’ll decide in a week. …for now I will let you rest. I will speak to…. your fiance…. in the hall.” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans nodded and took Yvaine’s hand gave it a sqeeze and gave her a smile, then picked up the clipboard and gave it to the first nurse who walked pastin the hall. There were sho of the guard in the hall but Hans signalled them for privacy and they moved further along the hall. "I know you have things you want to say, I would too, so let’s talk." -04:19 Apr 11

Ronald made sure the room door was closed before he finally spoke. “Yvaine was 15 when you met her. A Prince from another country is enchanting to a little girl. I understand what happened back then was not your fault – but my daughter is fragile. Trusting. Easily broken. …and if you are manipulating my daughter I WILL kill you. King or not.” The way he spoke was not as a threat. It sounded like a promise. -Yvaine

Hans: "And you’d be well within your rights to but I’m not manipulating her." Hans’ tone was calm and slow. "I know ten years ago left you with a bad taste in your mouth when if comes to me but I love her and would do anythign for her. Even give up my kingdom. In a week I’m giving up my power. I just want a quiet life with her, or as quiet as it can get for me." -04:27 Apr 11

Silent for several moments, his tense stance didn’t seem to drop. “It might sound noble to give up country and crown for a woman you love. But if you do, you will not have the means to protect my daughter. You’ll have a quiet life, but where will your military be? Your pull and sway? There’s no sense in being a fool about it.” -Yvaine

Hans: "I won’t be giving up my crown, and I’ll retain the royal guard in my personal service. And I personally spent three years in special forces training an another two in the guard training over and above the aftermath of my father’s death. I have Gunther who has been at my side since I was thirteen. I have the means to keep her safe. She won’t be my prisoner in a tower. Who will be a queen and be guarded as one." -04:42 Apr 11

He didn’t look convinced. But it was hard not to be impressed with the man’s credentials. “Yet here she is in this hospital. I suggest you start keeping your word.” -Yvaine

Hans: "I’ve already told Yvaine, so I’m telling you too. Two hours ago I put a bullet through the skull man who did this. He will never toutch her again." his face was set "Any man tries to do the same again, and when I find out who let out we were comign here the same will happen to them. That is a promise." -04:50 Apr 11

For the first time, Ronald looked truely surprised! But slowly a grim, oddly approving expression came across his face. “I should have put a bullet to his skull ten years ago.” His countenance relaxed and he turned to walk down the hall. “That’s a promise I will hold you to. I expect results, [i]son[/i].” he called over his shoulder. -Yvaine

Hans: It was Hans’ turn to be suprised.. then smile. Without a word he re-entered Yvaine’s room and gave her another smile. "That went… well." -04:58 Apr 11
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 010: Haunted by the Past

[Yvaine has been doing interviews all week, which started out well enough… but the past few days more and more uncomfortable topics have been coming up. ] -12:40 Apr 09
[Hans hsasn’t ahd time to sleep most of the week. Hes tired and knows Yvaine isn’t boing much better, but he has a plan.] -12:42 Apr 09
Yvaine: Here she was sitting alone in an interview with some woman named Anna Cheshire. The majority of it has gone all right so far, and Yvaine was looking forward to ending the day and leaving with Hans. -12:43 Apr 09

“Miss Baldwin, your story about how you met his Majesty is quite sweet. A true romance to be sure. Yet it seems that romance has a darker side to it as well. His Majesty was one of the suspects for the Douglas killings, wasn’t he?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine kept her composure, even if on the inside she was groaning. “He was, but they realized later that they had the wrong person.” -12:47 Apr 09

“Of course. Though, the evidence that implicated him was never used or discredited in court… Many find it odd that His Majesty was so close with a young woman who wasn’t even yet 16. I believe you, yourself, were also one of the kidnap victims? Isn’t that an odd coincidence? Many claimed that his His Majesty might have an a second accomplice. Someone that could continue while he was in jail.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She should have been expecting those kinds of questions, but they still caught her by surprise. Yvaine shifted in her seat, unable to hide that uncomfortable expression. “…Wouldn’t it be better to speak about the present?” -12:54 Apr 09

“Miss Baldwin, you can’t deny how suspicious it looks for our King to have been involved in an investigation where half the evidence was never brought to surface, then later chooses to marry a girl that was involved. It’s quite possible that you are a brainwashed individual or suffering from Stockholme and now about to marry a man who has tried to r-” -Yvaine

Yvaine: “And I am done! Thank you for your time. I wish I could say that it’s been pleasant.” Yvaine was never so brisk, but she didn’t want to hear another word out of that woman’s mouth. She was already out of her chair and leaving the room. Yvaine had forgotten just how sneaky press people could be! -01:01 Apr 09
Hans: He wasn’t even meant to be at the interview, but who was going to stop him? As soon as Yvaine stepped off set he hand his arm around her and was walkign with her. “I’ve packed you a bag.” he said quietly. “We’re goign on a trip away from this for a bit.. just us again. But this time no one will follow. I’ve made sre of that. -01:09 Apr 09
Yvaine: Yvaine was so eternally grateful that Hans was there. She might have spent the way back fretting and brooding about the entire thing. She looked a little surprised about the trip, though! “Really? …and I am definitely not complaining. I’ve had enough interviews to last a life time. Do you know what that woman said? She said I might be brainwashed by you! I can’t even count how many ways that was insulting!” -01:12 Apr 09
Hans: “I heard.” he said, he wouldn’t say it but he had been getting the same kind of questions and needed to get away too. “Somewhere far away, you’ll need this.” he slipped her her passport as they left the studio and got into the car, her bags on the back seat. Hans was driving himself for once. -01:20 Apr 09
Yvaine: She cast a wide smile. Without a driver or big car. Or anyone at all with them! “Hans… are we running away from home?” Yvaine found it amusing… and so sweet! Just her and Hans without any bodyguards, or handlers or coworkers would be so nice! -01:23 Apr 09
Hans: “Only for a little while.. Until I sign my power away.” he grinned “And besides ifts not really running away if no one can stop you.” he put the can in gear and they pulled away towards the airport. “We’ve answered enough questions. Time for us to enjoy our relationship for a little.” -01:26 Apr 09
Yvaine: “Running away with my Fiance. I think I like this trip already.” Yvaine leaned over in her seat, planting a kiss against Hans’ cheek as he drove. “Thank you for this.” -01:32 Apr 09
Hans: He slimed wider keeping his eyes on the road. “You’re not the only one who needs to get away, far away. Think of this as a pre-wedding honeymoon.” -01:36 Apr 09
Yvaine: They arrived at the airport in no time, and Hans was very good about keeping their destination a secret. No matter how many questions Yvaine asked, or how many times it almost slipped… Yvaine didn’t discover their destination was Paris until they landed in the Paris airport. …It was so amazing! Yvaine had only been able to visit Paris once before and that was during a Ballet Tour so brief that she didn’t even get to see the sights. How Hans knew the best places to take her, she would never know. …Now at a gorgeous Parisian hotel, Yvaine was leaning out the window to check out the evening view. “I can see almost the whole city from here! It’s no wonder they call it the City of Lights.” -01:41 Apr 09
Hans: :they also call it the city of Love.” he said puttign his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck. “And I can almost see why.” he grinned, it half reflected in the glass of the window. -01:46 Apr 09
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, leaning backwards against him. “You know, there are thirty seven bridges in Paris and they say if you kiss on the right bridge, your love will last forever. Do you think we should try them all?” -01:49 Apr 09
Hans: “Wouldn’t that mean we get all ther wrong ones too?” he asked “But I don’t see why not, would alow us to see the city… and do a lot of kissing. Its a win-win…” -01:53 Apr 09
Yvaine: Giggling, she turned around to hug him. “I don’t think there’s any wrong time and place to kiss you!” She leaned up on her toes to confirm the point, brushing a soft kiss over his lips. “What would you like to do tonight? The evening is still early and I would love to go somewhere with my fiance.” -01:56 Apr 09
Hans: “He kissed her back, short and soft. “Well I didn’t choose this hotel by accident.” he teased. “We’re in the middle of the teatre district. Theres dances and shows we could see.. None as good as yours, but you’d be next to me.” -02:00 Apr 09
Yvaine: “A Paris show! That’s a ballerina’s favorite, you know.” Yvaine through her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I will have to change my clothes. It won’t take long at all.” -02:03 Apr 09
Hans: “I know.” he said “Somehtign great to unwind before we get back here tonight.” he grinned and nodded. “I’ll be here. Wpuld be nice to finally SEE a show WITH you..” He let her go and get ready, glad that she was as happy as he was. -02:08 Apr 09
[Yvaine is on a vacation with her fiance. Nothing is going to ruin her evening!] -01:08 Apr 10
[Hans Has takes her to Paris! No press or worries here!] -01:11 Apr 10
Yvaine: Yvaine stopped near the closet, turning to grin wide at Hans again. "If you go and get the show tickets and meet me at the theater, I can surprise you with something pretty…" Hans was so sweet to arrange everything, Yvaine was going to make sure it was worth the effort. -01:14 Apr 10
Hans: He grinned. "And I could get you a surprise of your own." he teased as he finished pulling on a suit jacket to complete his outfit. "Don’t take to long I’ll get us tickets for the half past show." he steeped up to her and made sure to give her a small kiss before he lest. "I’ll see you soon love." -01:17 Apr 10
Yvaine: "I like when you call me love…" and it showed on her face, the way she smiled so smittenly. Yvaine waited until he stepped out the door, then she was rushing through her closet. She made quick work of changing her clothes. Slipping in to a cream and gold colored dress and a simple pair of ballet flats. Yvaine wrapped a light scarf around her neck… clothes were the easy part! She skipped to the bathroom to do something about her hair. -01:21 Apr 10
Hans: He left via the elevator and through the lobby. The street was light and crowded as well dressed peopel filed to and from the theatres and in the distance the tower shine like a becon. They were really here. He walked along the street right to his chosen show. He saw what he was looking for too, plush bears in fancy outfits.. on in a tux would do for Yvaine.. Her groom until thier big day.. -01:27 Apr 10
Yvaine: Yvaine brushed through her hair, fussing with what she wanted to do. Finally she plugged in a curling iron and while waiting on it to heat up, she posed in the mirror. She wasn’t wearing any jewelry besides the engagement ring on her finger… and it was so much fun watching it sparkle in the light. Yvaine practiced her ‘come hither’ look, then giggled at herself. Better to not scare Hans with that one. -01:31 Apr 10
Hans: The bear tucked under his arm he stood in linr for the tickets hummign to himself. He was so glad to be doing somehting with her again He didn’t know he had been seen and that The person was lurking, waiting for Yvaine. FInally at the fron he bought two tickets.. all that was left ws to wait.. -01:36 Apr 10
Yvaine: It didn’t take too long to run the curler through her hair and get just the soft look she was after. Yvaine debated makeup, but decided she wasted enough time already. She tugged the plug out, and paused when there was a soft click that sounded like door. When she stepped out of the bathroom the entire room’s lights were out! Yvaine inched to the room, squinting in to the dark to figure out where that light switch was. "Hans…?" -01:46 Apr 10

“I’m not your sweetheart, sweetheart.” the voice was definatlt not Hans’ it lacked his accent, and was low and deadly. Then a hand clamped itself over her mouth. “Come quiet and I won’t have to leave you looking in ways that will make your lover shudder.” -Hans

Yvaine: She froze. The sound that escaped her was a muffled scream – once she immediately silenced before desperation kicked in. Yvaine swung an elbow back as she tried to break away. -02:02 Apr 10

His hand tightened and alother grabbed her forearm twisting it behind her back, further and further … “I’ll tear it out if I have to.” he growled “Now you and I are going on a little walk. Make a sound and no one will ever find whats left of you, got it sweetheart? Friends of mine want you alive, for now. But how alive and in how many peices is up to me.” -Hans

Yvaine: There was a faint recognition of voice. Which sent the moment from frightening to pure terror. Yvaine squirmed from discomfort and tried not to squeak another sound as she nodded her head stiffly. …this couldn’t be him. It couldn’t! He was in prison…! -02:10 Apr 10

“Yes…” he whispered as he begand pushing her from the room. “Good to know you hadn’t completely forgotten me. Try to run sweetheart and you won’t make it three steps, unless you have forgotten last time.” he chuckled darkly as he led her not to the elevator but towards the back of the hotel. “I don’t much care if you see your loverboy again or not.. but we’ve got a score to settle.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine wish she had forgotten. She tried to! But it was all just as clear now as it was then. She walked, her movements tense and ready to take off the moment she had opportunity. But when opportunity seem to come, she was too scared to make a sound or take the chance! Once his hand was moved from her mouth, she was taking in a shakey breath. "Where are we going…?" Yvaine could barely even get the words out above a whisper. -02:18 Apr 10

“Somewhere to be alone, catch up on the last decade. I your you’ve grown hings and flutter across stage. Maybe I’ll tell you what I’ve been through.” Down the stairs and out the back where a car waited. “So sorry sweetheart.. but I have to..” the blow came without warning strait to the back of her head and as soon as it did he pushed her onto the beck seat, tying her hands and feet and gagging her. “When you wake up we’ll have all the along time you can handle.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine awoke to her head pounding. Opening her eyes was only met with more darkness as something had them covered. She shifted, finding her ankles tied and legs pulled apart. Her knees not being able to raise higher than an inch or two. Tugging her arms down was met with the same resistance. It was like waking up from a good dream and finding herself back in a terrible nightmare…! Yvaine tried to scream as she struggled against her bindings. She couldn’t do this again! She just couldn’t..! -02:31 Apr 10

footsteps on the concrete floor, right next to where she was tied. “Shhhh Sweetheart, I’m here. Snugglings useless.” A finger slipped under her blindfold and pulled it down and his face came into view, the last ten years had not been kind on him, he was thinner, older, but across his lips was plastered a manic grin as he held up a knife. “Now I’m going to start cutting, and if you so much as complain I’ll switch to cutting you..” the tip of the blade slid down her neck. “And I’ll cut of all those looks that won you your king. Your eyes so that you’ll never see him again, your ears so you’ll never hear him again, your fingers, one by one… You get me? And it you try to espace I’ll cut your lips off.. both pairs.” -Hans

Yvaine: His face was so different, but despite the years the familiarity was still burned in to her senses. That grin… Yvaine still struggled to move away, but the feel of cold steel against her skin had her freezing again. There was a choked whimper from her, but she was nodding again in compliance. -02:42 Apr 10

His lobsided grin returned as the knife slid under her dress and the fabric began to part. “You’re suprised to see me sweetheart..” he grabbed he dress and ripped it baring her chest “I should thank you for the last ten years of my life, but I’m about to to do just that…” he pricked her skin on purpose, drawing blood, then he pulled her gag down “Don’t you have anythign to say after you took my life from me? You’re so lucky those asholes need you alive… but don’t worry sweetheart.” his hand grabbed her breast roughly. “I’ll still have my fun.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine gasped for breathe again, her mouth and throat dry. She was trying to shirk away from his hand and the knife. "Please let me go, please…?" she pleaded, the pricking of her skin making her wince and blink away the swelling of tears. -02:53 Apr 10

He slapped her “Is that all you have to say? Sweetheart, you’re disappointing me.” he wiped the bloody tip of the blabe against her lip as he hend her head still. “Now you have a choice to make. Do you want a knife of a dick inside you. Do you want he be slowly cut apart and never see your sweetheart again, or do you want to me my sweetheart, sweetheart?” -Hans

Yvaine: She cried out, chest heaving with fear. Yvaine struggled against the bindings again, trying to pull her feet or hands free despite his threats. "I want you to get off me! she finally screamed. She had to fight him, had to get away! If she didn’t he’d..! "You can go to hell…!" -03:02 Apr 10

He struck her again and then his hand closed over her throat. “Do you know what its like to be stabbed?” he asked “I do, because of you.” he pushed the knife into her skin, slowly, cutting it. It only want in an eighth on and inch but it must had felt like more. “How about an arm, I could take the joint apart layer by layer and finally pull the bone for the socket or..” he moved his hand to her shoulder and held it down, stabbing it. The knife dug into her collar bone, a carefully aimed strike to hurt but not do too much damage. “Rethink your answer sweetheart or I’ll take both.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine screamed again, a startled cry of pain as her whole body siezed still from the shock of it. "I just…! Want to go home..!" Her eyes squeezed shut as she turned her face away, tears streaming down her cheeks. But she had stopped pulling at the ropes and was terrified to move again! -03:15 Apr 10

“You’re doign that in one of two ways. A blind, deaf, fingerless mute or after you’ve let me have my fun.” he placed he hand on the side of her head and slid the knife under her ear. “If you want to stay looking like a princess you’ll beg for my dick.” -Hans

Yvaine: Unable to mask her shudder or her frightened whimper, Yvaine nearly shook her head and refused. But she was so, so afraid… and it hurt so much! "O-..okay..!" it was the only word she could drag out the courage to utter, and even it was in a small croaked whisper. -03:26 Apr 10

He tore her dress more, all the way down to her bottom hem then slid the knife over her stomach. “I said beg for it Sweetheart. Tell me you want it. Every time I have to ask you again will cost you a finger.” he was already loving up between her legs and pulling himself out. “Come on, don’t be shy.” -Hans

Yvaine: Her hands balled in to fists, some instinctual movement to protect her fingers despite the futileness of it. So disgusted, and wanting desperately to scream back at him that she would never…! But the fear had her gripped so tight, she wouldn’t dare. "P-please…?" she choked out between a sob. "I… want you…" She didn’t. She didn’t! And muttering the words made her feel sick! -03:34 Apr 10

“There now Sweetheart, isn’t that better?” he asked in a voice filled with gloating trimph. The knife slid down the cut her panties off and pull the scraps from her thighs. “Now you’re going to be still for me, just liek last time, and don’t be mistaken that I wouldn’r fuck a corpse.” The he lpushed inside, his dick penetrating her. “Its so much better when its taken and not given.. I’ know you in ways your spoiled king never will.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was still as she could be, but she couldn’t stop herself from squirming at his invasion, or the way her legs tried to jerk up and close. It hurt and she was tossing her head to the side as she cried. "’re a bastard…!" she couldn’t help it, the curse just came out and she immediately and fearfully regretted it. -03:45 Apr 10

Once again the blade bit her skin “And you’re moving too much..” he thrust again hin hand going to hold her hip down “I bet you’ve given yourself to that playboy too, while hes seeing your friends behind your back..” he was pushign her hard and without mercy, his cock pushing deep. He wasnted her to stuggle in spite of his words, it made it better. “Little whore, I’m going to enjoy telling him anout this.” -Hans

Yvaine: "No..!" Hans…! She couldn’t think about him now, not when some other man was…! Knowing he made her ask for it! With a choked cry, she was thrashing again. Panic and desperation sinking in as she struggled against the bindings, ropes cutting in to her skin. "Get off me! Get off…!" -03:55 Apr 10

He slapped her hard knockign her silly, then hald her hips with both hands thusting deeper into her. “You asked for this.” he reminded her he he felt pressure building. “The more you struggle the more it hurts.” He was getting close , but she hadn’t had enough, not by his standards, not after what she put him through. He stopped and pulled out his grin returning to his face. “Guess what sweetheart, you’ve qualified for round two.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was dizzy. Her head was spinning from the strikes and the bloodloss. His sudden pull out had left her body feeling tightly wound and throbbing. A sickening dread pooling at the pit of her stomach as she moved to jerk on the ropes again. She just had to get loose…! -04:04 Apr 10

the grin remained on his face as he reached down and pulled more rope from the floor. “Struggle and your Sweetheart will be getting a mutilated body.” he reminded her as he looped the rope under her midsection tieng it tightly, then cut one of her legs free makign sure to cut the skin too to remind her not to struggle. Then he pushed her leg up to her stomach and tied it close and then starting on the other leg. -Hans

Yvaine: She almost kicked him… almost…! Yvaine wished so desperately that she had the courage to do it! Her frustration was clear by how hard she was breathing, and she was trying to ignore her fear of what he was doing to focus on twisting her wrists free. If she pulled a little harder and caught him by surprise… -04:13 Apr 10

He jabbed her side “Now now Sweetheart, wouldn’t want you tightning those and cutting your circulation..” he turned her hips on thier side and pushed his dick against the soft rind of her butt hole. “Unclench or I’ll cut it open and rip you up inside. And you’ll have to wear daipers for the rest of your life.” -Hans

Yvaine: "What do you expect me to do…!" she cried out in frustration. Being tied and the position so awkward coupled with requests that had her body flushing red with embarrassment and shame. He had her so afraid she was shaking from the fear. -04:22 Apr 10

He pushed against her forcing his way inside his ahdns holding her still. “I expect you to take this so that I don’t have to make you bleed anymore.” he thust again, and again pushinh a little further each time, her virgin ass was tight, too tight, if she struggled something would rip. -Hans

Yvaine: It hurt. It hurt so much that rush of pain swept through her so quickly she was seeing white spots in front of her eyes. Every bit he moved left her squeaking out a pained cry. And when her body fell limp it wasn’t because she did as he requested or gave in. The sharp pains just gave her such a dizzying rush that she nearly fainted. -04:32 Apr 10

Faster, harder “You’re better like this, you’re tight where no ones been.” Deeper. He was puttign more energy into it his hands on her hips and legs holding her where he wanted as he started building up again. “I should have done this last time.” -Hans

Yvaine: She hated this feeling..! The burning, seering sensation running through her blood. Making her so sick that she forgot all thoughts about struggling and was just trying to keep conscious as he pounded in to her. With every bit of movement she whimpered, soft pleading sounds for him to stop..! -04:39 Apr 10

