Breaking Delilah 004

Breaking Delilah

[Ferius does not like uninvited guests on his ship.] -12:56 Feb 04
[Delilah Red heard someone coming, and is very surprised not to see Ferius or one of his crew.] -01:08 Feb 04

Down the stairs was a thin man, fairest of blonde and warily searching around. Clearly not one of the crew, and definitely not Ferius, he was more than a little surprised to find a finely dressed woman locked in a cell. “Madam! What a fearsome predicament you seem to be in…” he whispered. Though his words were pretty, his expression suggested he’d have liked to have him a damsel locked up as well. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: Delilah knew an asshole when she saw one. However… when opportunity came knocking… Instantly, her whole countenance shifted. Rushing to the bars, looking like a frightened rabbit, Delilah even managed to dig up some tears. “Oh…! Oh you have to help me! I was captured by that scourge, and I am so scared… Please, I’ll do anything if you help me free!” Her voice was light and airy, with just the perfect breathless air. -01:14 Feb 04

The man paused near the bars, stroking his chin as he pretended to give it some thought. “Aye, you have landed on the most fearsome ship. If I free you and whisk you away to my ship, you would be… very grateful, yes?” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: “Oh, sir… So very, very grateful.”Delilah purred. It took all her self control not to reach out, grab his shirt and smash his face in to the bars. -01:18 Feb 04

That seemed to do the trick. Almost immediately he was dashing across the room, grabbing the keys from a far wall near the steps. He returned, turning the lock and opening the cell door wide. As well as his arms, fully expecting her to run in to his embrace with gratitude. “Come! The Captain Antony is your savior!” -Delilah Red

