Myth and Legacy 004: Associates

Myth and Legacy

[Kate has fresh clothes that aren’t covered in sea water and blood. A few girly things and all stuffed in to a small messenger bag now hanging over her shoulder. But she still wants a shower. So there she was waiting for Raul on an empty corner, and counting the cash she had left. Pretty pretty cash!] -02:58 Apr 01
[Raul launs against the market stall his eyes inthe pages before him the faded ink showing up against the aged paper suprisingly well in the sunlight. Stil he’d prefer to read it in thier room that he had booked for them… five star hotel, assumed names as a honymoonign couple…. He had a feeling kate would be pleased witht he room.] -02:59 Apr 01
Kate: Who knew how much better someone could feel with clean clothes and a little cash in her hands. Granted, it wasn’t half a million. But a hundred bucks was nice pocket change! A fair start to her having to replace everything in her entire life. As she was thumbing through it, counting it for the tenth time, a hand clamped on her shoulder and there went her precious shiny money. Snatched right out of her hand. "Hey! You sonofabitch! That’s mi- Oh. …Miguel." -03:04 Apr 01
Raul: He heard her voice and looked up, snappign the book shut and slippign in into the bag he had bought for himself, hey no rule against him settign stuff too. "Kate.." he called out, it seeemd she was being acosted by some lowlife… -03:07 Apr 01

Not exactly the most attractive of people, Miguel stood a few inches taller than Kate, wearing nothing but a ratty pair of shorts and a hawaiin shirt. Now HE was thumbing through her money as he circled around her. “Katie Kate. Where’ve you been? Way past due for that monthly payment. Lucky for you, I gots a job for ya.” -Kate

Kate: Blast it. She was really liking that money. "I already have a job right now. So I’ll just be taking a raincheck. And that’s my expense money!" She reached out to snatch it back. -03:09 Apr 01

He held the money out of reach and then stuffed it in to his pockets. “Cute, Katie. Gonna be enough to pay for that big old boat shipment you lost? Nice try. C’mon, I got people waiting and we need your boat.” -Kate

Kate: Kate didn’t move, just kind of scowled. Not only did she NOT have a boat, but she had promised to help Raul with his whole destiny thing. She couldn’t take off now. "I don’t HAVE a boat anymore. I’ve got better job, a pretty decent one in fact. With a guy that isn’t a big douchebag and is gonna pay me what I SHOULD be getting paid. So you can screw off." -03:14 Apr 01

Miguel still looked kind of amused bit her whole fit. “That’s how it’s gonna be, Katie? After I was nice enough to forget about the thousands of dollars you lost me?” His hand came around to the back of her head and gripped her hair as he jerked her forward. “Boat or not, you owe me. How about you be a good girl, pay your debt, and get on your knees and blow me?” -Kate

Raul: "She said she didn’t have a boat." Raul said behind Miguel. "And the inly has you’re getting blown is she same way as her boat.." his hand clamped on Miguel’s shoulder and squeezed. Raul was no weakling, the dockside rat was going to have buises and that was even if Rau didn’t give him a little jolt. "And shes workign for me now." -03:23 Apr 01

Miguel let go of Kate, and he might have even cringe about that clamping on his shoulder. Otherwise, he still seemed pretty relaxed. “Yeah…? I got dibs, son. Little bimbo already HAS a job and she ain’t finished. You can take her back when I’m done, eh?” He cast a big old wide grin at Kate. -Kate

Kate: "I AM finished! I’m not working for you any more, and you know what, that debt is a bunch of bullshit too!" Kate had a good mountain of things she’d love to say, but… she was getting a bit distracted with that look on Raul’s face. She was trying not to grin about it. -03:31 Apr 01
Raul: "Look, buddy in case you didn’t hear her she says shes working for me so you can take your job, your dock rat ego, and your ‘offers’ and see if a squid will take you up on them before I have to show you who you’re dealing with." -03:35 Apr 01

The guy laughed. After all, this was Kate he was dealing with. Her companions are pests at best. Miguel snatched Kate’s arm, pushing Raul back as he started down the walk dragging her with him. “Good joke, son! I gots people waiting and this shit is wasting my time. We’ll get another boat Katie, but it’s gonna cost ya somethin’ fancy. So dun wanna hear non of your complaining when I’m doin that ass a favor.” -Kate