He either didn’t hear her pleas or he didn’t listen as he pushed against her now all the way inside her as he let loose his seed into her. “There we go Sweetheart.” he said as he pulled himself out “If I don’t hear back from your Sweetheart I’ll be back for more.” he leaned down and hand hilder her head in place licked all the way from her chin to her forehead covering her face with his spit. “Try not to bleed on my sheets.” He stood and gave her ass a slap. “Sweet dreams.” -Hans

Yvaine: He was gone and Yvaine couldn’t keep her senses anymore. Finally the emotion overwhelmed her, and though she had the moment to renew her attempt for escape, she fell in to unconciousness. -04:50 Apr 10
Hans: The phone in the hotel room rang and Immediatly Hans picked up, it had been four hours since he had left Yvaine and he had bome back looking for her. "Hello? Yvaine?" The note was still cluched in hsi hand as he strained his ears listening. -04:59 Apr 10

“Oh shes fine loverboy, I just had some on one one time with her, went places you havn’t been yet.. She asked me to.” -Hans

Hans: "If you’ve hurt her I’m going to find you and there won’t be prison again, you’ll be tried for treason, that still carries the death penalty." -05:01 Apr 10

“Now now don’t get your panties in a twist, shes still alive isn’t she?” he leaned over and slapped Yvaine’s cheek with the flat of the knife. “Your lovers on the phone hes askign in theres anythign you need..” he held the reciever to Yaine’s mouth for a second, and only a second before snatchign it away. -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine was startled awake and had little time to squeak out more than a frightened gasp. The phone was gone was gone and she hadn’t even heard his voice… for all she knew it was a lie and she was left sobbing again! -05:04 Apr 10

You hear that crying, thats because she knows she liked it better than you and her little fairytale is over. Now your crown, you renounce it and she lives, you don’t and I have more time with her until she begs me tio kill her, and I will. Slowly. Fucking every new hole I make in her. Now…” -Hans

Hans: "Wait… let me talk to her, ten seconds.. then you’ll get what you want." Hans sounded desperate and the reciever was held out to Yvaine again. "Yvaine, I want you to know you’re the most important thing to me. And I don’t care if I live in poverty, so long as I live with you." -05:09 Apr 10
Yvaine: His voice, she still wasn’t sure if it were a trick or not to toy with her. "Hans..! I am so… so sorry..! I can’t..!" She couldn’t keep doing this. This was her fault. He would hate her…! Yvaine was near delirious with the trauma, feeling numb and mindless all at the same time. "I’m so scared…" she muttered when her eyes fell closed. -05:14 Apr 10
Hans: "I’ll see you soon, I plomise just…" Time was up apparently and the phone was snatched away. -05:15 Apr 10

“You hear that? She knows she enjoyed it and now shes wracked with guilt, before you give up your crown I want my accounts unfrozen and one million u.s. fatter… You know what happens otherwise.” He hung up the phone. No matter what happened Yvaine would die, Screw those political fools and thier games. -Hans

Hans: "Did we get him?" Hans asked and recieved a nod. The hotel room was filled with men from the Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, the GIGN. Hans had pulled in every favor he had to get them, and now sitting in body armor and an MP5 next to him he smiled taking the offered helmet. "Are you sure you want to go in yourself?" "More sure than anythign else right now." he stood and exited the room, most of the men trainign after him. There was a van out the fron with and entire squad awaiting his orders. The armor he wore might not shine but he was riding to the rescue. -05:22 Apr 10
Hans: Mere minuted later and the dark figures were movign from cover to cover outside the delapidated building as more scaled the walls. Hans himself was prepairing he lead the charge through the front. "I see the target, ground floor. The girl is there too, room 3, the rest of the floor is clear." That little robot was amazing, Hans would have to rememebr to get himself one. "Room C, right wer’re moving. Team two you have the south door, three you come down the stairs, tell me when you’re in position. -05:27 Apr 10
Yvaine: Hearing Hans’ voice should have given her the will to keep going, but her will had run out. So tired from the abuse and loss of blood, and the trauma, Yvaine was slipping. It was like ten years ago all over again. Trapped, alone and lost in a nightmare she couldn’t break free from..! "Untie me,.. untie me…" she was murmuring weakly. -05:31 Apr 10

“I’ll untie you when you’re dead Sweetheart.” he chuckled. “You just rest easy and I’ll calle your loverboy in a couple hours.” he leaned agains the wall blowing smoke from his cigarette. Then a light appeared int he window and the sound of a helecopter sounded overhead. “Calm yourself that ain’t for you.” -Hans

Hans: He lead his team though the dark corrodors and to the door, signalling for the two with the ram to get ready, the door looked like a single blow would do it. "Team three in position." "Team two, we’re ready. Hans checked the moad on his gun. "Three, two, one…." A helecopter flew overhead. "Crist who told the press about our party, target was turned eat and it looking out the window. We’re still good." "Breach!" -05:33 Apr 10
Hans: Three teams from three different directions, all at the same time, laser sight converging on the kidapper, and shouts in both english and french for his to put his hands up and the armored men rushed him. Shock tactics, the man didn’t even have tiem to react before three men were wrestling him the the gound and binding his hands… One of the men however was move interested in the person on the bed… "Yvaine…?" -05:36 Apr 10
Yvaine: No one would come to get her, maybe they never did and she had been with him the whole time…! Just having a delerious dream of some other life only to wake up like this! Yvaine couldn’t even recognize his voice at first, her body and mind having slipped in to shock. "I don’t want to…! I don’t!" she hissed through clenched teeth. -05:38 Apr 10
Hans: "YOU BASTARD!" Hans was standing with his laser sight playing over his face "Open your mouth and it will be the last them you do…" "SIR!" One of the men stepped in front of Hans "We got him sir.. you take care if your girl.." -05:40 Apr 10

He turned as he was dragged off “I hope you like the improvements I make Loverboy.” Then he was punched in the gut and drageed from the room. -Hans

Hans: "Yvaine…?" Hans and the men who remained cut her ties and wrapped a dirty blanket around her. "I’m so sorry.." he lefted her from the bed and cradles her in his arms.. "Its me, I’m here for you. Like I promised." -05:43 Apr 10
Yvaine: She covered in blood and shuddering so hard her whole body was shaking. At first she was quite tense in his arms. Only after a moment did she curl against him, burying her face at his shoulder. "You’re not real… I was dreaming." She respondedly softly with a tearful sniffle. He had never been real and she had been in that room the whole time. She wasn’t so lucky. -05:46 Apr 10
Hans: He carried her though the building and out into the open, the news helecopter having landed and the camera rolling. "No, I’m real. We’re engaged, we’re going to be married…" he was angry, angry and upset… whoever did this would pay. There was an anbulance waiting and he carried her inside Keepign hold of her hand and kissing it and the doctors took over with ehr on the bed, the doors slammign shut and the siren sounding "I’m not leaving your side." -05:50 Apr 10
Yvaine: "I dreamed this before… but you weren’t there." she was still mumbling about the dream, almost uncooporative with the paramedics when she would swat or shove them away. At some point they gave her a sedative which did wonders for the pain, and gave such a strange fuzzy awareness to what was -actually- happening around her. "Hans, this room is too small…!" She was squeezing his hand and trying to roll herself off the cot. -05:55 Apr 10
Hans: "Its the ambulance." he said removing his helmet "We’re takign you to hospital… We got him, again. Hes goign to a french jail this time." wetness was visible about his eyes but his have had a hardness to it that was hard to describe. -06:22 Apr 10
Yvaine: Her hand reached out, brushing at the corner of his eye with her thumb. "Don’t be upset, Hans… I’ll wake up in a moment and we’ll be getting married." She was still speaking strange and in her haze reality and delerium was starting to piece everything back together. "I’m okay…" she tried to mumble out reassuringly as she lost consciousness. -06:29 Apr 10
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 009: Marry Me, Yvaine?

Yvaine: Yvaine had ignored every phone call and every message sent to her. The only time she left her room was to speak with her boss about leaving. She hated to quit when a production was almost over, but thankfully there was a wonderful understudy and her boss, though confused, understood she couldn’t stay. Now she was just pulling on her coat and stepping out the door – only to run in to Maria! "Please don’t. I’n going to be late." She brushed past the woman. -07:32 Apr 05

“Oh no you don’t!” Maria jumped in Yvaine’s way again, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her back. Maria was at least a head taller than Yvaine, and if it came down to a scuffle, she could take her! “You’re gonna listen before you tear out of here like a bat out of hell! Don’t you even want to HEAR what happened?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine was seriously thinking about slapping her. But by now, she was so resigned and so depressed about the entire thing that any more struggle was… too much! "What can you say? You knew I cared about him… you always do this to me! I meet someone I think is amazing, and you swoop in like a pteradactyl!" -07:35 Apr 05

“A petradactyl? Seriously?” Maria looked offended for a moment, but she got over it quick. “Those guys were all assholes, Yvaine. A guy that loves you isn’t going to bang her best friend. [i]HANS[/i] loves you. YOU. Granted I did get a little carried away with that whole practice proposal thing… but he was setting that up for you.” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She was still a little doubtful… "He was proposing to you for me? Maria, my -plane-." -07:38 Apr 05

“NO! To you! He was going to ask you to marry him and he asked for help! Argh!” She shooked Yvaine in frustration. “A handsome King wants to marry you! Why are you standing here! Run to him! Have hot sex in the back of his limo!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Hans was going to ask her to marry him..! Yvaine was thrilled! But…! The feeling quickly sank. She couldn’t marry him. Those pictures… He worked so hard for his reputation… "I can’t. I’m sorry Maria. Can you tell everyone I said goodbye." Yvaine disentangled herself from the woman and continued on her way. She already had a cab waiting to take her to the airport. -07:41 Apr 05

“ARE YOU STUPID!” she screamed after Yvaine. Cursing under her breath when the cab disappeared down the street. Maria pulled up her cell phone and dialed the most awesome number in her phone book. “…So my talk didn’t go as planned, King Bigstuff… She looked elated for a minute, but then it was… sad face and run away. She’s going to the -airport- though! I can’t catch her!” -Yvaine

Hans: "I can." he said "Get the next cab you can and meet up there…." he covered the mocrophone with his hand "Get me her time and gate, we’ll beat her there…..L -07:47 Apr 05
Yvaine: It was the second worst cab ride she ever had! There could have been something amazing for her and Hans, but she had to go… Yvaine wouldn’t cry though, she was done with that. She spent her ride in silence all the way to the airport. Thanking the driver when he helped her with her suitcase. She would have to check in and get her ticket, but she would be out of the country within the hour. And she would probably never see it again… -07:52 Apr 05
Hans: HAns was flanked by no less than five of the rowal guard, behind him trailed curious onlookers and a tv crew who had been here to record somethign about the lack of warning labels on the peanut packets. Right now the reportes felt like the luckiest man alive. Hans signaled to the guard who locked down the gat and made sure Yvain hadn’t come through yet as well as keeping the crowd back… Hans himself waited in full view once again lifting his phone to his ear. "We’re here, she isn’t.." he waved to the camera as the reporter told the studio who had just gone live to him that no one had any idea what the king was doign here. -07:59 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine was so wrapped up in her own thoughts, she had her ticket and was well on her way to the gate before she realized something odd was going on. The moment she spotted Hans she froze in surprise. But then she was very quickly trying to turn herself and her suitcase around before he caught her! -08:03 Apr 05
Hans: Hans spotted her and signaled, two of the guard cut her off as Hans jogged up behind her the crowd parting to alow him though as the camera turned to Yvaine. "Yvaine!" he called out. "Wait…!" -08:05 Apr 05
Yvaine: Guards in her way? Yvaine was exasperated. She didn’t fail to see a news crew nearby… this was exactly what she was trying to -prevent- from happening. "Hans… I can’t talk to you! I have to catch my plane." -08:08 Apr 05
Hans: He caught up to her and and signaled for the guard to step back. "I can’t let you go without hearign what I wanted to ask you that night." he saidputtign his ahdn into his pocket. "What I was asking maria how I should ask you…" he pulled out his hand and inside it was the ring box. "So I’m just going to ask it…" he wasn’t giving her a chance to respond on purpose.. because he was so nervous if he didn’t do it he wouldn’t "Yvaine.. will you be my queen?" he got on his knee and opened the box. "Will you stay here, with me?" -08:12 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I really want to but…" This was everything she ever wanted. Someone she adored that loved her too… but she couldn’t. Yvaine swallowed the lump in her throat and was having to wipes tears from her face with the back of her sleeve. "I just can’t! I have to go… Please let me go before you end up with pictures of you making some woman cry in an airport!" -08:17 Apr 05
Hans: "I know about the pictures." he said taking her hand not lettign her leave. "But I love you and I’m not losing you over what soem tabloids may or may not print. I’ve spent the past week convincing the major editors not to publish them, and they’ve all agreed. "He took the ring from the box and then once again took her hand and slipped it onto her finger as one of the guard stepped up nect to him with a briefcase and and holding it flat opened it to reveal the crown they found. "I’ve had it restored, you are my chosen queen, its yours." -08:22 Apr 05
[Yvaine enters.] -08:27 Apr 05
Yvaine: "You know?" That surprised Yvaine. If he knew the entire week, he had planned on asking her anyway, despite it all. And here he was. Slipping the ring on her finger in front of the world. The crown was also a surprise. Shiny and beautiful and hers..? Yvaine didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry…! She ended up with both, with a sniffle and a soft laugh. Yvaine nodded her head quickly. "I will..! I really would love to marry you, Hans..!" -08:31 Apr 05
Hans: He stood and threw his arms arounf her as the crowb clapped and the reporter added his voice to the din the guard movign to keeo them back. The hans took the crown and placed it on Hvaine’s head and kissed her maybe a little garder than he should on public television. "I love you Yvaine… thank you." -08:34 Apr 05
Yvaine: There was no way Yvaine could smile any wider, and she wished she wasn’t so teary eyed. The entire place was forgotten, and all she could think about was how happy she was. "I love you so much… we’re engaged!" She just had to say it out loud. Yvaine almost didn’t believe it. -08:38 Apr 05
Hans: "We are." he said, he didn’t care about the crowd, or the camera or anythign other than the girl in his arms. "And next week the aprilent comes into effect… it will just be us… We cold go visit your home…." -08:41 Apr 05
Yvaine: "You get to tell my father you’re going to marry me." That had Yvaine laughing! It would be an awkward conversation, but she knew Hans would win him over. Her Hans. She rocked on her feet, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "You’ve given me a fairy tale, Hans… I hope I can make you happy." -08:46 Apr 05
[Yvaine has timed out.] -08:49 Apr 05
Hans: "You already have.. " he said startign to walk with her away from the gate the gaur keeping the crowd back at they moved and the gate re-opened. "Now maybe I can finally show you the palace. Its a good thing you look good in that crown."" -08:49 Apr 05
Yvaine: Her hand rose up to the crown on her head… and now she was remembering they were surrounded by spying, curious people. It was one thing to be on stage for a perfomance and lost in dancing, it was entirely different to be caught in public with a personal moment. Yvaine was a little embarrassed and suddenly feeling incredibly shy about the entire thing. She definitely didn’t release Hans, though. She wouldn’t let go of him for the world! "I’ve missed you…. I’ll get to see you every day." Yvaine was smiling again. -08:55 Apr 05
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 008: The Worst Timing

Yvaine: A little bit of research could go a long way. Yvaine’s library snooping, and a few well placed questions to people in the know gave her a lot more insight to the identity of Emil and his connection to Hans’ Uncle. What concerned her was the kind of connection and how it all involved Gunther. Yvaine was seriously suspecting Gunther was not a loyal friend to Hans at all, and rather making plots with Bardulf. Yet, every time she tried to make a date with Hans or bring it up on the phone, he had to cancel or leave suddenly! It was so frustrating. Worse, no one at work had seen Maria. So between work and Hans, Yvaine was stressed all around. …But -finally- she recieved a message to come visit the castle, and Yvaine hoped she could finally talk to Hans about it all. She missed him! -03:56 Apr 05

It was all planned perfectly. Gunther met Yvaine at the gate and escorted her in, leading her right into the palace itself. His earpeace let him hear what was going on where hans was. “He will see you momenterally.” he said stopping in the waiting room next to the door. “He has one more peice of bisiness to take care of first.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine didn’t feel comfortable waiting with Gunther at all. It showed on her face and the way she stood at a distance with her arms crossed. "Have you spoken to his Uncle Bardulf lately? I know that you are Captain of the Royal Guard and probably have to speak with heirs, even if they are in prison. Some of my co workers at the ballet were talking about some of the riots from ten years ago…" -04:14 Apr 05

Meanwhile, Maria was casually entering the lovely little room that seemed all set up for an intimate encounter. With candles and flowers, and King Hans himself! She was a little banged up from an unfortunate incident a few days ago, but how could she pass up a a rescue and offer from a handsome King? She was dressed to impress in a slinky little get-up, and sure… she knew Yvaine liked the guy, but if he wasn’t that in to Yvaine, Maria wasn’t above stealing a King. “…The room looks lovely, Your Highness! Were you planning something special?” -Yvaine

Gunther didn’t flinch or show any emotion. “I have spoken to him only enough to ensure hes where he needs to be and will remain there. You may be Hans’ guest but questioning my loyalty is unwise.” -Hans

Hans: Hans looked nervous, he hadn’t spent a lot of tim ewith his house guest after rescuing her, not had he spoken to Yvaine much. It was telling on him. "Yes… I am." he said with a smile and gesturing her closer. Maria was Yvaine’s friend and if anyone could help him it was her. There were things he needed to know. "You know I’ve been going out with Yvaine he said. But shes been asking questions, acting suspisious. Gunther has been keeping me informed. Before I go on, do you know if shes been up to anything? Anythign at all." -04:22 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I am only making conversation…" she replied slowly. His response was so defensive. If he had nothing to hide, why respond to her in such a way? Yvaine rocked on her feet, not liking the tension. "I was only curious. I’ve been thinking about staying here when the play is over and joining one of the local ballet houses. It’s important to learn about the local politics, doubly so since Hans is important to me…" -04:23 Apr 05

“Hans is a capable man.” gunther said “He is more tham capable of keeping a man behind bars who desurves to be there. “If you plan on staying your time is proboally better spent learning German and proper behavious in front of rayaly than past political tensions.” He kept listening on the other room his attention only half on Yvain. -Hans

Maria laughed! “I’ve been here and hadn’t even thought to call Yvaine. I feel like such a bad friend. …but I’ll tell you, she’s absolutely obsessed about this place. Did you know she can speak fluent German? I always thought she could never keep a secret, but ever since arriving here she has been one surprise after another!” Maria picked up one of the flowers from the table. Casting a big, flirting smile at Hans. “Do you want me to ask her what she’s up to?” -Yvaine

Hans: "No, no, its fine." he said "Its not going to matter much after tonight." he smiled back, warmly but not overly friendly. "I’ve been thinking about asking her to stay." he said putting a ring box on the table. "But I don’t know how to go about asking.. and now.. my guard tell me shes been looking into what hapened ten years ago. Without asking me." -04:33 Apr 05
Yvaine: "I will keep that in mind." Yvaine responded. She didn’t correct him about her language abilities, and was surprisingly not as insulted by his other comment as she usually would have been. Maybe it was because she didn’t believe Gunther was behaving properly himself. "I’ve every intention of learning everything though. I want to be someone he can trust." -04:34 Apr 05

“Then you wouldn’t. The king has matters in hand and if he has to trust you it might be best if you wait for him to tell you matters himself rather than digging through public records. Maybe you should ask yourself if you trust him enough to let him tell you in his own time.” -Hans

Speaking of not asking, Maria’s eyes were opening wide as she snatched up the box. Manners were not an issue for her. “…are you getting -serious- about her? Oh my god… That’s just! I don’t know…” Maria looked a bit doubtful, but how did she put it delicately, without betraying Yvaine’s trust? That girl was a little delicate! “Yvaine is so sensitive about the things that happened back then… I mean, she doesn’t really feel comfortable talking about it. Gets this whole dark and quiet thing going on, you know?” -Yvaine

Hans: He leaned against the table. "But why now? Why… There are players movign against me, I want one good thing in my life that I don’t have to worry about turning sour." he looked at her. "Before we eat, and before I ask more questions, I’m sorry for being a terrible host and its taken this long for us to talk but.. could I practice on you?" -04:44 Apr 05
Yvaine: That struck just the right chord with Yvaine. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure what if what she was doing was right. Was she doubting Hans’ opinions by investigating Gunther? And not trusting him to know how and when to tell her things? She turned away from Gunther, slowly pacing a bit in the waiting room. "I do trust him. I just…" Maybe she didn’t really trust him? But that didn’t feel right… -04:46 Apr 05

Gunther put his hand to his ear and listened smiling both at that he heard and the fact that he had put Yvaine in her place. “Hes amlost done, I’ll lead you to him.” he opened the door and stepped back out ingo the coridoor. “Then you will hear the happy news. Hans will be thrilled to see you.” -Hans

“Honey, Yvaine is about as good as it gets. I’m more worried she’s gonna like… explode in to a ball of crazy one day, like those like little girls with tragic pasts, you know? I mean, she can’t even sleep without a night light!” Oh god, he WAS getting serious with Yvaine! That was just the cutest thing ever! Maria sliiiiid up to him, putting on her best foxy expression. Unlike Yvaine, Maria was an excellent actress. “King Hans, I would -love- to be your practice girl. For aaaanything you want to practice, if you know what I mean.” She winked. -Yvaine

Hans: It was probably a good thing Hans was too nervous to catch Maria’s thinly vieled invitation. "Well then…" he took the box from Maria’s hand and slowly knelt on one knee… "Umm… so.. I guess I should call you Maria for practive.. Maria would you.." -04:56 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine hesitated, but she followed after Gunther. …she felt terrible. She decided she would HAVE to be honest with Hans about what she was doing. He could make his own choices about Gunther, and after that she would leave it alone! -04:58 Apr 05

