My Demon Roommate 003: Morning After

Jayden: It was Sunday and the last day of her weekend. She woke up sore and pissy… None of the bones in her hand were broken, but damned if it wasn’t still swollen. In fact, that was the only reason she was seriously thinking about rolling out of bed. If only she had some telekinesis. She’d summon herself an icepack and a beer and just go back to sleep. Jayden grumbled and threw her arm over her eyes. -09:42 Aug 01
Cupio: He was on his stomach his head in it’s side and hugging a pillow, though Jayden’s stiring made him lift his head and yawn at her. “Morning..” he said sitting up the stretching. “Get you anything from the fridge?” he was still feeling bad about the previous night as he straitened the pillow at the top of the bed and smoothed out the cover. -09:46 Aug 01
Jayden: “Hmm…” she huffed. The first thing that came to mind was sex. Figures. The second was ordering him around so he brought her breakfast and did a whole manner of things for her. …which would also end with sex. Awesome! Busted knuckles weren’t enough to keep her down! Without taking her arm away from her eyes, she lifted her hand to show him. “Ice. Food. Stop screwing around with that pillow.” -09:51 Aug 01
Cupio: He patted the pillow and leaned down to whisper “I’ll call you.” then he gave her a grin and hopped out of bed and rubbed his shoulder rolling hsi arm. “Feels good to have some width to my shoulders.” he said before stretching. “Ice, food, beer, got it.” he stepped out the door and headed into the lounge to and through it into the kitchen to grab a pan and put some toast on… breakfast sounded good and while he was crabbing bacong and eggs he was whistling… it onlu the cussion wasn’t on the floor it would be perfect! -09:57 Aug 01
Jayden: Ugh! She didn’t want to be reminded of yesterday’s insanity. Girl Cupio was weird and brought out the weird in her too! How can she be so jealous and over protective at the same time? Stupid! Jayden rolled over in bed to grab her remote off the night stand. Having a tv in her bedroom was her special little treat to herself. She flipped it on and leaned back, perfectly fine with wasting her morning in bed. …and there he was. Well, girl him. And HERSELF. Oh for fuck’s sake…! Jayden sat up quickly and turned on the volume. To her relief it was just a retelling of what happened and there wasn’t going to be an investigation. They were showing a lot of security cam footage of what happened after. Thank god Cupio wasn’t the worse. They apparently got lucky and left before it really got crazy… Jayden was now glaring at the door now as she rose her voice, and practically shouted. “You know what, next time you go out for a job interview can you not get all sparky fire on the place?” -10:03 Aug 01
Cupio: Pan in hand and spatula in the other he was leaning against her bedroon door a moment after she spoke and saw the strean. “What can I say we’re a hot-blooded people, get us riled and we go for hours and don’t let anything stop us, but then you already knew that.” another grin and he was heading back to the stove to ladle the eggs onto the toast still whisling to himself. “I’m sorry by the way. I didn’t mean to take it that far.” he called over his shoulder. Right, breakwast onto plates and a tray, two beers, and back to the bedroom.” -10:07 Aug 01
Jayden: He even made a demon-crazy bar fight sound hot. Now if she didn’t have that irritating memory of that douche manhandling some poor half naked girl. …and him grabbing her and shoving her! She should done more than just kick him in the nuts. Jayden gesture at the tv, but her expression softened at seeing breakfast. “_I_ stopped you. That could have ended up so much worse, you know? If you’re gonna go get a job in the sex business, at least don’t be…. don’t be some tiny little girl!” -10:15 Aug 01
Cupio: “You think I’v going to get decent pay with his body?: he asked putting the tray doen and placing a bottle in her hands and puttin ghis own to his lips. “I can look after myself alright… though it was nice having someone coming to stick up for me.” he sighed. “Humans need to learn not to push buttons though… theres a reanos why hell isn’t pleasnet for you guys and its not because we’re heartless jerks. Well not all of us anyway… and theres those that get torn to shreads during sex.. fragile creatures…” -10:19 Aug 01
Jayden: Hmm, rough sexy sex… Wait, damnit. They were talking about something serious here. Jayden readjusted her seat. Testing the food and a little surprised that it was more than edible. “I am pretty sure there are tons of desperate women out there wanting hot demon guys to oggle at. And they aren’t nearly as grabby and filled with douchery.” She took a sip of the beer and grimanced at her hand. “I’m not gonna punch a guy for you again, so you better appreciate that one!” -10:24 Aug 01
Cupio: “Hes lacky you did punch him.” he said “But.. ugh..” he took a gulp of beer then a bite of toast. “You think I’m afraid of a little debauchery?” he took another bite, and then another na before he knew it his plate was empty. “Maybe yoou’re right though, this place isn’t home. There I could use this body and still get debauchery, and that would be okay. Humans are wierd. How do you live without… back home there was a chance I woul dhave stripped naked and jumped that guy, then it would have triggered the whole bar to join in… humans don’t do that anywhere.. do they? No where, that place was about as debauched as they get?” -10:30 Aug 01