Delilah Red: “Thank you ever so much, Captain Antony.” Her sugar sweet tone was gone, once again dripping in that acid she so loved to spit. With his arms opened like a fool, Delilah had a free shot to swing her fist. Crashing up against his jaw and sending him flying backwards. Before he could regain his senses, she snatched his gun out of his belt and crashed the butt over his head. She would have shot him, but… she had some things to do first. Delilah pulled off that stupid dress she was wearing, swapping it for the unconscious Captain’s clothes. She took his weapons and everything else he had on him too. …”Hmm… Here I come, Ferius…” -01:23 Feb 04
Delilah Red: The ship was quiet. Most of the crew in their quarters for sleep. The moon was nothing more than a crescent in the sky, leaving little light to see by, but plenty of shadow to creep through. Delilah moved silently, rigging parts that she could and destroying anything useful she came across. Once she was off this ship, should they try to follow her, it would be a pain in the ass. Hell, she’d blow the damn thing up if she didn’t already have a much, much better plan… She neared Ferius’ cabin. The sound of a violin being an odd surprise for her. When she cracked open the door, she couldn’t help but watch a moment. Then she slipped inside without a sound, slowly closing the door behind her with a soft click. -01:32 Feb 04
Ferius: He didn’t turn from the main window, nor did he stop playing for a full minute. He had to finish the piece. Then he stopped and placed the violin on the table next to him before standing and turning. “Well.. this is a surprise..” he said. He was unarmed and didn’t make a move towards the sword hanging on the wall. -01:38 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “As you can see, I have escaped.” she murmured, her voice soft and almost sweet, but definitely dangerous. It was the same way she moved as well. Like a cat slowly prowling as it circled it’s prey. “It would be so rude of me to leave without saying goodbye.” -01:42 Feb 04
Ferius: “Then you’re leaving.” It wasn’t a question. He turned his back to her as he put his violin in its case and closed it. “Though I can’t help but wonder how you plan to leave.. I doubt you escaped alone…” he turned back to her. “So, how do you plan of bidding your farewell?” -01:46 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Hmm. That IS a good question, Ferius… How do I say goodbye…” With the stolen gun at her hip, she could try shooting him. Yet, Delilah had the feeling it would be as futile as stabbing him through the heart. There was a better way. As she crossed the room, gliding her fingers lightly over things, she stopped near the table. She pulled a short sword from her stolen belt. Pressing the tip against her palm, as if such a thing were an every day habit. “You make me question so many things, Ferius.” Gripping the hilt, she drug the tip over her palm. Leaving a trickle of red oozing from the wound. -01:51 Feb 04
Ferius: We watched her, his eyes narrowing. “If you planned on leaving quickly, coming here was a mistake… you’ve seen the effect weapons have on me so what keep me from…” he could smell it as soon at it hit the air and it made him trail off. “What is your game?” -01:55 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah tilted the sword in her hand, eying the blood on the blade, as nonchalant as could be. “Strange, isn’t it… you never think twice about blood. Then one day it’s all you can think about.” Delilah stabbed the weapon in to the table, moving away to approach him. But instead of stopping she passed by him, wiping her bleeding hand across his shirt. -02:00 Feb 04
Ferius: He watched her. The smell getting stronger the closer she got. His cheek twitched as she touched him and his hands closed into fists. A low growl sounded in his throat. “Delilah…?” He looked at her his eyes. Looking to read her face, hoping his own thoughts to remain unreadable. -02:05 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah finally stopped near the window, leaving against the wood of the frame. She was scowling. A serious expression across her face. It should be FUN to taunt him. But even where she wanted to make him hurt and crave, it was hard to ignore her own… “What do you truly want from me, Ferius? No lies, no stories. What do you want. From me. Right this moment.” -02:14 Feb 04
Ferius: He shook himself, she was taking control, he couldn’t allow that. “Same as I’ve always wanted.” he growled. The smell of her blood exciting him and scaring him at the same time. “If you want the full story..” he moved fast. His arms coming out making to grab her. -02:20 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Ah-ah..!” He reached for her and she moved just as quick. Her strength was back now. No more dizzy head and weakened muscles. That sword, the very shiny sword from the table was in her hands in a heartbeat. She took a swipe across his chest. Deliberately making it shallow and non lethal. After all… she wanted him to know how she felt. Killing him too soon wouldn’t do at all. -02:24 Feb 04
Ferius: He cried out and staggered back. Blood soaking his shirt in seconds as he tripped over the chair and fell into it hard. Steam seemed to rise from the wound as he looked down at it in surprise. “That’s quite the toy you have there.” he said obviously in pain. “Got it off the fool Antony I suppose.” -02:29 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Interesting…” All Delilah wanted was to make him bleed, but this… this was even too good to be true! A slow smile spread across her face as she flourished the sword. Delilah was prowling again, every step very deliberate as she approached him. “I think you should take off your clothes, Ferius.” -02:32 Feb 04
Ferius: His breath was heavy as he looked at her. His eyes glaring into hers. He didn’t say a word as he pulled off his shirt and used it to staunch the bleeding. “I think you’re enjoying this.” he said. “And I thought you were nothing like me.. or so you implied.” -02:35 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Oh but Ferius… You did work so hard to make me see the truth.” Using the sword, she flicked the shirt right out of his hands. Then brandished the tip up under his chin. “All of your clothes. Don’t dwaddle, il mio amore. This is such a heavy sword.” She let the tip dip to poke against the base of his throat. Yes, she really was enjoy this. -02:40 Feb 04
