[Felicia was nursed by a dead family member… which was creepy, but comforting? She\’s sleeping soundly on the sofa, perfectly medicated!] -04:48 May 13
[Bernhard decides to stick around a bit. It\’s not like he has anywhere else to go …] -04:49 May 13

Uncle Larry had made sure Kylie was tucked away in bed with her guard dog… and now he was lurking around Felicia’s sofa to “check” on her. Now where did Ellen leave that bag, Felicia looks like she’s in pain!

Bernhard: *Sitting in the arm-chair not too far away, watching Larry.* Looking for something? *He looks very smug. Sitting in the chair with his legs crossed and his arms on the arm rests.* -04:51 May 13

Uncle Larry looks unspooked as well as unconcerned about being spied upon. “My poor niece is in pain, and you just sit there as assinine as can be. Where is that painkiller so that I might ease her torment?”

Felicia: *Felicia was plenty medicated, she wasn’t even disturbed by the voices. She was sleeping soundly, occasionally mumbling a word here or a phrase there. Silly things in Italian.* -04:54 May 13
Bernhard: Weren’t you the one who said she had to "bear it"? Such concern is touching. But you have "ease her torment" confused with "wanting to OD her". -04:55 May 13

“Clearly you put your own wicked thoughts upon me as if they were my own.” Uncle Larry floated himself to the sofa, sitting on the edge of the cushion to stare down at Felicia with his most concerned expression. “The poor little dear has no idea that you’ll betray her in the end. It’s your demonic habit, after all.”

Bernhard: I find it amusing that you Montgomeries worry about betrayal so. I might be a demon but I keep my contracts. It is a shame the same cannot be said about you or yours. -05:01 May 13

“Alas, speaking of contracts… I think I will let you clean up the mess the little amatuer has created.” With his mysterious closing comment… Uncle Larry disappeared with a ploof!

Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow. Hm. Well, this should be interesting.* -05:06 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia remained asleep, though had tried to roll over, only resulting in angry mumblings with more Italian mixed inbetween!* -05:07 May 13

The room seemed perfectly quiet, and nothing particularly strange.. But there was a humming from the fireplace like there was a TV turned on! Out of thin air a head poked through… a dead half rotten head withhalf it’s teeth missing… soon followed by the rest of it’s body!

Bernhard: *This is what he got for making contracts with mortals. A large fire ignites in the fireplace and his shadow moves. It becomes solid and takes the form of a large cat that swipes at the body and attempts to push it back into the fire.* -05:14 May 13

The zombie body shuffles backwards… only to find itself bumping in to another one climbing out of the thin air just above the fire! Moooan! ..Was there a third one trying to poke through?!

Bernhard: *These were no shadow-creatures so whatever evil had been plaguing this place was out of the question. And then he recalled what Larry had said. A "mess" casued by a "little amatuer." He would never call Kylie that. So that left … And he’d thought he’d seen it all. Well, time to "book it." He gets up and shakes Felicia. HARD. Meanwhile, his shadow is being kept busy, batting at zombies.* -05:20 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia growled what sounded like a rather nasty insult! She very nearly started swinging punches as she groggily blinked her eyes open.* What’s the matter with you…? -05:22 May 13
Bernhard: Perhaps you could ask them. *He calmly stops shaking her hard and points to the zombies.* -05:24 May 13
Felicia: *Felicia blinked. Twice! She opened her mouth possibly to start shouting with fright, but found herself too weary to bother.* …tell them to go home, I’m too tired to run away. -05:27 May 13

There were now four zombies out of the fireplace, and one of them was sitting in the fire roasting nicely for lack of room to shamble! They really didn’t look like they wanted to go home!

Bernhard: Certainly. Had it not been for the fact that I have no idea how they got here. Although I suspect you had something to do with it. *He sees the look she gives him.* You were speaking Italian in your sleep. -05:30 May 13
Felicia: …I sleep talk?! *She’s not sure what she’s more horrified by.. talking in her sleeping, or apparently summoning ZOMBIES while she sleeps!* What am I supposed to do about it?! I don’t know how I did it! -05:32 May 13
Bernhard: On the bright side, they’re only coming out of the fireplace. *His shadow becomes intangible and returns to him.* So you might have opened a portal. *Which was interesting. No Montgomery had ever opened a portal before … He picks up the firepoker.* I guess we could try closing whatever hole they came out of. *He swings his way to the fireplace, flinging the zombies back and then swings at the head beginning to climb out.* -05:38 May 13
Felicia: A portal to the dead?! *Now she was just stating the obviously needlessly… and rolling off the couch to crawl behind it to saftey!* I should have never taken that language class. Uh.. chiuda il portello dei morti! Close the door of the dead? Vanno gli zombies domestici! Go home zombies! …. What’s Italian for closing portals?! -05:44 May 13
Bernhard: Vicino il portone? *Shrugs a bit.* My Italian is rusty. -05:47 May 13

A zombie head goes rolling across the floor after being knocked clear off it’s shoulders. The body seems to be stuck now, half way in and half way out… And it can’t wiggle though!

