The Demon and Angelle 003: The Contract

Angelle: Angelle was out of town. In fact, Angelle was out of state. She was pretty lucky she had her credit card in her back pocket, because she was too scared to risk going back to her apartment to fetch any of her stuff. For now she was in a cheapass motel room, trying to figure out how to work her new gun. Purchased fresh that morning from someone she was pretty sure was a criminal, Angelle was now ready to defend herself if her Boss… former Boss… tried to go all scary psycho killer at her again. -04:05 Apr 29
Virote: It happened the same as before, a knock and his voice. "I don’t have time to humore you anymore doll.." her door splintered. "So I’m just hoing to kill you and be done with it." he said walking into her room. Unless you wanr me to kill you last I’d recomend begginf for mercy." -04:10 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle almost cursed! She fell off the corner of her bed, rolled on the floor… and then was jumping right back on top of the bed, complete with gun aimed straight at him. Somehow, she felt like standing on the bed have her an advantage. "…okay about this whole killing business! I DON’T want to die! So maybe we can come up with some other arrangement! ….cause if you step any closer, I’m going to have to shoot you!" -04:13 Apr 29
Virote: "Go on, have you fun." he spat "Shoot me if thats the best you can do. Then when you’re out of bullets and I have a few new holes in my shirt maybe I’ll let you see what you’re ug against before I kill you, of better yet take you in alive." -04:17 Apr 29
Angelle: "I’m serious! I’m not afraid to shoot you!" …yes she was. She -really- didn’t want to do it! But he was backing her in a corner here, and she could put up with a lot, but getting killed was totally out of the question! …he wasn’t budging. Angelle closed her eyes and aimed. Pulling the trigger and shooting! The recoil had her stumbling backwards, and her eyes closed meant she missed half of the time. But she kept firing even after the only sounds coming out were soft, click, click, click of an empty pistol. -04:20 Apr 29
Virote: The hot metal slugs clung to his skin then fell down to burn the carpet. Then wings were sprouting from his shoulders and black horns were hushing though his hair as his eyes became two black pools and his ears became pointed. His teeth grew, fangs protruding from his lip. "My turn." he didn’t give her a chance and his wings keeping her trapped her rushed her and in a second had ripped the gun from her fingers and thrown it to the floor, then he hend her and pushed her face down into the bed. "I didn’t do this before because I though you’d listen… it too late for listening now darling." he pushed his fingers under her and tore off her button and began pulling her pants down. -04:27 Apr 29
Angelle: She shouldn’t have opened her eyes. Because seeing a winged, fanged demon before getting pounced and pinned made it so much more frightening. Angelle was too startled to scream, but she hadn’t given up her will to flee! She was trying to throw an arm back to shove him off her and at least get to her knees to crawl away! "I’m listening, I’m listening..! Just get off me…!" -04:33 Apr 29
Virote: HE was too strong, had too good of a grip on her and now had her pants down her legs and was turnign her over and pullin her to the edge of the bed. "Then listen to this, the more you strugging the longer this will last, and more painful I’ll make it for you and if you’re very very good I’ll give you the choice of a quick douth of being taken back alive." he held her on the edge of the bed the talon on the joints of his wings boming down to pin her shoulders in place digging into them as his wings held her arms down. "Still listening?" -04:37 Apr 29
Angelle: Not much of a chocie, but Angelle was all for the alive options. Anything was better than getting killed right? …she was still a little freaked out about the wings thing, but after a moment she stopped her struggling to stare up at him with wide eyes. Angelle nodded quickly. "Still listening! ….just don’t hit me in the face and can I have my pants back?" -04:41 Apr 29
Virote: "When we’re done." he said lookinf down at her, wondeing if she realised what was going to happen, of course she did… still looking at her he put his hands on her legs and pulled then apart then his hips were against hers and his tip pushing into her. -04:45 Apr 29
Angelle: "Uhn..!" Angelle twist, trying to get her arm free as she gasped. There went pretending it wasn’t going to get bad! She could take it and cry, or she could pitch a fit and figure out what he meant by painful! …Angelle was stuck in the middle with tearful squirming! -04:50 Apr 29
