Genetic Bride 026 004: A Practice Date

[Khloe is an early riser.] -02:57 Jul 24
[Baldor wants to sleep late on his day off.] -02:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe awoke with arms wrapped around her, which was a really, really nice feeling. Warm and cozy. …but she was also getting poked! She shifted, curiously peering at his and brushing a finger over his chin. He was too tired for things last night, and refused her like he often did. But it was pretty clear to her what he needed. Khloe could give him a very nice wake up! Her hand slipped between them, under the covers. Ever so carefully stealing away in to his boxers to curl her fingers around his shaft. …strange! She never expected the skin to be so soft on something so hard! -03:07 Jul 24
Baldor: He hadn’t dreamed he had just had a few hours of blackness like always. He wanted to sleep latem because he could, it was his one day when he had nothing and could spend the entire day in bed and relaxe. “mmmmm” he nuzzled into his pillow and drifted away from contiousness again having been partially awoken by her waking up he really didn’t want to surface, not even when she was touching his morning wood. -03:14 Jul 24
Khloe: Even after pouncing on him several times and trying to consummate, it was the first time she ever actually touched one! Just as much as she wanted him to wake up happy, she was curious about it… which led to very gentle touches of exploration, followed by a deliberate squeeze when he made a sound. -03:19 Jul 24
Baldor: His mind was going placed as he started drifting upwards again, naughty places, the stimulation from her touches makign him surface and smile at the images in his head his hips shifting as his arm reached out to where she was and found only air.. and a pillow than to drew to his chest and hugged. Somehting was feeling very good and although realization hadn’t dawned yet he was grinning with his eyes still shut. -03:26 Jul 24
Khloe: He liked this. …and Khloe very much liked seeing him smile. It was so rare! Well placed pumping of her hand had him in a firm grip, and she was biting her bottom lip as she watched him. And she could do so much more… Khloe shifted position again, never releasing her grip as she leaned down and flicked a tongue over his tip. -03:33 Jul 24
Baldor: There was a soft moan from him as he rolled his hips and arched his back his breath quickening as his eyes eyened slightly the pillow being abandoned as his hand wondered downwards towards where she was working. Then his eyes opened more and the ceiling came into view and his lips was sucked in to be leld lightly between his teeth and then… “Khloe!” it was realization and not climax that made him shout out, but climax was coming.. unless she stopped. -03:38 Jul 24
Khloe: Having her name shouted was nice too! Plenty enough encouragement to take him fully in to her mouth. Running her tongue up the underside of his shaft and making sure he was good and wet. Fingers gently massaging at the base. She’d get him this time! -03:43 Jul 24
Baldor: There was another soft moan and his hips squirmed highing his command to pull away from her. He sat up and gripped the sheet. “Khloe.. s-stop.” His face was red and he was trying not to feel good but the was making that very hard. -03:47 Jul 24
Khloe: Stop? But he didn’t sound like he wanted her to stop… Khloe had difficulty in decided if she should follow the command or the body language… she settled on lifting her head, but not releasing her grip. Still moving her hand over him in gradually quickening motions. “You need this… do you really want me to stop…?” -03:51 Jul 24
Baldor: He looked at her propping himself up on his elbows and really trying to want her to stop. “I need you to stop..” he said his voice taking on a desperate tone. “This is like sex.” he said “Its cheating.” he was breaking hard and really not wanting her to stop at all… but her had to. -03:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe looked dubious about that… but she didn’t want to cause him distress. Very reluctantly she released him. Moving to sit up herself and resting her hands in her lap, looking all too much like a chided child. Complete with that faint pout. “I wanted you to wake up happy.” -04:00 Jul 24
Baldor: He covered himself and sighed trying to get over how good it had felt. It took several breaths for him to compose himself and fight the feeling hack, and even then not completely. “I’m sorry.” he said. “You did make me happy but I can’t, not when I have a girlfriend.” he didn’t want her to pout so he pulled her into a hug. “Its not that I don’t want to.” -04:06 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe put her arms around him and buried her face at his neck. A hug did make things a little better… but there was still that vague feeling of being rejected that she didn’t quite understand. “She should be here doing these things for you.” she mumbled. -04:09 Jul 24
Baldor: “If she were, she wouldn’t.” he said soltly. “Shes like me, unconsumated and not taught anything about how to do things. Its not the way he were realised.” he sighed “It will be years before we’re married.” -04:14 Jul 24
Khloe: “What reason is there to wait so long…? That is how you get stolen and used and thrown away.” …though Khloe suspected it probably didn’t work -quite- the same for normal people. Still… what was the point of having a companion if they weren’t actually -there- to be a companion. Khloe was sighing herself, breaking away to plop back in bed and curl up with a pillow. “Lives are overly complicated.” -04:19 Jul 24
Baldor: He sat down and put a hand on her shoulder. “The only way I would get stolen is if I cheated on her. Or loved someone else and told her I didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore.” he said. “People don’t get stolen.. But I will take you on a date today, if you want I don’t have work and we’ll he able to do something nice.” -04:23 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe brooded about it a bit. She wasn’t sure if she was upset about being rejected, about him being unhappy, or was just starting to feel the pressure of not knowing what she was doing… but trying a date did sound nice. And she would be learning! Khloe sat and finally nodded. “Okay. Dates are how people find wives without buying them, right?” -04:26 Jul 24
