Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat 004

[Will Has had a great day’s sleep and is waking up as the sun sets.] -07:34 Mar 15
[Chantilly has had a long long weird day and is currently sprawled out over the bottom half of the bed with her face planted in a book, and dozing off!] -07:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly had barely managed to throw her clothes on to greet her parents when they got home, and like a dummy told them Will wasn’t there. Which left her constantly trying to keep them from peeking in her room, and more than once attempting some sort of invisibility spell which usually just ended up going completely haywire. Dinner was eaten in a hasty rush, and now there she was sleeping on one of those spellbooks while she was busy sifting for better working spells. -07:39 Mar 15
Will: His eyes flicked oner and he stired, the familiar surroundings causing the orning’s escapades to come back to him. Still Chantilly wasn’t next to him and that made him frown. He sat up and noticed his new girlfriend at th foot of the bed and still completely nude wrapped a balnket around himself and settled down next to her at the foot of the bed, an arm sliding around her. "Good evning." he whispered into the dozing witches ear. "Any luck?" -07:43 Mar 15
Chantilly: Oh that was nice. Warm and snugglie and he was pretty good at sounding soft and sexy! …wait, crap! Chantilly’s eyes blinked open and she rose quickly on her elbows to spy the door and make sure it was good and shut. Then she swatted at him! "Will, you jerk! Do you have any idea how hard it is to hide a naked guy in your room?! Couldn’t you have at least put on some pants before you fell asleep!" -07:47 Mar 15
Will: "Ow." he shoved her, maybe a little too hard since she was no longer on the bed…. in fact she was in the middle of the room. "Ooops… how did I do that?" he looked at his hand and then got up to offer it to her. "Could always have said I was sick, I have been according to everyone and with the blanket no one would know what I have or don’t have underneath. Besides I was expecting you to join me under there…" -07:52 Mar 15
Chantilly: Yikes…! He had more than just sun and garlic allerigies with those vampie powers it seemed! She was a little hesitant to take his hand, but only because she was still trying to play up being mad. Chantilly grasped it and tugged on it. "Shhh, talk softer. I’m not a nightstalker, you know. Witches sleep normal hours. I did find some handy books though. But most of them say you can only stop being a vampire if you kil the one that sired you.." -07:56 Mar 15
Will: "No one sired me." he said pulling her up and back to the bed to sit down with an arm around her. "So I’m stuck like this?" he found himself strangly unaffected by that. "What about you? Anything baout dewitchification?" he leaned in close and nuzzled into her neck… the did smell good as a witch though… -08:02 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Nope… I think I have to start looking up curses themselves…" He really shouldn’t be doing that. What if her parents walked in? But she had no will to push him away or swat at him again! Instead she was having a really hard time of not smiling. "I’m sure I’ll find something. There’s all kinds of cool stuff in these books." -08:07 Mar 15
Will: He ran a hand down her arm and held her hand in his before kissing the side of her neck and down her shoulder. "I’m so hapy I get to do this now." he whispered before smiling and pulling her hand towards him to kiss her wrist. "Alright if I hane a little bite to eat?" -08:09 Mar 15
Chantilly: She was pretty sure her face was burning, and she nodded quickly. Not trusting herself to reply without croaking like a frog. Chantilly was pretty sure she’d melt to the floor if he didn’t take a bite. Which in itself was… a really weird thought to have. "Um…! Also, pants." -08:12 Mar 15
Will: "Bite first." he nuzzled agaist her wrist before parting his lips and licking her skin. It was soft but then Chantily always did take care of herself. Then he was peeling lis lips back to reveal his fangs before burrying them in her flesh… There was the familiar rush and taste of her blood, but a new sensation as well. He wasnted her to enjoy this, as much as he did. -08:18 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly winced, but the pain didn’t last for long. She was so completely intrigued by the whole thing she couldn’t look away, despite the fact it was super weird… And worse, she was totally having one of those vampire fangirl moments. That heart fluttering moment of infatuation she had no control over! -08:24 Mar 15