Ferius: He swallowed, before slowly standing. The bleeding had slowed but there was going to be a scar there. He didn’t say anything as he pushed his boots from his feet and then unhitched his pants and pushed them down with his undergarments. She was seeking to humiliate him… or was she after something else… Either way he would make her pay, and that thought showed itself on his face. -02:45 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Angry, mio amore? Hate me? Sit. Now.” Whether he want to or not, she shoved him back down in to the chair. Despite how she wanted to gut him, Ferius was a magnificent specimen of a man. Not that she was interested in that. Delilah loomed over him, straddling his lap as if it were perfectly natural to do so. The sword now pressed upwards against his neck and chest. A little reminder in case he decided to get feisty. “Do you know what -I- want? Freedom. I value my freedom, and you… you have no respect for it. Now look at you, sweet… At the edge of my sword.” Delilah leaned forward until her lips were just barely touching his. “How does it feel to know you are powerless? There is no escape?” -02:51 Feb 04
Ferius: His breathing was slow, controlled, even though his mind was far from it. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how it feels.” he responded. “Though, I have to say, you are even better that I originally thought. To be able to pull this off. And I only wanted you because, other than me, you are the fiercest force upon these seas.” -02:58 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Ah, the man is in danger and now he pays the compliments to charm and woo.” she muttered sarcastically. Not granting a kiss, she nuzzled his cheek. Smirking as she shifted on his lap and ground against his hips. “You made a mistake in fucking with me, Captain Ferius.” Delilah leaned forward against him, the pressure of the sword coming against his skin as she brushed her lips against his ear. “And now you’re going to pay for it.” -03:03 Feb 04
Ferius: Her attention got to him more than he thought it would. His legs moved under her and his breath caught when the blade pressed against him. “Words spoken softly for a woman with a sword against my throat.” he retorted. “And if you’re not just going to kill me, what do you want?” His words were barely above a whisper as if adding volume would press his throat into the sword. -03:08 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Retribution.” she murmured easily. Sweet retribution. Delilah rose a hand to his cheek giving a soft, almost loving caress. It was covered in blood, which made it quite easy to brush her thumb over his lips to spread it across his mouth. With those same fingers, she ran the back of her knuckles down his throat. Tilting in her position to flick her tongue against his neck and lick away that faint line of blood drawn by the sword pressed against his skin. -03:13 Feb 04
Ferius: He closed his eyes, gripping the chair to stop his hands from coming up to embrace her. He could smell his own blood and hers from her hand. He didn’t say anything more. He couldn’t now, with the feeling of her tongue on his throat. Damn her. -03:18 Feb 04
Delilah Red: “Don’t want to touch me now, mio amore? Shame… it might be the only time I let you.” Delilah nipped his neck with her teeth. While her hand slide down from his throat to his chest, nails grazing his skin almost hard enough to leave scratches. A faint laugh escaped her as she reached down between them, grasping his manhood firmly in her hand. “Nothing to say?” -03:26 Feb 04
Ferius: He opened his eyes and searched for hers. “Is this your game?” he asked, “To make me want you, to take control?” His words were defiant but the way his manhood throbbed beneath her fingers betrayed him along with the hint of passion in his eyes. His hands came up and hesitated. For a spit second it looked like he was ready to strangle her. -03:34 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Delilah tilted back, not hiding her smirk or intent in the slightest. She had him exactly where she wanted him, in more ways than one. “Can’t take what you give, Ferius? So easy to strap a woman down and take what you wish, but once the tables are turned…” Her hand squeezed his shaft, allowing her fingers to glide up and down it. Her thumb tracing circles around the head. -03:43 Feb 04
Ferius: His hands balled where they were and he bit his lip suppressing a groan. Then his hands opened again and alighted on her shoulders. Sliding up her neck and pulled her closer. His lips found hers as his hips moved under her. His will, it seemed, had broken and now he kissed her with the passion he had just before their last parting. -03:49 Feb 04
Delilah Red: She hadn’t expected to be swept up in it. Delilah intended to pull away and taunt him more. She returned it with fervent force. Tilting her head and parting her lips to allow her tongue to taste him. Her hand continued to pump his manhood, coaxing him with surprisingly gentle fingers. -03:58 Feb 04
Ferius: He bit her lip, e had to taste her, but he also bit his own before he slid his tongue into her mouth. His hands running his nails down her back. A whimper escaped into her mouth as he finally tasted her. -04:01 Feb 04
Delilah Red: To hear him whimper… that seemed to draw her out of her near-gone reverie. Delilah lingered only for a moment. Long enough to savor his blood and sate the craving that had nearly driven her insane for days. She was back to smirking again, not tilting away but nuzzling against his cheek as her body shook with sardonic laughter. “Meek as a kitten, Captain Ferius. How sweet.” -04:15 Feb 04
Ferius: If she thought that, she was mistaken. He had betrayed himself… but so had she. His arms on her back tightened around her and he stood. His strength keping her clutched against him. Then laying her down on the floor. In a few quick motions he undid and pulled her stolen pants from her. She still had the sword, it was true, but he fell on top of her anyway. His lips kissing her throat as his weight pressed down on her. “Better?” he asked just before his lips found hers again. It was his turn to grind against her and in his eagerness, slowly push into her as his kiss moved to the side of her neck. -04:21 Feb 04
