Bloodlines 003: Soulless Town


[Zeren has been a little off kilter today and has no idea why!] -12:21 Apr 18
[Jarrod is standing on deck when the clouds broke and revealed where the town had been, but wasn’t anymore.] -12:23 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was leaning on the railing watching everything directly below them. Something felt odd today, and her usual curiosity seemed to be replaced with something more pensive. -12:27 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Bring us down…" Jarrod doesn’t need to ask what happened, or if there seem to be survivors… theres only one thisn it could be and there aren’t. "Rouse the men and get them armed, if we didn’t need to scavenge supplies I’d say fly on… We take what we can find and leave. Fast." -12:31 Apr 18
Zeren: Leaning as far as she could, she was trying to get a good look at the town. Nothing was moving. No animals or people. No smoke from houses, or sounds from cars, or flashing lights. It didn’t look anything at all like the other place. "Where are all of the people?" she asked, turning back to the deck. -12:34 Apr 18
Jarrod: "There arn’t any, not anymore. Zeren, you should get below decks and stay there." he was getting ready to lead the party to search fro what they needed. "We won’t stay here long." -12:38 Apr 18
Zeren: "But I wanted to take a look…." He was on edge again. Zeren had figured out the way he stood when he was relaxed and unconcerned and when he was being Captain and doing something important. This must have been something wrong. "I said I would help!" -12:41 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Thos thinsg that attacked your town did this, there might still be some lurkign around. We’ve been fighting them for years and we’re not staying long. Help by staying safe." he made his way down the stairs and towards thr ramp. odviously not willing to argue. -12:49 Apr 18
[Zeren enters.] -12:54 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren obviously did not want to listen, either. She waited until they had gone down the ramp and a good distance away from the ship before she followed suit. Staying far enough away to hopefully not be noticed. She promised to help, and she meant it! -12:55 Apr 18
Jarrod: They headed for the most intact-looking building the could see, weapons ready. "There.. there might be something.." it was a warehouse that thew cam to first, most of it’s roof was missing but there were many intact crates and boxes further in.. "Keep your eyes open…" -01:00 Apr 18
Zeren: The farther in to town they got, the less aware she was of the Captain’s crew. He was wrong. There were people here. She could see them standing and wandering. Their voices screaming in fear and rage even though their mouths weren’t moving. Zeren almost ran straight in to one, sucking in a breath when the person fell apart in a wisp of blue. Some of the others fell apart too… but not all. The ones that didn’t were the ones that scared her… they looked less wispy and more tangible. And much, much more angry… "…There’s bad people here…!" she called out, only now realizing she was alone in the street. -01:06 Apr 18
Jarrod: "These ones, here, take them." he said "And… great these ones too that everythign we need except fuel and we’re not finding that here." there were few men now as most were carting crates back to the ship.. then there was a howl. "Everyone back to the shi….t" -01:11 Apr 18
[(Timeout) Zeren got too distracted for their own good…] -01:19 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren was both terrified and mesmerized by the strange transformation. Watching a people soul turn to a bitter, mad monster… and so mad… Both of her hands rose up to her head. The howl was sharp and ringing in her ears. There was that chill she could feel all the way down to her bones. They were all watching her now with interest, some crawling forward and others stalking on both feet. Zeren inched backwards. She should run to the sea… but the Captain! The amulet warmed against her skin, and on instinct she picked that direction and ran! -01:19 Apr 18
Jarrod: He felt her before he saw her, he could also feel them… "Zeren!" he ran towards her then stopped as the ruins behind her seemed to start moving… so many, there were so many… how were there so many and they weren’t seen from the air? "Run!." he started running too, still towards herm towards them.. they would not get her. -01:22 Apr 18
Zeren: She wasn’t running fast enough and she made the mistake of looking behind her. Zeren almost stumbled and it was enough for one of the things to leap and tackle her. They rolled and Zeren was stunned.. not from any physical harm, but the flood of emotion that hit her so hard she couldn’t breath! Rage, anger, insanity and more… there was so much and it was paralyzing! -01:27 Apr 18
Jarrod: She fell and didn’t get back up, he heard shouts behind him, help, or his crew ambushed, it didn’t matter. The first creature to reach here had it’s head shot off and the second it’s chest baved in by his boot. Then he was pullign Zeren from the ground and throwing her over his shoulder as they were surrounded… the Grendels keepin thier distance but trapping them. They wanted her alive… -01:38 Apr 18
[Zeren enters.] -01:45 Apr 18
Zeren: There was a different feeling now. Fear and concerned, but a sharp contrast to the burning rage that was so overwhelming. It cut through it, giving her something solid to grasp on to. Zeren found herself upside down staring at his behind. She braced an arm against his back, tilting her head to look up. They were everywhere, claws and grabby hands surrounding them. Reaching out to grab at them. "No!" she screamed, swatting hard at anything that reached for them! -01:48 Apr 18
