Priestess of Athazagorus 003: The City of Betrayal

Priestess of Athazagorus

[Isolde is wearing a dress that isn’t made of sunbeams, but is still lovely and feels very nice. She is with her llyr and heart to make his presence known!] -02:25 Jul 16
[Athazagorus is wearing his old armor that he hid in the cottage ages ago. Its simple enough but is known to have belonged to him, and his in the capitol to find out who is faithful, and who is heretic.] -02:32 Jul 16
Isolde: Isolde had vague memories of being in the capital when she was younger, but clearly the place had changed a lot since she remembered. Everything was so different there. …and worse, something about it made her feel uneasy. She blamed it on her frazzled nerves, and just made sure to stay close to her llyr. “The capital is surprisingly large. Was it like this when you were sealed?” -02:36 Jul 16
Athazagorus: He was displaying his wings proudly, many people stopping to stare. “Not this big, but I checked here often when I was in the achine. This road leads strait to the citidel.” he could have plown strait there but he wanted people t know he was back… they weren’t formine a impromtue parade behind him and if he didn’t know better he’d think they were looking at him with suspition. “Something is wrong here, they should recognize me.” -02:42 Jul 16
Isolde: “it has been a long time since you were here. And people so rarely ever visit the temple.” His pace was quick and ever so often she would have to dash to keep up. Random buildings or people catching her attenion, and forcing her to dash after him. The stares of people was uncomfortable. Isolde thought they would at least recognize a priestess, but she was not in her robes. She was in the dress he gave her, and she had to conceed to the fact they must have just looked like an odd pair of strangers. -02:48 Jul 16
Athazagorus: The lapsed into brooding and until they reached the citidel and he entered the gates and was greeted by a line of soldiers. “You stand before Athazagorus Emidio and his high priestess.” he growled at them. “Step aside and let me see the man who rules this city in my name.” There were looks exchanged among the men and they stood aside many of them looking at his wings, and then at the statue of him in the courtyard. -02:54 Jul 16
[Athazagorus is ehre to set things right… one way or the other.] -02:32 Jul 20
[Isolde is walking behind her llyr, not looking all too comfortable with the line of soldiers they passed through on their way through the citadel gates.] -02:33 Jul 20
Isolde: In fact, she was nervous in general. Which wasn’t because she had never been to the city before, but just… a general unease with the place. Isolde didn’t like it, but was trying to bolster her own confidence in her head. This was silly. There was no reason to be mistrustful of everything just because of one day. And her llyr was here! Isolde slowed a bit to look at the statue of him in the courtyard… that was fascinating! -02:36 Jul 20
Athazagorus: The soldiers in the lead he lingered only long enough to make sure she would follow then prosseded through the vaulted coorway into the pasade what in his fime have been lined with frescos of his forebearers. Not they were painted in shimmering gold, this disleased him but he remained silent, holdign his words for thr coming confrontation. He did however slow as to keep Isolde close. “If feels strange coming back and seeing all the changes.” he whispered. “I’m going to have to have a word with whoever is in charge here.” -02:42 Jul 20
Isolde: “It’s not like the temple, is it…” The temple was a wonderful place, and though it was well structure and beautiful… it didn’t have all the flash and overly grand architecure the citadel seemed to have. She had also never seen a statue of a descendant before. That was a bit strange to see a lifeless mold of the real thing. Isolde quickly caught up, now paying attention not to wander too far. -02:47 Jul 20
Athazagorus: They reached the end of the corridoor and passed through another vaulted arch entering a caverness chamber that held a ocuncel.. or had. Now a single man sat in a throne, a throne that was meant to be left empty waiting for an Emidio. “There have been changes here…” he observed “but they are not why I’m here.. the temple was destroyed and most killed, I am here to present my new high priestess.” -02:54 Jul 20

The man who sat in the chair leaned forward looking more than a little confused. There was only a slight movement of his finger, and several soldiers were lining up at both sides of the hall. “Explain yourself, and your reasons for walking in to my citadel claiming to be a dead god. Maybe I will let you live.” -Isolde

