With feeling back in her limbs and a little bit of booze in her, Bronwen heads back down to the engine room to finish making repairs. But she finds something unexpected and screams! Duncan is the first to come to her rescue, hoping that saving the day with reward him with love. Bronwen on her escape tells MacBeth it’s gatorbats, and seems to be horrified enough of the things to want to nuke the whole place. MacBeth rescues Duncan by knocking him out and prying the critter off his face to kill it.

Leaving Duncan to sleep off his “war wound” MacBeth checks on Bronwen, who is still freaked out by the Gatorbats. She brings up that she was thinking about letting MacBeth (and even Duncan) go so she can handle Morgan herself. She doesn’t want to see everyone around her die and her not be able to do anything about it. Bronwen confesses that she has no problem taking out Morgan and dying in the process, and she has nothing else to lose anyway. MacBeth convinces her that she shouldn’t go down just yet, she still has to find her brothers – if they are alive or not. MacBeth leaves to check on Duncan – and Bronwen realizes, MacBeth seems to know an awfully lot about her family and gets suspicious. She tails him.

MacBeth teases Duncan and tells him he saved the Captain from a monster that she’s waiting to give him a “special” reward. (Likely because he’s trying to throw Duncan at her as a distraction.) Bronwen jumps in on the joke when she arrives and MacBeth ducks out quick. She teases Duncan a bit with a fake death and faint, but Duncan makes her laugh with his over-dramatic reaction. He tries to kiss her and she smacks him. ..But after a moment feels sorry enough for him (after he battled the gatorbat) to give him a kiss on the cheek. She has him look for more critters while she goes to question MacBeth.

Finding him working on some Talkies, Bronwen clever mentions her brothers in idle conversation, making MacBeth slipup and reveal that he knows her brothers personally. When he asks he to grab something for him, he turns to point a gun at her – and then puts it away. Bronwen is pissed off that he didn’t tell her and they argue. He explains he wasn’t sent to babysit her, that he came looking for her by his own choice. When she calms down, MacBeth explains that Morgan has been using her to keep her brothers in line as her prisoners. He then uses the “Duncan is behind you” trick so he can escape! When she catches up to him again, she gets him to tell her where her Cassius is so she can adjust her plans. They work out how they’re going to get information and rescue him.

[Bronwen in the name of getting things done, is now back in the Engine room trying to get all of the lights back on!] -02:15 Jan 20
[Duncan is still in search of some walkie talkies for the Cap’n!] -02:18 Jan 20

[MacBeth is on his way to help Duncan!] -02:20 Jan 20

Duncan: *Is snickering and … cooing?! to himself in the back! He isn’t even looking anymore! He’s just sitting on the floor beside some opened boxes, leaning over some magazine he’s dug up!* Ooo … Very nice! -02:21 Jan 20

Bronwen: *Clink! Chink! HOOSAH! The lights suddenly flicker on as Bronwen raises her arms in victory! Paralyze HER will ya!* -02:23 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Finds it very hard not to draw his gun on Duncan again! The fact that Shadowstar actually said out loud she was thinking of having a fling with him is enough to make him vomit–but he had nothing to throw up in the first place so that’s a no go.* What the hell are you–*The lights flicker on*–reading. *It’s plain to see what the magazine is about. He smacks Duncan on the back of the head.* -02:23 Jan 20

Duncan: Ow! *He winces and rubs his head again! He looks up at Mac!* Hey, what’s the big idea, Matey?! *He stands and closes his magazine, rolling it up and tucking it under his arm.* -02:26 Jan 20

Bronwen: *With the lights back on, she makes work of getting the engine back to where it should have been without that little accident. …What’s that growling noise down there in the hatch?* -02:27 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Instead of wasting his breath and energy repeating Duncan’s instructions, he brushes past the pilot to dig into the boxes himself! There are lots of parts here, screws, and bolts, and some wires and such. Whatever he finds useful, he drops into a smaller, empty box.* -02:29 Jan 20

Duncan: *He mutters something under his breath as he stomps into the corner of the room and plops down! Then he whips out the magazine and unrolls it!* Yay, the Cap’n’s got the lights going again! *He flicks off the flashlight and starts looking at the magazine without it!* -02:30 Jan 20

