Zerospace 003: The Demon

Phaedra: An entire day of running around the city, and Phaedra still did not have a job. She was so sure she had interviewing down. But half the time they wanted someone with more experience, and the other half… people were really uneasy about obvious demons! Phaedra was frowning at her tail as she climbed the stairs in her apartment building. She loved her tail… hiding it would be terrible. There had to be a job that wouldn’t mind it. -02:43 Oct 13
Tremdorias: It lurked in her appartment, reen, scaly and nearly invisible in the darkness of the room. The light was broken and the curtains closed, the demon hybrid would be here soon, and claws, teethm tail, and intent waited for her. -02:46 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra fumbled around in her pockets for her door key before she realized she had given it to her new friend. Oh! How could she have forgotten about that? She was actually really excited about that! Her first friend out living on her own. Her first room mate too! Phaedra was grinning when she found the door unlocked, already pulling off her jacket as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. "I’m hoooo-ooome! That’s so much fun to say. Hmm… did I beat you here..? She mumbled, glancing around at the darkness of the room. -02:53 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Click. the lock slid closed and a mostly human shape was visible at the door, upside down clinging to the wall. Then fietly glowing eyes focussed on the hybrid. "Phaedra…" the voice was a throaty reptillian hiss before the figure lept at her. -03:03 Oct 13
Phaedra: That… wasn’t her new house guest! Hearing her name did stun her for a moment, but her reflexes were quick enough for her to jump out of the way and fumble across the room in the dark. "…How did you get in here! Where are you…" She lost him in the dark, but she could hear him moving. Blast it all, why couldn’t she have some sort of useful demon gift like night vision or super smell. "I am pretty sure you’ve got the wrong apartment, the landlord rented this one to me yesterday!" -03:06 Oct 13
Tremdorias: The fgure moved on al hfour a long muscular tail knocing over a chail as he whipped around and circled, body low against the floor, movements as silent as a cat. Then it leaped again colliding with her. "I’m where I want to be." it said on top of her claws curling around her wrists and tainl winding arounf hers. "Filthy hybrid." -03:13 Oct 13
Phaedra: Getting knocked to the floor and having her wrists grabbed wasn’t nearly as nerve wracking as her precious tail. Phaedra was immediately thrashing arms and limbs to throw him off and get her tail back, huffing in frustration! "You don’t have to be insulting! Get your… tail… off my tail! Who let you in here?!" -03:17 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Claws slashed her. "Silence!" three bloody lines forms on her throat. "Don’t make me kill you to get what I want." a long, very long, rongue ran over her wounds the the demon hissed with pleasure. "The filthier the blood, the better it tasts." -03:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: She cried out in pain, and the sudden shock of it had her stilling in fear. …this wasn’t a feeling she was familiar with, but she definitely recognized it for what it was! Once she finally shook that moment, she was trying to get loose again. …if only a little more wary this time. "…what do you want? If you want blood, I am happy to donate some…? I don’t want to get eat!" -03:25 Oct 13
Tremdorias: There was another thoaty hiss and the tail unwound from hers and instead wound around her leg pulling it aside. "I’m not going to eat you, filth, I’m going to rape you." the tongue ran across her face and the craws slashed her top open. "It’s better than you desurve." -03:29 Oct 13
Phaedra: She remembered that word. She had a whistle for that somewhere! …it wasn’t going to do her much good now when she couldn’t reached it. Phaedra cringed at the wetness of his tongue against her skin, and her tail was taking refugee under her out of reach. But it was when she finally connected this moment to yesterday that she started thrashing again. This was the same thing! That was rape, and she didn’t like rape! "NO! No you’re not! Get out of my apartment!" Phaedra had never hit anyone in her life, but she took a swing at him then, slapping him hard enough to sting her palm as she tried scrambling away. -03:34 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Knocked off of her the demon thrashed on the ground before springing after her c;aws finding her and digging in. "FILTH!" something he coould use… yes… If you want your friend to live, you will not resist. Yes… usefull… "Do you want him to die because of you?" -03:41 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was yelping in pain again, enough to draw tears to her eyes. She had every intention of running away as soon as possible, but the words made her freeze. Her friend would be hurt? That wasn’t fair…! Was he here too and already hurt? Phaedra was fearly shaking her head. "I don’t want him to die…! Leave him alone?" -03:45 Oct 13