Gunther led the way to the end of the corridor and placed his hand on the handle, waited a second. Then with a single motion opened the door and stepped to the side. “He will see you now.” -Hans

“Oh Hans! I am so thrilled!” Despite being a badass actress, no woman could contain her enthusiam when a foreign King was on one knee proposing. ..even if it WAS just for practice for another woman! “I would LOVE to marry you, Hans!” …and then she got a little -too- enthusiastic and pounced a King with a very big and -totally- inappropriate kiss. Yvaine would forgive her! -Yvaine

Hans: The box almost fell from his hands as Maria pounec him, it wan’t even open but she was already kissing him. Was this ok during practice. it then that the door opened and he had an excuse to break away… "Yvaine….?" -05:05 Apr 05
Yvaine: …and that is what Yvaine walked in to. Hans on a knee with a ring. Maria’s exclamation…and then a kiss! A kiss that looked WAY to real to be fake! "You…" Yvaine wasn’t sure what hit her the hardest. The confusion, the anger, betrayal… or just heart break! "Don’t. …Just… Don’t!" Yvaine spun on a heel and fled. They would try to explain it, or make excuses. Yvaine didn’t want to hear any of them! -05:07 Apr 05

Maria looked stunned. …and then tactlessly laughed! “Oh shit… that was the WORST timing ever! The only thing that wouldn’t made it better is if I had you pants off!” -Maria- thought it was funny, anyway. It’s not like the scene was real. -Yvaine

Gunther didn’t move to stop Yvain, by he did stop Hans, shook his head then set off after Yvaine pulling out his radio. “The girl is on her way …” he amde sure Hans was out of earshot. “Let her leave she’ll make her own way back.” -Hans

Hans: Hans wasn’t in a laughing mood, he felt like and idiot and the look on Yvaine’s face is what hit him the most… "I don’t see how this could be any worse." he said. -05:12 Apr 05

“I can think of a lot of ways it could be worse.” Maria’s casual response was so inappropriate, but she was completely unapologetic. …but the fact Hans looked SO upset did seem to draw her out of her snickering amusement. “…Okay, okay! Wipe that look off your face. It’s SO not that bad. A misunderstanding, right? All you have to do is talk to her. Hell, I can talk to her too. I’m sure once she realizes we’re not having a sexy, sexy affair, she’ll get over it…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: She left the castle, hailing a cab to get back to her hotel as quickly as possible. Yvaine was so upset, she was numb with the feeling. What was even the right response? Beat up the girl and throw stuff? Maria had told her once before that’s what you do when a guy cheats. …Maria! How could she! But then… Yvaine hadn’t spent much time with Maria since arriving in the country. And she had been so charmed by Hans that she never thought he might be doing something other than business when he wasn’t with her. Was she really so stupid! -05:20 Apr 05
Hans: "So then what do we do?" he asked trusting gunther to stop Yvaine and bring her back, "Try to call?" Gunther however had made sure her room ahd been prepaired, incentive fro ehr to leave. All he had to do was wait for Hans to crack or fall to th whims of Maria…" -05:24 Apr 05

“You -do- have it bad. …I’m kinda glad. It’s kinda nice knowing Yvaine’s met someone she can trust like that.” Aww, damnit. Maria was feeling all soft, and now she was -really- feeling guilty about how it all played out. Yvaine really was delicate, and it might not be so easy to repair it. “…crap. I don’t know, let me think. We SO need to talk to her A.S.A.P though, because I dunno if she’ll like, hang herself in the bathroom or go all stabby girl or what…” -Yvaine

Hans: "The guards should stop her." he said looking out the way she had gone "I’m sorry you had to be a part of this." he tood adn looke dout the window… he had to do SOMETHING. -05:38 Apr 05
Yvaine: Glad for a cab, instead of the long excrutiating walk back to her hotel room. Yvaine was back somewhere safe and alone and quiet! She could think and then figure out what to do. …Maybe she shouldn’t have run away. Still… it hurt! Yvaine dropped on to her bed. Confusion hitting her again when her hand hit a large envelope. "…Where did this come from." Yvaine glanced around the room nervously, before she opened it up. -05:40 Apr 05

In the package were photographs. High quality, clear photographs of their trip to the summer castle. Unlike the ones that appeared in the paper, these were all comprimisng. Every picture she flipped through got progressively worse until she was looking at pictures of her and Hans naked and making love! In side was also a note. Leave the country. You know where these will go. -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine choked back a sob. After all that happened today…! This just made it that much worse. Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment couple with the betrayal of believing she might not have been nothing more than just a brief affair… ! Yvaine tossed the pictures aside. Going home was probably the only smart idea she had for weeks. She would leave as soon as possible. -05:53 Apr 05
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 007: Something Suspicious About Gunther

[Yvaine was waiting for Hans in a public park, but a perfectly subtle an rarely travered area. He was so late that she was starting to get concerned.] -01:34 Apr 05
[Gunther Parks the car adn steps out, but strangly no one else does nor does gunther open the door for anyone else, it seem to be just him.] -01:35 Apr 05
Yvaine: Gunther alone didn’t bode well for her date, but Yvaine crossed her arms that Hans was just going to be late. She even waited until Gunther approached, because she was really hoping maybe Hans would pop out and be surprising. ….she tried not to give Gunther a disappointed expression when it was just him. "Afternoon, Gunther!" -01:38 Apr 05
Gunther: "Afternoon." he said glasping his hands behind his back. "I’m afraid the king cannot come today due to other arangements. I’m here to take you back to your hotel." -01:41 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Another broken date." Yvaine sighed, but her tone was and she was still smiling. After all, she was in love with a King and Kings had more important business to worry about than secret girlfriends. "It’s too bad… I can walk back though, I enjoy walking through the city. I’m sorry you had to go through the trouble." -01:48 Apr 05
Gunther: He nodded. "Then I will get to business." he stood waiting for her to go and made no move to get back to the car. It seemed like he wouldn’t do anything until she left. "The king isn’t the only one with big ideas for this country." -01:51 Apr 05
Yvaine: It was an odd comment, and just as odd that he was waiting. Was she missing some sort of cultural politeness? Yvaine hesitated. "I know that Hans cares a lot about the ideas of other people. He’s been working very hard to create a Parliment so the country can help decide how to run itself." -01:54 Apr 05
Gunther: "Either way he’ll have more time to spend with you soon enough, now if you will excuse me…" he clicked his heels and focused his attention on the passers by. "If you don’t need me I have places to be." he turned and began walking in the oposite direction the Yvaine needed to go leaving the can behind. At the corner he stopped and looked back, making sure she didn’t follow. -01:58 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine stood there for a moment, her brows furrowed as she chew on her bottom lip. Maybe it was her own paranoia, but the encounter gave her an odd feeling. She almost started on her way back to the hotel, but on a whim she skipped quickly down the sidewalk to follow Gunther. She peeked around the corner to make sure he wasn’t still watching, and proceeded. -02:01 Apr 05
Gunther: Gunther would be a lot warder to follow if he wasn’t to emense. He parted the crowd easily but still turned back ever so often to make sure he wasn’t followed. Then he ducked into a resturant and without talking to any waitors make his way towards one of the private rooms. -02:04 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine was very good at making herself invisible. The benefit to being short and tiny on a crowded street. …he really was acting strange! Of course, maybe it was his natural instinct being just as paranoid as she? At the resteraunt, Yvaine also stepped inside. There were one or two curious glances in her direction, but she quite confidently behaved like she belonged there and knew what she was doing. In the back where it was more private, no one was there to question why she was lingering and now tiptoeing up to doors for a listen. -02:12 Apr 05
Gunther: "And his reaction?" came a voice from one of the doors. "Hans in unsure of what to do. He knows he is in a tight spot.." Gunther replied. "He has moblised the guard under his personal authority. Not that they will find anything. I’ve made sure of that." "New orders from Bardulf. Blame is to be hinted at the dancer. No solid proof but a seed. Hans will sing our tune soon enough and have to step down." "I’m sure he knows what hes doing but that will be dificult." "Are you refusing to odey the true ruler?" "No I’m sayign leave it to me Emil. I’ll handle it." -02:19 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine recognized the name of Hans’ Uncle in the conversation. As she leaned against the wall and door, her confusion was only growing. Blame the dancer for what…? Did that mean her? There was a chance she missed a vital part of the conversation, though… -02:26 Apr 05
Gunther: "Good Gunther, you will be rewarded when the true ruler is on the throne. Now you should get back." "Yes Emil. Until next time." there was the scraping of a chair. "One more thing. If the dancer becomes a problem. Deal with her. I trush that isn’t a problem." "I’ve been waiting for that, don’t worry.." footsteps aproached the door fast, the heavy tread of Gunther. "You don’t have to worry about Yvaine." -02:31 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine straighted in alarm. Before she had any time to mull over the words, she was making a quick escape out of the hall and through the restaurant. She didn’t even realize she was holding her breath until she was outside on the sidewalk trying to catch it. She was the problem. For Hans…? …that didn’t fit. Yvaine didn’t like the tone either of them had. Or that they mentioned a ‘true ruler’ twice… It sounded like an issue with Hans’ Uncle. She just… wasn’t sure. Yvaine didn’t realize she was still lingering outside of the restaurant. -02:36 Apr 05
Gunther: A hand clamped on her shoulder, the strong grip of Gunther. "You seem to be lost." he said. "I’ll take you back." he pushed her ahead of him back towards the car. "You really shouldn’t be in this part of town alone." -02:38 Apr 05
Yvaine: She tensed, but at least she hadn’t screamed in the middle of the sidewalk like an idiot. Yvaine did try to shrug his hand off her shoulder, though. Not appreciating being so forcefully guided forward. …something about his voice reminded her of something, then. Or was it what he said? Yvaine couldn’t seem to catch the memory though. "…I am a little lost." she lied. "But actually since I have run in to you again, I remembered that I wanted to ask you about Hans’ Uncle…" -02:42 Apr 05
Gunther: His grip tightened."All the public records are available in the library, if theres anything you need to know I could drop you off there." he was skilled with handling noser types who knew nothing. "Or you could ask the king next time you see him. -02:45 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Records don’t know people personally or give insight." she responded, a hand rising to try and pry his hand from her shoulder. "You knew his Uncle very well, right? Do you suppose he would still try to hurt Hans, even while he’s imprisoned? Could he do that?" -02:48 Apr 05
Gunther: He stopped. "I don’t know what you’ve heard but out prisons are secure. It is my job to safeguard the rightful ruler’s safety and I will remove any threat to his rule. That includes upstart relatives and nosey foreigners." -02:51 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine turned around to eye him. …she didn’t mean to look like she was mistrusting, but it had never been easy for her to mask expressions. "We both want what’s best for Hans. …don’t we? I wouldn’t do anything to put him in danger, and I wouldn’t let someone else do it either if I knew they were up to something…" -03:01 Apr 05
Gunther: "Leave his safety to those who’ve been trained for it." he said "You would only get in the way. And if you put him in danger I will act. Now you were going somewhere…" -03:06 Apr 05
Yvaine: Yvaine opened her mouth. Ready to mention what she heard him oversay to that Emil person. But quickly decided against it. She couldn’t accuse him of something and not back it up. "…yes. I think I will take your suggestion and visit the library. I obviously don’t know enough about your country here. If I want to stay, I should learn… Which direction is it?" -03:09 Apr 05
Gunther: "Its across town overlooking the public park. I would gladly take you there. My business here is finished and it would me remis to let you get lost again." he obviously knew she was up to something, or knew somehtign but wasn’t sure of himslef to act either, and wanted to know what she learned. -03:14 Apr 05
Yvaine: "No, it’s alright. I’ve wasted enough of your time already. …but could you pass a message to Hans and tell him that I would really like to talk to him tonight? Even if it’s just a phonecall to my room?" If anything, she could speak to Hans about the incident and ask him if he knew what Gunther was up to today. There was always the possibility that she was misreading the signs. -03:20 Apr 05
Gunther: "i will deliver your intent to the rightful ruler." he promised "Until next time… number 35 bus will take you right to the library, it stop the next street over." he would make sure he knew what she was lookign for and how much she found, even if it wouldn’t be him watching her. -03:22 Apr 05
Yvaine: "Thank you, Gunther…" Yvaine was a little wary to turn her back to him. But she did finally continue on her way, exactly where he instructed her to go. The entire conversation felt so hair raising, even thought they hadn’t discussed anything -really- serious. At least at the library she could investigate who the Emil person was, and what it had to do with Hans’ Uncle… -03:25 Apr 05
Gunther: Gunther pulled out his phoen once Yvaine was out of earshot. "Shes headign for the library, I want eyes on her and her activity logged, and recordings of the security tapes. If shes going to be digging I’ll make sure hans is suitably horrified…" -03:28 Apr 05
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 006: A Picture Perfect Mess

[Hasn Is delayed by dery disturbing news and sends Gunther ahead to tell Yvaine he’ll be there as soon as possible.] -04:57 Mar 25
[Yvaine woke up early today for the sole purpose of having an early date with Hans before her show that evening. She was in a fantastic mood!] -04:57 Mar 25
Yvaine: The weather was a little cooler than it was over the weekend, so she had a light jacket over a simple short dress. She walked down the sidewalk, ever so often casting a glance over her shoulder. …just. Well, she was paranoid. Hans said she was jumpy and she was trying not to be. But when she got nearer to their meeting place she wasn’t seeing Hans at all, which left her a little disappointed. There IS Gunther though! -05:02 Mar 25

“Yes I’m sure. They made it the king’s desk. He’ll be feeling the pressure long before he gets on camera tomight….. Yes in there now, send the hounds.” Gunther’s german was rapid and flawless, but he cut the conversation off and hung up as Yvaine aproached. “That was Hans..” he said. “He won’t be long but he sent me here to beek you safe until he arrived. Business came up.” the phone now hidden away he stood tall and menacing over the girl. “This way please.” He led her away from the meeting place and towards a quieter side street. “Its best you show more discression then running off to the south though. You never know who sees what. Remember hes a public figure.” -Hasn

Yvaine: "That didn’t sound like Hans…" she didn’t mean to question him, but it was pretty obvious he wouldn’t say ‘The King’s Desk’ TO Hans… Of course, Gunther didn’t know she could understand German. She followed, clasping her hands behind her back as she walked. "He wouldn’t get in trouble for a short weekend, would he?" -05:17 Mar 25

“He can do what he likes, there is no ‘trouble’ for the king. There is only public opinion.” Gunther said roughly ignoring her first comment. “I am only concerned for his pulic image.” they came almost all at once, a tv van screething to a halt, a car pulling over and a photographer jumping out. People with microphones. A clamor of voices in english and german as the wave of bodies closing in on them. -Hasn

[Yvaine enters.] -05:34 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I would never do anything to harm his reputation. I care about him." she responded. But before Yvaine could really question him about it, there was a bunch of reporters. At first she thought maybe they were after something else, but found herself really uncomfortable when realizing she and Gunther were the only people on the narrow street. "Is something strange going on?" -05:39 Mar 25

Gunther put his hand on her back adn pushed her along keeping her moving. “They’re asking about your weekend.” he said simply before they were cup off by a camera crew. “Ms. Care to tell up about the photographs circulating of you and the King?” -Hasn

[Yvaine has timed out.] -05:51 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine really wasn’t going to stop with Gunther keeping her moving, but she did have the urge to turn around and run for the nearest door. The last time she had a bunch of cameras in her face there was the trial ten years ago… and it was bringing up some very uncomfortable memories. "I’m sorry, but what photographs…?" -05:51 Mar 25

another reporter took a picture and the flash lit if the street for a split second. “Is it true you’re having an affair with the king.” “Can you explain why artocles are appearign that the King’s reform was brought on by an american woman workign for the goverment?” “What are your ties to Berlin?” “Look overe here for a picture Miss…” On the other side of the crowd a car pulled up and the door popped open and without a moment to loose Gunther grabbed Yvaine’s hand and like a battering ram moved through the crowd pullign her along. One reported to didn’t get out the way fart enough had his camera simply crushed in Gunther’s fist. “Get in.” he said as Hans’ face appeared to help her in from the inside. -Hasn

