The Demon and Angelle 004: Curious Possession

[Angelle is completely and utterly traumatized, and the fact she’s not totally insaaaane is a testiment to her sense of survival!] -07:21 May 01
Angelle: Angelle was sitting on the floor, trying to push a shackle off her wrist without popping any of her joints out of socket. Apparently when demons say ‘you have to die’ they actually mean ‘torture and maim your body until you are a broken, bloody, battered piece of unrecognizable flesh and then let you slowly, slowly, perish’. Angelle didn’t even want to KNOW why they did to humans! -07:23 May 01
Virote: He had been tortured to the going where there wre no limbs left with the strenth to be shacled let along for him to move. His arm was still in the manacle on the wall dripping blood the bome exposed as ribons of flesh hunh dowm from it red rivlets running dowm beneath it. It had been flawed unto it broke away from his body. The rest of him was on the floor looking more like a pile of kitches scraps than a living being. Yes he was alive, and yes he was awake. He could speak, he couldn’t move but there was the need to escape as his entire world with nothign but pain. he reached out to her with his mind, calling to her “Angelle…. Angelle we need to get out of here.” -07:25 May 01
Angelle: She froze, almost concerned that someone else had appeared and was incredibly surprised it was his voice. Angelle cast a brief look at the bloodied body before turning her gaze away. Despite the fact he hurt her and she didn’t like him, he hadn’t deserved all that… no one did! “I’m trying to get out of here… I don’t… I don’t think you’re moving…” The fact that he really wasn’t and she was still talking to him made it all the more freaky! -07:30 May 01
Virote: “I’m not. I can’t.” he voice said pushing purther into her mind without meaning to and for a moment the pain he was in toutched her thoughts. “This body will never move again. If we’re going to get out of here I need to use yours.” there was silence for a second “I could take you over, just until we’re safe then I promise I’ll give you control back.” -07:33 May 01
Angelle: Angelle cringed, that unexpected feeling of pain caught her by surprise. It was all too easy to imagine how terrible it was…. and worse having been stuck there watching every moment he screamed, or couldn’t scream! She needed out… but letting him take over her body did not sound like a good idea. “You hurt me and brought me here, and you want me to help you? To trust you…?” -07:38 May 01
Virote: There was a long pause, he was either thinking, giving up, or more likely fighting off the pain long though to talk. “You need me to get out.. If I posess you as long as I do your body will have my strengthm my speed, my endurence and my gifts.” another pause as his mind withdrew slightly. “I always keep a promise, I promised you bad things would happen to you if you disobeyed and they did…. not the best example.. If you don’t agree my only other choice if to take your body by force and I’ll have to consume your soul to do that. ANd once I get a new body I’m out of yours.” -07:44 May 01
Angelle: “Well, thank you for that very grim explination!” Angelle was not the sort of person to be sarcastic, but this situation was just… rather futile in general. She fussed with the metal around her wrist, having bruised and cut in to the skin pretty bad , but still unable to get it loose. Even if she did get free from the chains, she had no idea where to go from there. This was the demon world right? How do you even get OUT of a place like that! Angelle let out a slow breath. “…and if I help you, you’re not going to chase me any more? No more breaking my doors down and threatening to kill me?” -07:48 May 01
Virote: He pushed in on her mind again this time his despiration coming though in place of the pain. “I have no reason to. You’ve seen the ‘reward’ my master gave me. I was chasing you on his behalf. Hes the one that wants you. Not me.” -07:51 May 01
Angelle: All of that and it wasn’t even him that was doing the chasing of her? If she escaped, she would end up being chased anyway. And Angelle was getting really tired of running. Still… she could still feel his pain, and despite everything she still felt bad for him. “…All right. I’ll help you and and me too. But you have to promise to get OUT when we’re somewhere safe?” -07:55 May 01
