Voodoo 003: Old Friends

[Siegfried has woken to find the house empty. His newest purchase is out late…] -01:11 Aug 31
[Amber has spent a few days being a personal assisstant and evening dinner for a vampire. It’s been okay. Except TODAY where she’s running $^%%&#^@ late cause she had to be in five million meetings and still have enough time to buy HERSELF some dinner.] -01:13 Aug 31
Amber: In fact, that’s what she was doing right now. Walking out of a Chinese place trying to jostle her takeout bag with a bag from the dry cleaners, a huge portfolia of stuff her "master" needs to look over, and thiiiings for herself. There were SOME perks to having a limitless credit card. -01:20 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "Ommagawsh!" her trademark cry rent the night air as she stared at the person in front of her. "Amder…?" There was a worried look at her companion, they had dumped Amder in New Orleans as a brainless zombie… "It’s… SoooooOOOOoooo good to see you! Even in last season’s dress." -01:25 Aug 31 Siegfried
Julia: "You’re alive!" Julia croacked, and was quick to correct herself. "I mean lively! You’re look totally cute and stuff!" Like her friend, she looked super surprised, but wasn’t nearly as good at playing it off. She was twisting her bags in her hands. -01:29 Aug 31 Amber
Amber: Amber may as well of run in to a couple of robbers or something by the way she stopped so suddenly. None of the people she knew lived here in L.A. and after snooping over her facebook page a few days ago, her "friends" were not people Amber was all that happy to see. "I guess everyone just assumed I was dead, huh. Seeing as no one reported me missing…" -01:36 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Amder was hugged. "We had no idea what happened to you sweety." Amy cooep before pulling back. "We were to worried… what happened? We’ll bring you home. Don’t worry honey. God… everyone will be so releaved." Yes, they needed to know how much Amder remembered. "How about we go get slushies? Hmm?" -01:40 Aug 31 Siegfried
Julia: "Yeah! We didn’t know what happened! We were pretty drunk…" Julia chimed in before also going in for a hug, but with slightly less enthusium. She didn’t want her brains eaten. -01:43 Aug 31 Amber
Amber: Amber was stiff and if it weren’t for the bags in her hands, she might have shoved them both away. "Funny, there seem to be plenty of pictures with me tagged up on Facebook. But I guess we were all too drunk to remember what happened huh?" Amber wasn’t so sure what she believed about that, but they definitely hadn’t thought she would SEE any of the pictures or comments. Just like they were pretty surprised to see her now. "I’m supposed to be meeting someone, anyway. I live here." -01:46 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "Andeeeerrrr." her voice was a whine. "You can’t live here. We go to college together, you’re my roommate…" there were two hands clutching Amber’s arm. "Come ooon, we woke up, you were gone and we called our parents and looked for you. Hoooneeeeey don’t be mad. We’re just happy to see you." -01:51 Aug 31 Siegfried
Julia: "I thought we called her Auntie and sai- Oh right, yeah! Well, you know we called SOMEbody and we totally stayed with Brett too cause he was all kinds of upset and stuff about you!" Julia wasn’t great with this lying stuff, especially since Amber looked suuuuuper pissed off? Did she knoooow? -01:55 Aug 31 Amber
Amber: Of course Amy was lying, then again Amy didn’t ever really remember anything about other people unless she wanted something, right? How come Amber never realized that before? Amber was giving Julia a narrowed eye stare as she tried to untangle herself from Amy. Julia always cracked under the pressure. "Actually, I can and do live here. I have a very nice job that I’m actually starting to like. Though… how IS my boyfriend? Hrrm…" MY boyfriend didn’t sound right. There was a tingling of a memory but it was making her a little dizzy trying to recall it. -01:59 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "Oh! He’s here with m… us!" Amy said not letting go of Amber’s arm. "You know he was was so mopey and sad about you we just HAD to take him somewhere and where better than HOLLYWOOOD!" He’d be soooo happy to see you so you can forget about a job where you can’t even afford a decent pair of shoes and come back with us, okay?" there was a kiss on Amber’s cheek. "Come on honey. We’ll take you to meet him…." Amy was gesturing at Julia to call the man. GOD that girl was usless when deciebt was needed. Amber was a muuuch better flunky. -02:06 Aug 31 Siegfried
Julia: Oh god, oh god, Amber was thinking! Thinking was bad! Julia nearly dropped all of her things while looking for her cute little pink phone. "He’s gonna be like really surprised, REALLY surprised! I’m pretty sure he said Amber was neve- Um, you know, that Amber probably um, oh, here’s my phone!" -02:12 Aug 31 Amber
