After a nap for all involved, there seems to be major trouble with the ship’s engines. After fighting with trying to fix things, they need to land somewhere for supplies. Bronwen explains to Duncan that there’s flirting around with her, of which he promptly ignores.

On RyvN in a warehouse, Bronwen overhears someone bragging about killing off Shadowstars. She flips out and steals MacBeth’s gun to go shoot them up. She displays a total disreguard for her own safty and an apparent deathwish! Bronwen is impressed with how well MacBeth helps out in the situation with perfect timing. They discover some pretty expensive guns and some of Morgan’s loot. Duncan arrives as a hostage to more goons. MacBeth and Bronwen handle the guys with quick efficiency, and a little help from Duncan’s unorthodox methods!

When they get their new cargo back to the ship, Bronwen makes an injured MacBeth her top priorty. They discuss Duncan as well as Morgan’s men. With Mac all fixed up, she takes Duncan with her to do the repairs in the engine room.

While working on things, Duncan tries hitting on the Captain on more time to convince her of his awesomeness! But when Bronwen has an accident she’s ordering him to go fetch MacBeth. Duncan shows he’s not the kind of guy that would take advantage of a girl and does what he’s told! Neither of them seem to trust him yet (as MacBeth shows with a gun to Duncan’s face when he intends to pickup the Captain). Sending Duncan out to get some Talkies, Bronwen jokes about sleeping with Duncan just to shut him up and MacBeth says he’ll shoot himself or jump off a cliff if she ever seriously considers it. Bronwen states that she likes MacBeth, being amused with his humor and MacBeth replies saying she’s not so bad herself for a Shadowstar.

[Bronwen found refuge in the back room…!] -02:30 Jan 15
[MacBeth is having second thoughts about not knocking out or shooting Duncan sooner. Thanks to his talk about possibly playing “man-whore” alongside Flyboy. <.<] -02:31 Jan 15
[Duncan had an amusing chat with MacBeth… and is currently passed out in his chair with an empty beer bottle in his lap!] -02:31 Jan 15
Duncan: *SNOOOORRRREE… mummblemutter OOoh yeah, that’s the spot… SNoooree..* -02:31 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Is actually glad Duncan has finally shut up. He gulps down the rest of his beer and throws the empty can into the corner somewhere. He finally has some peace and quiet to himself. It seems like ages since he last had a moment of silence. Thanks to Shadowstar. She’s like a jinx or a hex or something. He’d told the Captain not to grab that last cargo, the one she’d been with. Now the Crimson Nyx was in pieces and her crew was scattered to stars knew where.* -02:34 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Having changed in to some simple getup that looked way too similar to Duncan’s… She had claimed a bet, and was sitting cross legged with her back against the wall… Several star maps with scribbles spread across her lap. And half dozing, much to her displeasure!* -02:37 Jan 15
Duncan: NO! THAT IS AN OUT PORT ONLY…!…yeah.. yeah that’s better… *Snoooorre!* -02:38 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Is keeping an eye on the controls and staying alert in case something goes off or starts beeping. Since Duncan told him about how "trustworthy" his ship is, he decides it’s best not to start taking a nap just yet. He is awfully tired, though … He tenses when Duncan calls out but when he realizes he’s just talking in his sleep, he finally relaxes. He combs his fingers through his hair and finds himself daydreaming about a boy with a bright red ball playing in a field that stretched as far as the eye could see.* -02:39 Jan 15
Duncan: aww.. baby.. just my size…! *He has his hands up apparently "grabbing" at something at looking all too pleased! He’s having a good dream!* -02:41 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He glances at Duncan and begins to question just how much Shadowstar really needs a pilot. There are bound to be a lot more at Osaka 9. Provided they get there, that is. His daydream about the boy with the bright red ball fades away to fire and explosions and then darkness.* What a fine mess I got myself in this time. *He mutters under his breath as he leans back and finally closes his eyes.* -02:43 Jan 15

{Just as MacBeth decides to relax, a red light turns on and begins to flash on and off followed by an insistent “BEEP” noise.: } -MacBeth