Virote: “I can’t get out without a body to get into.” he said, his voice weaker “But I can make one with the right materials and as soon as we have them I’m out of you forever.” he could hear her thougts as well as her voice and revealed it by answering her thoughts too. “And when he realises I’ve escaped he’ll be too busy hunting me to think about you.” his voice was weaker still as he spoke “Tell me when you’re ready but it has to be soon.” -08:00 May 01
Angelle: That hardly made it any better. But time was off the essence… “I’m ready, I guess.” Angelle was nervous, and concerned, and she could imagine a bunch of ways it could go wrong. Better to get it over! -08:05 May 01
Virote: He pressed in hard all the pain, fear, despiration and a tiny shred of hope all crushing in on her at once is if it were her own. Then it pulled away, seperating itself into a voice in her head, his voice, only now to pushed her aside and fell in behind her eyes, listened through her ears breathed through her lungs. She could feel everything her felt, felt him adjusting to her body and taking it over changing it to suit him. Then he pulled with her arm and iron tore.. he moved her free arm in front of her eyes. “Excelent…” -08:09 May 01
Angelle: Now was a terrible moment to want to start squealing. So she thought the squealing instead of actually doing it. It was so strange! Feeling out of control and out of body, but still completely on solid ground. The weirdest part was feeling him. A whole different kind of invasion, she really wasn’t comfortable with. Angelle was the one choosing to stand, still not wanting to look at his body as she dust off her clothes in a nervous, pointless motion. “Now what…?” -08:16 May 01
Virote: He pulled ehr other arm free and looked around “So you still have some control. That is unexpected…” his thoughts came to her instead of his voice, if he were to use her mouth it would be her voice with his tone, his verbal ticks, and that would sound wierd. “Now we escape…” wings spouted from her shoulder as he threw her body at the door and splintered it. There was a guard on the other side but he pumped in him and gripping his head used her mouth to tear his throat out in under a second… then the taste of demon flesh in her mouth he threw them out of the nearest window and spread her… his… her… wings. -08:21 May 01
Angelle: Angelle retreated. …Mentally retreated, because he was the one moving her body around and in ways she really, really wasn’t comfortable with! Blood tasted awful! The wings… well the wings were kinda neat, but the entire thing was way too much to deal with all once. So she focused on him. Just him, so she wouldn’t have to think about the rest. “….did you have to bite him!” -08:25 May 01
Virote: They were gliding away over a twisted hellscape that no mortal could see and remember clearly, it hust wasn’t compatible with the way thier mind workeds. “He didn’t have time to scream did he?” he took thought away from flying and probed her mind with it, non-invasively something like a curious child toutching a sleeping kitten. “I’ve never shared a head with a mortal.” he said as suddenly there was sunshine and the real world, her worls around them and her feet were on the street with the wings melting back into her shoulders… “Your world, you get us somewhere safe. Just rememeber you have the strength of a demon so… be gentle with the world. You don’t want to break it.” -08:32 May 01
Angelle: Angelle definitely didn’t like flying. …but his strange curious prodding in her head, had her very off-kilter. It took her a moment to get control of herself again, to keep from tripping over her own feet. At least in her world she felt like she could breath again. Angelle was shakey on her feet as she walked, and very wary about touching anything, just in case. “How do I get you out of my head…?” His gentle prodding was almost more alarming than when he was being angry and aggressive! Angelle didn’t know what to make of it. -08:37 May 01
Virote: “I need a body, like I said..” more prodding, he felt her emotions and recoiled.. “There has to be a graveyard, or a hospital or some kind on body no one is using… I het the feeling you won’t like me taking one over.” he sounded iritated by this. “What are you feeling?” -08:43 May 01
[Becca – can I join?] -08:45 May 01
[(Logout) Becca escapes to a secret lair!] -((08:48 May 01))
Angelle: A body… Angelle was already thinking about him taking over some other human’s body. Where it would be good for -her-, it wouldn’t be good for someone else. She couldn’t make someone else suffer… So that meant… finding a dead one? More uncomfortable…! Checking the street name, Angelle changed her direction. Somewhere nearby there was a funeral home and graveyard. That would do the trick. As for his question… “I am scared mostly. Worried. Really confused. You’ve put me in this situation and I don’t like it and I don’t understand why…” -08:52 May 01