Baldor: “Yes.” he said. “First girlfriends, then fiances, then wives.” he smiled at her to try to get her to smile. “But no sex on the first date, or the second.” he said. “You ahve to know if its the right person before that.” he poked her nose. “Think you can handle a date with me?” -04:29 Jul 24
Khloe: “No sex on dates…? What do you even DO on them?” Khloe twitched her nose and swatted lightly at his hand. …but at his smile, she did eventutally crack a small one of her own. “I can handle anything. I learn fast.” -04:33 Jul 24
Baldor: “You remember having orange juice at work before we started working. That was kinda like a date.” he said “Also going shopping together could be a date.” he said. “The impoerant part of a date is enjoying eachother’s company and having fun.” he stretched and sighed.. then rewarded her smile with a kiss on the cheek. “Now are you hungry? -04:40 Jul 24
Khloe: The kiss left her touching her cheek, a little bewildered at the feeling that came with it. Subtle… but a nice feeling. Khloe nodded again. “I am a little. What should I wear for this date?” -04:43 Jul 24
Baldor: He stretched and looked at her his shoulder popping. “For dates, that bepends on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.” he said “Our will start with breakfast then have up wonderign around. So you want somehting for every day but a little cute. Then we’ll come back here in the afternoon and change, then I’ll take you out properly, and thats where you get to wear anything you like… except maybe costules or anything too wierd. But first I need a shower.” -04:50 Jul 24
Khloe: That might require careful planning of her date attire to make sure she had something casual cute for the most of the day, and something very very sexy for the end of the day. Khloe slipped out of bed to go digging through her piles of clothes. “I’ll pick something out very nice, then!” -04:53 Jul 24
Baldor: He prabbed a towel and headed into the shower to turn on the water and get in. This mornign had been a surprise and he was still worked up from it… he looked back at the door and called back “Good thats what date clothes are meant to be.” he put his hand against the wall and curled his fingers around himself. It was this or spend the rest of the day worked up and around her in something ‘very nice’. -04:58 Jul 24
Khloe: Something nice… but nothing too sexy… Khloe tossed around a few shirts and some pants. Skirts and dresses. She wasn’t sure what was best for a day date! Khloe finally just put on a simple white dress. The hem was pretty short, but not -too- short and the neck wasn’t so low that he’d get mad at her for not wearing a bra. Bras just weren’t comfortable. Khloe then stepped in to the bathroom to examine her reflection in the mirror. “I think I found a good one. You will have to look and tell me if it’s okay!” She hadn’t invaded his shower yet, she was picking up a brush to run through her hair. -05:09 Jul 24
Baldor: She was in the room but he couldn’t stop. He needed the releif and was near bursting from all the tention and her attelpted wakup. He was thinking about it, how good it had felt and hos badly he wanted it. If it happened again what would be the harm in just letting her, letting her suck and pump and.. ishe wouldn’t know the difference and she could do it whenever he wanted, but he couldn’t go down that road… but if he did it woulf be.. a gasp escaped him and he bit his lip. She was in the room adn he was masterbating. This was madness. -05:13 Jul 24
Khloe: He didn’t answer her, at least the small sound she -did- hear wasn’t a response. She peered curiously at the shower door and his cloudy figure through the glass. Work must have been tough yesterday, and here she was forgetting to help offer to wash him. Khloe sat down the brush and pulled off her dress. Hanging it on the doorknob so she wouldn’t get it wet. Then the was stepping in to the shower, remembering not to warn him because he always protested! She had the soap in her hands, lathered up and her fingers on his back before he could blink. “You should tell me when you need help, I am happy to do it…” -05:18 Jul 24
Baldor: He almost jumped when she touched him, it felt liek an electric shock and he whimpered, why was she here, with him doing her rubbing when he was doing his rubbing. He tried to stop, even turning to face her but his ahnd was still around himself and he cursed himself for it. -05:31 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe had fully expected him to actually be washing with as often he always curbed and pushed her away. Finding him like this was a surprise… and she almost reached for him. Almost! She didn’t want to be rejected for the same thing twice… but she wanted him to finish. Khloe retracted her hands and took a step back. She even turned around, pretending not to see a thing. He wanted to do it himself, she could be a visual aid! Stepping in to the water spray, she pulled her hair over her should to give him the full view of her back and busied lathering herself with soap instead. -05:35 Jul 24
Baldor: He let out a shaky breath and leaned against the back wall looking at her, staring at her. “What are you doing?” he asked for the second time that day his hand massaging his tip rather that pumping at he yought with himself. He knew she saw. -05:39 Jul 24
Khloe: “Getting clean for our date? I need to wash my hair.” Khloe was a very quick learner. He was embarrassed by these sorts of things. It was cute… and it made her want to pounce on him and make those worries go away. But this would be the next best thing. She ran her hands over her shoulders and her sides, washing just as much as she was making subtle movements to display her form. She never looked over her shoulder at him, no matter how much she was tempted to. -05:44 Jul 24