Kate: "Sure as hell never felt like a favor." she muttered out rather bitterly. Kate was trying to pry his arm off her hand. "You’re pissing off my new boss!" -03:44 Apr 01
Raul: That it… Raul held up two fingers and electricict arced between them, then he grabbed the scum’s arm and pressed the fingers into his neck. "Maybe you favn’t heard of the Emidio family." said just before he let the electricity loose into Migue’s nervous system. "We’ve made her a better offer." -03:46 Apr 01

Miguel gave a surprised grunt, not just from the sudden jolt but from the last name too…! Not the sort of connections he was expecting from Kate White. The guy tryed to growl out some of retort or threat, but his tongue was as useless as his arms and legs were becoming. His grasp slipped from Kate as he dropped to the ground, twitching in pain. -Kate

Kate: Kate look down at Miguel with little remorse… in fact, she was rather pleased about the whole thing! She leaned over him long enough to go pilfering through his pockets. Retrieving her money -and- everything of value out of his wallet. An extra couple hundred of bucks all hers. Leaning back up again, it was incredibly hard -not- to cast Raul a wide, wicked grin. "So, I’ve decided you’re my favorite boss now, even if I don’t like you." -03:54 Apr 01
Raul: Trust Kate to rob the guy instead of just leaving him. "So to the hotel?" he asked grinning back. "I’ve got us a room at the beach… well I guess you’d call it a suite it anything." he grinned wider takign her hadn and pullign her away from Miguel and pointed ahead if them. The Invincible a replica sloop perminantly beached and converted into a bingalow for rent. He wouldn’t admit it but he only rented it because Kate seemed like she’d prefer it to a regular room. "Don’t worry its got all the utilities." -04:02 Apr 01
Kate: Her grin faded for a more surprised look. She pretty much demanded all the cash he dared to fork over and a real, non shitty bed earlier that day. She hadn’t expected him to get anything more than some cheap motel room just to spite her. So when he took her hand, she was holding it with both of hers… and giving him a suspicious look. "A -working- shower? No holes in the ceiling and actual mattresses on the beds?" -04:05 Apr 01
Raul: "Hot and cold runnign water, soap, fluffy towels, I had them make sure there gowns and yes, tiled shower with metal fittings. And the bed is huge." he places inphasis on the fact that there was only one bed. It was after all mostly used my honeymooners. -04:08 Apr 01
Kate: "And where are YOU going to sleep? Or do sea gods not sleep?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at him. One tiny, desperate moment of mutual sex and suddenly he thought she was going to forget all about him blowing up her boat? Granted, he won some points dropping Miguel like a pancake, and maybe she shouldn’t be holding his hand like a lovesick twit… but there were -principals- to these things. -04:10 Apr 01
Raul: "I promised you a hotel, a bed, and a shower and I got them. They think we’re honymoonign asking for another bed would have been suspitious." he have her a "yeah thats why I did it." smirk "Its only for a few days, then we’re back on the seas. Meantime we’re going to need some things. Food, suplies amunition. Don’t want to be stuck in a fight and forgetiing we’re armed again." -04:20 Apr 01
Kate: "…I didn’t forget." She totally forgot. Panicked like a dumbass. But… he pretty much said guns would be useless against those things anyway, so what the hell was he bringing it up for! Kate punched his shoulder. "I’ll worry about the rest -after- a shower and sleep. That’s MY job right? All the little bullshit things while you take care of saving the world?" -04:23 Apr 01
Raul: "Well unless you were taught to read the code in Ferius manuscript at the same time as you were taught to read English then yes, thats your job. The good news is I was able to go to the bank and my name is still listed as having signing power so…" he held up a roll of notes "We won’t have to live off of what you steal from youe ex boyfriends." -04:28 Apr 01
Kate: "He is NOT my exboyfriend." No matter how much -that- disgusted her, she was far more interested in that cash. Itchy fingers and all, she was trying to snatch it out of his hands. "I did jobs for him and lost one of the shipments in the storm. And he said he’d forget about the money if I did him sexy favors. At the time it seemed like a really good idea, since otherwise I’d have to give him my boat." Kate was too casual about it, but she really did a lot of stupid shit to keep HER boat. And now she didn’t have one anymore. There was a very malcontented huff from her. -04:33 Apr 01