Virote: “I can feel it through you…” he said. “I just couldn’t put words to it…” there was a pause “Don’t go yet you need to get us somewhere safe where we can hide. They’ll come looking for us before we can get the body somewhere safe. We need to lay low… they don’t know you well enough to track you as easily as I did.” -08:57 May 01
Angelle: Angelle paused on the sidewalk, a hand raising to her head as she tried to think. Didn’t he realize how hard it was to focus on one thing at a time as it was, with all that happened, without him also redirecting her? Somewhere safe. A new hotel room! She had enough cash in her pockets for a room. Maybe. “I hope you can feel how hard this is for me. I want this over as soon as possible!” Yes! There was a motel. It looked so cheap, she was pretty sure they were in the worst area of town… So when she got the keys and paid, then was stepping in to the room, Angelle was no surprised at all to find the place one inspection away from being considered condemned. -09:02 May 01
Virote: “…..” the pause of his mind could be heard in hers “I can… I don’t like this.” he paused again then pushed her out of control and looked around the room. “I don’t like sharing this body with you, you humans are insane.” There was a dirty mirror on the wall next to the bed and he crossed the floor to to and not seeing anythign else pulled off her top and used it to wipe mose of the dirt away to look the the reflection. The eye reflected were his, the dark pools of pure blackness and as he looked his horns pushed out of her hair… then he looked away the his features disappeared.. “You can feel it can’t you, my nature… what I am. You can’t lie to me now I can hear your thoughts as clearly as you cna hear mine. I disgust you.”” -09:09 May 01
Angelle: “My shirt…!” Dangit. Why did she ever even try to argue with him about anything. It was always so futile, and he never listened! Angelle wrestled control back over her body, running her hands through her hair just to see if those strange horns were still there. Then she was snatching up her now even MORE dirty shirt and plopping on to the dust covered bed with a huff. “I’ve never lied to you… maybe about coming back to work. I don’t like you and you scare me. You’re mean and you don’t care about anything… You enjoy hurting people, and no, no I don’t like it at all. You were tortured yourself, why would you think pain is good at all…” -09:16 May 01
Virote: “Its a tool, just like anythign else… My time in this body has taught me one thing. Humans are primal creatures. Filled with useless emotions and ruled by them continuosly. I think its a result of you absudly short life spans. ” there was a moment of defeat in his mind like he was going to admit somethign he didn’t want to. “And I’m curious about them. I’ve never had them not the ones you’ve felt even in this short time… Is it always like this?” -09:23 May 01
Angelle: Curiosity was a dangerous thing. Especially when his mingled with hers… she didn’t want to be curious, she wanted to hate him! “I am sure demons can have emotions too dan’t they? If you can be angry, and mad, and other stuff, surely you can feel other things too.” What did she know about the nature of demons anyway. Angelle barely even understood the nature of humans. She fussed with trying to shake the dirt out of her shirt, but it was another useless action to keep her hands occupied. “I feel stuff all the time. I don’t know about other people. I am over sensitive I guess…” -09:27 May 01
Virote: There was a striring in his mind as he tried to place names to emotions. “Hate, Pity, Anger, Fear, Hope, Control, Lust… I feel those all the time, all of those. Its not what you would call healthy. But I’m not the only one. Its kept me alive…” he was stiring opening up what he could feel to her, some of his memories wanting to make her understand why he did what he had to her.. then they were gone and his mind seethed at itself. “But I am begining to like this body.” -09:35 May 01
Angelle: They were all incredibly uncomfortable feelings. Unpleasant. …but most of all, sad. Sad for him that it was all he had ever felt, and sad for her because she wasn’t sure how to make him understand. The most frustrating was that she felt bad for him, when she wanted to stay angry with him. Compassion was the one thing she wished she didn’t have! “You’re not going to be in it much longer, so you just leave it alone. How long do we have to wait here before I can find you a new one?” -09:39 May 01