Bronwen: *That doesn’t sound like one of the parts malfunctioning… She leans in with one of the flashlights to see if she can get a good look at- All of a sudden, a blood curddling scream echos over the whole ship!* RIIIIIIAAAAAAAGGH!! -02:33 Jan 20
Duncan: *Shoots to his feet real quick at the scream!* The Cap’n! She needs me! I’m coming, Cap’n! *He bolts out of the room and to the engine room he knew the Cap’n to be in! He takes his flashlight, of course! He’ll be her knight in shining armor and scare away whatever danger she’s in. He’ll patch her up, she’ll see what a magnificient male specimen he is and she’ll be more than happy to have sex with him! Total SCORE! He jumps down into the engine room to find the Cap’n!* -02:37 Jan 20

MacBeth: *He turns in time to see Duncan disappear and doesn’t even bother to wonder where Flyboy is headed to. He pulls out his gun and flashlight and dashes to the engine room as well! He arrives in time to see the taller man drop down!* -02:40 Jan 20

Bronwen: G..guh… Get it! *She darts to Duncan, grabbing him by the collar and practically slinging him towards the engine! And she’s not going to wait to see what happens! She’s escaping!* -02:41 Jan 20

{There’s some growling and scuttering down there in one of them panels… Doesn’t sound like one of the engine rats…: }

Duncan: Wait! Uh–This isn’t–! *But she’s already gone and he’s left with something in the panel, moving and growling … He gulps and slowly approaches it! This isn’t how it’s supposed to turn out at all! He’s supposed to rescue her, patch her up, and then they’d get wild in the sack! Reality bites! He says a quick prayer as he grips the flashlight like a club–he really needs a gun!–and then flies the panel open and starts batting away with eyes shut! Will not scream like a girl … will not scream like a girl!* EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!! -02:48 Jan 20

{GGERRAAAGHH!!! What ever it is, it darted out of the panel so fast Duncan totally missed hitting it! Now it was zooming around the engine room making ghastly horrible and deadly noises!!: }

MacBeth: *Meets Shadowstar as she’s coming out of the engine room!* Shadowstar, what the hell is down there? *He’s a little amazed Flyboy is still down there–until he hears someone screaming like a girl below!* -02:51 Jan 20

Bronwen: It’s.. just horrible! *She even shudders, looking most terrified!* Black beady eyes and huge wings…! And it BIT me! *She shows him the bite mark on her arm! It’s not to bad, but she seems all up and upset about it!* We’re going to have to nuke the room.. Where are the grenades?! -02:53 Jan 20
Duncan: *Is still screaming like a girl! His eyes are still shut so he’s just swinging around wildly! He’s too terrified to escape! Hell, he doesn’t even remember how to move his legs!* -02:54 Jan 20

Bronwen: It’s KILLING Duncan! *There’s a hestitating moment as if she were wondering if that might be such a bad thing…* -02:55 Jan 20
MacBeth: Yeah, nuke the room and kiss our one way off this damned planet goodbye. *Had Shadowstar been a guy, he would’ve slapped her by now but as things are, it’s not an option.* ‘Sides, Flyboy is still the pilot and we can’t nuke him. Yet. Start patching yourself up in the back. We’ll be right there. -02:56 Jan 20

{RAGHEHEHEHESNEERR! The beastie finally latches itself on to Duncan’s face! And bites his nose! GGRRR! It really does have sharp little teeth!: }

Bronwen: Yes sir!! *At the sound of more snarling down below, she doesn’t hestitate to run off to safty!* -02:59 Jan 20
Duncan: EEEEEKKKK!! EEEEEEKKK!! *He drops the flashlight and flails around the room. He whips his head around but it doesn’t loosen the creature! He bangs into a wall and tries to pry it off his face but still nothing! And through it all, he’s still screaming like a girl!* -03:00 Jan 20

MacBeth: … The things I do for this job. *Sighs softly as he starts climbing and closes the engine door after him. Neither him or Duncan are leaving until that thing is dead! He drops down in time to see Duncan running around with the thing on his face, screaming like a girl! He drops the flashlight and keeps the gun as he moves behind Duncan and knocks him out cold with a whack to the back of the head with the butt of the gun! Then as soon as Duncan drops, he grabs onto the creature and attempts to pry it off so he can shoot it without harming Duncan!* -03:03 Jan 20

{The creature is… a gatorbat! And once gatorbats latch on to something, they sure don’t want to let go!: }