Tremdorias: "He will be unharmed if you do not struggle." the tongue ran up the back of her neck. "Try to escape and I will kill him, then kill you." the oice was right next to her ear. "If you’re going to be a good hybrid, you’ll open your legs and let me in." -03:48 Oct 13
Phaedra: He made her shudder and the shaking didn’t stop. She was terrified! But it wasn’t fair her new friend should suffer, this was her fault! Phaedra finally nodded her head slowly, and her voice came out a cracked squeak at best. "I won’t run…" …but she couldn’t promise not to struggle. She was still thinking! -03:53 Oct 13
Tremdorias: She was turned onto her back and held down by her shoulders. "I could fack you from behind like you desurve, but I want to make sure you’ll keep you promise. When I am done I will leave you and you will never see me again, so like this easy from yourself." claws split the crotch of her jeans and exposed her, ripping into the skin. "You do want this over quickly. Don’t you?" -03:58 Oct 13
Phaedra: He wasn’t even trying not to hurt her, which left her more than a little afraid of what he’d do if she didn’t make it easy. Tears were streaming down her face as she nodded quickly this time. Why did she deserve it? She hadn’t done anything wrong…! Her arms had risen up to at least cover some of her exposed skin. She might not of been able to see well in the dark, but he could… and everywhere he touched seemed to end up clawed! -04:03 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed into her and let his wieght rest on her. It was a simple act of mating with no passion or feeling behind it. The only thing the hiss detrayes was a feeling of satisfaction at having her relinquish herself so easily. And then he was moving in and pushing against her in a steady rythm. "Much easier." -04:09 Oct 13
Phaedra: Easier for him, but for her it was hell..! Phaedra wanted to fight, to scream… but fear of being hurt and what he might do to her friend had her biting her tongue. She couldn’t stay still though. Shifting uncomfortable beneath him when stillness was unbareable. There was a ball of tension coiled up so tight in the pit of her stomach that it was making her sick! -04:16 Oct 13
Tremdorias: The claws moved to her hips and he pushed harder, faster glowing eyes looking down at her teeth glinting in the drakness. "A real demon would fight back, you’re not a demon." Venomous spit splashed her throat. "Don’t you want to be, so much power could be yours. That poor sick fuck you have , bet he’s never bone this before." faster and faster, building up, grinning, watching. -04:20 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra was gasping, making small uncomfortable sounds as she tried to keep from writhing under him. Whatever splashed on her burned her skin, worse where the cuts were exposed and she was whimpering in pain again. "…just finished…!" she pleaded in a choked sob. If he didn’t soon, she wasn’t sure she could keep her promise! -04:25 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pushed harder and harder craps drawing blood form her. He wasn’t a creature of lust, he was a creature fo the hunt, the perfect predator, and lickign his lips he hissed. "Soon." and it would be soon but not yet. She didn’t get to choose. -04:27 Oct 13
Phaedra: Claws in her skin and the pain again…! Phaedra hated the pain, couldn’t think with the pain! She was twisting and squirming again, trying to get away from it and relieve that throbbing pressure. Grasping at anything around her to have enough leverage to pull away! -04:31 Oct 13
Tremdorias: Knuckles struck her face and he sped up again reaching a frezy. "You worthless little fuck." he caugh his breath. "When I’m done with you I’m killing angel boy…" he let out a laugh the thought of blood, even his own making him finish and pushed against her. "There we go…" he looked down at her, pulling out and leaning close. "Just one more thing…" fangs, long and venomous sunk into her skin. It would put her to sleep of a while but no more. -04:36 Oct 13
Phaedra: Phaedra gave a choked scream as she tried to shove him away, but just as quickly as his teeth sunk in, she was growing weak. Her already dim vision turning blurry as the venom set in. She mumbled soft tearful pleas for him not to hurt her friend, but it was only a moment before her limbs grew limp and she fell unconcious. -04:42 Oct 13

