Princess 101 003: That Voice

[Autumn is in her room with her headphones on! It’s her free day and she managed to borrow some fun things from the music room to play with. This is so much better than reading boring history and politics books.] -09:06 Oct 09
[Adrian is going to ask a certain “princess” some very serious questions. He’s done his research and is about to expose her and find out what is going in. The REAL Ysabelle might be in danger.] -09:09 Oct 09
Autumn: A whole weekend to herself to just be HER and not Princess Ysabelle! No longwinded classes about foreign policies. No meet and greets disguised as classes. No tutoring! Her Europe trip was supposed to be a vacation of self discovery, not…. more school! Although, there was ONE awesome thing about being Ysabelle. Her very own top notch computer with tons of fun recording doo-dads! Autumn was swaying in her seat along to the beat in her headphones, and singing off lyrics she had scribbled down on a notepad. Having the headphones made it so much easier to match lyrics with music without having to hear herself singing! -09:13 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: He had slipped into her room quietly, hearing the singing and watchign her be happy, without trying to be soemone she wasn’t. She was good, very good. He knew the song and it wasn’t easy to get the pitch just right…. Whoever whis girl was she had range to her voice. When the song was finished it was replaced by the powerful beat of his applause. A slow, steady clap. "Well, now what would a real prince say in this situation?" he asked. "Somethign like. Dearest nightingale, why must you waste your voice on an empty room when you could hold concert hall in rapture as you have help me tonight? Hmmm…. or My princess, if I hadn’t been sruch dumb by your seranade I would have though to presurve your perfect pitch though the wonders of technology but as wonderous as technology is it would only even be an dull echo of your siren song that traps the heart and paralizes the mind." he coughed and carefuly straitened his jacket looking away for a second. "Something along those lines?" -09:29 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: "Oh jesus!" He had scared the daylights out of her. Enough that she jumped up and pulled off the headphones in one quick motion. Her face was flushed and she was furious. Where does he get off sneaking in people’s rooms? As he spoke, though, the color slowly drained from her face. Her hands rest over her stomach where she was suddenly feeling all queezy. How long had he been lurking around? Did she mess up Ysabelle’s whole plan? "Y-you shouldn’t make such superfluous jokes. You don’t have to make fun of me." -09:36 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: She shook his head. "Do I look like the kind of man to joke?" he asked with a raised eyebrow "Or tease?" his hands went into his pockets and he looked away. "It isn’t a joke Ysabelle you sing… perfectly." and she would be very, very useful. The plan of busting her ebbed away. He could blackmail her but that would only earn her resentment and eventual non-compliance. Finesse was called for. Bussiness, this was bussiness. "My mother hired a vical coach when I displayed an interest in music, you pitch is better than his ever was." -09:40 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: He most definitely had heard her singing. For a moment she imagined her legs turning to noodles and just flopping dead on the floor. But she was still alive, and still standing. Autumn took a deep breath and huffed, turning away from him to plop back down in her chair. If she didn’t look at him, maybe she wouldn’t be so painfully embarassed. "You look like the kind of man that sneaks in to girl’s bedrooms. You’re exagerating, not that it matters anyway. I’m just a-… A princess. Singing princesses are a dime a dozen." -09:45 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: His gaze narrowed. "But ones who don’t accept compliments come round once in a blue moon." he said his voice taking on a harder edge. Princess my ass. "I don’t exagerate [i]princess[i/]. That falls under misimformation something at least one of us needs to stear clear of and if you’re not in the mood to talk I will take my leave. I apologize for intruding." -09:50 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn cringed. He could sound very sharp when he wanted to, and thus she knew she dug herself in to another hole again. "Wait!" She spun in her chair, and scooted across the floor to grab on to his arm before he walked out. It was as good as being on her knees. "I’m sorry. You don’t have to go, it’s just you don’t really understand. I doubt you’re afraid or embarassed by anything and I just… Don’t be upset with me." Autumn completely forgot that she should still be upset with HIM for sneaking in, in the first place. -09:55 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: He looked down at her. She was touching him. Touching him. "We are all embarresed by something Miss Burger. Some of us have the sense to save