Will: He pulled away and turned his head towards her, then his ahnd owas on her shoulder and he pushed her down and his other hand burried itsef in her hair. With a needy sigh he slipped his tongue under her lower lip and pulled it int his mouth to suck on it, thnen bite down on it drawing more blood. -08:27 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Will…" the soft complaint was supposed to be about something. Chantilly couldn’t remember. Her head was rushing and even though she could taste her own blood, she couldn’t help but reach up to cup his face and kiss him back. She felt a little bit like she had touched one of those palm shockers and everything was all fuzzy. -08:33 Mar 15
Will: He let go of her lip and ran his tongue along her lip making the wound disappear before taking her hand and doing the same to her wrist. Then he brushed her hand against her fame and leaned in to kiss her softly. "Hope I didn’t take too much." he whispered. "I still don’t feel good about hurting you Chantilly." -08:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: "I don’t feel hurt…" In fact, she felt a little bit like she had stolen some of her parents wine. There was a grin splashed across her face and she was circling both her arms around him. "You could kiss and nibble me all night if you want to." -08:39 Mar 15
[Will enters.] -09:06 Mar 15
[(Timeout) Will has timed out.] -09:08 Mar 15
Will: "Don’t tempt me, I’m nocturnal you know." he said kissing her lightly and running a hand through her hair. "Or you could show me magic tricks." he said a grin spreading across his lips too. "Maybe conjour us up something nice, or you up something nice. I’ll get those pants.. did you bring them from the bathroom?" -09:08 Mar 15
Chantilly: Chantilly nodded, and now she was wishing he didn’t have to wear clothes at all. She was super sleepy, and snuggling up in bed with him all night sounded like the best thing ever. "On the chair. But me showing off magic tricks might not be such a great idea… I can’t seem to get spells right half the time. I think I need to get a wand. The books say a wand channels magic better…" -09:14 Mar 15
Will: He walked towards the chair and picked up his pants before pulling them on. "I’ll get you one." he said with a grin turning back to her and pinting at the head of the bed indicating she should scooch up there so he could join her. "Then we’ll see if you make a good witch.. the certainly taste good as one…" -09:22 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Oh so you are the authority of witch’s wands?" she laughed with amusement, scooting in to bed and leaning up against the headboard. Worries about her parents were completely forgotten! "I was thinking I would just go to town and see if they have something wand like in one of those silly occult shops. They’d know their ways around wands, right?" -09:26 Mar 15
Will: He chuckled. "I think they just sell fakes to neo wicken hipsters." slippign in with her he put ar arm around her and pulled the blanket up over thme before kissing her, his fingertipe brushing against her cheek. "Pretty sure I know where to find one… the night is mine after all." he chuckled again and nuzzled agaist her. "I’m starting to enjoy this you know. Pitty I actually need to go out in the day when I’m older." -09:30 Mar 15
Chantilly: "You like being a vampire, then?" Or kissing and snuggling. Cause she knew she liked that part. Chantilly curled her arms around him and nestled in to him. "I wouldn’t mind if you stayed like this.. but not going outside in the day really does suck. We get to be all coupley now and don’t even get to do normal dating stuff…" -09:33 Mar 15
Will: "Yeah… it’s kinda cool, and I was right about the no sparkling." he grinned at her. "But you know we could go out at night, and we’ll always have eachother it’s not the dating stuff that makes us. But being a doctor I’d have to be able to go outside in the sun… unless I be a night doctor… about blood… No… I have to be responsable right? You can always change me back when I’m rich enough not to work." the last part was a joke… but in a choice between being a doctor and being a vampire… doctor won. -09:38 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Okaaaay, the sparkling was kinda of lame. They are cool books, though." Chantilly pouted, but it was short lived. She was right back to making herself comfortable. …and yawning! "Do you think I can do fashion design as a witch? I could do a whole line of witchy witch clothes… Make pointed hats fashionable again." Vampire Doctor and Fashionista Witch. The whole mental image made her giggle. -09:49 Mar 15