HOURS LATER!? -Phaedra

[Cupio is calling on the phone!] -04:56 Oct 13
Phaedra: Something was ringing. Vibrating even. She could feel it somewhere against her body, though it seemed to be the only thing she could feel. As Phaedra stirred from the sound, she felt almost paralyzed… and when the feeling came back to her limbs, she wished it hadn’t. Sharp and prickly all over. Her hands finally found what was making all the racket. Her cellphone stuffed in to a pocket. Phaedra barely had control of her shakey hands though and it ended up answered long before she even got it close to her ear. -04:57 Oct 13
Cupio: "… an you hear me? Phaaaeeeedraaaa…" the soft sweet feminine voice drifted though the handset. "Since you answered I asume you’re there and I can’t wait to tell you. I’m on the bus right now coming to see you. I told Jay I was going away for work but I’ll be there at nine tomorow morning. We’ll have a night out, the tailed terrors!"There was a barely contained goggle. " Soooo… what have you been up to? I’m not gong to have to rent a hotel room because you have yourself a little man friend am I?" -05:01 Oct 13
Phaedra: "Hi Papa…" she was so groggy. And when her eyes opened she was staring up at the ceiling of her new apartment. "I met a friend…" she mumbled. A new room mate and… Phaedra gasped, the phone slipping from her hands. She was rolling quickly on to her knees, wincing from the ache that came with it and now frantically looking around the apartment now that there was just enough daylight peeking through the curtains to see by. "Tre…! Tremdorias, are you dead…!" She was a terrible friend.. a terrible person…! -05:08 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He was lying in the floor in the bedroom a gash in his forehead but otherwise alright but didn’t move when she called. How could he, he felt tellible, he didn’t know where he was and he didn’t know who was calling him. He didn’t remember anything at all. -05:12 Oct 13
Phaedra: Not considering what her Papa was going to think with her dropping the phone and suddenly screaming in the apartment, Phaedra climbed to her feet and nearly stumbled head first over a toppled chair. Scooting around it, she was still calling out his name and without an answer her voice was cracking with tears. Phaedra found him by accident in the bedroom when she tripped over him. Then she was frantically scrambling to him and shaking him like crazy to see if he was alive! "Tre…! Tre are you dead?!" -05:17 Oct 13
Cupio: He moaned and flopped onto his side, then he pushed away from her in fright and bumped into the bed hitting his head. "Who are you?" he asked looking at her and then calming down. "Oh… sory Phaedra… sorry." he should be. "I…" he what? "Are you alright?" -05:20 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He moaned and flopped onto his side, then he pushed away from her in fright and bumped into the bed hitting his head. "Who are you?" he asked looking at her and then calming down. "Oh… sory Phaedra… sorry." he should be. "I…" he what? "Are you alright?" -05:23 Oct 13
Phaedra: He was scared. And hurt. But he was alive. He might not have been and it would have been her fault. Her relief was short lived as she burst in to tears. Two days on her own and she was covered in blood and more, her clothes shredded, had no job and nearly got someone murdered! What was she supposed to tell her Papa? She shook her head. "I am so sorry…!" -05:26 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He pulled her down to his and put his arms around her. "It’s not your fault." he said, how could he know, he didn’t remember things. He didn’t remember anything. "I’m sorry too. I should have tropped him before you got here…" stopped who? It was like he knew something he wasn’t telling himself. "I should have…" he sighed and shook his head. "I’m sorry Phae." -05:30 Oct 13
Phaedra: Still shaking, she couldn’t seem to get the crying under control. None of this was fair to him. Yet she was clinging and crying in to his chest and shaking her head still. "People want to hurt me, she was right and they hurt me… and they hurt you too just for being here…! I don’t know why! It’s not safe at all and I and I told you to stay here!" She really was a horrible friend! How could he stay here now, knowing this could happen. That demon called her a filthy mixed breed… -05:36 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "We’ll make it safe here. We’re always going to be safer together no matter what. This morning I didn’t have a place to sleep or more than a sandwich to eat, and now… I’ll show you what I got!" still holding her he stood and started walking through to the lounge, but when he saw it he blinked… "It’s in the fridge… that is that?" he was looking at the phone. -05:39 Oct 13
Phaedra: "My Papa…!" Oh no..! Phaedra scrambled out of his grasp and was on her knees, picking up the phone again to press against her ear. "Papa, I am so sorry…!" As if he could see, she was brushing tears off her face with the back of her hand and trying to get some sense of propriety with the state of her ripped clothes. -05:42 Oct 13
Cupio: "Phaedra, what’s going on?" something was obviously wrong. "I can be there sooner if I fly all night. Do you need me to?" his voice was concerned and he was genuinely offering. "Is it your room mate?" -05:48 Oct 13
Tremdorias: He left her to it and moved over to the fridge to retrieve the take away pizza from the fridge. It wasn’t exactly a gouet meal but he couldn’t remember ever having one and the shop had smelled good! -05:49 Oct 13
Phaedra: "No, Papa, I’m okay, I just- …lost him for a minute." She couldn’t tell him and have him be worried. He was going to find out soon enough when he saw her covered in scratches and bruises. How was she going to explain that…? Why couldn’t she heal like demons did too! "I didn’t have very good luck the past two days… Kinda almost think Mother was right about everything. I really miss you." she muttered. -05:52 Oct 13
Cupio: "You mother is a worrier. It’s important for a young girl to have life experience. Maybe you’re going a little fast moving strait out but you’ll be fine adn I’ll be there in the mornign to help you settle in. I promise you everything will work out. You are after all my daughter and I somehow always made things work. I miss you too Phaedra." -05:55 Oct 13

wrap it up i have to go! -Cupio

Phaedra: Just hearing his voice did make her feel worlds better. Having him be there tomorrow was going to help a lot. Phaedra cracked a small smile. "I love you, Papa. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow." -05:57 Oct 13

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