Baldor: She was very good looking, very and he was so tempted to reach out and touch her, but her didn’t instead he half turned and looked at her. Was this cheating? He didn’t even know. Did she know? What if he got her to turn around so he yould touch her. “Mmmm.” he bit his lip again puping furiously just wanting releif so he could stop, so he could think. He did reach out and put his hand on her soulder as much to hold himself uptight as keep her facign away from his and anything. -05:49 Jul 24
Khloe: A touch on her shoulder and the soft soft of his voice. …this was an interesting new feeling! That twinge in her stomach, and the small delight to know what she made him feel… One of her hands rose to cover his over her shoulder, and she didn’t really mean to step or lean back but she wanted to feel closer to him… -05:56 Jul 24
[Khloe enters.] -06:01 Jul 24
[Baldor enters.] -06:11 Jul 24
Baldor: He stepped forwards his hands slidin up her neck, feeling her skin and he cintinued biting hsi lip, not that it bade a difference the sound of his movements downstairs was clear and unhidden. The with a whimper a splash of warm white hit her lower back and he gripped the side of her neck a long deep sigh coming from him. “I… I should wash your back.” he said. -06:15 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Khloe was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:35 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Baldor was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:35 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe nodded, not finding the appropriate words to say. It was something she was conditioned and well educated to do, helping a man be satisfied… but she was really unprepared for that rush running through her. …and the small little desire to take it further. She shifted only slightly to pass him the soap from over her shoulder. -06:35 Jul 24
Baldor: He took the soap and lathered it in his hands hand rubbed in into her neck. He was glad she coldn’t see his facem he had to be as red as a tomato. Massagign the soap into her shoulders he smiled though. “I’m not as good as you.” he said.. she had to know what he did and he couldn’t get it out of his head enough to talk about anything else. “I’m sorry… You really know how to work a guy up.” -06:42 Jul 24
Khloe: “It’s what I was made to do.” Something new again! Having him rub her shoulders and his hands on her. Khloe closed her eyes just to lean and feel, trying not to get too wrapped up in it so she could stay aware. “…but you do feel better now, right?” -06:45 Jul 24
Baldor: Even though she wasn’t facing him he looked away. “Yeah…” he massaged her shoulders more and then worked his way down her back. “It may be what you were made to do but I still like to think you are more than that.” he stepped almost close enough to have his chin on her shoulder. “Odd thing is I don’t even know if it counts as cheating.” -06:49 Jul 24
Khloe: He was closer and she could feel his breath falling over her wet skin. It made her suck in a breath and hold it for a moment. Was this what it felt like when she rubbed his back for him? It was nice..! “I wouldn’t know if it were or not.” she finally mumbled out softly. Her eyes were still closed and she was so tempted to pull one of his arms around her. “I was told to accept multiple people.” -06:55 Jul 24
[Baldor enters.] -07:07 Jul 24
Baldor: He finally got her her lower back and rubbed along the spine even as he frowned. “I don’t think I could.” he said. “When I choose someone to be special to me I don’t want them having other people being the same kind of romantic special to them.” He sighed pulling back and lathering more soap onto his hands and spreadign ir over her rump. “Though if you ask me this is what relationships are meant to be like.” he shook his head. “Doin things for eachother and being happy together. Friendship can be like that too, but relationships are deeper, and can have sex in them.” -07:12 Jul 24
Khloe: “For both people?” That was also a new concept. Her existance was supposed to be about pleasing her husband, and she was supposed to accept that and be happy with it. But here she was very much enjoying the way he touched her and how it made her skin tingle. It could go both ways? “So when it is two people, it is giving to each other and something special. That is what love is?” -07:17 Jul 24
[(Timeout) Baldor has timed out.] -07:22 Jul 24
Baldor: He ruab the soap up her sides then stepped away to let the water hit her. “Kind of.” he said “Love feels warm intide your chest and it feels like your skin is pulling sigh over your hears when they say of do something wonderful, when you feel like you would do anything for them because you want to, becayse doign those thinsg and making them happy would make you happy. Then you see thier smile and it makes you smile, and whn you can’t help but want to talk to them, even when you have nothing to talk about.” he smiled and leaned against the back wall of the shower bit trying to cover himself up. hse had put it in her mouth what harm woulf seeing it do… still better hip his ahnds in pront of it to make sure. “Its complicated, but I think you’ll know it when you feel it.” -07:22 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe rinsed through her hair and over her skin, thoughtful expression over her features even when she’d steal a glance over to him. She understood the idea of it. It sounded amazing… but was still unsure of how to decipher the feelings. “And dating is a precursor? It helps you find the right people to love?” -07:28 Jul 24
Baldor: “Dating is about spending time with someone and seeing in you like them, and if liking them will become loving them.” he said. “Usually if you get a good feelign when you kiss someone or touch thier hand it means you like them and you should date them to see if you love them.” he said. “I think. I’m not one hundred percent sure, I’ve had the same girlfriend since when I was a child.” he sighed again. “But I still like someone else.” -07:34 Jul 24