Will: If you get your conjuring goofd you could make dresses instantly exactly like you picture them in your head without being constrained by modent fabriics and materials…" he said before grinning at her. "If I get stuck as a vampire I could be your stay at home husband. You could come home for cofin snuggles." he laughed before squeezing her. "No matter what I think we’ll be okay." -09:56 Mar 15
Chantilly: "It’ll have to be a pretty big coffin." she yawned again, giggling soft and nuzzling in to his shoulder. These future dreams were a lot better than the ones where she was worried they’d be at different schools on opposite ends of the world. "Does that mean you’re gonna marry me too, Will? Cause that was a pretty crappy proposal for a vampire!" -09:58 Mar 15
Will: "Jesus we just hooked up and you expect me to propose!? Bit clingy aren’t we?" he teased before kissing her. "Trust me when I propose it will rock your world, but let’s get through school okay?" he squeezed her again. "And right now. I want you to sleep." his command cattied a supernatural wieght to it… witched wern’t the only ones with magic. -10:01 Mar 15
Chantilly: "School, right.. Can’t sleep, though…" Even as she was saying it she was dozing off again, and trying hard not to! "My parents are here…" Finally she was remembering they were still downstairs, but it was far too late. Chantilly was snuggled up against him and in moments she was out and not knowing what hit her. -10:11 Mar 15


Chantilly: Chantilly awoke when her alarm went off. Nice and early as an annoying reminder that it was time for school. And Chantilly was grumbling under her breath about her weekend having gone by too fast. She seemed to be curled up with Will, though and that made everything instantly better. …until she realized he spent the night there in her BED and it was prolly a miracle her parents hadn’t popped in to check on her! "Wiiii-iiiiill!" she shoved at his sleeping form and rolled. Blinking in surprise at the ornate looking piece of wood, crystal and wire sitting on her bedside table. Chantilly picked up the wand in wonder. "Whoa… super shiny…" -10:22 Mar 15
Will: He stretched and rolled to look at her. "Told you I’d get you a wand." he said yawning and stretching before sitting up and kissing her on the side of her neck. "Turns out I can’t turn into a bat, but I can do the next best thing… fly. But it’s draining, literally which is why… I kinda…. bit you while you were asleep. Sorry." he was rubbing the back of his neck and looking guilty. "I think my powers use up blood." -10:27 Mar 15
Chantilly: Her hand rose up to her neck in surprise, but there wasn’t a mark on her. "I didn’t feel anything… I don’t think I even woke up." …that was a little alarming. Of course she trusted Will, but being totally unconcious while someone sucked out all your blood? It felt weird! …and no wonder she was famished! "So where did you find it? The wand, that is! It looks pretty professional… at least by crafting standards." Chantilly put her attention to examining it. That was better than feeling weird about sleep-biting. -10:32 Mar 15
Will: "I stole it from that crazy old bitch." he said. I couldn’t get in the house at first but then her cat who I was stroking to keep quiet invited me in.. and I guess that counted because it worked." he was still unsure how! "That one was in a display case in the atic, looked ike it hadn’t been touched in ages so it will probably be a while since she notices it’s gone. She has tons though… but that one made be think of you." -10:35 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Oh god…! What if the cat tells her…!" Which sounded insane once she said it out loud, but somehow made complete sense. Chantilly scrambled out of bed, wand in hand and bustled over to the closet for picking out her clothes. She only paused long enough to give the wand another look. The corner of her mouth quirking up at it. "…it’s weird… It kinda feels like blood rushing from hand hand through it. But not like blood, like um… electricity maybe? That witch is gonna be fucking pissed, though…" -10:42 Mar 15