Amber: Amber glanced down at her shoes with a frown. She was pretty damn sure nothing she was wearing was out of style, her dear ‘master’ was weird about that. Urrg, what was she trying to remember? "He was pretty upset that night. Not sad, though.. Angry." Didn’t she have some sort of fight with him over something…? "I told you about it, didn’t I? About the fight." -02:12 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "Amber, yes you fought and he was going to appologize and was so sad that you went missing before you did. He blamed himself and… why don’t you just come with us to see him, hmmm? You parents will be soooo happy we found you. Why don’t I call them for you?" There was phone in her hand like magic, she was scrambling to keep Amber’s mind away from anything but that night. "Here, it’s ringing…" -02:16 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amy: "Amber, yes you fought and he was going to appologize and was so sad that you went missing before you did. He blamed himself and… why don’t you just come with us to see him, hmmm? You parents will be soooo happy we found you. Why don’t I call them for you?" There was phone in her hand like magic, she was scrambling to keep Amber’s mind away from anything but that night. "Here, it’s ringing…" -02:17 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "You know, unless my parents are zombies, I am pretty sure they’re not gonna care." Amy had been her roomie since the start of college, and the girl still never got that right. Not like she listened, because she was already on the phone calling god knew who. Brett most likely. Amber’s boyfriend. No, her EX boyfriend, that sounded much more like it. …but now Amber was narrowing her eyes at Julia who looked white as a sheet. Amber hung up the phone before someone picked up. "I don’t have time for any of this. Someone is waiting for me. Unless, Julia has something to tell me?" -02:26 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: "Z-zombies? HA! Haha… ha.. Amber you’re totes funny! Haaa." Julia dropped her phone and had to scramble to pick it up. Amy was taking care of everything, though, Amy always knew what to do! "Oooohhh my god, Amber, what would I say? I mean, you’ve been missing for months and we were like, sure you weren’t ever coming back. Brett and Amy was SUPER sure, I mean they said you were- um. Nothing." -02:26 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: Amy made a hand across the throat gesture. Julia was NOT to mention that. "Amberpoo, I’m your best friend. At least talk to uuuusss… Please." there was a distinct pout at Amber, and puppy eyes. "Cooome oooooon. Come meet Bret with us." -02:46 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amy: Amy made a hand across the throat gesture. Julia was NOT to mention that. "Amberpoo, I’m your best friend. At least talk to uuuusss… Please." there was a distinct pout at Amber, and puppy eyes. "Cooome oooooon. Come meet Bret with us." -02:47 Aug 31 Siegfried
Siegfried: There was a shadow agaist the chinese resturant adn if anyone was paying attantion they would see it wasn’t being cast by anything, and then a tall, thin, long white haired man stepped out of it to place a hand on Amber’s shoulder. "Amber, you’re late…" his voice was neutral along with his expression. "I believe she said she had work to get to, and she does. Six figures doesn’t earn itself." -02:51 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: He had scared the daylights out of her. If only because she had never seem him outside of his vampire-condo. So she glanced up at him in surprise, and then a slight frown. "I’m not that late. Surprised you didn’t just summon me or something." On the bright side, it was fairly gratifying to have him there. She was -finally- free of Amy, and Julia looked ready to scream. -02:58 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE! Julia wanted to squeal! He was totally old school handsome with movie star flaiiiiir! Julia was staring at him like a lost puppy. "Hiiiiii. Take me home too?" -02:58 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "Who is this wierdo?" Gos that hair, thos horrid, old clothes, that curve to his lips, so natural and so… NO! THIS MAN WAS THE ENEMY… to be slept with! "Hell you can take me too, because.. um.. Amy is my best friend (sorry Julia) and where she goes I go." -03:03 Aug 31 Siegfried
Siegfried: He ignored them and slipped an arm arounf Amber. "We’re not going strait home, if you’re working for me you need to see the city like I do…" she was suddenly free from Amy’s grasp and they were walking along the street slowly. "We’ll start with somewhere you can eat your food. You’re going to get a star tour like no other." -03:05 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: Amber was about to protest that best friends didn’t let you get zombiefied and sold in to slavery, but her dear master was already whisking her away. …and she was kind of glad for it! Though maybe a little irked too. She cast only the quickest of looks over her shoulder to wave goodbye to her ‘friends’. Amber had the feeling she’d hear from the soon enough anyway. "Let me guess, I didn’t come home by sunset and you were worried I ran away?" -03:08 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: Julia leaned close to whisper to Amy. "Um, I think you guys said she was as good as dead and was gonna be all dumdum forever? I think she knoooooows." They were all going to go to prison! Girl’s prisons were the worst! -03:09 Aug 31 Amber
