Your Starr 003: Publically Engaged

Your Starr

[Drake ismeeting with Madie, with the press in tow!] -06:15 Feb 28
[Madeline is at work, buried in the back, working on the restoration of super awesome painting and trying to contain her inner squealing excitement about going on a lunch date with Preston Starr.] -06:17 Feb 28
Madeline: All morning felt like it was going on forever. And she was making it worse by checking the clock every fifteen minutes. Who knew you could meet someone once and then spend weeks dying to see them again! …ignoring the fact she had already previously been totally infatuated with him from afar for years. But this was a different sort of infatuation. Finally giving up trying to work, Maddie was already packing up all her paints so she could meet her daaaate, humming what was now her new favorite Preston Starr song and bouncing along to the tune. -06:23 Feb 28
Drake: He knew they were following him, he knew they were folming nad snapping away and he was in a bad mood. ‘Get Madeline to agree to pretend to be your Fiance for a few more weeks, make sure she knows when and how it will end, then let the PR boys do the rest. He knocked on the side door of the museum and waited. He knew she’d meet him here but when she opneed the door he pushed her in and closed it behind them. "Change of plans." he said quickly. "We can’t go back out there, there’s press everywhere. Oh and…" he frowned and threw his hands up in the air, how could he tell her? Pacing in what little space he had he cursed under his breath. "Maddie, I work for assholes. They want you, they want our engagement, to be a publicity stunt. You know what?" he grabbed her hand and headed strait back out the door. "We’re getting married, right now." -06:31 Feb 28
Madeline: "Hii~ Huh- Bu- Whaaaat?" From the moment he pushed through the door he was talking, and she couldn’t get a word in edgewise! Not a hello, not a glad to see you not a- Wait whaaaat the hell was he talking about? They were already back out the door, and before she could dig her heels in and ask him what was going on, there were flashbulbs going on. "…don’t you think we should talk first! What exactly is going on again?!" -06:36 Feb 28
Drake: He turned sharply, put a hand on either side of her head and pushed his lips hard against hers, then he pulled back feeling better. "Thank you." he said, a distinct sharpness still lingering in his voice. "The press is everywhere waiting for us. My PR department has decided to continue our ‘false’ engangement…" He gestures inverted comas when the said false. "… as a publicity stunt. I’m menat to tell you that we’ll continue for three weeks, you’ll be payed for your silence and any stress the press causes you, and then you’ll get a call from a man in a suit telling you when it’s over, I’ll get and interview and be told what do say, then we both go on our merry ways. Fuck. That. I don’t want a fake relationship. I want a re… Yell yeah." -06:41 Feb 28
Madeline: Well, now she knew what it felt like to be kissed stupid. And he picked one hell of a place and time to try and explain everything. Most of which she still didn’t get, and trying to piece it together while feel kiss-fuzzy and having obnoxious paparazzi asking a bunch of near-insane questions while she was trying to have a conversation was impossible. "How about we go somewhere quiet for lunch and THEN talk about getting married? Cause, um…" Holy hell, did he say real relationship? Maddie was going to faint! -06:47 Feb 28
Drake: She had to say that on camera! "Yes!" he grabbed her arm, pushed the reporter aside and peaded down the alley at a half run before turning and slowing down as they intered a crowd. "Know anywhere nearby?" he asked letting go of her and taking a breath. "I’m so sorry you’re being dragged into all of this." -07:06 Feb 28
Madeline: At least it was exciting! Maddie was a little out of breath, falling in to step with him as she glanced around at the passing crowd. Peering to see if they were still being followed and then taking a deep, relieved sigh. "There’s tons of cafes down the strip, we can pick one that doesn’t have windows." Maddie grabbed his hand and squeezed it with a grin. "So what was this about again? I didn’t think your keepers would actually want to run with the engaged stuff. I mean, I really don’t mind. But you don’t have to do anything for my sake. I’m not going to get the wrong idea and make you marry me…" -07:12 Feb 28
Drake: That was kindof dissapointing to hear adn he lost steam. "Well if that’s what you want then you’re hired. I guess" he said. "And you choose, is case you havn’t noticed I’m apparently not thinking strait." he kept his face turned away from her and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I’ll give Leanne your number." -07:16 Feb 28
Madeline: Maddie stared at him, bewildered. Was she.. imagining that look..? Wishful thinking of a dumb girl. She skipped ahead to stand in front of him, stopping him with her hands on his arms. "I don’t want to be hired for anything, that wasn’t what I meant…" She wanted to say that she’d love to marry him, but that was just the crazy talking. "You said you don’t want a fake relationship, and neither do I! So why don’t we ignore what everyone else is thinking and doing and just… um.. be… us." Maddie had no idea where she was going with that. She was going to say be a couple, but that seemed like she was reaching for something! -07:22 Feb 28
Drake: "Us?" he repeated his eyes finding hers. "Us? You, and me? Nothing faked?" he leaned in closer to her. "And what does the you part or us want?" he asked slowly. She had started thid before they had gotten to the cafe and now she would have to finish it. "Do you [i]liiiiiiiike[/p] me? Or was kissing you the worst faux pas in history?" -07:28 Feb 28
Madeline: "I uhhhm…" Why oh why did he have to look so damned sexy with that look on his face. She was trying not to be an obsessed psycho, and he was making it really hard! "I like you… I like you you and not just superstar you, although I like that you too, and kissing me is great and uhm…" Wow, that was smooth. Maddie tilted her head back to stare at the sky. Looking at him apparently made her stupid! "…and if I could get away with it, I would marry you now! But you’ve proposed twice now in the woooorst ways, and you know, I might be a fan, but I have romance standards too!" -07:33 Feb 28
Drake: "Not one to have fan fantasies furfilled then." he commented. "Or for the mad romantic dash to get spontaniously married." he pushed her hands off of his arms and moved past her. He was such am idiot and he muttered as much to himself. "Choose a place before they find us, wouldn’t want that would we." -07:36 Feb 28
Madeline: Oh hell, no. He was not getting mad at her for trying to use her sense and not just… fall in love with him on a whim! Maddie stomped after him. "Hey…! Maybe I don’t want a fantasy! Maybe I want a reality where you actually LOVE me and it’s not just pretend! If we run away and get married, I wanna run away and get married because you realized you can’t live without me and not because your PR department thought it was a great idea!" When she caught up to him, she grabbed on to his shirt to stop him. -07:43 Feb 28
Drake: "Then never anted us to get married." he said. "That was all me." he was still pushing through the crowd ahead of her. "In fact if we did they’d die." he dodges past a group of biker looking types and sunk onto a bench to wait for her to catch up. He looked completely at ease but with his experience he was good at putting up a front, and he even gave her a trademark Preston Starr raised eyebrown as she emerged from the crowd. -07:49 Feb 28
Madeline: "Then… what?" Once she stopped at the bench, she stooed there staring him down with that wide-eyed bewildered Maddie look again. "Well good then, I… uhm… I’m glad that- I would love to.. but.." There was that going to faint feeling again! But did he want to marry her for her, or because it’d piss off his PR people? Maddie was struggling to find her voice where there was a high pitched scream. A very recognizable sort of scream, and with a slight mix of horror and annoyance, Maddie turned to see just what she expected. A pack of excited, squealing teenage girls charging over with camera phones and beeeegging for pictures and autographs. One of which she was pretty sure said ‘Sign my boobs!’ Worse timing EVER! -08:00 Feb 28
Drake: PReston stood as the fansgirls approached and was quickly surrounded. "One group picture with all of you." he said. "I’m out to lunch now and have… I’m on a date." he finished sharply. She sooner they were away the better. -08:19 Feb 28

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