Your Starr 004: An Innocent Dropin

Your Starr

[Madeline is at home on her weekend off! Which means doing dumb chores and if she’s lucky, time to paint and watch a movie!] -07:33 Mar 19
Madeline: Maddie had her hair in a messy twist and was wearing some yoga pants and a sleeveless top. Sure, a person was supposed to actually do yoga in that sort of getup, but she just found it comfy houseware. At least until she slipped in the bathroom while trying to scrub out her tub. Now she was half wet and covered in soap and stomping through her house to fetch a towel of the dryer. Maddie was pretty sure Preston Starr was probably somewhere fancy awesome and had three different housekeepers along with his scary Nanny to handle all of HIS stuff! -07:36 Mar 19
Drake: he was outside her door making sure his hair was just right, even though he hated the fact that image was everything he had been trained since he started siging that he had to look his best in case someone was around with a camera. Then he was looking for a door bell and not finding one knocked on the door with his knuckle. "Hello?" he said in a voice he loped did not sound too much like him. "I need to speak with the lady of the house." mean maybe but he wasnted to see her face when she opened the door, -07:49 Mar 19
Madeline: Holy crap, that sounded like a cop! Maddie was going to be so pissed off if the neighbors had the swat team out there again. She couldn’t even get to her car without mortal peril! Maddie was quick to run to the door and swing it open. Her cross expression very quickly turned to shock… and then poorly masqued horror at the fact he looked perfect. Perfect and gorgeous and dreeeaaaamy, and she looked like she had been rolling around on the bathroom floor fighting with a sponge. "You scared the daylights out of me! Um… Did you make an appointment, Mr Starr?" An excellent recovery. Maddie stepped aside to let him in. -07:54 Mar 19
Drake: He stepped inside and looked around. It was small, very small but… "Quaint." that was to her comment and her home. "I don’t need an appointment to see my Maddie do I?" he smilled at her even though she was wet adn in yoga cloths which make hi honder what kind of yoga she’d been doing. "Need help with anything?" -08:01 Mar 19
Madeline: "Your Maddie, huh…" Madeline was smirking, because it was pretty obvious she was thinking something wicked. And was even more tempted to crack some joke about him helping her out of her clothes. Once she realized she had that creeper face going on, she quickly turned around to close the door and was looking as impassive and innocent as possible. "No…! I was just cleaning and about to grab myself a towel. Have you escaped you hoard of guards and now come to live free in the wild?" -08:05 Mar 19
Drake: "Only for a short while, the wicked witch of the west knows where I am." he said. "I had to get your address form her." he rolled his eyes. "Besides she wanted someone to come and pay you off for youe cooperation." The word left a bad taste in his mouth. "And before you argue I agree that you should take the money even though I kind of hope you’re not hanging around me for it… I like to think I can get a second date without having to resort to bribes… or one sort or another." -08:10 Mar 19
Madeline: "I am going to argue anyway, I’m not going to get paid to hang out with you!" Not only was it stupid, because what fangirl wouldn’t LOVE to be his pretend fiance, but it was kind of personally insulted! As a matter of fact, Maddie actually kind of like liked him. More than just Preston Starr him. "Baaah,.. wait, another daaaate?" She was playing it off as it was no big deal, turning and walking through the living room to her tiny kitchen and the little closet her dryer was hidden in. She had a towel in her hands in moments and was trying to get that water out of her closet. "You think you can get a second date without all the glitz and glam? I wanna see this! This is very much an interest of mine." -08:16 Mar 19
Drake: "I know I can." he said raising an eyebrow. "Just tell me when you’re free and I’ll pick you up. Just me, no guards, no cameras, no fanfare. I’ll even wear street clothes." he shot her a smile. "I’ll even pay for dinner." -08:20 Mar 19
Madeline: "Out here in the normal people world, girls don’t just say yes without a little romancing first." She was trying to hassle him, but it was hard to keep a straight face when all she wanted to do was grin at him. Maddie tossed her towel at him, using the opportunity to quickly snatch up some of her dirty laundry off the floor and toss it in to the little closet. "Maaaaybe if you try a little harder I might say yes. …and you can’t cheat and sing!" -08:25 Mar 19