Isolde: Maybe the ill feelings were not so off the mark after all. Isolde took a step closer to her llyr, warily watching the soldiers and the presumptuous man on the throne. She might have asked who HE was to sit on the Emidio throne with the daring to threaten one, but she decided it was wiser to keep quiet! -03:01 Jul 20
Athazagorus: Insolence…. but her held his temper in check, he did however spread his wings wide and meet the man’s gaze. “I am Athazagorus Emidio, released from my slumber during the attack. If you want proof name it and you will witness it. Or do I have to ask why theres only one of you and why you’re in my seat.. my seat that I’l willing to take my force if necesary.. would an Emidio do any less?” -03:02 Jul 20

“I am Gobryas, King of this City for fifteen years. Placed on this throne BY an Emidio.” he said with all authority and smugness. “The people of this city call me their Sun Pillar. A real and tangible king. A god they can see and believe in.” He leaned back in his throne, pressing his fingers together. “If you are Athazagorus, it doesn’t matter. The people don’t believe in you any more. They don’t want your temples or your priests. They don’t want you. Now take your leave willingly, or my soldiers will make sure you and your priestess will not see the light of another sunrise.” -Isolde

Athazagorus: The ring became a silder list and formed into a sword in his hand that he leand loosely, fire dancing down it’s length in restless waves. “You style yourself a god King Godryas? That puts you at odds with the temple. Am I to believe you sent those men, who raped and murdered my followers. Answer carefully or I will show you what it means to be a true god.” -03:20 Jul 20

The man held no fear, boldy rising from his seat to stand as he stared them down. “A new god waits to be born, a predecessor of your own blood and the true power. The age of Emidio is done, and with it goes it’s temples and it’s people.” With a gesture he commanded his soldiers to surround and attack. And contrary to his bold statements, he was not staying to watch. -Isolde

Athazagorus: To the soldiers he had only one responce, before they could even move he pointe his sword at the group on the right an with a thunderous boom lightning arced though the air jumping between them killing the entire group, then the group on the right were froven in place by a gesture from his free hand… then with a rushing gale he lifted himself from hsi foot and shot after the man sword poised… he wasn’t getting away that easily. -03:30 Jul 20
Isolde: This wasn’t going well, and Isolde was very surprised to hear such things coming from a self proclaimed King. Are these the things she missed by not paying attention to the world outside her temple? The moment the soldiers moved, though, Isolde covered her eyes. Panic wanted to take over, but she trusted her llyr. …she just didn’t want to watch! -03:32 Jul 20

To say the man ran would be debated, but he definitely seemed to have a clear plan of escape. Even with a god on his heels, when he reached the far end of the hall he slipped through a passage. It sealed up so quickly, it was nothing short of magic that could have done it! -Isolde