Jayden: Jayden was having a really hard time eating breakfast with him talking like that. On the one hand, she was pretty disgusted at the thought of a massive orgy. For someone who hated messes, that sounded like a HUGE mess to her. On the other hand… Well. She seriously needed to keep a lid on her inner freak. “There’s waaaay worse places than that. And if you work somewhere like that as that girl, just break his fingers right off the bat, please. There’s no sense in being disrespected by some jerk…” Wow, that really did bother her a LOT. Jayden grumbled under her breath again as she focused on her food. -10:36 Aug 01
Cupio: He put his plate on his bedside table then lat down on his side facing her propped up on his elbow. “I wouldn’t have.” he said “The only way he’d go onto my mouth is if I were hungry, and even then if there was no one else around.” he drained his bottle and put it down too. “emons are fickle and picky by nature… We may fuck a lot, but even we have standards. Though admitedly they vary from demon to demon.” -10:44 Aug 01
Jayden: “Standards, huh? The way you talk, it doesn’t always sound like it.” Jayden got through half her plate and seemed to have lost her appetite. It wasn’t even the conversation! That was actually interesting! She shifted to pick up her tray and set it down on the floor by the bed. Sitting back up to flick her aching hand. Another grumble and she was scooting back down under the covers next to him. Really did wake up way too early. “What are your standards, then? If you don’t mind me asking? I’d like to know if I’m gonna have to stay in my room when you bring people over.” -10:49 Aug 01
Cupio: “He slid under the blanket himself and inched his arm under her head se pull her close. “Remember how I said I see colors humans can’t that reprisent things other than light. The same of for a person’s aura. I get to seethier color and it tells me more about them than an hour talking ever could. its a feeling, not words. I think I remember saying I liked your color. And your smell. your perfume makes me think of lavender and roses. and you natural scent, especially just after an orgasm…” he sighed. “Excuse me…” he slipped out of bed to grab her tray and his place to take them to the kitchen and dump them out of sight before he came back. -10:55 Aug 01
Jayden: He really didn’t answer her question specifically. Instead he offered information that affected her way way too well. Jayden was starting to wonder if he did it on purpose. ..and then he was off being a neat freak again, leaving her squirming alone in bed. She was frowning at him again when he returned. “Okay, aside from your crazy need to have everything perfectly in it’s place, and your affinity for smelling me… what are your standards?” -11:01 Aug 01
Cupio: “I’m still young.” he said “By our standards, I’m still figuring things out, but the sex has to be great, and they have to be relatable ro me, treatl me close to as well as I treat them and generallly do good to hang out with. Kindof like you. If you didn’t meet my standards.. well not everyone who has summoned me has gotten lucky, or survived. If I persol feel right I give then a chance, if they don’t then they had better not try.” We are capable of having prolonged and sometime monogamous relationships. Though those are rare.” -11:06 Aug 01
Jayden: There was a raise of her eyebrow. Obviously Jayden didn’t believe half of what he said. …okay sure, demons could totally have relationships and all that jazz. But in relation to herself, she found that a bit farfetched. “Maybe that girly girl damsel form you have is appropriate. You kinda sound like a girl now.” Jayden gave him a sudden cheeky grin. -11:10 Aug 01
Cupio: He rolled his eyes. “If you don’t want the answers don’t ask the questions.” he leaned back and closed his eyes. “But hey if I don’t meet your standards I could always go bac to the couch. No offence woud be taken, you were curious about demon, you had demon, no harm in not liking it.” -11:12 Aug 01
Jayden: Jayden leaned over until her chin was resting on his arm. She was grinning like a fiend. It really was fun to get him riled up. “Don’t get offended, Coop. I was jealous of your dainty girlness.” She reached out to muss up his hair and see if that bothered his neat-freakness. “‘Sides, I think you know damned well that I liked it. And you’re in my bed because I wanted you to feel safe. Next time I will try not to worry about you.” -11:20 Aug 01
Cupio: He caught her hand in his hair by her wrist and pulled it down to mesh his fingers with hers. “What if I like it when you worry, and get jealous?” his turn to grin. “And I think I’m in your bed because you liked it.” he stuck his tongue out at her. “And for my first and so far only human, you were pretty good. You have the passion of a chaotic demon.” -11:24 Aug 01
Jayden: This was oddly comfortable, and it was a nice change. Maybe because there were no strings attached and he was just a room mate and… summoned demon. Rather than a boyfriend or a post party screw. Jayden tugged at his hand instead, since he wouldn’t let her muss up his hair. “So a big scary demon likes it when a human beats up people for him? That’s pretty weird. I’m just gonna pretend like you didn’t just say I’m pretty good and that I have a chaos demon’s passion, though. I don’t think my ego can handle any more of your compliments without me fucking your brains out, and I’m a little tired…” -11:31 Aug 01