Delilah Red: Her retort died in the wake of passion. But it was still her game. Delilah bucked underneath him, using the sword to help push her weight. In moments it was him pinned to the floor. Delilah straddled over his hips. “Now. It’s better.” She rocked her hips until he was sunk all the way inside her. Her lips parted as she took in a breath. The sword left abandoned on the floor as she braced her hands on his shoulders. -04:35 Feb 04
Ferius: He was surprised, that much was written on his face. He could feel himself inside her and even if he had the strength to buck her off, his hips wouldn’t respond. His breath was rising and falling rapidly as his hands went to her sides. “You are an evil woman, Red.” he said, his hips shifting under her, wanting to moved with her despite himself. “But I don’t see how you think this will help your escape.” -04:40 Feb 04
Delilah: “Shut the fuck up, Ferius.” she growled out between her teeth. She placed her cut hand down over his mouth. Delilah didn’t need to be reminded of her escape. Her hips rocked, knees braced on the ground so she could rise and fall as she pleased. -04:52 Feb 04
Ferius: His lips parted and her blood trickled into his mouth. And it worked, he stopped talking as his eyes found hers. He tried to get her off of him, to turn his hips as his hand gripped her wrist. He didn’t want to taste her blood right now, his craving was sated but it was still intoxicating. His hips moved under her unwilling or unable to buck her off as if they had a mind of their own. Damn her, damn her blood, damn her sword. -04:57 Feb 04
Delilah: He fought her and that sense of accomplishment was only making it sweeter. Delilah leaned forward as she braced all her weight to keep her hand firmly over his mouth. Her paced quickened, Delilah sinking her teeth in to her bottom lip as the heat started to mount and passion build. -05:06 Feb 04
Ferius: He fought her more, his hips moving faster against her as his legs twisted furiously. Then his lips parted and he pulled on her wrist. Taking her skin further into his mouth. His tongue moving against her skin as his teeth brushed against her hand. He was drunk on her and much as he tried to fight it, he couldn’t change that. -05:29 Feb 04
Delilah: There was that dark smirk across her features again, mixed with pleasure. Delilah pulled her hand away, leaning over him to kiss him again. Both of her hands gripping his face as she ravished his mouth with hers. She never stopped grinding her hips against his, quick and without mercy! -05:37 Feb 04
Ferius: His lips moved against hers just as his body rose to meet hers. He hated her but at the same time felt the heat of her against him and her merciless grinding. His hips rose and he bit down on her tongue, grunting in suppressed frustration and pleasure as his hips started to shake. He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of making him climax but with growing desperation he realized he was about to do just that. -05:43 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah pulled away after he bit her tongue. Laughing as she gave him a good hard backhand to the face. Her back stiffened as she tossed her head back. Taking him in deep as her body shuddered and tightened in bliss. She nearly toppled over him once it abated, but dropped her hand on the hilt of the sword and gripped it tight instead. Before he could get his own release, she rose off of him, standing with the sword pointed at his chin again. “It’s been heaven, il mio amore. But it’s time I bid you farewell.” -05:53 Feb 04
Ferius: The backhand surprised him and so, in spite of himself, did her stopping. He lay panting, filled with frustration and anger along with the deep ache of being left unsatisfied. “Until we meet again then dearest Delilah.” he growled, sarcasm already miring his words. “And believe me, there will be a next time.” -05:58 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah had her stolen pants back in seconds, even sparing a moment to kick him while he was down. “No, Ferius. There won’t.” She leaned over him, snatching the shiny little trinket he wore around his neck “A trophy of your downfall, il mio amore.” Then she was off. Fleeing the bastard’s ship and sliding overboard where that fool Antony’s boat was waiting. Somewhere out in the dark was his ship… and now it was hers! -06:05 Feb 04
Ferius: “We’ll see, Delilah, we’ll see.” he said softly as she made her escape. “Three hours head start, then the games resume. There’s a place I’d like you to see.” -06:08 Feb 04
Delilah: Delilah didn’t have to row too far. Out in the fog Antony’s ship was waiting. When she appeared with Antony’s sword and Ferius’ trinket, no dared to question the fiery woman covered in blood. She had them hoisting the sales and changing direction. Sailing away as fast as the wind to carry them, with only the briefest of moments looking back. -06:13 Feb 04
Ferius: Back in his pants and walking out on deck he roused the crew from their sleep with a bellowing roar. “Starboard gun loaded and run out, there’s a ship out there your blind blaggards.” He jumped onto the rail as there were over a dozen thuds as gunports opened and guns revealed themselves. Enough shot to turn Antony’s ship into splinters. “On my command get ready to fire…” -06:17 Feb 04
Delilah: “MOVE, you lazy twats unless you want to meet the same fate as your Captain and be the Sea Demon’s bitches!” He’d be on his feet by now. Delilah left the helmsmen with the wheel, stomping over to the rail to see how close the others were coming. If need be, Delilah would throw people overboard just to light the load. -06:20 Feb 04
Ferius: He spied her out on the deck of the other ship and raised his sword. The gun crew readying their charges. “Steady…” he called out as Delilah came into the arc of his guns. “Steady…” he grinned lowering his sword. “Stow the guns, make the ship ready to pursue.” he barked before turning back to the escaping woman and giving her a salute. “Don’t stand there gawking, get to it, I expect you’ll find a few cases of sabotage so stay on your toes.” -06:25 Feb 04
Delilah: They stopped pursuing. …for now. Delilah smirked, returning the salute as her new ship sailed away. Until next time, stupid ass. -06:28 Feb 04

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