Will: He stood and stretched. The dissapeared entirely, almost. Only a slight mist in his shape remained along with his shadow on the floor. "I think we can take her." He reappeared and grinned but he looked that little bit pailer. "School today isn’t it? God… hoodie time." he yawned and moved towards the chair. -10:47 Mar 15
Chantilly: "She -cursed- us and I am pretty sure she’s gotta be like, centuries old or something… Doncha think she knows how to handle vampires and newbie witches? She’s prolly sitting on her broomstick laughing her ass off about us…" Or worse, hoping Will would have eaten her alive and then gone to jail for murder and died in the sunlight from spontaneous combustion! Chantilly grimanced. "I almost wish she just tried to run us over… at least then I would know what to do!" -10:53 Mar 15
Will: He staggered a little but caught himself. He was still a young vampire too and had a lot to learn about overusing powers. "Well like I said she probably hasn’t noticed it missing. The case was covered in a cloth and everything." he smiled at her and then the smile faded… "How am I going ot get out of here without your parents seeing?" -11:02 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Uuuum… maybe I can try another spell now that I have a wand?" Chantilly was giving him a small, worried look. He needed to eat… but then, so did she! And he couldn’t eat if she didn’t eat! And she couldn’t sneak him downstairs if her parents were there! A vicious cycle. Huffing, she flung open her closet door long enough to grab some of her clothes and make a quick change. "…maybe this time I won’t blow something up!" -11:05 Mar 15
Will: "I could do the invisibility thing and we can grab something on the way to school." he said. "Safer, easier, tastier.. oh right…" he still wasn’t used to not being able to just eat. "Well you can anyway. I’ll be fine for the rest of the day." -11:09 Mar 15
Chantilly: The closet door closed and she shook her head at him. "Not if you keep using your vampy powers like that… vampy magic means you need more blood, right? And I only have so much in me at a time! Yooou’re the doctor, you should know how much I got!" …and that made her grin. "I’ll distract them and we’ll run out the front door." -11:12 Mar 15
Will: "I also know a little invi.. fine you distract them but I’m still going invisible and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. And have orange juice and if you can iron supliments… you’ll need them." he pulled up his hood and put on his sunglasses, never could be too care… he yawned wide. "I could really go for a cheese burger right now… with blo… extra ketchup." -11:16 Mar 15
Chantilly: "That is SO gross." Blood cheeseburgers. Eeeww… Chantilly rolled her eyes at him before she led the way out of her room and down the stairs. Her parents weren’t in the living room, but both sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee and chatting. Chantilly triiiied to grab her bag without being seen but- too late! "Sweetie, Will’s Dad called, have you seen him? It’s so odd, we almost always see him on the weekends…" Chantilly froze and clutched her bag to her. "Um…! Of course I have! He’s prolly just leaving the house super early, you know, finals and last year of school and college prep!" "Chantilly is that a … wand…?" "What..? Oh…! Haha, from my Halloween costume, mom, jeeeze. I’m gonna be late for school, meeting Will and all cause definitely nothing is wrong and BYE!" Chantilly ran for it! -11:23 Mar 15
Will: He slipped by as only a shadow and caught her arm as she ran out the door. "That went smoothly." he siad. "Now hide that thing, I need to sneak in at home and grab my bag." he really wasn’t looking forwards to that and would have to be invisible again. Crap. "Should have though of that before I gave into the temtation of your soft body and warm sheets." -11:33 Mar 15
Chantilly: "Maybe you should say hi to your Dad too so he doesn’t think you’re dead or something!" Chantilly was already opening up her bag to stash her wand in. Her cheeks red from thoughts of him in her bed. Nibbling on her while she was sleeping, or even better, nibbly sex while she was wide awake. Christ, all her guy friends were right. Once you had it, it was hard to stop thinking about it! -11:37 Mar 15
Will: "Yeah maybe." he said moving forwards towards his palce and crossing the street quickly. He wanted to get out of the sun as fast as possible for a lower risk of accidents happening. "I hope I can get away without a lecture." -11:44 Mar 15
[(Timeout) Chantilly has timed out.] -08:38 Mar 19