Cupio: “If you’re tired I could do most of the fucking.” he said without moving or changing his expression. “And I like people caring about me, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a creature that doesn’t.” he cracked open an eye and looked at her. Then pushed him ahnd with hers down his pants. -11:35 Aug 01
Jayden: He moved fast! Jayden stiffened a bit, a little hesitant to touch, but curiosity won out in the hand. She didn’t have more than a few sips of beer, she needed it for courage for this stuff! “Just let you do all the work, huh? You really know how to tempt a girl.” she muttered. Her face was flushed, and Jayden debated whether or not she actually had the guts to back up her big mouth without booze to dull her inhibitions. In the meantime, her fingers were stroking him gently and trying to decide for her. -11:42 Aug 01
Cupio: He undid his pants to hive her room and scooted closer leanign down to kiss her gently. “A demon knowing hot to tempt?” he teased and moved to kiss the side of her neck sucking against the skin. “I’ll only do it if you want to though. I’m not like that guy at the bar. I do know how to be forward though.” with that last sentence he pushed his leg against her crotch. -11:46 Aug 01
Jayden: “If I was going to say no, you wouldn’t be in my bed in the first place.” she muttered after sucking in a quick breath. She wasn’t one of those dumb girls! If she wasn’t so distracted, she might have been offended. Her stroking was leisurely and without any rush, and she found herself biting her lip. Apparently he knew how to get her all riled up too. -11:53 Aug 01
Cupio: He shifted closer pushing his hand down her pajamas and rubbing against her as he brushind him lips against hers and then nipped his finger dipping inside. “Fair point, next time I won’t ask, I’ll just start stripping you and ravaging.” -11:58 Aug 01
Jayden: Her legs moved as that breath was let out in a slow hiss. She kinda liked the sounds of that! But Jayden wasn’t going to mention that out loud. Not while she was curling her hand around him and trying to focus on what she was doing to him and not what he was doing to her. “Better be careful with that. Next time I’ll be fiesty.” Jayden wanted to be fiesty now, but drawing a leg over him and kissing him soft was a good comprimise for now. -12:04 Aug 01
Cupio: He pressed his body against hers and ran claws down the side of her neck pressing his lips against hers. The pushed her over and suttled his hips against hers making sure his body squirmend on top of her as he settles and then pulled back to look into her eyes. “I look forwards to it, I’ve had chaotic demon, second best sex I’ve ever had.” -12:09 Aug 01
Jayden: Claws should really be creepy, not sending a delicious chill down her spine and right to her..! Jayden’s hands retracted, only to rest gently at his hips. Teasing the skin with her fingertips. What nice eyes you have, mister demon. “What was the best?” she asked curiously, though not really caring about the answer. She was drawing circles with her thumbnails over his stomach. -12:13 Aug 01
Cupio: He grinned at her and leased down to nuzzle her chest. “You wouldn’y believe me if I said. Not that it matters. I’m perfectly hapy right now.” he lwaned back to strip off her top and run his claws up her stomach grabbing her breast. His may have been bigger but he liked hers just fine. -12:19 Aug 01
Jayden: Oooh, he had her squirming and he was barely doing anything! Must be demon pheromones. Her hands shifted to cover his, curiously running her fingers over his claws. “So I could take you up on that offer of letting you do all the work, and you’ll be pleased as pie about it?” she teased. …and then being unable to resist was mussing up his hair again. -12:27 Aug 01
Cupio: He pusjed down his underwear and used his claws to shread hers. “You tell me.” he said hiis hips moving against hers. as he looked down into her eyes, watching her every expression. “Though persona;;u I thing the puch would go green with envy.” -12:31 Aug 01
Jayden: “Hmm, I think I need to add a new rule about ripping up my clothes…” she muttered all too softly. Either that, or she was just going to have to not wear clothes to bed. …The thought made her give a slow wicked grin, and she didn’t share it. After tussling his hair until it looked good and wild, she dropped her arms over her head. Shifting her legs so she was pushing up against him. -03:51 Aug 02
Cupio: He grinned back purly from the feeling of her against him taking hold of her hips and pushing himself against her, then pushing her lips apart with his tip and pushing inside. Humans, you had to be careful with them, espescially when they seeled to want to take it easy, but the feel of her around him made it very diificult for him and then thier hips pushed together he fell on top of her and with a growl nipped up her heck to her ear. -03:57 Aug 02