MacBeth: *Mutters something under his breath as he resorts to Plan B! He grabs hold of the thing and pulls out the knife in his boot, then presses the tip of the blade against the wing where it meets the body and starts slowly slicing it off!* -03:21 Jan 20

{GRAAAAWWWCK!! That gets it to hoooooowl and set the nose free! Flapping and flailing around trying to escape!: }

MacBeth: *Is quick to move! As the thing flaps and flails about, he stalks after it and stabs it where he can: in either wing, the body, etc. He has to get rid of this thing as quickly as possible. He has other things to do than play exterminator!* -03:29 Jan 20

{GUZRPGURGGLE! Really, it wasn’t too bad at all! Easily terminated! What’s the big deal about gatorbats?: }

MacBeth: *Can’t seem to remember if gatorbats were dangerous enough to be considered a threat or just a pain in the ass. It’s been awhile since he’d last seen one. He wipes the blood off on the body, then returns the knife to its usual place and patches up Flyboy’s nose.* -03:32 Jan 20

Bronwen: *She’s bandaged up her arm,a nd occasionally shuddering from the willies… She hates gatorbats! She can’t remember a time where a gatorbat didn’t try to attack her! …what if the whole ship was infested? She warily glances around, pulling a gun just in case!* -03:35 Jan 20
MacBeth: *After little debating, he decides to leave Flyboy there. There is no way he’s hauling his ass up there and he still has to check on Shadowstar. He climbs out, closes the engine room door, and finds her still in Flyboy’s room with a bandaged arm and a gun.* It’s dead. -03:37 Jan 20

Bronwen: It killed Duncan?! It’s worse than I thought… we do need the grenades! -03:39 Jan 20
MacBeth: *He raises an eyebrow at her.* We’re not that lucky. He’s still alive and well. The thing just bit his nose. -03:41 Jan 20

Bronwen: I see… Little devils. I think we should grenade the room anyway just in case. There’s no way I can sleep if there’s any more… *She look so serious! But at least she put the gun away.* -03:42 Jan 20
MacBeth: Have at it. *He pauses.* AFTER we get another ship. This is still our only ticket off this rock. Unless you want to swing by and chance an encounter with Morgan. Outnumbered and outgunned. -03:44 Jan 20

Bronwen: I would be more than happy to drop in on Morgan unannounced, but I was trying to keep you out of trouble. *Sheepishly… * I was thinking about it before the beast popped out. -03:45 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Smirks a bit.* A little late for that. I appreciate it, though. Anyways, it’s not like I’d just let you drop in by yourself. -03:47 Jan 20

Bronwen: The problem lies in you nearly getting killed, and I hate to say it, Duncan getting nearly killed… And frankly, I don’t want to see myself fall pray to some other stupid Morgan scheme that ends with me out of commission and everyone around me dead. *Hrrm… She really didn’t mean to bring that up, and looks to have regretted she said anything…* -03:52 Jan 20
MacBeth: I didn’t know you cared. *He moves and reveals yet another mini-fridge hidden in the room and offers her a can of beer.* So we now what the problem is: revenge with as little risk of dying as possible–at least until we get it, anyways. All the more reason to get this hunk of tin fixed, get to Osaka 9, and find some real transportation. -03:55 Jan 20

Bronwen: *She accepts it, not without casting one of those “How many of those are there?” looks at the fridge.* But there’s really no such thing as “little” risk. You’ve already been shot in the back, and if he hadn’t been a total cockbite and not known how to use a gun you might very well be dead at the moment. I think it might be a better idea if I go see Morgan myself. -03:57 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Opens a can of his own and takes a chug of it! He studies her for a moment. Yep, a Shadowstar through and through. Hardhead and all.* True. Does it bother you to know that’s exactly what Morgan wants? -04:01 Jan 20