Amy: "No shit genius, I thought you were smart or something." Amy complained. This was the worst EVAAAAR. "You follow them, don’t be seen. "I’m calling Bret and we’ll catch up with you. Whatever you do do not talk to them." he punched numbers into her phone and started walking away from Julia. "Bret, babycakes, we have a problem…" -03:12 Aug 31 Siegfried
Siegfried: "You’re a smart girl." he said walking with her under the gaze of the famous sign. "I seem to have gotten the pick of the litter with them. Here, this park." he stepped though a gate and suddenly the city seemed to be far away, it was quiet ehre with the fient scent of spring flowers despite the lateness in the year. -03:18 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "Or maybe I just don’t remember how stupid I am. Cause apparently those are my "best friends ever"." Amy wasn’t lying about that, anyway. Those two were her best friends. Amber was a pack girl! She was brooding a bit until they stepped passed a gate in to what she assumed was either a private park, or just one of Hollywood’s more awesome secrets. It was quiet and pretty, just like his fancy gardens at home. "I thought everything in town was asphalt and concrete…" -03:23 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: "Follow them, right!" Julia saluted, and as stealthily as she could tip-toed down the sidewalk after Amber and her cutie hot boss guy. No wonder Amber never came back! She was going to be the best spy ever and Amy would be super proud. Sneak, sneaky! -03:23 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "Would I really build a city like that?" he asked the world in general. "Yes, I would. I do not know how this park came to be but I have presurved it. Everyone seems to just walk past it without noticing… if I didn’t know better I’d suspect magic." he let her to an old, almost victorian wraught iron chair and table set. "Take a seat, eat." -03:33 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "Ignoring what’s right in front of them seems to be a habit for people." Amber muttered. She liked this place, it was actually really nice and felt like an escape. Especially when her head was spinning with broken up memories and an awkward encounter. She set down everything carefully and slid in to a seat. "I think I broke up with my boyfriend… Or maybe I was going to? I don’t know. I keep remembering these little things and it’s like a double whammy of suck." -03:40 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "If you did or not is irelevant." he said, remaining standing as he looked at the wall of the building nect to the park. "You’re done with him now, aren’t you?" he turned his head to look at her before sitting. "It will be like this for a while, you are regainign memories far faster than is normal, I have to wonder if there is something wrong… or if your life left a deeper impression on your personality than most." he had no idea what social media allowed people to be reminded of. -03:49 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "Well, y;know, being abandoned by your so called friends and sold in to zombie slavery isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, now is it?" This guy occasionally had her baffled with how little common sense things he picked up. Then again, most of the time she wasn’t sure if it was HIM being slow or her being slow and him just letting her spin around until she figured it out. Sighing, she plucked one of her takeout boxes from a bag along with a plastic fork. "The more I remember, the more I don’t want to. Isn’t THAT the weird part? It’s like… I remember having a pretty awesome life. Everything was what I wanted, at least that’s how I remember it. But now it’s like… seeing it a completely different way. Like Amy. Amy is my bff, but I dunno… What kind of bff ditches you at Mardi Gras." -03:54 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "You’re asking me about humans." he reminded her. "But I do know I would never… hire her. Her blood is tainted." he said. "You are happy here?" he asked his red eyes examining her. "I know money does not buy those with… attachments happiness." -03:59 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "I think the question should be ‘Were you happier there, than you are now.’ and I don’t really know the answer to that yet." She took a bite, and was regarding him curiously. He kept making such a big deal about having his assistants happy, but it all seemed a little strange. "Are YOU happy here?" -04:03 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: Oh noooo! She almost lost them. Julia wandered up and down the street twice before she heard a familiar voice around a corner. She poked her head in and peeeeeked. Oh my god! So much grass and stuff! Blech, bugs loved grass. Oh, there they are! Having dinner all romantic like. Ooooooo. So unfair! Julia pulled out her phone and texted Amy. "FOUND HER. BETWEEN THIS BAKERY AND A JEWELRY SHOP. OMG THEY HAVE THE CUTEST THINGS IN THERE. OH BTW ITS A SECRET GARDEN OR SOMETHING, ISNT THAT WEIRD?" -04:07 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: He looked at her, his lips sealed. He seemed to freeze like a statue, though the mose was far more natural than any artist could ever capture. Only the slight movement of his hair in the night pir differenciated him from a photogragh. "Where else would I be happier?" -04:08 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amy: "Got the bitch, right this way honey." he was proctically pulling the man along until they reached the place and Amy peered around the corner. "Well done Julia, Bret, go in there and woo that bitch back to us. Julia… I think you’ve just earned that dress we both wanted but I looked better in so got it first. It’s out of style anyway." -04:10 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: Of course. Why did she think he would answer a questions straight up? He never did! Amber rolled her eyes. "How would I know? I don’t know anything about you. Except you’re a control freak, with a weirdly detailed eye for women’s fashion, and you’re all mister picky when it comes to your dinner." -04:11 Aug 31 Amber