Khloe: “You will show me the proper way to date, then.” Khloe finally cast him a smile. “Because I don’t think dates happen in showers?” she teased, flicking a bit of the water at him before she was stepping out and grabbing a towel to dry herself with. She liked him and he said that their shopping and their lunch were like dates. So this would be the third one and it was good practice! -07:39 Jul 24
Baldor: “They can end in them though.” he said “I’m sure you know what can happen in showers.” he held the soap out to her. “Your turn.” he turned around and leaned against the wall. “Remember what I said though dates are about spendign time together and if you go by that showers are good places for dates.. but they’re also about going out. So not really.” he looked back at her. “You are the first girl to see.. or touch me though and the first one I’ve seen naked.” -07:47 Jul 24
Khloe: An invitation. A confusing invitation, but one none the less! Khloe was also a little baffled about being the first! She abandoned the towel and was almost instantly putting her hands to him. Her fingers were itching to touch more than just his back, and it wasn’t just for the sake of pleasing him this time… another confusing feeling! “You have not ever consummated once and never done anything at all?” Khloe had suspected because he was so shy… but it still surprised her! “I haven’t either. My designated husband did not want me touched. Everything I know is through the conditioning. You are the first man I have ever seen or touched like this…” -07:52 Jul 24
Baldor: He smiled back at her nad relaxed. “I know you want to help me.” he said. “And make me happy, and if I could I would, and if you agreed I might even imprint you so your husband wouldn’t want you back and you’d never have to be used by him. And I do like you.” he make a soft sound as she hit the right spot. “But things are never simple.” -08:00 Jul 24
Khloe: There was that feeling again. Not the one that gave that interesting twinge at the pit of her stomach, but the one that made her smile. Pleased, and wanting to nuzzle him or better yet to kiss him… “It’s too bad things aren’t simple. But I’ll learn. You’ve been really kind to me when you didn’t have to, and I won’t forget.” -08:06 Jul 24
Baldor: “You won’t be moving out right away.” he said before turning around and shutting off the water. “Now lets go get something to eat before this shower goes much further.” -08:16 Jul 24
Khloe: “Yes!” she agreed. …though almost reluctantly. Khloe climbed out to retrieve her towel again, drying her hair and mulling over that mix of feelings. He was right… things weren’t simple, and just when she thought she had it all figured out, it was complicated and confusing again. She really hoped a date would help educate her a bit better. She pointed at the dress she had hanging on the doorknob. “Is that a good date dress?” -08:18 Jul 24
Baldor: “Yes it is.” he said smoling as he dried himself off, then wragged his towel around himself and headed for the bedroom fo get boxers, jeand and a putton up shirt, adn was then back to comb his hair. “Anything you want to try and eat?” he asked. “I think we have brunch first, then I’ll show you around a bit.” -08:22 Jul 24
Khloe: “Um…” Khloe wracked her brain and her memories trying to think of something to suggest. Once she was dry and her hair was only slightly damp, she pulled on the dress. Forgetting underwear seemed to be a common problem for her. “Something romancy picnic like? I think that makes sense.” There did not seem to be a lot of nice pleasant things like that in her head, that was second hand knowledge and not something from the conditioning. -08:27 Jul 24
Baldor: He smiled at her. “I’ll decide.” he said straitning his collar and heading out to grab a pair or panties for her pile and re-enter the bathroom and drape it over her shoulder before heading off to find socks and shoes and wallet. “Bring some money we’ll get you a purse, and a phone of your own.” -08:32 Jul 24
Khloe: Panties! She stretched them in her hands before she was stepping in to them and slipping them on. Then she was hoping off to the kitchen, tugging her shoes on on the way, and scooping up her wad of cash from the counter to stuff in to various pockets. “I can buy you something too? I think I made enough..” -08:40 Jul 24
Baldor: “I don’t really need anything.” he said grabbing the keys and his phone and stuffing them into various pockets and then leading the way out the door. “But if you want to I’d think it the swetest thing ever. Buing thing for eachother is a good thing to do on dates, but its usually meant to be the bot buying for the girl because thats the tradition.” -08:47 Jul 24
Khloe: So far he had bought everything for her. Literally everything. The only thing he -hadn’t- purchased was her herself! Khloe almost laughed about it! He definitely deserved a present. She would have to put a lot of thought in to it… As she followed, she took his hand, unaware that she was craving the physical connection. “What else is a tradition on dates? We’ll be very traditional!” -08:50 Jul 24
Baldor: “I’d prefer it if this time we were just ourselves instead if being traditional.” he said heading down the stairs and out into the street smilign at her and swinging thier hands slightly. “Come on back tot he shops, its time you leanres about icecream and well get you a purse and phone and then see about food. You’re learning fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave you a brain smarted than the husband you were meant for.” -08:55 Jul 24
Khloe: That did make her laugh! “I have heard some brides come back and say that happened! We are constructed with prime genetics. I suppose sometimes people don’t know what they are asking for?” It made her think! Tilting her head in wonderment about what sort of Husband would specifically request someone like her. …and how much of her was hers alone, that he might not be happy about at all. “What kind of bride do you think I was supposed to be? Outside of consummating? I wondered…” -09:00 Jul 24