[(Timeout) Will has timed out.] -08:38 Mar 19
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -08:38 Mar 19
[Will Has his bag and is entering school with chantilly his GIRLFRIEND and if he didn’t know better he’d thing there was something in the air that smelt DELICIOUS.] -08:46 Mar 19
[Chantilly would be boasting to her best friend about showing up to school with her BOYFRIEND, if it wasn’t for the fact her best friend WAS her boyfriend!] -08:49 Mar 19
Chantilly: It was going to be impossible trying to focus on classes when there was so much going on. Not that she even WANTED to think about Calculus, but would calculus be useful for witchy things? Didn’t you use math for brewing potions? It’d probably be like baking! Chantilly wasn’t paying much attention to Will while she sifted through her bag, grumbling about spells and math problems. "I’ve never wanted to skip school more than now!" -08:51 Mar 19
[Chantilly closed the wrong window.] -08:52 Mar 19
Will: He was close to her, hanging over her breathing her until that scent caught his nose again. "I have ideas of my own." he said smoothly before grabbing her butt and locating the course of the scent, a fellow seniour closeby. "Why don’t you go on ahead though. I’ll be with you soon adn I promise I’ll help you concentrate on something alright." -08:54 Mar 19
Chantilly: "Will!" she squeaked his name in a terrible attempt to keep her voice lower as she jumped and swatted at him. They couldn’t do stuff like that at school, she made fun of the people who made out at school! With a roll of her eyes, she pointed down the hall. "I’m just gonna go grab some books out of my locker, okay? After lunch we can talk the counselor about switching to night classes!" Chantilly was already flouncing down the hall, only pausing long enough to stick her tongue out at a couple of the cheerleaders who were catching up with their alpha bimbo. It was a friendly rivalry! Chantilly only had ill will for the math club. -08:59 Mar 19
Will: And it was too the alpha what Will slid up to pulling off his sunplasses and leaning against the lockers. All he needed to do was place his hand on her chin and ectch her eyes with his and the inate gifts of his kind would to the rest. "I couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous you smell." he was offering a fanged grin. "I’d love to niddle on your neck and show you things you’ve never imagined, pluss if woulf get to Chantilly like nothig else." -09:03 Mar 19

Jen was notoriously smooth when it came to dudes at the school, and her chirpy friends were waiting for the girl to smirk and retort with some awesome stinging banter. But Jen looked like she had just been offered sex from her favorite pop star and was all but melting in to a puddle of giggles. While her two friends were now gapping in slackjawed shock. “Wiii-iiiiiiiiill. When did you get soooo cute? Chantilly who.” Another giggle! -Chantilly

Chantilly: Chantilly was counting how many credits she needed for graduation. If she dropped some classes and did nightschool with Will, she’d have some extra time for doing witch research too. Once she had her locker open, she switched out the books in her bag. Having to stuff more mysteriously appearing spell books in to the locker in exchange for the ones she needed for class. By the time she slammed the locker shut, she was glancing up and down the hall to see where Will went off. Chantilly hadn’t thought to ask WHY he was running off! -09:10 Mar 19
Will: He ran his hand down her arm and inched closer thier chests almost touching as he moved his lips less than an inch from her ear. "When I decided what I want out of life, a big house, a fast car, and your on your back slowly surrendering to my touch." he nipped her earlobe has his hand reached her hip. "I won’t stop until you’re empty and black out." -09:11 Mar 19

Now the whole group of girls was giggling, because how freaking hot was THAT! There wasn’t a guy in school who pulled off moves like that! Jen’s buddies were backing off to giggling loudy and whisper at each other with interest. While Jen herself tugged at one of his hoodie strings and laaaaughed out loud! “Ohmigawd, seriously? Are you gonna keep up with me wiii-iiiil cause, like, you know I can totally bend in all kinds of super fun ways!” -Chantilly