it for something we’re actually bad at." he said gently pulling his arm free. "You have a gift, if you wern’t a princess…" he was talking slowler now, making a point. "I would say you’re squandering your biggest gift. But since you also have the gift of a rich and powerful family with connections who will undoubtedly wing you an equally tich and powerful husband… you don’t need my advice." -10:07 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: "That’s some pretty impressive statements just from hearing me for two minutes. And you really don’t know anything about me…" Autumn visibly wilted. A talented Princess could do anything she pleased. Autumn didn’t have that sort of freedom! And even with his advice, it wasn’t much of a possibility. "Even if I wanted to do this kind of stuff as a career, I couldn’t. My mom says it’s a waste of time, and you know, it’s fine. I’m going to have a steady reliable job. …um! Running a country!" She scooted her chair back to the desk and unplugged her headphones. "…anyway! Didn’t you sneak in here to talk about something? I could play a song for you, otherwise. Playing is a piece of cake." -10:16 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: "No, I didn’t come for anything specific." he lied before giving her a peircing look. "And I think we both know what you should do with your mother’s advice. If you’re playing however maybe I could sing? Ode to Joy or somethign more recent?" his face softened and he moved over to sit down his hands folding in his lap. "Then it’ll be your turn again." -10:21 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn flashed him a grin, grabbing her stolen keyboard to arrange on the desk and pushing the laptop computer out of her way. "You’re not going to trick me that easy, Mister Rubrum. You sing, I play. I promise I am way better at piano than I am at singing!" To demonstrate she ran through a very speedy rendition of Ode to Joy, transitioned through two other songs, and then played the Jepordy theme while chewing on her lip and trying to decide on what to make him sing. "Were those vocal lessons good for you? What about Preston Starr, I really like his songs…" -10:28 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: His hand went to pull on his collar before he moved his head from side to side and broke our into the opening verse of ‘if I had you’ his voice deeper and carrying more bounce than the original. "I don’t have his range." he concluded. "I’m more classically trained. With more trainign I could become a tennor but I choose not to. You however I’ll bet ten thousand dollars have the range. Cash." -11:10 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: He sang and she was biting her tongue trying not to laugh. Autumn played through the song on her keyboard while she shrugged and spoke. "Ten thousand dollars, huh? That’s an easy win, you know. I can’t get through a verse." She cast him a rather wicked smirk, not even having to look at her hands to be able to play. "Do you have all that money in your pockets right now?" -11:14 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: He reached into his inside picked adn pulled out a bank rollbefore pulling off the elestic band and flipping through it. "I never make bets I can’t pay…" he said looking at her over the money before speading it out into a fan, standing and walkign over to her to lay it out on her keyboard. "Being a princess I’m sure it’s nothing to you. But the european currancy is a good looking one…" -11:31 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: She opened her mouth to ask why on earth he was carrying around that much cash! But then shut it quick. Apparently flashing wads of money was totally normal for the royal and business elite. Autumn had never seen so much money in her life. Even Ysabelle had just given her a credit card for expenses! Very gingerly she picked it up and counted through it. Then, as if she thought it might be cursed money, set it carefully aside on the desk. Now Autumn was sporting a very serious expression. "It wouldn’t be fair to bet all that money, especially since I know you’ll loose it. But I can try to sing for you, if you’ll stop being silly over it." she mumbled. Once his curiosity was satisfied he would drop it, right? Then she won’t accidentally spill out any more secrets. -11:36 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: He shrugged. "It’s from the entertainment budget so it would be going towards it’s intended purpose, and don’t worry if you lose. Your attempt is more valuable to me than your money." he moved abck to sit and fold his hands in his lap as if he were at an opera a grin spreading across his face. -11:45 Oct 09 Adrian
Autumn: Autumn cast him a small halfhearted glare. She tried a few different songs on the keyboard, debating on what was going attempt. Something slow and jazzy? Quick and fun? She picked something at random and wetn for it! …sort of! It less like singing and more like a few murmured words and then a choked squeak. Autumn stopped with a hissing huff. "I- hrrm. ….can you turn out the light, maybe? It’s just… I know you’re looking at me!" -11:50 Oct 09 Autumn