Duncan: Naw.. naw…! can it, bessie! you know i dun like them noisy ones…! *He kicks the control panel and flops over in his sleep!* -02:45 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Jerks upright in the seat in time to see Duncan kick the control panel that silences the noise but doesn’t turn off the light. It just keeps blinking on and off, refusing to stop. He leans to the side to smack Duncan on the side of the head. If there’s one thing he’s learned: it’s never to take a red light on a ship lightly.* -02:47 Jan 15
Duncan: EH?! WAH?! *He nearly topples out of his chair as he sits up right and rubs his thwapped head!* Whachu go an do that for? Damn, man… You could have woke me up and mentioned the engines lights were goin’ off! I hope you or the cap’n knows somethin about mechanics… -02:50 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Decides not to waste his energy yelling at the man, although smacking him seems like a good idea right about now.* Just tell me where the hell you keep your tools. -02:52 Jan 15
Duncan: In the back with everything else, eh. *Scratching his head still… Welp, not much he can do around here but prey they live!* Guess I’ll be go alertin’ the Cap’n! -02:54 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Duncan definitely has a death wish.* Be my guest. *He mutters as he dashes out of the chair.* Sure she’s dying to see you again. *He runs for the back and begins digging into every crate, box, and … another small fridge stocked with beer for a box of tools. It’s no wonder his ship is going under! Everything’s a bloody mess! By the time he finally does find the box of tools–in the small fridge stocked with beer–his hands and his arms up to his elbows are already caked with dust and space knows what, but it’s black and greasy. Then he finds the trap door on the floor that leads down to the engine room and drops inside, not even bothering to take the short ladder that leads down. There’s barely enough room for him to fit between the engine, tubes, pipes, and pistons. Down here, Duncan’s ship sounds like a sputtering car battery about to give out.* -03:01 Jan 15
Duncan: *Duncan, rubbing his hands together in glee, exits the control room to find the good ole Cap’n. It’s… it’s a dream come true when he finds her! She’s picked out his room, in his bed.. sitting there looking pretty with all them star maps! He grins!* Hey Cap’n… Cap’n… Ooooh sleeping beauty… -03:06 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Ack! She had dozed off again, and that voice is not the one she wants to want up to. She cracks her eyes open to scowl at Duncan across the room.* What did you do? -03:08 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Begins to have doubts about leaving Shadowstar to the likes of Duncan … Flyboy doesn’t know when to quit and if she gets harmed while he’s around …* Ship first. *He mutters to himself as he goes digging into the tools. They’re all a little dusty but it looks like they haven’t been used very often so that’s good news. He finally identifies the type of engine he has in this ship and realizes that although the engines are working now, they weren’t originally designed to handle this type of ship. If he didn’t know better, he’d wager a guess that Flyboy had boosted the engines from another ship and attempted to use these to pass for his own.* -03:10 Jan 15
Duncan: *His grin doesn’t faulter, but he places his hands on his hips and decides he’s probably safer on this side of the room.* Actually, nothin’… but the engine lights are goin’ wild and yer mate is prolly down there hammering away at things. Thought I’d come in here and keep ya company incase the ride starts gettin bumpy again! -03:10 Jan 15
Bronwen: Ugh… *She rolls her eyes, shoving the maps out of her lap as she gets up from the bed.* So much for down time. Get your ass back to the controls and watch for other system failures. *She shoves him out of the way as she marches down the hall!* -03:13 Jan 15
Duncan: Aw man, Cap’n… You hurt me deep. *Shot down again! Woe is Duncan! He even tries the poor puppy face, but she’s not even bothering to look back! With a dramatic sigh, he heads back to the controls and to the intercom.* Capn is comin to the rescue, mate! Oh.. and the haberdash tank is leaking! -03:15 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Flyboy is more trouble than he’s worth … MacBeth grabs a wrench and locates the trouble after taking off the engine covers and placing them on the floor. He wipes his forehead with the back of his arm as the heat from the running engine rises. He checks the cables and wires and begins digging deeper, pulling them aside so he can get a look at everything. He looks up when Duncan mentions the tank leaking and pulls his arms out to get something out of the tool box. It’s a leak-proof proxy that kneads like dough but quickly dries as he finds the leak first and patches it up. Then, once he’s sure it’s stopped leaking, he goes back to the engines.* -03:16 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Dumbass is going to be more trouble than he’s worth. She could probably fly the ship herself, but then she’d have to trust Mac to do a whole lot of things she’s not sure he can even do yet. Then again… anybody might be better than Duncan right now! She drops in to the engine room… wave her hand in front of her face..* That doesn’t smell like a Habderdash leak… That smells like the jolt conductors on fire… -03:19 Jan 15
MacBeth: … There’s a leak AND the jolt conductors on fire. *He informs her without looking up as he works to patch up the broken piston he’s found. Since the piston is broken, that leaves the other pistons to do even more work and they can’t handle the pressure for very long.* Since the jolt conductors give off a stronger smell, that’s the one you smell first. *He flips on the intercom.* Hey, Flyboy, anything else on that control panel going off? -03:22 Jan 15
Duncan: Uh… *There’s that sound of hesitation… Yep. Something’s going off all right, and it sounds like a whole bunch of things!* You know that list of problems I ranted off earlier…? That would be them right now. -03:23 Jan 15
Bronwen: List of pro…? I’m not going to ask. *Of course, that probably means they’re on a one way ticket to one big explosion. She grabs a couple of the tools and lifts up the hatch to crawl down in to the wiring system!* I’ll shut down everything but essential life support and redirect the power to the shields. As long as Dumbass can pay attention for any danger… -03:26 Jan 15
MacBeth: Wise choice. *He said when she mentioned not asking what Duncan meant. He flips the intercom again as she gets into the wiring system.* Keep an eye out for trouble, Flyboy. Captain’s going to do some rewiring and I’m going to make sure these engines don’t decide to up and blow us to pieces. *He does what he can to make sure nothing else is leaking or will cause something else to leak or spark a fire or crap knew what else.* -03:28 Jan 15
Bronwen: *In to the wires she goes, muttering a whole bunch of nasty things about about Duncan… Moreso when she actually gets a good look at things…* What the shit! It looks like everything’s been chewed on by rats! We’re flying on a death trap! *And to confirm it, she throws out a dead carcass that may or may not have been a rat… smacking poor MacBeth in the back!* -03:31 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He looks up and turns to look down at what she hit him with.* How thoughtful. A last meal. *Then he finishes up his work and drops the tools he used back into the box.* I’m going topside. Nothing else can be done for the engines. I’ll see if there are any nearby space stations or rest stops or … something. *He climbs back up and joins Duncan. He smacks him on the back of his head.* That’s for letting your ship get into such disrepair. -03:35 Jan 15
Duncan: *There he goes rubbing his head again. His new crewmates are abusive!* Hey, man.. I’m just a pilot. I can’t fix mechanics for shit. I was getting some things repaired when you an the Cap’N showed up… I sorta had in mind I’d be flying a new boat! -03:37 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She can fix this! A few wire tweaks here… rotating the power recievers over to the shields. BZZZT!* Ow! Sonofabitch! *She sucks on her finger for a few minutes before twizzling the reminder of the wires over.* Stupid oldass backwards wiring… a monkey put this shit together! -03:39 Jan 15
MacBeth: … Yeah. Things don’t turn out the way we want them to. *He mutters under his breath.* We need a place to land and fast. Where’s the closest place to put your ship down? -03:40 Jan 15
Duncan: There’s the Dead Moon of RyvN… but there’s some sour sorts there. Worse than back on that last planet. And no women. *The thought of no women was just… horrible.* -03:42 Jan 15
Bronwen: All right, now it’s al- *BZZZT!* Fucking shit…! Ragh! *She gives the wire box a nasty kick. On the plus side, it finished the power routing! Now if the engines would hold up until they could land somewhere and get some new equiptment, they might not perish in a horrible firey death! Bronwen climbs out of the wire box, to go bark some orders!* -03:47 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Glancing at Duncan’s face when he said that, MacBeth can only picture how a planet without women would be to him. He almost feels sorry for him. Almost.* Looks like we don’t have much of a choice. -03:47 Jan 15
Duncan: But… we can’t! *He spies the Captain!* Cap’n! Tell him we can’t stop at RyvN, it’s like deadmans land there! Barren like an old woman with saggy- well you know what I mean. -03:48 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She blinked… before snatching by the ear, dragging him to his chair and plopping him down in to his seat.* Move this back of shit, "Flyboy", seeing as you’re the dumbass that let it get this bad. RyvN. And if we make it one piece… I’ll give you a cookie, or something. -03:50 Jan 15
Duncan: … Replace cookie with a kiss and a shot of tequila, and I’ll fly you to heaven, Cap’n! -03:52 Jan 15
Bronwen: *There’s a twitch at the corner of her mouth.* All right. Let’s get some ground rules staight about out little crew. Bronwen Shadowstar is your captain. Off limits. Captain. Captain only. You are going to worship me, ass kiss, respect me, what have you, but certainly not hit on me. …Or in the middle of the night I’m going to slice open your stomach and smear your guts on the walls. You will do your job, no questions asked. Do we all understand? -03:56 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Can’t help but think that Duncan crossed the line a lot sooner than he’d thought he had.* Yes, sir. -03:58 Jan 15
Duncan: …so that means we’re not sharing a cabin? *In all seriousness!* -04:00 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She… slowly… pats him on the head like a puppy.* I’m going to kill you Duncan. As soon as we land. -04:03 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Wishes they could get to landing already … The sooner they’re on firm ground and he’s off this ship, the better.* I’m not the pilot but it looks like the controls to land are intact. Provided everything’s in order, we’re good to go. -04:05 Jan 15
Duncan: *Grinning like a fool. She doesn’t mean it!* Flying on to RyvN! Er… I’d take a seat. This might get kind of messy. -04:05 Jan 15
Bronwen: *A seat she takes… Without seatbelts… But at least now she doesn’t want to hurl, and if they go spinning out of control she’ll land proper!* -04:07 Jan 15
Duncan: *Getting to directly control the ship is his favorite part… and this is why the whole place is a disaster area! Not only does he fly the ship onward like a bat out of hell, he guns the engines, maxes out the power and cackles like a maniac while he does it! Landing on RyvN was about as smooth as a hurricane, and it’s some kind of miracle that they didn’t crash land outside of the town!* -04:11 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Holds on for dear life but by the time Duncan is done, he’s beginning to think he died and is in hell.* …. -04:15 Jan 15
Bronwen: *If that was good flying… she’s queen of the universe! She’s out of her chair fast and greatful for solid planet!* Duncan stays here with the ship! Mac and I will take care of supplies and new equiptment. Don’t leave the ship, and don’t talk to anyone. *She pulls a hood up over her head to conceal her hair and most of her face.* Let’s go, Mac… -04:16 Jan 15
Duncan: Yes Ma’am! *He salutes! Normally, he’d complain plenty. But this planet doesn’t have a female body on it, let alone a pretty face. He’s better off on the ship. Besides… he owes that one guy 640 credit…* -04:18 Jan 15
[MacBeth follows after Shadowstar!] -01:11 Jan 15
[Bronwen leaves that bucket of junk with MacBeth to the shantytown of the Dead Moon RyvN!] -01:11 Jan 15
[Duncan is doing what he does best. Drinking a beer, and not paying attention.] -01:12 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He keeps his eyes open and makes sure his guns are close. Thankfully, he made sure they were ready before they left the ship. He’ll have to have them cleaned as soon as possible though.* -01:14 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She’s not going to pretend anything looks familiar. Frankly, she was too concerned with how much money this mess was going to cost! Her first choice in stops was a huge warhouse style building filled with tons and tons of used parts!* We’ll practically have to replace everything in that piece of shit. I wonder if we can find another pilot in here too… -01:15 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He looks over the building.* You never know. *Everything here is pretty quiet and the town doesn’t seem to have anyone living in it. But there’s bound to be someone here. He just hopes it’s not one of Morgan’s spies. The bitch has them everywhere.* -01:19 Jan 15
Somewhere in the warehouse voices could be heard! “Yeah, it was ages ago I got this scar! Back during the Shadowstar war. That crazy whore Octavia caught me right here across the throat before I blasted my cannon through her chest! Hahaha!”

