Unlucky 004: Best Not Left Alone

[Lucky has a series of unfortunate events!] -06:20 Jan 28
[Favisor Is coming back down to earth.] -06:21 Jan 28
Lucky: When her guardian angel didn’t return in an hour, Lucky was a little concerned. When he didn’t return the next day, she was worried. After a few days, Lucky was resigned to the fact she would never see her angel again and the rest of her life would be pretty dull. …..and then the heater caught on fire, the apartment building went up in smoke. The one small box of precious things she managed to save ended up hitting her in the face while she struggled with an asshole thief and then to top it off she had a tumble down the stairs! Next thing she knew, she was in the hospital again with nurses tut-tuting her broken bones and calling her ‘that girl who sneaks out!’ -06:24 Jan 28
Favisor: "Don’t mind them." his voice was next to him as he seemed to melt into being next to her bed. He looked tired, worn out and stressed, his hair in disarray and his eyes snightly puffy. "So… I missed a lot…" he looked down at her and at the xrays on the wall, and a frown crossed over his face. "I can ease the pain the quicken the healing, you’ll be out of here in a couple days. Sorry I took so long." -06:28 Jan 28
Lucky: "You! …Hiiiii…!" Lucky had intended to give him the usual treatment. Asking a bazillion questions to sate curiosity. But she was just to relieved to see him and a morphine drip had her just a little bit…. fuzzy! She tried shrugging a shoulder and winced in the process. Shaking her head was easier. "You’re going to make them think I am a mutant or something.. I am pretty sure they have my name and the secret agents will come looking for me to experiment on…" -06:31 Jan 28
Favisor: There are people who heal quickly." he said, you’re one of them according to your record, and It’s not like I’m healing you instantly." He places a hand on her shoulder and did what he had been doing since he had first come to earth. Then he gently lifted her arm and did the same there. "They can’t reassign me." he said as he looked at her leg, his hands slowly working thier way further up to thigh where he pressed them in. "I think I have you to thank for that. Whatever the cause of the wish… I’m not going anywhere." -06:37 Jan 28
Lucky: "Oh good…! I make good wishes." He had healing hands. Making someone feel better just with a touch! And the thought made her grin. At least now moving didn’t hurt so much, and she was shifting trying to resist that urge to jump up and hug him. It was kind of weird how attached she was. "I guess mister stranger angel has to find himself his own charge then, huh? …I have a weird feeling of dejavu…" -06:42 Jan 28
Favisor: "No, he won’t one will be assigned to him when one is found, they’re not like us." he moved around to the other side of the bed and his face expressionless took his hand in his and her twist knitted, then he was looking at her. "If you make things difficult, talk about us, give me away, mention us to anyone who’ll take you seriously… My instructions are to make you forget the whole thing. You’ll think I’m a boyfriend you just kicked out of your appartment, and that none of this ever happened…" -06:47 Jan 28
Lucky: Lucky made a face at him and stuck out her tongue. "Not that I have anyone -to- tell! And you can’t make me forget." Nope, she hadn’t let that go either. But now she was tilting her head and watching him with a curious expression. "I’m not sure how I would make things difficult… besides um… getting in trouble on purpose, I guess! But I don’t really want to do that. Trouble finds me on it’s own without my help." -06:50 Jan 28
Favisor: He sat on the edge of her bed and rested his elbows on his knees before yawning. "Telling people about us… fewer and fewer people believe in us these days, I don’t know why it’s a big deal, faith should be encouraged, but orgers are orders, and I have to foolow mine. So… other than… all this, how have you been?" -06:54 Jan 28
Lucky: "I kinda missed you. And you look really tired." Lucky couldn’t help it now, she fussed to sit up and was reaching out to gently tug on his sleave. "You were gone pretty long. Was it a lot of trouble?" -06:57 Jan 28