Drake: "Well it’s either go out with me or I well the world what a state your appartment was in when I payed you a visit." he said throwing the towel back as her and giving her a cheeky grin. "I mean I only have the press trying to follow me whever I go." another grin. "Just be glad I’m asking for a date and not sex, though we’re a date away from our third." -08:29 Mar 19
Madeline: "Oh gods…" He wouldn’t… wait, what did she care what the world thinks of her house? The recaptured towel wound up tossed in the closet too. Maddie turning to stick her tongue out at him. "If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were completely inept at romancing a girl who isn’t throwing her panties at you!" …aaaaaand now she was thinking about sex. With Preston Starr. Right there on her own living room floor. How many times had she wanted to snatch him right out of a tv and do just that? Oh gods, she was probably staring him down like a shark! Maddie suddenly found great interest in moving to the coffee table and stacking magazines! "I AM glad to see you, even if I am not exactly dressed for the occasion…" -08:34 Mar 19
Drake: "You look like you want to throw more than your panties at me." he commented before dropping into a chair and looking at her. "Would it help if said the reason I’m here is because I missed you and we both know you’re going to say yes to sto beating around the bush before ~I~ name the day and pick you up then without you getting the chance to say no. I’ll do it too, or just drag you out now dressed like that. And you won’t get the kiss I broughtfor you. -08:38 Mar 19
Madeline: And she nearly dropped her magazines. Why did she set herself up like this? He made saying he missed her and brought her a kiss sound like such a natural normal thing to do! Now she really was considering throwing herself at him and not just her panties. Maddie sat down on the coffee table before she threw herself on the floor and started rolling around in glee. "Okay…! Yes I would like another date. Should I choose another Maddie dream date location or should we go the tried and true traditional or maybe something totally weird?" Anything to talk and not jump right in his lap and ask about that kiiiiiiss he brought. -08:47 Mar 19
Drake: He was surprised at her reaction and wondered if he should pull her up off the floor and check if she was alright. "No, this time it’s my turn to pick and no, this time it won’t be a club. All you need to do is wear something nice and tell me when to come pick you up." he moved over on the armchair he was in an petted the spot next to him for her. "Now do you want that kiss?" he was smiling, another date with Madie and one without press orr the wicked witch even knowing about. This would be great! -09:09 Mar 19
Madeline: Resiiiiist. Resiiiiiist. Impossible. Before she knew it, with absolutely no control over her own body, instead of sitting next to him, she was hopping on to his lap with a wiiiide over-pleased smirk. "So your idea of a dream date then? How nice is dressing nice? Tomorrow would be fine for me. Or tonight is okay. Or you could just hang around here tonight that’d be okay too if you don’t mind cheesy movies and microwave popcorn." Kiiiiss. She leaned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. -09:34 Mar 19
Drake: "Maybe not a dream date but one like I’ve never been on." he said putting an arm around her and leaning against her. "And nice is nice. Not ballroom nice but something you’d wear in public to show you’re putting an efort to woo the person whose arm you’re hanging off of." he tunred and kissed the corner of her mouth. "That’s how I’ll be dressed, hopeflly without looking too much like stage Preston Starr and getting spotted." -09:40 Mar 19
Madeline: "So basically what I wore on our first date?" Another smirk, and against her common sense she was sliding her arms comfortably around his neck and resting her forehead against his. "Okay. … do you want to hang around here today? It’s not exactly club dancing or a big fluffy suite that looks like it belongs in a furniture magazine. But I did kinda miss you too and I’d like the company? I could show you my studio." -09:47 Mar 19
Drake: "Movies, microwave popcorn and the grand tour. I can’t say not to that… or to this." he tightened the arm around her in a squeeze and then sighed. "We should order pizza." -09:50 Mar 19
Madeline: "Pizza is a good idea. I don’t there’s anything edible in my fridge at the moment." That involved getting up, though and Maddie was pretty content where she was. When was the last time she had a guy in her house? Ages! "And my promised kiss you brought? I’mma have to confiscate that." -09:55 Mar 19
Drake: He looked at her sideways his phone already in his hand to order, then he flipped it closed, tightened his arm around her and in a single movement gripped the back of her head and pulled her lips against his scraping his teeth against her lower lip before pushing his lips home and flicking his tongue across hers as his hand tightened in her hair. "You are, are you?" he whispered before sliding his lips across hers again and grinning into her. "I need one in exchange." -09:59 Mar 19