MacBeth: *He glances at Shadowstar and looks for a window or something to peek into. There’s one close by with a crate up against it to give him some leverage but the window turns out to be dirty. He wipes off some of the thick dust but still can’t see anything. He wants to get a look at whose talking, though.* -01:27 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She pauses, there’s that twitch in the corner of her mouth as she reaches to her belt for her gun- but it’s not there! Her hand moves to snatch his!* … sonofabitch… -01:27 Jan 15
MacBeth: *She moves awfully fast! She grabs his in a flash! He gets off the crate!* Damn it, wait. We don’t know how many there are and we don’t even have a way off this rock. You’ll get us killed for sure. -01:30 Jan 15
Bronwen: Like hell. That’s my mother they’re talking about…! *Screw thinking about, she turns to round the corner and is going to quite simply blow the stuffings out of anyone she sees!* -01:32 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Watches her disappear around the corner, then cracks his knuckles, pulls out his remaining gun and knife in his boot. She’d get them killed for sure. If not this time, well … there were certainly others. He disappears around the corner opposite hers, which takes him to the back of the building. He finds a large door that was left slightly open and takes a peek. There’s no one around and there’s a large crate nearby. He opens the door a little more and sneaks in, ducking behind the large crate and waiting. He can hear the voices farther up ahead and gets a little closer by sneaking behind a crate, a little smaller than the first. He crouches down on the ground with his back up against the box.* -01:36 Jan 15
“Hahaha, yeah! Nothing gutting a Sha-… Ohoho what’s this here? It’s a little pixie with a gun? Whachu doin with that toy, lil pixie?”:
Bronwen: It seems to me that a couple of backwater morons like you have no respect for the Shadowstar name… *She groooowled through her teeth, pulling up the gun straight away and firing! She’ll massecre the bastards!* -01:40 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He gets in closer. Toy, indeed. He had both guns specially made. They might not look like much but they still pack a punch. He sees movement from the corner of his eye and makes a dash for it. It looks like the guys talking over here weren’t the only ones present. The man he’s following is armed with a rifle as he can see the muzzle sticking out from the back. He follows him behind the crates where the guy is circling Shadowstar.* -01:42 Jan 15
They all stop laughing when their buddy is shot dead! But they ALL have guns and don’t hestitate to whip them out! “That bother you pixie? Hearing about them old fancy fucks getting their asses handed to them by Morgan’s Brigade? All them Shadowstars are wiped out you wanna join ’em?”:
MacBeth: *He sneaks up behind the guy and knocks him out cold. Then puts his gun away, grabs the guy’s rifle and moves into position behind the men, in plain view of Shadowstar but the thugs’. He aims the rifle for the one closest to him.* -01:47 Jan 15
Bronwen: They aren’t all dead. *Out armed, but who cares! No one is going to get away with trash talking her mother that way! Kamikaze shooting as she dashes behind a shelf!* -01:48 Jan 15
A Shadowstar! That perks some interest! As well as a hell of a lot of weapons firing! Shadowstars are worth a fortune, dead or alive!:
MacBeth: *Yep. She’s going to get them killed yet. He fires at the one he was aiming at with a blast to his back. Then takes out another one with the back of the head shot.* -01:52 Jan 15
Three men are left, and now they know there’s a sniper back there! They duck and cover, disappearing behind crates and shelves, theirs weapons concealed! They’re sneaking!:
Bronwen: *She takes a deep breath, and waits… gun ready.* Are you cowards going to come out and fight like men, or not?! -01:57 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He takes cover behind a stack of crates and dashes for some higher ground. He stays where he is and looks around. Once the coast is clear, he moves to another crate closer to the middle. He has to find Shadowstar.* -01:57 Jan 15
Those cowards remain silent as they ease around… she makes it easy to find her! One signals the others to cut off the other isle!:
MacBeth: *She is definitely trying to get herself killed! He has the urge to strangle the woman as he finds some stairs and climbs it to find a platform that overlooks most of the warehouse. He takes careful aim … and shoots the man closest to him, the one signalling.* -02:01 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Grenades, if she had her a few grenades sh-… At the sound of a sniper fire she ducks, crouching across the floor to sneak around another set of crates.* Of course, if you all like playing cat and mouse, I would enjoy taking you out one by one! -02:03 Jan 15
“Aye, but we’re not the mice, pixie!” says a goon perched up on a shelf above her head! He drops down and snatches her by the hood to point his gun under her chin! “Got the pixie alive! Bet Morgan’ll pay threefold!”:
MacBeth: *Apparently knowing when to shut up and play it safe, is not something she inherited. At least her older brothers had–He hits the floor as soon as the shot is fired and waits to spot the others. But he’s attracted the attention of one of the men who come back to find and take out the sniper. He sees him coming up the stairs but there are no crates to hide behind! So MacBeth does the next best thing–as soon as the man’s head appears, he fires and blows him away!* -02:06 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She really might have a deathwish, she’s shoving that pointed gun away from her head and ramming her fist in to the guy’s neck before he can blink twice!* -02:09 Jan 15
MacBeth: *That leaves … two more men and their attention is squarely on Shadowstar. He leaves the platform and sneaks to where the voices are coming from!* -02:11 Jan 15
Man coughs and chokes, shoving her violenting back just as his partner rounds the corner with a long speargun! “That’s the same move the bitch-woman used before she died! We’ve got the drop on you, pixie!” He jabs her in the back with the pointy end. “Start moving or you’re gonna meet Peppy’s laser!”:
MacBeth: *He moves and shoves the rifle right into the back of the guy with the spear-gun to Shadowstar’s back.* … I have a better idea. -02:15 Jan 15
Bronwen: Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me, you facious pri- …. Heh. Who is gonna meet the laser now? *Well… She certainly has a fondness for MacBeth now! What beautiful timing!* -02:16 Jan 15
Speargun guy pauses… but the one behind Shadowstar grabs her again to aim his gun at her head! “Drop it, or I’ll blast her right here!”:
MacBeth: If you insist. *He drops the rifle but whips out his gun in the same motion and shoots the one behind Shadowstar in the head. Then as the man turns with his spear-gun, he fires right into his forehead.* -02:21 Jan 15
SPLAT! Men drop in less than a second!:
Bronwen: … Assholes! *She kicks the sonofabitch on the floor! …and again for good measure!* -02:23 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He puts his gun back and grabs the rifle. He isn’t one for spear-guns, though.* Looks like we have the place to ourselves. -02:26 Jan 15
Bronwen: My mother of all people! I bet the sonofabitch was only trash talking to impress his goons! *…a another nasty kick! And the she jumps on the body once or twice!* -02:29 Jan 15
MacBeth: … *He decides to leave Shadowstar to her … thing. He doesn’t think it wise to point out that for a man who was only trash-talking, he was able to connect Shadowstar to Octavia. And he didn’t believe in coincidence. He starts looting the bodies but they only have a few space creds between them. What a waste. They were definitely working for Morgan, though. With the looting done, he starts checking the crates but he realizes it might take them forever to search every one. He looks around for a small computer usually used to inventory.* -02:33 Jan 15