Raul: He slipped the miney into his pocket and and stopped in front of the gangway up to the door installed on the side of the ship. "Well so long as you’re workign for me seeing people like him in that way is a dealbreaker." he said trying to keep the growl out of his voice. "And if he bothers you again I wouldn’t complain if you removed him." he owuldn’t explain what that meant… but we did know that if Kate was less likely to use it on him he’d tell her to but a stun gun." -04:40 Apr 01
Kate: "I will gladly scream the next time I see him, just so I can watch you zap his brains out." Blast. Money out of her sight. If she didn’t know better, she’d go beating him up for it and running away with it. In the meantime, she held a hand out for door keys, then bounced her way down the gangway to check out their rooms. Definitely NOT the kind of place she was expecting. So Kate was dropping her bag near the door and leaping on to the bed to land with a happy sigh of delight. "A BED…! A real bed…! No coils, no rocks… just bed! I’m never moving again." Kate stretched herself out, grinning wide as she rest her eyes closed. -04:45 Apr 01
Raul: "You’ll have to if you want to shower." he said carefully puttign down the bag and takign off his shirt. He was going to beat her too it too since she was so busy claiming the bed. Shoes off, socks shirt, go forwards to find the linnen closet. "I’m glad you like it. It wasn’t cheep." -04:49 Apr 01
Kate: "Wait, damnit! That’s mine first!" Kate rolled off the bed far sooner than she wanted to. Her mad scramble of kicking off her shoes, and shoving past him for the bathroom first having to look semi comical. Kate even slammed the door in his face, cackling loud! -04:51 Apr 01
Raul: He shook his head, towel over his shoulder and Banked on the door. "You’ve forgotten somehting." he said "You nood a towel.." he looked the the doorknob, then thier it, the door opening inwards. "And that I”m in there first." He threw the towel of the rail and unded his belt pusing his pants sown righ in frone of her. If she didn’t want to see she could get out. -04:54 Apr 01
Kate: Kate didn’t have a problem looking. She probably SHOULD have though. Clothing still on, she was shoving past him again to step in to the shower. Holding the stall hostage by bracing her arms on both sides of the walls and glaring at him. "I haven’t had a shower in DAYS and I’m covered in everything from seawater to blood to YOU, so this shower is mine." He’d have to pry out her cold dead body before she gave it up first! -04:58 Apr 01
Raul: He didn’t pry hea out, he just stripped naked, got in with her, closed the door and turne on the water, stole the soap and and bahan lathering it on his hands. "You’re not the only one." he said as he began massagign the soap into his shoulder clearly planning on taking his time. -05:01 Apr 01
Kate: It was just like him invading her boat. Except this time it was the shower and he was naked. Growling more to herself than at him, Kate just elbowed him out of the way. And continued to deliberately swat, smack and kick him as she pulled and shrugged off her wet clothes in the tiny space. "You’ve got a real problem with other people’s space, don’t you!" Kate tossed her clothes over the door so they’d be out of her way. …at least the hot water was great! -05:04 Apr 01
Raul: "I’ve got no problem with it." he said. "Its other people with the problem of me being in it." he lathered up the soap again and then with it on both hand reached out and rubbed it across her shoulders his fingers followign the lines of her muscle. "Some more than others." -05:07 Apr 01
Kate: "If you’d stop invading it like some sort of… invader." Pirate more likely, but he WAS a pirate, so accusing him of being one would be kind of stupid. Kate was going to swat and elbow him again but… but that actually felt really good, especially after being battered about for days. When she caught herself humming from delight, she quickly bit her tongue and made herself busy with leaning to wet her hair. "…I can’t even -begin- to list all the problems I have with you. You’re nothing BUT a problem!" -05:11 Apr 01
Raul: "And yet you were offered a boat by the other guy and am still here." he liked jointing out all the outs she could have taken, but suspected she probibally have closen police custody over that stumbag. He worked it up to her neck and along the base of her skull. "And you’ve repeatedly threatened to drown me and probibally would never have let me out of that trunk it not for the cultists." -05:15 Apr 01
Kate: "Christ, I steal a few little things and you think I’m some sort of man killing psycho." she muttered. It was how a little soapy touching could keep her from turning around to throttle him. Right about now she should be screaming at him. "I haven’t threatened you anything less than you deserved. You assalted ME remember? AND blew up my boat. I’m not going to forget just because you’re really good at being distracting." So good… she should be washing her hair, not leaned back in to his hands. -05:19 Apr 01