Felicia: *Felicia peeked over the back of the sofa.* … I think that worked…? *And ducked when one of te stray zombies takes a swipe at her head!* Shove them back the other way! -05:51 May 13
Bernhard: *Ghosts. Shadow-creatures. Zombies were the logical next step. Fortunately, he’d cleaned enough messes to know dwelling on it wouldn’t get it cleaned up any sooner. He starts "herding" the stray zombies back to the fireplace. If they couldn’t go back through the portal, maybe he could fry them instead.* -05:54 May 13
Felicia: *If she can summon up zombies just by sleep talking, surely she can get rid of them with a simple phrase too… but what would she-* I have an idea! *Felicia climbed up to her feet, and with all the hope she could muster she tried her made-up spell!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora undo! -05:57 May 13

There was a whoooosh and the air felt so heavy it was almost dizzying. All the zombies disappeared and the portal was nowhere in sight! But, the room looks so much cleaner and newer than it had before…

Bernhard: *Looks around and rests the fire poker over his shoulder.* Hm. Not bad. But what, pray tell, did you say in this spell of yours? -06:00 May 13
Felicia: I… can’t believe that… worked. *Felicia glanced around… Well, it worked, but it worked so well it cleaned out the whole place! It looked a good hundred years younger!* I said "What was done, now reverse." -06:01 May 13
Bernhard: *Glances around a bit more. He walks to the window and glances out just to be on the safe side.* -06:03 May 13

There’s a car out front, but it’s a nice looking antique! Right about then Uncle Larry walks through the door, only.. It’s not Uncle Larry just a man that looks a lot like him! “What the hell are you doing here!”

Bernhard: *Something flickers on his face but quickly disappears.* Not a clue. -06:11 May 13

The man snorts! “Bloody demons getting cheeky these days. What is this, your meal?!” He motions an angry finger at Felicia before he blinks, taking a second look at her. “Wait a minute. You look like…” He crossed the room towards her quickly!

Felicia: *Felicia backed up a few steps before dashing behind Bernhard and shamelessly using him as a shield! The man looked a lot like Larry, and she was pretty wary about Larrys for the time being!* I have a feeling I screwed up that spell. -06:16 May 13
Bernhard: Indeed. This is Albert Montgomery. Larry’s father. *He tells her, eyes trained on the man.* -06:18 May 13

“You are supposed to be in Paris with the rest of the clan. Are you shirking you duties for a tryst? …Step aside and let me see that woman!” Bellows Albert who gives uo to waltz around him!

Bernhard: *Quick. Story.* Alexia sent me back. I packed the wrong gown for her. You know how particular she is. Then she said the seamstress had done it wrong and ordered me to fetch her. I brought her here to mend the gown. -06:27 May 13

Yet I heard her mutter something about a spell… Ah ha!” Albert managed to catch Felicia’s arm while she was trying to evade him, and dragged her good and close. “Those are my wife’s eyes. Patricia. Why is there a seamstress with my wife’s eyes and the smell of summoning on her finger tips, Bernhard.” Albert had the sudden look of a man who had stumbled over something very juicy!

Felicia: *To her credit she didn’t squeek, despite her wide eyed look. How did she open that portal again?! That would be handy now!* I’m a distant cousin…? -06:33 May 13
Bernhard: *Raises an eyebrow.* Knocked back a few bottles of vodka again, have you? -06:34 May 13

That look on his face died as he shoved Felicia back at the demon. “Playing a demons tricks on me, are you! I’ll not be played a fool by the likes of you. I will be in my study. Don’t to damn dare to disturb me.” He stalked away in the blackest of moods!