Yvaine: "I’m not– I don’t think– Where?" Exasperated, Yvaine really didn’t know what to respond to first. Not that she should have..! Gunther had her pulled through the crowd and she found herself grasping on to Hans’ hand and climbing in to the back of the car with a great deal of relief. "There’s a lot of people." she muttered, still a little shaken by the whole thing to even comprehend it yet. -06:03 Mar 25
Hasn: Hans didn’t wait. He reached over and pulled the door closed and them the car was movign as Gunther waved to them from behind. Presumably he’d catch up. He looked stressed and on his lap had to be why. A newspaper with shirtless Hans chasing Yvaine thought he shallows of the Rhine plastered ofer the fromt page and another with Yvaine on his back in the forest. "I have a press conference in an hour." he said. "And an interview before that, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut this short.. But I couldn’t not see you." -06:07 Mar 25
[Hasn is now known as: Hans] -06:08 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine picked up the paper quickly. If the pictures had come in any other form, she would have loved them… but on a newspaper. "Oh no… Oh, Hans I’m so sorry! I didn’t know I would get you in trouble! I guess this what Gunther meant…" Lord only knew all the things Hans would have to do, especially with as many reporters were hanging around! -06:14 Mar 25
Hans: "Its not your fault." he said with a sigh. "I wouldn’t trade the weekend we had for the world." in spite of everythign he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Its no differnt frim after I got home. I got htough that.. I’ll get through this." -06:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I know but… I really should have considered the consequences for you better. You have a very important job and I’m just– I’m sorry." Now it was Yvaine sighing. Leaning back in her seat with a huff and looking down at the pictures in the paper with a twist of her mouth. "They are sweet pictures at least… I would’ve liked some." -06:22 Mar 25
Hans: ?me looked away for a second, he couldn’t tell her he had more, and much worse ones. "Its really not as bad as it seems…." he smiled placing a hand on her cheek. "Tell you what. After you show, I’ll make cutting this short up to you. If will be just us." -06:30 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Do you promise? I won’t be keeping you up late when you have business? The show runs pretty long." Yvaine felt terrible, but it seemed she really couldn’t resist him. Smiling soft she leaned closer to kiss his cheek. -06:37 Mar 25
Hans: "I’ll be done by then." he said softly as the modd soomed to call for it. "Sorry I won’t make it see you dance but the media are throwing a fit and is split down the middle. I need to get as much as possible on my side before the big anounce ment I have planned. ANd when I do I want you to be there. I know if you were it wouldn’t matter if they has pitchforks, I’d still face them." -06:42 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Anywhere you want me to be! I’ll be there with you." Yvaine grinned. He was so very sweet, and he could ask her run naked through the street and she might consider it. "So after my show then? It’ll be almost midnight." -06:46 Mar 25
Hans: "Perfect. Midnight walk under the stars, I’ll bring a jacket and pick you up aat the theatre." he was smiling again. "And then take you off to see one the the sights hardly anyout outside my family gets to see." -06:49 Mar 25
Yvaine: "REally? You won’t get in trouble for that too?" She had Gunther’s angry voice ringing in her head still, which had her chewing on her bottom lip in thought. "I think I made Gunther mad. Will you tell him I’m sorry?" -06:55 Mar 25
Hans: "I will." he said. "ANd don’t worry, where he’re going is one of the most secure places in the city, second only to the palace." he shot her a look "Not embarresed to be seen around the city with me?" he teased as the car stopped at a light. "Because I could always drop you off around the back." -06:58 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I would dance in the streets with you if I could get away with it!" she laughed, leaning to rest her head on his shoulder. "I wish we could have more time though. I didn’t realize how much I would miss you after just one night." -07:02 Mar 25
Hans: "I knew the feeling.." he put his arm arounf her and let her lean against him. Turning anf giving her a kiss while he still could. "I’m sure you’ve stolen my heart." -07:06 Mar 25
Yvaine: Thier car ride was much too short and Yvaine was dropped off at the Theater. As expected there were reporters waiting there too, but thankfully the back stage door was clear and free for her to exit the car without being hassled. …of course he BOSS thought the images in the paper were excellent publicity! Bragging about a sold out show for days. Yvaine spent the show being a little nervous by an unusually attentive crowd. But by the end she was so excited to finally be free to go meet Hans, all of her worries were forgotten. -07:11 Mar 25
Hans: The interview was a nightmare, wit awkward questions and pointed remarks. It was like overnight the nation had forgotten about the sweeping reforms Hans was putting in place. The press conference though was hell. Every picture shown and every detail qustioned. It was a pittle Yvain missed it though. Through it all Hans told the trush about who she was, how they had met and what they were to eachother. It was a tired king who waited in the back seat of his car as Gunther drove. -07:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: When Yvaine wanted to be elusive, she was very good at it. Maria almost cornered her, as well as several cast mates. She had to rush off stage after the final bow to gather up her things, and she didn’t even bother changing out of her last costume. It was nothing more than a sparklie ‘public safe’ version of Clara’s Nightgown, but appropriate enough since they would be alone! Yvaine had just enough time slip on a pair of shoes and pull on her coat before sneaking out the back stage entrance. Luckily it seemed the reporters still expected her to be inside and doing interviews with the rest of the cast. -07:24 Mar 25
Hans: The car’s lights turned on and the engine started enev before the door popped open. It was lie some sort of milirary operation to get her out. Though that didn’t stop Hans getting out of the car to help her into it. "Hey." he greeted her simply. "WHere are you running off to at this hour?" -07:30 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine grinned. Stepping towards the car and trying to play coy, despite her grinning. "Me…? I was going to meet a handsome man for a secret rendezvous. Are you jealous?" -07:33 Mar 25
Hans: He didnt bat an eye. "Get in and I’ll escort you there. I lady such as yourself should be delivered safely to her date with minimum trouble. Besides. I know where you’re going. You don’t." -07:38 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I don’t know… but I guess you look trust worthy!" Giggling softly she slid in to the car, arranging the skirt of her costume neatly around her knees. She felt a little bit like a princess running off for a love affair… and in truth she almost was! -07:41 Mar 25
Hans: He got in after her and closed the door and the car slid out of the alley into trafic. "Do you like it?" he asked referign to the car. It was an older model mercedes 300, the kind of limo you’d expect a third world dicator to be driven around in. "This one won’t be rocognised as mine.. It was my father’s and hasn’t been driven in over a decade." -07:44 Mar 25
Yvaine: "It’s very classy and makes me feel like I am staring in an old movie." she admitted, running a hand over the seats for a moment. "Were your conferences stressful? Or the press? I wish I could have been there, but my boss wouldn’t let me out of the building at all today. He seems to love the publicity…" -07:48 Mar 25
Hans: "I got through them. There were crazy questions but its not as bad as they could have been." it was true, the press onlu have the non-pornographic pictures and ones the set thier relationship in a good light. So far they were a headache but on the helped him. So far.. "How about you, your performance that is.. I see you’re still in costume. Didn’t run from stage did you?" -07:56 Mar 25
Yvaine: She looked sheepish for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. "Almost! I bypassed changing since Maria intend to shake me down for info. I am used to large shows, so the number of people wasn’t a bother… I guess I just felt a little self concious! But the show went well, and now that I know your interviews weren’t so bad, I am relieved!" -08:00 Mar 25
Hans: He took her hand and held it tightly. "And now I’m stealing you after the show… Perfect dress to dance under the moonlight. We’re almos there.." the car stopped in front of an old iron gate they swung open automatically. A guard could be seen in a booth an assault rifle over his shoulder. "Welcome to the royal park. Where no one but the royal family may visit… I plan to open it to the public when I hand over power…" -08:05 Mar 25
Yvaine: "So Yvaine Bardwin gets the very first public tour?" Yvaine was smitten. Was is more romantic than a midnight meeting in a park all alone? The worries of the day were quickly forgotten as she leaned over him to look out his side of the window. Just for the excuse of being closer to him. "It’s wonderful that you’re opening it to the public, though. So many people will be able to enjoy it." -08:09 Mar 25
Hans: Even after the gate there was a long drive up to the parling lot, relatively. Evoung to let him lean close and point out several features. "You see that gazebo." he ointed to a white marble construction "You can see ever part of the park from there, its a favorite for picnics. The there, the royal swans roost there and have for hundreds of years.." -08:16 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I danced in Swan Lake last year." So beautiful…! Yvaine was looking forward to the walk, and even better that she would be alone with Hans again. "Did you come here often?" -08:17 Mar 25
Hans: "Every weekend." The car stopped and Hans kissed her on the cheek. Gunther got out and moved to open Hans’ door. "Now I get to show it to you. You don’t want to know how many time’s I’ve wanted to." -08:20 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I think I DO want to know how many times..!" Yvaine teased with a grin. She waited until was out and took his hand when he offered it. The grateful look she gave to Gunther was a little awkward, but she wouldn’t be a bother to him yet. Tomorrow she could talk to Gunther and apologize. "Okay now… what do you want to show me first? King’s choice! -08:25 Mar 25
Hans: "This way then…" he led her down the path from the parking lot towards the lake. "There a surprise I had prepaired, you should try to guess what it is." he chuckled as they walked thier hands swinging between them like school children. "And I hope this is makign up for earlier." -08:29 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Should I close my eyes too?" she asked, and whether or not he wanted her to, she did. Because you can’t guess what something is and then accidentally see it too soon. "…is it an elephant? Because I don’t have anywhere to keep an elephant!" -08:31 Mar 25
Hans: He laughed "Now you’re makign me wish it was an elephant. No, and you don’t have to close your eyes unless you want to but then you’d miss the park. The surprise it at the end." -08:35 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine opened one eye, then the other. Laughing softly as she rest her head against his arm and squeezed his hand. "Good! Because I really didn’t want to miss the park." Everything was lovely here. Unlike the grounds at his summer castle, the park was very taylored and well kept. It had it’s beauty and charm, and Yvaine was sure the public would really adore getting to take walks like this through it. "Another guess then… hum… A lake of kittens?" -08:37 Mar 25
Hans: He gestured at the lake as it came into view. "See any kittens?" he teased "Though this family of swans is the same one thats been momign here since this lake was dug." he put his arm around her and gave her a squeeze. "I learned to swim in there." -08:46 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I can see a young Hans splashing around here very easily…" Chasing swans with sticks too, she figured. The birds were lovely, though. Yvaine always favored swans. She wrapped her arms around his waist, which made walking a little more awkward, but that didn’t phase her in the least. "Okay, my final, final, final guess. Is it… a giant godzilla statue, your family’s secret shame?" -08:53 Mar 25
Hans: "I’ll have you know my father used to madke us watch the old puppet-filled movie every new year. And its something you can fit in your pocket." he stopped and looked up at the moon over the lake. "And if you’ve ever faced a monther swan proteckign her chicks, you’ll know I stayed clear of them." -09:00 Mar 25
Yvaine: "I can happily say I have never had an altercation with a swan." she grinned, stopping with him to look out over the lake. The moon reflected in the water and even the stars could be seen. Leaving little sparkles glittering over the water’s surface. "Well… I think I give up, anyway. What is the surprise that fits in my pocket?" -09:04 Mar 25
Hans: "You’ll see!" he said grining. "something you’ve asked me about." he teased. Then he slid his hand donw her beck and turned to face her and placed his hand on her cheek his arms moving to hug her close. "Though now I want to see you dance swan lake…" -09:10 Mar 25
Yvaine: "You want to see me dance now…?" Yvaine flushed, and she wasn’t sure why she was even embarassed at all. He already saw her dance at the theater, but here alone. "I might make your swans jealous!" -09:14 Mar 25
Hans: He chuckled. You don’t have to now…" he kissed her forehead. "though I though you were my fair swan princess." he pulled back to look into her face. "You know. I don’t know why I didn’t bring you here first." -09:19 Mar 25
Yvaine: Yvaine smiled wide, tilting forward to lean against him. "Ask me to dance again, on a special day just for you and me when I have not just left a show. And I’ll teach you to dance Swan Lake." She liked the idea very much. A chance to dance with Hans and another promised date. She would sneak as many of those as she could and not feel apologetic about it. "I think this place is as wonderful as the castle. Although I don’t care much where you take me as long as you’re with." -09:23 Mar 25
Hans: "sounds like a date." he said his mind drifting to the ballroom in the pallace. "he leaned downs and kissed her softly his hand moving to run through her hair. "Not planning on making me spend so much time with you I move into your place are you?" -09:28 Mar 25
[Yvaine ] -09:33 Mar 25
Yvaine: She giggled! "Right now my place is a barely large enough hotel room, so I think I will spare you from that for now." Though, a thoughtful look crossed her face. At some point she was going to have to go back to the states, and an ocean is a really far distance. King or not, they couldn’t see each other every day. …Yvaine tried not to think about it so soon. "But I am definitely going to monopolize as much of you time as Gunther allows me." -09:37 Mar 25
Hans: "I’m a busy man." he teased takign her in his arm and starting to walk again towards a rising path with stairs every so often that led up to the gazeebo. "Though as much time as you want is yours. Its not like I can resist you. Now your surprise is just up here…"" -09:42 Mar 25
Yvaine: "You can’t resist me?" Yvaine’s mischevious grin was a promise of much wickedness, but she was so curious about this surprise that she refrained dragging him away to kiss him silly. As they stepped up the path, she was all the more apprehensive and curious! -09:53 Mar 25
[Yvaine has timed out.] -09:57 Mar 25
Hans: He led her right into the gazedo which was plainly empty. He turned to face her again and took her hand and slipped something arounf her wrist. "Somehting to rememeber our weekend, and tonight." he said softly. "And so you know you didn’t dream this when you get back." -09:57 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Hans.." Were she not holding on to his jacket, her knees might have buckled out from under her just from delighted infatuation. Yvaine threw her arms around his neck, smiling as she nuzzled his cheek. Then kissed his lips in several quick kisses. "You are so sweet…! You really are a dream! And sweet, and wonderful.." -10:01 Mar 25
Hans: He closed his arms around her and kissed her back standign there and holding her for a moment. "YOu are too, coming back into my life after all these years and still as I remember you…" he sighed deeply. "Its the best thing that could have happened in my life, no matter what happens now." -10:05 Mar 25
Yvaine: "Shush! Please don’t jinx it!" She pulled an arm back just to lay it over his mouth. Her frown looked overly serious. "If I get my way, I’ll be around forever. And nothing bad will happen ever again! …at least we can pretend I won’t have to leave, for now." -10:08 Mar 25
Hans: He shook his head. "Sorry, next tiem I’l just say ‘You’re the best thing to happen to me’ and leave it at that." he looked over her shoulder at the moonlight on the lake and bodguard waiting paciently. "Because either way its the truch." -10:12 Mar 25
Yvaine: "And you are the love of my life." she murmured, resting her forehead against his temple. "Everything will be wonderful, I promise." -10:19 Mar 25
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 005: A Walk Along the Rhine

[Yvaine is going to take a walk with Hans on this beautiful day! She almost asked if she could wear the crown, but that would have been way too childish for a grown woman. Alas, she can dream!] -02:08 Mar 22
[Hans has sent the cown to a national museum and declined to comment on how it was found. His disdain for the press still not waned in ten years.] -02:09 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine was in a dress again, skirt falling just to the knees and colored in a dark purple. She didn’t think to bring a jacket, but the day was warm enough and it gave her an excuse to hold Hans’ hand and lean close to him. Not that she needed any more excuses, she had stayed close to him all morning after being paranoid about creepy things. Yvaine would think twice about watching scary movies before bed. "I’ll have to go back tomorrow. I don’t think I want to!" -02:17 Mar 22
Hans: "I don’t really want you do either." he admitted. "But I can only rule from here for so long without peopel finding out." he shot her a smile as he ful his arm around her as they walked along the back and sigh escaping him. "Tomorow we’re back to our lives. But at least we have today to be together. Thanks again for coming with me." -02:24 Mar 22
Yvaine: "It’s not often someone gets to sail a boat, find a lost treasure and spend a weekend with a King." she giggled softly, resting her head against his shoulder as they walked. "It’s the sucky thing about being an adult though. Having to go back to work. I love my job, but I think I might always think about running away to here now…" -02:27 Mar 22
Hans: "Well you’re free to whenever you get the chance." he promised. "Soon I’ll have a lot more time on my hands too, maybe even to visit you." he smiled down at her, for once glad it was summer or Yvaine would freeze in that dress. "It looks good on you." he said out of nowhere. "Though I’m far from impartsal" -02:32 Mar 22
Yvaine: She laughed, stepping away from him only to twirl under his arm. "Do you like it? Maria complains that I don’t have to look like a ballerina all the time, but I can’t help it." When she stopped her twirling she took both his hands. Rocking gently on her feet as she smiled up at him. "I’ll be here the rest of the month, I told you I think? After that the tour is over and I’ll have to go back home." -02:39 Mar 22
Hans: "Yes you did, back back there there will be les time to just be us." he squeesed her hands and looked into her eyes. "So I just want tosavor the time we still have." he pulled her closer and caght her in a hug his lips pressing into hers for a moment. "I like it when its just us…" -02:42 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine curled her arms around his waist, returning his kiss with a soft brush of her lips and a grin. "I do too. And I like that it’s different now. No brother and sister to pester, or Gunther being grumpy, or fathers or uncles, or crazy people… Now if the whole world would go away." At least for a little longer. The weekend went by so quickly! -02:47 Mar 22
Hans: He ran his finers through her hair and sighed. "Its not over yet." he said "we still have today, and tonight." he kissed her again, softer and less rushed this time. Maybe he liked the dress more than he thought, he did make her look like a ballerina. -02:53 Mar 22
Yvaine: It was all too easy to linger and lean in to his embrace. If only it really stopped time instead of that sensation of it. She was the first to breakaway, tilting to kiss his cheek before skipping down the riverbank closer to the water. "We’ll make the most of it! And if we’re lucky, we’ll forget all about going back to the real world." Yvaine slipped off her shoes in the grass, and took a few careful steps in to the shallow river water. She was looking for fish. -03:00 Mar 22
Hans: He chuckled following her, hid own shoe joining hers as, then his shirt, watch and phone, which before he put down he turned off. "I you want to swim you’re going to have to go deeper than that." he teased grabbign her hand and pulling her deeper into the river. "Don’t worry, as I said theres no monsters." -03:03 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Who said anything about swimming!" Yvaine allowed herself to be pulled as far as her knees, before she was tugging to pull him back to the bank. "There could be snakes, or pirana, or river ninja!" She was more worried about swimming than beasts in the water. Not that she couldn’t, it just wasn’t a strong point! She splashed him with a bit of water, then laughed. -03:11 Mar 22
Hans: Ha laughted. "River ninja?" he splashed her backnot afraid he get her clothes wet even if she was. "The only thing you have to worry about in this river is Lorelei . I’ve already old you this." he checkled adn tackled her in the shallows sending thim both down! -03:17 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine shrieked, which wasn’t from fright as much as being startled from the cold water! "Hans!" she huffed as he laughed, swatting at him and splashing him all the more. But her huffing quickly gave way to giggling of her own. "Though, I think they might only drag handsome men away and naughty boys!" -03:24 Mar 22
Hans: "Then we’re both safe." he teased wiping most of the water from his face and hallowing in the shallows for a moment then looked over at her chuckling again. "Though on the yatch is another story…" -03:29 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I disagree… I think you’re very handsome, Hans." There was no false flattery in her words. Yvaine grinned and spoke as naturally as if she was talking about how nice the day was. She leaned back on her hands, entertaining herself with kicking her feet in the shallow water and making little splashes every where. Ever so often she’d kick a bit of water at him, deliberately trying to tease. -03:32 Mar 22
Hans: He pushed himself though the water to her until thier bodies floated next to eachother. "Then you’re have to protect me from the siren of the river." he teased back smiling. "Unless you plan on gettign me eaten and takign my crown." -03:37 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I didn’t wait ten years just to let a siren steal you away." she frowned, the expression looking far too serious for the sillyness of the conversation. "I’d fight a river siren for you. It might not be pretty, but she would likely be so surprised she’d let you go and swim away just to not deal with a crazy woman. -03:40 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -03:44 Mar 22
Hans: "Liar." he teased pokign her nose "You are pretty, if fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the siren was jealous of your looks and attacked." He cupped her cheek and smiled the water for his hand running down her neck. -03:46 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine flushed, shaking her head gently. "It’s no wonder the Lorelei would take you, you’re asking for it, Hans." She was leaning forward to steal a kiss when something out in the middle of the river caught her attention. Just a bit of movement under the water, but nothing really tangible. With wide eyes, she pointed! -03:53 Mar 22
Hans: He followed her hand regrettign the need to look away just before a kiss. "What Yvaine?" he asked biting his lip iritated at the interuption. -04:00 Mar 22
Yvaine: The water was still again. Yvaine huffed! "I thought I was something. A fish, I suppose." She dropped her hand and shrugged her shoulders to give Hans a sheepish expression. So of course when she wasn’t directly looking again, there was a sudden loud SPLASH in the middle of the river! -04:02 Mar 22
Hans: He heard it and his eyes darted from wondering Yvain to the explanding ripples. He got to his feet and pulls Yvain up with him holdign her with his arms around her. It was probibaly a river snake, or large fish… either way it was time to get jumpy Yvaine out of the water. -04:07 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -04:13 Mar 22
Yvaine: "River ninja!" she squeaked, fleeing the water with Hans. Once they were safely away from the riveredge, Yvaine was laughing loudly and hiding her face aainst his chest. She WAS overly jumpy, but at least she found humor in everything they did. She finally tilted her head back to grin wide. "Were you worried about sirens for a moment, there? I told you they would get you!" -04:13 Mar 22
Hans: He laughed with her dripping on the river bank. "At least a siren is more plausable than aquatic martial artists." seemed he couldn’t get enough of teasign her today, but instead of followign it up he simply crabbed her and kissed her. "The only siren I need to worry about stealing me away is you. But since I’ve already stolen you away here it seems we have everything covered." the grin he gave her was laced with evil but his eyes were as soft as ever. -04:20 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Have you stolen me?" Yvaine’s amused response was followed by her placing her hands at his cheeks and running her thumbs over that wicked grin. How cute..! She absolutely loved that look, so it was with a very mischevious grin of her own that she pushed him away gently and started running down the bank. "I don’t think you have, yet, your highness!" she called out over her shoulder with a laugh as she skipped away. -04:24 Mar 22
Hans: He set of after her his bare feet slapping agaist the muddy back. "You’ll come back." he called after her. "Unless you plan on stealing my boat." He was fit, they both were. "So maybe I haven’t yet but I will… my ballerina." -04:30 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine ducked behind a tree close to the bank, covering her mouth with her hands to quiet her giggling… unfortunetly she wasn’t doing a very good job at all. "You have to be faster than that!" She turned around to lean and peer around the tree’s trunk. -04:34 Mar 22
Hans: The bank was empty behind her, Hans was nowhere to be seen. "Maybe you need to put your hand over your mouth." the whisper came to her ear and before she could turn around Hans placed his finger to her lips. "Are you ready to be stolen away now, my princess, by the evil tyranical king and forced to do his bidding?" -04:38 Mar 22
Yvaine: She should have been a wonderful actress, having so much experience with shows… but dancing was a lot different than Hans giving her the shivers. At least she managed to still her giggling. "But is he really evil and tyranical..? He might be misunderstood.." she murmured in response, turning her head to spy a glance at him over her shoulder. -04:41 Mar 22
Hans: "And so he takes her." he closed his hand around her shoulder steppign around her to hold her agaist the tree. "And she sees that there is good in his heart that only see can see…" his other hand ran up the back of her neck and he kissed her hard. "And the land rejoices ad a new, just, and fair queen let them see the true nature of their king… and they live, and loved, happily ever after…" -04:46 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Hmm… I like this story…" she was breathless and her head was spinning. The best part was how easily he could have her heart beating so fast in the matter of seconds. A hand pressing against his chest to feel his own pulse, she tilted her face to nuzzle gently against his cheek. "I’d like to hear more of your stories." -04:51 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her again his hands sliding agaist her damp skin the job of pinning her to the tree taken over by his body. "How about the ballerina who find herself pressed agaist a tree by a wayward king. SHe had done him a kindness many years past and they had fallen in love only to be seperated." his lips moved agaist hers as he spoke with kisses between the words. "my favorite part of that story is how it ends." -04:55 Mar 22
Yvaine: "And how does that one end?" she softly responded in a breathless whisper. The heat of his body made up for the cooling breeze chilling her wet skin. And while has hands wandered, so did hers. Taking her time in exploring the contours of his upper torso with all the patience in the world. -05:00 Mar 22
Hans: His shoulders shook as he chuckled. "I wouldn’t want to spoil it." he whispered. "And it is a very long story." he moved down to kiss her neck, nipping it softly as his hand moved her hair out of the way. -05:03 Mar 22
Yvaine: "I do… enjoy surprises!" Yvaine felt herself sighing. The expelling of breath leaving her all but melting against the tree at her back. He just did not realize how he made her knees weak with such simple touches. Yvaine hooked her fingers at the waistband of his pants, both pulling him closer and caressing his skin with her thumb. Thinking about pulling them off him had her blushing again. -05:06 Mar 22
Hans: His her toutch he pulled back his eyes dartign over her face a smile spreading over his. "And you keep surprising me." he said as his hands slid down either side of her neck pushing the soulder straps ouf her dress apart bfore he moved closer again his lips partign as they found hers. -05:10 Mar 22
Yvaine: There was no room to respond, not that Yvaine could find any more words. Her eyes fell closed as she savored his kiss. Returning it with a soft gentle movments and the gentle nipping of her teeth. Her hand slid along his waistband until her fingers found the button on his pants. Slipping it loose without much trouble. There was a light curve of her lips in to a grin when a single finger pulled downwards to slide the zipper open. -05:14 Mar 22
Hans: His kiss became more desperate, she always had that effect on him. His niped her lip and pu his hands in her hips slowly, very slowly sliding her dress up, his fingertips tickling her skin. -05:17 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -05:19 Mar 22
Yvaine: Her laugh was soft and short, nor did she break away from his mouth. Both of her hands were grazing up against his stomach and over his chest. Stopping only when she captured his face and kissed him deep and with more passion than she had ever felt for anything! -05:23 Mar 22
Hans: He lips parted hers and his tongue slipped into her mouth his tickling becoming his nails run along her skin. He only bloke the momenterally to whisper "I love you Yvaine." -05:26 Mar 22
Yvaine: Completely forgetting they were outside in the open, all Yvaine could think of was how much he made her toes curl. "I love you so much.." she responded, all of that earlier patience gone and replaced with a need to have him in every way imaginable! Her arms circled around his neck, crushing him too her as her mouth collided with his. -05:31 Mar 22
Hans: "….. mmmmmm" her enthusiasm, so different from last time.. he pushed back his hands grippign her. God she felt good, he could just devour her. He had enough presence of mind to push down his pants and step out of them his naked form pressed into her… not even the chillign with could save him from becomign lost in her. -05:36 Mar 22
Yvaine: Later she’d wonder when she’d gotten so brazen. As it were then, she was fearless and no with worries of being awkward, she was swimming in his presence. Her hands dove in to his hair, smoothing back wet locks while she ravished his mouth with kisses. Her leg rose to caress the outside of his thigh, leaving her toes tickling the back of his calf every time they curled. -05:44 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -05:48 Mar 22
Hans: He broke the kiss and tore her dres from her hanging it over the tree and then pressed him lips into hers again. Her newfound enthusiast was electrifying, consuming even as his own passion rose to meet it. His nailes pressed into her as he bit her lip… now there was only the question of position… -05:48 Mar 22
Yvaine: Yvaine’s thoughts were much less contructive. So caught up in the sensation and emotion that anything coherant thought outside of Now were impossible. The single thought even came out in her mumbled plea, "Hans, I want you…" as lips brushed and kissed a trail along his jaw to only top stop for a nibble at his ear. Her dress gone and the air chilling her damp skin, made the heat from his body as she held herself tight against all the more deliciously hot. -05:54 Mar 22
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Mar 22
[Hans has timed out.] -06:22 Mar 22
Hans: He flicked his tongue agaist her the skin of the side of her neck and followed up with a kiss. "I want you too." he breathed as he hooked his thumb under her underwear and pushed it down her legs. Then she was bare before him, only her bra keepign them from being completely naked together as his hips began to grind agaist hers. -06:22 Mar 22
[Yvaine enters.] -06:31 Mar 22
Yvaine: The moment her legs were free, she pulled all her weight up with a quick hop to circle them around his waist. Strong enough to hold her up, that left her arms free to unlock from around his neck. Hands roaming from his hair to gently run over his shoulders and squeeze. Yvaine never left his ear a nip of her teeth followed by the gentle sucking on the lobe. She could feel his shaft pressing up against her sensitive skin, which sent jolts of tingling desire running through her. -06:37 Mar 22
Hans: He ran his tongue up her neck as his hand moved do grip her butt helping to move her agaist him as he pushed her agaist the tree. Sliding under to his shaft his hands pushed his tip agaist her as he nipped her neck again, slowly getting his tip in the right place his hips moving until he could feel her lips arting agaist it, then his teeth gripping her skin he pushed in. -06:44 Mar 22
[Yvaine has timed out.] -06:48 Mar 22
Yvaine: Her breath expelled as a pleased groan in to his ear. Despite the tree bark being less comfortable, it felt so good being in his embrace. Yvaine’s legs tightened. Hooking her ankles to keep her leverage even while she spread her knees wider to pull him as deeply as she could. Her hands glided down his arms and back up again. -06:52 Mar 22
Hans: HE pushed in deeper a shiver coming to he dreath as he grunted his shart sinking deeper into her warm embrace. It was only thier second time but it felt more right than any anythign else in the world. His arms braced around her keeping most of her back off he tree and supporting her form as he moved his lipe to kiss brush agaist hers. -06:56 Mar 22
Yvaine: He seemed to make her feel everything all at once. From love to desire, to impatience, and excitement. Yvaine’s returned kiss seemed to mirror those emotions. Hard and rushed, with the brief gentle flick of her tongue at his mouth, only to invade and conquer. His arms bracing her weight, left her free to move. Rising and falling as her body slid against him with ease from their damp skin. Her hips moved in instinctual time, building up that delicious tension. -07:04 Mar 22
Hans: His tongue fought back pushing and sliding agaist hers and his lips locked with hers. His breath, his movements, his desperate thoatal sounds that forced thier way into her mouth mirrored her own emotions. His tongue cured around hers as his hands tried to grip her slick skin in vain his nails sliding agaist her as his fingers curled. -07:11 Mar 22
Yvaine: "Gods, Hans…" she breathed against his mouth, her forehead falling against his when her eyes squeezed shuts. The rising sensation was like torture! A sweet torment she couldn’t get enough of, but couldn’t bare all at the same time. Yvaine squirmed in his arms, her movements growing faster as she grinded against his hips. She held tight to his shoulders, when she tilted backwards against the tree. Squeezing hard every time her body lift in to the air. -07:24 Mar 22
Hans: His lips remained parted as his breath washed over her. His hands had finally found grip and she was grinding agaist her faster. Every thrus brought his hips agaist hers ginding hard and he would lie if he was holding onto contol by the merest whisker. "I love you…" he whispered agaist her lips as she rise and fell agaist him "Yvaine…" -07:30 Mar 22
Yvaine: A million different ways she could say she loved him, but instead of coming out in words she kissed him. Her hands placed at his cheeks. Despite her frenzy, the kiss was slow, sweet and deep. Only cut short when she gasped loud. Her hands moving up to grasp tightly in to his hair as her body jerked and shuddered. Muscles coiling and contracting around him with her fiery release, and passioned moan. -07:40 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her back his lips sliding slowly agaist hers his hands pullign her closer his him. He thust deepier into her agaist her clenchign and his hips shaking released his own orgasm hr name comign agais his his lips. "Yvaine… mmm.." he couldn’t supress a checkle as what they’d just done.. "You’re amazing." -07:43 Mar 22
Yvaine: Amazing was such a good way to describe how he made her feel. The way the blood just seemed to rush out of her head, leaving her feeling limp and weak in his arms, but so divine that she could easily remain there forever. Yvaine smiled as she buried her face against his shoulder. "I think I can’t feel my toes, and I don’t even care..!" she giggled against his skin. -07:47 Mar 22
Hans: He kissed her neck softly pulling himself out of her and slipping her into his arms bridal style. "Grab your dress." he said as he started moving away only stopping to retrieve her now muddy panties as unseen on the other side of the river a shadow with a camera make it’s escape. -07:50 Mar 22
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 004: The Treasure Hunt