Virote: He held her hips and pushed deeper, so har she was beign good.. enough.. still she was nowhere near ready for him and there was nothign in the way of moisture down there and that didn’t make things comfortable. He pushed harder and worked his way deeper. "See theres less pain when you listen." -04:53 Apr 29
Angelle: "You just…" She couldn’t even form the words! Angelle squeezed her eyes shut. If she were gonna get through it like a trooper, she couldn’t see him! Looking at him like this just made her want to scream! She was still squirming, and every time he pushed she nearly groaned. Angelle still tugged to get an arm free. And though she still had her shoulder’s pinned at least a hand was loose. And the very first thing she did with her free hand was slap him! -05:00 Apr 29
Virote: He grabbed her hand and twisted it, and it was accompanied by a harder push into her. He pulled her arm back up to his hand ran his tongue against its skin, then pulling it between his teeth bit down his lips reddening with her blood. -05:03 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle yelped! Both at the harder thrust and the unexpected bite. She tried retracting her hand back from his grasp, that flinching reflex making her struggle beneath him again. "Okay, okay, okay, okay…! Let go!" she whimpered through her teeth! -05:07 Apr 29
Virote: He held her in place his his hands on her hips and pushed in again thruting deeper. "I said shut up bitch.." he said in a deceptivly soft voice. "Or I’m just going to kill you then have more fun with your body." -05:09 Apr 29
Angelle: There was that threat of killing again, and now she didn’t doubt he could, and would kill her. It was the only thing keeping her from struggling further, as she clutched her now bleeding hand to her chest and kept her eyes squeezed shut. even with conceeding to his demand, her body was still tensely coiled. Her knees drawn up as if she were ready to kick him off her, and her pinned arm still straining aginst the wing that held her down. -05:14 Apr 29
Virote: Now she was getting it, he grinned in triumoh and pushed into her until she bled. At least her blood helped things go easier, and let him go faster… then with a sigh he finished inside her.. white mixing with red. -05:19 Apr 29
Angelle: She knew he was done, cause she could feel it… which was such an eerie out of body experience, that Angelle couldn’t prevent herself from shuddering. There were tears streaming down her face, but she was angry too. Angry enough to still be defiant and try to shove him off her again. "You can go now!" -05:23 Apr 29
Virote: "We both can." he said pulling out and pulling her pants back up her legs. "Its time you met my master." He picked her up and pu her over his shoulder leaving out of her door, losing all of his demonic features except his wing, that he used to carry her into the air! -05:28 Apr 29
Angelle: "No! Wait!" Why did she even bother screaming! Clearly her protests were futile! But they were up in the air and Angelle was shrieking all over again. …but at least not struggling, because the last thing she wanted him to do was drop her! -05:30 Apr 29
Virote: Higher and higher he rose until the city was a mess of specks and patterns below them. Then he turned over in the air and plummeted towards the ground. -05:35 Apr 29
Angelle: "This is worse! Worse!" All she could see was the sky, but the sudden shift and speed had her stomach doing flips. They were either going to splatter on the ground or… she didn’t know what! But thankfully it had her seeing spots and fainting, instead of throwing up! -05:37 Apr 29
Virote: There was a moment where they didn’t seem to be anywhere then they were somewhere else, somewhere dark. There was something else there with them too, huge and menecing and just out of sight. "Master I have brought her to you.. alive…" -05:39 Apr 29
Angelle: Angelle was groaning. She might still throw up… but it was dark, where ever it was, it was eerie and so thick with that feeling it was like it was crawling up her skin. "Where the hell did you take us…?" she asked in a soft voice, just above a whisper. Angelle couldn’t see past his blasted wings! -05:41 Apr 29
Virote: "To my master’s pallace, and you’re right, it is in hell." he chuckled as the presence got closer and closer, it seemed to smell her and they a growling voice came "Well done… now for letting her get away and abandoning your post… death…" After that Vir knew only blackness. -05:45 Apr 29

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