Jayden: Different than the quick and frenzied explosion of last time. Whether it was because of his restraint, which she could feel in the muscles under his skin, or her weary and lazy approach to the morning.. Jayden wasn’t sure. But she liked this just as much. Smiling when she tilted her head away to offer him better access, and curled her arms around his shoulders in an almost affectionate embrace. She wondered how long he could hold up that restraint? With very soft touch, Jayden brushed and caressed her fingers over his back. -04:05 Aug 02
Cupio: He nuzzled and kissed her sking, smelled nad pushed against her the easyness of this approach making him sigh and move his lips to hers. He pushed and his arms circled arounf her. “This is new…” he whispered. He wasn’t used to being so lazy about sex. -04:09 Aug 02
Jayden: That surprised her. Seriously? What was so new about it? “Already banged a human once, what’s different this time?” Her voice was still soft, and she mumbled the words between brushing her lips over his. Maybe a kiss or two since he was so kindly holding her close. Even despite being tired, it didn’t take her body long to respond to his and Jayden could already feel the building heat. She bit her lip as she sighed and her eyes fell closed. -04:15 Aug 02
Cupio: What was different about it, that was a good question, one that was difficult to think about with her kissing him. “Mmmmm.” it was an easy content sound, not a busy thining sound, he was trying to find a wordthough a word that described what was different. “Sweetness.” -04:21 Aug 02
Jayden: “Sweetness.” she repeated. Her hands splayed over his back, passing over his skin until the ran up his next and clutched the sides of his face. Her eyes had opened again as she kissed him. Deep and long. An unhurried and tender motion that was followed up with a grin. “Don’t think I’ve had sweetness before either. Kinda like it.” -04:29 Aug 02
Cupio: He ginned agaist her and pushed again, then again, letting the feeling intencify. “So you feel it too.” it wasn’t a question and hefore she could answer he was kissing ehr back. It was good this sweetless, but so was the pressure building and the fire in his chest. Figures it would take a human to make him feel like this. -04:33 Aug 02
Jayden: Jayden couldn’t answer even if she wanted to. That small pleasant sensation had gone to all consuming desire. Jayden had no problem letting herself get taken by it. Reveling in it like she was wrapped in a warm cozy blanket. She was smiling against his mouth while she curled her fingers in to the hair at the nape of his neck. Her legs moving gently against his in tandem with his movements. -04:43 Aug 02
Cupio: He pushing his lips tinto hers harder living then and letting them part as he wrythed agaist her his claws gripping her shoulder and pricking holes in the sheet, there were no horn this time, though his parted lipe betrayed the presence of fangs. -04:48 Aug 02
Jayden: She groaned aloud at the gentle prick of sharp teeth, her tongue slipping through parted lips to test pointy fangs and tease his mouth. Even more maddening than having him pinned to the floor, Jayden was twisting under him. Not content any longer to let him have all the fun, she braced her feet on the mattress to raise her hips greet his. Pushing and sliding against him until the churning pressure had her digging her nails in to the back of his neck. -04:58 Aug 02
Cupio: He listed his hip and pressed her down on top of then his tongue wrapping around hers but still somehow long enough to tickle the roof of her mouth. He was pushing and grinding and he was slipping as much as he wanted it to last, it would be over soon. -05:01 Aug 02
Jayden: She could do this all morning…! Never had sex made her feel so out of body, while still holding her so transfixed and tethered to who she was fucking. When it hit, she was toppled. Crying out loud in a surprised exclamation, and taking her so hard, Jayden was sure all the blood had rushed out of her head. -05:12 Aug 02
Cupio: He thrues again even at she tightened, then again and… it was a good thing he was already on top of her otherwise he might has fallen. He deepened the kiss and placed a hand on her side before moving to nuzzle into her shoulder. “Definately new..” he felt like he never wanted to let her go. -05:16 Aug 02
Jayden: “Uh huuuh.” she sighed. Ooh, she was so dizzy! But damned if that wasn’t worth it. Jayden didn’t want to move, even if she had the energy. Her legs were limp and her arms fell slack over him. Though now she was softly petting through his hair as she turned her head to smell it. Sex was never like that. Half the time she couldn’t remember it! -05:20 Aug 02
Cupio: He nuzzled int her before sliding off of her and pulling her against him. “So we’re going to be regular lovers then?” he asked kissing her forehead softly. “Do it whenever we feel like it?” it sounded good to him, and they were living together. rubbing the side of her neck he sighed happily. Very good. -05:24 Aug 02
Jayden: “Not a good idea to sleep with room mates…” she muttered. The comment not matching her body language as she comfortably curled up against him. Before she had been tired, but now she was just exhausted. He was so hot and comfy! “Maybe if you leave my towel alone.” -05:29 Aug 02
Cupio: He pretended to think it over as his hand cupped her breas and then slid up her chest and neck to glide along her cheek. “We’ll see. You de leave it on some pretty unsettling places.” -05:33 Aug 02

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