Chantilly: Just by chance cackling caught her attention (who -wouldn’t- look when something sounded like a gaggle of hyenas) and Chantilly was a little dumbfounded. That was Will.. and Jen and. She was going to kill them. In fact her very first thought was blowing them both up, and even held her hands up thinking about how a flick might do it. But oh! The wand! Why blow people up when she could turn them in to frogs and dissect them in biology! Chantilly dug in her bag for her wand. She was too damned jealous to think clearly, and once it was out, she was waving the thing and casting the first spell that popped in to her head! -09:19 Mar 19
[(Timeout) Chantilly has timed out.] -09:24 Mar 19
Will: Alarm bells rung in his head as it snapped about, a full 180 degrees from his torso, eyes ablaze and fangsbared right before the locked on the far end of the corridoor exploded off the wall, then in a wave towards them locked doors back plying off spraying papers, forgotten lunches, and sports equipment out into the coridoor and Will was swallowed up. When the papers setted he was on the floor his hood pulled hack and a thin cloud of smoke rising from him as the reflected light begun it’s work, a nasty lump on the back of his head, his spell on the cheerleader broken. -09:24 Mar 19
Chantilly: There was now chaos in the hall! As the sounds went from people chattering and laughing, to startled shouting and running. Some dumbass was screaming about a bomb, while someone else yelped gun, then a fire alarm got pulled and annoyed confused teachers were stepping out of classrooms and trying to usher people out of the hall and the school. Chantilly stood there chanting ohshitohshit! more than once… that was not the kind of spell she was going for! No one seemed to see. Forgetting the fact she wanted to kill him two seconds ago, her wands disappeared in to her bag and Chantilly rushed down the hall to grab Will’s arm and help pull him off the floor. "…you asshole! Where do you get off getting all touchy feeling at Jen?! We have to go!" -09:30 Mar 19
Will: He turned hto her the side of his face the red of undercooked bacon before he pulled his hood up and clung to her. "Blood…" he croaked hiding his burnt face behind his hand as they hurried along. It HURT, at is someone had been holding his head in a fire and his limbs here like jelly. He never wanted to see the sun again and he was sure the side of his head was missing hair. Nothing had ever hurt this much in his life. -09:35 Mar 19
Chantilly: Ssshhheeee did this to him and Chantilly was about two seconds away from tears. She was pissed off at him, and upset, and guilty and he looked aaawful. Chantilly barely got him down the hall when one of the teachers caught sight of them and grabbed Will’s other arm. "Hold up! Nurse! Take this one out to the medical trailer!" The teacher was replaced by a nurse who was then trying to steal Will out of Chantilly’s grasp. And she couldn’t even protest cause that would look weird! Before long they were outside, like most of the student body, and heading directly for the emergency clinic trailer they had parked out in the parking lot for seasonal flu shots and blood donation drives. "He’s okay…! I swear! Aren’t you, Will?" He wasn’t! She tried to blow him up! -09:45 Mar 19
Will: He was plaed on one of the beds and his hood pulled back. "Christ… I didn’t head an explosion… Painkiller is all I have." there was a prick and his arm and the world went slightly fuzzy "Hold on I’ll get an ambulance." it was all happening so last and he was so very sleepy. "Chanyilly…?" -09:49 Mar 19
Chantilly: On the brightside the nurse was gone pretty quick.. but now he was calling an ambulance! What would happen with will taken to a hospital and they find out he wasn’t quite human? Chantilly was at his side, tugging on his tugs to try and get him sitting up again. "I am so so so so sooooo sorry, I wasn’t thinking… you were all over her! What WAS I supposed to think?! I just reacted and didn’t even mean it to be anything like this! Does it hurt a lot? Maybe I can do some kind of healing spell…" -09:52 Mar 19
Will: He grabbed her arm and without thinking bit down immediatly feeling the warm rush from the wound and whilpering in relief. He pulld her to sil on the edge of the bed and drank his wounds healing in a matter of fecond and his head clearing slightly, ner hair even sprouted from the burn area and gre to the length it had been, and hadn’t changed since he had become what he was. Then too weak to close the wound he dropped back and looked up at her with a small smile as if that explained everything." -09:56 Mar 19