Bronwen: Of course, but there’s really not anything left to lose. I go could strapped to the nines with explosives. Would be pretty impressive. *There’s a very annoying melancholy feeling… It was her own fault for bringing it up. She snapped open the beer to take a drink.* -04:07 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Another chug of the beer. A moment of thought.* Maybe … But you have unfinished business elsewhere. You still have to find your brothers. They may–or may not–still be out there. I think they deserve to at least know you’re not rotting away somewhere, collecting dust. Believe me, there’s nothing worst than *not* knowing what happened to your family. At least go out knowing what happened to them, where they are, what they’re doing. I’m sure there’s a lot they wish they could tell you. Hell, I’m sure they’re still looking for you right now. -04:11 Jan 20
Bronwen: *She cracks a smile behind the beer.* A voice of reason. Have I mentioned that I really like you? -04:13 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Chuckles softly.* Heh. It’s what we first-mates do. Keep hardheaded Shadowstars like yourself out of trouble. *He glances over his shoulder.* I think I hear Flyboy wailing. *He leaves to check on him!* -04:17 Jan 20
[Duncan has indeed just woken up and needs some help here!] -04:17 Jan 20
Duncan: Hey! Lemme out of here! *He bumps into something and winces! Man, that smarts! Where is everyone anyways? And who turned out the lights! And where the hell is that crazy thing that attacked him!* -04:19 Jan 20
Bronwen: *He really was a valuable crew mate, and she was happy she had someone to trus-… Bronwen blinked! No… It was a figure of speach. It’s not like MacBeth was crew with her family, she didn’t remember him and he’s not shockingly old… But… Hey! He always did seem to know a lot more about them than he should! Bronwen stalked after him!* -04:20 Jan 20
MacBeth: *He puts the beer down and with a little effort, gets the door up. Then it’s down the ladder to go check on him! He finds Duncan wandering around, bumping into things!* It’s about time you woke up, Flyboy. -04:24 Jan 20
Duncan: Huh? Matey? *He turns away from the panel he hit his head on.* Ow, my nose! And my head! Did something happen? And where’s that flying creature-thing? And the Cap’n! Is she alright? She need medical attention of the pilot sort? -04:25 Jan 20
MacBeth: Don’t you remember? You took out the bat-thing and got knocked unconcious right after. I told Shadowstar I couldn’t move you because you’re far too heavy for just me to carry. She’s so grateful, she wants to thank you herself. She’s waiting in your room and said to send for you. -04:27 Jan 20
Bronwen: *She set down the beer next the one on the floor and dropped down the hatch with a quick jump!* …. *She was going to question Macbeth first… but…* Duncan! I couldn’t wait, I had to see you! -04:28 Jan 20
Duncan: *Could it be?! Had she finally come to her senses?! His face lights up and he slicks his hair back and straightens his clothes!* I’m here, Cap’n. Just making sure this foul beast was dead and wouldn’t trouble you any longer! No one touches the Cap’n while I’m around! *There’s a big grin on his face!* -04:30 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Decides to leave these two alone. If she does decide to screw Duncan, he can only hope she lets him know afterwards so he can go jump off a cliff somewhere. He’s up the ladder and back to grab those parts he’d retrieved from what they got from the warehouse.* -04:31 Jan 20
Bronwen: I am so eternally greatfull for your help! It’s.. it’s a shame my wound is mortally fatal and I am doomed to die any moment now… *She watched as MacBeth escaped… And here she thought he might enjoy harass Duncan a bit. Hmm. She’ll get to that in a minute…* -04:35 Jan 20
Duncan: *His face falls!* Oh no! *He takes her hands!* Dear Cap’n! This can’t be! Why, you are too beautiful to die! -04:39 Jan 20
Bronwen: If only I could have told you how much I… I… Oh! *She places a hand to her head in a dramatic… faint!* -04:42 Jan 20
Duncan: *He gasps and attempts to catch her!* No, Cap’n! You can’t! You can’t leave me! There are so many things we haven’t done together yet! *He crumbles to the floor with her in his arms, before throwing his head back!* NNNNNNOOOOOO!! -04:45 Jan 20
Bronwen: *So hard not to… She can’t help herself, but to cackle like a madwoman! Duncan made it so very easy! Completely ruined her death scene!* -04:47 Jan 20