Bernhard: *Catches Felicia and watches him march out. He chuckles softly and smirks a bit.* That went rather well. -06:39 May 13
Felicia: *She waited until he was gone before she finally breathed!* I don’t know how you keep a straight face. I think he could see right through me. -06:40 May 13
Bernhard: Albert was considered one of the stronger Montgomeries in his time. Fortunately, he has a past drinking problem that cost him his wife and many’s respect. *He heads for the door and locks it.* Ready to try that spell to send us back? -06:43 May 13
Felicia: *There was a cold wave of panic that was starting to make her lightheaded.* I don’t think that’s such a good idea. What if I.. What if we end up in… hell or somewhere worse! -06:45 May 13
Bernhard: *Thoughtful expression.* Good point. But tell me … how eager are you to live here at this time with these people? -06:47 May 13
Felicia: *That sounded just as bad. So despite the sinking feeling in her stomach, she grabbed on to his arm so she could make double sure it was both of them that went and where ever they ended up she wouldn’t get stuck there alone.* …. I don’t know any spells… that last one I made up went all wrong. -06:50 May 13
Bernhard: I’m not much of a teacher but spells are literal. You said to reverse what was done and it did that and time along with it. If anything you could call this, "hands on" learning. -06:56 May 13
Felicia: I was afraid you would say that. *Which basically meant "try it and find out!" …Felicia thought about it, and the only logical thing was to do the same thing only backwards! So she took a deep breath!* Che cosa è stato fatto, ora digiuni in avanti! -06:59 May 13

A whoooooosh in the opposite direction pressed down on the air, and when it disappated everything seemed back to normal. Older. Dusty. A zombie head on the floor, but back to normal.

Felicia: *That whooshing was more thanher head could bare and Felicia found herself sinking to the floor. Hopefully present dated floor!* -07:03 May 13
Bernhard: *Lets Felicia sink to the floor. Albeit carefully. Then he walks around a bit just to make sure they’re back at the right time, right place.* -07:04 May 13

Uncle Larry ploofs right behind the Felicia in the floor, looking… flabberghasted and annoyed. “Where did you go? How did you do that? Did Berhand do it?”

Bernhard: *Turns to look at Larry.* What do you know … we are back. -07:07 May 13
Felicia: Ugh.. Larry. *She remained seated on the floor, not bothering to turn and look at good old Uncle Larry. Her head was swimming, and if she moved she might end up clonking her head on the floor and summoning up a hellcat!* -07:08 May 13

“Did YOU do it, demon!” Uncle Larry demands to know! It’s apparently really important!

Bernhard: Calm down. Felicia is not feeling well, remember? Perhaps she needs some tea. -07:13 May 13

Uncle Larry narrows his eyes, but he slowly starts fading out. “Yes. Tea is a good idea.” He ploofs quietly.