Baldor: “Housework.” he said simply. “Thats what you said you were conditioned for. Sex and houswork.” they were abck among the shops and he was walking her down the stalls. “If you see something you like feel free to stop as and have a look.” he said “Phones are a little bit further and there should be lot s of purses between here and there.” -09:06 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was now imagining days filled with cleaning up a house and doing chores, mixed in with lots of consummating. Only instead of a faceless husband it was him she was thinking about. …it really didn’t sound all that bad. Every so often she would stop to look at something that caught her eye. Things that were shiny, bright colored… or just plain unusual looking that drew odd questions out of her. Purses were apparently really fun things, because they had lots of little pockets and cubbies to hide stuff in! It didn’t take her long at all to pick one out that had a long strap and plenty of little zippers for putting away money, or the random other silly things she was thinking about stashing in it. “Maybe you should have one of these too!” -09:13 Jul 24
Baldor: He grinned at her. “Guys don’t get purses, another tradition.” he said. “Because dresses usually don’t have pockets were pants do and girls tend to carry around more things… you don’t have to worry about those thinsg do you?” wow a girl that never had to worry about pads or tampons or periods… “So.. phone time!” he pulled her to another stall where they were arrayed out on display. “I’ll help you choose here, since I’ll want you to have certain features…” he smiled mysteriously. “But the final choice is yours.” -09:18 Jul 24
Khloe: “It just has to be able to press numbers and talk to people, doesn’t it?” Khloe immediatly pointed to one that was as simple as that. Tiny and small, with no special features or fancy gadgets. Though she was leaning over to read some of the descriptions of others with a confused frown. “Why does a phone need an application? Do you have to apply to use them? Oh! This one plays music!” Phones, apparently, were much more complicated than she thought they were! -09:22 Jul 24
Baldor: “You’ll also want one with a camera.” he said. “And application are little programs than let you do things with the phone. Here..” he pointed to one and had it handed to them. “I used to have one of these, its got a camera, gps, you can use the internet with it, download a ton of free applications and listen to music.” he handed it to her to let her see it. “I kind of miss my one like it.” -09:25 Jul 24
Khloe: “You should have one too, then. So I can call you when I want to talk to you?” Khloe didn’t know what the internet was or gps, but a camera sounded like fun. She managed to find the buttons and held it up to take a picture. She really did learn quick. -09:28 Jul 24
Baldor: “I have a phone, its just not like this one.” he held up his, which basically bould just call and sms. “So don’t worry about me, I… Are you pointing that camera as me?” -09:30 Jul 24
Khloe: “It takes moving pictures too!” she laughed at his expression, and laughed again when she figured out how to zoom in on his face. “You should smile so my new phone isn’t filled with pictures of an angry man!” -09:32 Jul 24
Baldor: He stuck his tongue out at her and he phone then cevered the lens with his hand and stepped forwards to look at her over the top of her phone. “So this one or another one?” he asked lookign at her the basest hint of a smile on his lips. -09:36 Jul 24
Khloe: She pulled the phone back to cradle against her shoulder. The other would be fine, but she did like the idea of having pictures with her all the time! “I like this one. The camera is fun!” and while he was smiling she held it back up again almost to take a quick picture! -09:40 Jul 24
Baldor: He dodged out of frame then lifted the phone out of her hands and placed it back on the counter ans started talking about plans with the salsperson and when he was happy he showed her the ammount she would need to pay. “So thats the sjopping done, now for food” he took her hand again and started walkign back out into the main street and towards a corner cafe with seats in the parkoverlookign the duck pond. -09:47 Jul 24
Khloe: She would have to make more money… that way she could get him a new phone just like hers! Khloe squeezed his hand… and with her new phone was trying to get pictures of everything! Ducks! “What is good for brunch dates? …not ducks?” Ducks conveniantly near a cafe. It could have been the perfect fresh meat! -09:54 Jul 24
Baldor: “We’re not eating the ducks.” he said. “Thats not even an option, its not even legal.” he took her to sit down then realized he had forgotten the icecream, oh well that would be for the way home. “So..” he handed her a menu and opened one for himself “What do you feel like eating? I am paying so get whatever you want.” -10:05 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe sat with her elbows on the table and her chin propped in her hands as she looked over the menu. She had tried cheeseburgers where he worked, eggs, and noodles… “I will try a salad with chicken. Chickens aren’t illegal, right?” -10:12 Jul 24
Baldor: “No thery’re not, nor is duck but its illegal to catch them inside the city.” he said “I want a club sandwedge.. and a mug of hot chocolate.” -10:15 Jul 24
Khloe: “Chocolate! I would like that to!” Chocolate to drink? Khloe might’ve just discovered the next greatest thing in the universe! Her phone was up again, held out over the table to snap another picture of him. She’d get him! -10:18 Jul 24
Baldor: He was distracted with the menu and didn’t even notice teh picture being taken and was then handing it back and looking out over the park. “We’ll go for a walk after this… I’ll show you where we first met.” -10:19 Jul 24
Khloe: Another picture and Khloe was giggling. Scrolling the few she managed to take and keeping the best ones. “Where you found me in the forest? …I am still not sure how I wound up there…” -10:23 Jul 24
Baldor: “It was on the radio when I was at work.” he said “Your delivery truck crashed, you were the only loss. Im sure they’ll claim from insurence and move on. Byt the way, how are you finding life?” -10:25 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was resting her chin in her hands again, grinning at him. “Complicated… new! Interesting! I really like it so far. It’s not anything like I expected it to be.” -10:29 Jul 24