Athazagorus: He had done it… him and his people.. and the bolt that smalled into the door stook the citidel to it’s foundations.. but the door held. “Isolde..” he called her to her striding up to the throne and kicking it over… they did it, they were all guilty. He held out his arm to her and got ready to fly. “We’re leaving…” a hood thing too as the sound of more guard coming came form the other apssage ways. -03:39 Jul 20
Isolde: More were coming, she could hear their stomping footsteps. Isolde didn’t hesitate to run for him. Keeping her hands blocking the sight of the dead soldiers lining the room blocked with her hands. She didn’t drop her hands until she was gently latching on to his sleeve. “Did he fall to madness? No one at the temple ever said they did not want you…” -03:46 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “There is another god in play..” he said grabbing hold of her and rising from the thrown room. “So let him be king of ash and dust…” he crashed though a staiend glass window and rise higher holding his hand out and throwing a fireball back into the throne room, then through another window, and another, then he was over the city and heading away.. it woule a lot more than a few fireballs to do what he wanted… he needed a hill where he could see then entire city, good thing he knew just the place. -03:51 Jul 20
Isolde: She held tight, keeping her arms locked around his neck. Her eyes squeezed closed when she burying her face at his neck. Flying did not bother her as much as her llyr’s anger. It was in his voice and the tenseness of his body. It almost emanated from him! “That is why they destroyed the machine…” she muttered soft, just speaking her thoughts aloud. They had meant to destroy him too with the machine, Isolde was certain. Or they never would have dared to attack him in the citadel. -03:57 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded gliding down to the hilltop and setting her down. “They are lead astray…” he raised his hands and called on his power as above the city the clouds began to boil. “I will show them how a god makes war.” -04:03 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde watched the sky, a faint frown across her features. Once she realized his meaning, she was a bit hesitant… but finally reached out a hand to tug gently at his sleeve. “Will you destroy the whole city… and everyone in it?” She bit her lip, almost not wanting to go on. But… she knew very well what an angry Emidio had done in the past to entire cities. “Even the people that have no idea what the King and his soldiers have done..? Even ones that are just trying to live?” -04:09 Jul 20
Athazagorus: The first one came, punching though the cloud so fast it was barely seen before it struck the citidel and the explotion was heard from there they stood, nothing visible in the entire inner city but debris and smoke. The meteor storn had arived. “You saw thier faces in the city. They do not know me, if there is another god then they are his now. Whose fault it is matters little.” the second hit, bidgger then the first and there were fires starting now, pillars of smoke rising to the heavens. “Thos that survive will knwo what it means when a war is fought between gods… but I cannot allow them to give the other god power, or we’re dead.” -04:17 Jul 20
Isolde: “I understand…” Isolde understood… but it didn’t mean she had to like it or to watch. Isolde turned away from the scene, wrapping her arms around herself and trying not to cringe every time a meteor slammed in to the ground and made it rumble. He would do what he needed to do, and she would pray for the innocent souls to be safe. -04:24 Jul 20
[Athazagorus enters.] -04:25 Jul 20
Athazagorus: Three more times before he was satisfied and his hand landed gently on her shoulder. “You are a sensitive soul.” he said softly. “I pray that when this ends, you still will be. Don’t change.” -04:28 Jul 20
Isolde: Isolde gave a shakey sigh. There was no sense in trying to hide that the destruction bothered her. But she did tilt her head up to offer him a smile. “Maybe I am too sensitive. I have the feeling this will not be easy and I’m going to make things harder on you.” -04:34 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He kept his hand on her shoulder and his eyes on hers as if reading the thoughts and feelings deep into her soul. “My family is known for going too far.” he said. “For spilling blood when none needs to be spilled, for taking what they see as thiers. If there is to be a war between gods you will see a lot of that. But as my priestess I will look to you for counsel, to stop be taking a step past too far. Can you do that for me?” -04:38 Jul 20
Isolde: “How will I know when it’s something you need to do and when it’s too far…?” she took a glance over her shoulder at the now burning city. They were far enough away that all she could see was fire and smoke. But it was easy to imagine what was happening in the streets. “If it were up to me, no one would die at all. …but I understand some people will have to.” -04:42 Jul 20
[(Timeout) Athazagorus was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -04:49 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “I will tell you if its somethign that needs to be done.” he said. “Then you will ask why.” his hand left her shoulder and snaked around her back go pull her agaist him. “Can you do that?” it was a serious question. -04:49 Jul 20
Isolde: “You tell me to question my llyr.” That seemed to break through her doubt, making her cast a soft smile and nod. “I can do that. I will be your conscience and your heart..?” -04:54 Jul 20
Athazagorus: “In a sense.” he said holding her against him. “I never wanted my return to be marked with fire and blood. I pictured celebration, and the temple being decorated and a priestess to be my councel and talk to me through the night.” he sighed. “Bit I guess not even gods can see the future.” -04:58 Jul 20
Isolde: She liked this, being held circled by his arms. Isolde gave in to the temptation to lean against him, to listen to his heart beating. “Were you meaning to return to the world, then? To be with mortals again?” -05:01 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He nodded. “For a time.” he said. “Long enough to esablish a new line with the angel of my choosing.” he looked down at her, the one he chose. “I don’t think you ever told me why you call me your llyr.” -05:05 Jul 20
Isolde: Did that mean he meant to sire children? She hid her face at his chest for a moment, before she was looking back up again to answer his question. “In my country it meant beloved sea god… It always felt right for you. You are both to me.” -05:09 Jul 20
Athazagorus: He smiled and folded his wings around her. “Then you are the right one to guide me. I chose you a long time ago Isolde. And I won’t let this change that.” then with his arms arounf her to took off again, it wsa time ofr them to go home. -05:19 Jul 20

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