Virote: “Long enough..” he said his mind pushing hers back and moving her hand up to he chest where it brushed against her bra. “Another thing I’ve been curious about it how it is for women… mortal women..” -09:41 May 01
Angelle: She was scowling, at least mentally scowling. This not being able to physically shove him back was difficult for her. “Don’t touch! You’ve already done enough to me. If you want to experiment with women, you can find someone else!” -09:43 May 01
Virote: His mind turned it’s attention to hers. “Thats not like what I’ve felt in you. Making me put another woman through it instead of you. Its a puzzling trait you have.” He pushed the hand under her bra to feel the bare skin. “Not like you at all.” -09:46 May 01
Angelle: Angelle was wrestling for control back. …and apparently wrestling her own body too. One hand slapping her other hand away. She wished she could find it comical, but instead it was just… very awkward! “You almost make it sound like affection, but affection is not grabbing at a woman doing mean things to her or telling her you’re going to kill her! So stop.. touching me!” -09:48 May 01
Virote: Theres was a long pause as he prodded her mentally analizing her words. “Its not.” Its sounded like he wanted to put a question mark at the end but didn’t at the last second. “You do it, toutch yourself, show me how you like to be toutched.” -09:52 May 01
Angelle: “No!” the exasperated, weary sound of her voice matched her frustration. “I am not doing anything you want me to do anymore. Every time I do, you make me regret it!” -09:54 May 01
Virote: He took her hand and roughly grabbed her crotch while making her pull onto her back on the bed. “If you don’t I will…” the hand moved to push unber her clothes. “And I won’t be gentle.” -09:59 May 01
Angelle: “It’s my body!” Annoyed and exasperated, it was very strange to be forcing herself on her own back and being like this…! It was the sort of situation she really didn’t want someone in her thoughts. And feeling as if she were doing it to herself was all the more confusing. Angelle huffed. “…you have to be nice to me. I can’t… I can’t like anything if you’re mean about it..” -10:03 May 01
Virote: The hand relaxed but rubbed softly under her clothes “Being nice is letting you do it so I don’t hurt you?” he sounded unsure as memories came unbidden to his mind, and were visible to her, the memory of shat he did to her from his persective. -10:07 May 01
Angelle: He was confusing her. What she assumed he’d be thinking then and even now were so different from what he actually thought. Before it was punishment and now it was…? Curiosity? Angelle was wrestling with how she felt about it, but at least she relaxed her body. “Being nice is… being considerate. This is uncomfortable to me, and if we’re going to do it you’ll have to not… not get grabby. Or be scary…” The fact she was even agreeing at all was probably insane. -10:13 May 01
Virote: He listened, as much as one could to a silent thought and moved away giving her controll. He could already tell he had a lot to learn if he really wanted to learn a spectrum of emotions she felt.. what was he even thinking? “Then show me.” humans were weak and died too easily trying to be like them was the worst idea ever conceved. “Show me how to toutch.. how to be conciderate,” -10:19 May 01
Angelle: That was the weirdest request she had ever heard from anyone. Ever. Angelle was hesitant. Chewing the inside of her cheek, knowing it was all going to be impossible if she over thought it, but not even knowing where to start! Normally these moments were in privacy and without an audience in her head! “This is awkward…” she muttered, retracting her hand to unbutton her pants and slip down the zipper. Then she was sliding it under the fabric again, brushing her fingers over neatly trimmed hair and trying to ponder something useful! -10:25 May 01
Virote: He remaines still and silent watching in her mind as she prepaired to do what shes asked. He couls sense her unease ans wanted help relieve it.. but had no idea how. Kissing was something humans did, he had seen it in porn and he tried to shw her kissing or the feeling of it he he were to kiss her. -10:30 May 01
Angelle: That was such a surprise Angelle paused in her confusion. She… appreciated the effort? A thought was nothing like a real kiss, but that was something. Angelle was chewing on her lip now, sinking her hand further until she was stroking her own folds. The awkwardness was still there, but at least she knew how to treat herself. -10:36 May 01