Baldor: “And what are your thoughts on going back?” he felt an unwarrented tightness in his chest as he asked as if he were terrified of one of the possible answers, and leaned forwards to listen only interupted by thier beverages arriving. -10:31 Jul 24
Khloe: Khloe was still thinking about her answer when a mug was hot chocolate was sat in front of her. This time she was careful not to drink something hot right away. She lift the mug to blow softly at the liquid and then take a sip… Chocolate was awesome! Khloe was beaming smiles all over again. “I think I like being out and having dates like this! And if they’re not looking for me, then I really don’t have to go back…” -10:36 Jul 24
Baldor: He lifted he mug up and sliked at her. “Then lets toast to your life, and promise we’ll keep it yours.” he smiled wide and put hsi other ahdn on hers. “ANd we’ll always have eachother’s numbers.” -10:39 Jul 24
[Baldor thinks be managed to coble together a passable outfit for going out, and now hes taking his charge out for the second time that day.] -03:12 Jul 25
[Khloe decided to wear the red and the black and the boots. Because that was ‘bad’ in the right way!] -03:14 Jul 25
Khloe: Dates weren’t too bad at all. A nice brunch, a walk in the park. Talking and shopping and holding hands and watching people. They were all really nice things that Khloe enjoyed. Now for part two of this date, Khloe figured it was the right time for the sexy bad clothes! It -should- be time for sexy things, right? -03:18 Jul 25
Baldor: He had a white shire with short sleeves and luninous patterns that were only visible in dim light. He held her hand as they entered the bar and looked at her. "You had to wear that, didn’t you." he looked around and sucked his lip. "First up, let me get you a drink." -03:22 Jul 25
Khloe: "Was it the wrong thing to wear…?" Sometimes what he said really didn’t match his body language. He was always confusing her that way. For the time being, Khloe was very interested in watching all the people in the bar. It was a setting she had a vague information imprint about. Probably for roleplay scenarios! "A drink would be very nice!" -03:25 Jul 25
Baldor: "Its the right thing to wear in this situation if its what you want to wear." he said. "So long as you have underwear." he took her to the bar and pushed the drinks menu at her and just getting a breezer for himself. -03:28 Jul 25
Khloe: This time she did remember underwear. Just because he kept reminding her about it. Khloe looked over the menu, pointing at something that looked interesting and had an amusing name. "We dance in a place like this, right? Or do we just drink things and get phone numbers?" -03:36 Jul 25
Baldor: "Dancing it done over there." he pointed to the dance floor and then looked at her. "Though its generally a bad idea to get phone number when you’re on a date with someone, they might get jealous." he lifted his bottle in a small toast and smiled at her. "To your first drink." -03:39 Jul 25
[Baldor ] -03:44 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe took a big swallow of her drink, then gave the luiquid an examining stare. A little sweet, a little sour, a strange after taste and…! Oh! A little burn too! That was interesting! Khloe drank the rest quickly. "I DO know how to dance! It was a key part of conditioning. I know pole dancing, and lap dancing, and a few other kinds too." -03:45 Jul 25
Baldor: "You don’t do either of those kinds here." he said. "ANd slow down you’ll get drunk at that rate." he sipped his and looked at her with a small smile on his face, coming out with her first was a good thing, he would show her how to not come off as a slut or stripper or hooker, just a wild girl.. or something. "What other kinds do you know?" -03:47 Jul 25
Khloe: "Um…. just regular dancing, I suppose!" she set down her empty glass. Tilting curiously when a light feeling spread over her. Interesting was a word she was using a lot to describe these things, but it was such an accurate word! "What is drunk? Is that good?" -03:50 Jul 25
Baldor: He lifted his bottle showign her. "The drinks here had alcohol in them, drink alcohol and you’ll start to feel it affect you, drink to much and wel.. you won;t be able to control yourself very well and… I was drunk on the ngith I found you. You’ll be unable to walk just like I was." -03:53 Jul 25
Khloe: "I see…! I thought maybe you might have been sick or had an accident like I did." So the light feeling was from alcohol! Khloe took his bottle to take a sniff and a sip… blech! Too bitter. That one she wouldn’t drink. "Better to remain walking so you don’t have to carry me home." -03:56 Jul 25
Baldor: "I’d happily do it." he said "But getting too drunk means you usually have a big headache the day afterwards like I did yesterday." he ordered her another drink and smiled at her. "Now drink slowly and think about what you want to eat." -03:59 Jul 25
Khloe: "It’s safe to assume that I will eat anything I have not already tried!" Another drink, and this time she was trying to sip it slowly. With music playing, she was swaying just a bit from side to side. But Khloe was most interested in the way he smiled. He was doing a lot of smiling today, and she was very glad of it. "Do you like dancing?" -04:02 Jul 25
Baldor: "I do." he said. "But I’m not very good." he tilted his head at her and sipped his drink. "How about a plate od chips to share?" -04:03 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe nodded and inched a few steps closer to him. "I could teach you some dancing? It’s just like consummating, you are supposed to move when it feels right?" -04:06 Jul 25
[(Timeout) Baldor was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -04:11 Jul 25
Baldor: He smiled and finished his drink freeing himself to turn to her. "I would like that." he said lookign around the bar and thinkign maybe that would be batter at hoe where he wouldn’t be so shy, but the alcohol was starting to feel good. "Nachos…? -04:11 Jul 25