Duncan: ?! *Blink … blink … He stops and looks down at her! Oh no! Has she gone mad?!* My fairest beauty, no! *This is worst than he’d feared! She was going to lose her sanity and then her life!* Goodbye … my love … *He sniffles and attempts to kiss her right on the lips!* -04:50 Jan 20
Bronwen: Ha..! *SMACK! Hand to the forhead!* Not today, stupid. I live. Now search this place for any more beasties so we can take off in safty. *She gives his head a shoves and climbs neatly to her feet. Dusting herself off.* -04:53 Jan 20
Duncan: Ow! *He rubs his forehead and topples over! He certainly wasn’t expecting that! He looks up as she climbs to her feet!* But … Cap’n! Kitten! My darling of love! My kiss has healed you! -04:54 Jan 20
Bronwen: You didn’t even kiss me! Get your ass off the floor! -04:55 Jan 20
Duncan: Yes, ma’am! *He scrambles to his feet but then grins broadly!* So … how about we uh, try a real kiss this time? *He leans forward …* -04:56 Jan 20
Bronwen: *Oh, she’s going to hit him. Hit him reeeaaaal good. But… Bronwen sighs!* I do appreciate you fighting the beast. *She covers his mouth with her hand and turns his face to kiss him on the cheek!* The only kiss you’re gonna get out of me. Now search for more beasties so we can leave. -04:59 Jan 20
Duncan: *His heart sings! It’s not the kiss he wanted but it’ll do all the same! He grins and salutes smartly!* Yes, ma’am! *He scrambles up the ladder, only to have to scramble back down to retrieve his flashlight! Then he scrambles back up, with that stupid grin still plastered on his face and disappears to be her knight-in-shining armor!* -05:00 Jan 20
Bronwen: *Well, that was mornic! She rolls her eyes, exiting the engine room… Now it’s time to grill MacBeth for every bit of information he knows about her family. Because something doesn’t quite fit!* Maaaa-aaac. -05:01 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Is at work making some talkies from scratch! Thankfully, they only need three. For now, at least. But it should last them until they get somewhere with some real technology. He’s still hard at work when Shadowstar comes up from the engine room.* -05:03 Jan 20
Bronwen: Isn’t amazing how Cassius could take some wire, a couple of old talkies and a toaster and make a voice activated hand bomb? *She asks ever so conversationally in teh doorway!* -05:05 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Is hunched over the table, connecting wires to each other and too busy focusing on what he’s doing. If he doesn’t get every ounce of the wires tied correctly, the talkie might shortcircuit and they can’t afford something like that happening.* … Now if only he could tie his shoes without getting his fingers tangled in the laces and actually cook something in that stupid thing he calls a toaster. *He mutters without looking up. -05:07 Jan 20
Bronwen: Yeha. But Aaron made up for that. Somehow he made meatcubes in to a three course meal… What did he call dish again…? -05:09 Jan 20
Bronwen: *THAT dish.. oooh… -05:09 Jan 20
MacBeth: Caaromar. *He replies, still connecting wires. He finishes and places the wires into a small black, plastic box where a dozen more wires identical to the ones he was working on is waiting.* -05:12 Jan 20
Bronwen: That’s the one… It was the best thing. &She placed her hands on his shoulders. It might’ve felt like she was going to massage them, but she was glancing down at his head seriously thinking about strangling him.* It must have been an adventure on their crew, hmm? -05:14 Jan 20
MacBeth: *He pauses and turns to glance at her.* Pass me that proxy over there. Just a couple more adjustments and this thing should be working. -05:16 Jan 20
Bronwen: *A twitch of her fingers before she moved away to get the proxy.* I forget the name of that ship though… was it Tempest? -05:18 Jan 20
MacBeth: *Suddenly there’s a gun to Shadowstar’s head and Mac is out of the chair.* No need to prod anymore, Shadowstar. You already figured it out. *The gun goes back into the holster and he picks up the beer, taking a chug of it.* -05:21 Jan 20
Bronwen: *She hissed…!* So when were you going to tell me you knew my brothers, first mate. -05:22 Jan 20
MacBeth: When you figured it out yourself. Wouldn’t be any fun if I just came out and told you. Besides, I promised them I wouldn’t give so much as a peep. And chances were, you wouldn’t believe me anyways. You’d end up thinking I was a spy for the bitch. -05:26 Jan 20
Bronwen: Oh right… That just explains everything doesn’t it. How the shit am I suposed to trust now?! You’re as good as a babysitter! Yes, poor lil sissy Brownie gets sent a babysitter of all the damned things! *She remained stationary while she shouted at him.. She hadn’t decided herself if she was going to kick his ass, shoot him, worse!* -05:30 Jan 20