Raul: It was all he coulf do not to chuckle. "So the moment I stop you go back to trying to beak me to death with the shampoo bottle?" he working his way down her back and stepped closer. "Sounds liek we’re going to need more soap." -05:23 Apr 01
Kate: "What…? Why would I waist good shampoo." Crap. She was in one of those situations again. And this time there was nothing she could blame on, like being crazy upset. Kate quickly turned around, swatting his hands away and pressing her hands against his chest to push him back. "No. NO! That’s enough of that. You’re not using your voodoo on me. I’m going to -shower- and sleep and hate you. No touching. You got me in to enough messes as it is without being complicated too." -05:30 Apr 01
Raul: He put hs hands on her forearms and pushed her arms downthen pulled her closer to that their chests were toutching. "And its not complicated?" he asked "Or are you unable not to cake it complecated?" the waper polled slightly between then and he looked at her his eyes peircing. "You can still hate me no matter what we do." -05:35 Apr 01
Kate: "It’s not like… totally out of control complicated. Yet." she muttered, shifting her hands to try and push him away again. "Well, it is, because of your whole.. destiny stuff, and I’m homeless and all, but — Can you get your hands off me, I can’t think like this!" She could feel her heart beating through her chest, and her whole ‘casual shower sharing’ plan wasn’t working out at -all-. This is exactly what she meant by complicated! -05:39 Apr 01
Raul: "Its simple." he said. "We hide out a couple of days and then we get what we need and do what we have to." he knew she wasn’t talking about that. "Does anythign need to be more complicated than…" he put his hadn on the abck of her head and kissed her. "That." -05:44 Apr 01
Kate: She was purring and leaning forward and…! Growling the minute he broke away. "Damnit Ru. Cut it out." Kate gave him a hard swat. "When it’s done I want to take my money and my house and my boat and leave! And I can’t leave if you’re being all sad or grabby or weird." Christ, she didn’t even know what she was blabbering about now. It was all steamy in the shower and it wasn’t just the hot water. Kate wiggled out of his grasp with a little twisting and the aid of soap. "Stay on your side." -05:49 Apr 01
Raul: He turned around and rubbed slop onhis chest feelignt he drim melt away and heaved a sigh… what did she mean? No matter what she didthe outcome of her blurtign was the same. "The house, the boat adn the money. Thats all you want." he turned to face her. "Then you can walk away. " he stepped into her side pushing her back against the wall and sliding his ahnds down her sides sanwedging her between the wall and his body. "you won’t need to look back to see what I’m doing." -05:55 Apr 01
Kate: "I want a lot of things but doesn’t mean I’m gona-Hey! Heeeey! What did I say about personal space!" she almost squeaked it out. The shower tile coming up cold against her skin, which was such a sharp contrast to his body. "I have to watch everything you’re doing. You’re sneaky as hell." Sneakier than her, she was beginning to realize and that was a little alarming. Kate was trying to escape his hands before she lost her train of thought again. -06:00 Apr 01
Raul: He pressed his lips into hers his arms and hands holdign her where she was. HE wasn’t letting her out, he wasn letting her talk. He knew she would return his kiss and that she woulf melt as his nail traced small circles on her hip. -06:03 Apr 01
Kate: Kate’s returned kiss was obviously from reflex and mixed with obvious annoyance. She was waiting for the break so she could complain at him again, but when that didn’t come she was in the very difficult position of pushing at his shoulder to get him to move while… really not wanting him to. This was the complicated. Kate growled against his mouth, the best warning she could throw at him. -06:08 Apr 01
Raul: He ignored her warning his hands snaking behind her and grippign her inner thighs from behind, liftign her up agaist the wall and forcign her legs apart. He kept his llipa agist hers, lis tongue well away from her teeth. He’d done this before. -06:10 Apr 01
Kate: There really wasn’t anywhere she could move unless she really wanted to start swinging at him. Kate balled up her first to bound against his shoulder since he was ignoring her vocal protest. Why the hell did he have to be so sexy while pissing her off?! Kate finally managed to tear her mouth away from his, breathing hard just from the struggle of trying to resist. "Don’t you know the meaning of Quit it?!" she gasped out. -06:14 Apr 01
Raul: He nipped her neck his hips agaist hers "I guess I don’t. Kate." he purred as he lufted her further his tip sliding aganst her into position. Then he growled softky into her ear his grown slowly shanging itno a put as he lowered her onto him. -06:18 Apr 01