Khloe: Drinking slowly was no as easy as it seemed. If it was in her hands, she was going to drink it. Which meant a second glass was now empty and being pushed towards his bottle. "Nachos is a dance?" It sounded like a dance. But he was smiling again, and she was reaching her hands up to pinch his cheeks and run her thumbs against the corner of his mouth. He should smile all the time! -04:16 Jul 25
Baldor: He checkled and closed his hand around hers pulling it away from his face gently. "Its a food." he said "With cheese and salsa, and chips and… A plate of nachos to the table over there." he said pointing and then "And one more round." he dragged her towards the table and sat her down nipping her finger playfully before remembering the purpose of the date. "Dance after eat. I promise." -04:19 Jul 25
Khloe: There was that tiny thrill again. The quick twinge in her stomach that made her a little giddy. Khloe made sure to sit close to him, leaning to nuzzle against his cheek a second before kissing it. "All of the drinks and food here have strange misleading names. Do they do it on purpose?" -04:23 Jul 25
Baldor: "They’re not misleading once you learn them." he said putting an arm around her and leaning back. "Theres a drink called sex on the beach.. its not bad." turned t look at her. "But if you drink to much you won’t remember your date and that would make me sad." -04:26 Jul 25
Khloe: "I won’t forget out date. I remember things very well." Khloe had a fantastic memory. She needed to if she was going to remember all of these things. She leaned back with him, liking that he was relaxed and smiling so much… He was happy, and that seemed to make her want to be even more affectionate, so he would smile even more. Khloe rest a hand on his leg, grinning from ear to ear. "You won’t forget either?" -04:31 Jul 25
Baldor: "Of course I won’t." he said happily looking at her. "Its a date with a gorgious girl in an outfite she chose because I like it and shes being sweet and nice." he said all in one sentence at their order arived and he pushed her glass towards her then picked up a chip with lots of cheese and put it in front of her mouth to feed it to her. "Try it." -04:34 Jul 25
Khloe: Nachos looked like a big mess, but she leaned to take a bite. Giggling when she had to wipe wipe a bit of cheese from her mouth. Spicy, sharp… she liked this flavor too! Especially when it was being fed to her by someone who was paying her very pleasing compliments. "It’s good! Burns different than the drink." Speaking of, she picked that up to take a sip again. -04:41 Jul 25
Baldor: He grabbed some of the nachos and stuffed them into his mouth too and shewed. "I like it. Used to eat it every time I came here." he sighed the arm around her sliding down to put his hand on her side and he picked up his drink. "I’m glad we’re doing this. Thsi si what a date is meant to feel like." -04:44 Jul 25
Khloe: "Talking and smiling and touching?" The way he said it made her suspect that he’d not have a good date before… and he had a girlfriend! So where was the girlfriend and why did they not have happy dates? Khloe was leaning again until she was nuzzling his cheek and resting her head against it. "Why don’t you do this more often, then? If you really like it?" -04:49 Jul 25
Baldor: "Because Delora is enver around.." he said "I do come with friends but thats nto the same. Its funny it takes finding a genetic bride to get me to go out on a date, its ironic." he sighed againa nd ate more fo the nachos washing it down with his drink. "Its not like I look for girls to date." -04:51 Jul 25
Khloe: "She should be around. There were so many happy faces at the park, like the couple on the bench. Where they were smiling soft and it reached all the way to the eyes. That looked like a nice feeling." She lift a hand to his cheek, pressing a finger at the corner of his mouth trying to turn it back up to the smile again. -04:57 Jul 25
Baldor: He turned to her and kissed her finger before it could escape. "We used to be together a lot, every day, but we were young and didn’t do anything. Then we got older and I came here, she went there and.. I see her sometimes." he was repeating himself "Sometimes I feel .. forget it.." he took another drink and leaned hsi ehad against hers. "Tonight is not about her, its about you." -05:03 Jul 25
Khloe: He was being affectionate, and it was such a nice giddy feeling. He was no happy with that girlfriend, how could he be? But he must have cared about her an awful lot to still be so loyal. Khloe pressed a hand to the opposite of his face, and tilted her head so she could kiss his cheek and the corner of his mouth. Kissing was against the rules, but she was going to have to break it just this once. "Tonight are you happy? You aren’t sad or lonely?" -05:10 Jul 25
Baldor: He put his arms arounf her and pulled her into his lap, not somethign he’d usually do but her kisses felt good and he wanted her closer. "Yes I’m happy." he mumbled as if not wanting to admit it, he had his eyes closed, it he didn’t look it didn’t feel like cheating, even though he knew it was Khloe, but it was Khloe making him feel good. -05:13 Jul 25
Khloe: Being pulled in to his lap seemed to make that giddy feeling all the worse. Complimenting it with a desire to snuggle him, despite the fact they were out in public. In fact, she wasn’t concerned at all about being public. Khloe slipped her arms around his neck, drawing herself as close to him as she could get. Nosing against his skin until she was gently nipping at his ear. " -05:28 Jul 25
Baldor: His hands flipped up her back and moved to pull her head back away from his as his eyes opened and he looked into her face, then he pulled her back to him and pressed his lips into hers his bidy tensing as her felt a jolt od emotion hit him. This was bad, and very very good. -05:31 Jul 25
Khloe: Illegal kissing…! She might have kissed him herself before… but this time it felt different! It made her face flush and her breathe halt. Her heartbeat quicken… It was completely different. Khloe leaned further in to him, returning his kiss with no shyness, but an exploring pressure and soft nibble. -05:38 Jul 25