MacBeth: I didn’t come to babysit you. I was only supposed to find you and make sure you were safe and out of Morgan’s claws. Then Malenk had this bright idea to bring some special package on board and it turned out to be you. And then all hell broke loose when Morgan realized where you were. -05:32 Jan 20
Bronwen: Sure as hell sounds like babysitting to me. Don’t tell Brownie important information so she can do something other than flailing around space like a madwoman! What’s next? Duncan gets to be bodyguard ande we prance around somewhere safe and sound while Cassius and Aaron do their manly thing?! -05:35 Jan 20
MacBeth: Important information. Like the fact that Cassius and Aaron can’t bail you out no matter how much they’d love to. They are worried sick about you, Shadowstar. For years it’s all I’ve ever heard them talk about. The only reason they still have to live is you. They didn’t send me on this little mission. I wanted to help them out and I volunteered. They couldn’t send someone or ask anyone because it was too dangerous for all of you. -05:40 Jan 20
Bronwen: It doesn’t negate the fact I am not six years old and I deserve to be told the truth. *She was very apparently struggling with deciding just how pissed off she was. It’s not that she didn’t understand… but she wasn’t without pride!* You knew the truth and you didn’t tell me… That is unacceptable. If you ever keep information from me again… *It didn’t mean she wasn’t about to hit him…* -05:46 Jan 20
MacBeth: … Yes, Captain. Suppose I should lay everything down. The four heads of Morgan’s Brigade are your brothers. For the past 20 years, she’s been using you as a pawn to get your brothers to cooperate. If they didn’t work for her, she’d kill you. Until they see you for themselves, they’ll assume she still has you. -05:51 Jan 20
Bronwen: It really would have been helpful to know that from the beginning. *Grrrr. Now she really wants to hit him. She could have gotten herself killed with all that kamikaze stuff she was pulling! It seems she has plenty to lose!* Anything else I need to know? -05:56 Jan 20
MacBeth: … Duncan is right behind you and he’s about to grope your ass. -05:59 Jan 20
Bronwen: What? *It was so out of the blue she actually turned to glare over her shoulder!* -06:00 Jan 20
[Bronwen enters.had just fell for MacBeth’s decoy and turned around!] -02:04 Jan 25
[MacBeth is already gone!] -02:06 Jan 25
Bronwen: … Damnit! -02:06 Jan 25
MacBeth: *Heads for the cockpit and drops into the co-pilot’s seat after helping himself to a beer! He’s going to be needing it real soon! Damn stubborn Shadowstars …* -02:07 Jan 25
Bronwen: *Growling… and possibly packing a knife, she goes stomping after MacBeth!* You good for nothing creature I call a first mate..! I wasn’t finished with you…! -02:08 Jan 25
MacBeth: I figured. *He swerves the chair around to face Shadowstar and takes another sip of the beer.* You know, you shouldn’t get so tense, Shadowstar. It’s bad for your health. -02:11 Jan 25
Bronwen: HA HA HA.. Me, tense. *She points accusingly!* I haven’t fire you yet! No drinking on the job! -02:12 Jan 25
MacBeth: Oops. Did you want a drink? There’s still plenty in the fridge. ‘Sides, it’s not like we have fresh water to drink. Beer is the next best thing. -02:14 Jan 25
Bronwen: Don’t think I don’t know that you’re trying to bow me off and escape telling me things I should know! -02:15 Jan 25
MacBeth: You already figured out I served with your brothers. And they’re working for Morgan. What else do you want to know? *It was a really big mistake to let slip that he’d known the Shadowstar men. He’d just been so damn busy trying to get those communicators up and running that he hadn’t realized until it was too late.* -02:20 Jan 25
Bronwen: Where they are for starters. Then I can adjust my entire plans accordingly. -02:21 Jan 25
MacBeth: *She was going to get them killed for sure! He was about to point out that her going for her brothers was exactly what Morgan was expecting. But he also had to trust her. She was the captain, after all.* Fine. The last I heard, Cassius was the closest. He was stationed at Lunas 034, just past Osaka 9. -02:31 Jan 25
Bronwen: *Bronwen leaned against the wall, tapping her chin with thought…* But she doesn’t know that I know they are alive… And better, she won’t expect me to be stealthy… I think we’ll put guns-a-blazin’ Shadowstar away for awhile, and do something a little more sneaky. -02:33 Jan 25