[Yvaine decided she was in love with the Summer Castle on first sight.] -04:00 Mar 21
[Hans Has taken Yvain to the summer castle on the Rhine river after they consumated thier relationship and has let her have free run of it. After all no ones knows they’re there right?] -04:01 Mar 21
Yvaine: It was like a giant cottage secreted away at the foot of a hill and surrounded by trees, aside from the riverbank it faced. Once she had her things put away, Yvaine immediately wanted to explore everything she was allowed to get her hands on. …Which somehow ended up with her being in the library, pulling books from shelves and scanning through them just for the joy of seeing such old books from generations past! -04:05 Mar 21
Hans: The Castle Had been in the family fir generations and had been extensively modornised over the decades. Watchign Yvaine explore it reminded Hans of his own summers spent here as a child and he was more than happy yo show her the more secluded areas some of them half hidden during renovations. In face thier bedroom was behind a hidden pannel! It was the perfect setting to thier fairy tale story… -04:08 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine could easily confess she was just as likely looking for a secret passage as she pulled another book from the shelf and thumbed through the pages. This one was a history of myths and legends local to Rhineland. And original copy written in German, though a lot of the words were a bit out of her vocabulary. She was wearing a simple sundress as she stepped away near a window with the book. It was just as nice looking out at the scenery, and Yvaine was having such a hard time focusing at one thing at time! -04:13 Mar 21
Hans: Hans wasn’t reading, if fact he was writing, sittign at the table in the library his pen making a scratching soice that other than Yvaine was the inly sound int he library. To his regret he was working, writing up a revision to a bill that was to be passed in preperation fr the handing over of power that was only months away. -04:16 Mar 21
Yvaine: She wondered if there would be any animals out there in those woods. Which was probably a silly thing to wonder, so she more specifically pondered what -kinds-. The book spoke about monster myths and other interesting creatures, which amused Yvaine with some creative ideas. When she turned away from the window, she tucked the book back on the shelf and drew out another. This one looked much different than the eloquent volumes and more like someone’s old personal journal. "Oh neat…!" she exclaimed out loud without meaning to. It was fairly old! -04:22 Mar 21
Hans: He lifted his head at her exclamation. Then setting his pen down got up and walked over to the window and sitting down leaving enough space for her to join him. "I’m done for today." he said with a sigh. "They may want to haggle over ever detail but I’ll let them do it when they’re in charge… what have you got there?" -04:25 Mar 21
Yvaine: "I think it’s a map, but I am not entirely sure." Yvaine crossed the floor to take a seat next to him, the seat being just wide enough for two bodies to sit touching intimately together. It suited Yvaine just fine. She wanted to ask a bit more about his work, but felt that for the time being he needed a break away from so much responsibility. Yvaine handed him the slip of paper as she open up the journal and thumbed through the pages. "It fell from here." -04:30 Mar 21
Hans: He opened the page and spread it over his lap, imediatly looking for identiflying features. It took him a minute but soon he was sure. "Its of the castle." he said "But from before the more recent renovations…" the labels were in a mox of German and French but Hans could read both and knew that the last time the castle had been renovated byt a french architect had been. "1792.." he said pointing at a date in the corner. "This looks like a plan that was then drawn on by one of my ancestors…" -04:35 Mar 21
Yvaine: "How neat! Those are the grounds around it, right?" She leaned closer to point. There seemed to be instruction to all the areas of the castle itself as well as the grounds surrounding it. Yvaine couldn’t read the French, but at least she was familiar enough with the German to understand most of the notations. "I wonder what it was doing in here." …and the best way to cure the curiosity was to read! Yvaine scanned the journal pages a little more carefully, looking for the spot the paper was tucked in to and hoping there might be a mention of it. -04:40 Mar 21
Hans: HAns however concentrated on the map. It was interesting to see how a buildign he had spent much of his childhood in had been over two centuries ago. A lot had changed but the castle was still largly the same layout. It had to be to remain standing. "Anythign in there…" he asked herfore pausing and lookign at Yvain poaring over a book hand written in German.. then a small smile came to his lips but he didn’t comment. Why ruin the moment?" -04:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Her name was Gretchen Heilbronner…" Yvaine wasn’t sure if it was the place where the map was stashed, but she couldn’t stop reading over the current page! Gretchen was part of the royal family, not one of the Princesses of noble enough. And she wrote about her love of a Pirate who had fled up the river looking for a place to hide! Yvaine held out the journal for Hans to see and read himself. "Do you suppose the map leads somewhere? The notes on it are unusual!" -04:51 Mar 21
Hans: He took the journal and layed it out on the map. Various notes and riddles were scribbled in the margins but they made no sense… until he looked at the map. "Half of the notes on the page the other half on the map. You’d need both to decifer anything." he said with a chuckle… "But… Yvaine.. have a look here. I think I found the reason for the secrecy… other than what would have been considered a treasonous love affair.." -04:55 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Really? What is the secret?" As if a love affair wasn’t amazing and romantic in it’s own right. They stumbled over a family mystery and she was thrilled! How often did things like that happen in real life? -05:02 Mar 21
Hans: So she wasn’t going to read what he was goingting out, with a short shake of his head he picked up the journal. "The story ends with the royal guard closing in on the lovers and the Pirate makign his escape in a small boat heading downriver to their hiding space to wait for her. But unable to take his treasure with him they hide it in the castle along with the only think of value the maiden has, a crown entrusted to her by tradition for ehr to give up only when the hier chooses his future queen. It ends with her leaving to join her love the treasure still undisturbed. And thats where the riddles and map lead…" -05:07 Mar 21
Yvaine: "That’s amazing! Has anyone ever gone back to find it? It’s been such a long time." Yvaine doubted the treasure would still be hiding there. After all, there were very few secrets left in the world and a royal crown was a very important thing NOT to find. "Could we go look? It would be fun!" -05:13 Mar 21
Hans: "Yans took her hand and smiled." You know I heard about the crown during history. It disappeared in the late seventeen hundreds.. and was never found.. I think we have a treasure to hunt." He took the map to a copier and grabbed his pen ad notepad tearign off the fresh sheet and translating the noted an closely as possible as the map was copied, then handed then both to Yvaine. "So, m’lady. Where do we start?" -05:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: She was excited and it showed on the way she was barely keeping it contained and bouncing lightly on her feet. With the copied map and the translated notes it did make it a lot easier for her to read at a glance. "To the… west wing and taking a hidden door. Will it still be there after rennovations? I suppose we might have to get creative with some directions…" None of that seemed to bother Yvaine. The exploring would be the most fun part, regardless of the destination. -05:21 Mar 21
Hans: "Went wing." he repeated takign her hand again and leadign the way though the familiar corridors. "Hidden pasage… the one behind the statue of Barbarosa?" he ducked into the recces and pushed on the panned feelign it unlatch and swing back. "The statues not that old… before then this was where the flag hung.. I think." -05:24 Mar 21
Yvaine: She was bouncing on her feet again, giving way to that girlish need to clap and squeak her excitement at their first sucessful step. …it was ridiculous and the moment she realized it, she was clearing her throat and trying to contain herself again. However, she was definitely the first to slip through the passage, only slightly huffing a startled surprise when she stepped in further and nearly walked in to old spider webbing. "Well… it seems no one has been -this- way in awhile, at least!" -05:29 Mar 21
Hans: "I should probobally mention it was closed because it almost comapled burign the last renovations." he confessed. "But its the fastest was to the basment level… which hasseen the least change over the years. If there anything hidden its most liekly down there." -05:31 Mar 21
Yvaine: "As long as you haven’t locked giant spiders in here, it will be okay!" Now she was thinking it might’ve been wise to find some flashlights first. The passage was really dark, and if it weren’t for the occasional breaks of light from places where other hidden doors must had been scattered through the building, she might have had a fit. Yvaine thought she was doing fairly well leading the way, until something loud made a big THUMP several paces in front of her and she found herself turning around quickly to flee and ran in to Hans! -05:37 Mar 21
Hans: He almost fell backwards but catght himself, and her. His arms wrapped arounf her he spoke softly. "There nothign to worry about. COme one one step at a time." wit her still in his arms he took a step, then another, then another until his foot toutched somehting soft on the floor and he stopped. Letting go of her he bent down and examined it in the half light. "It a carpet." he said finally "Rolled up and stored in here. It mus have fallen over when he got close." -05:41 Mar 21
Yvaine: At least the one good thing about the dark was that he couldn’t see how embarassed she was. Even a big rat would have been more threatening than a rolled up rug. "It’s just a little dark…" she admitted sheepishly. It was good they had paused, though, as there was small narrow staircase a little farther foward, beginning a spiral descent downwards. She might have tripped down it not seeing it! "I found the stairs!" -05:55 Mar 21
[Hans has timed out.] -06:15 Mar 21
[Hans enters.] -06:15 Mar 21
Hans: "Great, watch the third one down its wobbly, at least it was then I last came here without permision." he had been 13 and had almost broken his neck on those stairs. "Here hold onto me if you need to." -06:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: This time she let Hans go first. Yvaine really didn’t mean to use him as a shield, but it did help that he knew the stairway better. She left her hands holding on to his shoulder so she could keep herself steady and on the off chance that she slipped, she had something to hold on to. "The instructions say follow all the way to the bottom of the stairs." -06:30 Mar 21
Hans: "That door was always locked." he said following her his hand on the dusty wall to keep himself steady on the steep staircase. "I’ve never opened it. I heard it used to be a store room ack when the castle was built. I always imagined it full of suits of armor and swords…. wait a second." he paused as he rummaged in his pocked and fished out his phone and turned the brightness on the screen up to full. It didn’t provide much light but with a pute white background it was better than nothing. Handing it to her he urged for forwards, excitement starting to get the better of him. -06:36 Mar 21
Yvaine: That was so much better! Just the little bit of light had her feeling less like she was in a cramped cave, and renewing that excitement of being on an adventure. She held it up so they would both be able to see better. And every time she spotted a spider the light would jump and her hand would squeeze his shoulder, though she never made a sound. "There must be a way to get it open besides a key. A key would be too easy, don’t you think?" -06:40 Mar 21
Hans: "Especially since no one knows where it is. I asked about it before they closed this passage. Just a few more stairs…" he couldn’t hide his smile, treasure hunting in his old hideaways, just like he used to do as kid, only now he was with Yvaine and they had a solid clue to go on. "Theres the door." it was an aldo door, made of oak with bands of iron in an intricate design. "There no door matching it in any of the basements so it doesn’t lead to any part of them still accesable from another direction… what do you thinks is behind it?" -06:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: "A sleeping princess?" she replied in jest, though that would be amazing in itself! Once at the bottom of the steps it was safe for her to let go of him, and in the faint light that look of curiosity was plain across her face. Yvaine was bouncing on her feet again, holding the phone up to the door as she took a good look at it from top to bottom. She tried pulling the latch. Definitely locked! But there wasn’t a keyhole either. "There must be something useful in the journal or map… A trick to the latch or a hidden lock?" -06:48 Mar 21
Hans: He held up the copy of the map against the wall and examined the notes in the margin.. then the door his brow knitting in thought. The he moved to run his fingers over the detailing. "This is the old coat of arms" he said "I rememebr it… but look." on the map was the same design, spamped on the plans when they were new. "The crown… its in the wrong place…" -06:53 Mar 21
Yvaine: Phone in hand, Yvaine examined the coat of arms on the door. When she glided her fingers over it, the crown specifically felt a little loose. "This part moves… I think!" -07:01 Mar 21
Hans: "Hmmm…" he put his hand on it, then put two fingers on its top and pushed it down onto the lion’s head. There was a loud clunk a a sharp intake of breath from Hans as his skin got caught in the mechanism. Putting his bleeding himger in his mouth he pushed with his other hand, the with his shoulder, and slowly the door becan to creak open. -07:04 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Are you okay?" The door was opening, which was more than thrilling! But Yvaine was more concern with taking Hans’ hand and using the phone to check his finger. Nothing serious, and that a quick kiss wouldn’t fix. Then she was releasing his hand to inch towards the open doorway, almost too afraid to take a look. ..almost! -07:08 Mar 21
Hans: The door jammed halfway but it was enout for them to enter. After the narrow passage the moor looked huge, too big for the phone’s ligh to toutch the oposite wall and the thich carper of dust made it clear no one had been down here in a vary long time. "Which way now?" he asked peering in behind her. "Its hard to see anything." in his excitement he might have pushe her a little to get into the room faster, but this was a part of the castle he had never seen before. -07:12 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Um…" Yvaine stepped in to the room, juggling the phone along with taking a look at the map and notes. "There should be a passage door in here that leads outside and we follow the path to the woods." There was so much dust and their entrance seem to kick it up a little. Yvaine sneezed suddenly, which by itself wasn’t terrible… but her jumping had her bumping something behind her and the passage doorway started closing shut! -07:17 Mar 21
Hans: Hans was too busy warrying about Yvaine to se the door in time and despite a fumbling grasp at it it slammed shut and there was a loud click. Cursing Hans grabbed the handle an pulled but it was no use the lock had re-engaged and there was no way to open it from this side. "Scheiße." he swore glade that Yvaine probibaly didn’t understand the curse. "Well it looks like forwards is our only way out…." -07:21 Mar 21
Yvaine: Thankfully he missed her grin in the dark. She didn’t know why Hans cursing was cute! "I’m sorry! But forward is best, I don’t want to turn back now." She was going to quickly regret the statement though, as the light of the phone was starting to dim. The battery was running low! There would be no light and they’d be stuck in the room. Yvaine paled. "Hans…" -07:25 Mar 21
Hans: His hand grabbed hers and he led her towards the exit before the battery died completly. "I’m here." he said at they where plunged into blackness. "Just one step at a time and keep going strait. Tell be when you find a wall." -07:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: Unlike the passages, in here there wasn’t even the tiniest bit of light. If Hans hadn’t been holding her hand she might’ve started screaming…. if she could even catch a breath at all! She was squeezing his hand so tight she couldn’ve cut off circulation to his fingers if she held on to long. But finally (it was only a few steps but seemed like forever!) there was the wall on the far side of the room, and she was tugging on his sleeve to show him. -07:35 Mar 21
Hans: As he stepped closer he almost walked into her. As it was thier foreheads colided and he put his arm around her to make sure he didn’t lose her in the darkness. Then on instinct adn still caught up in adventure his hand found her face and guided his lips to hers where for a moment in the complete blackness he gave her a hard kiss in way of thanks for reminding him what it was liek to be a child. Then his hand followed hers to the wall. "We sould bothe follow the wall until we find a door." he whispered as if speaking too loud would wake up something in the darkness. -07:40 Mar 21
Yvaine: Now there was a whole new reason for he breath to be taken away, and she was so instantly grateful she was there with Hans. Her fear was mometarily forgotten as she smiled unseen in the dark. Yvaine didn’t speak much louder than he, if only because the moment seemed to call for it. "You won’t let go?" -07:46 Mar 21
Hans: He smiled hsi eyes straining uselessly agaist the darkness as he gave her hand a squeeze. "Not in a thousand years, or until I can see your smile." he said a slight teasing tone barely showing though the sweet overtones and it she could see him she would see colour come to his cheeks. -07:48 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed softly, her head dropping against his shoulder as she let out a steadying and sigh. She turned just enough so she could turn around and place his hands on HER shoulders. She pressed her own hand against the wall to help guide her forward. "It will just be a door?" Yvaine tried not to think of any accidental spiders on the way. -07:55 Mar 21
Hans: "On this side yes, on the other side its peobibaly better hidden." he matched her pace his hands losely grippign her shoulders. Ither than the floor beneath him she was all he coud percieve with any of his senses. *I just hope we’re going the right way along the wall." -07:58 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Oh, don’t say that..!" she didn’t mean to sound worried, but Yvaine wasn’t sure how long she could wander in the dark, even with Hans closeby. Luck was with her, though, as her fingers brushed over the frame. "I found it!" Yvaine searched quickly until she found the iron loop of the handle and even tugged at it frantically. It wasn’t budging for her, but it was also a door mostly made of heavy wood and stone, and likely sealed up for ages! -08:03 Mar 21
Hans: He followed her arm to the door and felt arounf the wood with his hands. then he found it, an ald cast iron latch. It was rusted almost shut but with a grunt and another curse word later it was open. All that was left was to pull the door open. There was a reaping sound as it began to hinge inwards and then something appeared appeared in the cracks around the door… sunlight! -08:07 Mar 21
Yvaine: All it took was a little but of sunlight and Yvaine was hopping to help him pull the door open. The first of it was so difficult to get moving, that when it finally gave way suddenly and swung open, both she and Hans were left stumbling backwards to fall on the very dusty floor. But once it was open and eyes were able to adjust there was a beautiful view of the back woods from the doorway and the light was giving a much better view of the storage room behind them. Not a single spider to be seen. Yvaine was laughing again in relief! -08:13 Mar 21
Hans: Her laughter was infectous and soon he was joining in, the flesh cold air blowing in the door a pleasent change from the stale air of the store room. "Well glad thats over." he said getting up and helping her to her feet. "So its not in the castle, that explains why it was never found…." -08:17 Mar 21
Yvaine: "It says to follow the path through the woods until we find a tree with special rings. I suppose the path is probably over grown by now, but they aren’t too large to explore?" The comment was just as much a question as a request. Yvaine was liking the idea of taking a walk through the woods. She dust herself off as well as swatting dust from Hans. -08:24 Mar 21
Hans: "I wish we had a picknick lunch." he said "But he can worry about that later it looks like we have woods to explore.. we should be able to search them before it gets too late. Come one." with boyish enthusiasm he grabbed her hand and headed outside, it was hard to believe that just earlier he had been re-writing a country’s constitution. -08:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: Yvaine nodded with a grin. She held his hand, swinging it back and forth as they walked. And though she was paying attention to the ground to see if she could spot signs of an old path, she was just as often looking up just to admire the way he smiled. He was enjoying their adventure just as much as she. "It just means dinner will taste so much better after a long day? I suppose we can give up if we haven’t found anything by sunset." -08:31 Mar 21
Hans: "Thats a deal." he said, though he knew even if they hadn’t they’d be out again in the morning. "Though on the subject of dinner what do you feel like?" he stopped for a moment shakign out the map and looking at the plan for the door they had just exited.. then the faint line of the trail at it ent off the edge of the paper. At least they were headign in the right general direction. "Look over there." he pointed as an old stone peeking over the floor of dead leaves. "Trailmarker!" -08:39 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Yay!" There she went again, jumping up and clapping. Whatever sense of propriety she had before was gone now that they were making lots of progress. "Dinner can be a surprise. Or whatever we find! We could make something together." Without any staff or guards or people around in the summer castle, Yvaine was curious to see how Hans survived in a kitchen. …she barely surived in one herself. -08:45 Mar 21
Hans: Grabbing her hand again he was off past the stone and towards the next one. "Cooking hmmm? Are you sure you trust the pamperes price’s panfried prepaired palony?" there he was trying to be witty as then ran though the forest, neither of then dressed for it or really knowing what they were doing. It was crazy… but thast what made it fun." -08:47 Mar 21
Yvaine: "I had no idea I would be treated to alliterations by a King!" Yvaine laughed. Running was no exertion for her since her career was so atheletic in ballet. But that didn’t stop her from catching up enough to jump on to his back and throw her arms around his neck as she giggled. -08:52 Mar 21
Hans: He chucked and move her arms back to support her weight. "Well you are the one who helped me overcome my fear of public speaking…" there was the next one, and now they had crested the ridge and were going down hill. Hasn’s shoes splashed through a stream and then he stopped… "Think thats our tree?" he asked passing her the notes and map as he carried on to and old tree in the middle of a clearing. -08:57 Mar 21
Yvaine: Balancing carefully she eyed the map and the tree in the near distance. She had her chin resting on his shoulder and her breath could be felt at his ear. "Uh huhm. At three we turn… that way." she pointed in the direction the little arrow was aiming. "And hmm… it’s about a hundred feet. This part looks like stones on the ground." She held the map out so he could see, tilting her face so she could see his. And not being able to resist giving him a kiss on the cheek. -09:03 Mar 21
Hans: Her breath tickeled and he couldn’t help but tense his thoughders, then she kisse him and he turned to looks up at her catching her lips in another quick kiss. "a hundred feet.." he said.. heading in the direction of the arrow then… "There we go, 30 meters, 100 feet." he looked down and kicked away some of the leaf litter, and there cam ethe unmistable sound of shoe agaist rock. -09:08 Mar 21
Yvaine: "It’s a gravestone!" her voice squeaked in what was probably an over-exagerated frightened lit, considering there wasn’t the slightest bit of tension in her body as she clung to his back. Yvaine finally hopped down, shuffling around in the leaves to reveal several other old headstones. With a broader look, there was a ruined stone wall surrounding the patch, and a single decrepit mausoleum with a collapsed roof. "Hans, we’re going to wake up angry ghosts." -09:14 Mar 21
Hans: He looked around his face in thought. He had never heard about abouta gravehard out here but bending down and readign the names he recognised sme of them. Minor royalty, dukes, and cousins. Probobaly ones that didn’t have estates of thier own… "These are royals." he said. "If there a most hierloom somewhere they’d want it found." -09:20 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Or safe from pirates and thieves! Luckily we’re neither." Yvaine only felt the need to state the fact just in case the graveyard -was- haunted. She was sure if she was a ghost, it’d be the thing to do. …and she’d seen plenty enough movie adventures to know treasures had a habit of being haunted. She was letting her imagination get away with her though. Yvaine turned slowly as she looked around. "Burying it might be too much trouble to have come back for it later, don’t you think?" She was already watching her step and heading for the mausoleum. -09:26 Mar 21
Hans: He went with her, his hand once again closing around hers. "so that leaves on place…" he looked at the old mousoleum and took a breath. "The roof has colapsed to thing inside might have come open… are you ready to look inside? -09:33 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Ready to find a lost treasure? I was born ready!" She laughed again, giving him a quick kiss and a grin. Then she was tugging him excitedly towards the ruined building. The door had fallen off ages ago, blocking the majority of the entrance but still leaving just enough room for Yvaine to bend and squeeze through. The fit was a little tighter for Hans, which left Yvaine giggling again, but she was more than happy to help poke prod, and even tug at his shirt to help him get inside. -09:37 Mar 21
Hans: By the time he was inside his shirt had torn in a couple of places and he was touroughly dirty but he was still smiling as he looked around. "theres only one place to hide somethign in a mousoleum." he said moving to the stone lid of the sarcophagus. "Give me a hand here…" -09:44 Mar 21
Yvaine: Her eyes were wide, if only because she was expecting they were going to find someone’s skeleton in there, whether that was treasure in it or not! But Yvaine moved to his to help push at one of the corners. She likely didn’t help at all when it came to moving the heavy lid, but it inched away with a grinding of stone against stone. Suddenly she was jumping away with a loud shriek when a big fluffy squirrel came pointing out. Followed by her stomping her foot with an embarrassed huff. "…I really wasn’t expecting a squirrel! There must be cracks in the bottom too… Oh..! Is there anything in there?" -09:48 Mar 21
Hans: He pushed the lid off further and looked down… "Its empty.. but theres a crack in the bottom and what looks like a hidden reccess beneath the whole thing.." he reached down and lifted a section of the foor away and then looked again. "A false bottom, whatever is hidden in here, looks like one of us has to climb in." -10:00 Mar 21
Yvaine: Glad that there wasn’t any bones in there, Yvaine moved to lean over the side of the sarcophagus and take a peek. "Hmm… I can. I think." she didn’t look too sure about the idea, but would still volunteer if she needed to. After all, it was just squirrels in there and not ghosts. -10:04 Mar 21
Hans: He pulled hilself over the lip of the coffin and just liek a an acrobat on hoops lowered himself down with a hand on each rim. Then when his feet toutched bottom he let go and looked ar Yvaine the sarcophagus comign up to his chest. "See easy.. thoguh I think I’m standign on the squirrel’s home." he bent down and now below floor level found somehtign int he dim light. "There we go…" he grabbed and iron handle and pulled and a wooden chest.. a HEAVY wooden chest came filting from the roots and dirt at the bottom. "Here grab hold" he said lifting it up to here. "I think this is what he came for." -10:10 Mar 21
Yvaine: He was very impressive and very brave, and Yvaine felt 15 all over again! Grinning ear to ear, she had the chest and pulled it out, dropping backwards on the floor with it from the weight. Yvaine was sure it had to contain something pretty heavy! While Hans was pulling himself out of the sarcophagus, she was opening up the chest. …and blinking in surprise. "These are letters!" Yvaine pulled out a stack of them, tied up with twine. "…how sweet! They’re love letters!" Yvaine had forgotten to look through the rest of the chest, she was opening one of the letters to scan over it’s contents. -10:21 Mar 21
Hans: Hans, now out and with cobwebs clinging to him he croutched next to the chest and spotted something Yvain in her haste had missed. "And here it is." he said lifting the dusty crown from the bottom of the chest. "After all this time its been found… you know this will be in the news… adn everyone will know you went treasure huntin with the king. He held it out to her. "You know its traditionally worn my the woman chosen but the king or price to be the next queen…" he smiled over it at her "Its fetting that I found it with you…" -10:28 Mar 21
Yvaine: "Hans, really…" she laughed softly. Not letting herself assume it was any more than really sweet flattery. His love she didn’t doubt, but asking someone to be his wife and queen just seemed so unlikely! Yvaine took the ground, blowing a bit of the dust from it. "It’s really beautiful!" Delicate and simple with only a few jewels and a fantastic bit of engraving, it was definitely a Lady’s crown. Yvaine also couldn’t resist setting it on top of her head… just once! When else would someone have a chance to wear a real crown! "I think everyone will be so happy to have a national treasure returned." -10:34 Mar 21
Hans: With it still perched on her head he went for the kiss and put his arms around her for a full secind before breakign away. "Now Yvaine, we should get all this nack to the castle, and see about that cooking…" -10:36 Mar 21

Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 003: Midnight Boat Ride

[Yvaine was leaning out over the boat railing watching the water. It was so pretty at night with all of the stars and the lights out on the riverbank!] -06:58 Mar 05
[Hans makes sure the anchor is secure on the river bed and moves aft to rejoin Yvain.] -06:59 Mar 05
Hans: “I used to come here all the time as a child.” he said sitting next to her and looking out over the river. “Believe it of not but princling Hans spend almost as many night outdoors as he did indoors.” -07:00 Mar 05
Yvaine: “I bet that was a lot of fun. Getting to be out on the water or camping. We never really did a lot of that with my family.” Yvaine didn’t feel like she missed out, though. There were lots of other things she was able to do. She grinned, shifting in her seat to face Hans instead of the water. “Do you have crazy river monster legends or are your waters safe and sound?” -07:04 Mar 05
Hans: “He used to but then four thousand brittish commandos crossed in the fourties without anything with big teeth and tentacles trying to eat them.” he joked. “But my gather would always warn me that is I stayed and watched the river alone at night Lorelei would find me…. Thes a river siren they he used to tell me stories about.” -07:08 Mar 05
Yvaine: “River sirens? Like the ones that eat up sailors?” Yvaine found that curious. Of course she didn’t believe they were real, but she was always amused with myths and stories. And why not? She spent half her life being infatuated with a foreign prince! “If I say I wasn’t about to find a lot of books or information on local legends, you’ll find out just how long I’ve been snooping…” -07:12 Mar 05
Hans: He turned to return her gaze for a moment forgetting what they had just been talkign about. “Its really been that long hasn’t it?” he asked “I wouldn’t be surprised it you suddenly spoke German too.” he was teasing now, at ease with the moonlight flining down on her and the sounds of the river, the steady motion of the boat. “Not going to drag me under the water and eat me me are you?” -07:17 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine cast a rather enigmatic grin! As a matter of fact, she had been studying German in college. But that would be a secret she saved for later. “A very long time! Lucky for you, I’m a dancer and not a siren. No fear of me dragging you over board and chewing on you.” Yvaine leaned so she could peer over the rails down at the water again. “But it IS pretty. I’ve never been on a boat before.” -07:22 Mar 05
Hans: He blinked, havign been around then his entire life the fact that omeone hadn’t been on one took a moment. “Well a night like tonight it a good way to start.” he said. “Its good to know I havn’t missed all your firsts.” he lened cleser to her putting his arm around her. “And right now tonight definatly seems worth the wait.” -07:26 Mar 05
Yvaine: She laughed, slipping both of her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek quickly. “Totally worth it! I was a little nervous about the boat, but you make things a lot less intimidating. If you had seen my first dance recital, you probably would have laughed.” -07:30 Mar 05
Hans: “If things had gone better here then I would have.” he pointed out. “And I have just realised you might have seen my first speech back here… it was televised.” he sighed, even the memory of the flamboiant funeral not robbing the nigth of it’s magic as he leaned closer and kissed her lips lightly. “And this is the first time I’ve been out here since then, I’ve though about bring you here often, thanks for finally giving me the chance.” -07:35 Mar 05
Yvaine: Gettinmg tearful and crying while watching his father’s funeral was not something she wanted to focus on. Not just for herself, but for Hans too. So she grinned, genuine and wide and was happy to move the topic along. “I should be thanking you. The Company has kept me so busy, I think I forgot what having fun is like. And I’ve never seen a place so beautiful and peaceful.” -07:38 Mar 05
Hans: “Then we should stop worrying about our lives and jobs and enjoy the moment.” he said his hand comign up to lest on her cheek as he focused his eye on hers the warm feeling in his chest multiplying. “This is our chance to lake up for time we’ve missed.” -07:42 Mar 05
Yvaine: She was blushing again. Here she was, a grown woman, and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing every time he said something sweet. Yvaine leaned forward with a soft giggle, resting her forehead against his. “I’d like that very much. That’s ten years worth of time to smash in to one weekend?” -07:45 Mar 05
Hans: “Thats a lot of preasure..” he said “How about we enjoy our weekend… since we’ll have plenty of time afterwards too..” he tilted his head to kiss her his lips finding hers. “… since I love you… and now they we’ve found eachother.. I’m not waiting another ten years to see you again.” -07:48 Mar 05
Yvaine: Her breath caught, and she might have kissed him silly if she hadn’t disbelieved she even heard it at all. Yvaine tilted back just a fraction. Brushing her fingertips over his mouth as she nibbled on her bottom lip. “Could you… say that one more time?” -07:55 Mar 05
Hans: He moved closer his body pressing into hers. “I love you.” he whispered, the part he felt most important. “And this is the first trip of many.” he was losing himself. He body almost actin on its own as he leaned down and kissed her neck his arms circling her. -08:02 Mar 05
Yvaine: Delight! Absolute pure delight. Her laughter was soft as she readily fell in to his embrace. Nuzzling against his cheek and completely unable to hide her smile. “I love you too. …I have for a very long time.” -08:07 Mar 05
Hans: His breath washed over her skin with her words and his hand slid up her back as his lips found her ear, then he moved back and kissed her cheek. “You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world… I’ve been holding a candle for you since we met.” His lips found her again as his hands helt ever contour of her back sliding down. At any other time he would think his words would sound childish and silly, but not tonight, not with her. -08:11 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine could feel her toes curling in her shoes and if she were a cat she’d be purring. There were a million things she would have loved to say, but she found herself only sighing softly against his mouth and nipping at his lips. -08:14 Mar 05
Hans: As every second passed he was getting more and more desperate, and when his hingers lipped under her shirt and pushed it his his hands sliding up her bare sking he knew he was gone. Lifting her shirt over her head he dropped it onto the deck and slid his hand up her sides as he ran his tongue over her lip. He hadn’t waited for permition mor asked from it, but he didn’t think he could form the works in his mind if he tried. -08:19 Mar 05
Yvaine: Aside from the chill in the air, having her shirt stolen didn’t seem to phase her. She shivered just as much from the air as she did from his hands over her skin. So swept up in the moment, she had her hands running through his hair and slipping down to gently tug at his own shirt. -08:23 Mar 05
Hans: She wasn’t resisting, the realisation shot through him like an electric shock and redoubled his desire. He helped her with his shirt, unbuttoning it and letiing to slide down his shoulders and arms before he circled his hands roufn her neck and slid them down her shoulders, chest, cupping her sna squuzing, then down her stomach to her waistline. -08:33 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine only broke away long enough to lean back and look. Her bottom lip falling prey to her thoughtful chewing when she placed her palm flat against his chest over his heart. She could feel it beating nearly as hard as her own. ..which made her next thought a little worrysome! “Hans… I have something to tell you..” she murmured against his mouth, really not wanting to pull away more than a fraction of an inch. -08:41 Mar 05
Hans: Breathign hard it was hard not to pull her back into his embrace. As it was his fingertips were running up and down the side of her neck and his eyes brank in the sigh of her bare skin.. “Yes Yvain….?” he said catching his breath his yes finally reaching hers questioningly as his hands too hers from his chest and pressed them into his lips. -08:44 Mar 05
Yvaine: He really was so sweet… it made her dizzy! Which made it very hard, and incredibly embarassing to try and formulate what she wanted to say. “I haven’t ever… really… done this before?” With the tone of her voice, it was clear she was a little worried about it being a problem. -08:47 Mar 05
Hans: It took him a moment to proccess her words and glean thier meaning, by that time his kisses had reached her elbow. He raised his head and looked into her reddening face and his hand came up and founf her chin makign her look at him his face displaying a wide, warm, and horny smile. “Your first..” he said pullign her back to him his lips findign hers and pressing in hard for a long moment. “More than I could have dreamed…” he whispered “You really are somethign special Yvain…. ” to think… she probibally did it for him. The very thought was indescribable, more than he desurved, and made him love her all the more. -08:57 Mar 05
Yvaine: “I didn’t want to before…” before now! Not with anyone else! Amongst other things she would have loved to tell him. But the way he kissed her sent her mind spinning, and she was just greatful he wasn’t completely horrified. “It’s fine isn’t it? I want to make love with you, Hans.” It’s more than she could have asked for. To have her first time with someone she both loved and exhilierated her. Took her breath away and made her feel like she was something precious. -09:06 Mar 05
Hans: It took him a full second and concentration to get his lips to stapp off of hers and form words. “You didn’t… for me…..?” His ands slid up her to grip her read as he stared into her eyes… “Its the most wonderful thing anyones ever told me.. I wondered.. I… his hands trailed down her sides to her pants line to pull on them.. “I want you to Yvain…” he rested his forehead on hers as he unded unfastened one of the last barriers between them eposign more of her to the cold air. “More than I’ve ever wanted anyone.” -09:11 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine giggled softly, shifting enough to make it easier for him to take her clothes. She was nervous, but Hans really did have a way of making everything seem so natural. “Then you will not mind me being not so great..?” Yvaine curled her arms around his neck again, pulling herself against his chest, where she could feel his warmth and the way his heart beat. She nuzzled his cheek again, brushing her lips against his skin and murmured gently at his ear. “I’d like to see you without all of your clothes…” -09:19 Mar 05
Hans: He smiles pushing her clothes to the deck leaving her panties for last as he left her endrace to unlace both of thier shoes and kicked his own off. The takign her hands he helpend her undo his pants. “You will be great.” he said “You are great…” it was time for his own admision, one that would remind him of how he had been, before the girl before him and the events after thier metting changed his life, changed him. “You are the only girl I have LOVED Yvain.” his pants were joining hers on the back and before her was solid proof of the effect she had on him. -09:25 Mar 05
Yvaine: “Really..?” She wasn’t silly enough to think he’d never been with other girls, but it was more than pleasing to learn she was his only love. It almost made her feel a little less silly about standing there blushing as she chewed the inside of her cheek and looked him over. Lit only with the moonlight outside, he made a very imposing figure. But all she could feel was a great deal of love and a very itching desire touch every part of him. Her fingers grazed over his stomach. -09:31 Mar 05
Hans: He let her touch him first, his hand metting hers then sliding up her arm to her shoulder. He could feel the heat of fer shin, the pulse beneath. His fingers brushed her lip, teasign them he his eyes skid up her body to hers and his breath caught. She was beatiful, and maybe he was biased but she took his breath away no mater how many times he looked and touched and soon hisn fingers were runnign though her hair and his lips found her he forehead for a brief moment. “God you’re beatiful.” he whispered his hands once again sliding down her back, fast becoming habit before he stapped back again to take a breath knowing the next time he went in … he was going to take her virginity. -09:40 Mar 05
Yvaine: Though her grin was a little silly, she had nothing but adoring smiles for him. When he stepped back, she stepped forward, slinking her arms around his waist and pressing herself against him. She rose on her toes with perfect balance, brushing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “I am so glad I came here.” she mumbled, taking the opportunity to kiss him before he said anything else that would make her swoon. -09:51 Mar 05
Hans: Her move surprised him. Her toutch soft and her voice intoxicating. He kissed her back his lips brushing hers as he pressed into her before he pelled her bottom lip between his and his hand slid across her hips as his arsm mover for circle her. He moved his hands down as he leaned forwards his ands slipping between her legs and sliding up as he stood upright. As he stood his hands slid up the inside back of her legs unto they lifted her and he moved forwards lifting her higher and putting her on top of the low roof of the cabin where he finally pulled her panties down her legs and then stood between them his smile suprisingly holding a hint of shyness beofre he meaned forwards to kiss her his hands on her hips. “Yvain….” he had waited ten years for this moment and more… “Thank you for being mine.” -10:01 Mar 05
Yvaine: Swept away faster than any bottle of champagne could do, Yvaine was sure that the smitten look across her face couldn’t possibly be alluring. “Hans, I love you so much…” her voice was soft and breathy. Matching the feather soft movements of her fingers as she explored the contours of his chest and shoulders. Stopping to rest at his cheeks to pull him to her and press her lips to his with a tentative kiss. -10:08 Mar 05
Hans: He met her kiss with his needy lips brusjing against hers the pressing hom as hsi head tilted and his hand came to rest on her neck his other relaining on her hip to rub it in small circles his hips meeting hers and pressign agaist her suddenly his tongue sliding btween her lips and entering her mouth in contrast to her caution. -10:12 Mar 05
Yvaine: The unexpected invasion didn’t go unwelcome, in fact she was surprised at just how much it lit her whole body to a tinglie fire just with the flick of his tongue. Yvaine sighed soft, locking her arms around his neck as she tested this new experience with her own tongue. Slipping against his and tasting his mouth in a curious exploration. -10:16 Mar 05
Hans: There was a soft sound in the back of his thoat as he slid hi tongue agaist hers his hand pulling her deeper into the kiss as his lips bruised hers. He hand on her him gripped her his nails biting the skin but not digging in. He has savoring her reactions, her sounds, her feel. If he wanted to rush he would he inside her already and as it was his hard shaft as resting agaist her but as he sighed and a small sound escaped into her mouth he was lost in the moment, and not what was about to happen. -10:21 Mar 05
Yvaine: She loved the way he responded so instantly to her. It made her feel very much like one of those sirens, alluring and beautiful and irresistable. Yvaine could feel him pressing up against her thigh, and though it alarmed her a little, that desire for him was for more overwhelming. ..she never felt this way before! Never pulling her mouth from his, one of her hands dropped to graze against his stomach. There was a brief moment of hesitation, but then she was very delicately running her hand over his shaft just to test his reaction to her touch. -10:30 Mar 05
Hans: His reaction was imediate. His breath shiveres his the kiss and he pushed agaist her, his hips sliding agaist her pushing herback without breaking the kiss. His hand slid around for her hip to her thigh and his thumb brushed over her, testing her readyness, feeling her wetness as his fingers brushed her thigh. -10:35 Mar 05
Yvaine: Yvaine gave a soft squeak of surprise when his fingers brushed against her sensitive area, but didn’t at all want to pull away. Her breathy sigh of his name didn’t seem to match the flushing heat of her body. Yvaine’s hand curled around his cock, giving it a gentle squeeze. -10:49 Mar 05
Hans: Every nerve was on fire with excited expectation and his name was greeted with hers moaned softly in response. Two of his fingers slipped insed her feeling her lips and her tightness. He was goig to have to be gentle with her.. and she felt amazing… -10:54 Mar 05
[Yvaine is experiencing something new!] -02:47 Mar 06
[Hans is in danger of pushign to hard and pushing in right now.. and doesn’t think that would be a bad thing….] -02:47 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine’s hand released him if only because she didn’t want to squeeze too tight. Her hands placed on his arms instead, tightening every moment his fingers moved within her, stretching out her body in ways it had never been touched before. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it might jump right out of her chest! -02:51 Mar 06
Hans: His tongue once again found hers as he shifted his hips agaist her his shaft coming into his hand and being guided to her by his finger slick with her wetness. His tip pressed into her and slowly parted her lips his breath shakign as he felt her agaist him. He modes slowly, milimeter by milimeter deeper inside her with gentleness he’d never shown before. -02:54 Mar 06
Yvaine: It was almost agonizingly slow. Each bit sending such a rush of sensation through her that she nearly forget to breath. Her entire body was flushed delightfully warm as she ran her hands up his arms and over to his shoulders to curl around the back of his neck and hold him close. Her mouth against his was almost frantic, needy. Completely obvlivious to anything other than him! -03:01 Mar 06
Hans: He also pulled her closer once he was depp enough so that he was in no danger of hurting her he pushed the rest fo that way in in one thrust his hands grippign her as a wave of extacy flooded through him, a moan escaping into her mouth. -03:06 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine gasped, there was a sharp pain, but it was so minimal in the wake of something else. She had never felt that way before, so wanting and desperate just to feel more. Her arms went around his neck and shoulders, pressing herself as close to him as she could get. A soft sigh at the sensations her movement was causing deep between her thighs. -03:12 Mar 06
Hans: He thrust again his lips pressig harder into hers he he pushed that little bit deeper. His hands hoved to rub her neck and shoulders his every thought of her. -03:15 Mar 06
Yvaine: "Hans, I love you so much…" she murmured softly. Tilting her face away to plant kisses along his jaw and finally bury her face at his neck. Her breath was hot and ragged against his skin, taking in that faint scent of his cologne with every gasping breath. -03:23 Mar 06
Hans: "I love you too Yvain." he whispered as his tongue found her ear and he thrust again his hands sliding down her sides to her hips then back up between them. He was exploring her as he pushed in deeper, takign hsi time despite the burning desire for more. His lips kissed her behind the ear as his hips pressed into hers and his hands completed thier journey on her shoulders. -03:26 Mar 06
Yvaine: A quiet moan that seemed more like a purr than an exclamation breathed against his neck. Everywhere he touched her left tingling trails of fire across her skin. Yvaine nuzzled against his neck, kissing it softly before nipping him with her teeth. She curled her legs around his hips with an unsurprising amount of flexibility. Locking him tight in her embrace. Her hands were clinging so tight to his shoulder and arm that her nails were sinking in. She’d release when she realized it, only for his moments to make her shivver and cling tight all over again. -03:35 Mar 06
Hans: Braced against her and the cadin he could move faster, her legs around him making it easier for him. His lips slid for her ear and kissed down her nexh as her nails on his shoulder seemed to encourage his. Every ince of his skis toutching hers tingled and with ever thrust he could feet the sensation travel up every nerve until it felt like his under body was shivering with delight. It was better than he remembered it, Yvain, adn love seemed to make it a hundred times better, and even in the throws of passion he realised… he was now ruined for any other woman… and he wouldn’t have it any other way. -03:42 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine could feel a pressure mounting, churning so deep within her that it had her blood rushing through her head in heady desire. Her whole world had become that moment. Lost in him when her back stiffened and arched, and pure pleasure made her gasp and shudder. -03:53 Mar 06
Hans: His lips trailed up her neck before finding hers once more. He was moving still faster as he felt her mounting. He moaned her name into her mouth as his lips pressed into hers.. one final moment before … his mouth opened wide as his breath caught then was expleled suddenly in a rush ever mucle in his body tensing and his hips pressing into hers as hard as they could his shafs inside her as fas as it could be…. -03:59 Mar 06
Yvaine: She didn’t mean to shout his name, but her cry of passion came so suddenly as he held her tight. Her nails bit in to his skin as her every muscled seemed to tighten and squeeze. Quiver and quake, leaving her falling limp against him and clammering for a breath of air… When she could finally breath, she was giggling softly at the crook of his shoulder. Such a sweet bliss…! Nothing had ever felt like that before! -04:09 Mar 06
Hans: He chuckled, he couldn’t help it… her laugh wan infectious and what they had just done together… He kissed her slowly and then his arms curling under her lefted her from the roof of the cabin and placed her on one of the seats as he pulled a blanket for them to share out from under another seat. "You were wonderful." he said finally snugglign up agaist her. "You really were Yvain…" -04:14 Mar 06
Yvaine: "I didn’t think it would be like that." she admitted, shifting so she could rest her head on his shoulder. That sweet, fantastic rush had left her feeling blissfully languid. With the cool night air coming in to her awareness again, she was greatful for the blanket and the heat of his body. A body she had just made love to! Yvaine grinned wide. -04:18 Mar 06
Hans: He ran his fingers though her hair leaning agaist her under the blanket. The he turned away to hide the slight red that came to his cheeks.. him a former playboy and kind blushing… "Its never felt like that for me before…" he admitted "You made it special. Thank you." he kissed her softly circling her in his arms. -04:23 Mar 06
Yvaine: "Worth a ten year wait, King Hans?" she joked softly. He had no idea how special he made her feel, with just such simple words. Yvaine couldn’t stop smiling. -04:28 Mar 06
Hans: "Definately." he said leanign his head agaist hers. "I love you Yvaine, and tonight.. is the best night of my life since far before then…." He gave her body a squeese.. "How was it for you?" -04:31 Mar 06
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed, drawing her hands up to hide her face. Despite having made love to him and sitting there naked under a blanket, it was still a little flustering. "…amazing! I feel like I could drift away in bliss or close my eyes and die happy right now." She dropped her hands to tilt her head back and give him a curious grin. "Will it always be like this?" -04:36 Mar 06
Hans: He looke dinto her eyes a soft smile on her face. "It will be… unless you did close you eyes and die… then you’d leave me a broken man." he teased. "Because not even that could stop me feeling for you what I do now." -04:41 Mar 06
Yvaine: "I don’t think I’ll be dying anytime soon, Hans." she grinned. Her hand rose to brush against his cheek, caressing the contours of his face. He really was so handsome and so sweet… she couldn’t imagine loving anyone else. -04:48 Mar 06

Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 002: A Date with the King

The next evening was an off night for the cast. Maria was in Yvaine’s hotel room sprawled on her bed and grinning like a cheshire cat. “You know, I saw something preeeeetty interesting in the Theater’s hallway last night. Looked an awful lot like a King kissing a Ballerina…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine nearly choked on her water, sitting on a chair and reading one of the local magazines. …Learning a little bit of german while in school had been the best idea ever…! "I.. don’t really know what you’re talking about, but if you tell anyone, I am going to kill you!" -07:51 Feb 28

“I knew it!” Maria exclaimed sitting up on the bed. “You have to tell me. Was it really so hot and heavy that he just couldn’t wait to rip off all your clothes and have you right there? Oh my god, that’s so hot…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Why does everything with you involve clothes getting ripped off!" Yvaine slumped in her seat and hid her face with the magazine. "I was fifteen when we met… we didn’t do anything then. And last night was just…" she dropped her magazine and sighed as she looked up at the ceiling. "Completely unreal! I always wanted to kiss him, and then we did and… I’m waiting for my dad to show up and threaten to kill him." -07:56 Feb 28

“Honey, your dad is across the ocean and you’re a grown woman. Nex time you see that man, you need to get your hands on his trouser snake and a King Sandwhich.” Maria knew she would, if Yvaine didn’t. -Yvaine

Yvaine: "What does that even mean?" Yvaine tossed the magazine at Maria. It was better she didn’t ask about trouser snakes and sandwiches. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had a boyfriend before, or that she didn’t get the innuendo… but Maria’s phrasing was always really bizare. "Iiiiif he has time to see me again. He IS a King and told me how tight of a leash they have on him. There’s no telling how much work he has to do running a country." -08:00 Feb 28

ther was a sharp knock on the door, three short bangs then silence. “His majesty King Ha…” there was a short silence… -Hans

Maria was up and to the door before Yvaine could even get to her feet. She swung it open with gusto, fulley expecting the King himself to be standing there, and possibly with intentions to leap on him if he was. “YES?” -Yvaine

Hans: By the time the door opene Hans had moved into place of his driver and blinked when it wasn’t Yvaine at the door. "Hey…" he said before he saw Yvaine… "I was going to just send a car but.. picking you up is better… yes?" -08:07 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Maria!" Yvaine nearly tripped over her own feet. She stopped behind Maria, catching the back of the woman’s shirt before she jumped out and cause some sort of international disaster. "Yes! I… just let me get my coat! You can come inside." Yvaine dragged Maria away to the other room. Somewhere safe and secluded. "Don’t say a word. Do I look okay?" -08:10 Feb 28

Blast. Maria was about to smooch that King good, but now she was stuck eying Yvaine up and down. “You need a dress that shows off your boobs better. Show him your boobs and he’ll knock you up for sure!” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans stepped into the room while the driver waited outside. He looked around while he waited. "I hope you havn’t eaten yet since I’m taking you for that meal I said I would." -08:13 Feb 28
Yvaine: "…and that’s all the advice I need!" Yvaine snatched up her coat. When she escaped to meet Hans, she was pretty sure her face was red. Hopefully the walls weren’t thin. "Famished actually..! You have the best timing in the universe. I’m ready!" -08:15 Feb 28
Hans: "Great, wait until you see the place, one of the oldest resturants in Rhineland." he took her hand and red fro from the room the Driver giving Maria a short bow before closing the door behind them. "The owner’s great great grandfather used to be the court chef before he was granted land and opened up his business." down the stairs and onro the street were a bentley waited fore them, large, powerful but above all luxurious. Hans opened the door for her and smiled. "But I’m here to talk about you.. how have you been since I was brought back?" -08:20 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine was so busy grinning at Hans, she didn’t even seem to notice how fancy the car was. She slipped in to the back seat and settled her skirt around her knees. Not to think that Maria was right about showing boobs, but maybe she -should- have changed her clothes! Yvaine waited until he was seated next to her before she spoke. "Honestly…? I still have nightmares sometimes about a lot of it. I thought I might grow out of using a night-light but…yeah." She shook off that sheepish feeling to grin at him again. "You were the best part about all of it." -08:26 Feb 28
Hans: He got in after her and closed the door as the driver started the engine and pulled away apparently already knowing their destination. "Well when I got here I thought about you all the time. They had me doing so much romance was forbidden, I often thought I’d be back in ameroca even with all the craziness." he chuckled "Those were crazy times… and I wish I could have seen you though the aftermath. I’m glad you are alright." -08:32 Feb 28
Yvaine: Romance! It was probably just an innocent mention of how busy he was. After all, she didn’t have a lot of time for a personal life either. But… it had her flushing and fidgeting with the hem of her coat. Yvaine was incredibly glad that Kings weren’t mind readers. "You had a country to run after all. My dad wasn’t exactly keen on me talking to you anymore. He kinda thought half of it was all your fault, even though you had nothing to do with that serial killer…" -08:36 Feb 28
Hans: "The reformation is almost done." he said "But this isn’t the time to politics." they were leaving the modern building behind and were surrounded by old brick buildings with tall facades and had to at least be a few ceturies old. "I don’t blame your dad, I brough a lot od troubles of my own, anf thetas why I left to bring them back here with me." -08:43 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Crazy times, crazy timing, I guess?" Yvaine felt like she was fishing for information. Like some silly teenager trying to see if a boy liked her. It’d be simple enough to just ask him… but Yvaine was so afraid to hear the answer that she found heself unable to ask! "I did decide after you left that I would start dancing again. With all that happened and weird near death experiences, I really didn’t want to miss my chance to try." -08:48 Feb 28
Hans: "And now look at you. International Ballet star gracing the eyes of royalty." he reached over and put his arm around her looking out though the front windscreen. "I always knew we’d meet again. That I’d get to show you my city." -08:52 Feb 28
Yvaine: She could have squeeled and started clapping again. Instead she tried to keep her smile from getting wildly silly. "I’m so glad the play added Rhineland to the tour! I’ve been saving for a visit forever and haven’t even nearly had enough, but now I’m here on the company’s payroll. I doubt anyone would even let me walk up to your front door and ask you to have coffee. …well, maybe Gunther. I’m surprised he’s not still your personal bodyguard!" -08:55 Feb 28
Hans: "He is, in effect. Hes the the head of the royal guard whose job it is to protect me… And… I have a confeccion… Rhineland was added by royal request…" -09:02 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Royal request?" It was so difficult to mask that thrilled expression, and keep those butterflies in her stomach from making her bounce right off the seat. In the end, Yvaine failed and fell in to a fit of soft giggling as she leaned slightly to the side to rest her head against his shoulder. "You could have told me before and came to see me before the show. I was so nervous through the whole thing." -09:06 Feb 28
Hans: He looked at her his blue eyes finding hers. "I had to make sure you remembered me." He rested hie head against hers as his other hand found hers. "Its been a long time and we were young back then, you remembering me and what was between us not being in mu own imagination seemed too good to be true." -09:10 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I had a very big crush on you, Hans." she confessed, flushing again. "I always thought maybe I was being stupid. Every girl wants to meet a Prince and you were a lot older than me. And not getting any letters back! I was sure I over-romantisized things." -09:17 Feb 28
Hans: He sighed. "I never got any letters. When I said romance was forbodden I mean I was an enforced regime of zero romantic contact. I wasn’t allowed distractions." he took a heavy breath. "We’re here." Ther had parked outside a small bistro of ageg brickwork the cracked plaster paijnted dark green. Outside the resturant men in suits stood watch and one of them stepped forwards to open the car door. "I’ve rented the place, it will be just us." -09:22 Feb 28
Yvaine: "The whole place? Won’t the waitors get a little bored?" She took his hand when he helped her out of the car. The place looked small, but quaint. Yvaine was a little glad it wasn’t one of those giant fancy places where she would feel incredibly underdressed. "I didn’t realize you never got my letters. I might’ve written more often just to see if something slipped through." -09:27 Feb 28
Hans: "The owner id going to serve us personally, hes a family friend. Most of his staff have the day off." He led her to the door and puthed it open. A table in the center was layed out with candles and a basket of fresh buns as the smell from the kitchen wafted though the room. "Well I should say of the court since I’m the only family there is this side of prison." -09:32 Feb 28
Yvaine: Everything looked so very picture perfect romantic that Yvaine was finding herself feeling very shy and wishing to shake herself. Still grinning, she was chewing on the inside of her cheek and trying to remember the right way to act. Squealing and laughing like a loon wouldn’t be good. And there was no way she’d take Maria’s advice and flash her boobs! "It looks really beautiful, Hans. More trouble than you had to go through, really!" -09:39 Feb 28
Hans: He stooped and pulled her chair out for her. "I thought it would give us tome to talk and for me to tell you that.. I had feeling for you ten years ago, and I found them again last night. Yvaine, This is a date, I am kind dating a beatiful ballerina by renting out a resturant just to have a quiet talk with her. I Have never heard of anything this crazy before but, here we are." -09:45 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine slid in to her chair. She had to! If she didn’t sit, she’d fall on the floor from weak knees and being dizzy with glee. It took her a moment to find her voice again, and even then she was speaking softer than she meant to. "It’s making a really good impression! But I think I was enchanted with you long before this, I might be biased." -09:49 Feb 28
Hans: "Well then" he said taking his seat. "I’m glad its working." he said picking up a small bell and ringing it. A midleages man in a waistcoat appeared almost immediatly his arms covered in dishes that he set on the table naming each one, it was a display if the local quisine like magasine reviewers would kill for, then with a kirt bow he left. -09:56 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine was so glad she was hungry! There were more things she could try than she could probably eat, and everything looked really good. She picked up a fork. "Have you not done anything besides Kingly duties? You don’t look like you’ve been wasting away doing nothing but signing paperwork." -10:04 Feb 28
Hans: “In the moders world a ruler’s life is frightningly public and I ws encouraged to take up hobbies that would make me more aproachable.” he admoted “But I mostly ignored thier sugestions and took up the piano.. theres also the official visits and state afairs that get help. A bunch od self important men looking to make.. friends is the wrong word… partners..” -10:11 Feb 28
Yvaine: “Trying to erase the playboy Prince that once paid visit to foreign countries for fun?” she cast a joking grin, but it made her a little sad! All of the work he had to do for his country, but never getting any time for himself or getting to do the sorts of things HE enjoyed. “But like you said, now that the government has been reformed, you can do the things you like, right?” -10:14 Feb 28
Hans: “I will never be fully free but It will make me into a spiritual and not a political leader, and will have more time, more freedom.” he helped himself to a sample from the plate closest to him. “What about your career, whats next after this tour?” -10:20 Feb 28
[Yvaine is so glad to be having such a fantastic dinner with Hans! It’s more than she ever though possible!] -03:44 Feb 29
[Hans has eaten suprisingly little and can’t take his eyes off of his date.] -03:45 Feb 29
Yvaine: Having no problems trying things directly from random plates just to make sure they were delicious, Yvaine offered Hans a wide grin. “A break for a few months, and then casting for the next play! I think I’ll be in plays until I can’t dance anymore, and then I might teach ballet. Even if my feet fell off, I wanna stay involved in dance.” -03:47 Feb 29
Hans: He smiled back. “Its good to see you’ve found something you love, a passion so strong you’re living it and not just doing it.” he reached over and took one of ther still steaming buns from the basket and sliced it in half. “It almost makes me feel guilty that I wish you to stay in Rhineland.” His eyes shot to hers to watch her reaction. “But now that were reaquianted.. is there any rreason to rush things, a tickt here or wherever you are would be a trifle…” -03:52 Feb 29
Yvaine: “I haven’t even seen all of the country yet, Hans. You should probably show me, first!” she was grinning, and playing coy. But on the inside she was absolutely delighted. It was strange that she had never thought past a week or two with the few boys she dated, but it was so easy to thinking about coming back to Rhineland… or even staying! “Could you show me? I have a few more days before the next play.” -03:55 Feb 29
Hans: “Its isn’t the biggest of countries, but I’d be happy to show it to you. The river my boat and all the castles along it.” He leaned forwards and placed his hand on hers. “It would be an pleasure.” -03:59 Feb 29
Yvaine: “Multiple castles? You’re making your country sound a lot more enchanting than I bet it is.” Still, she was grinned and curling her thumb around his fingers. With the candle light his eyes looked so pretty. All of those cheesy lines about staring in to someone’s eyes must have come from sparkling moments like this. -04:11 Feb 29
[Hans cuckles in an amused way.] -04:25 Feb 29
Hans: “Well we are in a fairy tale.” he joked his finger lightly brushing her hand before they curled around it and he leaned further. “We could leave today if I make the call.” -04:29 Feb 29
Yvaine: “Whisking me away on an evening trip would definitely be very fairy tale like.” Just with holding her hand he could take her breath away. Inching forward to be closer came all too natural. “On the boat, even? I don’t think anyone will miss me for a day or two.” There were practices for sure, but she had done the play so many times already, there was no concern about missing a step. -04:35 Feb 29
Hans: “Then it will be you… me… and the water..” he said so far forwards now thier noses were almost toutching. “For the weekend…” it was almost an accident that his lip brushe hers then he was talking. Almost but it prompted him to press the kiss home his hand coming up to hold the back of Yvaine’s neck. -04:43 Feb 29
Yvaine: It was amazing how something so simple could leaving her feeling so dizzy. Her returned kiss timid at first, before turning more confident. Her fingertips from both hands coming up to brush against his cheeks softly. -04:48 Feb 29
Hans: He held the kis his eyes closing as his lips moved agaist hers slowly. In the back of his mind he knew they could get him and the entire covernment into trouble but with Yvain that seemed a problem for tomorow. “I fear I’ve grown fond of you.” he said softly ehen hi finall pulled away his eyes openeing. “We’ll have to do something about that.” -04:54 Feb 29
Yvaine: Yvaine gave a dreamy laugh. What she would have loved to do was leap out of her chair and throw her arms around his neck. She would have to restrain herself. “Are you going to toss me in to a tower, Hans? I’m not sure that’s how these things work!” she teased. It was much better to tease, than blabber out how much she adored him. -04:56 Feb 29
Hans: He pus his hand on his chin in a gesture of thought. “That is an idea I could live with.. though I hope I don’t need to resort to that to get you to stay. A few dates, a trip up the Rhine, maybe a tour of the palace… then I’ll introduce you to the intricacies of court.” -05:01 Feb 29
Yvaine: Such a simple gesture, and she was covering up her mouth with her hands so he wouldn’t see her grinning like an idiot and so she wouldn’t squeal with amusement. Yvaine might have been a grown woman, but clearly she was far from mature enough to handle having an adult crush. Once she had that sudden burst of smittenness under control, she dropped her hands to her lap and tried to at least look prim. “In the meantime… would you dance with me? It would make up for missing my prom and not being my date.” -05:06 Feb 29
Hans: He smiled and stood. “A dance promise is a dance promised.” he held his hand out for hers. “Though dancing with a world class ballerina… you will excuse me if I’m a little nervous.” -05:09 Feb 29
Yvaine: “I’m not asking you to pirouette or sissonne, Hans!” she laughed, taking his hands to pull herself from her seat. Yvaine pulled him away from the table, wrapping one of his arms around her waist. Taking his other hand with hers, and finally resting her free hand on his shoulder. Of course she knew he probably knew how to dance. Once of those things a King would need to know for fancy social parties. But she was happy to play the part of teacher to make him less nervous if needed. “Besides, not excluding speeches, how often are you nervous?” -05:14 Feb 29
Hans: “Not when I sign an order, not anymore…. just when I divert a ballet, and go to it in diguise to try to see if a gorl I knew a decade ago still knew whi I was.” He let her guide him but by the ease of which he fell into stance it was obvious he had done this before. “And then talking to her, knowing the nervouce prince she knew had been replaced by a king and wondering if she could still see the same prince in his eyes.” -05:20 Feb 29
Yvaine: He made her feel so very special! Yvaine was blushing, and trying to pretend she wasn’t as she led him in to the simple steps. Dancing with him came as natural as breathing, but she really wasn’t surprised at all. “Well..~!” she started with a breath. “I see a man who was once very sweet prince. That was no afraid to ask for help from a teenage girl. Was nice enough to carry her home when she slipped in the rain. Who might be a little taller, but still makes that girl feel like she is someone important. Is that an acceptable answer, your highness?” -05:27 Feb 29
Hans: “More than.” he said following her though the steps imediatly catchin onto the dance and letting his muscle memory take hims through it as his mind stayed fixated on her. “Thank you Yvain for another chance under better circumstances.” he said as they moved. “Then and now you make me feel the happiest a have with anyone even if then I never said it. I still see the girt who helped a floundering price with his speach and tried to proove his innocence when the world condemened him.” -05:35 Feb 29
Yvaine: None of it should make her feel embarassed, but Yvaine still dropped her forehead against his shoulder to hide her smile and the tinge of red in her cheeks. “I can’t believe I’m here. And this is all real. You have no idea how much I really wanted it to be. To have all of the bad stuff happen, and then never getting to see you again… I think I cried a million times.” -05:40 Feb 29
Hans: “Thats at least ten times a day for the last ten years.” he said, if the maths was correct it wasn’t important. “I hope they weren’t waisted tears.” He drew his arms around her and pulled her closed talking the lead as he adopted a slewer dance not unlike the last dance of a prom.. or how he imagined them. “And I hope they you don’t add to that number after today.” -05:47 Feb 29
Yvaine: Dancing and getting to have his arms wrapped around her. Yvaine decided she could die happy if she passed out right there. She slipped her arms around his neck, tilting her head back so she could grin up at him. “I think it was worth every tear and the very long wait. I doubt you’ll be making my cry, though. Right?” -05:53 Feb 29
Hans: “Not if I can help it.” he said looking down at her, then slowly moving his lips to hers in another kiss his arms tighting further around her. “I prefer your smile to your tears.” -05:56 Feb 29
Yvaine: “If you don’t stop kissing me like that, I might not make it back to my hotel with any sense left.” she murmured with a dazed grin. …and she wasn’t kidding. Yvaine was getting swept away by him, and quickly forgetting her list of things she -wouldn’t- to to make a fool of herself. -05:59 Feb 29
Hans: “Then I’ll pick you up later for the boat.” he said still holding her close. “Since you’ll need a change of clothes or two. Though I knink I’ll be able to find something in your size.” -06:03 Feb 29
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed! “I am tempted to let you try. I’d like to see how a King would dress a ballerina!” He was absolutely amazing. Yvaine nibbled on her bottom lip before leaning up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “I promise Maria won’t be there to answer the door this time.” -06:08 Feb 29
Hans: “Shes seems like quite the… character..” he said slowly. “I’ll be there at three, with brand new clothes and have the boat fueled and stocked for a weekend on the water. You’ll love it.” he sighed for a second wonderign if they were going too fast… but after waiting ten years was anything too fast? -06:12 Feb 29
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 001: Reunion