Bronwen: Raagh!! *A kick again! This would get her no where… She was going to have to control herself and remember what they’re there for. …. Then once they leave she’s going to the burn the whole building down. Rubbing her eyes quickly, she stalked after MacBeth.* -02:37 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He finds the small computer, a simple screen with a small keyboard and a scanner attached to the wall. Fortunately, someone else did the inventory because everything was documented here … Almost everything. He looks up as Shadowstar joins him.* Everything in this warehouse are ship parts and junk parts from all over the place. Anything someone figured would be useful later on. Everything’s accounted for except for a dozen crates tagged for being picked up soon. Those crates over there. *He points to the crates standing separate from the rest and closest to the doors. They look like any other crate except these have one white sword and one black sword crossed under a gray shield with bat-wings at the corners and a black skull at the center of the shield.* -02:42 Jan 15
Bronwen: We can fetch Duncan to take back what we need. What’s in the crates? -02:47 Jan 15
Duncan: *Meanwhile back at the ship… Duncan is chilling and as he turns his chair around he finds a pistol pointed in his face.* Uh… Welcome to the Briar Rose…? -02:49 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Searches the files on the crates.* It doesn’t say. Everything else about the crates are blank. They could be important or they could just be junk. -02:51 Jan 15
Bronwen: Or it could be smuggled goods for Mad Morgan. *And she’s more than happy to take anything Morgan wants… she grabs a crowbar and heads for the crates!* -02:52 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He can’t help but see how that makes sense. After all, it was Morgan’s thugs that were in here. She doesn’t let anyone guard her goods except her men. He follows her.* -02:54 Jan 15
Bronwen: *At the crate, she hands over the crowbar to him for opening.* Hrrm… thank you, by the way. For helping me. -02:55 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Takes the crowbar and props the rifle up against one of the crates. He digs in and works on getting the first crate open.* I’m not about to let you leave me alone with Flyboy back there. *He pops the cover open and moves it out of the way so they can get a look inside.* -02:58 Jan 15
Brushing aside all the crate stuffings of something soft but shiny, they pull out … guns?! And just any guns. Nice, shiny guns!:
Bronwen: Hrm. At least with me gone, it’d be easy to ditch him. *Guns! Pretty guns! She pulls one out…!* oooh… -03:00 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Now he wants to get a look at the other crates. He gets another one open to find … the same thing! The next crate and the crate after that, they all have guns!* Gun-smuggling. Lucrative business. -03:03 Jan 15
Bronwen: Won’t Mad Morgan be ever so upset to find sucha shiny shipment like this missing. *She doesn’t hestiate to arm herself either…. It feels so much better to have a few guns!* -03:06 Jan 15
MacBeth: … She’ll certainly know who to thank when she does. *He finds that the last crate he opened has smaller guns instead. Handguns that are no less nice and shiny than the larger cousins they’ve come across.* There are a dozen crates here. How many are we taking? -03:09 Jan 15
Bronwen: All of them. You can never have enough guns. We’ll fetch Duncan and grab these, along with all the supplies we need. -03:12 Jan 15
MacBeth: It’s settled then. Let’s get Flyboy and get moving. If this place is crawling with Morgan’s men, the sooner we get going, the better. *He starts covering the guns back so they don’t get damaged while being moved and close the crates back up.* -03:18 Jan 15
Duncan: Good news is, I’m all ready here! Bad news is… I have some, uh.. friends… *Duncan appears at the door war, pointing his thumb behind him where he was apparently lead there by gun point!* -03:20 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Looks at Duncan.* … I’m still waiting to hear the good news. -03:21 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Armed, with state of the art weaponry nonetheless!* Move out of the way, stupid. *She greets Duncan’s friends with laser cannon!* -03:25 Jan 15
Duncan: Hey.. wait– Shit! *Duncan ducks and rolls!* -03:25 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Takes some cover behind the crates he’d just closed up again and grabs the rifle from where it’s propped up.* -03:48 Jan 15
The men, who must be Bounty Hunters weren’t quite expecting a gun fight, but they are more than happy to lay down the ASS KICKING with weapons to match! Duncan is forgotten as they pull out the firing nets! Bounties are worth more alive!:
Duncan: *Poor Duncan slithers across the floor, trying to get out of the way of the fire. But he’s not going to leave with getting a hit in himself. While them bounty hunters are busy firing weapons, he ties a few of their boots together! And glues some other’s feet to the ground. That pocket-poxy is handy!* -03:55 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Finds another place to get a better shot at the Bounty Hunters without shooting Shadowstar. After all, he hadn’t saved her ass only to end up killing her afterwards!* -03:55 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Side stepping a flying net is easy enough, and she’s well aware that they seem to be missing her on purpose. Not going to shoot her down, huh? That works for her! She can now swing a gun and start shooting without need to run around! She dodges when necessary and… for once is grateful for Duncan’s weird ideas! Now it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!* -03:57 Jan 15
At least SOME of these guys are professional! A couple get the drop on MacBeth! A crack to the skull with the but of their gun and a fired shot at his back! Meanwhile someone is trying to strangle the devil out of Duncan!:
MacBeth: *Winces as he goes down and is aware of a stinging sensation from his back. He’s not about to give up just yet. He pulls his knife out and stabs it into the guy’s foot!* -04:02 Jan 15
Duncan: *Why’s everyone got to pick on him? He head butts the guy and blasts a gun in to his gut!* -04:04 Jan 15
Bronwen: *"Handles" the ones Duncan so skillfully stuck to the floor.. leaving… Wailing guy hoping on one foot! BLAM!* -04:06 Jan 15
Duncan: *Shoving a few crates over on a couple goons, Duncan dusts off his hands!* Looks like I handled them goons for us, while good ole first mate gets himself rescued. All in a day’s work! -04:08 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Gets to his knees and takes a quick breath. His back is aching and stinging like hell but it doesn’t have a hole blasted into it so that’s always a good thing. He gets to his feet and decides to ignore Duncan.* Misery loves company. -04:08 Jan 15
Duncan: *He slings an arm around Bronwen’s shoulders!* I’m sure not miserable! So you were sayin’ somethin about loadin’ up cargo, Capn? -04:12 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Moves back to the crates and while on the way, he smacks Duncan on the back of the head.* … You will be. *He disappears to find a lift, a platform with engines to hover and fly to move heavy loads. He returns with one big enough to fit a dozen crates carrying weapons and starts loading it.* -04:15 Jan 15
Bronwen: You’re going to get the hell off me and grab everything in those crates, plus all the fixings for a happy ship. -04:16 Jan 15
Duncan: *He rubs his head, as he gets to following them orders. Starting to grab crates and anything the Captain points at to load up on the flyer!* So now that I saved us from peril, I can get a promotion? -04:18 Jan 15
Bronwen: Fine. Promoted to Head of Cargo. Stop talking and keep loading. *She snatches MacBeth by the arm long enough to turn himand take a look at his back.* -04:19 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He winces when Shadowstar grabs him.* Damnit, Shadowstar. *He growls.* Let me get everything on board so we can get the hell out of here. I’ll get stitched up after we’re good and done. -04:21 Jan 15
Bronwen: I’ve got a list of priorities and i’m afraid you’re on top. *It doesn’t look too bad, at least. But there’s going to be lots of wailing and whining when she has to sit him down and get them antibac ointments out.* -04:23 Jan 15
Duncan: He heh… Mate’s on top eh? Heh heh… *He’s snickering to himself as he loads up a couple more crates!* -04:24 Jan 15
MacBeth: … Lucky me. *His back might hurt but that doesn’t mean he can’t figure out what Duncan is snickering about over there.* First things first. Let’s get out of this hellhole. *He picks up the crate he’d dropped very gently on the floor and gets it with the others.* -04:26 Jan 15