MacBeth: *Stealthy or not, she was bound to get them killed. But after spending time with her brothers, the thought of death didn’t phase him the way it should have.* Let’s hope we can find you a better disguise. By the way, Lunas 034 is a hot spot for slavers and traders. *He swerved his chair back to face outside.* Thought you’d like to know. -02:36 Jan 25
Bronwen: Good! One of use gets to be the Trader, the other the slave.. And I guess one of us is the armed guard! We won’t venturing in to any actual sales, unless we’re forced to. We find Cassius, grab him, and get out. -02:38 Jan 25
MacBeth: … I vote Flyboy for the slave. *He swerves the seat slightly again.* He has that “whipped” quality. -02:41 Jan 25
Bronwen: Then I will be armed guard. You know the common talk here now, I might say something stupid. -02:42 Jan 25
[Duncan pops his head in just in time to hear them discussing some … role play!] -02:43 Jan 25
Duncan: I am here, sweet Cap’n! How may I be of service? *He steps inside and salutes!* Every room, corner, nook, and cranny is clear of vermin! -02:43 Jan 25
Bronwen: You’re going to be MacBeth’s slave from now on, Duncan. -02:44 Jan 25
Duncan: *Falls to his knees, hands clasped!* What?! No! It can’t be! Anything! Anything but that, Cap’n! Anyone but him! -02:46 Jan 25
Bronwen: *She’s eyeing her fingernails, with her otherhand hooked in her belt loop.* I can’t be a slave trader, I don’t have the know-how. I’m going to protect him from you tryin’ to escape. -02:48 Jan 25
MacBeth: *He manages not to smirk. He almost feels sorry for Duncan but these things can’t be helped.* Seems you’ve been a bad slave so we’re off to sell your hide. -02:49 Jan 25
Duncan: *His face falls! It’s obvious he’d have much rather preferred SHE was the master–er, mistress! He glances at Mac and then back at the Cap’n!* But … why? Why can’t I be the trader or the uh, the armed guard? That sounds good! -02:50 Jan 25
Bronwen: What would happen to your poor captain if she were the slave, and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time? We can’t have me getting killed. -02:51 Jan 25
Duncan: *He blinks.* Yeah but uh … how long do I have to be the slave? You’re not really going to sell me, are you? I mean, I am the pilot. And I did save your lives. Not once but twice already! *That had to count for something!* -02:53 Jan 25
Bronwen: Maybe if you’re a good slave, Duncan. -02:55 Jan 25
Duncan: *He sighs and huffs, then runs his fingers through his hair.* I … don’t really have much of a choice, do I, Cap’n? *He looks so sad and forlorn but he’s obviously trying to put on a good front. Maybe the Cap’n would be so sad at any thought of selling him, she’d finally play around with him for a bit!* -02:57 Jan 25
Bronwen: *Aaaw… He is so much like a puppy it’s almost cute! Bronwen can’t help but give a genuine grin!* No worries. You’re safe with me. -02:59 Jan 25
MacBeth: Cute. *He says from his place in the seat.* But let’s get off this chunk of rock and get some things straight before we dwell on our little disguises. -03:05 Jan 25
Duncan: *What a spoil sport Mac was being! His face falls again! He was just about to ask the Cap’n for a kiss, too! Just a little peck on the cheek, or the lips, or the nose … or any other part of his body she might wish to worship with those lips of hers!* -03:07 Jan 25
Bronwen: Hmm. Yep. Start flying, flyboy. I am going to work on my guard disguise… If anything flashes, or makes a horrible noise alert me so I can fix it. *She moves to leave but hesitates in the doorway…* Uh…. are we sure all the little devils are gone? -03:08 Jan 25
Duncan: *He jumps to his feet and proudly salutes again! If one didn’t know better, one could swear he’d saved some poor orphans from a burning building or the human race from extinction!* Aye aye, Cap’n! I got into every nook and cranny I could and made sure the nasty buggers were away! None of those flying, biting, hideous things on me ol’ Briar Rose! -03:10 Jan 25
Bronwen: Good. Cause if I find another one, I’m feeding you to it… *She mutters as she leaves Duncan alone with his new master!* -03:11 Jan 25
Duncan: *He blinks, blinks, and blinks again as he watches her leave. Then he gets into the pilot’s chair and gets the ship started. He turns to Mac and nods.* She wants me. *He says and in no time the ship takes off.* -03:14 Jan 25
Bronwen: *Stalking back to Duncan’s room… a slow…. devilish grin splashing across her face! Bronwen is on a mission, and it is so much more fulfilling than simply revenge on Morgan. Oh yes, this is going to be good! Cackling of the captain heard from all the wat in the back!* -03:16 Jan 25
MacBeth: … Be afraid. *He says simply at Duncan’s questioning look.* Be very afraid. -03:17 Jan 25

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