[Yvaine is a ballerina, staring as adult Clara in a world tour production of The Nutcracker! It is the final bow~!] -03:13 Feb 28
[Hans is the recently crowned king of Rhineland, a small germanic european state, and he has come incogneto to see someone he once knew.] -03:17 Feb 28
Yvaine: Probably the most nerve-wracking perfomance of her entire life. Despite the fact it was the last country of the tour. That morning she had told a co-worker a very exciting story… but it was ten years prior. The fact that Rhineland’s new king had not come to see the performance was proof enough that the past was in the past! -03:18 Feb 28
Hans: He stood adn clapped with the rest his smile but one in a sea of them. He leaned over an whispered into the ear of his companion. "Invite her to the consevatory for a meeting." the thratre had been a palace centuries ago and was still technically a royal holding. If he wanted to use one of the rooms he would! -03:21 Feb 28

As soon as the curtain fell, and everyone vacated the stage, Yvaine along with the others were in the process of changing out of costume. A cast mate leaned over Yvaine’s table making kissy faces! “Soooo, totally heart broken there was not a royal audience? It’s too bad, I really wanted to meet a King!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine was now wearing a simple dress and trying to strap her regular shoes back on. "I didn’t tell you that story so you could bring it up every five minutes!" Yvaine whispered with exasperation. Maria treated it like some sort of fairy tale… but the reality was much less pleasant! "I doubt he’s even thought twice about me. I stopped writing him sometime after high school, and I can’t imagine how busy he is now." -03:29 Feb 28

ther was a sharp rap on the door before it opened and a hall man dressed in a suit almost took up the entire door. “Miz Yavane.” he said his accent showing through. “You are to follow me for a private audiyans.” He stood still not sayign another word and not looking like he’d take no for an answer. -Hans

Hans: The king waited still dressed in his (relatively) plain suit and he couldn’t stop pacing, his car waited outside the side enterence… he had no idea what he was doing, it wasn’t regal and it certainly wasn’t well-advised. -03:33 Feb 28
Yvaine: Both Maria and Yvaine paused, and though Maria was ushering Yvaine to ‘Go! Go!’, Yvaine doubted the woman realized just how many BAD things men in black suits tended to represent! "R-right… Coming." Yvaine grabbed her coat and pulled it on, following the scary guy in a suit. But making sure to slip her hands in to her pockets so should could pull out pepperspray and flee if she needed to. -03:35 Feb 28

the mountain of a man walked witout lookign back down into a wing the ballet crew had been forbidden to enter, down a saircase and raound a corner. “Though there.” he said gesturing at a closed door. “His highness is waiting.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine stared at him again. A little surprised and… not so sure she believed him! Finally, she gathered up her senses enough to twist the knob and enter the room. Still unsure if maybe Maria and some of the crew were playing another prank on her. -03:40 Feb 28
Hans: He heard the door open and turned, instincticly claspign his hands behind his back and taking a deep breath. "Yvaine…." he said. It was her. "You show was… magnificent.." -03:42 Feb 28
Yvaine: There she was staring again. Having only stepped a few paces in to the room with the door closed behind her. He looked so different…! But totally the same. She found herself holding her breath… until she realized she hadn’t said a word yet! "I.. yes. Thank you very much." All of the things she wanted to talk to him about, and suddenly she couldn’t think of a word! -03:46 Feb 28
Hans: He hadn’t moved in the time she hadn’t spoken. "Its good to see you. I’m sure you heard about…" he had been busy. His father’s abdication, the political games and deaths and his own corination… "I’d like to show you the pallace and some of the city along that way. I’ve been told you haven’t had a chance to get out since your arival." -03:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "There’s a lot of work and practice that goes in to the shows. They tend to keep us on a tight leash." Yvaine was swaying back and forth on her feet. A big smile slowly spreading across her face. He sounded so official and so professional… "I am really surprised you remember me at all. It’s been a long time. …ten years or so?" -03:56 Feb 28
Hans: "About that he said taking the first step towards covering the distance between them. "But I have not been to busy to not think back at the final weeks before my life became the property of the state. And I’ve missed that time." -03:59 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed softly, looking not-so-convinced and a little embarassed. "The first day I met you, I offered to help with your speech at my school. Are you still having trouble with speeches..?" It was the start of a very strange couple of months! -04:07 Feb 28
Hans: I have fifteen writers, one for each possible occasion." he joked. "We are very big on PR here, understandably." he was standing right in front of her now and he offered his hand. "I was hoping this meeting could be for pleasure, and we have a lot to catch up on. Your career, my.. career, because rolalty is nothing if not a family business." -04:35 Feb 28
Yvaine: He had to go and say ‘for pleasure’ which probably made her face turn about three different shades of red. Clearly, she spent way too much time gossiping with her coworkers. Yvaine took his hand and cleared her throat. It was friends catching up, there was no reason for her to get all gooey. "I was supposed to attend a cast party, but I’ve been to dozens of those… Getting to catch up would definitely be once in a lifetime!" -04:39 Feb 28
Hans: He paused, then slowly a smile spread across his face. "We could do both, spend say, an hout at your party and see where it goes from there. And if theres no assassins in your cast I’ll tell security not to wait up." -04:42 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Assassins I wouldn’t worry about. Just gossiping pranksters." Yvaine grinned, rocking on her feet again and swinging his hand back and forth. She might be ten years older, but she was forever energetic. "If you’re brave enough, King Hans!" -04:47 Feb 28
Hans: "The court is full of gossipers, pranksters would be a refreshing change." he said turning his head sideways t look at her. "I was worried you’d changed, but I don’t see much of that, so… tell me what has as we walk." -04:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I was hoping I’d get taller, but since that didn’t happen, at least it helped with me dancing." she responded with a grin. Leading him to the door where they could join the cast party. "I think I mentioned going to college in my last letter? I’m really sorry I stopped writing! School was so much more work than I thought it would be. Between academics and then dance practive, I never even had time to have a personal life!" Why did she even mention that? Hans didn’t need to know she became a social hermit. -04:54 Feb 28
Hans: He almost stopped in his tracks and looked away for a second. Then without explination. "You didn’t get any replied did you?" he sounded lett upbeat somehow. "It turns out the lessons they put you thought to becme a kind can be just as crippling to your social life, and I’m sorry you didn’t get anythign from me."" -05:01 Feb 28
Yvaine: "That’s okay! I mean, I knew I was writing to a Prince, I really never expected you to have time for some High School girl." So he had tried writing to her? That made her feel so much less like an idiot! Now Yvaine was trying really hard not to grin like one too. "Don’t worry about it. You’ll prolly be glad I didn’t when you meet my cast mates. I made the mistake of telling Maria about you on the plane here, and now she can’t stop talking about you." -05:06 Feb 28
Hans: He shot her another sideways look. "Reminiscing about the good old days when a price of a tiny country in the middle of nowhere came to visit? Its a wonder she believed you." he teased "But I’m sure I’ll be all the proof she needs… I also get an whole diferent kind of disbelief whenever I mention the ‘common girl’ I once knew." -05:12 Feb 28
Hans: He shot her another sideways look. "Reminiscing about the good old days when a price of a tiny country in the middle of nowhere came to visit? Its a wonder she believed you." he teased "But I’m sure I’ll be all the proof she needs… I also get an whole diferent kind of disbelief whenever I mention the ‘common girl’ I once knew." -05:12 Feb 28
Yvaine: "She definitely though I was spinning a fib at first…" He talked about her! If Yvaine grinned any more, her face was going to crack. She tried to put on a more reserved expression. Once they reached the door that led to Backstage, Yvaine released his hand. It probably wouldn’t be appopriate to be tugging a King around by the hand. "Here we are then… I absolutely won’t blame you at all if you escape!" With that said, she pushed open the door. Most of the American staff didn’t seem to notice or care, but all of the hirees from the local city were instantly wide-eyed and baffled to see their current King striding in. -05:16 Feb 28
Hans: He stepped in and waved his hand as several of the hirees either bowed or curtsied. "Ich bin nur ein normaler Mensch heute Abend." He said trying to sound casual. "Keine notwendigkeit regelmäßiger." then he turned his attention back to Yvaine. "They don’t seem to know who I am, I should enjoy this." -05:26 Feb 28

Maria showed up with a glass of champagne and offered it to Yvaine. She wasn’t subtle about checking out Yvaine’s guest. “I didn’t know you had a -guest- Yva! Introduce me to this dream boat, eh, eh?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine cleared her throat. This -was- going to be embarassing. "This is Hans… I mean, King Hans, and pretty please don’t make a bi-" Yvaine was cut off when Maria squealed loud enough for the entire room to turn around and start watching. "…not make a big deal about it. This is Maria." she leaned to mutter to Hans. -05:31 Feb 28
Hans: So this is where it started. Maybe he should have mentioned to Yvaine that his title needn’t be brought into it. "Just Hans tonight." he said for once glad to didn’t have to to the bowing an kissing of hands deal. "Maria, I’ve heard all about you and it seem syou about me. Yvain and I were catching up on old times." he leaned over and whispered to Yvain. "Does she usually do that then meeting dignitaries?" -05:36 Feb 28

“How darling! A real modern fairy tale and all, hmm?” Maria looked completely amused. Dainty little Yvaine and a King. Just wait until she told everyone. “By all means, you two catch up! I don’t want to be a third wheel.” Near chirping with the news, Maria was vanishing in to the crowd, already getting the gossip train started. Several of the locals were more than a little interested to hear why their King was backstage at a ballet! -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Seeing as you are the first she has ever met, I’m pretty surprised you’re not on the floor and having your clothes pulled off." Maria had threatened to do the same to many handsome royals from other countries. Maybe bringing Hans to the cast party wasn’t the best idea. -05:42 Feb 28
Hans: The mental image was probibally the not the best in front of so many people, and especially not right after being reunited with an old flame and trying to see if there was a spark left. "Trying to have a quiet evening with so many people around was an impossible dream." he admitted, "But somewhere more private is still an option. If you havn’t eaten I know a little place not far from here." -05:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Okay!" she said immediately. …then realized how that miiight have been a little quick to accept. "I mean… Yeees, that sounds nice, actually. I never did understand why everyone wants to stand around and party after a long performance. Getting to sit would be great." Yvaine passed off that glass of champagne to someone else, telling them quickly she was leaving for the night before turning back to Hans. "You won’t be missed? I’m kind of surprised you don’t have an army of guards with you…" -05:54 Feb 28
Hans: "They’re with the car that has no one in the back." he said with a smile as he once again took her hand and began retracing thier steps. "You’d be surprised how easy it is for the head of state to disappear when he chooses to. I of course keep one or two men close but the ‘army’ needs its nights off too." -05:57 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine really hoped it wasn’t showing on her face. Having him take her hand a second time was leaving her with all kinds of butterflies. It was so stupid to feel this way after so long. "Does that mean things here have settled? I’ve always followed the news, and it was really exciting to hear that the production was going to play in Rhineland." -06:03 Feb 28
Hans: "The court is moderized, in six months we will have a parliment and I will be able to step back and let the people decide who they want to represent them. Its a new age for Rhineland and finally the common man will be put first." he smiled as the passion showed on his face and in his voice. "There will he hichups and the mobles are up in arms but with the people first adn the people they want beign thier voice I believe that peace and stability can come to Rhineland. There hasn’t been a roit in seven years and they are starting to have faith in us again. Its been a long battle but I think it will be worth it… and maybe they’ll finally stop telling me to choose a queen." -06:07 Feb 28
Yvaine: "It will work a little bit like England, then?" Yvaine was proud for him! He hadn’t know what he wanted out of life when she first met him, and now… he really loved what he was doing. Yvaine squeezed his hand, laughing as they walked. "You don’t have a girlfriend or fiance yet? There has to be lots of eligible princesses!" -06:11 Feb 28
Hans: He sighed.. "Work keeps me busy, in the ten years since we met so much has changed here, I don’t recognize it anymore, and the price I’ve paid is to end up married to the throne." he lookes at her "Constantly writing a signing documents and unable to go anywhere for more than a few hours without the royal guard showing up with even more papers and thier safety procedures. It hard to meet anyone like that. But I’ve followed our news too. You’re considered a rising star." -06:17 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Yeah!" she flushed, hanging her head a bit to hide her embarassment. "All I’ve ever wanted to do is dance. And I love every minute of it! I didn’t really expect to go so far, though. Sometimes the attention is a little overwhelming." Yvaine squeeze his hand again when she finally looked back up again. "I guess all that crazy stuff we went through was good practice. I don’t freeze up during interviews anymore!" -06:23 Feb 28
Hans: He stopped and turned to have her. "We’ve both gone places." he said but when he did it didn’t feel like it, it felt like it had ten years ago. I’m on a throne and you’re on a stage. The spotlight can’t stay away from either or us." he stepped forwards and placed his hand lightly on her shoulder. "I’ll tell you I came here for more than to see you dance, I came to see you." -06:30 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Really?" Yvaine could have kicked herself for how breathy and ridiculous her voice sounded. She had to swallow and take a deep breath just so she could speak normally. "I was hoping I’d see you. I wanted to write you a letter and send you a ticket. I just… I guess I didn’t think you would have remembered me." -06:33 Feb 28
Hans: "Thats the reason I came as I did, to see if you remembered me." he confessed. "To see if the fairy tale was still alive…" he leaned forewards the hand on her should sliding up to her cheek as his lips parted slishtly to allow his nervous breath to escape… -06:38 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I always think about you." A fairy tale indeed, Yvaine always thought she had saw more in it than actually happened in reality. It wasn’t as if they had a relationship, it’s just that maybe… and here he was standing so close and making her feel like her knees were going to give way. -06:42 Feb 28
Hans: He moved forwards the hand bushing her hair out the way as he went for the…. "The car is waiting Highness." the voice was right behind them and Hans jumped almost imediatly snapping to attnetion. "Ahh… Yvain.. you remember my bodyguard, now head of the royal guard… Gunther…" Hans looked away, he had been so close to kssing her…. -06:44 Feb 28
Yvaine: "R-right, Hello Gunther!" Her face was probably three different shades of red. Yvaine smoothed out her skirt even though it’s not as if they did anything..! "It’s good to see you again." -06:46 Feb 28
Hans: "Go and make sure the escort is prepaired I don’t want a repeat of March." Hans said. "I will follow." Gunther bowed and after tellign Hans not to take to long left. "He turned back to her and immediatly his commanding expression dropped and he had to look away to hide his embaressment, then on impulse he placed a hand on each of her cheeks and pulling her closer pressed his lips into hers hard. -06:55 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine wasn’t expecting a kiss after the interuption. She was still wondering if she had imagined the first moment! Her exclamation was nothing more than a soft squeak of surprise, followed by a dreamy sigh. Yvaine leaned in to him, having to grasp his jacket just to keep herself on her feet. Kissing him was so much better than she daydreamed about..! -06:58 Feb 28
Hans: His hands sliding back to grip her head instead of just her her cheeks he moved his lips against hers and sighed into the kiss before he pulled back. "That answers that." he said softly as he brushed his fingers agaist her cheek. "I will see you again before you leave….." -07:05 Feb 28
Yvaine: She was in a daze! Yvaine almost missed his words. She nodded softly, still clinging on to his coat and almost afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand straight. "We’ll be here for a few weeks. In the country." Yvaine didn’t even realize her eyes had been closed. She opened one then the other to look up at him. -07:08 Feb 28
Hans: He brushes her hair from her face again even though she didn’t really need it. "Well it will be sooner than that…" he stepped away and his hand fell to his sides. He didn’t want to leave but there was little choice involved. "See you soon Yvaine." and then he turned and started walking slowly away. -07:15 Feb 28
Yvaine: She felt fifteen all over again, waving at his back as he said goodbye. …only this time he had left her with a kiss and feeling like she just drank a bottle of champagne! "Goodnight Hans..!" The minute he was out of ear-shot, Yvaine bounced up and down on her feet and clapped her hands in joy. He kissed her…! He really did kiss her! -07:18 Feb 28
Hans: "Goodnight Yvaine." he called back turning and waving back to her. "Tomorow I’ll send word." The then he was gone, rounding a rorner and into the waiting arms of his guard so they could explain what they had interupted hime for. -07:20 Feb 28