Favisor: He took her hand from his sleeze and held it gently in his and placed hsi othr on her shoulder to push her back down and het it rest there once she was. "Yes… they tried to break the wish, erase it, undo it… to make sure it would hold. It did so I’m back, but I could use some rest, and food. I wanted to see how you were doing first… I felt what happened to you." -07:01 Jan 28
Lucky: Since she couldn’t sit up, she held on to his hand instead… and was already tugging him down to lay in bed with her. "I didn’t know you could feel that sort of thing. I might have been more careful if I thought about it… You could take a nap here with me? I don’t think the nurses would complain even if they -could- see you." -07:07 Jan 28
Favisor: He furrendered and lay down next to her with a groan, it was easier than arguing. "Sounds nice." he said closing his eyes. "Againsr my better judgment… I’ll sleep here." he hooked his feet on the bed and sighed. "Better than finding a bench…" -07:11 Jan 28
Lucky: Lucky pulled his arm around her. It was the only way he was going to fit! Then she was reaching to smooth out his fussed up hair. "When I can leave, you’ll have to show me all the best benches in town. I like the wood ones, they’re a little easier to sleep on…" -07:14 Jan 28
Favisor: "You won’t be homeless that long" he said as his arm tightened around her and he snuggled against her. "As soon as you’re out of here you’ll get a a nice place and a nice job… yo have an angel watching out for you." -07:16 Jan 28
Lucky: She was about to say he wasn’t a miracle worker… but then… he was! Lucky laughed softly and pet through his hair with gentle fingers. Angels were snuggly too. She liked this! "Maybe I should get in to the angel business too. Life seems to want to send me there early anyway. We could be partners?" -07:19 Jan 28
Favisor: "Why do you think there’s so much fuss about you?" he asked without opening his eyes. "People who see angels usually become them." he took a deep breath before his voice dropped to a mumble. "Angels don’t have partners… don’t get your hopes up. Goodnight lucky."" -07:22 Jan 28
Lucky: "Rules were made to be broken?" He was so tired. She hadn’t thoughts angels would sleep, then again, why wouldn’t they? She was grinning again, and leaned to kiss his forehead. "Goodnight, Angel. I’ll be here." -07:25 Jan 28


Lucky: Miraculously healed or not, accidents and pain medication had a way of keeping you knocked out far more often then you wanted to be! When Lucky woke up she had to deal with a couple of super confused nurses, a surprised and potentially paranoid doctor, and a lot of questions she didn’t know how to answer without giving away her guardian angel secret. "I have good genes, I guess." she finally ended up mumbling, and now she was just itching to get -out- of the bed and away from questions. …was this what she did to Angel? -07:40 Jan 28
Favisor: He was just entering, recently fed when the doctor thret up his hands and ordered the nurse to take a blood sample and then turned to go, almost walking into the angle as th needle was jabbed into her arm and he sat down looking pleased with himself and placed a bag in his lap and smiled at her tapping his fingers on the bag. -07:47 Jan 28
Lucky: Ow…! Now they were prodding and being rough with her on purpose! She healed fast, she wasn’t pain resistant! Lucky was giving that nurse one hell of a glare, and when she was done draining away all of her precious life’s blood, Lucky was rubbing her arm and -still- glaring even when the nurse escape. She was on the verge of pouting once she was finally alone and able to talk! "I don’t think that nurse passed nursing school… I am glad you’re smiling at least!" -07:51 Jan 28
Favisor: "Doughnut?" he asked holding out the bag now that everyone was gone. "Better than hospital food and since you’re healing up nicely you can affort to eat a couple." he smiled again and stood to drop the bag in her lap. "I think those are your favorite.. they’s the ones you always buy on your borthday anyway." -07:55 Jan 28
Lucky: Food that didn’t taste like cardboard…! Lucky was immediately diving in to the back and had a whole donut swallowed before she finally spoke again. "I shouldn’t have coke, but can have lots of donuts. You’re a confusing angel, Angel." A grin and a tongue out, and if she ate any faster she’d have swallowed them whole. "Maybe we can use your sneaky angel magic to sneak away today…? I’m trying to be patient, but if that nurse stabs me with any more needles I’m gonna end up leaving here with more bruises than when I showed up." -07:59 Jan 28