Baldor: He brushed his fingers against her cheek and slowly moved his lips against hers as his nails played across her neck as lightly as to be barely felt as he tilted his head to get a better angle his lip parting invitingly before he leaned back again. That had felt good, too good. -05:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe was intoxicated. If kissing was supposed to feel like this, she wished she had more aggressively been after him for kisses more. She didn’t want to let him go. Tightening her arms around his neck and bringing her mouth back to his with a much more impassioned urgency. Could she have easily straddled his lap, she would have done so! -05:52 Jul 25
Baldor: He gripped her hair as if to pull her back but he didn’t. Instead he flicked his tongue against her lip and sighed his other hand going to slide up and down her lower back. "This is wrong." he mumbled. "But feels right." -05:55 Jul 25
Khloe: "Should I stop…?" She didn’t want to. This was a good feeling and it did right. Khloe shifted over his lap as she nuzzled against his cheek again. Letting her mouth nibble over his jaw in soft teasing nips. -06:17 Jul 25
[(Timeout) Baldor got too distracted for their own good…] -06:27 Jul 25
[Baldor enters.] -06:30 Jul 25
Baldor: "I don’t want you to." he said softly, but you should." he kissed the corner of her mouth softly. Peopel arn’t meant to just kiss liek that on dated anyway." he said "Not where everyone can see." he distracted himself by taking a long gulp from his drink and sighing. -06:32 Jul 25
Khloe: "It’s not appropriate date behavior?" No more kissing. Khloe looked a little bit disappointed, but he had that sad look on his face again. The one she was trying to make sure he’d -not- have. She picked up her drink too, swallowing the rest of it in one gulp, then she was tugging at his shirt. "…then we should dance! We’ll dance all night and then go home." -06:36 Jul 25
Baldor: "After two or three dates when you’re somewhere private its alright." he said before allowing himself to be pulled out towards the dance floor. "Just not int he middle of a bar unless you’re really really drunk." taking her hand he stepped out with her. "Now show me how you dance." -06:41 Jul 25
Khloe: Her first thought was to take her clothes off in the process, even had a hand at her shoulder tugging gently at her collar and sleeve… but she quickly remembered the no nakedness in public rule! So instead, Khloe was taking his hands to she could dance and make him move with her. "How drunk is really really drunk?" -06:45 Jul 25
Baldor: "When you can’t stop and you’re in danger of throwing up." he said stepping up to her and moving with her. Then you just want to have sex and don’t care where you are, in public, in the park… though some people get that without being drunk." -06:49 Jul 25
Khloe: Khloe made a face, complete with sticking out her tongue to show her distaste for the idea. "Then I definitely don’t want to be drunk. I don’t want to throw up, and I can consummate everywhere without it!" Khloe placed his hands on her hips which gave her the freedom to put her hands on him. Gentle touches both for the excuse of touching, and to nudge him or pull him when she wanted him to move with her. She seemed to have an affinity for fluid movement and rhythm! -06:53 Jul 25
Baldor: Watching her dance was having dangerous thoughts run though his head again, but that made him step closer still and follow her guidance. "You are good." he commented. "I’d be tempted to ask you to show me those dances you mentioned earlier once we get home…" but that would also be wrong… the more time he spent with her the more he wanted to be with her. -06:56 Jul 25
Khloe: "All you have to do is ask. And I will show you anything you would like to see." That smile she wore could have been alluring. Yet, she really did mean it. Not just because she was supposed to be obedient. Khloe was finding she really did want to see this particular man happy. He was close enough their bodies were almost touching. Another thing Khloe added to her list of stomach tinglie thrills. Now if she had him alone and in a bed doing this… -07:00 Jul 25
Baldor: No… he couldn’t…. he.. hands spreading out across her back ha pulled her against hims and again pushed his lips into hers closing his eyes tight and almost sendign them both to the floor. He couldn’t keep doing this, he really couldn’t. "If I do that again in pudlic, slap me." he said breathlessly, "I shouldn’t." -07:04 Jul 25
Khloe: He caught her by surprise! Another breathless moment. He wanted her to slap him the next time… but if he did that again, she was going to break his rules and do things to him that he would get mad about! "Should we go home, then? I don’t want to hit you…" -07:11 Jul 25
Baldor: He pulled back and looked around the bar. "Tab first.. then home." he moved to the bar and payed their tab before putting his arm around her and started heading for the door. "If I do anything with you, you know I’ll have to leave my girlfriend and she won’t be my girlfriend anymore." he said once they wre outside. "She shouldn’t be with a man who cheats on her." -07:14 Jul 25
Khloe: That was a bit like having cold water splashed in her face. Khloe fell in to a thoughtful silence as they walked. She didn’t want him to be dishonest or cheat on his girlfriend. Not when he loved her so much. …but at the same time she was aware he wasn’t happy. If he loved her, why was he unhappy. …It was so complicated! "I want that feeling…" she finally muttered. "That you have for your girlfriend and like I saw the couples at the park. Loving someone so much that they’re the only one you see and talk about…" -07:22 Jul 25
Baldor: "You will." he said. "Thast why we’re yeaching you about dating so you can find that and be happy and live a life you want to." he walked her home wondering how drunk he was to have kissed her twice. "We’ll find it for you." no matter how much he wished it was him. -07:33 Jul 25

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