Chantilly: Chantilly mouthed the ow! more than voicing it! Sudden bites apparently didn’t have that nice pleasing affect. It was just alarming and kinda hurt! Now it was her feeling a little weak-kneed from the combination of bloodloss and him giving her a near heart attack. "Uuugh, get uuuup." She was still mad, trying to shake him by the shirt and very nearly starting to cry. He was fine. Of course he was fine! Vampires healed! Stupid jerk! -10:03 Mar 19
Will: He pulled her arm close again and licked her would away before turning on his side and closed his eyes. "She smelled like blood." he said softly, "I lost tontrol, I wasn’t going to have sex with her chantilly. I was going to kill her." that made him sick to his stomach and he hgged himself. He had taken just enough from her to heal, he was still very hungry and weak. Chantilly would have to deal with the person comming through the tent flap. -10:06 Mar 19
Chantilly: "Oh…" Chantilly hadn’t even considering him wanting to kill someone. Smelled like blood? Oh that was kind of gross…! She was in the middle of making faces when the nurse stepped back in to announce the ambulance was on it’s way. "Ambula- Oh no, he’s okay! I told you he was, see…!" She almost sounded hysterical and the nurse wasn’t apt to believe her, but when he stepped over to take a good look at Will, he was fine. Tired and pale, but there was a scratch or burn on him. The nurse was bewildered. "Uuuh… uhm… Huh." At a loss for words, he wound up just shrugging and nodding for them to leave. Chantilly was immediately helping Will up to shuffle-drag him out. -10:16 Mar 19
Will: "Don’t worry I’ve already had something sweey for the shock, I’m going t be a doctor." he called out over his shoulder and managed to slide a hand down the other side of her neck as in the distance police sirens were heard. "The sweetest. Take me home, I’m sure no one will object… maybe call my dad to get us." he was still leaning against her as they walked and he was being very careful to ceel away from the sun. "And you need liquids… and I’ll get you multivitamins and iron. I’m sorry I’m draining you." -10:21 Mar 19
Chantilly: She didn’t want to walk or take him home or stay at school. What she wanted to do was curl up and cry somewhere like a big idiot. Cause she almost blewup her own boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage, and he seemed to be just fine with the whole thing! She had her arms around his waist, clinging to him, and making walking an awkward effort. At least the sidewalks were covered with shadow from the trees. "I can’t be a witch.. I can’t do it right. If you don’t get killed by accident on your own, I’m going to end up killing you!" -10:24 Mar 19
Will: "I was the one who lost cntrol first." he pointed out stopping to take her shoulders and turn her to face him. "We’re just going to have to watch me around girls with bleeding… you know whats… god when your time comes I’m going to hurt you." his grip tightened on her and he looked into her eyes. "Find a spell that makes that go away." -10:34 Mar 19
Chantilly: Chantilly was still pouting and sulking. There was a huge difference between him needed blood to survive and accidentally taking too much, compared to her getting pissed off and blowing up a school with him in it! He had no idea how bad he looked! "What if I can’t? You are just going to have to eat enough so you don’t get tempted all the time!" -10:39 Mar 19
Will: "We’ll figure something out." he said leaning back against a tree and looking at her. "Just please… take that look off your face, you’re breaking my heart and making me want to make you smile. Or at least make you blush." he was teasing her, he really did want a smile. -10:46 Mar 19
Chantilly: She hugged him again, burying her face in his shirt instead of smiling. It was hard to smile when things were so uncertain! "I don’t want to smiiiiiile. I just want to go home and us stay there and never leave again. Nothing goes wrong when were home alone." -10:50 Mar 19
Will: "We’ll go home for today." he said. "I’ll sleep, I need sleep. You’ll eat and he’ll see what happens. Okay?" he hugged her and his hand ran though her hair. "But I live you Chantilly and don’t want to hurt you. And that’s what we’ll make it through this and think of something. You’ll learn countercurses and then we’ll be done. I’m going to be a doctor, and you’re going to me a fasionista and make your own wedding dress I have no doubt," -11:00 Mar 19

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