Bronwen: *With gunfights out of the way, loading up all the necessities was quick work. There was just the occasional slapping of Duncan’s hands anytime she had to lean or bend. Once satisfied that they grabbed all of Morgan’s cargo, and enough gadgits and parts to practically build a second ship, she led her boys back to the ship!* Move us out of town, while I make sure Mac is going to live for another fight. Don’t do anything fancy, just move the ship… -04:31 Jan 15
Duncan: *Aw… nothing fancy is a real let down. But Duncan salutes and heads for the controls!* Treat him easy, Capn. He looks like the gentle type! *..and he cackles down the hall!* -04:32 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Glares at Duncan’s back and has the itch to shoot him in the back of the head. Just one shot and boom, no more Flyboy. Unfortunately, he’s the pilot and they need him right about now.* My back will heal. *He mutters as he heads for somewhere to sit down and let himself be examined on. Anything but Flyboy’s bed.* -04:35 Jan 15
Bronwen: Aye, it’ll heal once I get my hands on it. *If he’s hunting for a medic ward, he’s out of luck! The bucket of junk barely even had a kitchen! Bronwen snagged his arm again, and probably to his dismay, drug him right back to that room with the nice fluffy bed.* Don’t argue… all the important stuff is in here anyway. He surrounds himself like a packrat. -04:38 Jan 15
MacBeth: … Yeah. That’s encouraging. *He sits down, though, and winces as he eases his shirt and his gun holsters off. Unfortunately, just pulling up the shirt isn’t enough because the shot was too high and he can feel the spot just at the center of his back. He looks like any other man with his shirt off. Chiseled and fit but with a few scars and holes were he’d been shot before and it had healed over.* -04:41 Jan 15
Bronwen: I was sort of imagining that he brings ladies in here, who are expecting some romantic interlude, only to be awfully disappointed.. then he ends up shot and has to patch himself up. But I think that’s wishful thinking. *While she talks, she grabs the medic box and climbs behind him on the bed to sit cross legged behind him.* I hope you’re not a screamer… -04:44 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He smirks a bit.* I’m surprised they get farther than the door to this piece of tin. *He leans forward and glances over his shoulder at her.* Only one way to find out, right? -04:45 Jan 15
Bronwen: I have to wonder if maybe I’m the crazy one, and he’s really that attractive. *Pouring a generous amount of the antibac on to a swabby cloth, she dabs at the nastiest part of the wound.* Then again, he acts a lot like my brothers and girls seem to go for that. -04:47 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Winces and although he doesn’t scream, he hisses softly.* If you ever admit that to his face, do me a favor and just shoot me. I’d rather face death than the grin he’ll probably be wearing any day. Great. So there are more of his kind running around the star system. -05:00 Jan 15
Bronwen: Well. Now I know the best way tp punish you is inflating Duncan’s ego. *Tries to be as gentle as possible. If it were Duncan, she’d probably dump the bottle on him and laugh with holy terror!* Better not to cross me! -05:03 Jan 15
MacBeth: … Probably but I doubt it’s easy to deflate it once you got him going. *He manages not to hiss this time.* Lucky me. I got the one Bounty Hunter who decided not to switch to a net-gun. -05:05 Jan 15
Bronwen: Yeah, you’d think they’d figure out I’m the one that needs shooting. Ones with nothing to lose are way more dangerous than dragged along crew mates. *Satisfied that he’s good and bacteria free, she gets to taping on the gauze before the bandages.* -05:07 Jan 15
MacBeth: They weren’t as prepared as they should’ve been. It looks like all they had were either firearms or those netguns. *He glances over his shoulder when the burning stops to see her patching him up.* Maybe now we’ll reach Osaka 9 without the firey death possibility. -05:10 Jan 15
Bronwen: Yep. I’ll start on the engine work once I finish you. *With gauze in place, she starts wrapping him up like a mummy!* -05:15 Jan 15
MacBeth: Easy on the bandages. I gotta be able to move after you’re done, you know. *He starts moving away from her, picking up his shirt and the gun holsters.* Now I’m off the top of your list, you can focus on something else. I’ll live for another fight. -05:21 Jan 15
Bronwen: *She grasps his hair to move him right back in to place!* Shut up and be still. They’ll be loose enough to move, but it’s gotta be done right so it don’t come off in another fight. You get to have the rest of the night to rest it off… -05:23 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He settles back down, muttering under his breath. Better his hair than his ear, he figures. He doesn’t move now.* And leave Flyboy running around doing who knows what. I don’t even trust him with my eyes open. -05:29 Jan 15
Bronwen: He’ll be flying, I’ll be fixing. So all is well. *Continues her wrapping, making sure to loop over on shoulder to keep it all in place. A neat little job all in all!* There we go! Now you’re free to sit back and relax! -05:32 Jan 15
MacBeth: *Somehow, he still isn’t satisfied but he doesn’t want to stay up arguing with her. Shadowstars are incredibly stubborn! He moves his arms a bit just to test it out.* Fine. I’ll relax. *He won’t admit it to her but he is a bit tired. And hungry. But that can always wait until later. Once they come across something that actually looks edible, that is.* -05:38 Jan 15
Bronwen: *Scooting out from behind him off the bed, then tucking the medic box.. She pat him nicely on the head.* Good work today, Mac! I’ll bring you a cookie if I can find one. -05:39 Jan 15
Duncan: We’re parked in a jungl-… Hey! How come he gets bed petting? If i get shot, do I get in on some of that action? *He jealously blinks!* -05:41 Jan 15
MacBeth: *He gives her a look that says "Rrriiighht" and shakes his head slightly. She’s a strange one to be sure. He glances up at Duncan.* Where the hell did you get us to this time? -05:42 Jan 15
Duncan: Out of town like Capn’ ordered. We’re good and covered by the trees and vines, so there won’t be no interuptions while we’re gettin’ repairs done. -05:44 Jan 15
Bronwen: Come with me, Flyboy. You’re going to be a Gopher. *She snatches Duncan by the ear to drag him away. Mac was gonna need all the sleep he can get!* -05:45 Jan 15
[Bronwen has left MacBeth to rest whilst she dragged tools and equiptment to work with in the engine rooms!] -02:56 Jan 17
[Duncan is being dragged out by the Cap’n!] -02:56 Jan 17
Duncan: C’mon, Cap’n. I’m sure we can find something a lot more fun to do than just work. You know what they say, all work and no play makes for a very … long day. *He tries out his heart-melting grin. The grin guaranteed to make any woman see the error of her ways in having played hard to get.* -02:57 Jan 17
Bronwen: Oh Duncan. You’re right… I don’t know what I was thinking… wanting to fix this junk bucket of a ship so we can safely make it to another planet and say.. NOT DIE on the way there. Yes! Let’s have some fun! -02:58 Jan 17
Duncan: *If it’s at all possible, Duncan’s grin grows even wider! At last! He knew she couldn’t resist him forever! Mac was going to boil with jealousy when he tells him about this! He leans forward, one arm against the wall, his other hand in the waistband of his pants.* Now you’re talkin’, Cap’n. How ’bout we start with a little kiss? -03:00 Jan 17
Bronwen: … *She smacked her forhead. How dense could a man get!* Make yourself useful and unload those crates. I’ve got work to do! *Snatching the sauter iron and the screw driver, she cast him a quick look that might very well have meant she was going to use them on HIM if he didn’t get to work. * -03:02 Jan 17
Duncan: *He sighs softly and rubs his head! Abuse, indeed! Either he was getting used to being smacked around or his head was beginning to get numb because it didn’t hurt as much as it did when they first started smacking him. It still smarts, though. He was certain this was just a phase she was going through. There was no way a woman could resist his charms for very long but he could wait. Besides, she could just need some time alone with him–without Mac hanging around–to really want to get to know him.* Oi … Yes, Cap’n. *He decides to let her have some time to herself and go unload those crates. If he didn’t do it, well ol’ Mac would and he couldn’t very well let a little guy do a big guy’s job, now could he?* Hee hee. No, I couldn’t. *He begins to whistle as he walks away to do as she instructed.* -03:06 Jan 17

