Avenger 003: Posting Bail (TBC?)

[Celosia told herself she didn’t care and he could run away as he pleased. But the next afternoon she still found herself following after that bond, and now spending every bit of cash she had just to bail a demon out of jail. ] -01:05 Nov 23
[Cupio is sitting in a cell, caged and prodded and searched and has a torn top. How was he meant to know flying was restricted?] -01:08 Nov 23
Celosia: Celo hated dealing with authorities. Mostly because the majority of them were bought and payed for by whomever had the most cash to fork over, and they all ignored real problems in favor of harassing everyone else. In this case, she didn’t even want to know what the stupid demon did, she just payed off the fines and the bail. Then waited with her arms crossed and viciously scowled at anyone who tried to intimidate her. -01:12 Nov 23 Celosia
Cupio: Cupio was looking intimidated, and buised when he was pulled hrom his cell and led down the corridoor, cuffs and wing clamks and a collar with magics that made him feel like he was about to throw up. But those were removed and he was put in a room with… "JAYDEN!" all wings, tail and arms Cupio colided with Celosio with a hug and a long kiss in the cheek. "You came for me…" -01:16 Nov 23 Cupio
Celosia: She froze. Which was better than the alternative, where she’d whip out a weapon and stab whatever was flying at her. Once the ititial shock wore of, there was that faint frown on her face as she slowly and almost timidly rest a hand on the demon’s head. "You need to think before you do stupid things. The world is not a good place." -01:21 Nov 23 Celosia
Cupio: "Well the world sucks." he said loudly not caring who heard. "There used to be a time when demons ould fly in the city and no one shot harpoon or nets at them." he was still hugged on her and resting his heaad on her shoulder. "But you have demons… I heaar it in your voice and I’m a demon. So why did you come?" -01:23 Nov 23 Cupio
Celosia: That was a good question. After yesterday, Celosia wanted nothing more to do with this demon. It dredged up feelings and memories she buried long ago, did not listen, was emotionally unstable, touched too much. Celo tried to delicately pry the demon off her. "You didn’t return and you don’t know how how to behave. You might have wound up somewhere worse than jail." Even with that response, Celo didn’t know why she cared. She turned towards the doors to lead the way out. "We go before they change their mind and put us both in a cell." -01:31 Nov 23 Celosia
Cupio: He followed and londed his arms unhappy with that answer. "If if I had, it’s not like you’d give any other demon that chance…" [color=blue]"Cupio here is a bag with your belongings…"[/coloe] he snattched the bag quickly before moving to catch up without waiting for the items to be listed. "And here." he reached into the bag and felt around beofre holding out his hand with a msall roll of cash in it. "I know getting me out wasn’t free." -01:38 Nov 23 Cupio
Celosia: "I am not in the habit of rescuing demons, no." Celo eyed the money like it may be a trap. Reluctantly she took it and it disappeared in to her jacket. Then her hands remained hidden in her pockets while she occasionally snuck a side glance or two at him. There was no rationality in anything she was doing now. And it was all directly his fault. "Do you ever think before you act? Before you make assumptions? Do you always so selfishly behave on your first whim? So what if I do hate demons? I have good reason. But I also didn’t kill you the minute you were summoned. I don’t slay every demon I meet on the street. I know not every demon in the universe is a black soul." -01:46 Nov 23 Celosia
Cupio: "I’m trying to understand you. People who do nice things usually have a reason and I’m trying to fogure yours out. If you don’t want to saay that’s fine too I’ll just have to assume you like me. But I am going to look for a job. I can’t let you feel me when you have trouble feeding yourself. And I can look after myself." -01:53 Nov 23 Cupio
Celosia: "You weren’t trying to understand me yesterday." Did a night in a cell do that much good? Yet now the demon believed she liked it. Celo didn’t like anything. Now she was visibly brooding. "You can go get a job. I don’t care if you do or don’t, but you should do so safely. And without having temper tantrums when you get upset. I won’t be able to get you out of jail a second time." -01:57 Nov 23 Celosia
Cupio: He folded his arms and looked at her. "Maybe because I don’t know what to think of you. You have the sould of the only person I’ve ever loved and are nothing like her and I come back here and my daughter is probablu dead and I never got the chance to apoligize for the way I acted when Jayden died. This would be a lot easier if you didn’t smell like her and have her energies." -02:04 Nov 23 Cupio

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