Brett: Brett felt this was a terrible idea. Brett thought Amy was totally pulling his leg when she called, and thought this was another one of those super sexy role play dates. Instead, he was getting shoved through a gate and Amber was really there. Not a zombie. Not dead. Chatting up with some white haired freak. If he wasn’t TOTALLY HORRIFIED he’d be pissed as fuck. He strode forward, clearing his throat good and loud to announce his arrival. And then he didn’t know what the fuck to say. He just kind of stared at Amber! -04:14 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: "You’re the bestest, Amy. And you’re totally right it looked way better on you. I can find another one!" Aw man, she really wanted that dreeeeesss. She couldn’t get it now though, Amy would burn her panties while they were still on if Julia ever bought the same thing. In the mean time… DRAMA BOMB! Julia spiiiiiiiiieeeeed! "Ohmigawd, do you think there will be a fight?" -04:16 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "I’m not going to bite someone who has Hepatitus." he said before a man appeared at the gate and he slowly stood and stepped away from the table, towards the man. Then his nose twitched dadn he walked up to the stranger. "Welcome, I know who you are. Want to take a seat and talk to Amber?" he knew it wouldn’t happen, his man reaked of discomfort… -04:17 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amy: "I just said you could have it, Shug." she said petting Julia on the head like a spoiled dog. "Now shush, I want to hear what this wierdo says… I mean who would hire Amber anyway, I’m waaaay hotter." there was an irritated look on her face. This was totally unfair. "Do you think if we both slepped with im he’d give me a job?" -04:19 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "That’s not even-" Stupid vampire. Her conversation with him was cut short, though. Here was the boyfriend. Super tall, super stocky. He was pretty much a walking stereotype of college hot dude. And he looked about as happy to see her as she was to see him. "No, he’s not going to have a seat. I don’t know why Amy called you, I don’t want to talk to you." In fact, no.. no she REALLY didn’t want to talk to him. Breakup or something up, just seeing him was making her stomach lurch. -04:24 Aug 31 Amber
Brett: "We should talk about …stuff. Amy wants you to come back with us. And.. I don’t know what you remember, since you were seriously drunk, Ambs, but I know it’s probably all mixed up in your head." There, he found his voice and remembered how pissed off he was. She was gonna dump him, and now show up months later with some Hollywood douchebag? "You shouldn’t go running off with douchebags you don’t know, Ambs, that’s exactly what happened in New Orleans. You got all pissy and ran off. Left us all hanging and worried as shit." -04:25 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: He looked between them, then stepped around Brett to lean in and draw a long breath through his nose. "Interesting…" he said leaning back out. "Hepatitus B… transmitted via sexual intercourse… exactly the same type Amy has and Amber does not…" he turned to look back at the gate. "Attachments… such a mortal thing to have." -04:33 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: …Now Amber knew what he was getting at. All that Hepatitus chatter. Amber was furious. Furious. Enough she could feel her face turning red, and could hear her own heart beating. Out of reflex she reached for something that should have been hanging around her neck, and with nothing there was grasping on to the collar of her dress. She was trying to count down in her head, but THAT wasn’t working out. Amber merely hissed, instead. A controlled, seething hiss of a reply. "So that’s who it was. I knew you were cheating on me. I knew you were texting somebody… And AMY too! No wonder none of you gave a shit!" Who cares if Amber was missing! He and Amy probably fucked their way back home! -04:41 Aug 31 Amber
Brett: "Dude, what?!" There was that horrified look again. Amber was remembering things, and her being pissed off about the whole cheating fiasco was not the worst thing she could remember. Brett didn’t even consider or wonder how that douche knew about stuff. It was Amber that was concerning. "Ambs, ain’t none of that true, I love you a lot! Now if you’ll just come on back to our hotel, we can all talk about this!" -04:41 Aug 31 Amber