Madeline: That wasn’t a kiss, it was a double-kiss! Her toes were visibly curling and if that chair could recline back, she might have shoved him backwards and been on top of him instead of chewing on her teeth-grazed bottom lip and nuzzling his cheek. Some witty banter would have been great, maybe show she wasn’t just some riled up fan. …but that just went out the window in favor of giving him his exchange kiss! Her mouth pressed hard to his as she tilted her head. With no inclination of pulling back! -10:10 Mar 19
Drake: He pushed against her his lips kneeding against hers as he slid his hand down to the side of her neck and traced the lines on her muscle with his manacured nail. Then he was shifting in his seat to plant a hand directly in her hip and squeeze. An all new game of chicken! -10:18 Mar 19
Madeline: If she was involved in a new game, she had no idea! He kissed like he was Aphrodite’s kid, and Maddie was leaning in to him with all her weight until his back was against the chair. A soft nibble of his mouth was way better than pizza, and if he could touch, she could touch too. Teasing fingertips against his ear and find perfect excuse to stroke through his hair. -10:24 Mar 19
Drake: He pulled on her top and slid his ahdn up hoer side beneath it before biting her lip and pulling on it. "Hey, if you’re not careful I’m going to do things we’ll both regret. Well maybe not regret but it would be rushing and I don’t want to take advantage of our fandom." -10:38 Mar 19
Madeline: Maddie almost pouted. She also almost kissed him again anyway, worries be damned! Was it rape if he was kinda asking for it? Madeline leaned back, reluctant to do so and looking a little embarrassed by the whole thing. "r-right! Steamy make outs are totally a second date kind of thing." -10:44 Mar 19
Drake: "I don’t mind the madeouts." he said kissing her cheek. "Sex would be a problem though." he stretched and flipped his phone back open and placed it in her hand. "That I want to wait… I want to do at least one relationship right in my life." -10:49 Mar 19
Madeline: If he mentioned sex one more time, he was gonna get it whether he wanted it or not. That thought thankfully didn’t cross her face. Maddie was too busy reeling at the word relationship. Like, actual going through the motions, relationship. With HER. …and then her mind went right back to wanting to sex him up for it. Jesus christ Maddie, get controooool. Taking his phone, she hopped off his lap before she didn’t anything crazy. "…tell me what you like on your pizza then!" -10:54 Mar 19
Drake: "Olives, all the kinds of cheese, capers is they have, anchovies if they don’t, no pianapple, the rest defends on the company." he stretched out in his chair and gave ehr one of his treademark looks. "This does not get you out of making microwave popcorn, and you never answered me about fruit juice." -11:02 Mar 19
[Drake s ahving movie night with Maddie!] -07:15 Mar 21
[Madeline has a pop star in her house! That she has to not molest!] -07:16 Mar 21
Madeline: It only took a moment to order pizza with his phone. Lucky her for being a live-alone loser who orders a lot of pizza and knowing the number by heart! With that done, she was standing and very deliberatly making a show of snooping through his phone. He could fuss at her about it if he wanted to. Most specifically the pictures! Maddie wanted to see if he really did keep those pictures of them. "So I wonder, do you have anything incriminating or embarrassing on this thing? I bet the phone of Preston Starr has stories to tell!" -07:20 Mar 21
Drake: "No." he said immediatly. "Never know when you’re going to loose it and the press will get hold of it." There were pictures. Lutfits, places, thier first date, the sign advertising an upcoming fun fair… it seemed Preston Starr didn’t take many pictures. "But you should give it back unless you want my manager to call and I make YOU answer." he grined impishly and holding out his hand. "I want my grand tour." -07:27 Mar 21
Madeline: She really was expecting a lot more pictures than that. But was very pleased he still had the ones he snapped of them. "I could easily be a phone secretary. It’s not much more than a lot of yes ma’ams, right?" Maddie grinned back, teeeaasing before she handed him his phone. She was going to ask about some of the other pictures, but a tour was prolly the better idea. It’d keep her hands off him! "Welcome to the first room of the tooo-ooor." She gestured to the small living room and joined kitchen. "Not so grand, really! Buuuuut, if you follow meee there is something better…" -07:35 Mar 21