Bronwen: *Was he talking to himself? What a freak! She rolled her eyes, crouched down to the engine hatch and screwing it loose. If she replaced the heat coils, then she could adjust the power routers.. Then there was that damn cooling system… Damn Duncan and his lack of maintenance! Father always said every crew member should have at least some idea how to fix things!* -03:09 Jan 17
Duncan: *Still whistling to himself with no idea of what the Cap’n thinks of him. He unloads the crates, but isn’t working as fast as he probably should. His mind is still in that daydream world of his and he’s too busy fantasizing about the type of things he and the Cap’n would do together to "get to know each other better."* -03:13 Jan 17

Bronwen: *CRACK! Much cursing followed by a CLANG, and then more busy screwing with low muttering… She takes a brief moment to spy and make sure he’s working, and is not surprised to see him practially staring off in to space. * If you’re not going to work, go to bed! -03:16 Jan 17
Duncan: *He snaps out of right quick!* Sure thing, Cap’n! *He does a quick salute but then grins!* Going to bed sounds very fine. But it’s awfully cold with just one person. Mayhap you could join me and we could … snuggle up together for extra body warmth. -03:19 Jan 17

Bronwen: *She looks genuinly disgusted!* …I think I’d rather snuggle with a dragon. -03:20 Jan 17
Duncan: Perhaps another time then. *He winks and is off to continue unloading crates. He’s certainly not going to pass up the chance to work close to the Cap’n. Especially without another’s watchful gaze to play chaperone.* -03:25 Jan 17