Jarrod: He spun and the hand fell to the ground, severed at the wrist. But they were everywhere. He turned again just in time to stop another. Then again, there were too many, far too many. "Zarren.. when I tell you to I need you to run back to the ship and don’t look back, can you do that?" -01:52 Apr 18
Zeren: "I don’t know…" she admitted. it was so hard to think and to breathe. Something was pulling at her and she was so afraid the minute she let go of him that it would get her. Zeren finally nodded, even though he couldn’t see it. "Okay…! I can try?" If she couldn’t she would think of something. -01:55 Apr 18
[(Timeout) Zeren has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate] -02:00 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Then close your eyes tight and only open them when I tell you to run." he said takign a beep breath. He bit his lip and swung his sword catchign one of the creatures, then stabbed his sword into the ground. There was a pulst of eletricity like a lightning strike from where his sword hit and the Grendels were sent flying. "Run, now." -02:00 Apr 18
Zeren: She was on her feet and running. Almost forgotting to open her eyes so she could see where she was going. Zeren wanted to look over her shoulder,.. she was leaving him behind when she promised to help. But a Captain’s word was law! Zeren kept running until she hit the ramp of the ship, and was still running on the ship. She didn’t stop until she was in her room with the door slammed closed and she was sitting on the corner of her bed trying to catch a breath. -02:05 Apr 18
Jarrod: He only stayed long enough to give then another shock once Zeren was clear then he was on after her, the crew were already gettign the ship ready to leave and As soon as Jarrod was on he raised the ramp and gave the order to take off. Then he was knocking on Zeren’s door. "You alright?" -02:09 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren wasn’t sure how long she had sat there in silence before there was a knock on the door. She had her blanket pulled up over her head and sitting cross legged with it wrapped around her. "…you can come in…" she said slowly, not entirely sure if it would be him or not. There was a voice in her head… a lot of voices. At least they weren’t screaming, but it was so hard to focus. -02:11 Apr 18
Jarrod: He opeend the door and the ship put as much distance between itself and the town as it could. "Are you alright?" he saved her so he could use her to save the world… and not because he was afraid to loose her…. he was sure of it. -02:17 Apr 18
Zeren: Zeren nodded. …but then she shook her head. She wasn’t physically hurt, though her head hurt a lot. But it was something she couldn’t really explain. Zeren pulled the blanket off her head only to twist it in her hands. "All of the people were still there, but only the bad ones stayed. They were screaming…" -02:20 Apr 18
Jarrod: He shook his head "The people are gone, those are are left… aren’t people anymore. Thats why we have to stop Vardri, or the only ones left will be them. They used to be people, and every man here would rather die than become one of them, thats why we still fight. We didn’t get everythign we needed, se we’ll be trying another town, we’re not landing in another ghost town… I know that much." -02:24 Apr 18
Zeren: She was trying to piece together what he said with what she actually saw. It left her feeling a bit sick… or worse. "I could be one of those… I know what they’re feeling when they reach out and touch. Like everything in the world has melted away and all that’s left is madness." It happened to her family, that kind of madness. And now she could hear voices and feel the anger and it could only mean it was happening to her too. Zeren pulled the blanket back over her head again. -02:30 Apr 18
Jarrod: He lifted the blanket from her face adn sat next to her, putting his arms arounf her and the blanket in an awkward hug. "You’re not one of them… and I won’t let you become one of them." ‘I’ll kill you first’ "You’re going to help us stop Vardri.. then no one will have to be one of them." -02:34 Apr 18
Zeren: "There is a voice in my head telling me to come home. And I don’t want to go." Zeren leaned forward hiding her face at his shoulder. It was the first time she had tears since jumping out her own window. He felt real and tangible, not eerie like the voice in her head, or frightening like the grendals. When he touched her, he was solid. A foundation that kept her from slipping off her feet. -02:41 Apr 18
Jarrod: "Right now, this ship is home, if you think of it that way." he said softly "MAybe you need to forget what the voices tell you and think about what you want, for you, not what people tell you or what you want to do for others, Whats does Zeren want?" -02:55 Apr 18
Zeren: No one had ever asked her what she wanted before. Yet he seemed to ask her often. Zeren was silent for a long moment before she finally crawled in to his lap and settled her head back on his shoulder. "I want you stay here a little while so I don’t have to be scared to fall asleep? I want to make a castle on a beach and swim in the ocean. And I do want some cats, and some horses and some ostriches. And I don’t want to be alone all the time, or be a crazy person…" It was a long list, but he did ask. She sat up wiping the wetness away from a cheek as she eyed him. "Is it too much?" -03:03 Apr 18
Jarrod: "No, it isn’t." his voice was soft. "Rememebr it and make it happen one by one, be your own person. " he lay back with her and brushed her hair from her face cradling her head against his shoulder and her body against his. "And I’ll ber here." -03:08 Apr 18

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