Drake: "The bedroom?" he asked cheekily catching up to her and grinning to himself as he clasped his hands behond him back. She was fun to tease even though it was fairly obvious he shouldn’t. He didn’t need to seduce her, she could already be putty in his hands if he wanted but he didn’t. Not yet. Not until he knew id she liked him, or his stardom and the image she had worshiped for years. -07:38 Mar 21
Madeline: "What? Noooo. Unless you think dirty clothes and an unmade bed is awesome. And if that’s the case, then you’re totally weird." Her face had flushed red for a moment, if only because in her head she had been cracking the same joke – only it wasn’t so much a joke! Walking backwards until her back hit a door, she pressed her hands against the frame in an over dramatic pose. "Now, what I am about to show you is, without a doubt, my pride and joy and life and everything! So no throwing drinks or setting fires or whatever you weirdo popstars do when you’re bored." Casting a cheeky grin, Maddie pushed open the door to allow entrance. The room was huge. Probably a combination of a garage and two bedrooms worth of walls knocked down to make one giant studio. There were stacks of canvas propped up against walls, most of which were already painted. -07:45 Mar 21
Drake: "Sex with girls is somethign I do… so none of that here then." he said right back at her as he stepped into the room and raised an eyebrow as an indication of being genuinely impressed. "You really like painting don’t you?" he asked moving along the wall and stooping to look as a few paintings stacked against it. Then one caught his eye and he pifted it. It was him, with a hairdo he couldn’t ever remember having, younger and looking directly at himself. "Well…" there were others too he could see, some painted version of photos he had had of him… but this one he recogized form a description he had read, and she had written. Facing her he held up the painting next t his face and looked at her with the expression closes to it he could manage. "So… did you capture my essence?" -07:52 Mar 21
Madeline: "Painting is kinda my thing, y’know the whole making it a caree-oh gods." Maddie had been prepared to go on an entire tour-style lecture about painting, and of COURSE the first thing he would find would be some of her work that involved him. Now she was resting her hands on her hips and trying not to look completely embarassed by it. "I don’t know. Did I? Mimicking pictures and poses is easy, it’s actually really hard to paint from what’s in your head. That one is one of my favorites. …um… not just cause you’re in it! But um, the technique and color and uuhm…" This was awkward! Maddie always thought she’d be thrilled to show him, but she was just terrified to know what he thought! "I have better paintings." -07:59 Mar 21
Drake: He held it and looked at it, tilting his head and screing his face up in a thoughtfull expression. "You know, it’s kind of creepy." he said. "Theres almost falf a reflection in the eyes I can’t quite make out what it is." he brought it closer and tilted the painting to the side slightly. "Did you do that on purpose? And how? Paints arn’t meant to be able to do that as far as I know, subtlety of shading in a small scale… did you draw that in?" he wasn’t going to be distracted from this. "Eyes the window to the soul… and you tried to draw my soul…" -08:03 Mar 21
Madeline: Creepy! Aw no, that was not a good word! Maddie inched closer with her hands out ready to snatch it. "The whole piece is supposed to reflect a certain mood and atmosphere… I’m not exactly thebest writer, but I can’t paaaiiint aaand, y’know it’s really not that big of a deal just a moment!" Ah ha, got it! Canvas pulled right out of his hands, turned around and set back down. Maddie gestured from him to look in another spot while she kept blabbering on. "…that particular moment was all about being lost and without control and without something to grasp on to and maybe I put too much in to it cause every painting reflects the artist just as much as the subject. And oh look, I have paintings of abstract fruit bowls too. Those are colorful!" -08:16 Mar 21
Drake: He looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Talk about what you want to talk about, not what is safe to." he scolded her. "And I like it by the way." he moved deeper into the room and started poking around her art supplies. "It’s a lot like my life." he rummaged though her paints looking for colores he liked and subcontiously putting them to one side. "You also included the slight crown tint to the upper half on my right iris, whichis edited out of most pictures released to the press…" -08:20 Mar 21
Madeline: He caught her trying to topic switch. Not that she was doing that great of a transition at it. Maddie now had her arms crossed and was frowning a bit. She wanted him in her space and to see her work, and now she just felt a bit exposed. "I wanted to paint you, I guess. The story was just for fun and amusement and kinda dumb… But my paintings mean things. It’s supposed to have life and emotion and passion in it. …and I sound like one of those crazy hipster artists." -08:29 Mar 21