Felicia: So apparently time reversing isn’t a normal thing to do around here…? *She was trying to sound nonchalant, but it came across more jittery than she wanted.* -07:17 May 13
Bernhard: *Looks at the spot Larry disappeared from even after he’s gone.* I’ve never seen him so worked up before … *Murmurs to himself. He turns to Felicia.* First of all, let’s get you back on the couch. But yes, manipulating time and space is not the norm. -07:19 May 13
[Felicia and time travel seems totally out of hand!] -05:47 Jun 01
[Bernhard ] -05:47 Jun 01
Felicia: Prolly because I’m not an inbred crazy Montgomery freak…? *She might have been joking… but probably not! Felicia crawled her way to the sofa.* -05:49 Jun 01
Bernhard: Hm … So, when do we start your next lesson? *Asks casually as he half-sits, half-leans on the sofa arm-rest.* -05:50 Jun 01
Felicia: Oh jeeze.. *She grabs the nearest sofa cushion and pulls it over her head. Muffled grumbling!* wrap me up in bubble wrap and get me a helmet first..! -05:53 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Leans forward to peer under the cushion.* Life is full of risks. Why not take the chance of not being wrapped up in bubble wrap and a helmet? -05:55 Jun 01
Felicia: That’s perfectly easy for you to say, you don’t serve coffee for a living. *She sat up and blinked for a moment.* …you don’t ONLY serve coffee for a living. -05:58 Jun 01
Bernhard: Just one of my many talents. *Smirks a bit.* I guess you do deserve to rest a bit. I find it curious that you, of all the Montgomery bloodline, has such a gift. -06:06 Jun 01
Felicia: I need a vacation and I just got here. *A frown as she sat back on the sofa and tightly crossed her arms. Except, there’s no leaving the house! Well, aside from time traveling.. and what a trip that was!* Do you think if I get powermad and uppity about it, that it’ll all poof away to spite me? -06:10 Jun 01
Bernhard: If you want to get rid of it so much, it is possible. But until then, you either learn to control it or let it control you. *It had been quite a surprise to see Albert again. And Paris … Ah, he hadn’t been there since.* -06:15 Jun 01
Felicia: Bah… If I get rid of it, I have to deal with a complicated idenity crisis… I’ve always talked to dead people, why stop now just because they are slightly more.. hm… Aggressive. *Aggressive clearly wasn’t the word she was thinking. Maybe scary. Horrifying. Uncle Larryish. Felicia sighed, blowing a bit of hair out of her face.* I don’t want to let Kylie down, anyway. So… it’s Summoning 101 with Professor Bernhard? -06:20 Jun 01
Bernhard: Excellent. *That smirk again. But best not to let her know that the last time he had been entrusted with pupils, well … Let’s just say that Granny had good reason to be upset like she’d been. But a contract was a contract.* Before we begin though, want a bite to eat? -06:24 Jun 01
Felicia: As long as it’s not Uncle Larry’s special tea. *Felicia was suspicious and rightly so. That tea was probably laced with arsenic!* -06:26 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Chuckles softly.* If it is any consolation, I am not one for poison. Perhaps if you focus on a particular place and time when you use your gift might prevent something as drastic as a return to the Dark Ages. -06:31 Jun 01
Felicia: I’ll try to remind myself of that next time I’m rambling foreign languages in my sleep! *She didn’t think it was so funny! Well… maybe it was kind of amusing. In a queer sort of way. Felicia half smile as she rose wobbly to her feet.* I think I can eat and discuss travel basics at the same time. -06:35 Jun 01
Bernhard: If you insist … *He stands and gives her a half-bow.* So tell me, did the dead tip you for the coffee? -06:37 Jun 01
Felicia: *Felicia blinked at his bowing… then smacked her forehead!* …they didn’t! Those cheap ghosts! It’s no wonder I never made enough to pay my bills! *She shuffles for the kitchen mumbling about that wicked old lady that always asked for more sugar and never left her so much as a quarter!* -06:40 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Once they had gotten into the kitchen, he started to make her some food.* American ghosts are different from ghosts like Egyptians and Greek. Now they had something to leave to graverobbers. -06:47 Jun 01
Felicia: *Felicia slid in to a chair and watched, tapping her fingers on the counter and considering her ghostly customers.* But’s it’s different for the rest of the Montgomery family, apparently. Kind’ve like the Ghostbusters in finding them and zapping them away. ….did they get paid for that, or are they just beyond filthy rich that it doesn’t matter anymore? -06:49 Jun 01
Bernhard: Both. It started out as duty, obligation. They did the things they did because they realized someone had to. Then the grateful people whose loved ones were laid to rest began to give them something in return. They lost sight of their true purpose, became the way they are now. *He says in a tone as casual as if he’s discussing the weather, not the decline of an entire family.* -06:53 Jun 01
Felicia: A bunch of murdering crazies? *She can’t believing she’s talking so casual about it either. She should be screaming her head off and calling her Mom to come drive her to the funny farm or something.* Hmm.. What if we all get wiped out? What happens then without any Montgomeries left? -06:56 Jun 01
Bernhard: The last weight will fall. The scale will be broken completely. It already began to fall apart with the extinction of the Kavanagh bloodline. -06:58 Jun 01
Felicia: *…She didn’t like the sound of that…* The scale of good and evil or the scale of live and dead? *Felicia blinked!* ….what is a kuhvahnogg? -07:00 Jun 01
Bernhard: Both. Good and evil. Life and death. Yin and yang. The Kavanagh bloodline was the yin to the Montgomery bloodline’s yang. The Kavanagh the dark. The Montgomery the light. A family. Like the Montgomery. To keep them in check. -07:05 Jun 01
Felicia: So the whole universe is being held together by a little girl and a college drop out? …I think we’re in a lot of trouble. *That was the cherry on the cake! She’s really in it now!* Are there not any Kavanagh left? -07:08 Jun 01
Bernhard: Left in this plane of existence? One. But … let’s just say, he’s out of reach. The tea is ready. *He starts to pour her a cup.* Some honey? -07:10 Jun 01
Felicia: I like honey. …I’ll pretend to be optomistic and say nothing’s out of reach. Espcially if I can open time portals. I think it’s safe to say if anything can happen, it’s bound to happen to me. But I guess I can’t go searching the world for anyone if I can’t even leave the house. -07:13 Jun 01
Bernhard: *Adds some honey for her tea.* It is not a matter of space for you to find this last Kavanagh. It is a matter of time, of how far back you go into the past. -07:16 Jun 01
Felicia: I guess that makes it more complicated. More reason to be a good schoolgirl. Yay me! *Trying to be optimistic was getting ridiculous, but she gratefully took the cup of tea, sipped, and grimaced… She still didn’t like tea. But the honey made it much more consumable. And it was warm, that was a plus!* -07:19 Jun 01

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