Adrian: "Hmmm…." he said before standing and moving over to the glass panneled door that lead onto Autumn’s small private balcony and then openign the door stepped out and leaned on the balustrade. "How’s this?" he asked. "You can still see the keys this way." He cound see her though a gat in the drapes but it was unlikely she could see him. -12:00 Oct 10 Adrian
Autumn: "Maybe hmm." He was out of sight, and so was she. Autumn was still painfully aware he was nearby, though. Really, this was totally neurotic. She could play a solo concert on a dozen instruments, but she couldn’t croak out one song. Even she didn’t get it! Autumn picked a different song this time. The first few lines of Whataya Want From Me came out as a soft mumble. But the mood felt appropriate. Before long she was in it, feeling it, singing it as if it was her story to tell! -12:07 Oct 10 Autumn
[(Timeout) Autumn has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -12:42 Oct 10
Adrian: While she was singing he moved back into the room and had his hand on her shoulder, and the smile on his lips was wider. "It looks like you’ve made yourself 10 000 dollars, or Euros rather. He was looking down into her parting very carefully but right now at least there was nothing to see. "Seems yo just need to feel when you’re singing. Singing from the heart as my Mother used to call it. You have tallent Ysabelle. I am honestly impressed." -12:42 Oct 10 Adrian
[Autumn enters.] -12:42 Oct 10
Autumn: When the hell did he sneak back in? If she weren’t so busy looking sheepish, she might have glared at him. And he was touching her. Touching her. "I thought I kept the money if I couldn’t sing." she mumbled, tilting her back back to give him a wary stare. "Not that it matters. It’s just not what I should be doing." Autumn chewed on her bottom lip, her expression turned questioning. "…No one hasever heard me. Are you relly that impressed?" -12:50 Oct 10 Autumn
Adrian: He didn’t move but relained next to her. "For someone who clairmed to have no ability you are very good. I’ve been to a lot of auditions for musical tallent and out of all of them I’d hire you. If only you weren’t a princess." he lifted his hand and moved away, back towards the window. "I think you have a lot hidden under the surface Ysabelle. And I’m never wrong." -01:06 Oct 10 Adrian
Autumn: "There’s nothing hidden about me." Which was the truth. It was Ysabelle she was lying for. Autumn almost wondered if he knew… but how could he. She was more perplexed by his other statement. "Hire me for what, exactly? Playing piano and squeaking out songs? Even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be smart… You’re supposed to go to college and then get a job as an accountant or secretary, and get married and have dental insurance and all that stuff. Chasing after music dreams is for… well… more ambitious people I guess." -01:15 Oct 10 Autumn
Adrian: He turned to her. "Never. Wrong. he gave her a wink. "And if I have mearned one thing it’s that no one is suppost to do anything. Take you brother for example. I’m sure you know what I mean. If you want to do something and you have your shot take it. My father never finished univercity, nor did Bill Gates. And if peices of paper are important to you you can do two things at once, even Preston Starr got his batchelor’s degree…" -01:26 Oct 10 Adrian
Autumn: Of course he wouldn’t understand,his father was a filthy rich mobster and he himself grew up with endless money. It was different for some invisible Kansas nobody. …still, she couldn’t help but grin at him in response. Leaning on the back of her chair while she spoke. "Okay, so IF I wasn’t a princess and you could hire me. Then what? I can write music and play music, but not sing. How do you get me sing?" -01:31 Oct 10 Autumn
Adrian: If I were to hire you I would coach you myself to get you over your inhibitions. I would hay for whatever higher aducation you desired, and I would turn you into a star. I already got you to sing for me once. The next time will be easier." -01:34 Oct 10 Adrian
Autumn: He really believed she was worth that kind of investment? Autumn looked mildly surprised, and it faded just as quickly to a thoughtful look. Between him and Ysabelle she could easily pay for college! …but Ysabelle’s secret. She couldn’t tell her secret. "…well. There’s no sense in doing business with someone who isn’t guaranteed to be able to sing. So maybe if you can get me singing, maybe IIIiiii would entertain the idea of being something other than a princess?" -01:39 Oct 10 Autumn
Adrian: "No princess, you will entertain the world." he promised before he was interupted by a sharp beep. "I have to take this, bussiness and all." he gave her a smile. "Sing for me again and I’ll treat you to dinner. Anything you want even things not usually available here." he started walking towards the door before he paused. "I’ll choose where." -01:43 Oct 10 Adrian

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