Drake: "You sound like me talkign about my songs," he corrected her. stepping away from her paints and having a look as an unfinished paintine and then looking at her. "Which is your favorite? Out of all of them." he sa spepping back towards her his his hands clasped behins his back again. Be honest," -08:33 Mar 21
Madeline: "That’s like asking me which one is my favorite child." Maddie rocked on her feet, trying to shake that sheepish, shy feeling. Of all the dumb moments to be acting like a total girl. She shrugged her shoulders and iiinched towards one of the walls with another stack. "But I think my favorites are the dynamic portraits. There’s movement and the subject feels more alive." She pulled out a few of the canvases. One had a grinning cheerleader bouncing and look almost similar to Maddie. Another with a ballerina in pink. And reluctantly she pulled out one of him, that she must have done shortly after a concert because there was the stage and microphone and the colored tint of lights. "At the risk of sounding like a total creeper stalker, you really do make a good subject for paintings and I kiiiindooof have several…" -08:41 Mar 21
Drake: He stepped closer and took hold of the one she was holding and held it up. "Richmond Staduim concet, I was originally going to wear a jacket but it was lost during setup. I got it back though…. off ebay. I remember the welcome I gave my fans." he was smiling and looking at the portrait. "You don’t seem like the cheerleader type though Madie." a tease followed by a swoop and a kiss on the cheek. "Speaking of you have front row tickets for next month, already aranged… if you can spare the time off to go to Germany. My mother and I finally agreed on something." -08:48 Mar 21
Madeline: "That’s actually my sister. She’s always been the typical g-urr what? Germany?" That completely derailed any thoughts about the concert, or her paintings for that matter. Germany…! She’d never been out of the country before! "…I’m not sure I can afford something like that! I mean, time off is easy I’ve got plenty of vacation days, but plane tickets and a hotel and…" But a concert in Germany… Maddie tapped her chin, debating how much she had on her credit card balance. -08:53 Mar 21
Drake: "All taken care of. You’ll be traveling with the Starr." he said "I said afoord the time off, not afford the trip." he pulled on ehr ear. "Use it." he was grinning at her as he watched her face. "You’re an unofficial part of the team according to the crone and I really want you there. It’s a concert a night all weekend, friday to sunday, backstage pass with your picture… bring a friend if you want." he was grinning wider and wider feeling like the devil tempting a little girl. "Debut of the song you heard me siiiiing and others…" -08:58 Mar 21
Madeline: "Brand new song in concert debut…?" She could just imagine herself melting to the floor. It’s not like she could say no to an all expenses paid concert, and especially not for a song debute. And EXTRA especially not when he had that imp expression that made her insides all gooey. "I guess I cooould.." The worst casual yes she had ever given. It was painfully obvious she was ready to bounce and squeal. -09:03 Mar 21
Drake: He darted forwards and gave her a kiss before grinning and pulling back and takign her hand to head back towards the door. "Come on Maddie you have the rest of a house to show me." he said right before there was a knock on the door. "Or not… that’s probbaly the pizza. You want to get it or shall I?" he had that naughty look in his face again, pizza delivery guy or not he liked people’s reaction whe they met him unexpectedly. -09:10 Mar 21
Madeline: "The rest of the house is just a bedroom and a bathroom! And we already went over what’s in the bedroom." Maddie was still on her concert hiiiigh! Debating whether or not she was going to jump on him and get a few more kisses or if she was just going to hop and squeak with excitement. "You get pizza! I get plates!" It looked like hopping was the way to go cause she was bouncing all the way to the kitchen, somehow managing not to squeal while she did it. Conceeeert! Overseas concert! Backstage! -09:15 Mar 21
Drake: He went to the door and opened it to find a colledge age kid with freackles standing there. "You Pizza mister…" he craned around maybe hoping to see Maddie whome he had delivered to before. "Starr.. Mr. Starr." he said taking out his wallet and paying." "Oh… OH! Umm… unjoy it Mr. Starr… can you sign the bill I’m sure Cynd… someone will want it." "Sure… Patric." he said taking the offered pen. "To Cindy was it…? Here!" Then pizza in hand he was turning around to return to the lounge to watch movies! -09:20 Mar 21

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