Kate: Arrgh, Kate. She shouldn’t have gone begging him to say her name the last time! Kate almost whimpered, dropping her head against his shoulder as he filled her. One of her arms slid around his neck to embrace him. But she still hit his other shoulder with her fist again. "this is… this is really not fair…!" she breathed in to his neck. -06:24 Apr 01
Raul: He moved his hips to her his hands holdign her weight as he kissed her shoulder. "Whats wrong?" he asked his voice still low "You feel good to me. Kate White." -06:27 Apr 01
Kate: Revenge came briefly to mind, but then he was saying her name again all low and foxy. Her fist disappeared and she was gripping hard on to his shoulder. Everytime he moved she wanted to pull her legs around him and ride him until next Tuesday! Kate hissed under her breath, kissing his neck only to sink her teeth in to it. -06:34 Apr 01
Raul: His mucle tightened under her bite as he sucked in a breath. She didn’t realise but things were getting complicated for him too. But he just didn’t think about that at times like this. Times when he wes thusting into her and his breath and pressed his chest against hers. -06:40 Apr 01
Kate: Oho… she liked that. Kate grinned against his neck. Running her tongue over his skin before nipping first soft… and then very very hard! Giving in to her desire, Kate was curling around him. Her back arcing away from the tile of the shower wall just to feel as much of his skin against hers as possible. -06:46 Apr 01
Raul: Again his mucles tightened and the hiss of breath. But his head angles to give her more neck to play with as the breath was let out to flow over she shoulder. He felt her surender, her arc and knew he could push her harderm encouraged by her teeth. -06:50 Apr 01
Kate: Kate bit and nibbled and brushed her tongue against his skin. Nuzzled at his nose with his nose, and took delight in running her hands over his shoulders and up his neck to tap her fingers along his jaw. She didn’t wrap her legs around him, but rather braced her feet against the wall. Forcing him to keep her held up, and allowing her to hold her legs as open as she could in the small confines of the shower. -06:55 Apr 01
Raul: Hsi ahnds gripped her legs as he retuened her attention catchinf her in a brief kiss. With her hips pinned agaist the wall and her legs sprea he push in deep his hips, stomach and chest sliding against hers, he let out a low moan followed by a soft coo "Ooooh Kaaate." he loved the efect it had on her. -07:00 Apr 01
Kate: "That’s right, Ru… say it good." She breathed against his mouth. Loosing both of her hands in to his hair and holding on tight. She held his at an angle, perfect to ravish his mouth with a hard kiss. Forcing her tongue past his lips with little resistance, only to withdraw and glide it across his mouth. -07:05 Apr 01
Raul: He kissed her back hard his shaft perentrating deep into her and his breath catching, for a moment to wondered what it would be like to have her take charge. His tongue joined hers and he sighed deeply a small groan at the end. -07:09 Apr 01
Kate: He drove her crazy, and litterally up a wall! And Kate adored it. Couldn’t get enough of it fast enough. His groan was met with a frustrated growl. The woman rising and squirming in his arms as she nipped at his lips. "More, Ru… harder..!" her breathless demand wasn’t anything less than commanding! Her nails digging in to his shoulders to reiterate the demand. -07:18 Apr 01
Raul: He complied his movements increasing as he gripped her harder "Kate." he whispered. "I like that name.. Ru.." His voice was laced with pasion as he pressign his lips back agaist hers. Kate White, a girl who could take it all and bemand more after beinf forces… thing were going to get complicated indeed. -07:22 Apr 01
Kate: "…so much better…!" she sighed out loud, practically melting against him as she buried her face at the crook of his neck. She was whimpering again, both of her arms circling around his shoulder in a tight embrace. Kate groaned rather loud. The sound muffled against his skin, when her body tensed and tightened. The sudden onslaught of climax sending shivers up her spine! -07:30 Apr 01
Raul: He pushed into her the tight wetness of her climax making him join her in it. "Mmm Kate, you really know how ot make a man feel like a man." he said softly his voice still raced with pleasure. Keep it us and I’ll have to make you hate me more." -07:36 Apr 01
Kate: "Ah, hmm..? You’re an asshole…" So casually spoken and sounding more like a endearment with the way she breathed it out against his neck, the insult couldn’t have been taken serious. Kate rest against him, her face still nestled at his neck and her arms around his shoulders, with no indication that she cared to move. "Now you have to give me a bath before the hot water is gone." she muttered. She was too dang tired to it herself, and she wasn’t giving up the shower. -07:41 Apr 01

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