Bronwen: *Again to roll her eyes as she returns to her fixin’. Everything is looking pretty good for awhile until… BZZZT! There’s a nasty sparkflash as something malfunctions and power in the whole ship goes off! Worse yet, she has this terrible numbing sensation.. and finds herself flat on her back staring up at the dark ceiling! It takes a great deal of effort to even growl out "Aw shit…" as she can’t seem to force herself to move!* -03:30 Jan 17
Duncan: *His head jerks up as the power goes off and he carefully sets the crate he was carrying down.* Cap’n? Oh, Cap’n … *He waits a few moments but gets no response. He’d better go check on her! But he’d better find those emergency flashlights first! He stumbles and stubs his toes, his knees, his elbows, and his head a few times each before his hands come across a box. He opens it and digs around until his fingers press something like a button and the flashlight turns on.* I knew these babies would come in handy someday. *He picks up the lit flashlight, kisses it, and grabs the other two unlit ones before looking for the Cap’n. He remembers that she was working on the engine. She could be over there! He quickly makes his way there.* Cap’n? *He pokes his head down.* You still here? *Still nothing. He slowly climbs inside and finds–* Cap’n! -03:34 Jan 17

Bronwen: *This is one of those moments that seperates a good captain from a bad captain! There’s no reason to panic! She’s only numbed from that shocked, and she can twitch her fingers so the feeling will come back eventually and – christ. Not Duncan. Anyone but Duncan!* You. Mac. Now. Kinda stuck here… -03:36 Jan 17
Duncan: *He pouts as he kneels beside her.* Awh, come on, Cap’n. I’m here. You’re here. It’s dark and there’s no one around. Do we really need Mac? -03:40 Jan 17

Bronwen: *Oh if she could smack him right now…! And boy does she try! A fist was all she could managed, but at least she could move her jaw!* Shut it. I have a little problem with not being able to move at the moment… Go get Mac. -03:43 Jan 17
Duncan: *He sighs. It would be awfully easy to take advantage of her but … he’s not that kind of guy.* Oh well. Another time then! *He grins. He turns one flashlight on and leaves it beside her.* Here ya go, Cap’n. I’ll be right back. *He scrambles off to go fetch Mac who he finds sleeping. In his bed, no less!* Come on, matey. Time to rise and shine! -03:45 Jan 17

[MacBeth is lying in bed, asleep.] -03:45 Jan 17

MacBeth: *Is sleeping soundly until Flyboy comes along. He whips out his gun with one hand and aims it at Duncan’s temple.* What’d you do now, Flyboy? -03:47 Jan 17

Bronwen: *A deep sigh of relief! Otherwise she would have had to start screaming, and by now she was starting to feel really fuzzy!* -03:48 Jan 17
Duncan: *A gun to a guy’s head! That’s the thanks he gets for following the Cap’n’s orders and coming to wake him! Oh, he’s really feeling the love now!* Come on, matey. I didn’t do nothin’. Cap’n was working on the ship but I think she did something and the whole power went off. She sent me to come and get you. Here. *He turns on the other flashlight and hands it to Mac.* -03:48 Jan 17

MacBeth: … *He puts the gun away and takes the flashlight Duncan hands him. Then he follows Flyboy to Shadowstar and finds her on her back. He kneels down beside her.* -03:49 Jan 17

Duncan: Oh yeah. *He kneels down on the other side of the Cap’n.* Did I forget to mention she can’t move? -03:50 Jan 17