Favisor: "Angels are meant to spread happiness right? Doughnuts make you happy, I’m an angel… what’s so hard to see the logic?" he sat on the edge of her bed and placed his ahnd on her forehead. "You should rest until they release you. You wouldn’t want to show up at you first day of work and have doctors come to drag you away would you?" he withdrew his hadn and then stole a doughnut out of the bag. "That wouldn’t be good." -08:04 Jan 28
Lucky: He was taking a donut and she was trying to catch his arm to press his hand against her face. As if it was a way to test and feel angel magic! "Oh! Speaking of which I did get a job… and then I didn’t show up to work cause I was here and kind of lost it again. So no new job for me. On the bright side, I still have my phone!" -08:12 Jan 28
Favisor: "You did get a job." he corrected. "The call wil come tomorow morning just before you’re discharged, but a newspaper and the thirt appartment in the listing will be your new home." he took a bite of his doughnut and chewed. "Yes I cheated, but none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been away." -08:17 Jan 28
Lucky: She looked a little surprised, and a little dubious! "That is cheating… maybe even big cheating. It wasn’t your fault you were away…. and won’t this be too much and get you in trouble?" -08:20 Jan 28
Favisor: "It wasn’t my fault, that’s why to me it’s excusable, and they can’t take me away from you so what are they going to do exactly?" he tilted his head and looked at her sideways. "You want it or not?" -08:23 Jan 28
Lucky: "I’m not sure what they could do… but I bet I could imagine something pretty scary." Risky… Lucky wasn’t sure why it bothered her, or what exactly she was worried about. She just didn’t want there to be any reason or excuse for him to have to leave. She finally nodded though! "I need somewhere to live, cheating or not, and it sure beats sleeping in the park. That was never fun. Um… hmm… what am I supposed to wear for my new job…" It just occured to her the only things she had left were what she was carted in to the hospital with! Lucky doubted she could show up with clothes covered in smoke and blood! She used his finger to tap her chin and give it some thought. -08:28 Jan 28
Favisor: "He just grinned and pulled his ahnd away he stand and stretch. "You just get rest and have a little faith." he picked up her hispital food tray and placed it out of the way before moving over to the window. "Two bedroom place, so I’ll have one too." -08:32 Jan 28
Lucky: "Are you telling ME to have a little faith, Angel?" That was absurb and she was laughing! She hugged herself and paused long enough to rub her abused arm and take a look at the bruise the nurse left. "I bet a room will be way better than sleeping outside or on the couch too. Will we have furniture or do we get to go shopping for some? I kind of like shopping, but we’ll need at least a bed." Lucky stole a glance at him by the window. "Do I get to keep you forever now?" -08:35 Jan 28
Favisor: "That depends…" he said wothout looking at her. "We’ll see that the future brings though…" He tapped his fingers on the windowsill and looked down. "Just don’t die before things are ready… alright? I’ll help with that." -08:38 Jan 28
Lucky: "I’m trying my best, but at this rate we might have to wrap me in bubblewrap." Even by her own standards, that was an awfully lot of deathly close calls recently. Lucky didn’t consider herself a paranoid person, but it was still unsettling. "I kinda want to live long enough to enjoy a nice life, anyway! A nice job and a family and yearly vacations. And maybe a dog. I’ve never had a dog." -08:41 Jan 28
Favisor: "You should get a dog, and a boyfriend." he said turning aorund to lean against the wall below the window with his butt. "Wouldn’t it be fun to have a little normalcy? A little fun?" he looked at her in her bed and smiled. That should be your goal. And I’ll help you get it." -08:47 Jan 28

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