Virote: Her cmplinece was good but her pace and lack of enthusiasm was another. It was time for her to feel something. He leaked his own lust into her mind, little by little passing it onto her, maybe he slipped and gave her soo much, humans after all had such fragile minds. -10:42 May 01
Angelle: Angelle groaned, not a happy or pleased one…. Just very frustrated and very annoyed! Lust was not a feeling Angelle spent a lot of time with, so it was a very…. overwhelming experience! Such a consuming desire to touch and be touched on a level that far exceeded just having herself to play with. It did, however, make procrastinating a total after thought. Her hand dipped, a finger slipping between her folds to caress the inner wall. She wanted to resist that instant reaction to slipping a second finger and caressing her clit, but there was that fuzzy tingling sensation running through her blood. -10:49 May 01
Virote: He could fell what she felt both through her body and through her mind and he couldn’t help but think about him making her feel like that. It was too late when he realized he has shared that tought and by that stage it didn’t seem to matter, it did feel good and it drove him to share more of his lust and desire for him mo make her feel this way. -10:53 May 01
Angelle: She must have been insane. Or maybe it was simply because he had fueled her with so much lust, she couldn’t help but direct it at the nearest person to her. Her fingers plunged inside her and she gasped, a soft movement that didn’t mirror the very tremulous desire she seemed to be feeling. It was far too easy imagining it was him doing it to her… especially when he made it seem not scary at all, and more like this with gentle touches… -11:00 May 01
Virote: Its was getting harder and harder to stay passive his mind was as close to her at it could get taking in everything. He wished they had gotten him a body first so that it could be him. He felt her move, felt the thought that made her move. It wasn’t for control.. He moved her other hand slowly if her stomach, hesitantly as it waiting to see if shed’d stop him. -11:05 May 01
Angelle: So strange… it really was like someone else touching her, even thought it was her own hands. Angelle didn’t stop him, almost even liked the idea of help. Her fingers were more than moist as she continued to touch herself, thoughts of awkwardness long gone in the wake of that simple pleasure and massaging motions of her fingers. This is what she meant by soft and gentle…! This was so much better than rough! -11:09 May 01
Virote: The hand on her stomach drew circles with her nail before stiding down and figering her clit, lightly brushing over it experimentally then rubbing it softly. Whose sounde it was that excaped her throat he’d never knew but damn it it didn’t feel good. -11:14 May 01
Angelle: There was a sigh, or was it a moan…? Her eyes had fallen closed and her head tilted to the side. She pulled her knees upwards, digging her toes in to the twisted blankets of the bed. She was humming, the soft sound seeming to mirror that mounting, throbbing enjoyment coursing through her blood. What a weird mess…! -11:22 May 01
Virote: He was getting lost in the feeling, lost in her. It was unclear who was moving what other than the hands but with her back slighly arched and her lip being bitten it was clear they were both feeling the mounting pleasure and pressure, it wouldn’t be long beofre it would be over.. he wanted more time to show her more feeling. Why did it have to be so soon? -11:27 May 01
Angelle: Why did he have to be so curious and nice about it…! It was so confusing and…! Angelle gasped out loud. Her hands freezing when the muscle of her body coiled tightly around them… that rush…! She hadn’t ever felt anything like it before and she had done it plenty enough times… Maybe it was because a second person was involved, or maybe it was the over-eggagerate sensation of lust… but it struck her so hard, she was still grasping for breath moments later! -11:31 May 01
Virote: It keep him a while to be heard again, he was as panty and blown away as she was. “I’m sorry..” he said finally. “For everything and I’m goint to make you safe again, as soon as I get a body.” -11:36 May 01
Angelle: In her haze, she barely registered what he said. And it wasn’t until she was quickly drifting off to sleep that the words sank in. Making her even more confused than before. I’m sorry and I will make you safe. -11:38 May 01

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