MacBeth: *He raises an eyebrow at Flyboy.* Shadowstar, how are you feeling? *He gives a hard glance at Duncan.* Besides not being able to move. *He puts down his flashlight as Duncan and the one Shadowstar was left with still have theirs on.* -03:51 Jan 17

Bronwen: what a thing to forget! *She grooowls!* not a big deal really… Just didn’t want to get stuck with Duncan. -03:52 Jan 17
Duncan: *He blinks innocently when the Cap’n growls at him for forgetting to mention that to Mac.* You know, I resent that. I’m a pretty trustworthy guy when you get right down to it. -03:55 Jan 17

MacBeth: … I don’t blame you. *He says when she mentions not wanting to be alone with Duncan.* But we can’t just leave you on the floor until you can move again. How far were you on the repairs? -03:56 Jan 17

Bronwen: Trust you about as far as I can throw you… *Muttermutter…* replaced the coils, was working on the wiring and it fritzed on me… Something stuck in the box. Let’s do get me off the floor.. this kind of awkward! -04:00 Jan 17
Duncan: *His face brightens up at talk of getting the Cap’n off the floor!* Oh here, let me–! -04:01 Jan 17

MacBeth: *Cuts Duncan off with a gun in Duncan’s face.* Touch her and I’ll blow a hole in your forehead. *Once he’s certain Flyboy’s gotten the message, he puts the gun away.* I’ll carry her and we’ll put her on your bed. *He hands Duncan both flashlights–his and the one next to Shadowstar–and picks her up.* Just lead the way, Flyboy. -04:03 Jan 17

Duncan: *His face falls.* You know, does the term "slavery" come to mind? *He watches as Mac gives him the flashlights and tells him to lead the way.* I mean, I work and I work and I even save both your lives and what’s the thanks I get? A gun in my face and a smack on the head. Mind you, more than a few smacks on the head. I’m surprised I can even remember my name! *He mutters loudly as he leads them into the back.* -04:04 Jan 17

Bronwen: *Another deep relieved sigh! Carried off by Duncan did not sound promising! Argh… At least the feelings coming back, if not in the most unpleasant way!* I’ll smack you again if you don’t shut it..! -04:06 Jan 17
MacBeth: *They reach Duncan’s room and he places Shadowstar on the bed. Then he grabs the flashlight back from Duncan and is sorely tempted to hit him over the head with it. HARD.* -04:06 Jan 17

Duncan: *He sighs! But he keeps his mouth shut! He does pout as he hands Mac the flashlight though!* -04:07 Jan 17

Bronwen: *Ow! Painful ow! Hurt people ow! It was bad enough when a limb fell asleep and had that prickly feeling when the blood starting flowing again.. but through the whole body was agonizing!* Someone get me some… booze or something! -04:10 Jan 17
Duncan: *The word "booze" perks Duncan right up!* Booze! I’ll get it! *He’s off and running before either the Cap’n or Mac can stop him.* -04:11 Jan 17

MacBeth: We’ll have to ask Flyboy if he has some WTs (walkie talkies) onboard that work. Or if not, we’ll have to go get some. -04:12 Jan 17 -04:13 Jan 17

Duncan: And I’m … back! *He skids to a stop beside the bed and gives the Cap’n a deep bow.* Well, Cap’n, I found you the finest bottle on the entire ship. *He says proudly as he displays the long clear bottle with the clear liquid in it.* The strongest ovka this side of the star system. *He winks as he pops the bottle open and offers it to her.* -04:15 Jan 17

Bronwen: *She very slowly manages to lean up on her elbows… Just so she can glare at Duncan. She’s pretty sure this wouldn’t have happened if he kept better care of his ship. Much like a slug, she wraps her fingers around the bottle and tugs it away from him!* Go find us some Talkies. Next time I want to be able to call macBeth myself. -04:18 Jan 17
Duncan: *Duncan being Duncan, he’s completely oblivious to the glare she’s giving him! He pouts! She’s sending him away?!* Awh, come on, Cap’n. Nothing helps dull the pain like a good session of love. -04:20 Jan 17

Bronwen: Do I look like I’m needing a love session, you brainless idiot?! *She very nearly beans him with that bottle…! But no… she just growls at him. She needs this booze!* -04:21 Jan 17
Duncan: *He grins!* Later then! *He disappears to go looking to see if he has working Talkies or not. He isn’t quite sure but he could’ve sworn he had some. He just doesn’t remember where or when he got them. He’s not too subtle or quiet as he searches. The Cap’n and Mac can hear him digging through things and moving stuff around in his search.* -04:23 Jan 17

Bronwen: I wonder if I should have an affair with him just to shut him up. *She was almost serious! Almost! A good swallow of three of ovka at least lessened that tenseness.* -04:25 Jan 17
MacBeth: *He studies her for a moment.* Should you ever seriously consider that, let me know. That way, I can either shoot myself or go fall off a cliff somewhere. -04:27 Jan 17

Bronwen: *She blinks at him for a moment… before she laughs!* I do belive I like you. You’re ever so charming. -04:29 Jan 17
MacBeth: You’re not too bad yourself … *He smirks a bit.* For a Shadowstar. -04:30 Jan 17

Duncan: Ow! Oh, that smarts! *Duncan’s voice comes wafting in and they can hear the clank! clank! clank! of something that could only be Duncan hopping on one foot.* -04:31 Jan 17

Bronwen: *There’s a sheepish glance at the door, as she takes another drink.* I think I’ll put him on cleaning duty… I’ll fly the ship myself. -04:33 Jan 17
MacBeth: Good. We might actually reach Osaka 9 in one piece. Provided he comes back with some WTs. If he doesn’t, we might have to tie him up and throw him in the bathroom. -04:39 Jan 17

Duncan: Ow! Ow! Ow! Oohh … So *that’s* where that went … Very nice … *The sound of him snickering.* -04:40 Jan 17

Bronwen: *She sighs, finally being lucid enough to sit up proper and slide her legs over the edge of the bed. She sat down the bottle – pausing for a moment at Duncan’s voice – and sighed again.* I have to get back to the engine. -04:41 Jan 17
MacBeth: Don’t forget the flashlight. *He nods to the one sitting down beside her on the bed.* I’ll go see what’s taking Flyboy so long. If he doesn’t have WT’s here, I might be able to salvage something from the parts we took from Morgan’s warehouse. *He disappears in the same direction Duncan had.* -04:44 Jan 17

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