Julia: "Uuuuhm, sounds like Brett is getting all girl screamy. Should I go in there and knock somebody out?" Julia whispered up at Amy. This tended to happen. Brett wasn’t all that great under pressure, but Amy was woooooonderful and always knew what to do! Plus, Julia totally wanted to use her cool new self-defense tazer on someone! -04:43 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: There was a thin smile as he circled back around. "You should have yourself tested." he said. "Your condition can lead to all kinds of things, liver cancer isn’t even the most serious." he could hear thier hearts beating, hers in anger, his in fear. "Amber, remember you’re at work." -04:46 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amy: Aww hell, things were not going on, but Amy knew control when she saw it, that guy ooozed it. If there was anyone in control of the situation it was HIM. "Yes Julia, go and give that asshole a dose of electricity while I get Bret to grab Amber and we’ll take her home. It’s for her own good." No one out played Amy S. Thornburg! She was storming into the park now trusing Julia to follow. "Bret um… Platonichoney… why don’t you bring Julia back to the van and we’ll all head home… right now. Amber it’s really for your own good. I’d rather have you safe with me then with some psycho and let him have his way with you." -04:51 Aug 31 Siegfried
Julia: YAY! Time to be Super Julie! Julia was practically skipping after Amy. No one ever really thought twice about a cute girl skipping in to the park, While Amy calmly told Brett and Amber how things were going down, Julia whipped out her snazzy Hello Kitty tazer, hopped over to mister hot guy and went right for the GUTS! Sorry Hot Guy! -04:55 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: The electricity’s only effect was to make the man turn towards Julia, then his eyes turned bitch black and the shadow he cast from the street light grew outwards until it covered the entire part, rising in tendrils of black smoke until it swallowed them all, feeling like tar in thier lungs, suffocating and sticky. The only place that remained clear was where Amber stood, and into this island of clear air Siegfied stepped. "I’m going to need to feed tonight." he said, his voice sounding ghostly adn hollow and somewhere in the cloud Amy screamed, though it sounded muffled and far away. "I don’t think I like your friends." -05:15 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: Amber had plenty she wanted to say to just about all of them. What she wasn’t expecting was Julia to go all tazer crazy and then… well… this. The creepy black cloud of doom. Just when she thought she was used to her new vampire master, there was stuff like this. Clear spot or not, Amber felt like she couldn’t breathe, and was now tugging her collar on purpose to give herself a bit of cool air. "Can’t say I like them much either at the moment… We should go home. Preferably without murder. Despite the fact, I’m starting to think they deserve it." -05:20 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: He held out his hand to her. "So long at we leave this park soon and I make it go away in time they won’t suffocate…" he said "This clear spot is centered around you so if you move it does. Come walk with me."his voice still have the same haunted tone and his eyes remained dark, though in closer inspection they were not black, but the color of dry blood. "If it helps you feel better they will have nightmares of this night… they all do." -05:23 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: If she didn’t already have nightmares, she probably would too. Amber gave him a dubious look, but only for a second. Then it was another sigh and she quickly gathered up his dry cleaning, her bags, and the portfolio before she took his hand. "You probably shouldn’t have wasted your energy on all the flashy stuff. I was about to tell them all they could fuck off." -05:28 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "I don’t think you’ll ever see them in LA again." he said taking up her food and walking with her, pausing only to set over a retchign Bret on thier way out of the park and true to his word the mist fell away in rivers of smoke as he looked back. "Vampires don’t like being attacked. Especially with new linds of weapons that might lead to some yet undiscovered weakness… I’ll try not to make intimidation a habit abound you." -05:32 Aug 31 Siegfried
Amber: "…okay, maybe that is a legit reason this time, but yeah… This vampy magic stuff kinda freaks me out a little bit." Amber didn’t look back. She didn’t want to see them and… maybe not looking back was the best in the long run. Everything she remembered made her skin crawl. Amber squeezed his hand as she frowned. "You’ve been a better friend with all your biting and weirdness than they’ve ever been, so whatever… I’m missing something though. A necklace…" -05:38 Aug 31 Amber
Siegfried: "Maybe one of them took it, I will ask the man who sold you to me about it in the meantime." he continued walking his eyes, back to normal even though he looker a little paler and thinner, drained. "You will get your tour tomorrow… tonight you have off until you choose to let me feed. You desurve a little time to relax." -05:42 Aug 31 Siegfried

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